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Why we investors are not opening a Demat Account ??

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मैले खाता खोल्नु पर्यो भनेर Civil Capital Market Ltd.kamaladi मा form लिनलाई
भाइलाई पठाएको त,अहिले लागु भाछैन पछि आउनु भनेर पो पठायो त ?

आखिर Ace Capital ले चाही खोल्ने अनि civil ले नखोल्ने किन होला ?
बुझ्न गाह्रो भो ?
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Thank you very much MahiloBhai. Do we need only Rs. 50 or more. May I request you making more clear.
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CDS is in operation, if it was not how would I open account :)

Benefits - Lots of...

Either we have to open now or in future that's true fact. Why rush in 12th hour.
Besides, currently there are only "516" demat account opened.
This shows "WE INVESTORS ARE NOT INTERESTED IN CDS." and itself the regulator are not caring...

Benefits ->
Milestone to Internet Based Trading System (Don't you want trade from home, if CDS doesn't run NEPSE cannot implement Internet Based Trading System) Who suffers WE INVESTORS.

INTERNET BASED TRADING SYSTEM, Will give us access to MARKET DEPTH. More transparently we can trade.


General Benefits:

- t+3 trading cycle is sure.
- no paper certificates, all deposited/withdrawn in/from your account either you buy or sell. Only you need to authorize.
- BONUS shares immediately transferred to your account. No need to rush RTA's office.
- Applied right shares, transferred to your account. No need to go RTA's office to collect certificate.
- IPOs share transferred to your account, immediately after the allotment. No need to wait to see how much is allotted to you. Just check your BALANCE.
- Hassle free IPO form submission.
- Check your account statement, (no of shares sold/purchased) some kind of portfolio.


BUT WE NEED TO SHOW INTEREST. Hami najage you CDS jahile yehi susta gati ma hune bhayo.

Lets open account, show we are interested. Pressure Regulators, make the market more transparent. Let's see smooth running of CDS within 2 months.

Hami mileu bhane sabai lai jhukauna sakchhau.

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What Are the benefits ? aaile nai ra future ma pls hamro aakha kholi denu paryo :-P
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CDS is not on operation now so do we need open Demat Account
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Account Opening Process is very simple:

Remember to carry following items with you:
In regards to individual investor,

- Nepalese Citizeship Card and it's photocopy
- If NRN, NRN ID and it's photocopy
- If opening for minor (like your siblings under 18 yrs age) proof of document to prove the minor guardianship and minor's ID
- Passport Size Photo (1 is enough, carry as much you can)
- Rs. 50 as demat opening amount (* Rs. 100 is taken annually as account maintenance)

(That's it) -> Go to Depository Participant Office.
- DP will give you a form to fill up.
- Fill the form, attach the relevant documents, Pay Rs. 50
- DPs will authenticate your document

If you are genuine , they will open an account for you. Give you account ID.

(This process is similar as opening a Bank Account, So easy). Mine was opened in less than 10 minutes.

You are done. Return Home Happily :mrgreen: and dance

I opened at Ace Capital Limited. These are list of depository participants from where you can open demat account.

1. Civil Capital Market Ltd.
2. ACE Capital Ltd.
3. Stock Management & DP Ltd.
4. Nabil Investment Banking Ltd.
5. NIBL Capital Markets Ltd.
6. Laxmi Capital Ltd.
7. Everest Bank Limited
8. Siddhartha Capital Limited
9. NMB Capital Limited
10. Bank of Kathmandu Limited

Hope you will open soon...Let's build the capital Market. If not us, else who will ?

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Please check this link out for all CDS and Clearing inquiries.
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I am also interested to follow the process. Can you highlight more on its process and benefits ?
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May I request you to write the process
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Kati time lagcha A/c kholna and how much we have to pay ? Which firm provides best services for Demat A/c holders ? Please share ...
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To successfully run the most awaited Central Depository System.. We investors are integral part . We Nepalese have behavior to rush at 12th hour.

Why don't we join hands, go and open Depository Account, which will create pressure among regulators to act fast on this.

We don't have to rush on 12th hour ? We have to open one when everything comes normal ?
We will know about the account opening process/ start learning about CDS.

Show we are interested in successful implementation of CDS. Remember how we joined hands when brokers number was not provided in floorsheet.

If we don't give interest... it will take ever to start CDS.

I have opened one ? Why don't you.

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