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Registered: Oct 2013
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"""""I"""""" been telling people, not to talk negative about share market in media or social media.

Look what has happened cause of alchinas.

- I never said it,,,, but some kept on advising govt to increase CGT on short term trading and decrease CGT on long term investment.

Look, what govt. did. They increased tax on short term but did not reduce tax on short term.

"""I""", Second to GOD.... kept on saying, in Nepal, decision makers are dumb, alchian pakeh, who are negative sub human. They are impressed by negative advise only and try to avoid positive ideas.

- """"I"""" , Second to GOD...... Kept on saying, BFIs main income should come from non banking business. Last year, they did make money from share market too.

Then came alchians, who advised NRB- Bank should concentrate on banking business, they only should make money from banking business, their focus should not deviate from core banking business. Sounds great is not it. But its not great.

If bank, makes most of their income from non banking, interest on loan would fall, all- investors, borrowers, depositors, govt will be happy.

But, not, alchinas has to open their mouth.

For, years I tried to silence those alchinas from making noise in the media, social media.... But I did not get help from others. Now pay the price.

Now, finance minister telling NRB, to let BFIs invest in share market.

Murkahs' noise is dangerous.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7612
The most dangerous and stupid thing, idiots are talking this time is ..............


"""""I"""" Vs world (I cant prove, but I think, I am able to educated many about economics. A to E may have learned from I, F to Z may have learnt from A to E.

- Excess loan is the reason behind liquidity crisis- That is what, wanna be expert 90% kept on saying during previous liquidity crisis. I kept on saying, loan does not create liquidity crisis (certain loan does), I explained them may times.

Finally, in current liquidity crisis, only 10% are saying so....

Where were those idiot 10%, when I was distributing free education. Thank GOD, all time, I have been spending in this forum, has not gone to waste.

- Share loan (unproductive loan) is causing liquidity crisis- That is what, 95%, idiots said during previous crisis. I kept on saying, all business is important to the economy, almost all loan is important. I did explained to them last time.

This time.... only .1% say, share loan creates liquidity crisis. Grand success of my teaching.

Where were those idiot .1%, when I was distributing free education. Thank GOD, all time, I have been spending in this forum, has not gone to waste.

- Liquidity crisis happens, when money leaves the system or kept outside the system. Last crisis, liquidity crisis was due to import, govt not spending, CCD ratio- NRB changed CCD ratio when there was high liquidity and did not reverse it when liquidity became tight. Liquidity crisis became worse when NRB pushed so called productive sector like cement industry which already had over investment which drove more import.

Those are what I kept on telling, explaining during last crisis.

From I, People learnt a lot this time. But still they are not saying the first reason this time.. Which is CD ratio.

At least, this time, people are blaming import and govt not spending. .... NO.1 is CD ratio.

Thank GOD, all time, I have been spending in this forum, has not gone to total waste, sheep is learning something.

- Out of control Balance of payment is due to high import tax. But idiots say, high import is due to not enough import tax.

When you have high import tax, other countries wont buy your product, but you still have to import, what you need to import.

Almost all countries, except China, imports most of the goods while export only hand full. Import cant be stopped. All you can do is export goods you can export in larger quantity.

This one, I am un able to teach anyone.

- Everything is criminalized in Nepal cause of tough law- But, Idiot say, there is lawless ness in Nepal, cause law is not tough enough.

When Law is tough, when tax is high, good people wont be able to do business. And only those enter the business are criminals who wont follow law or pay tax. That is why, every where is controlled by criminals.

I am totally failed in convincing idiots about this.

- There are man more.

Let's talk about .........

The most dangerous and stupid thing, idiots are talking this time is .............. If NRB (monitory policy) makes BFIs keep more cash, which is tighten CD ratio, it will make economy strong in future.

No it does not. There is a thing called "maximum utilization of resources" in economics. Which means, increase productivity.

Resources i.e. money is limited. If you, instead of utilize it in max, if you hoard it, you are gonna lose opportunity.

Your economy become strong when you utilize your resources at max today, which leads to bigger economy, which creates big wealth, and when in future, there is crisis, you would be able to face it. If you dont, your economy will collapse cause you wont be able to face future challenge.

If you invest 1000 billion today and make it 10000 billion in future. and when there is crisis of 2000 billion in future, you will easily be able to face it, If you dont, you are done.

There is a reason, I am "SEDOND TO GOD". Learn from me, not from some idiot-wanna be expert, before its too late,
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7612
My prediction from Sat Jan 02, 2021 9:01 pm


I believe """I""" am the only one in the entire universe who predicted share market will boom while almost all said share market will crash/depression/bear market.

""""I"""" would like to make another world share market prediction

Prediction of World Share market for 2021.

If Corona is controlled, most of the share market of the world my increase 25-50%. Reason, Inflation. Probably highest or one of the highest growth ever.

Inflation will increase price of share market, Gold and well as profit of business also wages.


MOEX Russia Index 3289-3787 - UP 15%

Nikkei 225 27444-28791- UP 5%

HANG SENG INDEX 27231 -23397- down 14%

SSE Composite Index 3473-3639- UP5%

Shenzhen Component 14470-14856- UP2.6%

S&P BSE SENSEX 47751-58253- UP22%

Jakarta Composite Index 5979-6581- UP10%

FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI 1671-1567- down7%

IPC MEXICO 44066-53255- UP21%

S&P 500 3756-4778 -uP27%

Dow Jones Industrial Average 30606-36424- UP19%

NASDAQ Composite 12888-15694- UP22%

Russell 2000 1974-2248- UP14%

NEPSE 2087-2524- UP21%
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7612
""""I""""s prediction about bikes.

From before the end of 2025, more than half of new bikes sold in Nepal will be electric.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7612
Because of manipulation by NRB, """"I""""s prediction about share market, banking business wont be happening.

New prediction;

1: Share market will burn.

2: Economy will burn.

3: More micro management will start.

4: More blame game will start.

5: Things will get worse, before it gets better.

6: My prediction about those who bought and cornered garbage shares are on. Good shares could crash by 50% and garbage shares- 80-95%.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7612
Remember, """"""I"""" kept on saying, dont make change in 'Monitory policy'. I am the only person in the universe who gave that advice.

There are some changes needed in Monitory policy, which, only I am capable of doing. If you are not I, dont make changes.

That was the simple advice to simple minded people, I made it sure, my advice in not complicated.

""""I"""""" also been advising/saying- "pakhe, x jat, socialist/communist" should not run a country.
I tried to make this advice as simple as possible, as clear as possible. Explained advice, no one would have been able to understand.

"I" am almost every time correct. Cause "I" am "SECOND TO GOD".

There are m0rons who dont have a clue whom to blame for crisis, mistaken themselves for being an expert. Shut the f up.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7612
This is what I found in social media comment section:

"At 20 you have the face God gave you, at 40 you have the face that life has molded, and at 60 you have the face you deserve."

"""""""I"""""" have been saying, 'face is the reflection of one's heart'.

Question is who discovered it first????????

'It's the heart that matters, not the face', is what ugly and dump people would say.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7612
One of the most important aspects for """"I""" is 'I dont want to be wrong'.

Since I, is no GOD, I do make mistake once in a while.

After I make mistake, the first thing I want to do is 'correct it as soon as possible'.

Why, cause, longer it goes on, there will be created more bad. And even more important, Longer I take to correct my mistake, more idiots will notice it and may see I as an idiot or insult me..... which they have been looking for half their life.

Now, let me come to NRB's mistake about monitory policy. I believe, NRB realized their mistake about CCD ratio and 12 crore after a couple of weeks. If they had corrected it immediately, less people would have noticed it, less people would have criticized it, less people would have suffered from it.

But no, they want to wait till quarterly evaluation date. Cause they are taking it too long, today even idiots have noticed it, many are suffering, their mistake will hurt the economy, individuals for 2/3 years......... and worst some are saying- NRB's decision is politically motivated. That not good for NRB.

Would not have happened, if they had corrected within 2/3 week.

Same with this govt.... If shre bahadur had ordered NRB to correct it immediately, people would not have began to question- is oli better than sher bahadur, could uml be better than nc, oli was better than sher bahadur.

With every passing day, NC's chance of getting majority is slimming down due to mostly NRB and maoist finance minister. CAUSE IT'S THE ECONOMY, STUPID!
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7612
Only agenda of 17hajare is to increase tax. Every time aggressive dumb person becomes finance minister, first thing he does is tax and nothing else or tighten the screw of those who build the economy. Whether that is bharu ram or yuraj k or current 17 hajare.

In develop economy, when they increase tax, their economy gets direct hit.

In sh!thole like Nepal, when tax is increased, new investment is slowed down. There is no area where tax can be increased. In all area, tax need to be decrease. In some area, tax should be decreased up to 100%.

""""I""""" would like to predict.....

Every time maoist became finance minister, share market and economy suffered. People suffered. This time, share market?????? economy, dont expect economy to be vibrant, positive.

When Bishnu Paudel became finance minister, share market was vibrant and there was positivity in the economic sentiment... they were waiting for corona to end.

Bishnu Paudel was not harami and he knew he is not expert of economy. All he used to do was be positive and prevent bureaucracy including NRB from attacking private sector and share market. Just a simple thing, anybody could be.

Now we have maoist as finance ministry and history is repeating. And he seems harami.

Now he has increased tax on bike too. Tesko bau prachanda who is the biggest corrupt in the history of Nepal can ride crores worth car with my tax money, but I cant buy good bike. I may pay 100 times more tax than that dalal prachanda.

After coming election, its all over for maoist. And maoist may never become finance minister again. Maoist may win max 5 seat and another up to 7 indirect seats. They wont won more than 12 seat which will make them, may be, 5th largest party. Then their doggie (which they lake to call party members) will change party then after from following election, they will win 0 seat total.

Coming election will be final election for maoist. If maoist and madhav nepal join party, it will be seen as maoist, so wont help in election.

Tax payer lai pelne, dharti ko boj lai paisa badne. This would help the economy, said no one ever.

Where are so called economic expert? They are nothing but waiting for "Neta le kaile hug cha ra khaula".

Every time maoist become finance minister- economy, share market, people suffers.
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Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7612
Nothing on creates more energy than energy they consume.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7612

Here X is unlimited.

Universe will explode before you get the no.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7612
So you are googling to challenging me and I have to google again
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7612
There was this in media "scientists were saying, universe has been expanding, but dont know why???"

I just solved it, its cause of unlimited creation of energy in the universe. With little energy, more energy is being generated.

Where is my nobel 4king prize?

Even on the earth, with little energy, more energy is created. Do you know where? Mud. With little energy Mud is created, and it helps to create more energy.

I think, living organism also transform little energy into more energy.

If we eat a kg of food, we produce more energy with that little energy. (I wont guarantee in this one at this time). What ever energy is used to create 1 kg of food, by consuming that 1 kg of food, human or other animals produce more energy.

Magic- if you divide even no with 2, result will always be even. MAGIC.
Registered: Mar 2018
Posts: 2325
This is longest unsolved math problem for about 3 century.
There are many group of GENIUS MATHEMATECIANs trying to solve this mystery. But unable to do so.

Just try the equation with number 27 ......
What will be the maximum number you will get ?

Also try some negative numbers.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7612
First of all I dont understand the question.

And second, when you give someone limitation, result will fall under certain path. (that is how analysis is done).

Next, all maths problem we see on the net are just stupid.



Math is not art, where you could get any result. You would only get fixed result. I googled it, its nothing but confusing, its like, it is made by fataha so that he would ultimately telling you I told You so. when its not so.
Registered: Mar 2018
Posts: 2325
If you are such a GENIUs , solve the COLLATZ CONJUNCTURE which is the longest-standing maths problem. You will definitely get a Nobel Prize :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

3 X (any number) +1 divide by 2 if even number.
Always fall in 4,2,1 sequence.
Isnt it interesting ?
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7612
""""""I""""" am about to float the theory (if had not floated by anyone before), which is the main reason Universe is what is now.

More like, what is the reason behind unlimited source of energy in the universe, which could, if proven, provide unlimited cheap energy to mankind.

Albert Einstein was presented by jew as the greatest mind (which I politely disagree) is accepted by his theories like gravity, blackhole .........

Albert Einstein's equation used 100 years on to create matter from light in world first--------- then what created the light, where the light came from.

""""I"""" theory, what created the universe, main source of energy- without energy nothing is possible, and to Albert Einstein- what created the light.

The answer is nothing. Nothing created unlimited source of energy. Nothing, which is ''vacuum'' is the reason universe exists. If universe was not vacuum, if filled with air, unlimited source of energy would not have been created.

What does that mean?

Earlier universe must only had atoms or even smaller matter scattered all over universe just like today we have planets and stars and balls of gases or minerals.

Some atoms must have moved a little with unknow energy, and due to vacuum (which is nothing) the speed it travelled kept on increasing and that atom must have hit another atom which have created more energy than the energy it took to more that atom in the first place.

This must have created light, which is energy.

This vacuum is the reason, there is unlimited source of energy in the universe. It takes, less energy to move matter in the vacuum, due to vacuum speed increased and when that matter hits another matter far more energy is created than the energy required to start the motion.

So, vacuum is the source of unlimited energy. Which human can utilize to create unlimited energy.

Some may ask, what happens to the hydro share holder if there is unlimited source of cheap energy. Sahid. :mrgreen:

Then comes Einstein's blackhole. How did he predicted, there are blackholes in the universe. Its just hollywood type of hyping of things. Blackhole is nothing but a space where force is zero. When there are forces of gravitation, in the center, the force is going to be neutral or zero. Which itself is a force of different force, its like, breakout in share market.

Blackhole is like a person socking water in the mouth, when mouth is filled, in the end, it explodes.

In blackhole, atom, gas, minerals are pressured and form bigger object. That is how planets, stars, body of minerals/gases are created. And when there is too much pressure inside a body of flammable gas, it burns and this is how suns are created, stars.

Here I may have solved the mystery which human may not have known existed. If there would not have been unlimited source of energy in the universe. If energy would have been less efficient just like on the earth, universe and the earth would not have existed. And cause of the unlimited energy in the universe, the universe keeps on expanding. Energy created light which itself is the energy, which created life on the earth.

You are welcome, human!
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7612
""""""""I""""""""" would like to predict about Sher bahadur.

Just got a clue.

Many people know, not a big surprise.

Sher bahadur will be taking order from CIA. He is likely to humiliated China. Let's see, what Maoist would do.

Dont be surprised, if sher bahadur ignores, even chinese and russian vaccine.

I was disappointed by China. To slow. This will be lessen for them. Ultimately, Nepal has to join alliance with China.

Great is, Better be doggie of master(CIA) than slave (india). :mrgreen:

Remember, India have weaken. No longer close with Russia, Enemy with China..... Its all over for them. Either west will destroy them after China or destroy them after they think they could no longer destroy China. This time there wont be Daddy Soviet Russia to save them by sending nuclear submarine.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 1336
:) :)
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7612
You may like """""I""""" or not,

You may support """""I"""" 's views or not,

You may understand """""I"""" or not,

But never bet against """""I"""",

Never disrespect """"I"""",

Never go against """"I""""",

Never laugh at """""I""""",



2-3 year ago.... """"I""" told a friend of """"I""""", "in 5 year (I am not sure, 3 or 5 or 7 year) MNBBL will beat SCB". It happened today, 2021.6.7 Monday ("""I""" was born in Monday, FYI :mrgreen: )

SCB is the same sh!t hole, which rejected """"I""" 's loan about 7 year ago. Look, where SCB is now and Where """I""" is. :lol:
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7612
"""""""I""""""" would like to predict ""how lab leak of Covid 19 propaganda against China"", evil empire is about to push, will backfire big on themselves.

As for part of the cold war, US is trying to create hate against China my claiming Corona could have come from Chinese Lab. As per available information, following is the possibility. (I am telling this, to protect friends from being fooled by fake propaganda)

2019 march- First known case of Corona through sewage sample in Spain..

2019 October- First known case of Corona in US.

2019 December- First known case in China, first identified case in the world.

(Till few months ago, so called virologist, were saying, covid 19 is impossible to be created by human, now, 5Eye and NATO and India trying to push, it came from chinese lab.)

- Above date and math proves, Covid 19 did not started from china, neither naturally or through lab leak. If it had (china went into partial lockdown and wuan went into full lock down from jan 2020), corona would have been all over china and asia pacific, southasia, far east of russia etc.

- Did corona released by chinese govt? would china have release corona inside their own country?

- One of the theories, during early corona pandemic, was, did first corona CIA released in China? Above data debunks this theory too.

- Now what theories available information does not debunk:

1: Could CIA or Mossad have introduced corona in China/Iran?

2: Did corona start from US- natural or lab?

Media, social media in the west had been censoring corona theories- especially lab leak, Now, they are pushing this propaganda.

Now """""""""""""""""I""""""""""""""""""""" am going to predict, this stunt will harm west rather than China, pretty soon and they are the ones who will be defensive very soon just like during wikileaks, panamaleaks, economic attack on russia, trade war with China etc. .... Just like when going gets tough, tough gets going. Nothing evil west do bring positive result to them, always been back firing.

My prediction from early this year:

Sat Jan 02, 2021 9:01 pm

""""I"""" would like to make another world share market prediction

Prediction of World Share market for 2021.

If Corona is controlled, most of the share market of the world my increase 25-50%. Reason, Inflation. Probably highest or one of the highest growth ever.

Inflation will increase price of share market, Gold and well as profit of business also wages.


We are into half year,

World market has increased +9.25%
India- +16.05%
S korea +6.18%
Canada +20.65%
Taiwan +11.42%
Australia +8.6%
France +12.13%
China +4.13
USA +11.38%

[Remember- share market of the world just finished correction, now rocket).
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7612
""""""I"""""" would like to make crazy deposit prediction.

Second monitory policy of chirinjivi nepal (then governor of NRB) turned me into economist. Turned out, only GOD knows more about economy than me.

Corona turned me into Virologist.

Now, cause of garbage negative propaganda about liquidity from fake news ran by pakhe tapare criminals, I am doing my PHD in liquidity.

My crazy prediction about deposit in BFIs- By 2079 ashad end, Deposit will grow by 1000-1500 billion. Current Deposit 4352 billion.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7612
"""""""I""""""" would like to make KP OLi prediction.

KP Oli turned Nepal into hell, especially to majority of self employed Nepalese through yuraj k. Which ultimately destroyed economy and communist in Nepal.

Cause of latest ruling by court and EC, it looks like KP Oli will remain unless that verdict is quashed.

To undo past mistake, KP oli is suppose to focus on economy and gain support, but I think, instead, latest event will make KP Oli more "Ahankair" and guarantee communist's destruction.

Another prediction about sher bahadur.

Sher bahadur missed grand opportunity and now NC is empty handed. I think, this will end Sher bahadur's politics in NC for ever. He is already on the way to die cause of his age.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7612
"""""""I""""""" would like to make NEPSE prediction for 2021.

NEPSE saw 2087 in 2020.

By the end of 2021 NEPSE will be between 3800 to 5000.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7612
I believe """I""" am the only one in the entire universe who predicted share market will boom while almost all said share market will crash/depression/bear market.


This is what """""I""""" said in Mon Apr 06, 2020 4:42 pm

I dont know about Nepal, but in the world, just wait and see, all those who who invested during corona crash will be buying yacht.

I have been asking, hope corona would being something good. In Nepal, corona has helped to bring down interest rate. Not enough but something is better than nothing. This would help economic to kick start as well as great for the share market.


How may times do """I""" have to make huge prediction/analysis correct before world calls me "SECOND TO GOD".

O I forgot, I am the only Second to God, so only I can understand and recognize """I""".

Sati ko sarap ........... I can predict, analyze a lot of huge important things but cant predict which company will boom in NEPSE.

When will arab pati budda- worthless brain less budda be replaced in NEPSE by professional investors, So that they I would be able to predict in NEPSE too and make a ton of MONEY.

Sati ko sarap

""""I"""" would like to make another world share market prediction

Prediction of World Share market for 2021.

If Corona is controlled, most of the share market of the world my increase 25-50%. Reason, Inflation. Probably highest or one of the highest growth ever.

Inflation will increase price of share market, Gold and well as profit of business also wages.

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