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Is Khani Khola ALL set to Become ZERO ??? (00000000)

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Lock in period of AKJCL share issued for affected general public is already completed and promoter share is also getting free on Kartik 12.

Tori HYDRO haru ko baadhi nai aunchha jasto chha
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383.30 on 2021.9.17 to be exact.
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According to the report, its net loss after income tax decreased to Rs 14.69 crore in this quarter of FY 2075/76 from a net loss of Rs 15.95 crore in the corresponding quarter of the previous FY 2074/75.

KKHC has made an income of Rs 6.07 crore by the end of the fourth quarter falling from Rs 7.22 crore in the corresponding quarter.

Its current paid-up capital stands at Rs 46.57 crore with Rs 43.20 crore in a negative reserve fund.

Khani Khola's net worth per share is at Rs 7.22 and EPS stands at negative(--) of Rs. 31.55.

Based on these the fair Value seems to be 15-20 Per Share !!

Next What ??? :roll: :roll:

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