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GDP of Nepal

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yuraj k increased tax on import and in response india increased tax on import from nepal too.

in the world, most of those countries which export a lot also imports a lot and their import tax is very low too.

kukur batho bhaya pachi gu khancha bhane ko yahe ho.

soon, yuraj k's fake export will nose dive. and will so called experts blame him????
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Imports decline by 10% and Exports up by 14% in first quarter of 76/77;Rs 35 arba duty collected on imports

---- I thought, increase export was a good sign, turned out its all due to palm oil export. They are not using palm export to laundry money are they???

I demand govt provide info on how they calculate GDP, GDP growth???

- Investment down,
- confidence negative
- business says, suffering
- import down
- export growth is suspicious.
- revenue growth down
- remittance growth nil

And still GDP growth 6/7% how come?????
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A new survey from consultancy McKinsey & Co has found that a majority of banks globally may not be economically viable because their returns on equity aren't keeping pace with costs.

When I say it, people may laugh, sad little men may go critic. Now, khaires' talking about it.

Average return of BFIs in Nepal is 25%, which is too low. Those BFIs whose EPS is below 25 should be forcefully merged.


I advised on #6 Fri Oct 04, 2019 1:01 pm

I believe Indian banking crisis would effect Nepal too, and I believe there are not many good economist in India. So to save Nepal, I would like to save indian banks. So how to save banks:

4: Increase profit of Bfis.
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One of the reason, Nepal have been getting 6% growth was huge growth in remittance. It used to grow, what, 10/25%.

Now, growth is zero. What would happen?

Yuraj k or govt had no contribution towards 6% growth, now with zero percentage remittance growth leading to lower GDP growth, how would yuraj k explain.

४ वर्षपछि पहिलोपटक घट्यो रेमिट्यान्स

I blame, bista, labor minister.

When he was hydro minister 7 year ago, we had long load shedding, we still importing a lot of electricity.

alchina bista now has destroyed labor market.


What is banking/money/wealth????

Let's skip basics.

How money is created?

Let's say,

A- deposits 100 money in the bank.

B- borrows 100 money from the bank.

C- gets paid by B 100, which C deposits into the Bank.

Here, new 100 is being created.

What if, we eliminate-

1: A- Those who see economy as black and white- those so called experts in Nepal, social media expert, bhatti ma guff dine haru.......... may say, if there is no A, there is no bank.

But that is not true, if somebody creates credit, or let's say, govt lends money to bank then Bank can exist, and banking system can be created.

So A is really not important.

2: B- B has been targeted, attacked from govt, nrb, bfis, society for last 3 year. What if B is eliminated?

I say, if there is no B, there is no bank, there is no money created, no wealth created, no banking system exists.

Banking system, money, wealth creation is all possible when B, takes loan, and pay the loan to creditors and pay back interest to bank.

Without them, Banking system wont exist. No money is created. We would be living in barter system. Do we want that? NO.

Let's say, can A create money? Let's see,

What if A pays D salary, make payment? Would it creates wealth, money? NO.

Why? A paying D means, A taking out deposit from Bank and paying to D. Means, no more money is created, only there is transfer of money, not money created. No new deposit will increase in Bank.

3: C- C is A here, so C is not important.

Let's talk about Govt? Can govt revenue create wealth? No, why? Govt getting revenue means, somebody taking out deposit and paying to govt, and govt paying means same, taking out deposit and paying to creditor.

So govt, also cant create wealth?

Which makes, borrower God in banking system. Without Borrowers banking system cant work, no wealth/new money is created.

If borrower cant make enough profit, there is no interest payment, no payment to creditors and no money is created, no wealth is created, no economy prosperity. There will be depression. Depositors would loose their deposit.

And there will be liquidity crisis.

And still, borrowers are being targeted by govt, yuraj k, chirinjivi nepal, d governors, bifs, society, social media, so called expert.

I never remember, what I said above, reading in school economic book. Reading comments from govt, yuraj k, chirinjivi nepal, d governors, bifs, society, social media, so called expert------- it is clear non of them knows what I talked about above.

Bankers are so pathetic, there was one ad from NBL recently, which says- dont invest, just deposit money in NBL a/c.
If there is no investor, borrower, there is no banking. And that person behind that ad has become CEO of NBL today. Sati ko sarap.

Yuraj k, chirinjivi nepal said "dont take loan, dont invest, dont take risk....... just deposit money in the bank".

And they are, were Governor of NRB. Sati ko sarap.

I hope, they gave same advise to officials at world bank during their recent visit.

Now, I want my Nobel prize. By the way, those three, who received Nobel prize, do know, what I said above????? From, One line news about them, I think there research was based on donation, freebees. No creating wealth, not making people rich.
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People dont listen to me in Nepal but here is what Bloomberg wrote, like what I have been saying about Nepal's import - about like Indian import:

India Trade Gap Narrows to Seven-Month Low as Demand Ebbs

Exports fell 6.6% on-year in September, imports down 13.9%

Some in Nepal are happy when trade gap narrowed due to import downfall. But in India they are worried. Economic problem is worst than trade gap (at least for short and mid term). Cause you can manage trade gap if you play right but if people are poorer, govt has to face revolution.
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Only a handful hotels in Pokhara have good occupancy

"It is not that the guests have not arrived but we have not been able to feel as if they have arrived."

He said the number of hotels has increased and the sharing of tourists might be the reason for fewer guests. "The guests have spread out at different big hotels built around Pokhara," he told Republica, "Medium-sized hotels are struggling,"

---------- I have been warning about this over investment since last three year, since chirinjivi nepal, of NRB introduced his second monitory policy.

When our liquidity crisis started, NRB kept on preventing flow of fund into other sector of the economy and focused on so called productive sector, which have always been handful.

Almost all supported this policy, they even told govt to reduce flow of fund to other sector, more and sent it to so called productive sector.

I am the only one in the whole wide universe who warned not to do so. I have been telling, all sector of the economy is important. Only under investment and over investment is bad. Now, after three year, I turned out to be right. I am the only one who turned out to be right. In the whole world. Its not easy to be alone in the world of 7+ billion. But, I am the only one who turned out to be right.

And still, people go after what so called Nobel prize winner has to say, instead of listening to me.

Nobel prize, previously used as a weapon in color revolution. Lately, they look like, using in indopacific.

Today, I read somewhere, Chicken is about to cost as much as vegetable.

They (govt/NRB/society/BFIs) have been forcefully injecting liquidity/loan into agriculture. I warned about this too, for last three year and today too.

Over investment in agriculture is more dangerous than over investment in other sector. One bad season is enough to destroy the industry and banking sector. Which I have been warning for last three year.

Nepalese, so called biddwan, sarbagyani in media and social media may not agree, but, let me say- margin loan is the only loan where bfis could lend freely at this time, most of other sectors are in over capacity. Share market can easily consume 1000 billion. Trust your's truly. instead of fake nobel prize winners.

'अर्थतन्त्रमा सकारात्मक संकेत देखिन थाल्यो, तरलता अभाव चिन्ताको विषय हो,' शेखर गोल्छाको लेख

I thought he would say, business is improving. Turned out he is talking about same data all are watching.

No, reduction in import does not mean our economy is improving. import is not being replaced by production. consumers have become poorer.
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Trump economic adviser says delisting Chinese companies is off the table

Look how important share market is.

Investment in companies by public, mutual fund, pension fund is.

Importance of wealth is.

Why US does not want to delist Chinese company? Why China wants their companies to inlist inside china? Why other share market want to bring Chinese and other companies to list their share in their share market?

Only commie, yuraj k, KP Oli are dumb. World knows the importance of share market.

I wrote few days ago: Sat Sep 28, 2019 12:47 pm

Trump threatening to delist Chinese companies from US share market. (look how important share market is, yuraj k and KP Oli).

But trump is too dumb. What if they delist them, its US investors who will loose, what will chinese listed company loose, nothing.

And China will be happy if he delist them. China is trying to make chinese company list their share in China. Cause of international law, and if China bans chinese company from listing outside china, world wont trust china, so china cant prevent chinese company go to public outside china, which china wants by the way to force them to list in china cause of importance of wealth and helping their people to invest in business.

And Trump just helped Chinese govt in their goal of making Chinese company list their shares inside China.
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Cont ....

8: No increasing in productivity- investment in that sector- but investment by already existing companies in new technology should be welcome.
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After Nepal's economy, I know more about US economy. I even know chinese economy more than Indian economy. Its' been years I stopped following indian tv. World does not care about Indian economy.

Indian economy is growing at 5% and projection of the year is 7%, which is better than Nepal's economy but they are talking about slowing down of economy, even talking about economic crisis.

In Nepal. Some are talking about economic problem. But yuraj k says it grew at 7%, every thing is fine. Learn from US and chinese and indian economy. Their GDP growth are great and talking about crisis in a year. And they are already making decisions to tackle their incoming crisis. In Nepal, yuraj k says, everything is fine. Just like commie. They wont see the crisis until millions are dead.

About Banking crisis in India. (I believe, banking crisis in India is more problematic for Nepal and economic crisis in India, Banking crisis do lead to economic crisis and vice versa).

I read a week ago, Indian NPL is close to 10%, most of those NPL is from cooperative.

Its amazing, idiots politicians from both commie and congress are pushing for three pillar economy- including cooperative. Why, they used to feed their dogs from INgo, ngo money, which must be running out, now they wants to feed them with cooperative money.

Communist are dead in the world, in Nepal they are alive cause they buy votes and cadres using Ingo, ngo money and govt money and cooperative money. Just like in India, in Nepal too, its cooperative will bring banking crisis far more than other Bfis. and its yuraj k who been promoting cooperative, cause he is corrupt and brain dead.

I believe Indian banking crisis would effect Nepal too, and I believe there are not many good economist in India. So to save Nepal, I would like to save indian banks. So how to save banks:

1: Which ever economic sector is pressuring banking sector, create more demand in those sector.

2: Send companies in those sectors into merger and acquisition even before they go bankrupt. If there are too many BFIs, send them to merger too. Companies using old technology, inefficient should be closed through merger, acquisition.

3: Reduce interest rate.

4: Increase profit of Bfis.

5: Increase liquidity in the BFIs.

6: Assure depositors that govt guarantees their deposit. If there is panic, it will create more damage than NPL.

7: Teach society, dont run after high interest rate on deposit. If interest rate on deposit is high, ultimately, it will collapse the bfis and forget about interest, they wont even get their deposit bank.

Banking crisis could come in Nepal too due to monitory policy and high interest rate. And cause of cooperative. It is just a matter of time, cooperative will collapse. Some have already collapsed in last few years. Its cause politicians are looting through cooperative. Burn politicians inside cooperative if you loose money in cooperative. Fixing interest rate of 16% in cooperative is good for cooperative. Cause borrowers are more likely to be able to pay 16% than 20%, which decrease NPL.

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US economy have been growing at one of the highest pace for last few decades.

And still, majority of economist there are saying, there is high chance of recession in 2020.

In Nepal, yuraj k/govt think 6/7% growth is great going. No problem.

I say, we are going through depression. Growth is cause of underground economy joining mainstream economy due to tighter regulation.

If underground economy have lost 200 billion and another 200 billion joined mainstream economy, it looks like, technically we are growing. but in reality, people are suffering. Underground economy is the main source of income for poor and middle class. communist will pay in Next election.

I did advise to bring most of the underground economy into mainstream economy through 10 year plan by reducing tax.

Dont tell me, I did not warn.
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Govt say, Nepal's GDP growth was 7%, some say it was a fake, and real is 6%. What ever the no is, its is good growth buy what is the contribution of Yuraj K in 7% or 6% GDP growth????

What ever growth there was, its due to previous govt not trying to kill people. Yuraj k's work will be seen this year.

Since yuraj k has negative contribution to the economy, other reason wont help him in achieving high GDP growth this year. Like- this year's rain is not good for agriculture, end of over investment in so called productivity- their capacity has already crossed over capacity by a huge margin- which I had been warning since last 3 years against NRB monitory policy and later fiscal and budget of yuraj k.

Now comes, what I want to talk about. If yuraj k had been finance minister of advanced economy, their economy would already have gone into depression. even indian economy would have gone into recession. Cause Nepal's economy is dependent on remittance, our economy has not totally crashed, at least outside. Inside, its in depression, that is why Nepalese are angry and ground for revolution already there, only waiting for a trigger.

What I meant is, till now remittance growth is just 2%, so nothing is helping yuraj k to hide is incompetence this year. In the past, condition which he has no control over like- rain, remittance growth, previous year's activity had been helping high GDP growth. This year, non is there. And malemchi, tamakoshi will be completed late so it wont help in the economy for Yuraj k to lie to KP Oli and other commies.

Malaysia contract, I dont think it will help to increase remittance soon enough for Yuraj k who has 5 more month.

If yuraj k fools KP Oli using Malaysia remittance will help GDP growth, KP Oli should ask Yuraj k, what is your contribution on Malaysia.

Labor minsiter bista destroyed Malaysia deal, now he has reversed his stand. Bista should be fired too. Bista is the second worst after yuraj k in this ministry.

I believe, this year's GDP growth will be around 1.5% less than last year's GDP. Some say it was 6% some say 7%. I said 5.5%.
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there was in one media in Nepal, who wrote about tax reduction in India and its effect in Nepal: It will reduce and promote capital flight away from Nepal and increase import and decrease export.

I totally agree.

yestai bela we have a brain dead finance minister, so we are totally under pashupati nath ko cripa.

He is never gonna see problem (which we already been suffering) and when he does, it will already be too late. and our political class, they are 8 class, 10 class and all pakhes.

Nepal is indeed, sati ko sarap.

what has been happening in Nepal, pre great depression, history is repeating.

In US just before great depression, when every one was asking their president to intervene, their president said, every thing is fine, its normal.

Just like yuraj k and other politicians are saying, every thing is fine in Nepal. Those GDP growth is fake, every other indecator says, economy is in depression. investment, fdi. ....

I am sure MAO must have said every thing is fine, just before 10s of millions of chinese were killed by famine. Just like yuraj k and other politicians are saying in Nepal.

I am sure commie leader in USSR must had said, every think is find just before millions died in USSR due to famine.

Remittance is the one reason, 10s of thousands are not dying in Nepal. And Yuraj k has no contribution in our positive economy and all the contribution towards negative economy for last 19 month, or I should say, last 15/20 year, since he is the one who been drafting policy from behind for our politician.
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विकास नयाँ जुत्ताजस्तै हो, एकैदिनमा हुँदैन: अर्थमन्त्री खतिवडा

He is about to waste 2 year.

KP Oli can still save 5 month from that 2 year.

During last 17 month, Nepal could have lost more than 200 billion from economy, underground economy.

Due to tighter regulation and higher tax, underground economy could have lost 200 billion and another 200 billion could have joined main stream economy.

200 joining main stream could have helped in showing GDP growth, technically but loosing 200 of underground economy is recession, more like depression.

Poor and middle class depend on underground economy for living. Communist will pay in next election.

In US and EU too they have around 15% underground economy. They bureaucrats dont go after that economy, they say, it will harm their economy, and job for poor.

They unofficially say, they look the other way regarding underground economy.

Most of the underground economy should have be brought into mainstream economy under 10 year plan, not through one year plan. Like I suggested when KP Oli was elected.
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गुणस्तरको झगडाले फुट्यो सिमेन्ट उत्पादक संघ, डेढ दर्जन सदस्यको राजिनामा

remember, I said, over investment due to chirinjibi nepal's second monitory policy to cut funding of other sectors and injecting it to so called productive sector will lead to problem in economy and lead to over production in so called productive sector like cement.

Then, yuraj k followed same in his fiscal and monitory policy (he influenced in monitory policy).

Then I said, when there is so much over capacity, there will be price war, and companies will suffer and then they will start adulteration.
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I believe, I got the clear picture about Yuraj k's intention and plan for the economy.

A receipt for disaster.

1: Nepal needs to invest X amount of money to have X percentage of growth.

Just like I have been saying. Just spending X amount of money wont bring in X percentage of growth if you spend on wrongly.

Cause of that mentality, Today, have over production. We have to invest in right area. And diverting investment from ongoing area to another area will lead to collapse in first area and over production in diverted area.

3 year of bad monitory policy of chirinjivi nepal and one year of bad fiscal policy of yuraj k, today we are seeing problems in out economy. But yuraj k and chirinjivi nepal still have not seen it.

When I was a kid, I was told, In US, govt pays farmers to not to work. Why, cause over production leads to price collapse and which lead to collapse of the whole industry.

If you pay 1 billion to not produce 5 billion to save 100 billion industry. Here, paying 1 billion saves 100 billion industry. Those were the times in US when US was truly a capitalist country. Today, fools rules. They have already borrowed 105% govt loan just to drop bomb in other countries. In Nepal, yuraj k has been borrowing so that KP Oli can build billion worth of watch tower and ride crores worth of car for KP Oli and his b!tches.

Both, under production and over production is bad for economy.

But, idiot commie and socialist think over production is good for the economy.

2: Govt and privates sectors should invest 50/50.

Private sectors are suppose to invest far more than govt. Govt's investment is always wasted. Govt has diverted more than 20% of development fund to chitwan and KP Oli's area whose population is around 5%.

How much GDP contribution have chitwan and Oli's area been giving, how much revenue those areas been generating? Probably less than 3% and now getting more than 20% of funding. This is staling food from gold egg laying hen and feeding to a rock. Communism.

Private sector invests in where there is feasibility. In case of govt, unless, its is a basic need, other investment are total waste. Even roads and bridge to nowhere.

Cause of bad policy of Yuraj k, we have highest tax in the history of Nepal. Nepal's tax had always been super high since democracy.

Somebody in this forum shared the link about a year ago about co relation between tax and economy. Now, yuraj k has proven it right. Even after increasing tax, tightening policy, changing formula- tax collection growth rate has decreased..

.. which means people have become poorer and economic activity have shrunk. Majority of Nepalses know it, but 8 classe KP Oli still in his wet dream and his team.

Too bad, KP Oli wont be alive to watch, how he killed communist in Nepal.

Thu Sep 12, 2019 8:13 pm

I believe, I got the clear picture about Yuraj k's intention and plan for the economy.

The receipt for disaster. But since, his is the guest for 5 more month, so no more big damage will be done- those already not happened except for further crash of NEPSE, and more reason for death of communist from Nepal.

1: Nepal needs to invest X amount of money to have X percentage of growth. (as if, economy, economic growth is that simple).

2: Govt and privates sectors should invest 50/50. (he is too dumb to see what is the flaw in this)

I am going to analyse about above two plan of yuraj k tomorrow. Let all know, you analysis.

Regarding view about share market of yuraj k,

I think its all about jealousy of Yuraj k for his share investor friend. He keeps on talking how he made more money by depositing in FD while his friend lost money in share market.

I think he wants to destroy his friend. May be his friend is more successful in life as well as economically. has a better looking wife.

Yuraj k needs to die.

I warned about current crisis of economy and share market during monitory and budget years ago. Finally some are beginning to see the crisis and its bureaucracy and yuraj k who still have not seen it. And KP Oli is just 8 class pass who is surrounded by brain dead and being fooled by yuraj k and no one around KP Oli who can tell KP Oli that yuraj k has been fooling KP Oli.

All they had to ask Yuraj K is, if economy is doing so well,

-- Why have you changed secretaries twice in 18 month????

-- And why are business community, investors been complaining????

You dont need to be god of Economics to ask those questions.
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continue ............

from simrik ji post

अर्थमन्त्री खतिवडा भन्छन् : अर्थतन्त्र कहाँ बिग्रिएको छ ? खुला बहस गरौं

-- Srawan bhari ma 2% bikas budget ni use garna sakenan fataha haru ley.

-- Purba ma fauji kira ley sabai baali binash.

Yuraj k will used this to fool KP Oli and other netas when real crashing of economy due to yuraj k factor will be seen this year. Whatever 6% or 7% GDP growth there was last year, it was cause of previous year's work not yuruaj k's work.

-- Remittance growth last year justo nahola

every year, growth will fall.

-- PAN ley garda borders ma sabai Indian and Bangladeshi lai rojgaar. India ko seventh largest remittance provider is no other than Nepal. We remit them more than Great Britain. Official stat is more than $3 billion(2017 figure). We officially got close to $8 billion from all our Nepalese youth all around the world.

-- With so many tax scheme and regulations and karmachari ko lutai, I think people don't want to manufacture. Service and consumption will be even larger part of the economy this year than previous year.

-- Huge budget deficit

Last year, yuraj k took far more loan than mentioned in the budget, this year, its going to be massacre.

-- Just in the last budget year, they raised National debt by 14%

Looks like in US, they used national debt to finance in war. in Nepal, yuraj k increased national debt more but no exceptional contribution to the economy. just to buy crores worth cars for himself and his malik;

-- Earthquake ko reconstruction ni almost over, no more positive economic effects from there

-- Regulations and uncertainies ley kasailai kaam garne ichyya chaina. The FM and government official changes rules overnight or make unclear policies letting beauracrats have power over manufacturers and industrialists.

I have been warning about his since yuraj k's first budget and chirinjibi nepal's second monitory policy.

-- There are about 1.5 million shareholders, which is close to 5 percent of the population. Making them feel poor is not good for overall economy.

Now wonder, US, China, Russia, India, Pakistan and almost all govt intervene when there is share market crisis in their country. But yuraj k knows everything. govt in those countries, economic experts in those countries are dumb.

Last budget, the Govt plans to fund it by raising 500 Arab internal and external loan. They are raising 200 Arab from the internal market. Not good for stocks.

Actually its good for stocks. Those loan are from treasury. And banks buy those treasury from 20% ccd ratio they have to maintain. which means, money becomes more efficient instead of being lucked up.
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Es Paali ta bijog nai hola just chha arthtantra.

1. Srawan bhari ma 2% bikas budget ni use garna sakenan fataha haru ley.

2. Purba ma fauji kira ley sabai baali binash.

3. Remittance growth last year justo nahola.

4. PAN ley garda borders ma sabai Indian and Bangladeshi lai rojgaar. India ko seventh largest remittance provider is no other than Nepal. We remit them more than Great Britain. Official stat is more than $3 billion(2017 figure). We officially got close to $8 billion from all our Nepalese youth all around the world.

5. I don't understand why our young men go to Malaysia. We need to train them to become carpenters, electricians, plumbers, machinists, welders and farmers. All of them good money making trade. Malaysia janey deal gardai chha Bista sir ley. Malaysia pathaune hoina, Malaysia bata lyauney tarkhar garnu paryo. 1 lakh Nepali lai 2 lakh per head diney garera(passport sarkar lai dinu parne 5 years ko lagi), Gaau ma gayera Agriculture garne gari government ley deal garyo bhaney, its gonna cost government only 20 Arab per year. Do this for another 5 years, we can bring all Nepalese from Malaysia. Ahile government is spending just 7.7 billion on so called rail, mono-rail. 5 Arab on Pradhanmantri rojgaar. More than 20 Arab in Constituency Development Fund( 6 corore per MP). So, there is enough money to make this happen if we get rid of these stupid programs.

6. Less FDI than previous year.

7. With so many tax scheme and regulations and karmachari ko lutai, I think people don't want to manufacture. Service and consumption will be even larger part of the economy this year than previous year.

8. Huge budget deficit.

9. Last budget, the Govt plans to fund it by raising 500 Arab internal and external loan. They are raising 200 Arab from the internal market. Not good for stocks.

10. Just in the last budget year, they raised National debt by 14%.

11. Dengue epidemic is gonna affect the GDP growth. Hospital owners/lab owners/pharmacists will make a killing.

12. Earthquake ko reconstruction ni almost over, no more positive economic effects from there.
Nothing positive about economy. Manche haru haresh nai khai sakey. Regulations and uncertainies ley kasailai kaam garne ichyya chaina. Baru lagani garne paisa ko interest collect garera basnu thik chha, yesto des ma. The FM and government official changes rules overnight or make unclear policies letting beauracrats have power over manufacturers and industrialists. The FM doesn't understand the share market. There are about 1.5 million shareholders, which is close to 5 percent of the population. Making them feel poor is not good for overall economy.

I think securities board should stop new IPO issuance. I hear everyday, new laghu bittas and hydros issuing shares for the next 2 years. We really don't need that many Financial institutions and Hydros. Arka barsa dekhi bidhut pradhikaran ghata ma pugna ber chaina. PPA garera aako energy kata bechne hola.
Telecom lai I think Chaudhary and Ncell are trying to kill. I think Chaudhary and Ncell will bring 5G to the market in the next few years, while NTC is trying to go from 3G to 4G just now. Ani, worldwide growth cycle end ma auna khojda, tourism ra remittance ni decrease hola. Balance of payment is messed up too. Khoi, high inflation, high interest rate, slow growth, long bear market ma pariyela justo chha next several years. Khoi someone make me positive, give some insights, give me some good aspects of the economy. And sorry for the rambling.
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Continue .....................

a couple more

अर्थमन्त्री खतिवडा भन्छन् : अर्थतन्त्र कहाँ बिग्रिएको छ ? खुला बहस गरौं

-- turnover of secretaries at finance minister

If finance minister is doing great job then why did he change secretaries twice in 18 month.

The latest finance sectary seemed better than his predecessor. Why did yuraj k fired him? Did he manipulated 6% GDP growth to 7% or he declined to manipulate 6% GDP growth to 7% ordered by yuraj k?

You cant fool every one like you have been fooling 8 classe 10 classe ministers in the cabinet.

-- Yuraj K's first program and policy

During yuraj k's first program and policy more than a year ago, he said all the economic and financial indicators were in dire state.

Before him, there was 4 classe finance minister and another probably SLC pass. And they gave GDP growth (i think 7.4%) which was far higher than yuraj K's first manipulated GDP growth of 7.1% (they say, it gdp growth should be around 6% had not been manipulated just like modi did).

If previous year's GDP growth was better than last year's manipulated GDP growth, as per yuraj k, last year's economic/financial indicators/positions was worse than previous year's financial/economic indicators which was in near death- as per yuraj k himself.

Yuraj k cant fool everyone like you been fooling 8 classe's cabinet members whose aukat is not more than that of bharya.
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Somebody publish this in National media and keep it in archive for students of economics and management. This should help humanity.

अर्थमन्त्री खतिवडा भन्छन् : अर्थतन्त्र कहाँ बिग्रिएको छ ? खुला बहस गरौं

O boy! Let's see,


Nepal receives probably the least FDI in the world not including countries in war. Even syria receives more FDI than Nepal from russia, iran, china.

And still, under yuraj k/KP Oli, FDI fall by huge percentage. If this had been happening in civilized country or even in Indai, somebody would have got fired.

After investment forum, yuraj k said, it was a huge successful and will bring in huge investment. where is it? have you been fooling 8 classe KP Oli or Nepalese or yourself.

You think, GDP will grow, job be created when investment is down?????

- Domestic investment

How much Domestic investment, nepalese invested???? And what ever were invested, went to industry which have been suffering from over investment due to forced investment policy/monitory policy of yuraj k and NRB.

You think, GDP will grow, job be created when investment is down?????

- Banking loan

Till last year, we were suffering from liquidity crisis. Now loan demand is very low. Idiot bankers say, there will be demand after dashain. I say, there wont.

When interest rate is high, when economy is in trouble, and all those so called productive sector which demands funding, mostly, are running on over production. You think there will be good demand for loan? I dont think so.

Only area where loan can be injected is share market. But every one in Nepal, including bankers, nrb, yuraj k are dumb to see it.

And when loan demand is low, there is low investment and You think, GDP will grow, job be created when investment is down?????

- Suppliers, manufacturers are saying, creditors are not paying back money in time, taking too long time.

What does that mean? It means customers are weak/poor. Until they pay back, there wont be more demand from them, which means GDP will fall further. Sales will fall further.

Which means, money circulation is slowing. which means no more job creation, no more production. Which means more people will get poorer, which means revenue will fall.

All due to increment in tax on both producer and consumer. And due to lost of confidence.

- Share market

Do you think, govt in US, China, Russia, pakistan, India are dumb that is why they give so much importance to their share market????

Govt in pakistan, russia, china all fired their share market authority when their market crashed.

US govt secretly buys shares to prevent crash. I am sure all others civilized govt do same.

China even banned big players from selling shares and jailed them when their market crashed.

Are they fools????? m0r0n yuraj k.

Nepal share market lost 1000 billion. When people loose that kind of money? do you think those people would invest in industries, consumption. When investment, consumption fall, what happens to economy, GDP??? down down???? Common sense! do you have commonsense mf. do you understand basics of economics, mf?/??

- Custom Tax

Custom duty of last month fell even after increasing tax, tightening taxation, changing formula. What does that mean?

Let me tell you, in the language retard like you understand. After all those tax increment, tightening, changing formula- custom duty collection falling means-

Last year we used to import 100 shirts, and this month we are importing only 80 shirts. What does that mean?

It means, Some where 5/10 Nepalese wont be wearing new shirt this dashain. Which means, People are poorer and some people are broke.

Which means, in Next election commie will be killed by Nepalese. And too bad, KP Oli wont be alive to see result of his present action- him eradicating communist from Nepal.

- Many say, their business is down after KP Oli govt from previous years.

If that is not slowing down of economy, than what is? if that is not poverty increment that what is???? are you a m0ron????

- Total loss of Confidence.

Good student of economics/management well understands the importance of confidence in economy, business, share market.

Lost confidence is far worse than problem itself.

Collapse is caused due to the loss in confidence rather than problem itself.

Problem creates recession, lost confidence turns recession into depression, deep depression.

If we get recession, yuraj k, chiringivi nepal, other bureaucrats turn it into great depression.

That is why civilized countries like US intervenes before their share market crash.

That is why civilized countries intervene before their economy crash like through reduction of interest, reducing tax, injecting liquidity.

Because, when share market in Nepal was crashing, bureaucrats kept on telling politicians, its normal for share market to crash. and investors lost confidence. now share market in Nepal is in total collapse and still yuraj k still does not see it. and still he acts as sarbagyani. you are the dumbest economist in the history of nepal.

if you were finance minister or governor in civilized country or even in India, their economy, share market would have fell into depression by now.

what kind of an idiot still does not get that our economy, share market is in real trouble?

लगानीकर्तालाई सेयर बजारमात्र उकास्ने चिन्ता छ तर मलाई सिंगो अर्थतन्त्र : अर्थमन्त्री

Look Idiot, share market is totally connected with the economy in civilized world. in Nepal, it is not connected that is why we need reform in the share market. And we need our demands to be met which was put forward and accepted by finance minister which yuraj k has been blocking.

by the way, share market knew what kind of a person yuraj k was. that is why share market crashed from 1500 to 1100 as soon as KP Oli appointed him.

When KP Oli won, Nepse did increase from 1200 to 1500. Before which NEPSE crashed from 1900 to 1200 because prior govt ignored the problem.

KP Oli promised to help share market before the election. He fooled all of us.

Hope KP Oli dies long painful death. alchina.

Too bad, he wont be alive to see the death of communist in Nepal.

I dont want yuraj k to improve economy and share market after he is convinced, they are in trouble. I want yuraj k to be fired or resign.

Even better, kill your self. sati ko sarap.
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सरकारले उडन्ते गफ गर्यो, ७ प्रतिशतको आर्थिक वृद्धिदरमा सत्यता छैन् : डा. महत

उनले आर्थिक वृद्धिदर ७ प्रतिशत हाँसिल गरेको भन्ने वर्तमान सरकारको दाबीमा पनि सत्यता नरहेको जिकिर गरे | उनले भने,'सालाखाल ६ प्रतिशत वृद्धि भएको छ | ६ प्रतिशत वृद्धि हुनुपनि राम्रै कुरा हो, तर कसरी ७ प्रतिशत वृद्धिद्धर हाँसिल भयो भन्ने कुरा मैले बुझेको छैन् |' उनकाअनुसार वर्तमान सरकारले अहिलेपनि तल्लो तहसम्मै तथ्यांक बढाईचढाई गर्न दबाब दिएको आशंका छ

And remember, that 6% growth is due to previous year's work, not yuraj k's work. yuraj k's destruction of our economy will be seen this year.

Since, melemchi wont be completed in time, and tamakoshi will be very late and they are saying there wont be enough rain so yuraj k's destruction wont be hidden by those three factors.

Your are going down MF as the worst finance minister in the history of Nepal. Remember, before him, we had 4/10 classe finance ministers. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Tue Aug 20, 2019 4:27 pm

Somewhere I read, yuraj k changed the method to count GDP growth. Is it true? Because they changed it, GDP growth looked higher. If they had used older method, It would have been 6% which is close to my prediction of 5.5%.

Any body have any Idea???/

Is KP Oli trying to fool Nepalese are Yuraj k fooling KP Oli??????

Real GDP growth could be negative. There seems to be positive growth due to remittance and due to strict policy, more underground economy could have joined mainstream.

Even though there is GDP growth, more people have become poorer under KP Oli/Yuraj K's raj.
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यात्रु नपाएपछि हवाई कम्पनीबीच भाडा घटाघट, पोखराको हवाई टिकट १७ सय रुपैयाँमा बिक्री - bholi breakfast pokhara tira janu parla jasto cha. I yuraj k had not broke me, I would have tried to save airlines of Nepal.

Another over invested sector. this is what happens when you cut the flow of fund to one sector and direct toward few other sectors.

The sectors which got squeezed looses good paying job/customer and handful of those who received over flow of fund by force start to produce in over capacity.

Less customer and over capacity. Economy waiting for disaster. Thanks to yuraj k, NRB and motivated by sarbagyani in social media and media. including so called economic expert who are not.

Dont tell me I did not warned you years back during chirinjivi nepal's second monitory policy.

ब्रोकर कमिशन तत्काल यसरी घटाऔं, पूँजी बजारलाईं जोगाऔं
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In the world, unnecessary regulation is not just bad for business, In Nepal, yuraj k has introduce not just regulations but direct blockade in business which will eventually lead to technical recession (i believe our real economy is in recession) .............. like needing to take permission to from IRD to get loan. First time borrower, instead of going to IRD, they rather not take loan. Or take loan from loan shark.

And it will lead to recession. And Nepal will never get out of poverty. There is no single business man who are capable, and due to yuraj k, new cant enter. So nepal becomes hopeless.

Nepal's agriculture have zero future in international market except for herbs.

-Because of politics, like farmers, to feed their family, instead of increasing no of cows to increase income, politician increase price of milk. and due to that milk in nepal cost similar to that of US.

- Because of high tax including custom tax, cost of living in Nepal is very high, so farmers need more revenue so price of agriculture is very high.

- cause of high tax and due to high tax cost of living is high too, so cost of transportation is very high, probably the highest in the world.

-geography, leads to high cost of agriculture and transportation and prevents mass agriculture.

-soil, altitude lead to low productivity. I wonder our fruits/vegetable/grain have herbal quality like apple. if no, hopeless to sell at high price.

Danger of over investment in agriculture (too much pushing of loan/investment) is higher than over investment in likes of cement.

- In Cement, they say, there is 50% over investment and in two year there will be double in production capacity.
Due to demand growth, cement's over production will be consumed in 6/7 year if there is no more addition of production. Till then, life will be hard for them.

- But in agriculture, if there is over investment which leads to over production, and which will collapse the whole industry within one season. Which makes over investment in agriculture far more dangerous than in likes of cement or hydro industry.

On season is enough to destroy agriculture industry as well as banking sector and the economy. And still NRB, yuraj k try to push loan into agriculture too hard.

Our economy is already suffering, if yuraj k stay in power for 10 year, 10s of thousands will die just like millions died in ussr, china due to famine cause by commie policy.
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Just too much uncertainty and regulations in the economy.
We survived the insurgency, the blockade, the Earthquake and the two decades were lost in infighting. However, the Communist Government with no money to show for but too ambitious tax goals and social insurance programs may finally f**k us up big time.
In few years we will be in IMF's doorsteps on our Knees asking to suck their **ck, pleading for dollar infusion. I was very optimistic about Nepal's prospect a year and half back. I saw many electricity projects coming into pipelines, tourism finally starting to grow and remittance bringing in needed dollars. Now, I am not as hopeful as I was then. Government policies are just too restrictive and and with no time to adjust for economic players.
We should focus more on Tourism, Hydro and Agriculture. We can have small bespoke industries in handicrafts and some niche manufacturing. However, we can't compete with the likes of China in manufacturing, Bangladesh and China in garments and textiles. A small Dutch nation exported more than 100 billion worth of Agricultural products in 2017. Imagine, us doing 1/10th of that. That is as much as what we brought in remittance last year.

I will make another point. I think we are making over investment in Hydros like many others are saying in this forum. There is a talk about cross border transfer of power to India and Bangladesh. I don't think it will pan out just because India will not be as cooperative as we believe. We have people in our country who doesn't want power lines in their streets. How can we build a transnational transmission line through very densely populated area in Bihar? Also, read the linked article. Indians are already building coal powered plants to supply Bangladeshis with all the power they need. I don't think they would like the competition from Nepal.

Best thing we can do in the near future is to focus on Agriculture, Tourism and foreign employment albeit to the destinations with higher pay.
On Agriculture, we can provide tax incentives and easing land rules for businesses to start commercial farming, fisheries and meat production.
On Tourism, we need to complete Lumbini and Pokhara airport and facelift TIA, ASAP. We should focus on Hindu and Buddhist populations from South Asia, South East Asia and North East Asia.
On foreign employment, the Govenment should open labor offices in all major cities in the Middle East and Malaysia, bargain collectively for safety and minimum wages and other protections for our workers. We should also beg Japanese and South Koreans to allow more of our workers into their country. They are in dire need of young workers in their farms and factories. And, we need their Won and Yen. Sadly, we will have to part with our young bodies and minds for the time being.
Demographically, we don't have a long run before, we get into a growth tap, where larger aging population will have to be supported with diminishing number of young population.
We are still at 50% of our GDP on our Government debt. The Government should finish strategic projects like Bheri, Fast Track, Madhya Pahadi Marg, Madan Bhandari Marg and Hulaki Marga even if that means increasing our debt levels. Those projects will payoff big time.

I am really worried in few years our economy will suffer due to increased regulations and the very costly decentralization experiment forced upon us. Worsening economic conditions may increase internal strifes and will be an opportunity for our neighbor to the South to finally break up Nepal, which the British couldn't do.
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अर्थतन्त्रमा संकुचनको संकेत: आयात घट्दा खुसीयाली देखिएन, राजस्व पनि घट्यो

- I warned about this year back. Now, when result is out, our biddwan has noticed. Let me repeat, last year's economy was influenced by two year back's economy. Yuraj k's destruction will be seen this year.

भन्सार विभागले सार्वजनिक गरेको तथ्यांक अनुसार १ खर्ब ६ अर्ब रुपैयाँको आयात भएको छ
अघिल्लो वर्ष साउन महिनामा १ खर्ब २० अर्ब रुपैयाँको आयात भएको थियो

- This means, huge increase in poverty. I have been warning about.

अघिल्लो वर्षको तुलनामा साउन महिनामा २७.६८ प्रतिशतले निर्यात बढेको छ

आयात घट्दा खुसुी हुनुपर्ने भएपनि नेपालभित्रको आर्थिक क्रियाकलापमा आएको कमीको कारण आयात घटेको हो

नेपाल चेम्बर अफ कमर्शका अध्यक्ष राजेशकाजी श्रेष्ठ पहिलो ३ महिनामा दशैं तिहारको लागि लक्षित गरेर आयात बढ्ने भएपनि त्यसपछिका महिनाहरुमा अझै आयात घट्ने बताउँछन्

- Just like I said, year ago. When I analyzed yuraj k' economic and fiscal and monitory policy year back. This year, I did not analyzed, cause, it is no longer interesting. Its has become clear, who this alchian is.

'आयात घट्नु र निर्यात बढ्नु राम्रो भएपनि यहाँ उत्पादन भएको सामाग्रीको कारण त्यो भएको होइन, भन्सार शुल्कमा गरिएको बृद्धिको कारण आयात निरुत्साहन भएको हो,' उनले भने

- High import tax means, higher cost of living which again means higher cost of business, which means lack of competitiveness, which is what we are facing- lack of competitive industries even when import tax is huge.

I have been warning about this for years now. And idoit yuraj k has not idea about economics. This talk is going on in US China trade war in US. Which I have been talking about for years now.

अघिल्लो वर्ष साउन महिनामा २८ अर्ब रुपैयाँ राजस्व संकलन भएकोमा यो वर्ष २६ अर्ब रुपैयाँ राजस्व संकलन भएको छ

- I expected far less growth but did not expected this. But by the end of the year, there may be grow but far less than yuraj k's estimation.

आर्थिक क्रियाकलापमा आएको कमीको कारण आयात घटेको बुझाई सरकारी अधिकारीहरुको पनि रहेको छ
भन्नलाई सरकारले गरेको राम्रो कामको रुपमा आयात घटेको भन्न सकिएपनि यसको अर्थ आर्थिक क्रियाकलापमा कमी आउनु भएको बुझाई उनीइहरुको छ

- 4king m0r0ns. they are the ones destroying Nepal. share market, economy.

अर्थशास्त्री केशव आचार्य आयात घट्नु अर्थतन्त्रको लागि राम्रो भएपनि यसले आर्थिक क्रियाकलापहरु घटेको संकेत गर्न सक्ने बताउँछन्

- now you see it after result is out. I have been warning about this since yuraj k's first budget. where were you. are you even an economist. or ghokera certificate you got.

Take my world seriously, I have read news article, online comment about economy (share market etc), I found out, I am the only one who understands economy in Nepal, share market (there may be good economist who in secretly, hiding). Those who comment in media, social media are not just bad in economics, they are dangerous. They should shut the fk up or they will confuse 8 classe politician.

mao, stalling killed millions in russia, china due to their policy cause of famine. yuraj k could kill 10s of thousands if he get to rule for a decade. But, by the end of his two year (6 month left), things would already get pretty bad. There is only good out come from yuraj k- he would destroy communist from Nepal. Remember, russia, china have become super power only after they abandoned communist economy.

When I talk to business people, from what I hear from them, things are worse than I have been warning for years. Yuraj k is a disease. yuraj k is a cancer and its only expanding.
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निक्षेपकर्ताजस्तै ऋणी पनि खोसाखोस गर्न थाले बैंकर, आधार दरकै हाराहारीमा ऋण

I predicted/said it first.


Sun Jul 28, 2019 4:42 pm

One BFI was saying, demand for loan has crashed and interest rate will fall in a few days.

Is this just a single case or start of the trend in banking industry?????????????????????????

I had been wondering in last few years? what kind of a m0r0n had been demanding loan at such high rate??

I think, during last few years- cement, hotel industries had been consuming more than 15% of loan demand. Investor with even a tiny brain wont increase investment in cement industry for more than a decade now. Hotel industry may not see bigger investment for a few years.

If demand of loan from cement and hotel is down below 5% of total demand of loan, there will be lot of liquidity in the market.

Same could be said about industries that supply construction material.


Yuraj k, NRB governor could not solve liquidity crisis, interest rate crisis, share market crisis but their incompetency have destroyed economy and now looks like liquidity crisis, interest rate crisis, share market crisis are about to be over due to problem in the economy created by yuraj k and nrb governor.

Over investment in so called productive sector (I warned about this years back), high interest rate have broken back of investors. Not economy is about to get it. I did warn CEO of banks about this too.

But, its not a big deal. After yuraj k is dead, and if we get good finance minister.... confidence in economy will be back with in a few months.

Some M0ron say, yuraj k is talented but not suitable for Nepal.

M0ron, if yuraj k had been finance minister or governor or high ranking bureaucrats- he would have crashed the economy. If country like China, US invest double the needed investment in so called productive sector, their economy would crash.

By the way, civilized country, forget about hiring yuraj k in high ranking job, he wont even get a job of a driver. Potential employee would say- herdai pachkau jasto anuhar cha, kasari talai driver banau?????

Dalal banks are decreasing interest on car loan before share loan. Are they working for RAW? Are all bankers work for India???????
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