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Nepal needs National Independent Party to success for peaceful revolution.

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"You ask crowd/media/social media, if they got to eat last night. You dont ask crowd/media/social media- how to solve hunger"- SECOND TO GOD.

It's amazing; Swatantra club brought in so called expert to talk about ongoing economic crisis, to collect ideas to draft club policy- who say there is no economic crisis. Those who dont even know we have the worst economic crisis in the history of Nepal, who dont know- economy has collapsed-- how are those fake expert going to solve the crisis.

Even worst, most of those people advised govt/NRB to implement the policy which collapsed the current economy. One of the main is Golden boy. During early days, of current collapse, Golden boy too advised govt/NRB to down size the economy.

Golden boy does not even know basics of economy- down sizing economy means, killing lakhs of people, and at that time I did warn.

During last 15 year, Nepal saw three economic collapse. I believe, Golden boy was in power/position during at least last two collapse. He is part of the problem. And during first of those three collapse, Golden boy's friend was finance secretary- broker no25. And that haram is saying- we dont have economic crisis at this time.

Like I said before- Shajha club will lose votes in cities in next election. They have wasted lakhs of vote. They should dissolve themselves and let new one take their place.

If you study social media, you can easily say- self emplyed people want UML to run Finance ministry and solve current economic problem. Those people dont talk about Shajha club or Golden boy.

During previous economic crass too, NC/Maoist govt crashed the economy and UML Finance minister fix the crisis. Looking at this govt, it does not look like, they have any idea how to fix it.

"When talkers' voice is far louder than doers' voice- that society/economy/country is finished."- SECOND TO GOD.

Nepal society has been divided into two groups (in terms of voice regarding economy). One is group of people who works and another who talks like broker 25, golden boy, bureaucracy, fake experts etc.

During last 15 year, three individuals were tagged as economic expert by media/social media- baburam, yuraj k and golden boy. All three were given expert title by those who dont work or have never worked .....

..... While all three were/are hated by most of those who work.

This is sati ko sarap .... expert title or fake expert are popularized by those who dont work, who never had worked and not by those who has to work.

And idiot politicians listen to the loud voice which belongs to those who have never worked. That is why politicians and parties always fail in Nepal. Those idiots dont even know whom to listen.

Even those who work, there are many dumb ones- who usually belong to 'setting class' who is associated with parties.

They are so dumb- they advice govt/nrb to squeeze their own customer. Like- NMB bank's ceo, chairman.

You know why? Cause they did not become arab pati by working honestly, they got arabs by selling rotten rice.

Just cause you make arab by selling rotten rice wont give you arab ko aukat, you always remain- kuye ko chamal bechne. That is what NMB's chairman remain for his whole life and his whole family and his kind.

(And now NC too wants to draft policy using crowd's advice.)
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Ke khana neta banna aya ko ho ene haru???

Neither have leadership quality nor understand politics or society.

Mark my word, if there is election tomorrow, this party/club will lose votes from cities.

This club could have built a lot of permanent support if they had raised issue of 'economic collapse'.

Bringing in Golden boy was the biggest mistake. What were you thinking when you brought in NABIL celebrity CEO????

Cause of Golden boy's incompetency, NIP lost huge opportunity during economic collapse. Golden boy is just an economic hit man who is in pay roll of CIA (WEF).

Tell all those involved in NGO leave NIP and form new party.

Last few weeks have proven- public have to go to UML, NC to solve crisis. NIP has no leadership quality or competency.

This club wasted 13lakh votes.

Remember- I have been saying for around 10 year 'Right adviser is the key to success in many field'.
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'बिशेषज्ञता हासिल भएका ब्येक्तिहरुसमेत आफ्नो बिशेषज्ञता भएको क्षेत्रमा नलागीकन एउटा क्षेत्र सेयरमा लगानी गर्न तिर लागे '

बिशेषज्ञता हासिल भएका ब्येक्तिहरुको लागि हजुरले किस्तीमा जागिर लिएर बस्नु भएको छ कि क्या हो ? लाज सरम पचे पछि जे बोले पनि हुने ?
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NIP/Swatantra party can learn from the mistake of two: NeMaKePa and Kp Oli

When Nepalese were looking for new party, even after accepting that NeMaKePa is the cleanest party and has proven to be a nationalist party----- people still did not gave NeMaKePa vote. Why???

सेयर बजार खारेज गरिनुपर्छ : सांसद प्रेम सुवाल

It's the economy stupid! And Goldend boy and few others in NIP will harm economy when NIP run finance minister and they will be the start of the down fall of NIP. Fire them all.

KP Oli: Kp oli became very popular with the support from Nepalese. After he became popular, he disrespected, insulted those who voted for him. Now we can see his aukat.

Same will be aukat of NIP since NIP is also disrespecting public. Likes of Golden boy does not care about Nepalese, he only cares about order from his CIA master.

NIP had a big opportunity to prove themselves by supporting public during economic and share market crash but they did not. They will regret for this. Now UML has begun protest.

Investors, business community want Surendra pandey, Bishnu Paudel for Finance minister not Golden boy? Try to find out why? If you want to succeed in politics.

Golden boy is popular among alchian only- those who dont understand economy, who are jealous type, who dont have brain, those who dont have to work (business/job holder).

In order for finance minister to succeed- finance minister should be liked by investors, business community...... not some who talk behind others back, who like to talk big, alchina type.
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NRB destroying economy and share market to help UML politically. But many know which is why self-employed would go against UML too.

Cause of forceful current economic and share market collapse- NIP is suppose to benefit and UML/Maoist/NC are suppose to lose big.

But UML about to start struggle in support of economy and share market is going to help UML instead.

It's amazing how NIP just does not care about struggle/important issue of Nepalese. And still they want to do politics.

There are three important issue of Nepalese- Economy, Nationalism and Rule of law.

NIP is bad for economy/share market cause of Golden boy (who has proven himself to be incompetent for last 10-15 year) and few other politicians in NIP.

There are many NGO workers aka CIA, RAW, EU agents in NIP which harms Nationalism.

Economy, Share market have crashed. Millions are suffering, 100s have committed suicide and 10000s are close to committing suicide and still NIP neither say anything or go for protest.

If NIP does not replace golden boy with someone who understands economy, share market and politics ......... NIP is going to lose the big opportunity voters gave them.

I have been saying- 'parties/politicians need people with brain as an adviser'. NIP will learn in a hard way.
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When there was economic crisis last time and KP Oli was popular, many were looking for KP Oli to come into power.

This time, sajha party was popular, we have economic collapse and hardly any body talks about sajha party. Studying social media is skill and art.

Independent Nepalese have zero hope in sajha party- both in economic and nationalism side.

Today, most of the people who understand a thing or two about economy want Bishnu Paudel to become Finance minister. Only those alchina, who talk behind the back and understands zero about economy support Golden boy Wagle. Finance minister Mahat is a total failure like all previous maoist and NC finance ministers.

In other countries, opposition address crisis of that country and ask for support from voters. They talk about how they are going to fix economic problem and ask for support. In Nepal, opposition politicians are like vegetable.

Rabi lamichane has wasted angry people's vote. Golden boy and other two(more will add in future) will destroy sajha party.

Learn from mistake of Nepal Majdur Kisan Party: NeMaKePa could probably be the most cleanest and patriotic party in Nepal. And no body votes for them. Why????

It's the economy, stupid!

NeMaKePa's economic policy would destroy economy and their views are out dated and use less. That is why they never get vote of angry people even after being clean and patriot.

It's the economy, stupid! And NeMaKePa does not get it. Nor any other party.
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Economy has totally collapsed, Share market has collapsed for more than 2 year and still NIP/swatantra party cant talk political benefit from it cause of incompetent economic expert Swarnim wagle.

And still he is economic biddwan!
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Have you noticed, media and social media reduced talking about WEF.

Wonder why?

May be cause, if you are associated with WEF, your electability would decrease so media and social media reduced talking about WEF cause it is harming WEF agent politicians. (Most of the fake account in social media talk about anti WEF to divert crowd from real boss of the west).

Guess who are WEF agents in Nepal ..............

Some guy in social media interview said Golden boy's NGO gets donation from WEF. No wonder he is pro CIA and his view always match western view, IMF view ......

And former foreign minister from UML during last govt ..... some woman's NGO gets donation from Soros ..... same guy said.

So soros' doggo was made foreign minister by KP Oli who supported giving citizenship to Indians. Follow the dots .......
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NIP/Swatantra party needs to bring in 'brilliant mind' instead of individuals who are made popular by media or expert by media.

And do analysis about NIP and Politics about Nepal.

Let me give an analysis about NIP's current political position by using example of KP Oli when he was popular.

- KP Oli became popular cause of his fake nationalism during blockade and economic crisis created by maoist and NC finance ministers and then NC governor.

When maoist and NC finance ministers ignored economic crisis and share market crisis created by then NC governor- self employed and share investors openly supported KO Oli (cause he lied about supporting economy and share market just like he faked about nationalism). That time they also supported Bishnu paudel.

They wanted/promoted KP oli govt and they pushed for victory of KP oli during election and when he won, they were happy. Later ko oli betrayed them- was a different story.

Remember, KP oli won cause of self employed individuals, share investors. And there was a clear signal that KP Oli would win even before the election.

Today, we have economic crisis, share market crisis and nationalism crisis. Self employed people and share investor is suppose to have hope from NIP and should be waiting for NIP govt but they are not enthusiastic about NIP.

Meaning, self employed individuals and share investor dont have hope in NIP or their leaders.

This should be concern for NIP and Rabi lamechane. But it is not.

People who are self employed and share investor no longer believe in Golden boy and two other have openly stand against share market and economy- Sobita and Biraj bhakta.

They will destroy economy and destroyed economy will destroy NIP. Just like destroyed economy destroyed NC and UML. Longer this govt remain, longer this finance minister/governor remains- NC vote will keep on decreasing.

And people dont see NIP as nationalist party. And see too many dalals in NIP like Golden boy.

If NIP dont bring in individuals who understand economy, next election will be final election of NIP and from there, they will only do down ward.

And by the way, that celerity banker is created by media, he neither understands economy nor banking.

And Golden boy! before election time, he hardly talked about economy even when he was in power and in position of influence. Today also he hardly talk about economy, but from time to time, he appears from no where and tells- 'we should not expect too much from monetary policy' .............. as if CIA/IMF ordered him to say it.

Looking social media, Looks like Golden boy no longer has emogy, its over, his fake expertise has been exposed and people start to see him as foreign agent. His political influence has been nutralized.
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"बा" को चुनावी घोषणापत्र बाचक पनि निलो घर तिर

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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Rise and fall of KP Oli:

KP oli rose due to: after blockade when NC politicians said there was no blockade, KP was able to sell his fake nationalism, KP Oli was able to sell his fake pro economy/pro share market belief and KP Oli rose cause then NC/Maoist govt destroyed economy and share market. And Deuba prevented KP oli from becoming PM which was promised by NC high command.

After KP Oli became super popular and won the election: He disrespected his voters. He humiliated business community and share investors. He appointed Yuraj K who disrespected kp oli's voters/business community, share investors. Yuraj K destoryed economy and share market futher. Yuraj k tightened economic policies even more.

When share investors and business community and self employed asked KP oli to fire Yuraj k, instead of firing Yuraj k- KP oli humiliated his own voters. When share investors/business community/self employed asked KP oli/Yuraj k to change their bad policy- they attacked their own voters instead of changing their bad policies. KP Oli gave importance to his cadres/jhole and disrespected his voters.

Today, cause of KP Oli and Yuraj k- KP Oli and UML are finished. When KP Oli's voters are gone, so are gone his jholes/cadres.

Cadres join that party/politician who has bigger voter base. Not the other way round. In Nepal, instead of voters, pary/politician prefer jholes/cadres. And they ultimately lose both.

Will NIP learn from KP Oli??? Will NIP remember- Kp Oli's grave mistake?? Will NIP/Rabi give more importance to their cadre/selected individuals/bad policy and insult voters???

Remember, How popular KP oli used to be and today his 60% cadres/jholes left him.

After bad performance of this govt in economy and share market- some voters may be thinking of voting back to UML/KP oli, BUT, after seeing Yuraj k returning back to media spot light- they may not want to vote UML again.

Who remembers those days- 1 year after yuraj k becoming finance minister, ever month there used to publish fake news about KP Oli firing yuraj k but it never happened. Which disappointed voters. One of the hell period for self employed Nepalese. And today, same self employed Nepalese are going through even worst hell due to the governor employed by same yuraj k and KP oli.
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All the following parties should be destroyed (NO vote):

1: Who dont even have a person who can run finance ministry (NIP is one of them, GOLDEN boy is a proven failure when he was with NC, so we need another new party)

2: Those parties who have too many members/jholes

3: Corrupt/crook parties

4: parties of goons, terrorists

5: party of dalal

6: Party of incompetents

6: there are dozens of other bad characters if a party has should be sidelined.
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भेडाको खोल ओढेका ब्वाँसाहरुले आखिरमा आफ्नो स्वार्थ पुरा गराई छाडे, समग्र ५० लाख लगानीकर्ताको आशाको बलि चढाएर - नयाँ स्टक एक्सचेन्जको लाइसेन्स प्रकिया रोकाएर | अनियेमितता छानबिनको लागि पो पहल गर्नु पर्थ्यो न कि पुरै प्रक्रिया नै रोक्न। रुखको हाँगामा रोग लाग्यो भने हाँगाको उपचार गर्नु पर्नेमा पुरै रुख नै उखालेर फ्याँकियो।

अब नयाँ ब्रोकरको लाईसेन्स प्रक्रिया रोक्न पनि पक्कै साथ दिन्छन नै होला बाहिर देखिने गरि नगरेपनि भित्र भित्रै भन्ने हामीलाई लाईराख्याछ।
अहिलेको माघ गए पनि अरु थुप्रै माघ आउने छन् भन्ने लगानीकर्ता साथीहरुले भुल्न हुन्न। एक चोटी चेते पछि फेरी अर्को पटक पनि भेडाको खोल ओढेका ब्वाँसाहरुहरुको सिकार बन्नु हुन्न।
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your choice is wrong most of the time

- You cant say that cause I have never supported anyone for being the right person, I had only given them benefit of doubt. And I supported those as a best from options we have.

KP oli- I have never said he is competent, I thought he would hire right better people. And he hired yuraj k- darling of nepali society and media that time. I opposed/doubted yuraj k from very early.

NIP- Also I gave them benefit of doubt.

Darling of Nepali society in the past:
Baburam- It was media and crowd who saw him as god sent. Never took him like that- I may have played a role in exposing him. I turned out to be correct.

Yuraj k- I kept on warning about him and I am the one who could have exposed him. And I turned out to be correct.

Kul man- Crowd still give him credit for ending long load shedding and I dont. He is the reason we have no transmission line in time and no completion of projects in time. And I heard he is corrupt and crook. But he fixes other problem very quickly and and made NEC somewhat professional.

KP oli- I did have hope from him, gave benefit of doubt but I am the first one to expose him among his supporters- it did not take too long for me to see what he was- since his first budget I realized he was hopeless.

Bishnu paudel- I called him not harami so economy does good during his FM ship. After his last 1.5mth term- he was totally exposed too.

Current hero- Golden boy of Nepali society: I see he can bring good changes in system but hopeless in changing the fate of economy.

Meaning, I never supported anyone blindly and only given them benefit of doubt since we have to chose one from given options. And I have always opposed 'crowd's darling' and I have always turned out to be correct.

Hari dhakal- This is my life experience which I gained since young. Never trust a person whose fashion is too much tip top. After he won the election he follows shinny fashion. And most of younger politicians are like that too. Most of the politicians in Nepal are like that. Internationally- only modi is like that- and modi is fraud and fake and dumb and evil but good for their economy and share market.

When indian former governor (former world bank boss) asked modi to tighten monetary policy, modi fired him. Today, those international organizations call indian economy bullet proof. In Nepal- fake expert still consider same failed ex governor of India as great economic expert and copy paste his articles. Loser Nepaese like to follow losers and failed individuals.
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प्रतिनिधिसभाको निर्वाचनको क्रममा सार्वजनिक गरेको बाचा पत्रको पेज नं. २० मा लेखिएको
- नेपालको दोश्रो स्टक मार्केटको स्थापना
गत शुक्रबार प्रतिनिधिसभा बैठकमा राष्ट्रिय स्वतन्त्र पार्टी सांसदको अभिब्येक्ति
-नयाँ स्टक एक्सचेन्ज अविलम्ब रोकिनुपर्छ

पुंजी बजार कै नाम भजाएर भोट माग्दै संसद छिर्न सफल भएका पुंजी बजारका जानकार भनिएका पछाडी मौन बस्दै अर्कैलाई अगाडी सारेर येस्तो बोल्न लगाउने कार्यलाई समस्त लगानीकर्ताले कसरि बुझ्ने ?
अनि "जान्ने लाई छान्ने" होइन त टाउके ज्यु
कथनी र करनी बिस्तारै प्रमाणित हुँदै जालान
तिलक कोइरालाको भद्र आन्दोलनमा गएर एक्यबद्धता जाहेर गरेको पनि के देखावटी मात्रै थियो ? शंका गर्ने ठाउं देखिएको छ?

र अन्ततः
नयाँ स्टक एक्सचेन्जको लाइसेन्स प्रकिया रोकियो |

सति को सराप !!!
अनि फेरी घन्टी बजाउने होइन त :evil: :evil: :evil:

your choice is wrong most of the time
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Investors promoted NIP freely.

NIP is enemy of share market, and hari dhakal supported nrb policy which destroyed share market and the economy. Looking at body language of hari dhakal- he no longer needs support of investor, he has found mahadeve- aka rabi. hari is more interested to make rabi happy then his supporters.

Time to take NIP same as other party by investors.

I can guarantee you as SECOND TO GOD- NIP cant help economy of Nepal and share market.

NIP and their hard core supporters will find out- economy is more important than stopping corruption- the hard way.
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:evil: :evil: :evil:
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NIP needs to bring in 5/10 share market experts (real expert) in the party.

नेप्सेले पाँच वर्षमै १२० खर्बको कारोबार गर्ने, ग्लोबल टेण्डरमार्फत् इन्ट्रा डे, सर्ट सेल ल्याउने

Is is why we need another private stock exchange. Competition! Even before another exchange is introduced, NEPSE already working on upgrade which they been ignoring for decades.
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NIP should elect Rajesh Hamal from Top bahadur's constituency
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NIP is losing opportunity votes by not raising issue of economic crash/share market crash- daily/alternative day/regularly.

Every day or alternative day- they could have raised issue of stories of how people are facing economic problems- like- how people are suffering, how people are unable to pay fee, how people are unable to pay loan/interest, how business have collapsed, how their selling has decreased by 40-60%, how investors lost 50-80% of their investment, how farmers have to dump their product ......

As per govt's statistics bureau- Nepal's economy is in negative by around 1%.

They are calling it recession but technical term is stagflation. Meaning- GDP down and presence of high inflation.

Reality is, in my view, Nepal GDP growth could be negative of 5-10%. Those who are not feeling collapse of GDP is cause they get their salary from their employee who have been paying them not from profit but from borrowed or saved money.
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Sabiti MATA; talked about license offered to private stock exchange.

(I want to advice, Sabita, to talk to intelligent stake holders from all side before making comment in the house or media or social media.
I believe: she was approached by some staff from NEPSE who happens to be her friend or relative or friend of her friend/relative. I am 100% sure that person is corrupt and dalal. And/or sent by bigger corrupt and dalal from NEPSE/big setting gang)

Do we need new private stock exchange?
- Yes, absolutely. Why? We need competition.

NEPSE has been making a lot of profit through manipulation and extortion while investors are being forced to commit suicide. Share market needs competition- in commission as well as in providing service as well as attitude of staff.

Second, does Savita know- when some media bring in individuals for debate regarding share market- they bring one from investor and in opposition, they bring some official from NEPSE or SEBON or NRB or Finance ministry.

NEPSE/SEBON/NRB/Finance Ministry are suppose to protect share market, help share market. Why are officials from those organization are brought for debate to debate from opposite side.

Are officials from NEPSE/SEBON/NRB/Finance Ministry enemy of share market, are they enemy of investor, are they enemy of Nepalese people, are they enemy of Nepal????? This is the issue, Savita should ask in the house, or some MPs should raise this issue. Ask those officials- are you enemy of Nepali people????

This is why we need private stock exchange.

Second question; is ongoing offer to establish private stock exchange- clean????
- Definitely not.

Should the process be stopped. NO. (learn to be practical. Crime should be stopped, process should not be stopped, crime should be punished when time is appropriate)

Then what should be done?
- Prepare well documentation of on going process, and, investigate and punish culprits when NIP gets majority in the election.

Stock exchange, Banks, Insurance, media, pension funds etc come under national security matter. Intelligence agencies should investigate all those associated with those organizations and their 10 pusta. Agency should find out how they made their wealth, where the capital came from, their activities- including personal/private activities, with whom they have connection with- foreign and domestic, what are their views about- country, society, politics, govt etc.

If they turned out to be threat to national security- their wealth should be nationalized and they should be thrown out of the window. Their case should not be handled by police, their case should be handled by intelligence agency.

Becoming politicians is not a joke. Politicians like SABITA should start to prepare themselves for hard reality. If you say, throwing anti national out of the window is evil- your weakness will lead to death of millions. Learn from Ukraine.
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Another 8 lakh potential vote addition in 2084 election if people don't see mismatch between "SAYING & DOING".
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People are talking about who gets the credit for success of NIP: In my view,

{In last election, NIP got 11lakh vote. And I think if there is election today- NIP may get 18/22lakh vote)

2 lakh vote: I think, in 11lakh vote 2 lakh vote NIP got cause of Rabi L. And cause of Rabi L- NIP got publicity and coverage which is the most important in the success of NIP.

5 lakh vote: Angry people's vote. After NIP got publicity and coverage, angry people noticed and saw hope/change. Then they not just voted for NIP, they promoted NIP for free. Other 6 lakh voters are also angry with other parties. Most of those who would be voting today are also angry with other parties/govt.

4 lakh vote: After NIP got publicity and coverage, many noticed NIP but those 4 lakh was not interested in voting for NIP. They decided to vote for NIP after NIP selected good/right candidate during election.

2 lakh potential vote: After success of NIP, 2 lakh have become potential voter.

2 lakh potential vote: After they went after Rabi L., 2 lakh pity vote have added.

1 lakh potential vote: After NIP punished corrupt, another 1 lakh added. Many who had voted NIP, their support for NIP was falling but after this punishment, support picked up again.

2 lakh potential vote: Golden boy's entry may have increased another 2 lakh vote. Dont forget to thank jhole and fake news of NC. They made him hero, hope and then humiliated him. And NIB bringing him into the party have increased vote.

4 lakh potential vote: By election success, activities during by election, hate for govt etc may have increased anther potential 4 lakh potential vote.
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KP oli was successful in destroying the government (nc/maosit) and taking away their votes by using NRB/Governor. But, sad part for him, that vote went to NIP :mrgreen:
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When economy collapses; the worst hit group would be youth. Older ones have savings, but young ones dont.

Have you noticed: when media invites people for debate- like

- If they invite individuals for debate regarding economy; they invite one person from business and in the opposition- they invite some official from finance ministry or retired official from finance ministry.

- If it is about share market- they invite one from investors and in the opposition they invite official from NEPSE or SEBON.

What does that mean?
- Are bureaucrats enemy of people or society or country?
- Is policy being drafted by the enemy like enemy of share market drafts policy for share market, enemy of economy drafts policy related to economy by those who hate economy???

In Nepal- Bahunbad make policy influenced by- hate, jealousy, corruption, lazyness, ghamanda, ignorance, alchina, harami, negativity, overconfidence etc etc character.

{Bahunbad is the enemy of nepal, society, everyone}

And monetary policy drafted by NRB were influenced by above characters which lead to current economic collapse.

I kept on saying; recession/growth is normal cycle of the economy, but, depression/collapse is man made. Current collapse of our economy is caused by NRB, bureaucracy of finance ministry, two ministers, and their advisers and media and those alchina who posted in media/social media .............. and current fm and pm are unbale to solve it after months/weeks. (I can solve half of the problem in a day and rest within a year)

And the collapse of the economy is the one of the main reasons- NIP is getting a lot of support from youth.

Fire top 6 officials from NRB. NC/uml/maoist will vanish cause of NRB but they still cant see it.

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