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Nepal needs National Independent Party to success for peaceful revolution.

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NIP needs to bring in 5/10 share market experts (real expert) in the party.

नेप्सेले पाँच वर्षमै १२० खर्बको कारोबार गर्ने, ग्लोबल टेण्डरमार्फत् इन्ट्रा डे, सर्ट सेल ल्याउने

Is is why we need another private stock exchange. Competition! Even before another exchange is introduced, NEPSE already working on upgrade which they been ignoring for decades.
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NIP should elect Rajesh Hamal from Top bahadur's constituency
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NIP is losing opportunity votes by not raising issue of economic crash/share market crash- daily/alternative day/regularly.

Every day or alternative day- they could have raised issue of stories of how people are facing economic problems- like- how people are suffering, how people are unable to pay fee, how people are unable to pay loan/interest, how business have collapsed, how their selling has decreased by 40-60%, how investors lost 50-80% of their investment, how farmers have to dump their product ......

As per govt's statistics bureau- Nepal's economy is in negative by around 1%.

They are calling it recession but technical term is stagflation. Meaning- GDP down and presence of high inflation.

Reality is, in my view, Nepal GDP growth could be negative of 5-10%. Those who are not feeling collapse of GDP is cause they get their salary from their employee who have been paying them not from profit but from borrowed or saved money.
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Sabiti MATA; talked about license offered to private stock exchange.

(I want to advice, Sabita, to talk to intelligent stake holders from all side before making comment in the house or media or social media.
I believe: she was approached by some staff from NEPSE who happens to be her friend or relative or friend of her friend/relative. I am 100% sure that person is corrupt and dalal. And/or sent by bigger corrupt and dalal from NEPSE/big setting gang)

Do we need new private stock exchange?
- Yes, absolutely. Why? We need competition.

NEPSE has been making a lot of profit through manipulation and extortion while investors are being forced to commit suicide. Share market needs competition- in commission as well as in providing service as well as attitude of staff.

Second, does Savita know- when some media bring in individuals for debate regarding share market- they bring one from investor and in opposition, they bring some official from NEPSE or SEBON or NRB or Finance ministry.

NEPSE/SEBON/NRB/Finance Ministry are suppose to protect share market, help share market. Why are officials from those organization are brought for debate to debate from opposite side.

Are officials from NEPSE/SEBON/NRB/Finance Ministry enemy of share market, are they enemy of investor, are they enemy of Nepalese people, are they enemy of Nepal????? This is the issue, Savita should ask in the house, or some MPs should raise this issue. Ask those officials- are you enemy of Nepali people????

This is why we need private stock exchange.

Second question; is ongoing offer to establish private stock exchange- clean????
- Definitely not.

Should the process be stopped. NO. (learn to be practical. Crime should be stopped, process should not be stopped, crime should be punished when time is appropriate)

Then what should be done?
- Prepare well documentation of on going process, and, investigate and punish culprits when NIP gets majority in the election.

Stock exchange, Banks, Insurance, media, pension funds etc come under national security matter. Intelligence agencies should investigate all those associated with those organizations and their 10 pusta. Agency should find out how they made their wealth, where the capital came from, their activities- including personal/private activities, with whom they have connection with- foreign and domestic, what are their views about- country, society, politics, govt etc.

If they turned out to be threat to national security- their wealth should be nationalized and they should be thrown out of the window. Their case should not be handled by police, their case should be handled by intelligence agency.

Becoming politicians is not a joke. Politicians like SABITA should start to prepare themselves for hard reality. If you say, throwing anti national out of the window is evil- your weakness will lead to death of millions. Learn from Ukraine.
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Another 8 lakh potential vote addition in 2084 election if people don't see mismatch between "SAYING & DOING".
Registered: Oct 2013
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People are talking about who gets the credit for success of NIP: In my view,

{In last election, NIP got 11lakh vote. And I think if there is election today- NIP may get 18/22lakh vote)

2 lakh vote: I think, in 11lakh vote 2 lakh vote NIP got cause of Rabi L. And cause of Rabi L- NIP got publicity and coverage which is the most important in the success of NIP.

5 lakh vote: Angry people's vote. After NIP got publicity and coverage, angry people noticed and saw hope/change. Then they not just voted for NIP, they promoted NIP for free. Other 6 lakh voters are also angry with other parties. Most of those who would be voting today are also angry with other parties/govt.

4 lakh vote: After NIP got publicity and coverage, many noticed NIP but those 4 lakh was not interested in voting for NIP. They decided to vote for NIP after NIP selected good/right candidate during election.

2 lakh potential vote: After success of NIP, 2 lakh have become potential voter.

2 lakh potential vote: After they went after Rabi L., 2 lakh pity vote have added.

1 lakh potential vote: After NIP punished corrupt, another 1 lakh added. Many who had voted NIP, their support for NIP was falling but after this punishment, support picked up again.

2 lakh potential vote: Golden boy's entry may have increased another 2 lakh vote. Dont forget to thank jhole and fake news of NC. They made him hero, hope and then humiliated him. And NIB bringing him into the party have increased vote.

4 lakh potential vote: By election success, activities during by election, hate for govt etc may have increased anther potential 4 lakh potential vote.
Registered: Oct 2013
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KP oli was successful in destroying the government (nc/maosit) and taking away their votes by using NRB/Governor. But, sad part for him, that vote went to NIP :mrgreen:
Registered: Oct 2013
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When economy collapses; the worst hit group would be youth. Older ones have savings, but young ones dont.

Have you noticed: when media invites people for debate- like

- If they invite individuals for debate regarding economy; they invite one person from business and in the opposition- they invite some official from finance ministry or retired official from finance ministry.

- If it is about share market- they invite one from investors and in the opposition they invite official from NEPSE or SEBON.

What does that mean?
- Are bureaucrats enemy of people or society or country?
- Is policy being drafted by the enemy like enemy of share market drafts policy for share market, enemy of economy drafts policy related to economy by those who hate economy???

In Nepal- Bahunbad make policy influenced by- hate, jealousy, corruption, lazyness, ghamanda, ignorance, alchina, harami, negativity, overconfidence etc etc character.

{Bahunbad is the enemy of nepal, society, everyone}

And monetary policy drafted by NRB were influenced by above characters which lead to current economic collapse.

I kept on saying; recession/growth is normal cycle of the economy, but, depression/collapse is man made. Current collapse of our economy is caused by NRB, bureaucracy of finance ministry, two ministers, and their advisers and media and those alchina who posted in media/social media .............. and current fm and pm are unbale to solve it after months/weeks. (I can solve half of the problem in a day and rest within a year)

And the collapse of the economy is the one of the main reasons- NIP is getting a lot of support from youth.

Fire top 6 officials from NRB. NC/uml/maoist will vanish cause of NRB but they still cant see it.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7484
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7484
Hours back, NIP's spoke person was saying- they were in talk with golden boy- to bring him in the party and make him run for the by election from tanahu. Looks like deal has been made.

Golden boy was made popular by 12 bhai- what are they going to say about him from now forward. 'overhyped'?

What is jhole's of gan gan be talking about him in social media? They are the ones who made him popular in social media.

Divided vote may give victory to UML.
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हेपाइ खाएर पार्टीमा बस्न नसकेको भन्दै पत्र लेखेर डा. स्वर्णिमले छाडे कांग्रेस

NIP can cash the "BRAND"
Registered: Oct 2013
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NIP needs to announce their support for protesting- small and medium business, share investor, borrower.

NIP should demand NRB fix liquidity problem, interest rate problem, undo all policies they tightened which lead to economic collapse,

NIP should make a list of bureaucrats (since they will be a major farce in near future replacing dallal congress)- who are:

- incompetent or not
- dalal or not
- corrupt or not
- anti nation or not
Registered: Oct 2013
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Fearing blackmail prevent one from becoming leader.

Dont get blackmailed. Instead be ready to face jail term.

Even best, start fight with prachanda (new khojnu) so that he would misuse his power to send you to jail. This will help you to get huge loyal following.

And people will come to street to release you too.

Nepal is in last stage, those who care Nepal should go for drastic measure.
Registered: Oct 2013
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काठमाडौं उपत्यकामा प्रतिघण्टा ५० किलोमिटरभन्दा बढीको स्पीडमा गाडी-बाइक गुडाउन नपाइने व्यवस्था लागू

Above is the buddi of bureaucracy/politician.

Below is "SECOND TO GOD"S advice: From Sat Dec 31, 2022 1:41 pm
2: Reduction of traffic accidents and violations: Ask people to add camera in their vehicles. And if they send video of somebody violates (dangerous) traffic rule, they should be given 25% commission of the fine.

Some dangerous traffic rule violations should be panelized with 25000-100000 fine- Like
- Over speeding in school/residential/hospital/office/walking area.
- During high traffic, If someone's speed is 50-100% more than other vehicles' speed.
- Is someone overtakes zig zigging more than 2 time within 25second.
- If someone overtakes you and cuts you off just infront of you, or stops infront of you after overtaking.
- Double or more overtake.
- ETC.


How fast is over speeding?
- It depends, in some area even 20kmph is over speeding and in some area 100kmph is ok in kathmandu.

So if govt let flat 50kmph legal, many going to die.

Just 2 day ago, I saw a bus, which could be going at the speed of around 40kmph, was travelling just 2-4ft behind a scooter bring ride by a girl. If that scooter had slowed down, the bus would have definitely hit it.

And as per, traffic, the bus was maintaining rule.

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NIP party should take finance minister before 10th grade bishnu paudel destroy our economy further.

bishnu paudel was successful in the past as a finance minister cause he did not use to be a harami and did not go after those who build economy- investors, business, consumers like other did- Not cause he understood economy.

This time, he is already beginning to show sign of harami just like yuraj k used to. And he has begun to lie to investors.

This govt is on the way to destroy economy further:

Seems like this govt, bishnu paudel, nrb want to repeat same past mistake they committed during previous liquidity crisis, economic crisis around 5 year back? (about which I have posted 100s of pages of analysis)

After reading some news and interview from incompetent, harami officials of NRB, they are going for same not so old mistake.

- Around 5 year back, we had liquidity crisis caused by over investment in so called productive sector- cement industry, hotel, construction based industries like- iron etc, hydro etc.

NRB pushed loan towards those industries which caused liquidity crisis and during that crisis NRB blocked loan to other sector and pushed even more loan to those sector- created even bigger liquidity crisis and destroyed the economy.

Seems like, NRB is pushing for same policy, but in much larger scale. After destroying agriculture industry by pushing too much loan, now they are on their way to over invest in manufacturing.

Pushing loan, or over investment dont increase productivity. It rather destroys- already existing industries.

At that time- I saw, 1/2 highly aggressive dumb, incompetent haramis at NRB, today there are around 5 such haramis who are incopetent and dumb in NRB. So result will be magnified. It will lead to much bigger crisis.

And bishnu paudel is going to assist them with his 10th grade certificate.

Not a single economic expert is there with bishnu paudel.

Dont tell me later, SECOND TO GOD did not warned again.


I am the only person in Nepal who understands economy. And I am ready to help, for free, finance minister of NIP.

Nepal's per capita can easily be increased to 5-10 lakh annually. I know how.

Nepal's economy should be saved from evil, harami, incompetent, ignorant bureaucracy in NRB and finance ministry and their advisers.
Registered: Oct 2013
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NIP should form a branch in the party which follows economy of Nepal, so that, after early election, NIP may get finance ministry- make a list of bureaucrats related to economy who are competent and who are not. Fire or sideline incompetent ones, make a note what is needed to be done for economy etc

From social media:
म @NICASIABank को लकर सुविधा प्रयोगकर्ता| लकर चलाए बापत १५ हजार फ्रीज नै छ | लकर चलाएबापत वार्षिक फी बढेर ४५०० भयो | भो ! लकर बन्द गर्छु भनेको त - locker surrender बापतको ५५०० तिर्नुस् भन्छ ! कस्तो लुट हो यो ? तोइट !

If you pay bahunbad hapta you can do any crime in Nepal.

Indians tag terrorist on kasmiria and kill them. In Nepal, they are looting Nepal with the help of congress (also communist and others)

When indian's with nepali citizenship will reach 51%, we all are 4kd.


Millions of Nepalese suffered cause of economic crash caused by NRB policy, and few committed suicide. And economy crashed cause NRB tightened loan and increased interest from 8% to 18%.

And one of those who advised NRB to increase interest is NMB bank's ceo and chairman (indian who been looting Nepal for 2/3 generations). I heard NMB aggressively increased deposit by offering high interest.

Since their cost of fun is high, so to be competitive, they must have advised NRB to increase interest so that all BFIs cost of money would increase.

And NRB did it exactly. I think NIC asia did same last time and they became no1 bank from no where- with the help of nrb governor Nepal and yuraj k. Many banks complained but NRB ignored, instead tightened policy on all banks. Now same, NRB governor Nepal got tag of expert from 12 bhai media and all of them are indian agents. Just like Rabi raised the question, and many are talking lately "how 12 bhai media make someone hero and some villen?"
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Looks like attack on Rabi has increased his support by 3-5 times during last few weeks compared to during election time.

If there is early election today, NIP could get 15-22 lakh vote.
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There greatest persons in the world accept """'I""" as "SECOND TO GOD".

Take my major political analysis of Nepal seriously:

1: If UML, NIP and RPP go to election together, this group could secure clear majority in early election. So they should maintain basic respect for each other.

Every body knows Maoist is a minor party, but turned out, who every Maoist supported would become big party in Nepal, but, that was only till last local election. Every political calculation changed after national election.

After national election, now, it looks like, whom ever NIP and RPP, jointly, support would become big party. Maoist are minor player now. Maoist are no longer in a position to blackmail.

2: UML, NIP and RPP group is best option for all of them.

For UML- NIP and RPP are threat to NC so they are god sent to UML.

And for NIP as well as RPP- they both are going to, or need to steal votes of NC. Or should I say, their potential vote is vote of NC so ganging up with UML suits them.

For at least next two election, they need each other. Over years, NIP and RPP's vote will keep on growing while NC's will keep on shrinking.

And as for Maoist, they can never be trusted. Look at today, with in one month, prachanda/maoist has already show their true color. Some maoist were saying, they should not give home minister to NIP and should keep it. They dont know what they are talking.

So soon, maoist has forgotten their aukat. In early election, they will remember, during last election all they got was 11% vote. And then their desperation will began.

3: Another best for UML, NIP and RPP joining hand during election is, when they join hand- NC and Maoist have to join hand too. And when NC and Maoist join hand- NIP and RPP are more likely to get more/extra vote of NC base.

4: Which ever party you are, you dont want to form govt with NC. Cause that govt will be a failure. Cause look at last two govt of NC- all NC care about is corruption/crime, post and foreign master.

Today, nepalese are committing suicide due to economic crisis. This crisis is due to NC govt. And when people were demanding help from govt, NC hardly cared, NC politicians hardly spoke. Guess when they spoke- when it was about their master, they spoke loudly when it was about MCC and citizenship for Indians. NC even threatened to bring down govt for MCC.

And NC is in govt, relation with China non existent. So when NC is in govt, Nepal makes zero progress. And you will pay in election.

So if you want to win election, NC should not be in govt.
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"मेरो मौनता आजसम्मका लागि मात्रै हाे, म अभिमन्यु होइन," रवि लामिछाने

Almost all media came after you. Expose all those fake dalal media and their dalal patrakars. Expose who financed those fake dalal medias. Expose what are the sources of fund that funded those medias.
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Rabi needs to wait till he become samsad again or send someone else temporarily.

I thought maoist will wait till 2.5 year for newkhojne. I underestimated their dumbness.

When election process will begin, they will remember, they got 11% vote during last election as much as NIP got.

NIP and people should sue NC samsads in the court for their corruption, fraud in election, misuse of passport etc.

People should demand court to appoint investigation council from public to investigate corruption of deuba since he did not disclose his wealth when he was pm also his fraud in last election by buying vote.
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After last local election, most people's conclusion was, which ever party (uml or nc) go to election with maoist will win big.

Not that dynamic has changed after the grand entry of NIP and performance of RPP.

NIP and RPP's combined force is far greater than maoist's position. Who ever go to election joining hand with NIP and RPP will have far better position in election than the party that joins hand with maoist.

NIP got angry people's vote. But cause of attack on Rabi, NIP is becoming party with base gradually. In NC, UML- there are lots of voters who say- I have been voting for that party since the beginning, my whole party been supporting that party, I vote for NC cause I hate communist .. ETC ETC.

Cause of attack on Rabi, who left US citizenship (most nepalese do anything to get US citizenship) to do something for Nepal, now slowly, there will form voter base of NIP who will be saying- I have been voting for NIB since that party was established, I support Rabi cause he was attacked by the system who came back to Nepal for Nepal, I had been giving vote for NC cause I hate communist- Now I have NIP as better option.... ETC ETC.

Over time, NIP is most likely to replace NC.

May be that is why UML is supporting NIP lately. If UML, RPP, NIP dont cross disrespecting each other..... they will have a good political future for 5-15 year together.

Many NC supported NIP during election. If NIP had disrespected NC, NIP could have payed dearly in next election. Cause of the NC's attack on NIP during last few days, now loyalty toward NIP will grow drastically. NIP I highly likely to replace NC. Change will happen swiftly if Rabi is attacked even more.

Attack on Rabi is turning him into a politician with base.
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राष्ट्रिय सुरक्षामा 'राष्ट्रवादी' भ्वाङ: विजयकान्त कर्ण /ukaalo

In Kasmir, Indian kills kasmiris and tag them terrorist. Now, Indian has began to tag nationalist/anti nationalist in Nepal on Nepalese. (And dalal media in Nepal Nepal also call those kasmiris- terrorists. Someday, Nepalese will be killed in Nepal by indian force and media in bangladesh will call Nepalese- terrorist)

Now the question is, why bahuns (ukaalo) published it?

This is the biggest blunder of bahuns letting indian write the article. They could have easily found other bahun like dollarmani, bharmani to write these articles.

Just yesterday, I asked, why doggo of sher bahadur's wife left the gang and now has started to go after sher bahadur. I got the answer the next day: 'ma noker sanga haina malik sangai deal garchu'.

Looks like the doggo(ukaalo) wants to deal directly with malik (indian embassy) instead of noker (sher bahadur's wife).

And this article is the message to indian embassy that they are ready to sell nepal for katro (money). This article is the message to indian embassy that they are ready to become little zlenenskey of Nepal.

Even India understands the message. And India understands dalals. India understands they are offering to be ho. India understands, they are offering Nepal to India to be raped and in return, they are asking for big donation.

And India will give them big donation. Just like lendrup. Until Lendrup handed over Sikkim to India, India treated Lendurp like son in law. Then after threw into dustbin.

Its like currently Zelenskey, sher bahadur (just US officials treated him well). Not long ago, similarly treated was- Guardeo of Venezuela, small opposition leader of Belarus, Modo. In the past- Saddham, Taliban, Mahendra, Birendra, Polpot, and many many others.

Sell Nepal, make money. Talk big.

Have you notices, almost all those professionals, who put picture of alcohol are dalals. Have you felt that almost all alcoholic in Nepal with certain positions are all dalals. They sell Nepal to feed their soul alcohol.
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I am sure dalal media called ukera is financed by criminals and takes order from criminals.

Each and everyone related to that media should be investigated for crime by people and expose them and sue them.

One person in that media used to be sherbahadur's wife's doggo .. lately he is going against her. wonder what next agenda his new master are working on.
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Have you noticed: Most of those who are making fun of Economic Martyr Prem Acharya, talking about his aukat are bahun.

Have you noticed: Most of those who are going after Rabi's citizenship are also bahuns.

Evolution is proven science, Race is evolution. That makes Race science- SECOND TO GOD

this is good for Independent party, Rabi and Nepal.

Now people will sue those who have taken nepali citizenship illegally, there will start voice for this issue. Most of those who went after citizenship of rabi are also those who demand citizenship for foreigners. Now, more people will be vocal against it.

This will harm Nepali congress politics and help Independent party.

This case proves that Rabi did not misuse his position, this should help his politics. Many will see him as victim. In Nepal foreigner gets citizenship illegally, forcefully. Rabi is Nepal but he lost it, for now.

This is bad for congress, india and good for nepal, independent party.
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Since Hari Dhakal is in Government and Chinese are coming in a few weeks, He should ask Chinese for help under following:

Posted on: Mon Nov 28, 2022 2:17 pm

Go to Chinese Embassy and ask for help to bring in latest rice plantation technology and chicken farming technology- through technology transfer.

Call it 'Gift from China'.

Utilize cooperative, ngo, microfinance and private/public company and Chinese govt/corporation to upgrade agriculture technology. Cooperative and ngo's job should be to check price of private company.

From Chitwan, rice and chicken farmers from all over Nepal should be trained in latest technology, this could turn Chitwan like Holland.

PS- prepare to address about economy, share market and problem people of chitwan been facing in up coming Lower house session. I am ready to work closely, if you want.

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