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A Major Fundamental Factor In Stock Market - Interest Rate Levels - Constant Analysis

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Government going for strict measures for different financial statements in Tax & Bank for loan

1 - This will increase tax

2 - This will decrease loan quantity of ineligible corporates in banks making CD ratio comfortable

If applied strictly can immediately bring around 1 kharab to system.

....Baki Ishwor Ko Leela....
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दशैंपछिको दुई सातामा बैंकहरुमा ३४ अर्ब निक्षेप थपियो, कर्जा विस्तार १४ अर्ब
Merero Lagani

it is estimated over 5 lakh tourist came this 6 month, Baisakh 2075 to Ashoj 2075 (previous year over 7 lakh tourist in 1 year)
Here tourist refers to original tourist who registers themselves at immigration
One tourist spending minimum 50,000 will make the total spending 25 arab which will also come in banking system

Hotel establishment is outflow of money as decors and furnishing causes outflow of money
Income of tourist causes inflow
Around 25 arab in 6 month is a good start

.....Baki Ishwor Ko Leela...
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C/D Ratio
Prabhu - 75%
ADBL - 75%
GIME - 75%

...In such a situation where govt expenditure is tooo low, the C/D ratio is 75%... If only government increases its spending efficiency and if deposits of Sthaniya Nikaya can be shown as deposit, its obvious C/D ratio is dragged down.... Further after big projects like tamakoshi, sanjen, mahdya bhotekoshi and other hydros starts to pay their loan installments, the C/D ratio will considerably fall down.

...C/D ratio crisis in its final stage of demise wherefrom it shall never incurr again and interest rate to go down significantly again.......

.....Baki Ishwor Ko Leela....
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विराटनगर, (रासस) अर्थमन्त्री युवराज खतिवडाले मुलुकमा अहिले तरताको अभाव नरहेको बताउनुभएको छ । विराटनगर विमानस्थलमा आज सञ्चारकर्मीसँग कुरा गर्दै उहाँले अहिले वित्तीय सङ्क्रमण भएकाले त्यस्तो देखिएको मात्र प्रष्ट पार्नुभयो । मन्त्री खतिवडाले प्रदेश र स्थानीय तहले खर्च गर्न नसके बताउँदै आर्थिक तरलता उत्पन्न हुन नदिने गरी व्यवस्था गर्न लागिएको जानकारी दिनुभयो ।

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Is it liquidity crisis? what a nonsense information dispatching from
media ? Is the saving ratio decreasing in banks ? Actually it is not
liquidity crunch , it is irresponsible act of banks. How can they give
loan of amount money which they do not posses. It shows the complete
failure of NRB monitoring system and those NRB personnels who are
in monitoring line must be punished. Banks are business houses .They
always want to maximize profit. In crux banks want to pressurize NRB
to make lower CD ratio showing liquidity crunch. Government and concerned
authorities should be conscious in this matter which is completely artificial.
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owner of Blackmandu sold shares When it was @ 1250-1300.

Looks like he still has not bought back. He must be desperate due to latest good news and revolution about to happen.
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1 - About 70,000 crore (In Previous F/Y) remittances comes in Nepal through legitimate channels and estimated amount of another 20,000 through hundi & other sources channels EveryYear

2 - That is 246 crore of remittance each day

3 - So if Expenditure is around 200 crore, still there is net saving of 46 crore per day (Just Roughly Calculated)

4 - Expenditure has risen sharply because of hydros (We need to import large amount of clinker, Steel, turbines, foreign consultancy while making hydros)

5 - I think things are balanced, and only shortcoming is government inability to spend effectively


....Baki Ishwor Ko Leela.....
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Our Daily Trade Deficit is around 200 Crores.

Which Capital Project is going to give Yield of 200 crores daily in-fact not even 200 crores Monthly also !!

Every Day Nepal bata 200 crores Vides Jade xa ...

Estimated 2 Crores People Staying in Nepal out of 3 crores !! Means Per Person daily 100 rs. Vides jade xa.

:roll: :roll:
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BizMandu consistently posting negative remarks - 25% truth and 75% misleading information about interest rates.

Suppose economy has 22 Kharab loan, than around 2 kharab is interest generation and it is enough for giving out new loans

All the capital projects like steel/ hydros/ cable cars do not need loan lumpsum but loan is given in installments. Hence the 400 arab immediate loan is also misleading.

Further many existing capital projects will start paying EMI soon

And nowhere talks about govt decision to put local authorities money in banking system which has eased credit by 100 arab. and future of capital spending is good.

....Bizmandu is posting interest rate news so frequently and everything with negative impressions.....Baki Ishwor Ko LEELA....
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Liquidity created, Technological breakthrough announced, Bottom at 1164-1172 (=1888 x 0.618; ref. Fibonacci series) tested twice, Market undervalued, Dormant investors awake and gathering, Major projects under completion...

Time to spot fundamentally strong stocks with potentially huge trend reversals.

Gather your strengths and invest wisely!

Happy investment!!!
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NICA paying 11% for debenture
Sanima paying 10%

Sanima will save 20 crore in 10 year.

Is NIC suffering from low interest phobia?

100 billion added in BFI's deposit. They were saying, market crashed due to liqudity crisis, now BFIs have billion, which will take 3/4 month to lend.

Will NEPSE cross yesterday's loss and add another % today? May to it is too big expectation. Investors in Nepal are not that intelligent.
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1- Decision Made
2 - 1 Kharab Liquidity Created

1- NIC ASIA will suffer heavily due to its long term obligations if interest rate falls and this guy's job (Monthly over 4 lakhs) will be in jeopardy so he is at his best to say interest rate wont fall, dont beleive such selffish fools
2 - Interest rate is bound to fall after big projects like tamakoshi, etc (Atleast 1000 MW in total) starts to pay loan (Tamakoshi, Sanjen etc will already be completed and will start to pay loan from next f/y)

....Baki Ishwor Ko LEELA....
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Ponder Upon These Three Questions Which arent compatible with each other

1 - Why Banks are decreasing Interest Rates?

2 - Why Banks are currently lending aggressively?

3 - Why debentures from NIC ASIA & SANIMA

Ponder Upon This Answer

1 - The C/D ratio issue will solve forever with huge cash of local authorities being deposited in banks which will push C/D Ratio dramatically down and bankers knows that they must lend continuously with the same speed to have sufficient business when C/D Ratio goes down

2 - Despite C/D Ratio is 80% they are issuing debenture to ease the C/D ratio and still continue the business for when C/D Ratio is dramatically down they might have already lost the good customers and they dont want to miss them. Whoever creates huge customer base now have long term benefits and bankers know that and few are willing to take the risk to maintain that in the light of pending policy level amendments.

.....All this will be verified in future.....Baki Ishwor Ko Leela....
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great news
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संघीय सरकारले चालु आर्थिक बर्षका लागि महानगर, उपमहानगर, नगरपालिका र गाउँपालिका गरी ७५३ स्थानीय तहका लागि तीन खर्ब ८ अर्ब ४८ करोड ७२ लाख रुपैयाँ छुट्याएको छ। गत बर्षका लागि २ खर्ब २५ अर्ब रुपैयाँ छुट्याएको थियो। गत बर्ष चौमासिक रुपमा ७५ अर्बका दरले पैसा पठाइएको थियो।

स्थानीय तहमा ३ खर्ब ८ अर्ब रुपैयाँ निक्षेप जाँदा कर्जा-पूँजी निक्षेप अनुपात (सिसिडी) ८० प्रतिशत कायम गर्दा बैंकहरुसँग २ खर्ब ४६ अर्ब रुपैयाँ ऋण दिन योग्य तरलता उपलब्ध हुन्छ। यो बर्षभरीमा उपलब्ध हुने तरलता हो।

1 - This is Must
2 - This will compensate for government inefficiency in expenditure which always tightens the money availability in the system
3 - This will immediately create liquidity of 102 arab in month of kartik and 102 arab in each another 4 months
4 - Further pending payments for capital expenditure by central government will inject more money
5 - This will fulfill the gap in the cycle of revenue collection and expenditure and system will be restored with money availability which in-turn will push the interest rate levels down

.....Baki Ishwor Ko Leela......
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