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101 Task Oli has to complete or start within 3 year

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SEBON and NRB's big dog are needed to be selected.

Most important is, make sure, who ever is selected, make them sign- they can be fired when govt wants, or make them sign pre resignation letter.

In NRB, mahaprashad looks better candidate among three, since he been running investment board, which gives him idea about investors grievance. (i dont know)

In SEBON, I heard there is only one in top management inside SEBON who has some vision about share market. Hope KP Oli makes his new boss.

But what ever, makes sure they could be fired the very next day if needed. We cant let idiot waste 4 year of Nepal's time.

We have always had those who does not understand banking becoming governor, d governor. including yuraj k.

The person who has no idea what share is have been running SEBON.
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Over hyped visit turned out to be nothing. All vague deal. Progress but until there is a concrete deal is signed in future, we cant tell current vague deal could gives us any result.

Big surprise, they were talking about, where is it? I saw non.

I think, tapares must have messed it up by demanding big dans/grant.

CIA/Raw agent,

CIA/Raw agents wont say, I am CIA/RAW agent, I wont let Nepal develop, I wont let Nepal be free.

They present bigger advocate for Nepal than any body else. They say, we cant do this, we cant do that, that will harm Nepal. We need big grant, not loan. Loan will lead to debt trap as if they really care.

Same as those in share market. Those who want to destroy share market talk about reasoning more than people like me.

How to make strategy while making debt deal?

Like with China, connectivity with china is economically more important to China than to Nepal, But Nepal needs it for national security. But money/debt matters.

So we take 5 billion dollar interest free loan or soft loan for connectivity- which is in Chinese interest and take another 10 billion interest free or soft loan for other projects that gives return in short term to Nepal like hydro.

While we use return from hydro to pay loan in short term and years later, connectivity will start paying dividend.

We have a finance minister, who advises others not to take loan, remember, the person who advise others not to take loan was also once governor of central bank.

What kind of progress can we expect from such bureaucrats.
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Benefit for Nepal:

- short term: Strategic reason. Remember blockade and never ending bullying by our friend in South. We already got the benefit even before the project has been started. Indian behavior has already changed, and also behavior of the west.

- Long term: Half the world population will used this train in Nepal for goods transit. Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Maldives, China, Japan, Korea, russia, central asia, europe.... Within 25 year, goods worth more than 2 trillion dollar could travel through this. If we even make a profit of .25%, we will be making 5 billion in a year. Our investment will return in a year, that day.
And This project will consume a lot of electricity. 1000s of army, afp will come into use for security. 100s of engineers will get job in maintenance. And that day, not one, we may have to build 3 or more train tracks.

War between India and Pakistan will last decades. many many decades. So Pakistan wont be able to replace our strategic position or challenge us.

Benefit for China: China wants to build this project to do business with south asia. Economically they have far bigger interest than ours.

So why not we let china build it? If they build it, they want to own it. And we dont want that. It will bring in a lot of business and we want control. But I say we should sell 10% share each to India and China, 3% to Bangladesh and 1% to srilanka.

This will help us to become Singapore, if we play right. But we need a good professional economist, a lot of them to guide Nepal's economy. And we have none. At least, good professional economist has not shown themselves in media or social media yet.
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It absolutely BULLSHIT to expect major contribution from other countries in our development. Why should i bulid your house if i dont get any profit. We have adequate resource and youth working power. So lets negotiate with them for fair business plan and dont be a BEGGER.
Bring subtle changes in economic policies, prioritise the sectors beneficial for us, capital and development will definitely fly.
If GOBAR GANESH NETA ji wants some ideas, we have TONNEs of ideas.
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Chinese Head of state is visiting Nepal. What kind of a reasonable/possible deal Nepal should go for:

1: Nepal China Train (they are already talking about)

2: At least two, 2.5 lane highway connecting with China (Also talking about)

3: Transmission line (also talking about)

4: 5000/10000 MW hydro.

5: Air connectivity with new regional international airport

6: Chinese banks (two), who should be able to bring in liquidity freely.

7: Nepali banks/brokers should have right to trade Yuan based chinese treasury. We should become base for South Asia. Just like Switzerland.

8: Nepal and Chinese should be able to invest in each other's share market freely from own country.

9: China is going for high tech China within 2025. They need to invest heavily in R&D. Nepal should tell them that we want to be part of Made in China 2025 by taking part in R&D and ask help from China in research institutes and university.

10: To promote R&D, we need IP protection act and human resource. Ask China to help in this matter too.

I believe, China may invest/lend 10-15 billion $. And may grant 50-100 billion NC. Which we have never seen before.

British ruled world for last 100s of years. They made sure, most of the countries like Nepal stay poor and unstable. Thank God, China is rising and may become largest economy in terms of nominal GDP by 2022-2024. Nepal and other poor countries should not miss this opportunity- who ever may be running the govt.
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कर्पोरेट करमा भारी कटौतीपछि भारतीय सेयर बजारमा उछाल, नेपालमा के होला ?

KP Oli should immediately send Yuraj k to delhi to stop anti economic decision of Indian govt :mrgreen: . Yuraj k advised world- while he was in Indonesia during his first few months of being finance minister, when there was economic crisis in the world----- that liberal policy wont help the economy.

Till that time, China, India, US almost all countries have opened and liberalized their policy further. Nepal had tighter policy than them. Instead of liberalizing it, Yuraj k tightened more and increased tax too.

भारतीय अर्थमन्त्री निर्मला सीतारमणले शुक्रबार बिहान कर्पोरेट कर घटाउने घोषणा गरेकी छिन् | यस निर्णयसँगै भारतीय सेयर बजारमा उछाल आएको छ | वित्त मन्त्री (अर्थमन्त्री) ले कर्पोरेट करका दरहरूमा भारी मात्रामा कटौती गरेकी छन् | कर्पोरेट क्षेत्रलाई राहत दिन तथा सम्भावित आर्थिक मन्दीबाट मुलुकलाई जोगाउन उनले रणनीतिक हिसाबले करका दरहरु घटाइएको अनुमान गरिएको छ |

करका दर घटेपछि निजी क्षेत्र उत्साहित हुने तथा पुँजी पलायन हुनबाट समेत जोगिने विश्लेषकहरुले प्रक्षेपण गरिरहेका छन्

कर्पोरेट कर घटाउने घोषणापछि भारतीय सेयर बजार चम्किन थालिसकेको छ

शुक्रबार बीएसई सेन्सेक्स १९११.५८ ले बढेर ३८ हजार ५०५ बिन्दुमा पुगिसकेको छ

कर्पोरेट करका दर ३०% बाट घटाएर २२% मा सीमित गरिएको छ

म्युचुअल फन्डमा लाग्ने पुँजीगत लाभकर पनि छुट दिइएको छ

अर्थमन्त्रीले पुँजी बजारमा लगानी बढाउन तथा आम लगानीकर्तालाई उत्साहित गर्न यस्तो निर्णय गरेकी हुन्
Attention KP Oli and commies.

कर्पोरेट कर घटाएपछि भारतीय सरकारको वार्षिक १.४५ लाख करोड रुपैयाँ राजस्व घट्ने छ

तर आयकरको सीमा घटाए पनि पुँजी बजारमा आम लगानीकर्तालाई उत्साहित गर्ने र त्यसबाट सरकारले पाउने लाभकर बढ्ने सरकारको अनुमान छ

पुँजी पलायन हुनबाट जोगाउन, आन्तरिक लगानीकर्ताको मनोबल बढाउन यस निर्णयले ठूलो सहयोग पुर्याउने भारतीय अर्थविद्हरुले उल्लेख गरेका छन्

छिमेकी भारतमा पुँजी बजारका लगानीकर्ताको आत्मबल बढाउन सरकारले यति गहकिलो निर्णय गर्दा नेपालमा पनि पुँजी बजारका लगानीकर्ताको मनोबल निकै खस्किएको छ

हाँका लगानीकर्ताले पनि सरकारबाट यस्तै आत्मबल बढाउने कार्यक्रमको अपेक्षा गरिरहेका छन्

तर अहिलेसम्म हाम्रो सरकारले सेयर लगानीकर्ताको आत्मबल उकास्ने कार्यक्रम ल्याउन सकेको छैन

Yuraj K grahan lagya cha. 5 more month remain.

भारतीय सरकारको निर्णयबाट प्रभावित भएर हाम्रा अर्थमन्त्री युवराज खतिवडाले पनि लगानीकर्ताको मनोबल उकास्ने यस्तै वा अन्य कुनै प्रकारका कार्यक्रम घोषणा गर्लान त?
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around 15 year ago I was asking myself, what kind if an idiot take contract of shopping mall like kathmandu mall. Today, they cant even rent it for a crore (probably for a year or just down payment, whose value could be in billions) (why govt controlled land has to be developed into some concrete ugly jungle, should be banned to turned into commercial and rather turned into park).

Sad think about economy, business is it takes years to see its result unlike football which takes 90 minute to find out the right prediction.
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रित्तै भयो ओली सरकारको 'थिंक ट्याङ्क'
चैतन्य मिश्रले किन छाडे नीति अनुसन्धान प्रतिष्ठान ?

- I believe I started this "think tank" nariwol, just like many important agendas.

And 8 classe too it cause too many began to talk about think tank. But 8 classe buddi never going to understand it nor yuraj k.

सानो भन्दा सानो कामका लागि पनि अर्थ मन्त्रालयका अधिकारीहरूलाई 'ज्यू-हजुरी' गर्नुपरेपछि मिश्रले पदबाट राजीनामा दिएको समितिका सदस्यहरू बताउँछन् |

Every thing ultimately hits yuraj k and gets destroyed. He is too ghamandi. After destroying economy, he still has not learned it.

"Think Tank" suppose to be independent organization/individuals. There can be many of them. They have no power. All they give is their view. Its up to govt to implement it or ignore it.

"Think Tank" is suppose to have direct link with elected govt and high ranking. What are they doing with low ranking.

8 classe/phd ko hat ma nariwal.
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सरकारले एसेसरिज उत्पादनको मात्रै अनुभव भएको कम्पनीलाई गाडी एसेम्बल्डको अनुमति दियो

Finally major assembly sector. Hope they produce good quality vehicles.

Hope electric cars are assembled in Nepal and slowly, one by one parts are produced too.

Hope to see electronics products and some of their parts are produced in Nepal too.
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आरबिआइले ल्याएको 'टुल' प्रयोग गर्दा यसरी हुनसक्छ नेपाली बैंकको तरलता समस्या समाधान

बैंकहरुले आफ्नो डलर फण्डलाई आरबिआईमा 'पार्क' गर्ने र तीन वर्षपछि आरबिआईसँग त्यो फण्ड फिर्ता लिने उपाय अवलम्बन गर्न लागिएको हो|

Months back, I advised 8 classe Oli and NRB and sarbagyani yuraj k to give loan to BFIs against their foreign currency at 0% interest.

Which would have almost solved currency conversion risk.

But no, they did not listen to me. Now India is about to do very much similar.

If idiots in Nepal had done it when I advised them, they could have said, now India is copying US.

Nepal is kuwa for educated fools and India is the world. I am sure, they will copy indian in this regard too.

sati ko sarap.

Just wait, so called expert in Nepal and sarbagyani in social media will praise Indian move. Which I advised many many months ago.

sati ko sarap.

ke garna. I could have easily turned Nepal into one of the richest. But I am no 8 classe so I am no leader.
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मध्यम वर्गले शेयरबाट ५ खर्ब गुमाउँदा सरकार मौन छ, प्रतिपक्षी बोल्दैन, शेखर गोल्छाको विश्लेषण

Total lost is more than 1000 arab. during last 3 year, new IPO were issued which is why NEPES is slightly higher than it is.

Plus, lost in paying interest.

Plus, lost 3 year.

Dont expect private sector to invest when they have lost 1000 arab.

Look, amercian experts knows "In his speech Wednesday, Powell spoke directly to the stock market volatility and somewhat downplayed the recent action. "It is important to distinguish between market volatility and events that threaten financial stability," Powell said. "Large" sustained declines in equity prices can put downward pressure on spending and confidence."

but savage yuraj k has convinced that there is no relation between stock price/market and economy. Naheru ko paap.

sati ko sarap.
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विदेशी लगानी भित्र्याउन राष्ट्र बैंकको नयाँ पहल, नेपाली बैंकले विदेशीको एजेण्ट हुन पाउने

विदेशी लगानीकर्ताहरुले नेपालका विभिन्न उद्योग र परियोजनाहरुमा ऋण लगानी गर्दा त्यस्तो ऋणको साँवा ब्याज असुली तथा डुबेमा समस्या भोग्नु पर्थियो| अब भने उनीहरुलाई नेपाली बैंकहरुलाई एजेन्टका रुपमा नियुक्त गरेर डुबेका ऋणीहरुको धितो लिलामीसम्का प्रकृया पुरा गर्ने गरी समग्र ऋण ब्यवस्थापन गर्न सक्ने छन्|
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प्रधानमन्त्री ओलीले बजेटको चौमासिक समिक्षा बैठकमा मन्त्री र सचिवहरुको झ्याँको झारे -सरकार गठनको नौ महिनासम्म पनि पुरानै ढाँचा,पुरानै बानी नहटेको प्रधानमन्त्री ओलीले असन्तुष्टी व्यक्त गरे ।
Now you ve accepted the truth- You have done nothing significant
"Afu boksi Afu nai jhakri"
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प्रधानमन्त्री ओलीले विकासले गति लिन नसकेकोमा असन्तुष्टि व्यक्त गरेका छन्| मन्त्रालयका सचिव र केही मन्त्रीसहित आयोजना गरिएको बैठकमा प्रधानमन्त्री ओलीले सरकारका नौ महनिामा सोचे जस्तो विकास हुन नसकेकोमा असन्तुष्टी व्यक्त गरे| विकास निर्माण अघि नबढ्नुमा नीतिगत समस्या पनि कारक रहेको प्रधानमन्त्री ओलीको भनाइ छ|

"विकासलाई बाधा पु-याउने नीतिहरु कहाँ कहाँ छन् तिनलाई सच्याउनु पर्दछ" प्रधानमन्त्री ओलीले भने| प्रतिष्ठानलाई सम्पूर्ण मन्त्रालय, राष्ट्रिय योजना आयोग, विश्वविद्यालयहरुसँग समन्वय गरेर समग्र राष्ट्रिय नीति निर्माण गर्न प्रधानमन्त्रीले आग्रह गरे|

Are pappu beta, economy is ran by private sector, and is ran by private sector in the whole world. And your biddwan yuraj k, from the first day in this govt, as well as when he used to be top bureaucrat, been attacking private sector.

he is sadist, negative, mandale.

kale samma yuraj k nam ko las bok chau 8 class oli. People gave you vote, not yuraj k. why are you letting yuraj k run nepal's economy with his sanak.

make prachanda's dead's buhari finance minister and you will see from the first day, there will be positive air in the economy. but she needs to take order from me.

never let negative people around you. they are like rotten fish in a lake.

Yuraj k is the most negative person in the history of Nepal, baburam is the second one.
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२५ वर्षे दीर्घकालीन विकासको योजना बनाउँदै योजना आयोग, अबको योजनाबाट 'पोलिसी डिपार्चर'

Gobar surne aukat le 25yr planning. Nothing but waste of time and waste of huge resource.

My simple advice, dont. You will destroy even what we have just like biddwan yuraj k has been doing.

Just do this simple planning to save money and create space for future.
1: There will be 3 big cities in Nepal in future. And 7 cities including 3 big cities.
2: More than 2/3 districts will be close to empty.

So, for cities acquire enough land even though it wont be fully utilized at this time, including for roads.
Majority of districts will be close to empty so dont waste resource in those districts in infrastructures needed for more than 10 year.

Close to empty means there will be only agriculture and hydro in those districts and very few people will live there.
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आर्थिक वृद्धिको लक्ष्य भेट्न नसकिने अर्थमन्त्रीको स्वीकारोक्ति

yesta ta honorable biddwan economist.

Less than 4 month has been wasted by him, he already saying, target cant be achieved. Its not like 9 month have passed.

Make my people FM and PM, with my mentoring, they will achieve the goal.
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In brazil, stock market is flying high cause of elected FAR right.

In Nepal, stock market has crashed cause of elected FAR Left.

Commie/socialist needs to be eradicated for society's richness.

Even biddwan yuraj k knows. उनले भने, 'कल्याणकारी राज्य भएकाले हाम्रा नीतिहरु पनि उद्योगीलाई भन्दा बढी श्रमिकलाई हेरेर बनाइएका छन, त्यसको असर डुइङ बिजनेश रिपोर्टमा देखिएको हो |'

Mao had to die before Chinese economy rose.

Dont expect drastic FDI when Share market is down. This is universal principle.
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युवराज खतिवडा अर्थमन्त्री भएपछि डुइङ बिजनेश इन्डेक्स खस्कियाे नेपालकाे

म अहिले उद्योगी व्यवसायीहरुसँग बस्दा उनीहरु कोही पनि उद्योगमन्त्रीसँग खुशी भएको कुरा गर्दैनन् बरु अनपेक्षित महेश बस्नेत राम्रा थिए भन्छन्| यो वर्षको डुइङ बिजनेश इन्डेक्स र्याङिकलेले सरकारलाई आफ्ना अहिलेसम्म का नीति, नेतृत्व र कार्यक्रमहरु समिक्षा गर्न प्रेरणा दिओस भन्ने आशा गरौं|

8 class Dr.Oli, make Mahesh bashnet Finance minister and Mahesh Bashnet should make me Mentor for fast track improvement of Nepal's economy.
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अर्थमन्त्रीको बजेटले डेढ दर्जन कपडा उद्योग बन्द, आउँदो सातासम्म २०० वटा उद्योग बन्द हुँदै

Good job biddwan. This biddwan yuraj k has become the biggest liability in 8 class doctor's cabinet and still hardly any body is seeing it.
When will he get fired? He is not working for CIA or RAW to prevent Nepal from development, is he???

In Indonesia, he was saying, world should divert all capital to so called productive sector like Alu farming. Wonder how many thought he was dumb and dangerous.

In the civilized world, agriculture and manufacturing:
may only contribute- less than 20% of GDP
May use- less than 10% of capital
And may employ less than 10% of work force.

What happens if those civilized countries divert 30% of their capital to so called productive sector? whole economy will collapse and many will loose their job and die. That is what biddwan yuraj k suggested highly educated (unlike in Nepal) participants in Indonesia.

If US had focused on so called productive sector only, their current size of GDP would have been 6 trillion instead of 20 Trillion $.

If China had focused on so called productive sector only, their current size of GDP would have been 9 trillion instead of 14 Trillion $.

world should divert all capital to so called productive sector :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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1- They increased tamakoshi cost from 7.5 crore per MW to 15 crore per MW
2 - Hydros has become place where promoter/developer do fraud and generate lakhs and lakhs of kittas of shares for themselves for no cost(by inflating the project cost)

...Need regulatory authority for Hydro.....Baki Ishwor Ko Leela...
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Ethiopia is building its $5 billion Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) on the Blue Nile, generating around 6,000 megawatts of electricity for both domestic use and export.The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is under construction since 2015.
SALA nepali politician, they just give BLUFF & never work for the nation interest.
Ethiopia once was an icon for the POVERTY now leaping in the highway of PROSPERITY.
What to say about NEPAL where BLUFFMASTER politicians all line up to suck blood of our country.
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सम्पत्ति शुद्धिकरणका नाममा अर्को व्यवस्था आउँदै, चेक जम्मा गर्नेको पनि तीन पुस्ते चाहिने

Why general people are always kept at GUN POINT by the government?
Better keep your money in CASH at HOME.
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China to cut reserve requirement ratio, with monetary policy unchanged

Apart from ensuring reasonably sufficient liquidity, the government could also use fiscal and taxation policies to stimulate growth and enhance economic sustainability, Dong said.

China is increasing liquidity, decreasing tax to increase their economy.

In Nepal, biddwan yuraj K is doing opposite. He has increased tax.

Why dont 8 class doctro ask biddwan WHY??? Why he is doing opposite?

How many are there in Nepal, other than me, who can question- biddwan's policy, attitude, mentality????

gobar sorne aukat ko le des chalauncha

sati ko sarap
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कहीँकतै दोहोरो कर लागेका भए फिर्ता हुन्छ : अर्थमन्त्री खतिवडा

Company pays: 30+10(bonus)= Tax
And again, pays 5% dividend TAX on the amount which have already payed 40% tax.
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अर्थमन्त्रीको आग्रह : सरकारलाई पर्ख र हेरको अवस्थामा राख्नुस् :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

After you realize its a cockroach not a bird, you dont have to wait for it to fly high.

Private sectors had been waiting for stable govt for many many years so that they could invest. And finally they govt the stable govt. But with, stable govt came Biddwan yuraj K and commie mentality.

You cant build economy by:
- disrespecting private sector (calling them criminal while, the biggest criminal in the history of Nepal is associated with this govt).

- by threatening private sector

- by increasing tax- professional investor not just talk a look at the TAX rate they have to pay, but also tax rate of all others/potential customers/society.

- by tightening policy

- by bringing in same old failure politicians, bureaucrats

8 class Oli has already wasted more than 6 month. This team will be a failure, no need to wait and watch. Only hope is change the team:

1: biddwan
2: home
3: mahashit
4: bista
5: communication
6: yadav
7: change 90% advisers.
8: bureaucrats too especially all in finance minister.

If you cant, let my people run this country, I wont say "wait and watch", I can bring confidence in private sector, public over night.

Biddwan Yuraj K had been in power for more than a decade and what did he achieve that he would be able to do it this time. It is said, he is clean, but, could any bureaucrat in Nepal be clean???? And bureaucrat close to a political party be clean???? LOL
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