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what happened during last 3 year in NEPSE, yuraj k wants to know.

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Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 4795
Last two year, Majority of criminals are not trying to make money by increasing share market.

They are trying to take benefit by dumping their shares, bring down NEPSE and buy back at lower price.

One comes and dumps, then another comes and dumps ........ this is how NEPSE is unable to recover and negative Yuraj k is helping them.

Idiot yuraj k does not even know the importance of 'confidence' in economy.

During last two year, only seller, those who want to crash the market are active. Buyers are not.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 4795
Part 3...... here enters yuraj k.

When there was election, after UML won. market crossed 1500. Idiot Oli does not know, share market supported him, he got lots of vote. Now, many may never vote for a commie again.

Then when they started to talk about yuraj k become Finance minister, NEPSE began to crash again.

His views has always been anti private sector, anti share market. anti hard working.

(search 'yuraj k' in this forum to find what I said about him).

Those individuals who meets him dump shares immediately after.

Those private sector who has met him does not want to invest in any industry/business.

NEPSE crashing after 1500 is all due to yuraj k and his brain washing of Oli.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 4795
Part 2........

Since, NEPSE was crashed by bureaucrats/NRB/governor who was working for criminals. Cause it was unnatural crash, NEPSE still has not recovered.

When NEPSE reached record high, I believe, banks and their subsidiary company- mutual fund started to sell their shares. And NEPSE started to decent.

Earlier group of criminals sold when NEPSE was 1750.

Then second group associated with bfis sold when NEPSE was at record 1800. They must have realized about liquidity crisis.

Then NEPSE never recovered.

Then another group sold when NEPSE fell to around 1500. I think, this group could be those who bought at 1800.

And today, another group is selling who is trying to crash NEPSE to 1000. I think this group consists of majority of those who sold when NEPSE was at 1750 before 1800 record. They must have bought after NEPSE crashed from 1800, probably during around 1500.

This criminal group must have sold when NEPSE was at 1450, 1250.

I heard, one small group belonging to that criminal group bought at 1250. Media controlled by this criminal group has lately become pro Share market.

Part 3 cont....
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 4795
When NEPSE was heading toward 1800 record, When NEPSE was still at 1700 all media controlled by media was advising public to buy share.

And when it reached around 1750, then same media began to spreading panic- share price is over valued, aba sarbasadharan dubcha, sarkar ke here ra base ko etc etc.

Since when 1700 is a buying territory and 1750 becomes grave territory?

I believe criminals who own media sold between 1700 and 1750.

Even after those criminals spread panic, NEPSE kept on increasing and reached 1800 record.

We all know, majority of bureaucrats in NRB, SEBON, NEPSE are paid or are agent of those criminals.

Before NEPSE hit the record, SEBON too told public not to invest. But NEPSE kept on increasing.

Look, NEPSE increased cause somebody were buying shares with their money. There was no manipulation. Many shares were sold and still NEPSE kept on increasing.

This is called Natural course.

(In my personal view, when NEPSE was at 1800 record, 10/15 shares were over valued and other were fine and some were still undervalued. There was no need to panic, all you had to do was choose right company. Sell overvalued and buy under valued.)

Since, every thing was natural and even when market is over valued, it is suppose to be opportunity to dumb shares, govt should not need to have any headache. May be advice pubic to be cautious.

(I think after NEPSE crossed 1700, I did not add more than 1%. But I was a long term investor so did not sell any when NEPSE was high.)

Govt should worry only when share market crashes. Over value should not be much of a problem.

So after criminals sold their share when NEPSE was at 1700, NEPSE kept on increasing. Their spreading of fear was not working. And we all know, most of the bureaucrats are their agent. Criminals hate when share price increases even after they sell.

They think, NEPSE should crash after they sell and increase after they buy. But NEPSE was going against them. Since, NRB too was controlled by those criminals, so then NRB made a move to destroy NEPSE.

Then NEPSE began to crash unnaturally.

Since, in all media controlled by criminals were negative about NEPSE. So called expert, those idiots who think they know too much must have been influenced by media too. When idiots see same information in all media, those fools tend to believe it. Its CIA style. Operation mocking bird. That is why those so called expert, who has not idea what SHare is too presented themselves as critic of share market increment.

(I heard lately, those who were buying during high NEPSE were planning to buy till NEPSE reached 2100).

But since, NEPSE was crashed due to outside interference, unnatural demise, NEPSE began to crash still could not gain confidence.

Part 2 cont.....
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 4795

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