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Tapare have put everything on sell.

How to save Nepal?

We need third party.

In next election, indian congress may win election and they will openly sell Nepal to India.

We are dead. One way or other.
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Before election KP Oli talked about development, share market, economy ...... so he made yuraj k fiance minister.

But after yuraj k took office, all he did was increased tax, went after tax, made doing business harder, barked a lot and after he was fired. .. .... . he talks about how he improved tax system, borrowed a lot of $ which was looted by KP oli and gang and .............. does not say much about how he improved financial life of people, how he improved economy/development/business.

And las does not care.

Nepal needs referendum about the govt to know if people want mid term election or not- every year. Or likes of 8classse will keep on fooling us.
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There are many countries in the world which are corrupt but only in Nepal, they took bribe in medical supply, why???????????????????? pakhe tapare

Those running govt are pakhe tapare who took bribe during pandemic too, but media did raise the issue but that raising issue was more of a political hit rather than pushing for legal punishment, Why?????????????? media is ran by pakhe tapare

pakhe tapare destroyed post covid economy, pakhe papare is the reason there wide spread IndianVirus in Nepal, and the same pakhe tapare are killing people in the name of controlling the pandemic many many times more than pandemic itself, and still so called civil society member dont want to replace govt why?????????????? those civil society are pakhe tapare, for whom, their dna is such that crime, lying, incompetence, dalali is normal activity. its their culture going on for at least 300 year (probably thousands of years)

May be its time to stop voting for pakhe tapare communist socialist.
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Tanki mantry was saying, experts have many conflicting views ...........

That is why I have been saying, no country is ran by pakhe tapare 8 classe 10 classe............. how expert became expert, who gave them the title, to be expert you have to be expert ........

if govt were ran by competent, they would have asked those so called expert who been recommending lockdown.....

- If we go for lock down till Corona ends- 1-2 corore would die, so how could your solution be the solution to the disease which would kill 50 to 150 times more people than the disease itself.

- Just going for lock down must have killed many heart patient and added more heart patients.

- Many could have committed suicide due to lock down driven economic crisis and mental crisis.

If you are a politician, you need to make a list of experts, keep an eye over their work, analysis and result. You cant ask for advice from every moro.n out there. Just be a waste of time and if you are dumb, dumb are more likely to be attracted toward another dumb advice and they are attracted toward negative advice like a fly towards sh!t. DUMB SHOULD STAY AWAY FROM OTHER DUMB.

Chaudary human trafficked IndianVirus
Dont be like Chaudary.

This could be the final communist govt in Nepal.

- Economy destroyed their vote bank.

-Then Indianvirus that spread due to communist taking bribe from human trafficking, their own human trafficking from one district to another and from India and bribe for medical supply have destroyed their vote bank further.

-Now, their action to control IndianVirus is going to destroy their vote bank further.

स्वास्थ्यमा समस्या आएपछि जापानका (Nepal's) प्रधानमन्त्रीले राजीनामा दिँदै :mrgreen: tapare le chardcha
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काठमाडौँ उपत्यकामा तपाईँ बिहिबारदेखि मर्निङ वाक या अरु कुनै अत्यावश्यक नभएको काममा निस्कँदै हुनुहुन्छ ? एकै छिन त हो, त्यहीँ पर पुगेर आईहाल्छु नि भन्ने सोचमा निस्कने सोच बनाउनुभएको छ ? यदी त्यसो गर्नुभयो भने तपाईँ कारवाहीमा पर्न सक्नुहुन्छ |

रातिदेखि लागु हुने निषेधाज्ञाको आदेशानुसार यसपाली भने प्रहरीले अत्यावश्यकबाहेकका गतिविधिमा खुबै कडाई गर्ने छ | काठमाडौँका प्रमुख जिल्ला अधिकारी जनकराज दाहालले भने, 'मर्निङ वा इभिनिङ वाक जान्छु भन्ने सोचेर ननिस्किनुहोस्, सङ्क्रामक रोग ऐन २०२० अनुसार कारवाही हुन्छ |'

-Morning walk, evening walk is unnecessary. This is what I have been talking about. CDE, I am sure, he got master's degree and I have been saying pakhe, gobar sorne just cause they memorize book wont make them human.

Tapare dont even know, morning walk is for health and health is not important, says this tapare.

Walking, travelling in private vehicle dont transmit IndianVirus.

When we have las running country, country is ran by dictator aka bureaucracy.

Kathmandu and majority district did not get IndianVirus cause of the residence. We got it cause tapare politicians and bureaucrts entered dogs from all over nepal and also they entered IndianVirus from India.

Those who gave pass to IndianVirus and those police who took bribe to let in IndianVirus, they are the ones who are suppose to be hung, not no, its people of kathmandu who are being threatened.

We (also, I) voted for a las, now we are being dictated by tapare pakhe bureaucrat. We need election ASAP.

Its time to rise, people, with khukuri.
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Its amazing how, govar sornay in Nepal has confidence of becoming PM, Minister, higher level bureaucrat, businessman ........... worst, they even have confidence that they can run a country. ....... how did gover sorney got such confidence. .......... its tapare thing. sarbagyani, fataha.....

Remember kathmandu for 1000 of years, how tapare corrupt hillibilli entered IndianVirus from all over Nepal and India into Kathmandu during pandamic and lock down and now innocent people are dying. Remember during election. Now they want lock down again. Can you Imagine, not just economic lead death, lack of exercise kill more people due to lock down than IndianVirus, and no tapara expert viro doctor sees it,,, why? Its Tapare thing. ..... Tapare confidence has blinded them.

Remember during early days, how tapare running media supported letting freely in IndianVirus into Nepal, Into kathmandu, now we have the pandamic, cause of usual suspect.............. Tapara. ........ Behind every ill in Nepal, there is 80% times, Tapare is behind it. from corruption to dalali to incompetency.

Tapare was dalal of shah, then rana, then british ..... now they are in power and now they are selling Nepal to India and US.
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शासक छैनन शोषकहरुले देशमा सासन चलाएपछि कुनै पनि क्षेत्र बांकि राखेनन् ,WTO भन्सार घटाउ भनेको नमान्ने ,यस वर्ष हुदैन अर्को वर्ष गर्छु भन्ने पनि शासक???जनतालाई कर को भारि बोकाएर अाफु सुविधाको गाडि चढ्ने । यस्तालाई हामिले खुरुखुरु कर तिर्नु पर्ने ।
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If everybody wears mask properly, it very much lowers transmission between strangers.

When people move from one district to another (from hot spot), they change their residence and spread virus to other members of the house and all of them highly likely spread to office colleagues who then spread to their family members.

This is why district travelling should be prohibited. But politician and bureaucracy and police helped in travelling between districts. Behind almost all crime and ill, there has always been politicians, bureaucracy and police.

Nepal needs third party or two year military take over and punish all the criminal.

Pakhe le des chalaune haina.

Most amazing is, Indians are entering into Nepal freely. How did they entered Kathmandu. Why are they not hung and human traffickers hung along them.

Cause of humanitarian reason I could not oppose people leaving Kathmandu, but entering kathmandu during pandemic is not acceptable. Lock down during pandemic has become dashain to pakhes. Ghar basi basi talab.

Remember, Nepal has been ran by taparas, pakhes, communist/socialist since centuries. And all of them are same person. Sati ko sarap.

Taparas has certain many bad character.
Pakhes have certain many bad character.
communist/socialist have certain many bad character.

In Nepal all of them are same. And result is sh!thole called Nepal. Nepal is the only country in the world which is a sh!thole and not in war for a long time. Cause Nepal is being ruled by same person who is tapare, pahe, communist/socialist- from politician, bureaucracy, bank, business, police, media, including so called advisers.

Sati ko sarap.

Kp Oli destroyed economy, share market, did nothing during blockade, earthquake not doing nothing during pandemic. either lock down or nothing. He is freely walk covid freely.

Locals needs to take care of those who has arrived from outside and has covid 19. Look into hollywood move to find meaning of taking care of.
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KP Oli should hold everything he has been doing and ask UN, World bank to hold world's finance ministers meeting.

Finance minister of Nepal is the most distinguished finance minister the world has ever seen. No other has has held the posts he has hold- NRB governor, National planning commission head, job at world bank/UN, secretly/illegally taught communist about economics, professor and finally Finance minister. ........ who knows, if he is blessed by CIA, he would become next PM to hold emergency election just like former judge did.

It is a different thing, he has never been able to produce anything during his time in power or any a result while in power.

And that greatest economist, fiance minister wants to tell all finance ministers in the world at UN/WB convention to stop wasting money to save their economy.

I heard US is planning to pump in 2-4 trillion dollar and China (dont now its fake or true, I got from western fake news) is pumping into 7 trillion dollar.

I dont think China needs 7 trillion to save their economy. They may be going to invest those money in belt and road projects.

If true, China is going for replacing Dollar as international money. That is what 7 trillion is for.

Yuraj k is the biggest virus than corona. It has been proven again, UML dont have linga. This time, Yuraj k turned out to be more powerful than UML and maosit. :mrgreen:
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I have worked with finance ministry for a long time
I have known the finance ministry very closely
I know the Revenue Investigation Department, Customs, Inland Revenue Department very closely
I know Finance Ministry from the eyes of Secretary, Additional Secretary, Deputy Secretary, & Officers, have worked with all the levels
Things have greatly improved internally



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Another very important election agenda for next election:

Should we give vote to party that does not even have a leader who can run finance ministry?

Yuraj k has proven what happens when we find finance minister from outside politics. Yuraj k has proven that his ego, personal sanak is more important than the economy, people's wish.

Even after back clash from public, he is hard pressed on to implement his sanak cause he does not care about needing to get elected in next election.
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'देशभरि घुमिराखेको छु, जनता कहीँ पनि खुशी देखिँदैनन्'

म त देशभरि घुमिराखेको छु | स्थानीय तहले, प्रदेशले र संघले लगाएको करले ढाड भाँच्चियो भन्ने जनताका गुनासा छन्

(Remember, I warned about this during first budget of sarbagyani yuraj k. Taxation and religion. Sat Jun 09, 2018 9:27 pm)

व्यवसायीहरू लगानी गर्नुभन्दा पनि अब के गर्ने भनेर टाउकोमा हात राखेर बसेका छन् | उहाँहरूसँग त मैले प्रत्यक्ष अन्तरक्रिया गरेको छु | कोही पनि खुशीजस्तो देखिँदैनन्

I have been saying this for almost 2 year. If they had listen to me, this day would not have come.

In Nepal, every body are sarbagyani. So you cant waste you precious time on those. Tragic- most of them have joined media and social media.

So when you find someone who keep on making one after another prediction correct- You keep on that person on close list. Its for you, not for that person. :mrgreen:
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Tapai hami justo harek din kaam/kaaj garera gujara garnu parne bhayo po, they would know the difference between theory and practice.
Theory ma ta sabai kura make sense but practice is another story.
Kunai pani system ma things tend to go to an equilibrium. Stakeholders would bargain with each other to get optimal result for themselves. Aba testo system ma aayera kasailey pokhari ma thulo dhunga fyakchha bhane there will be some ripple effects.
Aba good/grounded policy makers try to bring incremental changes not a wholesome fantasy. They try to buy support from all stakeholders. They see stakeholders as prisoners of the system/equilibrium rather than enemies/renters from whom rent is to be extracted as much as possible or banished from the stage.
Nepal ko policymakers/governments are looking for others to punish. This is immaturity in their part. Government ley matra desh kasari bikash garna sakchha? Ani obviously, FM seems to have a GOD complex. Body language bata prasta hunchha. Servant leader hoina ki Master of the Universe syndrome chha unlike the teaching from communism. Yo afai ma example ho, theory ra practice ko duri ko!
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तर पछिल्लो समय राजस्व कम उठेर लक्ष्य भेट्न नसकेपछि पुराना कमिकमजोरी खोज्दै अहिले शुल्क तथा जरिवाना उठाउन ठूला करदाता कार्यालयले पहल थालेको हो

(talk to prachanda, bam dev, madhav nepal about this , tell them, how yuraj k is running the economy)

If communist do not kill yuraj k, je pani huna sakcha, nepal may or may not remain.

संयुक्त राष्ट्रसंघको जागिर खान कृषि सचिवले पद त्यागे

dont yuraj k think he is sarba gyani cause of similar job???every year, at least one bureaucrat gets such job.
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Taxation and religion Sat Jun 09, 2018 9:27 pm

Wow, I said/warned/Predicted it two year and 22 day ago. (one of many major predictions I made correctly)

I am second to GOD!

If this society take me as "second to God", this society could save future losses. I am not kidding. 8)

नेकपामा भैंसेपाटीको असर : अल्पमतमा पर्‍यो ओली समूह !

प्रचण्ड पहिलो, ओली दोस्रो, माधव तेस्रो

भैंसेपाटीको साँठगाँठपछि सचिवालयका ९ नेताहरुमध्ये केपी ओली पक्षमा तीनजना र प्रचण्ड-माधव पक्षमा ६ जना उभिएका छन्

प्रचण्डको पक्षमा १८, माधवसँग १२केपी ओलीसँग १४ सदस्य छन्

स्थायी कमिटीमा प्रचण्ड-माधवको मत जोड्दा ३० पुग्छ, जुन अत्यधीक बहुमत हो

प्रचण्ड समूह मानेर विश्लेषण गर्दा यस समूहमा १८३ जना छन्

केपी ओली समूहको संख्या केन्द्रीय समितिमा १४० देखिएको छ

केन्द्रीय कमिटीमा माधव नेपाल समूहको उपस्थित २६ प्रतिशत अर्थात ११४ जना रहेको छ

Every top politician in Nepal is in minority in their party. So was KP Oli.

But KP Oli became super leader cause of public support, so he did not just controlled his party, prachanda used to lick his boot till KP Oli had public support. (Remember, how KP Oli humuliated Prachanda till a few year ago, Its pay back time from prachanda)

pakhe gai charaune aukat ko KP Oli, can win election by lying, but you can not run a country by lying for long.

Remember, how much support you got from share market before the election and how you humiliated share market after you joined the govt. how yuraj k fooled you into destroying share market.

Today, KP Oli govt lost almost all support from at least neutral public cause of the problem in the economy and share market and tax and disrespect/bullying from yuraj k and other advisers. (you fired two ministers who were problem too).

KP Oli destroyed everything. Other than KP Oli, Yuraj k is the no 1 reason, KP Oli lost every thing. Second is your main adviser.

KP Oli had a few clues those were saying Public is dissatisfied/angry with KP Oli govt-

- Share market was asking/begging for your help for a year and later turned against KP Oli. Remember what you said then, I remember, you said, go start alu kheti.

- People kept on saying, economy is in trouble and people are suffering and asking for your help for last 18 months.

- People were saying, tax was too high. Yuraj k had added more tax. Fire yuraj k. Remember what Yuraj k told people. I remember, he said, kamya pachi tax tirnu pardaina. (kati tirne tax? teska bau ko raiti ho public).

- When you fired your ministers, people asked you to fire yuraj k and your main adviser, but you did not listen. You thought you are god and you do what you want. Now pay!

Even after receiving so many clues about people's perception, you never tried to change your altitude/approach. Now pay!

Do you know why you never saw those clews??????? Cause you are 8 classe and you are arrogant.

I dont know, how late, this govt is to make change!
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I said on: Sat Jun 09, 2018 9:27 pm

Taxation and religion.

Let's see, If we could make Next election agendas- Tax (just like in civilized society) and religion (I did not like the way oli disrespected our god during his inauguration. When he disrespected our god, I did feel like he is alchina but hoped not, now looking at NEPSE, their economic agendas, who knows???)

Nepal has the highest corporate tax, one of the highest over all tax. Where those who pay 55% flat tax (not including VAT, Custom etc) are disrespected by those who dont pay any tax or pay just % tax.

and Nepal is the only country in the world where govt disrespect citizens' main religion.


'कांग्रेसका प्रभावशाली नेता शेखर धरानवासीबीच रहेको करको आक्रोशलाई घरघरमैं पुगेर 'क्यास गर्न' सफल भए| उनले आफ्ना उमेदवारले जिते, चर्को करलाई पुनरावलोकन गर्ने प्रतिबद्धता जनाए| त्यहि कारणले गर्दा आधारभूत जनताको मत कांग्रेसतिर गयो,' नेकपाका सुनसरी नेता बेघाले भने|


Not just in Dharan, in whole Nepal, if there is election now, Communist are likely to loose a lot of votes.

There are voter base of all parties, both communist and congress have good enough/ almost equal voter base.

But The swing voters, who decide the election. Voter base of all parties are criminal, who hardly pay their share of tax, many dont even pay tax, many sell their vote and daughters for money.

But most of those who pay good percentage of tax are also neutral voters. And Tax in Nepal has always been high and after the entry of yuraj k, tax has increased and tightened. After local election, tax increased too.

And those neutral voters are the reason communist lost in bhaktapur, dharn. If there is election in big area, communist likely to loose many such neutral voters.

And problem in the economy too. People have become poorer under KP Oli and Yuraj K.

I have been saying this correctly, while, yuraj k has been lying to KP Oli and comrads since the beginning.

You are welcome!

;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)
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Actually this is a big loss for communist.

- Most of the contested area are communist area.

- During last local election, congress and moist cooperated.

- During last general election, maoist and uml cooperated.

- Today, maoist and uml are together.

- This makes communist not winning almost all seats is their big loss. and worst they lost in the area they had won last time.

- Communist have won in area where you can buy the whole village.

- In cities, they lost some big seats.

- I believe, communist may have lost about 15-25% vote in communist area.

- Imagine what would have happened, if elections were held in cities.

- I believe, if there is general election today, communist wont get majority. Could be neck and neck with congress, which mean, govt wont be formed by communist.

- If there is election now, they would lose kathmandu valley, biratnagar and may be chitwon and others.

With current result, will communist learn the lesson and fire yuraj k?

Would they know the reason behind their failure- that is economy and tax?

They lost in chitwan cause of the economy and maoist/yugesh bhatterai (who attacked shahi and lamichane).
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Despite social media dissatisfaction, NCP is still on the way to victory.
Lets hope Mr.Prime minister will do something for us and our country.
Cant expect anything from LAupa & we dont have other better option.
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Less vote today than last time, bad news for communist govt.

In today's election area, communist won by a big margin last time, so hard to say who is going to win but, its highly likely they are going to loose a lot of votes this time.

Will they learn the lessen if that happens? Will they ever know the reason?

If they lose, KP Oli should resign, changing some ministers would not be enough.
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हस्तकलाको अदृश्य निर्यातप्रति अर्थमन्त्रीको प्रश्न, करले कस्ने संकेत

उनले कोशेलीको रुपमा विदेश निर्यात हुने सामानमा समेत कर लाग्नसक्ने सो क्रममा संकेत गरेका छन्

kasto site ma janme ko yo alchina bahun

communist should kill him before he kills Nepal and communist too.

In sunday, commies will be loosing a lot of votes, but they are too dumb to know why they lost those votes.

Voters should tell them the reason in a way, even dog would understand since their brain size of that of a dog.

Tell those commies, you did not/wont be voting for commie cause mainly of the economic condition and TAX.

Tel commies, your message through election is to kill yuraj k immediately, Nation can not wait another 3 month of that alchina bahun.
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Mid election:

Give vote to those who promise to decrease tax. ----- Anyone, unknown, dalal

But dont give vote to those (party) who increased tax earlier and now promising to decrease it.
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Dharti ko boj budda ho, who been taking bridya bhatta from my tax money, next election, vote communist to make Mahara PM.

Sabhamuch did not rape a woman.

A rapist was made a sabhamuch.

All of them are rapist.

Lately, I see that day, after maoist joined mainstream politics, how ycl kidnapped youth force, took him into jungle and killed him. That murder no longer boils my blood.
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Communist govt attacked Gyanbahadur Sahi. Second time, they tried to kill him. It was ordered by Prachanda's paap.

Those who insulted prachanda's paap in the net was jailed by police, but those who attacked and the who ordered are not caught.

We should remember this during next election.

Somebody should go to UN or Hague with evidence of both attacks.

During last election, maoist would not have got more than 10 seats.

Next election, due to yuraj k and maoist and KP Oli communist wont get more than 50 seats. And those seats will come only in remote areas where they could buy vote and threat voters. And the election after that, it will be 10 seats.
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Rising taxes in Pakistan could lead to civil unrest - analyst

nepalese are hijada
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Indian budget: If you invest in certain shares, you will be exempt of income tax with condition.

Oli should immediately phone modi and educate him, investment in share is unproductive.

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

So a tea boy is more intelligent than a farm boy.

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