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Top three cabinet members of 2018

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बालुवाटारमा खतिवडा र बामदेवको नाममा चर्काचर्की, खतिवडा मुस्काउदै संचारमन्त्रालयमा

If they had fired yuraj k along with other ministers few months back, this day would not have come. This Cancer has entered into 3rd stage.

He did not just destroyed Nepal's economy, Nepal, KP Oli's power, now communist are fighting in his name.

I have been saying, Yuraj k has always been in power not cause of his ability, cause he is chattu bahun. I am correct again. L

Most of us know, how yuraj k has been fooling KP Oli, now it is proven, how deep his crooked fang is into idiot KP Oli.

Told you so.
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When I was a kid, I was told a story about "a $cum who gave trouble to villagers all the time while alive and for the last time even after his death".

Gokarna Bista turned out to be like the same $cum. Wonder if he intentionally wants to punish society, cause he is a communist* or he is simply dumb just like a communist.

सामाजिक सुरक्षा स्किमभन्दा बढि करको भार, सिए. शेषमणि दाहालको लेख

सामाजिक सुरक्षा कार्यक्रमले वित्तीय क्षेत्रका साहुजीलाई मात्र फाइदा हुन्छ: कर्मचारी संघका अध्यक्ष पदमराज रेग्मीको अन्तर्वार्ता

*I heard, there is a tiny brain inside the head of a communist behind the big brain which keeps on telling the communist person """"" destroy, destroy, destroy """"" 24/7. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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प्रधानमन्त्रीले लिएको परीक्षामा अर्थमन्त्री फेल, ल्याए १९.९ नम्बर

चालु आर्थिक वर्षको ४ महिनाको विवरण हेर्दा अर्थमन्त्री डा खतिवडाले कूल १०० नम्बरमा मात्रै १९. ९ अङ्क प्राप्त गरेका छन्

कमजोर कार्यसम्पादन भएका मध्ये श्रम तथा सामाजिक सुरक्षा मन्त्री गोकर्ण विष्ट, उद्योग वाणिज्य तथा आपूर्ति मन्त्री मातृका यादव त पदबाट हटिसकेका छन्

विष्टको मात्रै ५.७ प्रतिशत प्रगति देखिन्थ्यो भने मातृकाको मात्रै १२ प्रतिशत रहेको छ

अर्काे कमजोर कार्यसम्पादनमा रहेकी खानेपानी मन्त्री बिना मगर भने पदमा नै छिन्, उनले मात्रै १७.२ प्रतिशत सफलता हासिल गरेकी छिन्

उनले आफूले अर्थतन्त्र सुधार गरेको आयात घटाएको, निर्यात बढाएको तथ्यांक देखाएर बसेका छन् - import is down cause people are poor, economy is slowing VERY VERY VERY rapidly, thanks to last three year of monitory policy of chirinjivi nepal and last two year of yuraj k's budget and fiscal policy and attitude and face ....... export is up cause of palm oil, its fake export.
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Simrik Ji,

I have never even seen bista till now. My support or hate for politicians, bureaucrats, media person etc are cause of their deeds and view.

I make extra noise against those who are dangerous but media make them hero. (I believe, you may like baburam or at list used to like him). Tell me something, do you know people like bista and baburam personally or you make all you judgement based on people like them based on Meida coverage?????? Baburam turned out to be very dangerous and anti nepal.

Bista is not of baburam caliber in evilness but he is dangerous too.

Ramro kaam gareko ni dekhnu paryo ni sir
---------- I believe he wants to do good, but his views are bad and actions are worse and result are dangerous.

Khali yo anonymous board ma kuu tarka garera bhayena ni.
----------- I have been giving long, detail reason behind my support and hate.

He tried to clean foreign employment scheme in Nepal.
-------He stopped children from drinking tap water, without providing option.
There are 40 lakh (some media said 60) in foreign employment. We hear problem from few thousands every year. That normal.

Atleast, manpower bata lutiye ka haru lai, he tried to help.
------- This is good. But his way was bad. During early days, I advised, govt should help who are in trouble. Punish those agents who are not following rule or contract. give loan to pay fees, cost. Train them before going for employment- semi skilled make far more than unskilled.
But what does, bista do..... keep on attacking agents. Talk big instead of helping workers and train them. Instead of punishing bad actors, completely stopping everything.

Ki tapai ni manpower ko dalal ho?
---- neither I nor I know anyone close to me involved in the agency.

Aru lai ta CIA bhannu hunchha tapai.
---------- I have been giving big reason regarding bista and still you blame me for being senseless.

How am I going to prove that almost all so called youth leaders are CIA or RAW agents. If they were not media would not have promoted them. Remember, most of the older leaders have sacrificed a lot during their early politics. But almost all so called youth leaders started their politics with- gundagardi, terrorism, corruption, dalali of powerful politicians and then join RAW and CIA.

If you are criminal, you have to option, join raw/cia or go to jail.

VLN hatayera hunchaa athawa free visa cost for labors in foreign employment, he has done many good deeds.
------ I have posted about this in detail in the past. Read those if you are serious. Nothing comes for free.

Aba Malaysia jana lai 36% ma 2 lakh byaj ma liyera, when are our workers gonna pay it back and how much are they gonna save for their families?
------- that's the different problem not associated with manpower agency.
That is why, I have been telling govt to provide loan.

Tapai lai paryo hola, Malaysia bata remittance kum aayo for a year or two, may hamper the stock market. Not everything in the country is about share market. Majority janata ko conditions naramro huda, share market matrai herera bhayena ni.
------------- I have been saying, when country is good, Share market is good. I have been trying to make life good of all nepalese and human beings and animals with my analysis.

Just because in the past, people make killing in the share market doesn't mean that is gonna be the case in the future. Quality companies haru ni aaunu paryo ni new undeveloped sectors haru ma jaha huge potential chan. Banking mature bhai sakyo Nepal ma.
-------------- Just a matter of time. Those who miss this opportunity will regret for life. This may be the last chance. There will be many chances in future, but will never be that big, which current investors will make.

Ani anoymous board ma khali conspiracy theories haru propagate garne, afu lai buddhiman/bidwan thanney.
--------- Conspiracy theory is conspiracy theory.

Biddwan ------ tell me something, I am the only one in the whole nepal (at least in media and social media) who have been analyzing fiscal policy, monitory policy and budget and other policies and actions. And after 3 year, 1 year, 6 month, my 80% analysis and prediction have come out to be true. And I am not even an economist by profession (just read some book in school, which I hated that time, and started to take economics seriously since second monetary policy of chirinjivi nepal, which sacred me).

I am been analyzing economy for last three years which no one in Nepal have been doing. No economist have analyzed policy in Nepal, after data come, then say something.

Trust me, I demand Nepal society to thank me for doing the job, professional economist are suppose to do. All started due to the fear from chirinjivi Nepal's second monitory policy and I shall be doing for my whole life now. I am enjoying now.

Sir ko mati bharsta bhayo justo chha. Do something productive.
-------------- In the world, what I have been doing (analysis) people get Nobel prize, they get high paying job.

I have been following international financial media. I have compared myself with international biddwans. Since they are profession they have many knowledge about small matters which I dont, but in case of big matter, I have no competition.

Those guests are introduced with- he predicted this crisis, she predicted that crisis and we want to ask her/him this now.

Me, I have predicted many big events during last 3 year. I am the only one in Nepal who predicted/warned about share market crash, liquidity crisis, interest crisis. Not just crisis I predicted correctly, I also able to predict what will led to those crisis. I gave them solutions too.

Around 6 month ago, I had predicted liquidity crisis to be solved, (but due to wrong reason) ...... after govt spends 100 billion, it is likely to come true.

In the history of the world, great economist predict one event and becomes great, I have predicted and gave solution to many many.

Where is my Nobel prize???????

Tell me something Simrik ji. I am sure you dont know bista personally, but we have talked before in this forum. We are suppose to be like social media friends. And you insult your friend for a stranger for a wrong reason??????

Let me show you an example of how I think:

- This govt has been for about 2 year now.
- There was many govt between last two election which lasted for 5 year.
- So that's 7 year.
- First govt in that govt was from koirala. And after bista became hydro minister, then came baburam as pm. So bista was not in that govt.
- Before koirala govt, there was chief justice govt which lasted for 1 year.
- CJ was recommended by baburam govt, which lasted for 1 year.
- Before baburam govt, there was 1 year govt, and bista was hydor minister.
- So that makes, bista was hydro minister 10 year ago (I thought he was hydro minister 8 year back)

- When bista was hydro minister, he had sever load shedding. It takes about 4/5 year to build Hydro. So, if bista was competent, we were suppose to be electricity independent 5 year back. But reality is, less than 1 year ago, we have completed some good project.
- Does not this make bista incompetent like all others.
- When he was hydro minister, media that time also made him hero. And when he left the govt, he left in taxi too. (stunt????)
- Bista is nothing but a propagandist. Not me.

- Just like today, he was stubborn that time. He wanted to make big projects. While Exerts recommended him to build smaller projects too. That advised him, not to put all eggs in one basked. But he did not listen. That is why load shedding did not ended 5 year ago. And today still we import a lot from India.

- His second policy. He changed policy to give hydor licence through bidding to giving freely by the decision of cabinet. Experts advised him not to do so, or it will be easy to corrupt. Then babram came as pm who took bribe and gave away licences.

- Bista is one main reason, our load shedding lasted so long.

- And today, history has repeated. His stubbornness lead to 5% reduction in remittance flow which is the back bone of our economy.

- Yuraj k should be blamed too. I said, most of the student visas is to make money who send good amount back to Nepal. I advised not to tighten in dollar exchange for student. But yuraj k, was/is too stubborn. Now Remittance is down by 5%.

(Am I still conspiracy theorist or mati bharasta wala?)

Bista never gave good result. And still when I criticize him, you have a problem with me. What would you say, if I criticized Kul man, who has record or at least people thinks.

What if I call him phony and probably corrupt.

I think there is no replacement in Nepal for kul man. And I think KP Oli wants to kick his out- since kp oli's right hand mahesh busnet had vent anger towards kul man, i dont want to criticize kul man now since I dont want to see him gone.

But if he increase rate of electricity and force public to change meter. I will start to go against kul man too.

Who would people gonna pay for new meter. How much money will leave nepal if we have to change meter. Trade gap will increase by how much? Balance of payment????

PS- you are a share investor. During early days, I heard, when yuraj k was convensing kp oli to destroy share market, bista supported yuraj k too.

कालाबजारिया र अनियमितता गर्ने कसैलाई छाड्दिन- लेखराज भट्ट, आपूर्तिमन्त्री

Last time, this guy was import and industry minister, baburam was finance minister and prachanda was pm. They kept imported goods hostage in the custom and demanded ransom. Probably from sherpa group. Baburam is second worst finance minister after yuraj k.
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Rising Ji,
Why are you so much against Bista? Ramro kaam gareko ni dekhnu paryo ni sir. Khali yo anonymous board ma kuu tarka garera bhayena ni.
He tried to clean foreign employment scheme in Nepal. Atleast, manpower bata lutiye ka haru lai, he tried to help. Ki tapai ni manpower ko dalal ho? Aru lai ta CIA bhannu hunchha tapai. VLN hatayera hunchaa athawa free visa cost for labors in foreign employment, he has done many good deeds. Aba Malaysia jana lai 36% ma 2 lakh byaj ma liyera, when are our workers gonna pay it back and how much are they gonna save for their families?
Tapai lai paryo hola, Malaysia bata remittance kum aayo for a year or two, may hamper the stock market. Not everything in the country is about share market. Majority janata ko conditions naramro huda, share market matrai herera bhayena ni. Just because in the past, people make killing in the share market doesn't mean that is gonna be the case in the future. Quality companies haru ni aaunu paryo ni new undeveloped sectors haru ma jaha huge potential chan. Banking mature bhai sakyo Nepal ma.
Ani anoymous board ma khali conspiracy theories haru propagate garne, afu lai buddhiman/bidwan thanney. Sir ko mati bharsta bhayo justo chha. Do something productive.
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Gokarna bista, some are asking why he was fired? he was on top of kp oli's green list (that cause Kp oli made a mistake then)?

First of all, those who are asking are not so bright and paid anti govt.

Let me explain to them in a few lines, if this does not work, stop asking big questions and stop thinking big. its sound great only in advertising- thing big! :mrgreen:

Bista is kind of that person, who prevents from drinking tap water and says, it would make you ill, and there is no other alternative he would give.

What happens when you dont drink water........... ???

Bista is one of the biggest hero of media. Do you know, almost all heroes made by media are RAW or CIA agents.

How incompetent Bista is? He was hydro minister 7/6 ago, when we had sever load shedding. If he were a competent person, load shedding would have been ended 4/5 year from the day he became hydro minister.

But instead, till now we are importing a lot of electricity from india.

Some say, Bista stays away from corruption. At the time, when he was hydro minister, there was arop that he took money from Golcha and for 5/6 years he disappeared from public eye.

Paid opposition are saying, KP Oli fired bista cause he is clean.

And same opposition says, KP Oli fired Mahashet cause he is corrupt.

Stop contradicting your self. Its like eating your own sh!t!

His eyes, mouth and nose say, he is not a friendly person.
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मन्त्रीबाट नहटेको र जिम्मेवारी हेरफेर नभएकामा उपप्रधान तथा रक्षामन्त्री इश्वर पोखरेल, गृहमन्त्री रामबहादुर थापा बादल, ऊर्जामन्त्री वर्षमान पुन, परराष्ट्रमन्त्री प्रदीप ज्ञवाली, संस्कृति पर्यटन तथा नागरिक उड्डयनमन्त्री योगेश भट्टराई र सञ्चारमन्त्री गोकुल बास्कोटा छन् | यसबाहेककाको जिम्मेवारी हेरफेर र कार्यक्षमताका कारण हटाइएको प्रधानमन्त्री निकट स्रोतले जानकारी दिएको छ

What does that mean?

Yuraj k's ministry has changed?????

Those who lost the job should ask, Yuraj k is the main reason people hates this govt,

yuraj k is the reason, communist are in defensive.

And yuraj k does not loose the job, but we are sacked!!!!!!

Its amazing, yuraj k licked boots of politicians for life and still KP Oli cant fire him but fires politicians????

उद्योगपति मोती दुगडको नाम उद्योग, वाणिज्य तथा आपूर्ति मन्त्रीको सूचीमा छ

Is this a good sign???? Could KP Oli now wants to build economy?

It wont be like giving key of a dairy to a cat???? would it????

Its good that, this cabinet now has someone who knows a thing or two about business who can counter other negative politicians in the cabinet.

Hope Surendra pandey is made finance minister now or very soon. sooner than falgun.
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मन्त्रिपरिषद बैठकमा प्रधानमन्त्रीले भने- भोलि नयाँ मन्त्रीको सपथ हुन्छ
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Hope your LOL means 'lots of love' :mrgreen: (love your work, love what you have been trying to do) :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

I am not right person for professional advisory- first, I dont want to work for no body. Second, my communication and social skill is a bit poor.

Finance minister should be changed. Changing all ministers and leaving yuraj k in finance minister would be like not changing the cabinet.

Rather, you can just change finance minister and leave rest intact.

There is second option, you can change the portfolio of Yuraj k. KP Oli can make him samanya prasasan minister. Perfect for his personality and experience and attitude.
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lol seems you will be the best one for that job.
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Qualities requirement in an adviser:

1: Ability to have good communication with the person who is hiring.

2: Good judgement.

3: At least Some expertise in the field (if position is for certain field)

4: Should not be foreign agent or domestic criminal agents.

5: Since, no body is perfect, so, this adviser should have some expertise but he/she needs to have close relation or has to maintain close relation with other experts. So should have good judgement and should have ability to ask right questions to other experts and should be able to communicate with other expert. Not sarbagyan bhayako bhram bhayako like yuraj k or rimal.

Who should KP Oli select:

1: He can select someone open minded, closer to him for main adviser, political background who can communicate with public and stake holders. Non corrupt.

2: KP Oli should hire a few from economic, business, background: One should be retired banker from private bank who was not CEO due to someone close to him/her was a big share holder.

Another one should be from share investor. In civilized world, share investors are considered to be the most brilliant and President of that country has close contact with such individual. I dont know if there are any in Nepal, except for me. If you want my advise, just follow this forum.

And these economic advisers should maintain contacts with private sector as well as public to know how public are doing financially.

Yuraj k may try to sabotage when KP Oli try to hire adviser from economic or business or management background. Just like he did during Think Tank hiring.

3: Advisers from other background. Like legal, media, social, security etc.
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आफ्नै सचिवालयका कर्मचारी र सल्लाहकारलाई प्रधानमन्त्री ओलीको निर्देशन : राजीनामा देउ

Finally its happening.

KP Oli's people say- he works for 14 hour, he does not listen when we ask him work less, he works till 1 am .................................. and still he says he did not know, no body told him like economic condition of Nepal, NEPSE crash, liquidity and interest rate crisis....... It is clear, he or people around him does not know how to run administration.

He attends birthday party, he has time to meet with well dalal but dont have time to meet with stake holders. how is he going to get information.

He and yuraj k are suppose to approach and find out what is happening in the economy. But instead, when stake holders tell them thing are bad, yuraj k disrespects, threatens them.

Poor ministers, will be fired cause public hate this KP Oli govt cause of the state of the economy caused- single handely- by Yuraj K.

How much people hate this govt?

Forget about investors, big business community ........ even small independent self employed hoping kp oli would die and next govt will be formed who would change policy, reverse the policy Yuraj k implemented.

Caused of yuraj k new policy, self employed, in a year, has to waste 2-5 more days in govt office and spend thousands more than two year back.

they wish, death of kp oli so that new govt would be form where there will be new finance minister who would reverse yuraj k's policy.

m0ron yuraj k does not understand importance of wasting 2-5 extra days of individual who has to work for living and spend more money in unproductive work.
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लालबाबु पण्डितको पनि अब 'लाल' हरायो,

बिष्टजी पनि उही पुरानो मंत्रित्वकालको ब्याज खाईरहनु भाछ,

अरु धेरै मन्त्रिहरु त छन् कि छैनन, भए के गरिराका छन्, पत्तो छैन,

मातृका यादवजीको पनि अब 'साख' बाँकि रहेन,

उपेन्द्र यादवजी सरकारमा होकी सडकमा हो,कार्यशैलीबाट मालुम हुन्न,

अर्थको कुरा गर्दा, विस्तार खल्ती रित्तिदै छ ..........l
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Poor ministers, will be fired cause public hate this KP Oli govt cause of the state of the economy caused single handely by Yuraj K.

रानी भन्सारबाट ३७ प्रतिशतले घट्यो आयात

But KP Oli and comrades now know, people hate this govt, but they dont know, they hate them mainly due to the economy, but they think every else is problem but economy is doing great.

May be problem is, so called political analysis, so called experts, so called civil society, media who day and night talk about problem in Nepal and hate what govt is doing but they dont talk about economy, how people are suffering due to the economy.

KP Oli will be remembered by the history. He will be remembered as an example of Nepali politicians attachment with power. even after during their dire state, how they keep on sticking on with the power/post/govt.

And how his party was unable to stop KP Oli.
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४ वर्षपछि पहिलोपटक घट्यो रेमिट्यान्स

I blame, bista, labor minister.

When he was hydro minister 7 year ago, we had long load shedding, we still importing a lot of electricity.

alchina bista now has destroyed labor market.

मलेसिया राेजगारी रोकिँदाको प्रभाव : घट्याे रेमिट्यान्स

Second worst minister of KP Oli govt. I said on: Sun Dec 30, 2018 7:01 pm

almost 1 year ago.

This is no football, where we get prediction result in 90 minute. Otherwise they would have called me "son of god".
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७० वर्ष माथिकालाई आन्तरिक उडानमा ५० प्रतिशत छुट दिइने

Aba teska bau ko ticket pani maile kindena prane bho haina. pura khandan nai dharti ka boj bho.

look people, swasni ko kamai ma bachane ko anuhar.

O bhatterai, swasni ko kamai khane, while talking, keep your dead down.

I just remember about bista. Bista is one of the reasons we had long load shedding. He was water minister 5/7 year back, cause of his incompetence, hydro power was not developed in time. That is why, we had long load shedding.

And cause of his incompetency, we still importing more than 30% electricity from India. he wasted time and money of nepal.

Today, that bista is destroying foreign employment. and destroying billions in the name of PM employment opportunity.

And this incompetent tells others how to do their business.
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I said bista is the second worst minister of this cabinet.

Now ever body agrees: 'मैले पनि झार उखेलेको थिएँ, धन्न मेरो फोटो आएनछ'

yeska pani ego tholia raicha, his nose and eyes says all.

He had been teaching businessmen how to run business, now he got chance to spend a few billion, this is how he spends it.

sati ko sarap.

this guy disappeared years after he was called taking money from golcha. then appeared just before he became minister again.

Look at eyes, nose to find out person's personality, character.

What kind of a circus have you been running KP Oli?????????????
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Most liked:
1: Tourism minister- unless he is proven to be corrupt, i think his ministry will make the best impact. Worst from him will be if he relocate domestic airport of kathmandu to kavre. Him unable to manage new planes is second worst action after corruption, but we are comparing among incompetents. If new planes start to fly to new destination and more planes are purchased, things will get better. Probably increase tourists by few 10 lakhs.

2: Hydro minister/Kul man- He is one of those who brought down Oli govt by working with RAW. I am sure he is corrupt too. But almost all are corrupt.


Most failure:
1:Yuraj K : He has destroyed everybody's life. Many people have become poorer now- some cause of loosing income and almost all due to higher tax/custom duty since we import almost every thing. Investors- industrialist as well as share market investor have never lost confidence like today, even not during earthquake, blockade or even maoist war. he is the worst finance minister in the history of Nepal, before him used to be baburam for me.
I had 1% confidence till budget. But one think I did expect from him that he would bring down interest rate and bring cash into bank. Interest is still high and liquidity- still a distant dream.
Opening up Share market would solve liquidity and interest problem for ever.

2: Labor minister : Many think he is doing good job. But wait for sometime. He may be trying to help labor by making employer pay for labor's transportation. But in reality it wont work unless receiving country make mandatory to all employer to pay for all labor.
Even if employer pays for transportation, they will take back more indirectly.. That's just business.
Since, Nepal's economy survive on remittance, so his action could destroy Nepal economy.

3: PM's main adviser : He has been fooling Oli, but I dont think Oli/his advisor is fully controlling all ministry like finance so he is the third biggest problem. If he had controlled all ministry, he should have been the worst.

There are many others Oli needs to fire. But cause of their impact is lower and ministries in Nepal have always been ran by incompetent they are not in top three.

Oli himself should fire himself. He is mentally and physically unfit. He has poor judgement and can easily be fooled. I believe he does want to develop economy, but problem is he does not even understand what economy is or what development is and others are giving him bad advice.

I think he is not after money and may oppose corruption. But problem is he is not punishing corrupts. Max he has been doing is firing them. Not jailing them.

We know what happens if Oli is gone. who will be next PM. And we need Oli till China Rail's construction begins.

Home minister, should be fired too. But home minister has always been ran by bhariya type. So home minister has been doing what his predecessor had been doing. Gundas/criminals are not scared and are not punished.

He does not understand his job, so wasting time on alcohol, porn, long hair, late night, hotel dating ........

Information minister , i believe he is one of the most corrupt and idiot. Samsung ko Iphone wala.

Transportation minister, another corrupt and incompetent.

Law minister , cause of the last few day's activity of Judiciary decisions. he should be fired too.

When are they planning to audit Judiciary decisions made till date. Bring capital punishment and hang those judges.

Industry and commerce minister , another pain in the ......... . destroying economy.
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Not liked but appearing to be doing something better
1. Kul Msn
2. Gokarna Bista
3. Janardhan Sharma

Failure one :
1. Yubaraj Khatiwada
2. Ram Bahadur Thapa
3. PM himself
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maile yo govt ko top three- best and worst bhane ko.
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😄😄जुन जोगी आए पनि कानै चिरेको भने जस्तै छन् प्रधानमन्त्रिहरु कुन भन्नू सबै भारतकै तालमा नाच्ने त हुन नी ।
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Who are your top three most liked and most hated/failure PM/Ministers/advisers of 2018?

Most liked:

Most failure:

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