Hi Guys !!

Well many must be thinking on what basis i have predicted NEPSE @ 1000 Level.

1. The Global Bear Market has started around the world which happens in a cycle of 8-9 years.

2. US Stocks down JAPAN nikkie down more then 6% , India, singapore , tiawan , tiwan all down by more then 3%.

3. this is just the begining many more down side yet to come and we are no more insulated against it.

4. Global meltdown will impact the global companies getting shut down which will impact the remittance inflow in Nepal. Remittance was supporting the economy which will decrease in days to come.

5. all Crypto currency or so called hundi currency has crashed more then 25-30 % i believe will crash another 80-90% from current level.

6. Banking performance of Nepal was backed by majorly Hire purchase loan due to slow down in remittance these good loan as of now will become bad loans.

7. Mr. Khatiwada was smart enough to who mandated increase in Paid up capital of banks in order to insulate the Public deposits in banks against getting defaulted as we have seen in the past.

8. Banking and Finance as a sector will be impacted first due slow down of remittance & Sell banks which has big portfolio on Hire Purchase loans.

9. I am surprised to see many Mutual fund NAV not moving down despite NEPSE has given Negative Growth. I don't know which listed share they have invested whose price has not moved down at all, as all listed companies shares has moved down, i personally believe there is some manipulation in NAV which Investor forum and other investor association should be able to throw light on it.

10. HYDRO a no no sector for investment which has unbalanced Equity DEBT Ratio.

11. The macro economic scenario is getting worse, tough time for the new government, GOD know how they are going to manage it.

Disclosure : These are my personal Opinion it is not motivated for any Personal gain !! Investor follow your own Decision.