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Countdown of UML/Maoist/NIP govt

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Registered: Oct 2013
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Few days ago, Prachanda talked about tectonic change (uthal puthal).

Turned out, he was talking about: he would resign if he could not deliver. But fake news were spreading- he would join with dalal NC, whose Finance minister made prachanda incompetent.

- Prachanda has already wasted 1 year. Seems like- he is going to waste another 1.5 year, if this govt is not changed- if Finance Minister keep in napping. He is about to waste 4 week doing nothing.

After, Dalal NC said, if finance minister was a failure, so should be Prime minister. After that- prachanda began to say- economy has improved.

Reality is economy is still in collapsed state, share market is still collapsed state.

If prachanda say- economy has imported, voter would thing 'this guy does not even know economy has collapsed, how is he going to recover the economy, share market'.

Maoist should float their candidate in Illam. Then they will find out their aukat.

Demand is still down by a lot, share market is down by a lot, cause of them govt revenue is still down by a lot.

Just to recover, to reach 3 year back level- Demand needs to increase by around 50%, share market needs to increase by around 60% and then only govt revenue will increase by around 35%.

But Finance Minister has been sleeping. He could have changed policy in 24 hour. But instead he is about to waste 4 week. He may even not know what are the problems we are facing.

Maoist lost vote in cities cause they did not fire Finance minister Baburam.

NC lost vote caused they did not change their Finance Minister Karki.

NC and Maoist will lose far more vote next time cause they did not change Finance minister alchin Mahat.

Maoist will lose half the seat cause they sent Pun as Finance minister who been sleeping for 4 weeks, who took over collapsed economy. They sent the guy to handle finance at the time when economy is collapsed, who has no idea about economy. Maoist will Pay big.

Just to recover, economy, share market needs to improve by more than 50%, and after 50% they need to grow for growth, development. And Pun is sleeping for 4 week.

Either tell Pun to start making decision- monetary policy, fiscal policy to recover economy, share market ... or resign and give FM to UML or Maoist will be finished... zero.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7508
देशको अर्थतन्त्र गत वर्षजस्तो संकटमा छैन : प्रधानमन्त्री दाहाल

(Looks like, what dalal NC said- entered into his khappar. Dalal NC said, if FM was failure, so was PM.... What Prachanda does not know is, people wont vote for those who cant even see collapsed economy, forget about fixing collapsed economy...) :mrgreen:

उनले देशको अर्थतन्त्र अझै पनि दबाबमुक्त भने नरहेको भन्दै यसका लागि घनिभूत छलफल आवश्यक रहेको पनि बताए

So he is focusing in talk.

I 'SECOND TO GOD' can address collapsed economy and collapse share market in 24 hour.

Prachanda had to change alliance cause of failure of alchin Prakash mahat/ for unable to address collapsed economy and collapsed share market.

UML/KP Oil will be forced to change alliance cause Prachanda and Pun could not fix collapsed economy and collapsed share market. Prachanda and Pun will regret. They are about to waste full 4 week doing nothing.

Dalal NC politicians is going to jail cause they declined to replace alchin Mahat, cause they did not replace Sherbahadur.

Maoist will go to jail for not giving UML Finance Ministry, for making Pun finance minister for not replacing Pun NOW.

About China- China had to intervene after Lumbini fiasco. What China does not understand is- failed govt gets changed. If Pun fails, people will demand change of this govt. China should order Prachanda to give Finance Ministry to UML/Bishnu Paudel.

I believe, China will regret too. So will UML for not replacing Pun or Prachanda in time. Prachand will regret cause he will be replaced cause he did not give FM to UML, cause he did not replace Pun in time.

After this govt fails, many Maoist will go to jail. :lol: :lol: :lol:
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7508
Pun is about to waste 4weeks doing nothing, without helping collapsed economy, collapsed share market.

I believe, he will waste at least 2 month. At least or his whole time as Finance minister.

Maoist are finished. This is going to be last maoist in PM, FM, HM, Hydro Ministry .....

* Maoist started collapsed of economy, collapsed of share market.

* Maoist has brought back load shedding and cause of maoist Nepal is still buying electricity from India after more than 10 year.

* All Maoist ministers have been total failure.

* Remember, Maoist HM NirinKaji tried to bring compulsory helmet for rider. He almost ended ride sharing.

Prachanda will regret for appointing Pun as FM.

Prachanda will regret for not giving UML Finance ministry.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7508
अर्थमन्त्री पुन भन्छन्- ब्रोकर कमिसन घटाउने विषयमा अब छिट्टै निर्णय गर्छु, सेयर बजारप्रति सकारात्मक छु

Nepal needs to change at least 25 negative policies. He took 3 week just to talk about one policy. In 18 month he will max be able to change 5 policy if he could find them.

Reduce: SEBON commission by 75%, NEPSE commission by 40%, CDS fee by 25%, broker commission by 35%. Approx.

When is Monetary policy change coming?? When is new investment- from bfis, pension fund, China- coming into Share market??? It will be to late for maoist and UML if you wait for monetary policy review date.

Pun will regret, Prachanda will regret, Maoist will regret when this govt falls for sending Pun. I can guarantee, Pun wont even be able to recover economy up to 25% by the end of his term.

Congrats to NIP- all political point maoist, nc, uml will be losing will go to NIP- cause of the failure of Pun.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7508
I would have made the decision about all the negative policies in 24 hour.

Bharya type alchina FM Pun has already wasted 3 week.

Cause of maoist- economy has collapse, Share market has collapsed, Load shedding is back, Nepal is still buying electricity from India even after more than 10 year, maoist is behind 'covid insurance for 100Rs'.

As per jotish, Nepal is going through sarap- and Nepal is not suffering from supernatural phenomenon, Nepal is being destroyed by NC, Maoist. Which makes NC, Maoist alchina. Why it is so hard for people to see it.

Soon, People will start to blame UMl if they dont change Finance minister soon. KP Oli and other UML politicians should ask in public- how long is Alchina Pun going to be napping? When is Prachanda changing Finance minister? If not UML's vote begin to fall.

Under current circumstance- vote transfer due to crisis in going toward NIP (swatantra Party) not UML. Before this govt, it was going in UML's box. UML act smart or NIP could become largest party. UML should openly ask Prachanda, when is his going to act to improve- collapse economy, collapsed share market, collapsed financial sector. Dump Pun has already said, everything is fine. May be his gold smuggling business is doing fine.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7508
Kukur batho bhaya pachi gu khancha.

Maoist will learn the hard way.

Party with 30 want PM and important ministry (and still cant perform)

While largest party gets nothing.

Maoist destroyed economy and still they want Finance ministry and they make some bharya Finance minister.

Now I remember, when Baburam became Finance minister he destroyed economy and share market (today he has become pro share market)--- bahuram focused on tax collection and threw bone at media/partrakar to make him hero finance minister.

Pun, last time he was FM, he too focused on tax collection and destroyed economy too.

Looks like today too Pun is focusing on tax collection while ignoring economic collapse and share market collapse.

Maoist should be eradicated in election to prevent them from becoming finance minister, pm, home minister, hydro minister. They destroyed economy, share market, now load shedding is back, after more than 10 year, we are still buying electricity from india.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7508
When will KP Oli kick out Bharya Finance minister or PM???

Prachanda has already wasted more than 1 year, maoist was the one who collapsed economy and share market.

Alchin bharya Pun has already wasted 3 week.

Longer Pun stay in power, NIP (swatantra)'s vote keep on increasing. That vote wont go to UML.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7508
सरकारी खर्च टाइट गरिएका कारण अर्थतन्त्रमा शिथिलता मात्र आएको हो, संकटमा छैन : अर्थमन्त्री

Kasta kasta lai Finance minister hunu parne. This is going to be the final finance minister, PM from Maoist.

Then why dont you loosen the expenditure of government???

Fool dont even know, cause of economic collapse, share market collapse government's revenue has collapsed.

Next he will say- the person died cause of excess blood loss not cause some body sliced his throat.

UML needs to change this finance minister tomorrow or UML's vote will fall.

Nepal's economy, banking sector is living in borrowed time. We got borrow time by extending loan rescheduling. If collapsed economy, collapsed share market is not recovered soon,,,, we shall reach the point of no return.

Fire this fking moron Finance minister Pun. Our borrowed time is sleeping from our hand.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7508
Maoist should be prevented from becoming:

Financed minister- they destroyed economy

Hydro minister- load shedding is back and we are still buying a lot of electricity from outside

Home minister- destroy the system even more

Only way is to defeat them completely in election. Zero vote to maoist.

Prachanda will regret for making Sharma and Pun Finance minister for his remaining life.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7508
Alchin maoist collapsed economy and share market.

Now alchin maoist pun and dahal are wasting time.... while collapse is getting deeper.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7508
This Finance minister Pun have already wasted 3 week. It's time to think about replacing Finance minister.

आधा दर्जन बढी फाइनान्स कम्पनीको खराब कर्जा ५ प्रतिशत माथि, २० प्रतिशतसम्म पुग्यो खराब कर्जा

- Cooperative collapsed, they ignored

- Microfinance collapsed, they ignored.

- Finance collapsing, they are still ignoring.

Like I said, You have to replace those in NRB/Finance ministry who are behind collapse. If you dont, instead of correcting their mistake, they will focus on proving themselves right.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7508
In this thread, I said, if FM Pun cant show performance in 2 week, he will lose confidence. Happened exactly. People are beginning to lose confidence in Pun, Pachanda, Maoist and this govt. Soon target will be UML if UML dont pressure for performance.

For first week, after FM Pun talked about focusing on recovery of collapsed economy and share market- Pun, Maoist won few political point. After Pun wasted 2 week, all those points have vanished and may vanish forever.

If UML dont pressure FM Pun and Prachanda for performance- improving economy and share market, UML would start to lose political points.

In the other hand, NIP (swatantra party)'s minister have been making one after another decisions and they have already won people's heart and mind and have already won many points- even if they are out of this govt, they will increase their vote due to this performance.

(but I am not impressed, I believe in system not individual decisions)

गृह मन्त्रालयले दियाे देशभरका जिल्ला प्रशासन कार्यालयलाई २१ बुँदे निर्देशन

ठमेल र दरबारमार्गमा चौबिसै घण्टा व्यवसाय गर्न दिने सरकारको तयारी, व्यवसायी उत्साही

Longer dalal NC protest against HomeMinister- they are more likely to lose political points.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7508
Pun wont start any action to recover collapsed economy or collapsed share market until Prachanda or KP Oli orders him.

Pun neither understand economy nor administration.

UML should demand assistant Finance minister post.

Pun has already wasted 17 day. By this time, I would have already made at least 5 decisions to improve policies.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7508
अर्थतन्त्रमा आमूल परिवर्तनको जग बनाएँ : महत, पुनको जवाफ, तपाईंको विज्ञताले काम गरेन

- Tal tal ko kura garch alchin Mahat.

Became Finance minister at the time of worst economic collapse and share market collapse, using, nepotism .... wasted the whole year. .. never tried to rescue economy and share market and still expected economy/share market to improve on their own.

Kaha kaha bata auch khate haru artha mantri banna.

Alchina ka santan.

And still talk nonsense like "अर्थतन्त्रमा आमूल परिवर्तनको जग बनाएँ", what does that even mean.

After sometime, if FM Pun sits idle like he been doing for last 2 week,,, Pun will exit same way and will have to go around talking crazy like alchina mahat.

Wonder if UML is sleeping too. Do they know, Pun has already wasted 2 week.
Registered: Oct 2013
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How many more days, this FM Pun is going to waste?
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7508
My calculation/prediction about how Finance minister Pun could waste another 6-12 month without delivering anything (unless he change the tempo):

* He has already wasted 2 week. It has clearly demonstrated he has no idea, no vision, no solution .... and he is just asking others for solution and he is asking failed individuals. (remember- current crisis is created by NRB and NRB got green light from handful of share investors for the policy that destroyed share market).

* He is going to waste another 2 month. Current collapse of economy and share market is due to mainly monetary policy. To revive economy and share market, monetary policy should be changed asap but NRB will wait till monetary policy review period which will be in 2 month time. So FM Pun would waste another 2 month.

If somebody ask right question to NRB, why not change policy tomorrow. NRB will answer- cause we have to follow the system.
If you ask another right question, who wrote the system- answer would be- we did.
If you ask another right question, then why not change the system- they are too dumb to have any answer.

* He is going to waste another 6-12 month. To revive economy, base rate of Banks should fall by 2% and dev bank's base rate should be down by 3.5%.

It can be done tomorrow. But they wont do it cause they are too dumb to be creative and guts to make positive decision and they know nothing.

Naturally course, every month base rate will fall by .15% per month if they reduce interest. Then they will realize, it will take forever to reduce base rate by 2%, so they will hurry after 6 month then finally in 12 month base rate will fall to neutral zone.

This way, FM Pun is likely to waste 6-12 month. Which he does not have.

If he gets full term, he may have 12-15 month. Unless he is replaced soon.

He has already wasted 2 week by wasting time talking to incompetent bureaucrats.

Then there is another question, Does UML/KP Oli waste 2/12 month???
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Two week anniversary of ministers.

Zero result from finance minister.

I would have given result within 24 hour.
Registered: Oct 2013
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तीन निकायहरुले बुझाए, अर्थमन्त्रालयले मागेका पूँजी बजार सुधारका सुझावहरु, 'तत्काल बजार सुधारका कदम चालिने'

- And still bull does not run..... this is why we need Chinese institutional investors (and from other countries too) so that NEPSE is not controlled by Sanak of bureaucracy, big players.
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Finance minister Pun has created positive mindset in share market as well as in business and economy.

Nepal needs him to succeed.

I want him to become hero which would humiliate dalal NC and alchina doggo Prakas Mahat. It's time to end politics of dalal NC from Nepal. (Always remember, NC was formed in India, by probably indians, to serve indians. While they were in India, they used to greet one another calling 'jay hind'. And later they entered Nepal and since then been serving Indian interest. Their members are openly anti nepal, pro India in media social media- they have not fear, no dignity in doing so.)

Share market will remember him for years if he succeed, but market wont remember policy in long term cause individual minister and bureaucracy keep on changing it motivated by their sanak. But one action/policy he can sign which will be written in history and Share investor will thank him forever.

*** Nepal government should sign a investment deal with China. It is said, Pun is pro China so this deal would help both Nepal and Good for China.

** The investment deal should be- letting Chinese institution (both private and govt) invest in Nepal's share market as well as in Govt bond and private sector bond.

And Let Nepal's institutions- NRB and Banks invest in Chinese Share market, Private and Govt bond market. (Nepal should let them invest 25% of their capital and reserve outside Nepal)

* What would be the benefit?

Benefit for China- China/Govt's public relation with Nepalese. Since there are 50 lakh investor in Nepal- China could gain good image among those investors in Nepal. Since, Nepal is tiny market, so business wise it's small but this would help them gain support from 50 lakh Nepalese.

When market crashes in Nepal, there are few thousand harams in share market who try to crash even further which would push lakhs of investors into depression, tension and some even commit suicide.

If China invests in Nepal, share market wont be undervalued which would prevent depression and suicide.

This is why, 50 lakh Nepalese will see 'China as God sent'.

Benefit for Nepal- Share market of Nepal has grown bigger. Which needs more fund. Chinese institution would address that requirement.

When NRB, BFIs in Nepal need to sell their assets? When there is crisis. So when they have to sell their assets during crisis- thing will go worse from Bad. When assets price is already in stress, if they have to sell it, it will fall further.

So, if they invest in China and need liquid during crisis, they can sell those assets and arrange liquidity during crisis.

Investing in China would work as Hedging too.

If Finance minister Pun signs Investment deal with China, the depression and suicide cycle of Investors will stop and thus, Pun's name will be written in History in a positive way.

Later, Nepal could sign similar deal with other countries like- Hongkong, asia pacific, Middle east, RUssia ..... But not with US and India. US sill misuse such position to black mail and punish Nepal and India would misuse such position by getting RAW involved.
Registered: Mar 2018
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"Maoist with 32 seats have PM and powerful posts.
UML with more than double the seats and have less powerful posts"

All becoz of Northern power exercise.
Government change could be due to denial for stopping Falgun 28/29 event by some of the EX-
Registered: Oct 2013
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मैले youtube मा अन्तर्वार्ता पाउन सकिन :'(
Registered: Oct 2013
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"३ महिनादेखि प्रम र अर्थमन्त्रीको बोलचालसम्म बन्द थियो रे,

प्रमले फोन गर्दासम्म अर्थमन्त्रीले फोन उठाउदैन थिए रे"

सोमनाथ पाण्डेले ऋषि धमलासंगको अन्तरबार्तामा सुनाउदै थिए l

:) :)
Registered: Oct 2013
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Dalals are humiliating Prachanda for new govt.

All Prachanda had to do was say - alchin Prakash Mahat destroyed previous govt by ignoring collapsed economy and collapsed share market and looked like he would waste full time if govt had not been changed.
Registered: Oct 2013
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Maoist with 32 seats have PM and powerful posts.

UML with more than double the seats and have less powerful posts.

Meaning, If Pun fails to deliver in 2 week, Prachanda is done.

Now the question is, would Pun relax Monetary policy today???

One way or another- NEPSE BOOM BOOM!

NEPSE 3500 during Pun, NEPSE 6000 during Paudel.
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Registered: Oct 2013
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शेयर बजारमा ६० लाख जनताको लगानी छ, सुधार गर्नैपर्छ: अर्थमन्त्री पुन

FM Pun needs to relax Monetary policy from tomorrow. He needs to relax policies- 2/3 policies in every 5/7 day.

- Banks need to decrease interest by 2%, development by 3.5%

- Share loan limit should be erased, risk weightage should be reduced to 100%.

- Since, more share have been listed, so fund available to share market should be increased drastically. Let Bfis invest all their capital and reserve into where ever they want. With expectational- not in land and building and if they invest in shares- they should be prevented to sell the share for 2.5 year. And let them buy back their won share.

Insurance and pension fund should be able to invest their fun in share market in much higher percentage.

Let, cooperative invest their capital and reserve into share market.

- Make a deal with Chinese govt. Let Chinese institution invest in nepal's share market and bond market. And let nepal institution to do the same in Chinese share and bond market with limit.

- Increase limit of personal loan to 2.5 crore. And housing loan to 5 crore.

- Etc

Relax Monetary policy in every 5/7 day till economy recovers. Then slowly tighten.

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