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NRB- Nepal Rastra Bank

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अर्थतन्त्रका अधिकांश सूचक सकारात्मक देखिएकाले बैंकिङ्ग क्षेत्रमा देखिएका समस्या पनि छिट्टै ठिक हुन्छ: कार्यबाहक गभर्नर ढुंगाना

--- As soon as she became D governor, she published very negative garbage. Now we are facing the result of her incompetency and alchina.

They have been saying that for more than 1.5 year now.

--- पूर्वअर्थमन्त्री डा.युवराज खतिवडाको चेतावनी- अर्थतन्त्र चरम मन्दीतर्फ !

------ अर्थतन्त्रमा सुधार नआए बैंकहरुले अर्को वर्ष लाभांश दिन सक्दैनन्: नबिल बैंकका सिईओ ढुंगाना

---- अर्थतन्त्रमा दबाव कायम नै छ: प्रधानमन्त्री प्रचण्ड

Probably for the first time in history, the whole top management of NRB are ran by incompetent, arrogant, alchina ...
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राष्ट्र बैंकले भन्यो 'ब्याजदर घट्दै गएकोले अब अर्थतन्त्र चलायमान हुन्छ'

- I believe, NRB/Governor have been saying this for last 1.5 year, more than half a dozen times.

It's OK, they have been increasing their income- for them, it does not matter if Nepalese live or die, if Nepal stay or vanishes.
Registered: Oct 2013
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सम्झौता नगर्दा पाईला-पाईलामा दु:ख पाईने रहेछ: गभर्नर अधिकारी

((First of all NRB/Nepal is not your pvt ltd. Even majority owner of Ltd dont have full right over the company. AND, people elected elected official not bureaucracy. If bureaucracy have problem with elected official- you resign, which is the practice in all over the world))

आफैले सम्झौता नगर्दा दुख पाए पनि देशले शुख पाउँछ उनले भने |

अर्थतन्त्रबारे केहि कुरा राख्दै उनले अहिले अर्थतन्त्रको मौद्रिक सूचक सकारात्क देखिएको समेत बताए |

- Tell you a secret, If you dont eat for a year, you would save a lot of money. And just cause you save a lot of money does not mean, you made a right decision. Everything is right.

Let me tell Nepalese a real life story. I have a rich relative who are very cheap. They only eat dal bhat (rice curry) to save money. They did save a lot of money, have a big 7 story tall house, then, some one in the family got ill (cancer) and had to spend in crore.

Same happened with the NRB/Governor's policy. It caused cancer- cancer started in share market, then housing, then it collapsed cooperative and micro finance, then spread to government revenue, then many business collapsed, may commit suicide, millions went into depression ... now spreading into 'Non performing loan in BFIs'.

All cause of NRB, Adhakari's monetary policy.

Let me give you another good sad example- If airlines stop spending money on regular maintenance, it will save in 100s of millions per year, but ultimately that plane will crash which will lead to billions of loss and 100s of life lost.

Nepal's foreign currency reserve may have increased, just like in above example, but cause of Monetary policy driven collapse of economy, Government may have lost 300/400 billion revenue in last 2.5 year.

Even worst, investors/business may have lost 2000/3000 billion. Many committed suicide, millions in depression. (but I know, NRB, bureaucracy dont care about people and people have to blame elected official for not firing NRB officials and not rescuing economy and share market in time)

I have been saying for years, Bureaucracy dont give a 4k about Nepal or Nepalese. They dont care if Nepal remains or not. They dont care if Nepalese live or die.

Something good happens in Nepal only when politician/elected official want to do good. Never in the history of Nepal, any good have happened due to bureaucracy. Even to end long que to receive vaccine- minister had to intervene. Bureaucracy could have easily solved that simple problem, but they did not.

Nepal suffered every time- sher bahadur and Prachanda became PM. Current economic collapse, the biggest collapse in the history of Nepal, started in sher bahadur's time and continuing in Prachanda's time.

After Prachanda, Madhav Nepal may become PM. Remember, if I am correct, Madhav Nepal as PM and Surendra Pandey as finance minister rescued collapsed economy in the past, which was creation of then PM prachanda and Baburam as Finance minister.

May be this time too, Madhav Nepal as PM may rescue biggest collapsed economy again.

The collapsed economy created by the biggest party's PM- sher bahadur,

Continued while 30 seat prachanda as PM

And solved by the smallest party- Madhav Nepal as PM.
(His party is not even a party, did they cross 3% thresh hold?)
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7314
अन्य देशको तुलनामा नेपालको केन्द्रीय बैंक 'कन्जरभेटिभ' रहेको गभर्नरको स्वीकारोक्ति
'यही कारणले यहाँको बैंकिङलाई सानोतिनो झोक्काले छुँदैन'

- Close all the banks, there wont be banking crisis. And we wont even need Central bank.

Hundreds of years back- Europe became developed with the help of Banks and Stock exchange.

And we have governor like him in 2024 and there is another guy for Finance minister.

Cause of people like him- people have to go to Cooperative and loan shark for loan.

Sati ko sarap.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7314
I am going to post in this thread- Actions/policy of NRB and their analysis. Also What top Bureaucrats of NRB say and does and it's analysis.

I should have started this thread 10 year back.

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