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What started chain reaction, Monitory policy-2078 did. Dipendra bahadur chettery is gonna die in a year or two.

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सिभिल मलमा एक जनाले गरे आत्मदाह गर्ने प्रयास

Could be the result of nc, maoist, nrb's previous govt's destruction of economy? And dont forget their advisers, those who supported their bad economic policy, those who promoted #iamwithnrb, media, patrakar etc etc.
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Cooperative crisis:

Kukur ko jati pani buddi na bhaya ka haru are running cooperative, bfis, nrb.

Those doggo brain dont even know whom to follow, whom to accept as their dear leader.

I did warn about what happens when interest rate is increased by a lot. BFIs, cooperatives crash.

When NRB increased banks loan rate to 18%, instead of warning NRB, cooperative demanded NRB to let them raise rate too. NOW PAY THE PRICE.

I did warn depositors, if you demand high interest rate, you will lose your principle too. When borrowers suffer, every thing collapse.

Read this thread, I been warning and advising from the very early stage.

At least, learn to blame right individuals, institutions for this crisis.
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बालकोट बैठक: एमालेको समर्थनमा प्रचण्डलाई प्रधानमन्त्री बनाउने सहमति

Finance minister- Bishnu Paudel or Hari Dhakal?
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नेप्से र सिडिएससिको १०० % लाभांश घोषणा

If this had happened in India or Bangladesh, investors would have burnt them alive inside their building. Which would have been a right thing to do.

But in Nepal, sati ko sarap

जसको दिमाग कुकुर जत्तिकै छैन उनीहरूलाई सबै थाहा छ भन्ने लाग्छ|

Bahundad will burn Nepal into ground. And before, they will loot nepal and hide that money in US, India.

Those people in NEBSE, SEBON, CDSC are suppose to support investors but in media they give interview attacking investors. This is one of 100s of characteristics of bahunbad.

Have you noticed, when there is a debate in TV between public and opposition, most of the time, the person representing opposition are bureaucrats.

Is bureaucrats our enemy? If yes, we should deal them accordingly. Srilankan way.

बैंकर्स स‍ंघबाट बाहिरिए अनिल उपाध्याय, कार्यवाहक अध्यक्षमा सुनिल केसी

You should not just have resigned, you should have killed yourself. One of the person behind current collapse of economy, share market.
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सहकारीका समस्या भुसको आगो जस्तै सल्कदै, सरकार र अभियान आरोप प्रत्यारोपमा व्यस्त- They are too dumb, still dont know, they should blame NRB first. Like I been saying, IF you dont know who created the problem, what created the problem- You will never be able to solve the problem.

- So first official casualty of economic crisis, interest rate crisis, liquidity crisis, share market crisis created by NRB (supported by finance ministry, fake economic expert, media) is going to be cooperative.


Dont forget to hang- NRB, finance ministry, fake economic expert advisers, media and those who said #IamwithNRB

- What do you expect when interest rate of Bank is 18%
- When there is liquidity crisis
- When there is economic crisis
- When there is share market crisis
- When there is social crisis

All created by NRB (supported by finance ministry, fake economic expert, media)

If there had been only one crisis (foreign currency crisis), it would have been easily dealt with, but No, NRB had to create other crisis in the name of foreign currency crisis. I dont know what they were thinking?

LIke I said, pakhe le des chalaune haina.

Harami le economy dhosta parcha bhane thye ne- NRB, finance minister.

People are gonna die. And still very few blame NRB. Sati ko sarap.

जसको दिमाग कुकुर जत्तिकै छैन they act as sarba gyani in media, social media.

There is only one SECOND TO GOD. And you are not the one.

Hang NRB and save Nepal.

People still dont know why there is total collapse happening in cooperative? And still they think they understand economics. When Banks' interest is 18%, imagine interest of cooperative. How can any one pay that kind of interest rate. And NRB forced that interest on us.

Say not to paying interest and loan to bank.

We need 'monetary policy guidance' and only I know what that is.
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There is economic crisis in Nepal- magnified by NRB (and bureaucrats and minister). There is economic crisis in Bangladesh too.

In Bangladesh People are violently protesting. But in Nepal, same people are talking about leaving Nepal. Two different society, two different mentality.

(BTW, I heard in social media where some were complaining that US has made it 2 years before finally taking your interview. Is it cause of their economic crisis or immigrant crisis or It is caused by me. For last few years I observed that US been giving visas to every khates- to make every Nepal pro us and anti china. So they are reversing it or cause of what I said. I said- US turn Nepalese into anti Nepal and later give visa to those anti nepal nepalese. Asked, would those anti nepal, if get visa, be loyal to US? Person who cant respect the country they are born in, what would they do to US when they become US citizen? That is why US is crashing like no super power in this history of the world)

In bangladesh/india- if somebody talks about/advise something that would harm you, they would respond- not in a good way.

In Nepal, people dont care until they themselves feel the heat. So It takes a long time before people start to make a noise.

I have always been the first to make the noise. I always been making noise when they make the bad decision. I am sure, when I do that, a lot of people have a problem with me.

Today's problem is created by NRB. Do you remember, how many said #IamwithNRB. How many advised advised them to harm us. And very few protested that time. Today finally khates began to cry and talking about leaving Nepal in social media. Had been in bagladesh or India, somebody would have kill that person.

Sati ko sarap

Nepal is sati ko sarap. In Nepal, when somebody start protest demanding good policy for share market- there are some investors who criticize them instead of supporting them. If you cant join, they should have at least supported them, like some of us.

In Nepal, if you have already sold your shares, you wish every thing would collapse. This is why there is sati ko sarap.

I saw in social media- One social media guy was cursing (not using bad words btw) to a woman who been raping Nepal for decades. Some in social media, instead of cursing that woman, they were angry at the person who was cursing the person who been raping Nepal. They were saying, even though she raped Nepal, one should not curse her.

This is sati ko sarap. I with 25 lakh Nepales die asap. Nepalese needs to pay or they wont learn.

I think, business houses are not protesting NRB policy, 18% interest loan cause they are getting loan at 10/11% (average rate is 13%).
Chor are not just looting Nepal, they are getting loan at far cheaper loan which they use to loot Nepal.
Registered: Oct 2013
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I did warn about collapse of Nepal's economy due to NRB's monitory policy (also finance ministry and govt).

1st:I am the first one to warn.

2nd: Other investors followed.

3rd: Business clubs joined.

4th: Finally khate barga began to feel the heat, soon people will start to commit suicide if economy not saved.
(They should have thought about his before the election, only around 15 lakh felt it).

In west, some are talking, FED is destroying the economy, soon they will print 5/10 trillion in a matter of few years to save the economy they tanked.

Just like this (in us), Now govt/NRB needs to pump in kharabs to save the economy. Hang Governor, d governors and other top officials in NRB. Hang top officials and finance minister in finance ministry. Hang all those who advised them.

Hang MF Dipendra Bahadur Chettery.

And dont forget to hang media and Patrakars.

Also include those who said "IamwithNRB". (RC)

I told you so. Cause I am SECOND TO GOD.
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Bahunbad has made giving and taking loan (in many form) illegal while it is ok for chaudary to do what chaudary been doing.

When NRB is audited, wonder how many top officials will get rope treatment?
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After all the history, Ukraine still voted for a zoo and they are paying a huge price with their lives and destruction of their country and society.

After congress and communsits destroyed share market and economy and still so many voted for them. Nepalese should pay for their sin too.

Only hope is, this destruction would lead to death of 25lakh and then if Nepalese come to me begging to save the economy, share market and Nepal, then only Nepal has a chance. If not, Zero chance.
Registered: Oct 2013
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After congress communsits crashed share market, and still majority gave them vote.

sati ko sarap.
Registered: Oct 2013
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नयाँ सांसदलाई ब्रिफिङ: देशको अर्थतन्त्र यी रोगले थलिएको छ, बुझेका मन्त्री छानेर उपचार गराउनुहोस्.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: khate, mage ra/lutera/ blackmail gare ra khane aukal ke economic salaha dine aat kasiari ayo????

Afno aukat hernu paila.

One of the reason, we are in current crisis is due to media and khate patrakars' alchina analysis and articles.

Srilanka crisis had very little to do with nepal and chinese debt trap was a fake news, but cause of these dalal patrakar kept on propagandize it, those in govt were influenced during their decision making which also lead to this crisis.

Months back, I saw some anit china garbage in annapurna post. Then I went to its web page to find out who the boss is- turned out that guy is same captain who was involved in political setting- who organized meeting between two politicians, and same dalal/haram also has business kandas.
(Is not it amazing- those who are anti nepal are also anti china and pro west and pro india- is this just a co incident or they are sent or protected by cia/raw???)

This is what happens when we dont punish criminals. Just a matter of time, they rape Nepal from multiple side.

Nepal needs revolution to hang such dalal. Revolution in early election.

PS- Nepal needs to silence patrakar and patrika to save herself.
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How alchina RC talk in Nepal:

- If the situation is, interest would increase if left free, then they say 'let free market do its job'.
- Same above MF, If the situation is, interest would decrease if left free, they would say 'what is nrb/govt doing'.

- If share market is increasing if left free, 'what is govt doing, stop manipulation'.
- Same above MF, If share market is crashing and investor demanding govt help, 'govt should let market play on its own'.

In short, alchina RC wants to destroy everything- most of the time, they are interventionist, and sometime they support free market. (Hope they die with their entire family. I am a born mind reader- trust me, you alchian's wife is looking for a secrets man).
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अर्थतन्त्रमा देखापरेका समस्या समाधानमा पहल गर्छु : प्रधानमन्त्री

""""पहल गर्छु"""" is he saying, he would request his swasni to fix the problem??? :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

To solved this problem, you need buddi. Since you dont have buddi, you cant identify right adviser and chose right advice.

Only revolution can solve this problem. God may have created this problem, sent you criminals in power to bring revolution.

'अर्थतन्त्र जोगाऔं' भन्दै महासंघ टोली 'घरदैलो' कार्यक्रममा,'भेटे जतिका सबैले बढेको ब्याजदरप्रति चिन्तित छौं मात्र भन्छन्'

Buddi chayo ne ta. bhariya neta hundai ma des chalauna sakcha ra.

Nepal needs 'monetary policy guidance' to fix these never ending problem. Only I can fix this problem. If new party win in next election and they ask for my advice, then only this problem will be fixed, if not, never.

I know how to make- bank, depositor as well as borrower happy. I can fix those contradictory. No one else can.

Cause I am 'SECOND TO GOD'!
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Is there any central bank in the world where they challenge elected government except for Nepal?

If Governor has different view than elected government, governor resigns or gets fired.

How NRB became parallel government in Nepal???

In Nepal 99.99999999% people dont know, NRB has destroyed economy.

Remember, I said, crisis in economy is normal, collapse is man made!
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'गाली गर्नेले प्रसारणलाइन बनेपछि एप्रिसियट गर्छन्'

area MF, no body opposed project, nor they opposed US grant. What they opposed was MCC contract.
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राष्ट्र बैंकको प्रक्षेपण: एक वर्षमा मूल्यवृद्धि दर १२ प्रतिशत पुग्ने, तीन महिनामै १० प्रतिशत

- What do you expect? Interest rate 18%, productivity collapsed.
How do you think producer would make a living by selling half the quantity than they had been selling? By increasing price.

Next stage- There will be low supply of goods due to lack of investment in the past, lack of money to upgrade or fix things like machinery etc. Which will increase inflation more.

Dont tell me I did not warn.

Nepal needs 'monetary policy guidance'.

NRB, bureaucracy, advisers, politicians, media/social media turned foreign currency crisis into total collapse.

Cash Is Trash

Remember what I have been saying: Recession is normal economic cycle while depression, stagflation then hyper inflation is man made.

Internally in Nepal, there are only two domestic factors which push for stagflation. And that is high interest rate and Monitory tightening pushed by NRB (and advisers and finance ministry). (There are some international factors which are pushing for stagflation is squeeze of supply chain caused by sanction)

What have high interest rate and unnecessary Monitory tightening pushed by NRB, done so far???

- Due to high interest rate and monitory tightening, govt has to spend more money to address loan. Cause of stagflation, govt revenue is down too.

In the past, let's say, govt used to spend 100 for 100 things. Like- 50 for operation, 10 for loan settlement, 40 for development.

Now cause of high interest rate and monitory tightening and lower revenue, govt will be spending 50 on operation, 20 for loan and 25 for development (total=95 things and spent 95money) (today we have stagflation)

** And when there is hyper inflation - govt will be spending 150 on operation (since salary and all expenditure will increase by a lot) and has to borrow 50 to settle loan and no development fund.

- Private sector: Cause of high interest rate and unnecessary monitory tightening. Sell has fallen, but to pay high interest rate, they have to increase price of goods and services. And since interest rate is high and demand falling due to stagflation- there wont be new production capacity build up.

** And this will lead to hyper inflation. Sell number will fall but they will charge high price. Their expenses will sky rocket too.

- We have already seen in Coke: Coke price used to be 225 few months ago, today its 265. Almost close to 20% increase. Their sell no is low, but revenue is up. Hyper inflation.

When interest rate is 15-17%, and demand is low, what would people do- increase price of everything to pay interest. Meaning hyper inflation. All caused by NRB policy of super high interest rate and unnecessary tightening of monitory policy.

Some are saying this will lead to super high share market. True, just like Zimbabwe, Venezuela, srilanka, pakistan.

Like I have been saying for 6-8 year- when banks give high interest on deposit, it wont increase your wealth, it will destroy your wealth.

Those who have deposited money in bank, holding cash in greed for high interest .... their cash will turn into trash.

And we all know, our pakhes running country- politicians, bureaucracy, nrb, and their advisers- they will advise opposite and act and advice to increase interest rate to tackle hyper inflation.

This is how 'Cash will turn into trash and share market- super high'. And dont forget to thank NRB.

NRB's super high interest rate and unnecessary tightening of monitory policy has already pushed Nepal into stagflation and soon start hyper inflation.

SECOND IN GOD said: 'Pakhe le des chalaune haina.
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निर्माण सामाग्रीहरुको व्यवसाय जुन तरिकाकाे डाउनफलमा गएकाे छ, मेरो १९ वर्षको व्यवसायिक जीवनमा कहिले पनि देखेको छैन: सीएनआइ अध्यक्ष अग्रवाल

- This crisis is due to govt, bureaucracy, sanctions and you people.

Why you people????

(Let's say, for instance, you people are clean, professional business people who are not criminal, who dont finance politicians with black money, who dont bribe bureaucracy... then why you)

- First of all, not just people elect incompetent politicians, who hire incompetent bureaucracy and advisers, ,,, you people also select incompetent business leaders like you, who is not just incompetent .... who is so incompetent who cant even find a right advisers, who cant even decide whom to listen.

If you were competent, you would have raised voice when policy were made, you would have contacted right advisers and listen to right people.

(I- I am the only one in Nepal- have been accurately analyzing about economy, policy in Nepal for around last 6 year, and still no body listens to me- this does not make me incompetent, this proves you people in power incompetent)

- Second, you people run media. Why you let some dumb pakeh patrakar do economic analysis. And their talk is always negative and dangerous. Fire them. Disappear them.

- Third, why your media keep on inviting proven failed bureaucrats for interview in you media? When you give those failures space, bureaucrats/politicians would listen to them and we get where we are now.

- I am the only one who been accurately analyzing and giving advice regarding Nepal's economy, for last 6 year and I have been proven right almost all the time. Why you people dont listen to me from the beginning? Why your media dont promote me?

- One of the reasons, we are in this situation is, you people's advice to NRB. Banker's director's association boss and the organization's advice to NRB is one of the main reason, we are in this situation.

Tell the MF to resign and stop talking in public, stop giving advice.

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गभर्नरलाई संकेत गर्दै अर्थमन्त्री शर्माको प्रश्न: अर्थतन्त्रमा कहाँ संकट छ ? समस्या कहाँ छ ?

- Liquidity crisis
- Interest rate is 18%
- Factories running at less than 50% capacity
- Share market has crashed
- Consumption has crashed
- Govt revenue is down by a lot
- Balance of payment is suffering

And most of them are created by govt and nrb.

And where is media made experts? why are they not answering this question? Where is media's golden boy wagle- In last 6-7 year, he has hardly talked about economy of nepal, economic crisis and still media and social media presented him as expert and some idiots bought it. That's called sati ko sarap.

After successfully selling- prachanda, baburam, yuraj k, gagan thapa and many others in the past, now media is selling golden boy wagle as great.

Fool me once, shame on you.
Fool me twice, shame on me.
Fool me million times, I am a sarbagyani nepali trying for green card.
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NRB Quarterly Review on Monetary Policy Unlikely to Keep Fiscal Stability-Chamber

उद्योग वाणिज्य महासंघले भन्यो 'माैद्रिक नीतिकाे समीक्षाले तत्काल ब्याजदर घटदैन,ब्याजदर नघटे अर्थतन्त्र जोगाउन कठिन छ'

If someone were there to predict all these, Nepal would not have gone through all this hell---- zzzzzzzzzzeee I dont know, did not I do that.

No wonder, there are only three persons in the world, who accepts '''I''' as 'SECOND TO GOD'.

Nepal is ran by proven failure bureaucrats, their advisers are proven failed ex bureaucrats. And you people expect success!
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Ground zero report published by some media and social media seem to be true.

Among my relatives- most of the youngers and females are voting for new while most of the older males are voting for same old sh!t.

So 2/3rd votes in cities (let's say half since around 10-15% population in cities are jholes) in cities could go for new ones.

Most of the investors are young people and they lost a lot. This is going to make a huge impact in tomorrow's election. NC and communist will pay big for listening to failed ex and current bureaucrats and jhole fake experts.
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I kept on saying, if you dont fire incompetent, the person/s behind the problem- instead of fixing the problem/fixing the mistake- they will focus on trying to prove themselves right.

राष्ट्र बैंकको कठोर नीतिले अर्थतन्त्र सुधारोन्मुख: गभर्नर अधिकारी

Economy has collapsed, it has collapsed worst than during the blockade and still this ghug is saying, they saved the economy.

There is a saying, which is popular among pakehs, 'you don't cut hand just cause there is a pillow on your finger'.

And this governor and d governors and NRB did not just cut hand, they kill the person.

Nepal needs 'monetary policy guidance'.

Independent party should not forget to thank NRB for the popularity they received and also thank share investors. :mrgreen:

VOTE RIGHT! Almost all, who have been in power are total failure.
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जग्गा र सेयरमा भएको लगानी अनुगमन गर्न नसक्दा अर्थतन्त्र मन्दीमा, शेखर गोल्छाको विश्लेषण

Wrong, all this problem came cause Nepal did not investigate hidden wealth of people like you, cause Nepal did not investigate dealing of people like you.

But wont be for too long. Revolution is coming. I suggest you make a least who your family accumulated all the wealth and hidden wealth. I am 100% sure, all males in your family will go to jail and women will be begging infront of pashupati after the revolution.
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Last night, I could not sleep.

Cause, yesterday market increased and that kept me worried if market would go up or down the next day.

This is what the psychology created by bureaucrats, politicians, govt in Nepal in investors, business community, self employed, bank borrowers....

VOTE RIGHT! This election should be the beginning of the end of dalal, ghusya, incompetent.
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If maoist win any significant seat, economy and share market will be destroyed.

One example is corona insurance. During corona time, maoist agent in insurance department said 'sangsar ma kasaile na gare ko korona bima hamu garchau'.

And Now we are paying the price. And we all know what is going on with share market and liquidity and interest rate.

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अर्थतन्त्रमा गम्भीर सङ्कट, ८०% इँटा उद्योग बन्द, दर्जनौँ सिमेन्ट उद्योग बिक्रीमा,कसले लिने जिम्मेवारी ? मुलुक हाँक्ने सबै चुनावी मैदानमा

Dont say, I did not warn. They are 12 month late to protest.

I have been saying- you have to blame the cause, blame those behind the problem (if not, instead of solving the problem, problem will get worse and new will arise) ....... Finally, they are going after those who created new/current problems. Finally they are going after NRB. :D

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