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What is bank????

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Bank not providing loan could be one of the main reason we have liquidity crisis/BOP crisis.

Bank loan is one of some ways criminals, dalals convert black into white.

Like, if you go check commercial building, you hardly see enough customers in more than 95% buildings. And still, they are not sold by bank. How are they able to pay loan, when they are hardly doing business.

Take, loan, pay back with black money.

This is how, one way of returning of black money into the system as white money has been blacked, that is why our BOP is in crisis.

Big example could be prachanda's former landlord. Lack of loan could be preventing prachanda's black money from turning into white.
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ग्रीनलाइनका अग्रवाल परिवारको पलायनसँगै मिटर ब्याजको डरलाग्दो तस्बिर, कसरी झाँगिदैछ ?

NRB is one of the main promoter of meter interest.

I think, former governors- yuraj k, nepal, chettery have invested loot in meter byaj.
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Major problems I see in current Nepal's economy are-

1: NRB
2: FM
3: PM
4: Slow pace of economic, development
5: Liquidity and interest rate crisis
6: Share market crisis
7: Import

8: Corruption

5, 6 created by NRB.

About import, fuel price increased by 50-60%. Kul man and current FM when he was hydro mantir, did not build transmission line in time. Other wise diesel demand might have decreased.

Car import- Its time, car ownership should be directly connected with tax they pay. If someone wants to buy car, they should produce max 5 yr tax cleared document. And they should only get to buy car/s with the money which is worth 5 times the amount paid in tax in max last 5 year.

If they want more car, they can buy car in future after presenting future tax cleared documents.

Most of the expensive care being ride does not belong to the rider. There should be rules- who gets to ride the car, which does not belong to them, and the value of that car should not exceed 50lakh.

Car loan interest should be the highest among other products' interest.

Gold Import. Govt should investigate who been eating gold. Punishment for money laundering should be 100 times fine plus 25 yr jail.

NRB is suppose to dump dollar and buy gold. Second best is public buying gold. Let gold be deposited as currency. Gold is kind of a currency, which it used to be centuries back.
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total deposit- 4727
total loan- 4389
capital and reserve- 800 (approx.)

BFIs could have given loan......

As per older CCD ratio 80- 4421
As per CCD ratio after corona 86- 4753
As per current rule 90 of deposit- 4254
There is corona loan around- 150

So, with NRB's new monitory policy, we began to suffer liquidity crisis over night. One policy of NRB and we have liquidity crisis, which we were not suppose to have.

Did we loose 600 billion liquidity cause of NRB. Is NRB just dumb or they are trying to destroy this govt?

Instead of reversing their failed policy immediately, they are waiting for sit (quarterly evaluation) to reverse banking and 12 crore policy.

Are they dumb? Why no so called expert saying anything?

Remember, I am the only one, who been advocating, monitory policy should be stable, dont change it. I knew, this day would come, if we let monkey keep on touching ghau. Am I the greatest visionary ever lived or what :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: cough 'SECOND TO GOD' cough cough

You are welcome.

Being super genius is loneliness.

I am the only one who has brain, that is why, I had go give myself the title 'second to god'. others dont have brain to provide such title. idiots only give title like - expert, biddwan........ remember, whom they have given those title to.......... OMG. dumb humans are so scary. now we are paying the price cause of those dumb giving titles to dangerous animals.
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I kept on trying to teach people, about crisis of money in the system.

Am I a bad teacher or you are a bad bad student? :mrgreen:
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There is fake news being spread by fake media that BFIs only have 70 arab liquidity (which is good amount though) and could get into liquidity crunch in future.

Which is totally fake news, to crash the market.

I think there is 200-300 billion of liquidity in Nepal. Govt pulled in a lot during tax collection and through internal loan collection. I think NRB has more which they are storing in the name of REPO.

I believe, this 200-300 billion in liquidity is enough to provide 1000-2000 billion loan enough for at least 3/5 year. Then soon big hydro and melemchi will be finished which will increase liquidity inflow. And I dont think, import will increase much. For last few months, import increased to fill warehouse. From now on, import will be just to meet demand..
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For last one year, BFIs have issued more than 300 billion in loan- which could be the highest in the history of Nepal. And not a bit of it has affected in liquidity availability.

(Go and ready, my previous post about how liquidity is squeezed, how liquidity is created, what is money, what is loan???)

Now, same history is repeating- I am not sure, if its criminal media (almost all media in Nepal is controlled by criminals) or NRB officials talking that loan or should I say- share loan- could create liquidity crisis.

I kept on saying for last four year, just loan (except that promotes import) or share loan does not create liquidity crisis. Not they are repeating share loan creates liquidity crisis and to prevent future crisis it should be controlled.

No mor0ns, majority of loan, share loan does not create liquidity crisis. They have issued more than 300 billion loan and liquidity availability has not been reduced.

Share loan of 75 billion hardly effects share market whose daily transaction is about 10 billion. But talk about reducing margin loan does effect.

In reality, reducing margin loan wont effect in practice. Almost in all loan given, the considered price while providing loan is far below market price. But fear could effect market.

What NRB could do is, reduce margin loan by 1% every year to 64% in next 7 year. Which wont have impact?

NRB have problem with high price stock, but what about those stock like most of the BFIs which are still in huge loss? Tero bou (I) am holding mostly BFIs share and still I am in 3.5% loss, what is your plan in increasing price of my share.

(kasto kasto kha te ko share double triple bhaisakyo. afu ramro share ma fashya chu. ramro company ma invest garnu sati ko sarap ho??)

Banaune aukat chaina, bigarna tamsincha.

Its time to ban monitory policy. Monitory policy is suppose to be stable, they try to change/present like some budget.

I have been saying, pakeh le des chalaue haina. Whether you are doctor, or CA or MBA, if you are pakhe, you are always gonna be pakhe.

Time has come again for bishnu paude to save share market and economy of Nepal from NRB and SEBON. He needs to fire negative individuals.

Bank ko 'B' taha chaina banker, Governor banaya cha.
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Registered: Oct 2013
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About ATM, NRB about to let bfis charge fee to use ATM of other BFIs while withdrawing (as per fake news).

- That would be bad idea for BFIs.

- Free transaction may mean less revenue but, it saves a lot of operating cost. BFIs could reduce their ATM machine to 10-15%. Which means a lot low capital plus running cost. But BFIs gang should make a deal about min ATM machine BFIs should operate.

- Instead of charging, BFIs could charge more for ATM Card with transaction limit per year. 500/25 transactions per year, 1000/100 transactions per year.
Registered: Oct 2013
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पाँच प्रधानमन्त्री र पाँच अर्थमन्त्री खेपेर विदा भए गभर्नर नेपाल

- Chirinjivi Nepal could be the worst governor in the history of Nepal. Before he became governor, I kept on seeing him in photo with sujata koirala (we know what kind of a person koirala is) licking her. When he became governor, I was socked, I asked myself what kind of a person who lick #@$! of sujaka koirala is made a governor and what will be the out come (and those who understand banking, monitory policy would understand it- there are many who think they know, but trust me, you dont know a thing). koirala pm took money from some bankers and made him governor.

- Only good thing he did was during the earthquake and blockade.

- criminals tried to crash share market after it crossed 1750 for the first time, but could not then he made policy just to destroy share market. in the world, govt are worried, take it as a war time when their share market crash, but in Nepal, like NRB, they dont care when share market crash, but cant tolerate when share market increases. no wonder nepal is a sh!thole. sati ko sarap.

- during his early years, nepal was suppose to be going through golden period and still there was problem in banking sector. instead of solving liquidity crisis, he made it worse.

- he is the reason, or should I say first reason, today we have over production capicity.

- he is the main reason, we have interest rate crisis. he forced banks to give 14% interest on FD.

- monitory policy is suppose to be the most stable among policies. but he kept on changing it. its like naya or incompetent sadhu putting on a lot of ashes.

- he kept on blackmailing bankers. his ego is also the reason behind problem in banking system, capital market, share market.

- to solve interest rate crisis, all he had to do was cap max interest at 10%, but instead, kept on changing monitory policy which would not help curving interest rate crisis.

- he (and almost all nepalese) had no idea, what bank is? That is why, I had to start this thread. Ask next governor, what is a bank? The one asking question, answer is in this thread.

- Last but not the least, I joined this forum to talk about share, but chirinjivi Nepal turned me into an economist. Turned out, I am the greatest economist in the life of the universe. I did not even like economics when I was a student.

After his second monitory policy, I could not sleep for a few days. I saw the writing on the wall about the impact of his second monitory policy (almost all following monitory policies of his went wrong direction). And now we have the result.
Registered: Oct 2013
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Chirinjivi Nepal does not even know what Bank is, none in the NRB knows, past of present. Hardly any one in Nepal knows other than few like me.

गभर्नर डा. चिरञ्जीबी नेपालको कार्यकाल समीक्षा: कठिन परिस्थितिमा पनि ऐतिहासिक काम

should I laugh or kill myself?

I, I the only one who Predicted, made correct analysis in the entire universe going to say this-

"Chirinjivi Nepal, is the biggest curse in the history of monitory policy".

Last for year was suppose to be the best, golden time in the history of Nepal. Before yuraj k, He is the main who destroyed Nepal through monitory policy, blackmailing and corruption.

Corruption- he came into power through corruption and he lest criminals like NICA, Global destroy capital market.

Last for year was suppose to be the best years in the history of Nepal, but Nepal suffered not just liquidity crisis but also interest rate crisis.

Before yuraj k came into power, chirinjivi been destroying Nepal for first two year.

He was too incompetent to solve liquidity crisis. But, interest crisis was all his doing. He forced Bfis to give 13/14% on FD. Only country suffering from economic crisis have such a high rate, but NRB forced BFIs into 13/14% fd rate.

Chirinjivi Nepal single handedly destroyed share market. He made monitory policy just to crash the market. And during his final year, he tried to save share market but could not.

Many criminals tried to crash share marked when it made record. But could not and they used chirinjivi nepal to crash share market through monitory policy and since then share market still could not gain confidence back.

He became governor with the black money of some banker, and later he kept on attacking banks. Kept on destroying banks with every monitory policy he read.

But never punished banks like NICA for their crime which destroyed not just capital market, but also share market.

Sati ko sarap.
Registered: Oct 2013
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If there is no B, A would have to pay service charge to bfis to deposit their money.

Liquidity crisis,

One of main reasons that leads to liquidity crisis if B cant make enough profit and unable to pay interest and principle.
Registered: Oct 2013
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What is banking/money/wealth????

Let's skip basics.

How money is created?

Let's say,

A- deposits 100 money in the bank.

B- borrows 100 money from the bank.

C- gets paid by B 100, which C deposits into the Bank.

Here, new 100 is being created.

What if, we eliminate-

1: A- Those who see economy as black and white- those so called experts in Nepal, social media expert, bhatti ma guff dine haru.......... may say, if there is no A, there is no bank.

But that is not true, if somebody creates credit, or let's say, govt lends money to bank then Bank can exist, and banking system can be created.

So A is really not important.

2: B- B has been targeted, attacked from govt, nrb, bfis, society for last 3 year. What if B is eliminated?

I say, if there is no B, there is no bank, there is no money created, no wealth created, no banking system exists.

Banking system, money, wealth creation is all possible when B, takes loan, and pay the loan to creditors and pay back interest to bank.

Without them, Banking system wont exist. No money is created. We would be living in barter system. Do we want that? NO.

Let's say, can A create money? Let's see,

What if A pays D salary, make payment? Would it creates wealth, money? NO.

Why? A paying D means, A taking out deposit from Bank and paying to D. Means, no more money is created, only there is transfer of money, not money created. No new deposit will increase in Bank.

3: C- C is A here, so C is not important.

Let's talk about Govt? Can govt revenue create wealth? No, why? Govt getting revenue means, somebody taking out deposit and paying to govt, and govt paying means same, taking out deposit and paying to creditor.

So govt, also cant create wealth?

Which makes, borrower God in banking system. Without Borrowers banking system cant work, no wealth/new money is created.

If borrower cant make enough profit, there is no interest payment, no payment to creditors and no money is created, no wealth is created, no economy prosperity. There will be depression. Depositors would loose their deposit.

And there will be liquidity crisis.

And still, borrowers are being targeted by govt, yuraj k, chirinjivi nepal, d governors, bifs, society, social media, so called expert.

I never remember, what I said above, reading in school economic book. Reading comments from govt, yuraj k, chirinjivi nepal, d governors, bifs, society, social media, so called expert------- it is clear non of them knows what I talked about above.

Bankers are so pathetic, there was one ad from NBL recently, which says- dont invest, just deposit money in NBL a/c.
If there is no investor, borrower, there is no banking. And that person behind that ad has become CEO of NBL today. Sati ko sarap.

Yuraj k, chirinjivi nepal said "dont take loan, dont invest, dont take risk....... just deposit money in the bank".

And they are, were Governor of NRB. Sati ko sarap.

I hope, they gave same advise to officials at world bank during their recent visit.

Now, I want my Nobel prize. By the way, those three, who received Nobel prize, do know, what I said above????? From, One line news about them, I think there research was based on donation, freebees. No creating wealth, not making people rich.

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