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Golden boy!

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What is the Golden boy's connection with current economic collapse? (My guess)

- During early days of collapse- Both golden boy and some bureaucrats said- economy needed to be down sized.
Which means, they were in contact and Golden boy agreed with the policy which lead to current collapse.

And I did said that time- down sizing economy means- killing people.

- While many kept on demanding NRB to relax Monetary policy, Golden boy kept on saying- We should not expect too much from monetary policy?
This mentality is the reason, economy collapsed and going on for more than 2 year.

Golden boy is one of the inner circle member who is behind the bad policy which lead to biggest collapse of economy of Nepal. Bigger than during the earthquake and the blockade.

And now he is promoted.

Remember, KP oli kept Yuraj k as FM even when his voters demanded him to be sacked which lead to downfall of KP Oli.

Now, Sajha club is doing same with Golden boy.
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For last 5-7 year, I have been floating this guess- "After economic collapse (which politicians, ministers, bureaucrats, media, fake expert cant see), people make noise. And after many months or year, finally politician/minister hears it and first thing they do is ask bureaucrats (since they are chappal chap themselves)- then bureaucrats respond could be like- 'criminals are making noise cause they could no longer loot (lutna na paya ra karaya ko hun saar)'".

This is why Nepal's economy keep on collapsing deeper cause of government ignoring the crisis. And only after UML's finance minister come into power, the crisis had been fixed. (This time also, the collapse is waiting for UML's finance minister).

Now we have the proof of what I have been guessing 'what could have been going inside the govt' during economic crisis-

I did warn about Golden boy- he is not just incompetent, destructive, alchin --- if he comes into power- he will bring in failed, alchin, incompetent bureaucracy/fake expert along with him. And I gave example of- he could bring in 'broker 25' or take advice from that alchina ex finance secretary.

Never forget, that alchina broker 25's advise is one of the reasons our economy collapsed. It's amazing, a failure like him keeps on getting media space and now could enter swatantra party.

It's amazing, how people who lead to current collapse are the one who are giving advice. Those who destroyed our economy, kept Nepal poor are given space in fake medias.
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Golden boy said: GDP growth will be 3.5%. Golden boy parroted the publication of IMF or WB. He does not have a mind of his own. Even though he lives in Nepal, he cant feel what is happening in the society.

Dont blame him, it's our education system. Totally failed education system.

I said: GDP growth has got to be negative 5-10%.

Now, we have new information: अर्थतन्त्र मन्दीमा पुग्यो : पूर्वअर्थमन्त्री पौडेल

पूर्व अर्थमन्त्री विष्णु पौडेलले मुलुकको अर्थतन्त्र मन्दीमा पुगेको बताएका छन्| पछिल्लो छ महिनाको आर्थिक परिसूचकले अर्थतन्त्र मन्दीमा धकेलिएको देखाएको भन्दै यसमा सुधार नथालिए जोखिम झन बढ्ने बताए|

Few days ago: आईएमएफले गत अप्रिलमा सन् २०२३ मा नेपालको आर्थिक वृद्धि ४.४ प्रतिशत रहने प्रक्षेपण गरेको थियो| अहिले त्यसलाई घटाएर ०.८ प्रतिशतमा सीमित रहने आईएमएफले प्रक्षेपण गरेको हो|

Till how long, Nepali society going to take frequently failed person as expert?

Sati ko sarap
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सरकारले ६ प्रतिशत आर्थिक वृद्धि गर्छु भनेपनि साढे तीन प्रतिशत हाराहारी नै हुने देखिन्छ: स्वर्णिम वाग्ले

-- How and who calculated- what is GDP of Nepal???? If you dont know the size of GDP, how would you know it's growth. My guesstimate is minus 5-10%. In US, during great depression they lost just a few % of GDP, In Nepal, it is worst than their great depression. In Nepal, its total collapse.

You would not fee the crisis cause you are too dumb and your family looted Nepal for three generations/pusta and you are in CIA's payroll.

राष्ट्र बैंकले कसिला नीतिहरुलाई क्रमश: खुकुलो बनाउँदै जानु सकारात्मक : डा. स्वर्णिम वाग्ले

-- If you had understood economics, you would have knows, Nepal's economy has collapsed and gdp growth is no where close to 3.5% growth.

Retail market has collapsed, probably around 10-15%. Loan growth is just a few %, used to be around 20% during normal time, Govt revenue is down by around 10%, Govt budget is down by some percentage, remittance is up by around 1kharab and tourism is up by around .5 kharab.

So GDP contribution of some sector is up by 1.5 kharab and down in most of the sector my around 5kharab (guestimate).

So GDP has to be collapsed by 5-10%. Not growth by 3.5%.

Even people have reduced regular check ups. And students have left by a lot, which means- consumption in education and others is even higher.

अर्थतन्त्रको दोष अरुलाई पन्छाउन मिल्दैन : सांसद वाग्ले

I see, I am the only one who understands economy in Nepal and I have given many advices and analysis.

If you think you are economic expert- why have you never given those incompetent any advice till now? Digitalizing Nepal is a minor and wont help big in short term.

Did IMF ordered you to give such speech. Your agenda and IMF's agenda are same- stagflating economy.

What Nepal needs is kick starting economy. Share market needs to reach 4000 within 1 year, 20% loan in 12 month, 10% interest within 1 month to save the economy. They have already wasted 2 year. Today, Nepal's economy is in deep crisis- which demands extraordinary action.
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सेयर बजार खारेज गरिनुपर्छ : सांसद प्रेम सुवाल

You dont need to study economics to become Golden boy! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Those who dont understand economy, share market hates share market and has negative views regarding economy.

Just like biddwan GOLDEN BOY! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Others, who hate share market and has negative view about economy (support socialist or communist economy) are- alchin, corrupt, criminal, dalal ........ (which I have been saying for years now).

NeMaKePa is seen as non corrupt and nationalist party by almost all Nepalese. And still, when nepalese were looking for new party, they did not vote for NeMaKePa.

This is one of the reason why: सेयर बजार खारेज गरिनुपर्छ : सांसद प्रेम सुवाल

Cause of their economic policy, narrow minded policy- people dont like them. Economy would collapse over night if they win.

Swatantra party will become big party in next election, and cause of Golden Boy and some other, their down fall will begin. It's the economy, stupid!
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Economy has totally collapsed, Share market has collapsed for more than 2 year and still NIP/swatantra party cant talk political benefit from it cause of incompetent economic expert Golden boy.

And still he is economic biddwan!
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Golden boy gets donation from WEF. (Some guy in an interview in some social media said)

No wonder he is working to implement CIA agenda in Nepal. And he is so desperate to become Finance minister.

That is why his views are usually anti Nepal and trying to keep Nepal's economy stagnated.

Have you noticed:

Around 20 year back, anglozoo (INGO, UN, white's embassy etc) used to talk about promoting/giving job to marginalized group- like women, minority, back ward community, disabled, with AIDs ............ and they did prioritized them. Immediately I began to see women driver in blue plate.

They did prioritized marginalized individuals but only for minor/lower post.

But .......

Have you noticed, those anglozoo/whites always give higher position (they are not actually higher position, but in nepal they are considered as higher position, those positions are nothing but doggo positions) to individuals from certain family background (including those who used to hold top position themselves) whose father/grand father is/was like mandale, top bureaucrat, top politicians, generals etc etc.

This is how Golden boy got job in INGO and gets donation from WEF.

Others are- ranas too.

Anglozoo choose those individuals cause they believe (which is true, and I 'SECOND TO GOD' believe in it too) children of dalals also go on to become dalal, to use their family connection to control Nepal including to coup etc.

NIP will win election, Golden boy will become FM which will destroy economy then NIP will lose following election. Also dalali will destroy NIP's politics.
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Golden Boy during Budget discussion- "Economic PhD advisers of Finance minister dont understand concept of 'Tax elasticity & Tax buoyancy'".

(In a few year, golden boy will become FM, let's hope he will remember what he just said and hope he wont bring in those failures in his team. And I have a doubt)
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Nobody in the parliament opposed tax increment. Nobody said; You been increasing tax for more than 30 years every year, what is the limit????

Golden boy said, tax should be reduced, but after budget he say nothing. I know, he talks about reducing tax for political purpose, he is not a kind of a person who wants to decrease tax.

Golden boy is too negative person to decrease tax. To decrease tax, one needs to understand economics and need to be a mard.

Outside help to draft budget:

(Assuming, those in power are honest and intelligent) Why outsider should be brought to make budget.

Insider usually have group, and worse, most of them are associated with enemies (domestic or foreign). So if insider are used, they are likely to leak the information and even worse- they could try to sabotaz like Governor has been doing.

Alone person is less likely to be involved in crime than people in group. That's psychological thing- average people wont understand.

For last two year, crowd been blaming on outsider for manipulating tax. Do you really think, you need outsider to fix tax?????? :mrgreen: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Is Golden boy outsider or insider? He been saying- Nepal does not have economic future and says- Nepal should be close to India and west. Is that policy of insider or outsider? I thought Nepal needs to build such a economy, foreign policy, foreign trading system so that next blockade from India wont effect much. How is working with india solve that?


Some, including Golden boy and others been saying- Nepal does not need army or army should be down sized. We cant fight India or China so army not needed.

Tell you a secret, we need army and we need good size of army. Why?

For last 50 year, Nepal has been attacked by mostly India and also west using dozens of proxies. You do understand meaning of proxies, right? Learn from Ukraine, if you dont.

To fight Proxies, we need army. There are still, some proxies active in Nepal. In future too, India and west will attack Nepal using proxies.

Second, we dont want to meet the fate of Sikkim. What? In Sikkim, I believe, India captured Sikkim using army with rifle and pistols.

Indian army can easily, secretively enter into Nepal with rifles. But, if there is army, to take over Nepal they have to enter Nepal with tanks and planes. And it wont be secretive and will take time and formations of larger force. So China will get enough time to help Nepal.

That is why we need army.

And I have a plan and strategy- what kind of Army we need and what kind of defensive strategy Nepal should adapt- which is a matter of national secret.

(That's a theory, in reality, I have already said about army of Nepal, in the past. After, KOP PARBA Nepal Army's rifle has turned on Nepalese. Not to save Nepal or Nepalese. They have taken up duty to protect master. In the past, their master used to be Rana and Shah. Today, I have been asking, who are their master? Bahunbad, Bureaucracy, politician, foreign master or generals???????)
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Golden boy exposed again.

Before budget- Govt needs to do something big to rescue the economy, need to perform surgery.

After budget- I shall give benefit of doubt to budget, FM.

Now tell me something, Golden boy, where is something big and surgery in the budget? How is budget going to address all crisis.

Remember, most of the finance ministers who had increased tax has always harmed economy.

Phony people wont remember what they said in the recent past so what they say cut what they said in recently. Real people, dont need to remember what they said, what they said mostly going to be consistent.
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A couple of points added: surgical something something and something big


During monetary policy review time:
Golden boy
- Monetary policy should be loosen slightly, to solve current economic crisis there is ample space in fiscal policy. Govt needs to perform surgery and do something big move.

(surgery- must mean reducing expenses and something big move must mean pumping money)

During govt's program and policy:
Golden boy
- It is empty and traditional.

Now, at the time of budget:
Golden boy
- Budget (fiscal policy) should be realistic.

So, what happened to solving economic collapse???? How is realistic budget going to undo economic collapse???? Something big and realistic budget most likely are contradiction.

You just have to have patience. They will expose themselves. (Second To God just discovered another philosophy of life)


सेयर बजारमा स्थिर सरकारको प्रभाव : मोदी सरकारको ९ वर्षमा ४४ वटा स्टकले दिए १,००० प्रतिशत बढी प्रतिफल, ६ रुपैयाँको सेयर २ हजारसम्म पुग्यो

Modi may be a low life but he supports liberal economic policy and he is hard core pro share market. (Remember I have been saying- those who hate share market destroy the whole economy. Modi is opposite of that and has performed pretty well in both the economy and share market.

Stable govt???? :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: do you really think, stable govt is the reason share market performed well. Then why NEPSE crashed during Yuraj k????

Modi made World Bank's former boss (Golden boy's big boss who had similar view that of Golden boy's view) governor. World bank guy advised to tighten economic policy (monetary policy) to modi, World bank's boy had to resign (In Nepal, NRB governor does not resign even after being humiliated, or even when there is fight with elected govt, Bahunbad??? no ijjat???) And Modi/FM of india did not agree.

If Modi had agreed, Indian economy would have fallen into crisis and actions taken to solve the crisis would have made things worse. Today, World bank, IMF praise indian economy.

Golden boy has mentality similar to world bank's ex boss.

Modi is blessing to indian economy and share market while oli, prachanda, baburam, sher bahadur, madhav, nag raj all are curse to our economy and share market.

Even US proves my point- During Trump both economy and share market did well, and today, under biden- both economy and share market doing not so well.


"If person in power have following views, Economy/share market would crash under his leadership:
1: If ignores share market or is anti share market

2: Talks about productive sector and unproductive sector
3: If talks about economic independency of country or making self sufficient in manufacturing
4: If hates other's profit
5: If talks about socialism or communist economy
6: If talks about nationalizing
7: If gives important to distributing free stuffs
8: If talks about controlling
9: ............. "- SECOND TO GOD


बढ्दाे बेरोजगारीका कारण नेपाल दुःखी राष्ट्रहरूमध्ये ६३ औं स्थानमा

"Village idiot should not be running a country"- Second To GOD.

In a country where politicians- and so called expert- oli, deuba, dahal, bhatterai, nepal, khanal think job is created in agriculture, manufacturing industry .... could neve create job.

I believe, world average- agriculture and manufacturing industry only create around 15% job. So what should other 85% do?? commit suicide????

Nepal needs individuals who understand economics. And I am the only that person.
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Golden boy को नक्कली सुनको जलप विस्तार खुइलिदै गएको अबस्था,

खतिवडाजी र अधिकारीजी दुवैको खराबी मिसायो भने,

जुन उत्पादन निस्कन्छ नी,

हो उहाँ त्यहि नै हो,

केहि समयमा आफै साबित हुनेछ, यो सत्य l

:) :)
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During monetary policy review time:
Golden boy-
Monetary policy should be loosen slightly, to solve current economic crisis there is ample space in fiscal policy.

During govt's program and policy:
Golden boy
- It is empty and traditional.

Now, at the time of budget:
Golden boy
- Budget (fiscal policy) should be realistic.

So, what happened to solving economic collapse???? How is realistic budget going to undo economic collapse????

You just have to have patience. They will expose themselves. (Second To God just discovered another philosophy of life)

All honest, intelligent economist know- imf, world bank, undp, asian bank are enemy of poor country.

Did any of those warned govt of Nepal- that Nepal's economy is about to crash, save it before it's too late????? NO.

Nepal should end relation with, especially, IMF.
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Days ago, Golden boy said- 'Monetary policy should be loosen but current crisis should be fixed by fiscal policy. And there is ample space in fiscal policy to maneuver".

Today, Golden boy/NIP said- "Govt has not announced any fix for current economic crisis".

We have less than 10 day before budget is announced. Golden boy should, immediately, advice govt- how to fix current problem through fiscal policy.

And dont forget to point out the source of money.

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Many decades back- I read in nepali fake news- "Biddwan says a lot of thing just by saying a little".

सरकार निजी क्षेत्रमैत्री हुनुपर्छ: वाग्ले

While in Nepal- biddwan (who got certificate from media, social media, crowd) like Golden boy, from the past- baburam, yuraj k- "Say hardly anything even after talking a lot".

And amazingly, crowd clap, praise them. Crowd/media who has no idea about economics go around handing 'economic expert' certificate to others.

Dont you have you understand economics to say- like 'your economic vision is brilliant', 'he is a great economic expert'??????

"Village idiot should not be running a country"- Second To GOD.

On the other hand, one phrase from SECOND TO GOD, would save half of Nepal's problem if majority would follow it.

For example- relation between prachanda and NRB is prolonging current economic and share market crisis.

There should be NC, UML govt.

पूर्व अर्थमन्त्री विष्णु पौडेलले भने, 'अर्थतन्त्रका सूचकहरु हेर्दा मुलुक अफ्ठ्यारो अवस्थामा छ'
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Golden boy is just another experiment which has already been proven to he a failed experiment.

Baburam was an experiment- media made him god and his board first helped them.

After he failed- they experimented with yuraj k. His job in ingo and dalali gave him many many high posts for his whole life. He destroyed Nepal's economy for 15-20 year as a bureaucrat. Even after retirement he was able to destroy sitting on many high govt jobs. And still media made him hero and became Finance minister. During early days- media called him future PM (after success as FM, people will make him PM- said media). We all know how that went? He is the main reason- Oli got destroyed. His job in Ingo and some govt high jobs- helped media in fooling people into believing him as an expert country desperately looking for.

Golden boy is the on going experiment. Already experimented him in Yojana ayog. He produced nothing and still- crowd believes in him.

Current economic/share market/liquidity crisis was brewing while Golden boy had reach to top politicians of NC. NC was PM and still he did not warned them, advised them, never said anything in public.

During previous economic/share market/liquidity crisis- he was in youana ayao. Never said anything as if everything was fine.

His job in ingos, board second and media stunt is the reason- people think he is an expert Nepal desperately waiting for.

I think, he has been in high position for at least last 10 year and still- nothing has happened and during that time, Nepal has already seen 3 economic crisis.

Baburam's failure destroyed maoist in kathmandu valley.

Yuraj k destoryed KP oli and UML.

Golden boy will destroy NIP (swatantra party).


"यदि सत्तामा रहेका व्यक्तिको निम्न विचारहरू छन् भने, उनको नेतृत्वमा अर्थव्यवस्था/सेयर बजार क्र्यास हुनेछ:
१: शेयर बजारलाई बेवास्ता गरे वा सेयर बजार विरोधी भएमा
२: उत्पादनशील क्षेत्र र अनुत्पादक क्षेत्रको बारेमा कुराकानी
३: देशको आर्थिक स्वाधीनता वा उत्पादनमा आत्मनिर्भर बनाउने कुरा गर्छ भने
4: यदि अरूको लाभलाई घृणा गर्दछ
५: समाजवाद वा कम्युनिष्ट अर्थतन्त्रको कुरा गर्ने हो भने
६: राष्ट्रियकरणको कुरा गर्छ भने
7: यदि नि: शुल्क सामानहरू वितरण गर्न महत्त्वपूर्ण दिन्छ
8: यदि नियन्त्रणको बारेमा कुरा गर्छ "- परमेश्वरको लागि दोस्रो

Nepal's future is hopeless. If some govt approach SECOND TO GOD then only Nepal will see miracle. Or, one failed experiment will only be replaced by another failed experiment.
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भ्रष्टाचारको स्वरुप फेरियो, भ्रष्टाचारीहरु पैसा छाडेर सेयर, सुन र हिरामा लागे: स्वर्णि वाग्ले

- Black money is hidden in 4 eye and India. But golden boy wont take those names cause they are his master.

Does he know, All investment in shares are done through banking. And both banks and brokers ask for source of investment?

If X got 5crore of black money and another 5crore white money. They keep only 5crore in bank/share/formal sector. And another 5croro in informal sector/5eye/India .........

Yuraj k destroyed Kp oli.

Golden boy will destroy NIP.
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आर्थिक वृद्धिको जिम्मेवारी सरकारको हो, राष्ट्र बैंकको होइन: स्वर्णिम वाग्ले


What about free market :mrgreen:

In Nepal, clown commie/socialist talk about free economy, if free economic approach harms independent people.

What about- it's govt's job to pump economy not bank's?

- It's coordinated job of all to help the economy.

'खोज्ने हो भने जति पनि फिस्कल स्पेस छ, अर्थमन्त्रीले मनिटरी स्पेस खोज्नु गलत'

- May be there are some, but most of the economic crisis is created by monetary policy.

Govt lost revenue cause people (customer) and business people are destroyed by monetary policy (mainly).

- Instead of fixing problem of people and business, if govt focus on revenue- everything left will turn it into ashes and revenue problem will never be fixed.

If govt fix problem of people and business created by monetary problem- economic activity will start and revenue wil increase.

NRB/Govt could have fixed forex problem just by stopping some import and focusing on increasing export. But instead, NRB destroyed the whole economy. NRB should be punished for destroying the economy, share market and forcing people into suicide.

"जब उपभोक्ता पीडा हुन्छ, सबै कुरा ध्वस्त हुन्छ- सबै कुरा, अर्थतन्त्र मात्र होइन सबै कुरा- अर्थतन्त्र, समाज, सरकार, देश, जागिर, स्वास्थ्य सेवा, शिक्षा, आवास, खाना, सबै कुरा"- भगवानको लागि दोस्रो!

"जब ऋणी पीडा हुन्छ, सबै कुरा ध्वस्त हुन्छ- सबै कुरा, अर्थतन्त्र मात्र होइन सबै कुरा- अर्थतन्त्र, समाज, सरकार, देश, जागिर, स्वास्थ्य सेवा, शिक्षा, आवास, खाना, सबै कुरा"- भगवानको लागि दोस्रो!

"जब जनता पीडामा हुन्छ, सबै कुरा ध्वस्त हुन्छ- सबै कुरा, अर्थतन्त्र मात्र होइन सबै कुरा- अर्थतन्त्र, समाज, सरकार, देश, जागिर, स्वास्थ्य सेवा, शिक्षा, आवास, खाना, सबै कुरा"- भगवानको लागि दोस्रो!

"जब अर्थतन्त्र निर्माण गर्न काम गर्नेहरू - निजी क्षेत्र, जनता, उपभोक्ता, लगानीकर्ता आदि पीडित हुन्छ- सबै कुरा ध्वस्त हुन्छ- सबै कुरा, अर्थतन्त्र मात्र होइन सबै कुरा- अर्थतन्त्र, समाज, सरकार, देश, जागिर, स्वास्थ्य सेवा, शिक्षा, आवास, खाना, सबै कुरा"- भगवानको लागि दोस्रो!
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'अर्थतन्त्रमा अभूतपूर्व सङ्कट भयो, अभूतपूर्व नै नीतिगत सुधार आवश्यक छ'

के जनता तर्साएर अर्थतन्त्र सुध्रिएला ?
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Golden boy is the only person left in Nepal who still has to comment about economic/share market condition of Nepal. (After joining NIP many weeks back, after getting top job in the economic department of NIP)

And still media made him super economic expert. 1000s still hoping he would change the fate of Nepal's economy.

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Majority of Nepalese See Golden boy as GOD sent to save Nepal's economic fate.

Similar is the view of majority of Nepal independent parties' members.

I wonder, If majority of the party members ask Golden boy following questions; or at least, they have following questions about Golden boy in their mind;

1: Why is Golden boy not commenting about Nepal's economy when almost whole country is saying that the economy has collapsed?

2: What is the Golden boy's view about current economic situation of Nepal?

3: Does he think, economy has collapsed or it is doing fine?

4: If Golden boy thinks economy has collapsed- what are his prescriptions?

5: If economy has collapsed- Does Golden boy suggest emergency action or wait for the right time like- budget and monetary policy?

In the view of SECOND TO GOD- if golden boy had been Finance minister in this situation- he would have done nothing just like those currently in power.

Only SECOND TO GOD can fix current economic problem of Nepal, and take Nepal's GDP per capita to 5-10lakh easily (first goal).
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As per govt's statistics bureau- Nepal's economy is in negative by around 1%.

They are calling it recession but technical term is stagflation. Meaning- GDP down and presence of high inflation.

My analysis, prediction, warning is posted below. Where is Golden boy's analysis, prediction, warning about Nepal's economy.

(Re post from Fri Mar 31, 2023 6:22 pm ........... older one was very very long, this one is also long---- even after including only important lines)

How accurate """I""" was regarding current economic and share market crisis?

What """"I"""" analyzed and predicted regarding economic and share market crisis, which was started by 2078 Monetary policy.

- Sun Aug 15, 2021 11:35 am ( (Three day after monetary policy- my anger began)

monitory policy was alchina.

- Sun Aug 29, 2021 3:26 pm (

There is a think called PYRAMID. With out big investor, Share market wont survive. Little investors in share market are like cockroaches. Without elephant, they wont survive.

- Sun Sep 12, 2021 7:43 pm (

In Nepal, there were people who laughed, were happy when share market crashed to 1100. They cheered when many lost a lot of money.

Then two year later, those people had to sell their chicken below vegetable price.

- Thu Sep 16, 2021 12:40 pm (

One drop of ink of NRB caused all these problems.

- Mon Oct 18, 2021 2:21 pm (

Crisis began- or should I say, action.

- dependra bahadur chettry said NEPSE should be 700.
- NRB anti share market, anti economy/liquidity monitory policy of 2078.


1: First was share market collapse.
2: Liquidity crisis.
3: Interest rate crisis.

- Tue Oct 19, 2021 12:45 pm (

In other word, economic crash. Business will feel it pretty soon, and public- in 6-12 month..

- Fri Dec 03, 2021 10:01 pm (

New prediction;

1: Share market will burn.

2: Economy will burn.

3: More micro management will start.

4: More blame game will start.

5: Things will get worse, before it gets better.

6: My prediction about those who bought and cornered garbage shares are on. Good shares could crash by 50% and garbage shares- 80-95%.

- Fri Dec 03, 2021 9:38 pm (

Economic analysis and prediction:
1: ..... Now wait for the ocean to burn if they dont reverse their decision.

2: ..... will lead to huge NPL and NPL will create even worst liquidity crisis than current one. I REPEAT, NRB POLICY WILL LEAD TO HUGE NPL.

To solve the problem, govt will have to inject 100s of billions into the system, which wont happen under pakhe rule.

3: Things will only get worse.


- Fri Dec 10, 2021 11:47 am (

5: Share market crash will lead to chicken farmers' suicide.

- Wed Apr 06, 2022 8:41 pm (

Banning import would only help in balance of payment which is one of the most important parts in an economy which has many many important parts.

- Sun Apr 10, 2022 7:02 pm (

Economy is vast.

I had been saying 6/9 month ago, We only had dollar reserve problem, then NRB monitory policy destroyed the whole economy.

- Mon Sep 19, 2022 5:23 pm (

In the past, let's say, govt used to spend 100 for 100 things. Like- 50 for operation, 10 for loan settlement, 40 for development.

Now cause of high interest rate and monitory tightening and lower revenue, govt will be spending 50 on operation, 20 for loan and 25 for development (total=95 things and spent 95money) (today we have stagflation)

** And when there is hyper inflation - govt will be spending 150 on operation (since salary and all expenditure will increase by a lot) and has to borrow 50 to settle loan and no development fund.

- Wed Nov 16, 2022 6:09 pm (

I kept on saying, if you dont fire incompetent, the person/s behind the problem- instead of fixing the problem/fixing the mistake- they will focus on trying to prove themselves right.

And this governor and d governors and NRB did not just cut hand, they kill the person.

- Thu Dec 01, 2022 2:08 pm (

गभर्नरलाई संकेत गर्दै अर्थमन्त्री शर्माको प्रश्न: अर्थतन्त्रमा कहाँ संकट छ ? समस्या कहाँ छ ?

- Liquidity crisis
- Interest rate is 18%
- Factories running at less than 50% capacity
- Share market has crashed
- Consumption has crashed
- Govt revenue is down by a lot
- Balance of payment is suffering

Where is media's golden boy wagle?

- Wed Jul 13, 2022 9:15 pm (

How to solve problem?

First thing first. To solved problem, first of all, you need to find/see the problem.
Then find the reason behind the problem.
Then comes right solution.

- Sun Jul 31, 2022 1:00 pm (

But NRB is forcing expensive loan to all. End game- all will go bankrupt cause of NRB.

Morons, I hear in media, social media to increase interest on deposit and attract deposit? Brain dead piece of Sh!t.

- Mon Jan 02, 2023 1:00 pm (

Cooperative crisis:

........ cooperative was- instead of telling govt that if interest rate goes up by a lot, economy will collapse, cooperative will collapse, there will be huge NPL in BFIs- what cooperative demanded/talked about? they were demanding NRB to let them increase interest rate too. ........

I been warning depositors that, if you demand high interest on deposit, you will lose your principle too.

With this crisis teach them- management in bfis, promoters, nrb bureaucrats, govt bureaucrats, politicians, so called civil society, media etc the lesson? I doubt.


- Wed Feb 22, 2023 6:41 pm (

All crisis is crated by one institution- NRB. NRB's monetary policy created all those crisis. Loose monetary policy, fix liquidity crisis, fix interest rate crisis, fix export crisis. All crisis will be fixed.

What economic crisis- liquidity crisis and high interest rate crisis (these two crisis are/were forcefully pushed by NRB and their advisers)- have created?

1: Collapse of Cooperative:

2: Crisis in Micro finance:

3: Collapse of economy/business:

4: Destruction of borrowers/customer of banks and also banks themselves:

5: Collapse of govt revenue:

Hang NRB officials!

- Sat Dec 17, 2022 3:52 pm (

soon people will start to commit suicide if economy not saved.

- Wed Feb 08, 2023 7:54 pm (

High NPL is due to slow economic activity and high interest rate. (Added) (And I did warn about high NPL when NRB tightened monetary policy that lead to this crisis around 1.5 year back)

Current economic crisis is due to lack of economic activity, high interest rate, lack of loan (liquidity crisis).

Lack of economic activity is due to lack of loan, high interest rate.

And dumbs in NRB blaming what is needed to be done. NRB again trying to promote/preserve the reason what caused the current crisis.
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:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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I am not against Golden boy, I want to see him succeed as FM in future (I think he will be FM after 1 or 2 election), but I am 99% sure he cant change fate of economy of Nepal.

But since economy is ran by advisers- and I am not confident he would he building circle of right advisers- he is likely to bring in incompetent, failure, negative etc individuals like 25 broker owner.

Tragedy! Sati ko sarap!

In Nepal, many are furious about- forceful conversion of religion. Irony! Idiocy! same individuals who are angry also go on to support same who are behind, who been financing forceful conversion- i.e. CIA/EU. :roll:

Irony! Tragedy! about Golden boy is similar. People are expecting a person (Golden boy) to change the fate of economy, whose belief is- Nepal's economy is too big, needs to be down sized. Nepal should not dream big- dream should only be to be like Srilanka.

People are expecting to bring economic miracle from a person (Golden boy) who is against economic miracle- in Nepal. And NIP too are promoting same person to lead their govt as Finance minister to change the economic fate of Nepal and bring economic miracle.

Golden boy has hardly talked about economy of Nepal. I think, whatever he has talked about, 90% he talked about during last 6 month.

About current economic crisis- Golden boy's first view/analysis was- economy should be down sized. Same was view of many bureaucrats and advisers. (My view was- down sizing economy means- killing Nepalese, and people are committing suicide) And I am worried, he will bring in same failed/incompetent bureaucrats and advisers when he become FM or even make them NIP party members. :evil:

Then weeks/months later he changed his view. Golden boy's second view was- Nepal should target to become srilanka like. Remember, Srilanka is far richer than Nepal, but Srilanka is still a poor country.

Today, I read Golden boy's another view- "Nepal needs to replace remittance, Nepal govt needs to drastically reduce unnecessary expenditure like Old people's pension" (I agree, but... )

Golden boy talks about replacing remittance money inflow and in the other hand says- Nepal should not think bigger than making Nepali economy- Srilankan like economy. Irony- Many Srilankans work in the middle east.

Briddha bhatta- I believe Golden boy been promoting freebees, now saying, government should reduce expenses.

Now question is- Why Golden boy keeps in changing his views? Is he desperate for power, become FM? Why he wants to become FM when he does not even believe in economic miracle?

I dont hate Golden Boy. I want to see him succeed as FM. I believe Golden boy can bring in systemic changes like bringing in IT based finance ministry, reducing middle man in development projects, reducing tax and increasing penalty etc. And I support all those.

But I think, he does not understand monetary policy, fiscal policy, foreign trade, manufacturing, business, foreign policy, share market.

So what can he do- immediately build relation with economic experts, share market experts, monetary policy experts, fiscal policy experts, foreign trade experts, manufacturing experts, business experts, foriegn policy experts etc. Make sure all those experts are competent, not proven failure, who are not alchina/negative people, who are open minded..........

In NIP- Golden boy needs to build economic team- whose job is to keep an eye on economy. Make record- what are the problems economy is facing, what are the positive sides of our economy, what are the theories which can solve economic problems, how to improve economy.

Make a list of bureaucrats and experts. Make a list who are failure and who are successful. Who has better understanding of economy and who do not. Who are good economic analyst and who are not. Put incompetent in black list and make sure you keep those failure far away from yourself and govt. Never give second chance to failure and to others- give them benefit of doubt.

This way, you can build your team as soon as you become FM (in current govt, FM been FM for weeks and he has no idea how to fix problem, he has no competent team, he cant find team).

This way, you can make emergency decisions, make emergency policy changes as soon as you become FM (current govt is suppose to make policy changes in the first day, but since they are bad party, they have no idea how economy has been doing of Nepal).

(I can solve half of the problem economy been facing within a day- and another half (increase export) with in a year.)
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Pros and Cons of Golden boy (since he may become FM after 1 or 2 election):


- He has talked about method to bring down corruption by eliminating middle man (unnecessary bureaucrats).

I think this works. I too have similar method. I want centralized payment- just send the money when work is complete and verification of work should be done through govt and private sector (engineers) (secret agents).

I am 100% sure, bureaucracy have been making things complicated to milk bribe.

This method also help to make doing business easy.

- Using technology to bring down corruption, reduce hassle, reduction of wasting time, documentation, Centralized information system etc.

In above two, I think, he will do the best job.

- Reduce tax and punish those who evade tax and criminals. Exactly what I have been saying. Just like bad people in leadership is destroying our country, same way, money in the wrong hand is also destroying our country.

Society/economy needs few super rich people. In Nepal, those people are corrupt, criminals, dalals- that is why, nepal is unable to get benefit from them being super rich. Innovation, investment come from those super rich. In Nepal, money is in the hand of wrong people.

Reduction of tax and punishing those who evade tax and criminals- would end those wrong rich people and money will move into right hand.

But always remember, IT'S THE ECONOMY STUPID!

It does not matter- how clean you are, how good service you provide .... if you cant increase economy, make life better, people wont support you in mid term.


From his interview, speech- I feel like- he has no/limited understanding about monetary policy and fiscal policy.

He does not understand monetary policy and may go for micro management. He does not understand basics- job of govt is to create environment for private sector, investor. Micro management destroy things.

I think, he does not understand production, business, trade, market, foreign policy.

Danger! Worst would be- he may take advice from wrong individuals- like that ex finance secretary (dont know his name, he is owner of 25 broker). He destroyed our economy when he was finance secretary, his suggestion is one of the reasons currently our economy/share market has collapsed and people have committed suicide.

That dumb, ignorant, arrogant low life still arguing that our economy is fine, has not crashed. He is an example, what kind of bureaucracy been running this country- who does not know the reality and still think they know all. And treats people like raiti.

Can Golden Boy- bring in team of competent people?

My hope from this Golden Boy is- he does not seems arrogant like Yuraj k so he may reverse his mistake when he makes one.

Hope, NIP wont let Golden Boy waste time of Nepal for more than 6 month if he becomes FM while he is making mistake.

Can Golden Boy analyze data? We can find good data in Nepal. But still there are some data which are good for making decisions like- When consumption of oil falls 40-60%, it means, economy has collapsed. Even when consumption decrease by 5-15%, govt is suppose to act.

So, can Golden Boy read those data. Can he read data like- when consumption of chicken crashes, it means people are suffering. When people spend less money during dashain, it means people are dying.

Current Bureaucracy cant read those data, they dont even care even when People are committing suicide.

Would Golden Boy changes his policy when such data appears? Would Golden boy changes his team and find a new positive, competent team?????

Threat! Golden boys said- he understands foreign policy. Not really. He is either CIA asset or he is ignorant, dumb as hell in foriegn policy.

He talks about hating corrupts, criminals and he does not even know that those corrupts and criminals are either CIA or RAW or Double agents or potential agents. How could you hate criminals, corrupts and still support West/India??????

What happens when CIA/RAW threatens to kill his family. Would he sell Nepal to save his family. Like- some communist said- They supported MCC to save govt, cause they were threatened by CIA.

He says, he understands foreign policy. Does he know, to get protection from CIA, RAW- you go to China/Russia. Does he know, many countries are close to Russia, China for protection from CIA. Does he know, Iran/Saudi had a successful peace negotiation cause Saudi was promised protection by China/Russia from CIA, Zoo, West?

So Golden boy is either CIA asset or ignorant as Rock.

Nepal cant waste too much time on another experiment or incompetent person.

{What kind of people Golden Boy surrounds himself with is more important- and I am not that confident about him. If he is honest, he can improve but that wont be enough.)

SECOND TO GOD will add more when SECOND TO GOD finds/sees more about Golden Boy.

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