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Why UML won the election? (Other than weakness of NC and their actions)

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In US, do as I say, or share market will collapse.

In Nepal, let's crash the market.

:roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

In US, their govt give money to warren buffet at zero percent interest when share market crashes.

In Japan, their govt openly buys stock.

In India, their PM took a picture with stock market hero. In Nepal politicians take picture with magne.

In China, their govt asked banks to buy shares when it was crashing.

In Nepal, village idiot in NRB says, share market is not their concern. Are central bank authority in advance countries dumb and bureaucrats at NRB sarbagyani????? Kasta kast top level ma pugcha Nepal ma.
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Oli sarkar dhalnu blessing in disguise.

1.7 year of sher bahadur and maoist is enough to exposer them and destroy them.

Just imagine, what if there as an election dalal congress had won majority. we could not wait for another 5 year.

I dont care if oli go for satta kabja or something else. its the economy. we need bishnu paudel for FM. Feri coming election UML.

History always repeats, last time too, there was maosit, nc govt and both economy and share market crashed. Same has repeated. Last time too, crash of economy and share market was cause of NRB, this time too.
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Share market politics is a lot different this time than during last depression.

During last election, one of the main reasons KP won the election and NC lost is due to share market crash, where NC ignored the crash.

This time politics is far worst for anti share market.

Today, there are """"""3/4 times more investors"""""" than during last crash. So, in coming election, share market will hit harder to anti share market party.

If all investors vote for the same party, that party would become second largest party, without the vote from other. And due to vote loss by parties, may be first party.

If 75% investor vote for the one party and that party gets vote from others too, that party could become first party. Probably could get clear majority.


Hate in social media, due to share market crash, has increased significantly from today. By a lot lot.


who were supporting NRB monitory policy- are now beginning to face hate from many.

Those who were saying- NRB policy would harm this group and good for that group- they are being hated by many from today.

Those who were saying- NRB policy wont bring down the share market- they are beginning to face aggressive attack from others. They are now told- you were wrong. Now shut up. We lost money cause of you.

A lot lot more investors have begun to get angry due to crash. Women have begun to cry.

Investors who work outside Nepal, started to protest.

Some are insulting those protestors. I would like to tell those MF haters, sabai le tero bau ko jasto malik le hagda khane hundiana. They need to protect their earning.

All investors should join hand and physically attack those who support anti share market policy, those who laugh when share market crashes.

This time, there are 3/4 times more investors in the share market, when market crashes, it will hurt the incumbent govt a lot, than last time, in upcoming election.

Dalal NC maoist sanga sati jane ho????? tik toc
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राज्यलाई जनताप्रति जिम्मेवार बनाउदै लैजाने नीति सरकारले लिएको छ : अर्थमन्त्री शर्मा

What does that mean? Does it mean, govt will listen to the people, all people. Will govt prevent bureaucracy from bullying public, looting public?????

उनले मुलुकको परिवर्तनमा बलिदानी दिने घर परिवारलाई मासिक भत्ता दिनेदेखि जटिल बिरामीहरुलाई राहत प्रदान गर्ने निर्णय सरकारले गरेको र बजेटमा पनि समावेश गरिएको जानकारी दिए

Just like I said recently- maoist finance minister want to increased tax, he is just focusing on tax increasing so that he could buy votes.

But, we have NC prime minister. Would NC PM let maoist loot tax money and distribute to those who sliced the throat of NC supporters???? Who knows sher bahadur would do anything for power.

Best would be, Share bahadur should kick out maoist from the govt and join hand with KP Oli and their main goal should be eliminating maoist from the root. But, Bishnu Paudel should be finance minister.
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Why UML wont again? (is this going to be the question we be asking in 1.5 year in future?)

Finance minister is destroying the chance of NC in next election, including by NRB.

Shar bahadur is sleeping like always.

Sher bahadur does remember that ever time he became PM, his exit has always been a total failure.
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ओली पक्षका सांसद प्रेम आलेद्वारा देउवालाई विश्वासको मत

I did tell you, 'yr doggie is not yr doggie'. :mrgreen:

I know some of the very important rules in life, which is one of the reasons, my prediction accuracy is go lovely.

रेशम चौधरी मैले पनि चिन्या मान्छे हो, उहाँको मुद्दा अब हुँदैन : देउवा

If I were army boss, I would go for kot parba for this.
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सरकार ढालेको भन्दै विदेशीमाथि सत्तोसराप

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

निवर्तमान प्रधानमन्त्री केपी ओलीले आफूनिकट स्थायी समिति सदस्यहरूलाई भारतदेखि युरोपेली युनियनसम्मको चलखेलमा अदालतले आफ्नो सरकार ढालेको ब्रिफिङ गर्नुभएको छ

अनेक कालखण्डमा जारी आदेश र फैसलालाई आफूअनुकूल व्याख्या गर्दै उहाँले गण्डकीबाट आएका नेताहरूसँगको अन्तरंग कुराकानीमा अदालतले पहिले नेकपा र अहिले एमालेलाई दुई टुक्रा बनाएको समेत बताउनुभएको हो :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

So many time, I did warn pakhes, all pakhe netas. Dogies you thought are yours, are all either agent of RAW, CIA or wanna be agents of RAW, CIA

Yesta kunalgar KP oli lai STILL sneta manne, baltin ko pani ma dube ra marda huncah.

I supported him till his first budget. Then found out, he wont be good.

This idiot, still dont see, yuraj k is CIA agent.

The dumbest PM in the history of Nepal. Be became powerful with the support of public, mostly self employed public. He made their life miserable for first 2.5 year while cared only about his doggie who were never his.

Like, onlinekhabar, when KP was popular during blockade, onlinekhabar went against him following RAW, CIA line, and when KP became PM again, became unpopular, Onlinekhabar became his supporter and when Oli was weakened, onlinekhabar began to go against him.

IF YOU CANT IDENTIY FRIEND AND OPPORTUNIST, you always meet the fate of KP Oli.

When KP OLi became PM, many were happy, when he is gone, no body even notice.

I think, KP oli thought, his power came from NOT PUBLIC SUPPORT, RATHER THAN FROM HIS CROOKET HAND. He thinks, lightening comes from his crooket fingers. :mrgreen:
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I would like to thank Bishnu Paudel for protecting share market and economy from bureaucracy and dalals in media.

And for KP oli, he is the dumbest PM in the history of Nepal. First time in Nepal, almost everybody (except for india and CIA) all accepted KP Oli as PM for full term and still he is kicked out in 3.5 year. Talked about being in power for 50 year.

I dont know inside information, but from outside, I think KP Oli lost every thing cause of yuraj k. Cause of Yuraj k, many self employed suffered, economy suffered- which lead to hate for kp govt and uml lost by election. And then other politicians turned against KP oli inside UML, KP oli kept on fooling them, disrespecting them, tried to coup ........... and we are here now.

KP Oli is the dumbest and ghamandi and sanki which lead to downfall of KP Oli and UML and communist.

(remember: I predicted all these, I also said, your kind- criminal dalal are the ones who wins election, becomes minister but you need I to stay in power, win reelection..... :mrgreen: told you)
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When KP Oli was supported by Nepalese, Onlinekhabar opposed him during the blockade.

When Oli was hated by Nepalese Onlinekhabar supported him (especially when he was in power till few weeks/days ago).

Onlinekhabar took money from india during blockade and went against Nepal. That media is CIA, RAW, maoist't triple agent.

Lately, all media controlled by maoist, raw, cia have begun to go against KP Oli. Looks like something is being cooked (which KP Oli is saying too).

Its too late for KP Oli, but would other politicians learn from KP Oli's mistake that "main source of power of politicians and party is public, not cadres". "what KP Oli used to be for 2/3 year since the blockade, and what he is now".

Dont forget to thank Yuraj k too. who has bigger hand in destroying KP Oli, commie, Nepal's economy, share market and Nepal. And still he says, he increased tax cause his party is a communist party.
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करको विषयमा म अलि कठोर छु, धनीलाई कर छुट दिएर कसरी श्रमजिवीको पार्टी हुन्छौं र?: अर्थमन्त्री

haina, yo MF lai kasle hamro malik banayo.

ani to 70 crore ko tax lina gayes ta haram ka beta.

अर्थमन्त्रीसहित शक्तिशाली उपप्रम बन्दै बामदेव गौतम, खतिवडा सरकारबाट बाहिरिँदै

yo ghusya lai kina finance minister banna parne. information banera 70 crore lute hunna. I read somewhere, there is 100 billion worth projects pending. why dont he raise the project cost to 1000 billion and lote 900 billion and RAPE Nepal.

Commie has died all over the world, its already late to repeat history in Nepal.

sati ko sarap.
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'देशभरि घुमिराखेको छु, जनता कहीँ पनि खुशी देखिँदैनन्'

म त देशभरि घुमिराखेको छु | स्थानीय तहले, प्रदेशले र संघले लगाएको करले ढाड भाँच्चियो भन्ने जनताका गुनासा छन्

व्यवसायीहरू लगानी गर्नुभन्दा पनि अब के गर्ने भनेर टाउकोमा हात राखेर बसेका छन् | उहाँहरूसँग त मैले प्रत्यक्ष अन्तरक्रिया गरेको छु | कोही पनि खुशीजस्तो देखिँदैनन्

I have been saying this for almost 2 year. If they had listen to me, this day would not have come.

In Nepal, every body are sarbagyani. So you cant waste you precious time on those. Tragic- most of them have joined media and social media.

So when you find someone who keep on making one after another prediction correct- You keep on that person on close list. Its for you, not for that person. :mrgreen:
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नेकपामा भैंसेपाटीको असर : अल्पमतमा पर्‍यो ओली समूह !

प्रचण्ड पहिलो, ओली दोस्रो, माधव तेस्रो

भैंसेपाटीको साँठगाँठपछि सचिवालयका ९ नेताहरुमध्ये केपी ओली पक्षमा तीनजना र प्रचण्ड-माधव पक्षमा ६ जना उभिएका छन्

प्रचण्डको पक्षमा १८, माधवसँग १२केपी ओलीसँग १४ सदस्य छन्

स्थायी कमिटीमा प्रचण्ड-माधवको मत जोड्दा ३० पुग्छ, जुन अत्यधीक बहुमत हो

प्रचण्ड समूह मानेर विश्लेषण गर्दा यस समूहमा १८३ जना छन्

केपी ओली समूहको संख्या केन्द्रीय समितिमा १४० देखिएको छ

केन्द्रीय कमिटीमा माधव नेपाल समूहको उपस्थित २६ प्रतिशत अर्थात ११४ जना रहेको छ

Every top politician in Nepal is in minority in their party. So was KP Oli.

But KP Oli became super leader cause of public support, so he did not just controlled his party, prachanda used to lick his boot till KP Oli had public support. (Remember, how KP Oli humuliated Prachanda till a few year ago, Its pay back time from prachanda)

pakhe gai charaune aukat ko KP Oli, can win election by lying, but you can not run a country by lying for long.

Remember, how much support you got from share market before the election and how you humiliated share market after you joined the govt. how yuraj k fooled you into destroying share market.

Today, KP Oli govt lost almost all support from at least neutral public cause of the problem in the economy and share market and tax and disrespect/bullying from yuraj k and other advisers. (you fired two ministers who were problem too).

KP Oli destroyed everything. Other than KP Oli, Yuraj k is the no 1 reason, KP Oli lost every thing. Second is your main adviser.

KP Oli had a few clues those were saying Public is dissatisfied/angry with KP Oli govt-

- Share market was asking/begging for your help for a year and later turned against KP Oli. Remember what you said then, I remember, you said, go start alu kheti.

- People kept on saying, economy is in trouble and people are suffering and asking for your help for last 18 months.

- People were saying, tax was too high. Yuraj k had added more tax. Fire yuraj k. Remember what Yuraj k told people. I remember, he said, kamya pachi tax tirnu pardaina. (kati tirne tax? teska bau ko raiti ho public).

- When you fired your ministers, people asked you to fire yuraj k and your main adviser, but you did not listen. You thought you are god and you do what you want. Now pay!

Even after receiving so many clues about people's perception, you never tried to change your altitude/approach. Now pay!

Do you know why you never saw those clews??????? Cause you are 8 classe and you are arrogant.

I dont know, how late, this govt is to make change!
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केपी ओलीलाई विस्तारै साइड लगाउने प्रचण्डको यस्तो रणनीति

आफूलाई एक्ल्याइँदैछ भन्ने बुझेपछि ओलीले आफ्नो प्रधानमन्त्री पद यसपटक जोगाएका छन्, नेकपा स्रोतले भन्यो

अहिले नेकपाको केन्द्रीय कमिटी र स्थायी कमिटीमा प्रधानमन्त्री ओली अल्पमतमा छन्

आफू अध्यक्ष बनेपछि उपाध्यक्ष वामदेव गौतम, प्रधानमन्त्रीमा माधवकुमार नेपाल र राष्ट्रपतिमा झलनाथ खनाललाई बनाउने आश्वासन प्रचण्डले दिइसकेको स्रोतको दाबी छ

KP Oli wasted 2 year. People suffered during 2 year, mainly cause of the economy and people kept on telling KP Oli that they are suffering but instead KP Oli, yuraj k and his advisers threatened people.

Like all politicians, KP Oli too is in minority in his party. But due to the public support, he got super power and he threatened the same supporter. His dog yuraj k, treated the supporters of KP Oli like some crap.

Now pay price.

Its amazing, KP Oli and communist ready to go sati with yuraj k.

Communist party was ready to go sati with KP Oli.

Yuraj k, and other advisers have destroyed KP Oli and communist and Nepal.

KP Oli got a lot of support from share market. Share market had lot of hope from KP Oli, but yuraj k threatened them. Yuraj k stalled all the progress while on the outside he kept on lying. At least three individuals committed suicide.

Why Yuraj k more important than communist, kp oli, nepal? I have been asking this question for last 2 year.

Now pay the price.

I am the only one in the universe who has been warning about yuraj k and his policy and attitude from very early.

I am second to GOD. My free advised could have saved many's faith. But no body gives a shit about free advice and they themselves turn into a shit. :mrgreen:
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मन्त्रिमण्डल पुनर्गठनको अन्तिम तयारी: प्रदीप ज्ञवाली र गोकुल बाँस्कोटाबाहेक सबै 'रेड जोन'मा !

क्याबिनेटमा सेट नै परिवर्तनको तयारी, ओली र प्रचण्ड दुई-दुई मन्त्री जोगाउने रणनीतिमा

मन्त्रिहरुलाई दशैं मान्न दिने नीति अनुरुप ओलीले केही अघि नै मन्त्रिहरुको हेरफेरलाई थाती राखेका थिए | अब उनी तत्काल एक्सनमा जाने गरी तयारीमा जुटेका छन् |

चिनियाँ राष्ट्रपति फर्किएलगत्तै ओलीको मन्त्रि हटाउने तयारी किन

Shall we be able to celebrate dashain in Tihar !

Only option KP Oli, commie have to build economy is Surendra panday.
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चिनियाँ राष्ट्रपति सीको भ्रमणअघि नेकपामा 'सी विचारधारा'को बहस

- Xi understood the importance of wealth in the economy, while fighting trade war with US. So he motivated chinese companies to issue shares in China rather than outside china including US.

- To promote investment and IT, Xi started Chinese Nasdaq.

- Xi to fight trade war reduced taxes, pumped liquidity into banking sector.

- When their share market was crashing, Xi jailed who sold shares to crash the market, ban big investors from selling shares, further opened up share market, tied chinese market with japanese and other countries' market, ordered pension fund to buy more....

- Xi to increase economy, motivated consumers to spend more.

- Xi understood lately the importance of making bigger profit during trade war with US. So to increase profit of private sector, Xi closed down govt owned factories to reduce over production capacity.

While 8 classe, 10 classe, fake phd commie in Nepal are going backward.
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No wonder, Nepal is the most backward sh!thole in the world and there is no hope in foreseeable future.

((((I am the only one who can build Nepal and save nationalism.))))

When bureaucrats openly say, Nepal can not handle development and 8 classe dont think, that lowlife needs to be fired.

Yuraj K himself appointed another similar in CIT. I think, yuraj k took a big bribe to appoint that incompetent mf.

karki in SEBON said "Nepal can not handle foreign investor", Cit appointed by yuraj k said, who would take risk.

Are they joi of KP Oli? that is why KP Oli is not firing them?????

What kind of circus have you been running KP Oli? Bikas!!!!!!! sati ko sarap
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Its time, communist party think about Nepal , economy and most of all- their own party seriously.

If they keep on waiting for KP Oli's death, it will be too late for Nepal's economy, Nepal and worst of all, their won party.

I used to be hard core nationalist. Now, cause of yuraj k and Oli, I wont mind if haram modi takes over Nepal and save share market and nepal's economy.

KP Oli govt has destroyed the moral of Nepalese. If he is not taken down soon, communist party will pay big. Is KP Oli bigger than communist party, I know, Nepal, Nepal's economy is not their priority.

Yuraj k is the second biggest mistake of KP Oli. Yuraj K makes decision to satisfy his ego, to punish and revenge. Go talk to 1000 business men, investors and you will see how economy is being destroyed.

GDP growth figure is fake.
It looks growing cause, due to strict policy, a lot of underground have joined official economy.
GDP looks good cause of remittance, and that remittance is only making Indian economy great. Nepal is not getting benefit.
Go check real economic stake holder, and if you find trouble in economy fire KP Oli. Dont wait for his death. Every month matters.

This is not like the past. They brought down Oli govt when it was still popular. This time, many wants KP Oli to dies soon. This is huge. Majority of share investors and small and medium business community voted for UML. Next time, they will lose a lot of their vote. All cause of yuraj K.

Ram kumari jhakri is another liability in the making for Nepal and UML. Take care of her too.

You have no idea what economy is? what share market is? so shut up.
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Every decision of commie will take commie to one step closer to extinction.

They are almost extinct outside Nepal.

Never voting for commie again.

Commie mentality: parents should not help children. Govt should, with loot money (tax) from hard working parents.

Sab harami lai palne thekka mero ho????
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अर्थ मन्त्रालयले पुर्खौली सम्पत्ति नामसारी गर्दा उच्च कर लिने विभिन्न देशमा स्थापित अभ्यास अङ्गाल्नेबारे छलफल अगाडि बढाउने तयारी गरेको छ।अर्थमन्त्री युवराज खतिवडाका अनुसार यो अवधारणा अहिले प्रारम्भिक चरणमा छ

Good move by two third government to make KARODPATI middle class to ROADPATI lower class.
Those who voted NABA-SAMANTI are great !!!
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प्रधानमन्त्री पत्नी राधिका शाक्यको सात सय डलर बाटैमा लुटियो!

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नेवानि सुधारका लागि पूर्व सचिव सुशिल घिमिरेको संयोजकत्वमा सुझाव कार्यदल गठन

Nepal is destroyed by bureaucrats, so is NAC.

Now, same bureaucrat NAC is given to study the NAC.

And they ask, why Nepal is so sh!thole. (katai certain jat ko karan Nepal begraya ko ta haina?)

What kind of a circus have you been running KP Oli?????
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O tape KP Oli, you ran election in the name of creating job, Increasing GDP but your paap pakhe yuraj k only talks about TAX.

No wonder, economy is in trouble when goal itself is wrong.

Send yuraj k to some bhansar and make him some clerk.

Bring someone who would focus on creating job, GDP growth.
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ट्याक्सी दर्तामा संख्यात्मक बन्देज हटाउनुपर्छ: यातायातका डीजी कुमार दाहालको बिचार

do you know, why there is limit in taxi in ktm?
#R$#R pakhe

kasta kasta haru aucha des chalauna.

if i were running this country, many brain dead incompetent like this would have been fired just for speaking something really stupid and ignorant.

I would fire this brain dead pakhe too: बिग मर्जरमा तात्यो राष्ट्र बैंक: ०.१% माथि शेयर भएकाहरुको बिबरण माग्यो, सात दिनको समय

I think, banks should drag NRB to the court

What kind of a circus have you been running, KP Oli????
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म रवीन्द्र अधिकारीको उत्तराधिकारी : मन्त्री भट्टराई

This is Nepal. In order for one's faith to sparkle, someone has to die.

adhakari had to die to make bhatterai fortunate.

maharani's husband had to die in order for her to become president.

some netas had to die so that their wife could become samsad.

So now question is, who has to die to end the misery of Share investors?

Bureaucrats, mantirs, criminas???????????

O bhatterai baje, go to PATHIVARA to thank the goddess in jambo helicopter. and dont forget to take all mantirs along with you. I give you permission to Use tax payers money.
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नेप्से सीइओले भने-'कमिसन घटाउँदा ब्रोकर साथीहरुको आम्दानी घट्छ, यो काम गर्न सकिन्न'

tera bau lost 1000 arab in last 4 year, dekhanas.

tera malik may earned 1/2 arab less and all cause of tera mother ko malik. cause of brokers' manipulation, NEPSE crashed, and all are facing the consequence. No confidence in new investors.

If dalal commission is reduced, it could help increase transaction and ultimately increase dalal commission and govt revenue.

In come country, trading is free.

In the world, CIA crash share market to destroy the govt. same could be happening here.

Every body knows, this saud's bribe money was paid to sher bahadur's swasni to make him NEPSE CEO by brokers and 1000 gang.

And Idiot pakhe Oli cant see nothing. His 8 class certificate had blinded him.

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