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Registered: Oct 2017
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Don't Know when will the Russia Ukraine War will Stop.

But further Escalation beyond Ukraine will Lead for WW III.

Lets see What is Next ??
Registered: Mar 2018
Posts: 2291
Registered: Mar 2018
Posts: 2291
Missile barrage on KYIV while UN chief visited shows Russia's leader has no intention to bow to international pressure & its in fact Putins middle .!nger to UN & clear message to the West.
Registered: Oct 2013
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Saudi arabia (gulf) has changed sides. (OPEC keep on saying, they are fully committed to the OPEC+ deal and they see no need to increase oil production) (many countries are helping russia indirectly. They are not helping directly cause of the fear of NATO, which means, deep inside, they are angry with NATO, when China becomes powerful- which is very soon, many will change side openly)

EU will break up.

Japan, especially south korea will go neutral. Taiwan will be taken easily.

US has a base in Singapore. That base main job is close the strait and watch on not just China but also Malaysia and Indonesia. That base will be destroyed in an hour. I think, Oceanic asian hates Australia. They may want to take over Australia, Australia is asia not some Europe.

European have harmed many in last 3 decade. Deep inside many may hate them. Without looting the world, west cant be this rich. It is getting very hard to loot world. West been getting deposit from Russia and China, and that will stop soon. May be that is why, euro, pound and yen are crashing, Dollar is not crashing yet cause western money could be flowing towards US and China is devaluating yuan (those losers, they are too scared to do something new, they dont know) (West is bullying China cause China made them stronger by keeping reserve in West. Capitalism changed the fate of China and still china still not grateful to capitalism, that is why they are unable to understand capitalism that is why they keep on doing stupid things)

Just before Russia attacked Ukraine, Putin went to China and made a deal to promote Asian economically. May be planning to double or triple the economy ASAP and increase trade volume by a lot.

South asia is not getting benefit cause of India and criminal gangs in Nepal.

Where is pakistan?

Team west no longer controls commodity production.

I dont know, why Hitler evaded USSR, but I think, its for resource. Without resource of Russia, Europe cant become wealthy. Same resource is causing problem for Japan now.

US and Canada also has a lot of energy deposit but they are very expensive.

And worse.US and EU is separated by ocean.
Registered: Mar 2018
Posts: 2291
High probability that WW III would not be fought by every country exempting most South American, African, and Oceanian countries and a good number of Asian countries. So many countries were involved in WW II just because colonial powers ruled them.

Team West
South Korea
Saudi Arabia.

Team East
North Korea

If WWIII initiate in south china sea, battlefield will be Asia, otherwise it will be europe.
Registered: Mar 2018
Posts: 2291
Why world war iii is inevitable ?

Deutsche Bank raised eyebrows earlier this month by becoming the first major bank to forecast a US recession "mild" one. Now, it's warning of a deeper downturn caused by the Federal Reserve's quest to knock down stubbornly high inflation. "We will get a major recession," - Coming recession will be worse than expected

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