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Corporate tax in Communist heaven.

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This is how economy/taxation works, learn biddwan yuraj k:

Indian benchmark index BSE Sensex hits new high; Index at 40,607 points with Infosys as top gainer

Sc#m Modi, who stole our land and many (why dont nepal publish new map with greater Nepal) decreased tax including on their share market hoping for following:

1: to increase investment

2: to bring more FD on share market

3: to increase money in the hand of investors so that they would invest more and help to increase economic activity

4: they though decreasing tax will reduce capital gain tax, but, it will increase share market and ultimately increase overall capital tax collection. When they decreased tax, for first week, their share market decreased, but after 3 week, it has hit the record.

This is how you make economic/fiscal policy. Decreasing tax will increase tax collection.

Yuraj k increased tax and decreased tax collection. and made people poorer and lost jobs.
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४६ शीर्षकमा कर तिर्छन् नेपालका व्यवसायी

डुइङ विजनेस इन्डेक्समा नेपालको सबैभन्दा कमजोर पाटो कर र यसको भुक्तानी प्रक्रियामा देखियो

इन्डेक्सले हेर्ने मुख्य १० क्षेत्रमध्ये करको मामला मुख्य हो

यसमा नेपालको अवस्था अघिल्लो वर्षभन्दा पनि कमजोर देखिएको छ - thanks yuraj k and KP Oli

डुइङ विजनेसमा नेपालको समग्र स्थान ९४ रहे पनि कर भुक्तानीसम्बन्धी सूचकांकमा नेपालको स्थान १ सय ७५ औं छ - least 5%

कर प्रशासन भने व्यापार-व्यवसायमा कर प्रक्रिया अझ सरलिकृत भएको तथा करका दर समेत वैज्ञानिक भएको दावी गर्छ

तथ्यांकअनुसार नेपालमा एक व्यवसायीले कूल मुनाफाको ४२ प्रतिशतसम्म विभिन्न शीर्षकमा कर भुक्तानी गर्नुपर्ने अवस्था छ - false, its 30% income tax + 10% bonus + 5% dividend tax + 1% social responsibility tax + other local taxes = 46+%

डुइङ विजनेस इन्डेक्सले उल्लेख गरेअनुसार नेपालमा नाफाको ४१.८ प्रतिशतसम्म कर र विभिन्न प्रकारका योगदानमा खर्च हुने गरेको छ

यो दर समग्र दक्षिण एसियाली मुलुकको तुलनामा कम भए पनि विश्वका धेरै मुलुकहरुको तुलनामा धेरै हो

दक्षिण एसियाली मुलुकमा व्यवसायीबाट भएको मुनाफाको औसत: ४३.९ प्रतिशत कर र विभिन्न योगदानमा खर्च हुने गरेको छ

डुइङ विजनेसमा उत्कृष्ट प्रदर्शन गर्ने विश्वका ३३ अर्थव्यवस्थामा मुनाफाको औसत २६.१ प्रतिशत भुक्तानी कर र विभिन्न प्रकारका योगदान गरे पुग्छ

नेपाल उद्योग वाणिज्य महासंघका एक पूर्वअध्यक्ष नेपालमा व्यवसायीक वातावरण बनेको नभइ झनै खस्किएको टिप्पणी गर्छन्

'राजस्व प्रशासन र करमा त गुनासो गरेर नसकिने समस्या छन्,' उनले भने, 'कागजमा प्रगति देखाएर हल्ला पिट्दैमा फिल्डका वास्तविक समस्या कम हुँदैनन्

दक्षिण एसियाली मुलुकमध्ये व्यवसायीले व्यापार-व्यवसाय गरिसकेपछि सबैभन्दा राम्रो दरमा मुनाफा फिर्ता लैजान सक्ने मुलुक भुटान हो

पेइङ ट्याक्समा भुटानको विश्व वरियता १५ औं स्थानमा छ

सूचकांकमा चीन १ सय ५ औं र भारत स्थान १ सय १५ औं स्थानमा छन्

करका प्रकार औसत (प्रतिशतमा)

प्रोफिट ट्याक्स : १५

लेवर ट्याक्ट एण्ड कन्ट्रिब्यूसन्स : २६.२

अन्य : ०.७
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Bloomberg writes: Tax Cut Gives Modi Perfect Pitch to Win American Investments

Corporate Tax in:

HongKong- 16%
Singapore- 17%
Thailand- 20%
Vietnam- 20%
India- 23% (after latest cut)
Malaysia- 24%
Indonesia- 25%
China- 25%
S Korea- 25%
Japan- 31%

(I have been talking about taxation in Nepal, but Nepalese are too dumb to understand what I have been saying, here above is the example).

Now, would 8 classe KP Oli and other politicians ask biddwan Yuraj k:

1: why are those idiot counties, who wants to attract foreign investment and wants to build their economy have lower tax than Nepal?

2: Why are not they increasing tax to increase their economy just like Yuraj K did from his first budget? We have had huge tax since democracy.

3: May be we should increase our TAX more to increase FDI and domestic investment and grow economy, since current rate is not helping US.

Yuraj k is trying to copy eurprean tax rate, but even in europe, their corporate tax is way low.

By the way, tax rate of

Nepal: 30% corporate + 10% bonus + 5% dividend = 45%, only a handful countries have this tax rate. and those countries are dying.

Invest in Nepal, we make you pay highest tax and making money is crime. Even if you are in loss, we make you pay a lot of tax under different Nepal.

InvestNepal2020 :mrgreen:

In other news, Jail the MF ex CEO of BOKl, he was the one Banker who told govt to destroy share market when it was at 1900.
He should have told share investor, "we dont take share as collateral, we only take land under water :mrgreen: " MF share ko S taha chaina Bank ko CEO. alchina.

but worry not MF, KP Oli has promised to protect all criminals from law.
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Gold egg laying goose.

In real life, one of the example of cutting stomach of Goose is charging high tax from hard working, successful individuals and businesses.

In true capitalism, successful people work hard and build empire. Which make significant contribution to the society.

In communism/socialism, successful individuals are called haves and losers are called haves not. Those who have are looked at as criminal. So commie govt take away success of hard working and it is re distributed to criminals/losers/rapist.

And whole economy collapses. No more gold egg laying goose. No more sound economy. Then whole country collapses and followed by kranti.

It like, what happens, when you try to cut food of mother cow and distribute that food equally to dogs? Calves dies and ultimately dogs will die cause there will be no cow that produces dung so dogs dont get to eat and dies too. This is how communism/socialism dies.
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Fastest growing GDP, 2019.

--------GDP growth----Highest corporate tax----highest income tax----tax revenue to GDP ratio

Ethiopia: 8.5% ------NA----NA--- 11.6
Rwanda: 7.8% -------NA----NA---- 14.1
Ghana: 7.6% -------- NA----NA----20.8
India: 7.4% ---------34.9----30-----16.8
Bangladesh: 7.1% ---35----25-------8.5
Ivory Coast: 7%------NA---NA-------NA
Cambodia: 6.8%-----20----20------8
Myanmar: 6.8%------NA----NA------4.9
Panama: 6.8%-------25----27------10.6
Djibouti: 6.7%-------NA----NA------20
Philippines: 6.6%----30----35------14.4
Tanzania: 6.6%------30----30-------12
Iraq: 6.5%----------NA-----NA-------NA
Vietnam: 6.5%------20-----35------13.8
Mongolia: 6.3%-----10-----10-----30.8
China: 6.2%---------25-----45----20.1
Kenya: 6.1%--------30----35---18.4
Uganda: 6.1%-------30----NA---14.2

Slowest GDP growth, 2019.

Venezuela: -5%---------34------34----25
South Sudan: -4.5%
Iran: -3.6%--------------25------35-----6.1
Sudan: -1.9%------------NA-----NA-----6.3
Argentina: -1.6%---------35----35-------25
Puerto Rico: -1.1%------20-----33-------NA
Nicaragua: -1%
Barbados: -0.1%
Turkey: +0.4%---------20-----35--------25
Ecuador: +0.7%
Japan: +0.9%---------30----56----------36
Italy: +1%-------------28----47--------43.5
Lesotho: +1.2%
Lebanon: +1.4%
South Africa: +1.4%----28----45-----27
UK: +1.5%--------------19----47----34.5
Jamaica: +1.5%

Nepal- 7%(yuraj k says)---- 45----37----well above 30
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Revenue secretary got fired? Why?

Since yuraj k/oli is too dumb so its hared to guess, since this govt collected huge tax (which idiots thing is good, but in reality, it is the sign of collapse of the economy)(increase in tax collection without increase in economy means economy will be hit in a year or two)(that like sucking blood, its like they used to suck sweat of people now they have begun to suck blood that is why there is higher tax collection without increase in economic activity, even worst, economic activity may have contracted).

Why is he fired?

Wrong reason- Tike finance minister does not need to make people happy. All he needs to do is fool the idiot. he had been lying to Oli that he has not increased any tax, all he did was brought in more economic activity into tax bracket.

But, ex secretary told to TV during interview regarding budget that they were discussing about how to increase tax, where they could increase tax. (Which made yuraj k looked like a liar infrong of Oli). the way ex secretary was telling how they increased tax was like he was telling story about how he shut the enemy in between the eyes during war.

And idiots think, this govt, bureaucracy will develop economy. And yuraj k ask when economy is growing, how could investor loose confidence???? zzzzzzzzzzz i dont know.

Right reason: We all know, politicians are dumb as sh!t. And ex revenue secretary advised them to increase tax on their voters. which now have destroyed commie revolution.

I kind of laugh today, when I remember what Oli said just a year ago "they will rule for 50 year"..... :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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French unions rally for better labor, pension & tax reform

- trouble in socialist heaven continues and spreads over Belgium.

Its amazing, socialism is suppose to be higher tax, cheaper goods and services.

But in socialist heaven, tax is very very very high and goods and services are also very very expensive.

And educated fools like to use them as an example.

Remember, free stuff is inefficient too. If operating cost of paid transportation is 100, the cost of free transportation would be at least 150. So you will be paying 50% more some where else.
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Communism in the world is dead, but in Nepal......

There is new found love for socialism, all over social media in Nepal too.....

But really........

Last few weeks socialism has began to show true colour in socialist heaven too... duh .. Europe.

France first: Socialism gave french socialist health care and education which came with a price..... very very high tax and very very high price of everything else.

Now, govt needed more revenue to continue socialism and they increased tax and they have weeks long strike.
They want free stuff but dont want to pay high tax.

Its amazing, those protesting are poor, working class.

Do we still want socialism?

Luxembourg second: Another socialist heaven for so called self pretended intellectual in Nepal. They should learn something from real master "Nothing comes for free".

Socialism means, you get something for free, what they may say, but truth is you pay price for free stuff on somewhere else.

In Luxembourg, they gave you socialist healthcare, education cause their socialist thought those two are very important in live. And added cost of those in other stuff including transportation.

The realized, transportation is very important in the life of a human. Since, due to socialism, transportation's cost have increased a lot, which became unaffordable to public so now they have freed transportation too.

Like I said before, that free transportation cost will add somewhere else.

And there are other goods and service which are important too. Soon, they will have to free other stuff too since they wont be affordable too.

And in the end, they will introduce BARTER SYSTEM.

Socialism/communism's final faith is Barter system, but only goods society will be producing and bartering will be simple agro product like alu and corn. Not even kera which I like by the way.

Do world really want socialism/communism?
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8 classe creep too dumb to convince sense but easy to fool.

Look how alchina yuraj k has been making fool out of the creep.

अर्थमन्त्रीले भने-'वाहिर हल्ला भए जस्तो सरकारले धेरै कर उठाएको छैन, जिडिपीको ३० प्रतिशत पनि हैन

Is 30% tax collection low? Less than 40 countries collect more tax then Nepal.

Counties which collect high tax have high cost of doing business, high cost of living so their manufacturing cant compete in other countries.

And those countries which have high tax collection, their corporate tax is low too.

In Nepal, tax collection is high as well as corporate is tax is one of the highest 45%- 30% tax, 10% bonus and 5% dividend tax.

One of those who was involved in drafting budget has already disclosed secret. He told, alchina yuraj k asked how to increase tax, where they can increase tax???

In the world, the govt who won with promise of promoting economy reduce tax not increase it.

8 classe creep won election with promise to promote economy, share market. After election he wen opposite way. Yuraj k and bishnu rimal must have brainwashed him.

tax revenue to GDP ratio:
Nepal- 23%, will cross 30% (older rate is last year rate, this govt has increased tax as well as tighten tax collection so it will easily cross 30%)(I think, tax rate will slow down as month pass by due to decrease in economic activity and purchasing power of Nepal is eroding due to alchina yuraj k, but still will be above 30%)

Australia- 27%
Algeria- 64%
Bangladesh- 8%
Bhutan- 10%

Burma- 5%
Cambodia- 8%
Canada- 31%
China- 20% (Biggest GDP growth in term of value)
Cuba- 44%
Ethiopia- 11% (One of the highest GDP growth)
Hongkong- 13%
India- 16%
Indonesia- 12%
Japan- 36%
S korea-33%
Malaysia- 15%
Maldives- 20%
Pakistan- 11%
Singapor- 14%
Srilanka- 11%
Thailand- 17%
US- 26%
Vietnam- 13%

Nepal has highest collection, far higher- 2/3 times higher, among south asia. Those who collect high tax have negative balance shit except for a few. Countries with high GDP growth have low collection rate.

sati ko sarap

hope creep and alchina die.
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अर्थमन्त्री खतिवडाले सरकार अब करको दर घटाएर दायर बढाउनेतर्फ लाग्ने भन्दै व्यवसायिको साथ र समर्थनको चाहेको बताए | 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

After wasting more than a year, finally he has realized buy I am sure he did not learn that from me, he did not hear my advise. He must have learned from his Khaire master.

Trust me, He does not know, who to reduce TAX. Its an art and science.

8 class Dr.Oli needs to fire biddwan yuraj k. Make mahesh basnet finance minister and both oli and mahesh basnet beg me to become their mentor. :mrgreen:

If we keep other conditions constant and change Yuraj K and his policies, Economic activity will improve drastically.

If we keep other conditions constant and change Yuraj K and his policies and solve liquidity/interest crisis and NEPSE crisis, Economic activity will start to jump. Private and FDI will pour heavily.

NEPSE knew who biddwan yuraj K is that is why NEPSE crashed from 1500 to 1100 and never recovered. NEPSE is the indicator of biddwan yuraj K's success and future expectation from him. Which is NEGATIVE!

म अहिले उद्योगी व्यवसायीहरुसँग बस्दा उनीहरु कोही पनि उद्योगमन्त्रीसँग खुशी भएको कुरा गर्दैनन् बरु अनपेक्षित महेश बस्नेत राम्रा थिए भन्छन्| यो वर्षको डुइङ बिजनेश इन्डेक्स र्याङिकलेले सरकारलाई आफ्ना अहिलेसम्म का नीति, नेतृत्व र कार्यक्रमहरु समिक्षा गर्न प्रेरणा दिओस भन्ने आशा गरौं|
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नेपालमा अहिले कुल गार्हस्थ्य उत्पादन (जीडीपी) का तुलनामा करको अनुपात २१ प्रतिशतभन्दा बढी छ, यो दक्षिण एसियाली क्षेत्रकै सबैभन्दा बढी हो | भारतमा अहिले जीडीपी/कर अनुपात १७ प्रतिशतभन्दा कम छ भने सबैभन्दा बढी भएको भनिएको माल्दिभ्समा पनि २० प्रतिशतको हाराहारीमा छ | स्थानीय तहले लगाएको करको भारसमेत गणना गर्ने हो भने त अहिले नै करको भार ३४-३५ प्रतिशतभन्दा बढी हुन आउँछ | जबकि माल्दिभ्सको प्रतिव्यक्ति आय १२ हजार अमेरिकी डलरभन्दा बढी छ, हाम्रो तथ्यांकीय समायोजनपछि बल्ल १ हजार डलर पुगेको छ |

Two things, they should remember-
-Above is last year's tax collection, this year, biddwan has increased TAX by a lot.
-Majority (90%) dont pay tax or pay very low tax. So those who are paying, we can say, those paying are being raped.

I suggested 8 class Oli (when I believed him before this govt was formed, today, no more), to decrease tax slowly as well as slowly tighten tax implementation. I was expecting, 10 year needed to bring underground into mainstream economy. But our biddwan had different thinking, he wants to do it in 10 days and increase tax on those who were already paying a lot.

Cause of high tax, good people dont invest in Nepal, nor there will be FDI. And those who invests are all criminals- who neither have plan to work honestly nor interested in paying TAX. And they are the ones close to all parties and their black money is the one which has been financing Politics in Nepal.

Sati ko sarap.
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May be weed cured his dementia :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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FM must have smoke weed.

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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अर्थमन्त्री डा खतिवडाले राजश्वका आधार आर्थिक वृद्धि भएकाले करको दरभन्दा पनि करको दायरा बढाएर लगानीको वातावरण सिर्जना गर्नेतर्फ ध्यान दिन आग्रह गरे।
What is he saying?
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LBS ji, I had no choice.

All knew what other option was- dalal, corrupt, criminal, wanna be dictator.

I voted for 8 class Oli for China rail, economy, share market, better rule of law (I knew, absolute was not possible any time soon).

Till yesterday, prachanda and baburam used to be the biggest liar. Now, turned out Oli and all commie are liar too. Said one thing before election and trying to do just opposite after election.

I never expected, in 21st century, commie will try to control our daily life. Those who say, I would never vote for commie must be really intelligent people. Now, we should never vote for commie again.

I demand, elected officials recall/referendum.

I never expected, 8 class Oli govt would try to destroy share market openly. I never expected they go against private sector and increase tax. I never expected they would try to control loan.

ओलीले असफल हुनबाट बच्न तत्काल "टि" बदल्नु अति जरुरी
- 8 class Oli should also fire Gokarna bista. He is suppose to work on improving skill of outbound workers, help those stranded Nepalese. But instead attacking all manpower and trying to increase their capital/deposit. This could destroy the whole system which Nepal depends on.

He hid his face after people exposed that he took money from indian agent- golcha. He should have kept hidden.

He should also fire one more minister about whom I have heard only.

8 class Oli is too dumb. He has kept minister in green zone who get positive media coverage. Its like, who ever controls media are good. Usually they are the criminals.

There are too many gunda/extortion, one can not do business without giving free share to politician, 9 in 10 tripper carrying river product dont pay tax and has to pay bribe. etc. and still badal is in green zone.
Some body need to tell social media expert that they are not expert. Tell them, dont make a hero out of a villain or useless dumb, corrupt.
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It is not the mistake of commei govt.but mistake by people who voted commei
including Rising Sun ji. Do penance now for at least one year.
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Corporate Tax in Nepal= 20,25 & 30 +10 bonus +5 dividend tax= 35%,40% & 45%

Corporate Tax in ASEAN countries, one of latest major destination of foreign investment-
Indonesia= 25%
Malaysia= 18-24%
Philippines= 30%
Singapore= 17%
Thailand= 20%
Vietnam= 20%

Why would foreign investor invest in Nepal when they could invest in better market with lower tax and have lower cost of doing business and better society???

I propose Corporate tax of Nepal= 0-10% +10% bonus +5 % dividend Tax= 15%-25% corporate tax.
I normally dont like dividend tax, but to motivate business to re invest, dividend TAX is Ok.

Industry and hydro should be 15%. I dont understand why they take any tax on hydro since, hydro has to be handed over to the govt.?

When public protested against Internet raised TAX, there were too many heads so govt negotiated. But in case of corporate or Income tax or custom duty or excise duty, not many head protested so govt ignored.
There are not many head protesting against TAX, but it directly hit economy and those who protested over Internet TAX but silence on other TAX, they are the ones who will be forced to go to Gulf.

8 class Oli should talk to real expert of economist, not biddwan Yuraj k.

Govt and so called expert should think about what I said, before its too late.

soch na soch tero bau ko ke jancha

Nepali society: Protest tax increase on them, but when business protest, then same dung say bad thing.
Nepali society, protest when there is same price for gas on public and business consumption.
Nepali society protest when govt give electricity to business while maintaining load shedding to public.

Think before you protest. When TAX is high on business or income tax. On body wants to do business in Nepal. When gas price is high for business, cause of high price business wont survive, When there is no electricity or high cost of electricity- business cant be run. And same protesting 45lakh Nepalese have to work in Gulf.

I suggest Idiots to shut up. to Social media expert- you are not expert just shut up.

Economics is not dung. It is too complicated. Why do you think, in almost all countries, corporate tax is lower than individual's income tax????? Think, just think. tero bau ko ke jancha.
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Nepal- 45%
N Korea- 25%
Cuba- 30%
Vietnam- 20%
Venezuela- 34% (going through economic crisis cause of socialism, I suggest them to increase tax more)
France- 33%
Norway- 23%

(Nepal no.1, my country my price :'( )

Singapore- 17%
Switzerland- 17.92%
US- 33%
China- 25%

Only in handful of countries including Nepal has to pay income tax and again pay tax while distributing dividend and you cant even distribute full dividend. Triple threat.

I am a proud Nepali :(

(Why Nepalese Pay highest tax in the world? Cause Oli has to buy votes with our money.
In Nepal, majority dont pay tax so who pays has to pay more and keeps on increasing in every few years.
Why Nepalese are not angry? Majority dont pay and some pay 1%. So those who pay more are of low no?
Why there is no politics in taxation? Cause politics are financed by criminals, does not matter how much criminals make, they dont have to pay tax so those political financial dont see tax as their agenda. )

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