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I expressed my max anger on """""Mon Sep 06, 2021 11:32 pm"""""

My first anger leaked on """""" Sun Aug 15, 2021 11:35 am""" in topic- 3800-5000 by Dashain

More than a month ago. Do you still have doubt that I am "SECOND TO GOD"????
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i used to be die heart fan of maoist ..... but m@@@@# haru le garda rodpati hune bhaiyo
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It looks like only share market realized that maosit took over finance ministry.

All they care about is increase tax so that they could steal tax payer's money.

That is why they demanded finance ministry and hydro ministry.

When maoist came into govt, there used to be a lot of lafada in hydro projects. Today, they must have found out how to look without making lafada. May be they used to demand 50% ghus, today they may just be demanding 25%.

History is repeating.

Worry not, coming election will be their last. They wont more than total 12 seat then they will never become finance minister again. And after the election, all their karyakarta will join other party and zero seat in the following election then prachanda and janardan to the Hague.

Kukur le gu khana chordaina, maoist le ghus.
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सूर्य नेपालको गत वर्षको लाभांश १० अर्ब रुपैयाँ, साढे २४ अर्बको कारोबार, पौने ६ अर्ब ऋण

Revenue 24 billion, dividend 10 billion. WOW. Must be the company with highest profit margin. So the cigarette they sell, all cost is profit and tax.

What about garments- 50% profit margin for manufacturer????

So this is what those in govt trying to do by taxing with unimaginable rate on custom for import?????

Only handful are making huge profit from high import tax.

एभरेष्ट बैंककाे अफर: ६.८८ प्रतिशत ब्याजदरमै गाडी कर्जा

Car loan is mostly 30-50 lakh. And banks normally dont give much importance to that amount of loan.

Car loan hardly helps the economy of Nepal.

And still, car loan is one of the cheapest loan. Why? I say RAW.

News say, there is liquidity crisis, but EBL is offering car loan at below 7%.

Those in NRB, dont even know, what are the problems in Nepal, NRB is suppose to deal with. All they go after is Share market, which they are not support to intervene unless there is a crash.

If NRB, would have been ran by competent individuals, NRB would have made it very easy to transfer lone from one bank to another.

There are banks, facing liquidity crisis, while other offers car loan at below 7%. NRB should make loan transferable easy just by making borrower pay 5000 Rs. So that customer from banks facing liquidity crisis can go to bank with high liquidity.

This is the reason, some are increasing interest on deposit. Due to incompetents in NRB.

BFIs have 2.4% liquidity as per NRB's website. Which is 110 billion. And still, why there is liquidity crisis???

What about capital and reserve of BFIs? Can they lend it. Has incompetent at NRB turned capital and reserve idle???
Registered: Apr 2016
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most c%%@@pt woman of nepal :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
Registered: Oct 2013
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Investor talked to deuba, he said, 12 crore issue will be resolved and still it is not resolved.

If you want something from this govt, you need to approach deuba's swasni.

Deuba is retard pakhe. Deuba's wife is rana. She know how to deal with servant. If she had said, it will be resolved, it would have been resolved in the evening.

Rana knows how to deal with bahuns at NRB.

By the way, 1.9.2021 is the date, I began to dump shares. I just found out how big I am. In few days, all I could dump was 6/7%. Then talk about reversing 12 crore circulated and I held dumping.

And after seeing 1st month report of MNBBL, I bought MNBBL last week with half the money.
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While watching hollywood, women say, they want man who has following characters to be their partner-
- intelligent
- successful
- dignity
- high goal
- ...............

Wonder what kind of a partner, women/girls in Nepal pray for with mahadev?
- loser
- pakhe
- tapare
- dalal
- 8 classe
- ghusya
- murkha
- rapist

I am shocked, patrakar/neta/bureaucrat bahun do get wife in Nepal.

Here comes,
In Nepal, when most of the women marries or start a relationship with male with above character, they suffer.

And, when most of the women in Nepal suffer, they dont fight the suffering or sufferer. Do you know what they do? They try to destroy life of other women, including talking behind their back.

And turn Nepal, Nepali society into hell.

When fake news publish about suffering of women in Nepal- majority dont give a damn. Those who act as if they care are rapist and neta/dollar badi (who are also rapist). Majority dont care cause, they all have dealt with women.

There are fake news like, a girl is taken into a hotel and raped her. Many may be thinking, how were they able to take her into a hotel forcefully hiding from others. And was she a friend with rapists.

I again have said something huge.


Registered: Oct 2013
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कामै नगरी ९२ करोड रुपैयाँ हत्याउन सुबिसुको 'गेमप्लान'

Making money by working hard. by taking 13 crore loan is crime in bahunbad.

Looting Nepal, Raping Nepal is not crime in bahunbad.

Do you know, why bahunbad keeps on attacking share market?

If you want to start some industry, even if you dont have plane of committing crime, you still have to pay hapta to bahunbad.

But in share market, no body pays hapta to bahunbad.

So bahunbad is thinking, """"malai hapta na bujai kamaune, talai dekhauchu......."""""

This is why, bahuns especially in media, nrb, sebon, finance ministry, other bahuns too cant tolerate bull.

bahunbad=raping nepal is ok, but saying bahunbad rape nepal is bad (one of many bahunbad)

Registered: Oct 2013
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Bad people are every where, that is why not 100% are bahuns.

Few months ago, Bahuns doggie/wh0re of UML published doggie/wh0re of NC in social media. After counting the name, 70/80% are bahun.

At first I was shocked that my guess turned out to be highly accurate. No wonder, I am second to GOD.

""""you are wrong everywhere pasa"""""" .... your lack of understanding about what I am saying does not make me wrong.

I repeat, PROVE ME WRONG. This is very important issue. If I am wrong, I should stop saying what I have been saying, If I am correct, bahuns will suck blood of Nepal till there is single drop of blood left. No Nepal will be left. Pashupati Nath wont be able to save Nepal any more.

Latest hard topic ----------------- "If we throw all those- who has hardly anything to do with share market- who clap non stop when share market crashes, into trishuli. 70 to 80% are going to be bahun.""""""'"

Why dont you count the no of those who enjoy, clap, laugh, talk bad about share market, support destroying share market in the media and social media and prove me wrong.

My challenge to all critic. I am challenging with number. Proving me wrong would be pretty easy.
Registered: Jan 2017
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Good and bad peoples are everywhere not only in one community. If you tell me your community, I can show you how many of them are bad.....

But you/we shouldn't blame the community because of some idiots...

Except on MNBBL, you are wrong everywhere pasa :D :D :D :D
Registered: Oct 2013
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Registered: Dec 2019
Posts: 10
You are sounding like Hitler now. Stop blaming bahun and do your homework properly....

I thought you were a decent human being but turns out i m wrong.

Can you please tell me how do you get that number? Do you even have bahun friends? Or are you keeping them away... must be

:x Cant help when false ideology wins over humanity.

stop assuming( *** of you and me) and discriminating people
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 5631
If we put in line of corrupts in tudikhel and shoot them. 70 to 80% of them are going to be bahun.

If we hang all the dalals (both domestic and foreign). 70 to 80% of them are going to be bahun.

If we burn all those, who dont return the money they borrow. 70 to 80% are going to be bahun.

If we throw all those- who has hardly anything to do with share market- who clap non stop when share market crashes, into trishuli. 70 to 80% are going to be bahun.

Remember, population of bahun is just 10%.

I, the greatest mind ever walked on the earth AKA 'second to GOD' say, we are 1000 year too late in making decision about bahun.

Please somebody, let me know, when those who clap when share market crashes, when their children die ....... I would like to celebrate loudly in public.

When My wealth is destroyed, they celebrate. Why cant I celebrate when their children die?????

(Almost all people, who know me calls me a descent person. It is true, but I have a red line, and when someone crosses, all gloves are off. Then there is no limit I wont cross. I am physically, mentally, financially capable to deal with them)

When my wealth is destroyed, they gain nothing, But when their children die, it helps in slowing down global warming. Even better, it will save my tax Rs from govt spending on those losers' children in the name of scholarship or grant.

No body gains when my wealth is reduced, and still they are happy. Why? cause they are losers.

It amazing, they dont have problem when bureaucracy, politician loots 10s of billions every year and become rich, but they have problem when somebody makes good money legally. Why? cause those losers can never success in life legally, so they are jealous of honest success people. But they are not jealous of crooks, cause they think, if they get a chance, they could become arab pati looting, raping Nepal too just like politicians and bureaucracy and crook business men.

I create dozens of jobs directly. What is the contribution of them towards Nepal society other than dalali and wasting my tax money????

I would like all good investor to respond strongly to all those who show pleasure when share market crashes. And to those media who are always negative about share market. When you are born in a man's body, act like one. All gloves should be off while dealing with them.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 5631
Different day, same sh!t.

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