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कर आतंकविरुद्ध प्रदर्शन, रत्नपार्कमा प्रहरीसँग झडप

सरकारको कमजोर प्रदर्शन र बढ्दो कर आतंक

I dont know, if it is just a coincident, but not just nepal, whole world follows my strategy.

Some great mind said, nothing is coincidental.

Tic Toc 8 class Oli, you have less than 1 year and there will be election complete in India then RAW and CIA will come after you. This time, you wont get my support.

Remember, you promised to support Share market and promote private sector/economy to take my vote, I do!
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पूर्व सचिवको प्रस्ताव: मृत्यु संस्कारमा पनि कर लगाऔं, ३ अर्ब उठ्छ

काँग्रेसले जितेको स्थानीय तहमा कर बढाउन नदिने: कोइराला

After months, TAX has become issue, but only local. Head count does matter in politics but in Economy even single head matter.

Without significant reducing income tax, corporate tax there wont be private sector investment, FDI. With micro management policy there wont be investment, with biddwan in govt, there won be investment. In the presence of communist, there wont be investment.

I propose Corporate tax of Nepal= 0-10% +10% bonus +5 % dividend Tax= 15%-25% corporate tax.
Registered: Oct 2013
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आइपीओ बिक्री हुन छाड्यो, घलेम्दी हाइड्रोमा स्थानीयको न्यून आवेदन

Before this, I remember only one time when they could not subscribe IPO, that time there was total depression going on, business were barely surviving, maoist just came into power. Economy was going bad.

And today, Turned out biddwan yuraj k and 8 class Oli and communist are as bad as biggest tragedy in the history of Nepal.

If this is not rejection of biddwan yuraj k, if this is not the sign of failure of biddwan then what is??????

There wont be FDI, private sector investment cause of:
- biddwan yuraj k
- Tax
- monitory policy
- fiscal policy
- communist policy
- communist mentality
- backward mentality of society
- micro management of business, society

We are just losing valuable time.

Repeating same failure wont give us different result. Communist failed in all countries, and we are expecting different result from commie in Nepal.

Sati ko sarap
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हृदयेश त्रिपाठीको प्रश्न : कुखुरा र परेवा जे देख्यो त्यसैमा कर किन?

Fart tax is not that far. Tax for polluting environment. Be ready guys.

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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राजश्व संकलन चुनौतिपूर्ण भएपनि करको दरमा परिवर्तन नगरिएको जानकारी दिए

- no social media expert, media, opposition party, no body criticized, attacked biddwan yuraj k in regarding his lies about not increasing tax rate till now.

What is going on? Is Nepal totally a savage society? Or media which published his lie was fake news?
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बाजी थाप्नेलाई एक वर्ष जेल, जुवा खेल्नेलाई ३ वर्ष !

It is clear, house is owned by crook neta. :roll:

all crooks are neta,
all netas are crook.

Wait and see, most of the crime netas could be involved will get less punishment.

अधिनायकवादको आरोप चियाको कपमा तुफानजस्तै : मन्त्री ज्ञवाली

are commie blind or idiot. I say both. Micro management,trying to control life of people is communist dictatorship. And mainly biddwan finance minister is imposing it through monitory and fiscal policy. And 8 class Oli too been saying verbally.
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Dear Rising Sir,

Hit axe on Fm's head. Be gentle but hit hundred times

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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This year GOV is taking huge amount of internal loan to meet the budget deficit, which will reduce the capital fund pool use by the private sector. Hence industrial growth and capital market will be seriously affected.
GOV , please use common sense otherwise back bone of our economy 'll be crushed which can't be repair for long long time.
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कर बढाएर आर्थिक वृद्धि हुँदैन: अर्थमन्त्री

Should I hit axe on my head or his head?

निश्चित समयपछि समृद्धिको प्रतिफल प्राप्त हुन्छ : प्रधानमन्त्री ओली

hundaina tapare hundaina. Economy is about to go down. Unemployment about to rise. People soon will become poorer.
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सत्तारुढ सांसदले प्रधानमन्त्रीसँग मागे अर्थमन्त्रीको राजीनामा

'अहिलेको बजेटबाट जनताको माग संबोधन हुन सक्दैन, सकिन्छ भने बजेट करेक्सन गरौं, होइन भने अर्थमन्त्री नै चेञ्ज गरेर जानुपर्छ' प्रदेश ५ का सांसद र प्रधानमन्त्रीसँगको छलफलमा उनले भने |

अर्थमन्त्रीकै कारण चुनावअघि नेपाल कम्युनिस्ट पार्टीप्रति रहेको जनताको आशा र भरोसा निराशामा परिणत हुन लागेको भन्दै सांसद चौधरीले हटाउन माग गरेका हुन् |

कर बढायो भनेर सरकारविरुद्ध अफवाह फैलाइयो : मन्त्री खनाल

Cambodia's corporate tax= 20%

Corporate tax in Nepal= 20,25,30 +10 bonus +5 dividend tax= 35,40,45%

Where would investors invest?

soch na soch, tero bau ko ke jancah.

If you want to save nepal, reverse 90% monitory and fiscal policy. And fire 4 including biddwan.
Registered: Oct 2013
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मलाई चिन्ता के छ भने अब करको जे कुरा हुन थालेको छ त्यो कतै सङ्घीय लोकतान्त्रिक गणतन्त्र उल्ट्याउने कारक बन्ने त होइन?
पु्ष्पकमल दाहाल,

अहिले नेपालमा व्यवसायीहरू करका कारणले एकदमै त्रसित भएको अवस्था छ
भवानी राणा,

All credit goes to biddwan yuraj k.

And 8 class Oli should have told biddwan when he asked to increase TAX- "are you trying to destroy communist in Nepal?", "are you trying to destroy economy?"

But what am I talking about, Oli is 8 class pass. :mrgreen:
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 3726
एनआरएनलार्इ नेपालमा लगानी गर्न अर्थमन्त्री डा. खतिवडाको आग्रह

- Think 1000 times before investing in Nepal.

*In Nepal, you have to get recommendation from communist to get loan.
*In Nepal, you need to permission from communist to eat yea big rice.
*In Nepal, you will be considered as a criminal when you try to take back dividend by social media low life society.
*In Nepal, Producing is productive but consuming is unproductive. And Communist will make sure, people dont buy your product.
*In Nepal, Communist are trying to destroy share market. In Nepal, you cant even sell your business at lower price than your book value. As per communist, share market is still over valued.
*In Nepal, you cant start business without giving share to communist for free. In the past, you needed to give share to Shahs.
*In Nepal, as per communist, crime is ok, but rich people are evil, criminals. Communist come after TAX payers.
*In Nepal, communist says, eat dhido and pay TAX.
*In Nepal, communist will tell you what to eat, which business to do.

** and on and on.

Wait till commie are dead in Nepal too just like rest of the world, before investing in Nepal.
Registered: Oct 2013
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सरकारविरुद्ध आन्दोलनको तयारी गर्दै कांग्रेस

When will dalal NC start peaceful protest against TAX hike, commie attack on Nepalese property "ShareMarket"?
Registered: Oct 2013
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Oli and prachanda and other commies' black money manager Durga Prasia is trending online.

Dont push him too hard which would lead to his silence.

His vomit is necessary to expose commie and end commie from Nepal just like commie are extinct from outside world.


Its amazing, biddwan dalal Yuraj K trying to increasing govt revenue by increasing tax instead of investigating income source of criminals like durga prasai.

Yuraj K's property source should be investigated. He was/is a bureaucrat. Hardly any bureaucrat in Nepal is clean. UML has never given a job to anyone without commission. So yuraj k could be a crook too.

Oli should remember, when oli and madhav nepal were together and still they were minority in UML. Later Oli became powerful with support from People like me.

I dont know- if this is true or just a coincident. Oli followed my agenda and became powerful. Now its time to destroy the whole commie in Nepal using oli (yuraj K).
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Registered: Oct 2013
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Why UML won the election? (Other than weakness of NC and their actions)

Before election.
- China rail
- People friendly
- pro economy, development, private sector, share market
- Promise to fight corruption etc.

Now, after election.

- NC was anti Nepal. So they lost the election. But Before election voters did not expect UML to become anti people. NC was/is anti Nepal but not anti People. Now UML has become anti people which People did not expected before election. This will make UML pay in next election. Cause of this UML may even break up in near future or before next election.

- Before election, when people used to criticize NC activity, their dogs used to come after people. And When people used to criticize UML, if they were wrong, UML used to change their position.

After election, UML has become like NC. Today, when people criticize, UML has begun to attack people and now their dog has began to attack Nepalese in social media. Count down has begun for UML.

- Before election, Oli used to talk about pro economy, development, private sector, share market.
After election, they are attacking private sector, disrespect private sector and now openly talk about destroying stock market. Has increased tax on all.

- After election, UML has started to protect corrupt, crony capitalist, criminals and start to beat people to protect interest of criminals. Black money of UML politician, cooperative are being used to take over business private sector is suppose to run.

People voted for Oli, but tike Yuraj K has destroyed the image of govt by disrespecting private sector, openly destroying share market, increased tax. Now cause of him, many will never vote for commie.

There were voters, even after knowing NC is dalal, they used to say, I would never vote for commie. No of those people are increasing, Including myself. All those who voted for commie no longer supports commie. and may never vote for commie again.


Remember my agenda to destroy commie- TAX and religion???
Now tax has already become agenda.

You are welcome. :mrgreen:
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What can dalal Nepali Congress do?

1: Party election

2: Appoint 8 so called youths/gundas, whose photos keep on appearing in the media, in top 12 posts. Actually I have two of them.

3: Stop protest program and instead go for mass gathering. If there are large participants in the gathering, it could start fight in commie party.

4: Tell people who this govt is only going for collecting tax instead of economic development. This govt wants to build 8 lane road where they want just two very very expensive cars plying which are also bough by tax money. One will be ride by oli and another prachanda.
(Those govt which focus on mainly tax will never make country prosperous)

5: Tell public, this govt is being ran like mandale govt where minister, bureaucrats disrespect people and they are punishing one criminal and protecting another.

6: Tell public, this govt wants to help to take over all private sector- by their criminal crony capitalist and their black money and they controlled cooperative.

Enemy Of Nepal
1: Commie
2: Dalal
3: Rapist
4: Corrupt
Registered: Oct 2013
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Till few months back, I was worried he would die too soon.

Today, I am worried he would not die soon enough.

मरे पनि केही छैन, सपना देख्न पाऊँ !
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पक्राउ परेको १२ घण्टा नबित्दै गुण्डा नाइके दावा लामाका सहयोगी सांसद नबिना लामाको जमानीमा रिहा

In commie rule, making wealth with hard work is crime/sin. Loot wealth is krantikari weather in maoist or uml or any other commie.

Gagan Thapa, Nabina Lama both are gundas who loot Nepal but at least Gagan Thapa is not jealous of my success.

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कित्ताकाट रोक्ने अघिल्लो सरकारको निर्णय खारेजको तयारी
घुस खाएर कित्ताकाट भइरह्यो, परिवारमा बिखण्डन ल्यायोः कृषिमन्त्री

I repeat, only those who pay bribe to commie or their agent gets service from this govt. Not tax payer.

कित्ताकाट रोकिँदा आयस्रोत घट्यो

This one I agree, biddwan's budget, monitory policy, actions are directly hitting GDP growth (only large projects completion could help GDP growth in coming fiscal year and they promised to double in 5 year), Per capita income (which they talked of taking to 5lakh in 5 year), job creation, investment etc.
Registered: Oct 2013
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Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 3726
Share market has lost more than 6 kharab and still no body cared.

But for New medical college, 8 class Oli, t Prachanda, madav nepal and at leas other half a dozen commie politician have spoken in favor. Why?

Cause their and their party's cooperative have invested or about to invest in those medial college.

They do know that the way commie are promoting party cooperative, it is considered as corruption in civilized world like japan, korea???

Commie should be destroyed for the development in Nepal. Commie and their party is trying to have total control over private sector ran institutions.

गाडीलाई ६५, शेयरलाई ५० प्रतिशतः खतिवडा- नेपालको जय होस्

It is cause no body pays bribe to save Share market. While car dalals may pay at least 10 arab in bribe to politicians and bureaucrats.

More than 80% of expensive cares are driven by politicians, bureaucrats and their politic financial and those who bribe them.

I heard commie gokarna bista is also anti private sector/share market.

Years back, he used to be popular then there was in Media about him taking money from indian dalal Golcha. Then he disappeared for years and appeared just before he became mantri of dalals.

this dalal, who took money from indian dalal is anti Nepali private sector and share market. Sati ko sarap.


I think share investors should collect 10000 each and bribe prachanda, gokarna bista and Oli's advisers to save back bone of any economy, back bone of Nepal's economy- Share market.

People like gagan thapa is gunda so is so called student/youth politician of communist party. But at least gagan thapa dont try to loot private sector directly, or jealous of hard working Nepalese. But gunda politician of commie are ......

It time to make Nepalese anti commie one at a time.
Registered: Oct 2013
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It time to destroy commie from the root.

I neither support Dr.KC agenda nor I support Commie govt stand.

I dont know why Dr.KC is in Jumla but it will give a good outcome in Next election.

We need to swing 8-15 lakh vote in next election to end communism.

Dr.KC with his strike can swing 10000 votes in a month with strike in different district at a time. In 5 year it will be 6 lakh.

And cause of NEPSE crisis, another 5/6 lakh could be swung.

Inflation due to budget will swing another few lakh votes.

Commie supporting criminals business man will swing few lakh.

Commie trying to take over every industry in Nepal, using criminals business man or cooperative will sing few lakh.

Mandale attitude of this commie govt will swing few lakh.

Instead of punishing criminal driver, commie govt is banning Trippers, similar mistake will follow by this comme govt. which will swing few lakh.

Increase in TAX should swing few lakh neutral voters.

Because of Commie banking policy will lead to tens of thousands of job loss, which will swing few lakh self employed voters.

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Before election, alchina 8 Class Oli: Nepal singapore banaune

After election, alchina biddwan Yuraj K: Nepal N korea Banaune

Rather Trust a poisonous snake but never trust a Commie

Biddwan Yuraj K's vision for development of Nepal is N Korea where roads are of 8 lane with 2 cars plying.

And one of those car belongs to alchina 8 class pass Oli and another belongs to alchina paapi Prachanda.

Biddwan's vision is "Nepalese should work to pay tax and live just on dhedo"

Tax payer should not spend his/her hard earned money on luxurious goods, they should live just on dhedo and pay 90% on tax. Only politician, bureaucrats and their criminal businessman should be able to ride expensive car and imported whiskey on tax payer's money and loot money.

Welcome to N korea!

This year's GDP growth- 6%

Next year:
Suppose to be normal growth: 6
Impact of biddwan's budget: -2
Caused by demoralization of private sector from biddwan: -1
Semi solved Banking crisis (if it is semi solved): -1
If mega projects are completed in time: 2
Re construction: .5

Total= 6-2-1-1+2+.5= 4.5% GDP growth
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Registered: Oct 2013
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Biddwan Yuraj K's vision for development of Nepal is N Korea where roads are of 8 lane with 2 cars plying.

And one of those car belongs to alchina 8 class pass Oli and another belongs to alchina paapi Prachanda.

Biddwan's vision is "Nepalese should work to pay tax and live just on dhedo". While alchian Oli, prachanda and other commie and their criminal cadres and criminal business man can enjoy life on our tax money.

This is the socialism they have been dreaming of.

In Nepal, half of expensive cars run on out street do not belong to those inside the car. They are bought by someone else including tax payers. And those tax payers, even after earning good money cant own those cars cause of super high tax.

This low life commie yuraj K is turning Nepal into commie state where politician can spends big with tax payers money.

Hope his daughter gets Cancer very soon while he is still alive, unlike the daughter of girija or wife of madan bhandari. Two of many many paapis, alchina of Nepal.

In modern commie state, people are just like insects who work to serve politician and bureaucrat.

I pay more tax than whole khandan of 8 class pass Oli, I pay more tax in a day than 8 class Oli's bau had paid in his entire life. And still I cant afford a car 8 class has been riding.

This is sati ko sarap. And biddwan Yuraj K wants to make sure I wont be able to own a good car. alchina.

Sorry for giving vote to UML- people. From next time, I would rather vote for a rapist than any commie ever.

Biddwan's taxation will reduce GDP growth (also reduce job creation, investment etc)
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Let's talk about NEPSE.

In NEPSE, even during depression, there was daily trading of around 60crore. Than after commie came, the regular translation fell to 40 crore.

And after biddwan yuraj K came (after new tax, CGT ruling) it is now 20crore. Just 2.5% tax increase and transaction has crashed to half. Its just 2.5% not a biggie says biddwan.

Today, more than half of brokers may not even make 25k profit. With that kind of profit how are they going to run their business. They will suffer, their staff will suffer, their family will suffer, their service will suffer. And hits the economy of thousands of people.

biddwan is alchina to Share market, to Nepal. And 8 class Oli is just 8 class pass, whose death, whole country is waiting for.

I would rather vote for a rapist than a commie.

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