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What started chain reaction, Monitory policy-2078 did. Dipendra bahadur chettery is gonna die in a year or two.

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अब यिनीहरुलाई यो महिनाभर राष्ट्रपती को बनाउने भन्ने चिन्ता मात्र रहन्छ,

बालेनले खुलामंच मुनि के parking बनाउने भनेका थिए,

onlinekhabar ले त्यसको बिरुद्ध सिरिजनै छ्पायो,

अहिले लघुवित्तको बिरुद्धमा पनि दिनको ४ चोटी अनेक कथा उनेको उन्यै छ,

यसरी एकोहोरो खेदो मात्र खनेपछि साच्चैको पिडामा परेका ऋणीहरुप्रति पनि दया नाआउने रहेछ,

सर्बत्र बेथिति l

:) :)
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त्रासमा लघुवित्तका कर्मचारी, फिल्डमा जान पनि डराउन थाले

- everyone has begun to pay the price of incompetency of NRB and hardly anyone is blaming NRB.

Sati ko sarap.

- NRB wanted to increase interest rate from 9-18 and it did reach to 18 and everyone is paying its consequence but no body is blaming that policy.

- NRB got what they wanted (destroy liquidity and increase interest to 18%) and still why they are not happy?

- To reduce inflation NRB increase interest rate, but due to high interest rate, inflation has increased even more. And hardly any one is blaming NRB.

- Those who destroyed economy in finance ministry are either fired or transferred. NRB played the biggest role in destroying economy and hardly any one is pointing finger at them, instead, some in NRB has come out barking again- spokes person RC.
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Are bureaucrats in Nepal Chakkas?????

Bureaucrats at NRB make 3-6 times more, not 3-6%, than bureaucrats in other ministry, and no bureaucrats in other ministry is complaining.

Are they chakkas?

Are they more incompetent than bureaucrats at NRB?

Current and almost all economic collapse are/were cause by bureaucrats in NRB. Is bureaucrats in NRB paid 3-6 times higher for their role in destruction of Nepal.

Dont forget, those bureaucrats at NRB serves anglo zoo at IMF, World bank, ADB etc.
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bishnu paudel, in the past, was successful cause he supported liberal views not cause he undersoood economy.

Almost all other finance ministers were either went after business, investors, consumer or they ignored problems- that is why they failed miserably. And this time, far more people are committing suicide cause of their ignorance, authoritarian attitude.

"जब अर्थतन्त्र निर्माण गर्न काम गर्नेहरू - निजी क्षेत्र, जनता, उपभोक्ता, लगानीकर्ता आदि पीडित हुन्छ- सबै कुरा ध्वस्त हुन्छ- सबै कुरा, अर्थतन्त्र मात्र होइन सबै कुरा- अर्थतन्त्र, समाज, सरकार, देश, जागिर, स्वास्थ्य सेवा, शिक्षा, आवास, खाना, सबै कुरा"- भगवानको लागि दोस्रो!

Current crisis been going on since covid and became worst after NRB's monetary policy 1.5 year back. bishnu paudel or nrb is talking like, it just started a month back and asking people to have patience.

Economy has already collapsed. Independent people are hanging by the thread. Now that thread is about to break. Some's has already broken.

Problem was just foreign currency falling, then NRB destoryed the whole economy in the name of solving it. Its like corona- cure was deadly then the disease.

To solve the problem, all they had to do was solve foriegn currency problem (increasing export and import banning for sometime).

Now cause of NRB, whole economy has crashed. Solving it is easy- increase foreign currency reserve, increase export, tighten import for sometime, decrease interest, inject liquidity.

bishnu paudel was suppose to address economic crash within 24 hour after he became finance minister. But he missed the chance. People then waited for monetary policy, and it ignored the collapse of the economy and share market.

Suicide blame before monetary policy would go to previous govt. After would go to bishnu paudel and kp oli who lied for the second time.

If this govt is gone, bishnu paudel's previous goodwill will be gone. Instead of passing good policy and addressing economic collapse through monetary policy, bishnu paudel ignored them through monetary policy.

If monetary policy had addressed economic collapse and share market collapse, they could have told people- we tried, but enemy of people prevented them by collapsing govt.

Now, change is gone. NC, maoist, uml are done. UML dont have many days remain to save themselves.

अहिले नै ब्याजदर एकल अंकमा आउने देखिदैन, 'सडकबाट सामाधान खोज्नु राम्रो होइन'

4/5 year back, we had same story. When interest increase by a lot, people attack banks (instead of NRB- cause they are dumb), nrb reduce premium of banks. Its always banks which became target of all and still those bankers dont learn.

It looks like dumb are not just dumb, they dont even have memory.

Same bankers were there last time too. And that crisis was also cause by those bankers. Bankers who are incompetent never get fired in Nepal.

Today's crisis is also cause by the advice of some bankers especially ceo and chairman of NMB which they gave to NRB.

'खुला बजारबाट निर्धारित बैंक ब्याजदरजस्ता विषयलाई सडकबाट समाधान खोज्‍नु अनुचित'

Paying back loan/interest is also depends upon market. Let's bring free economy, if economy destroys business, let them declare bankruptcy. Stop banks from demanding unlimited collateral.

If there had been free market in Nepal, all banks would have gone bankrupt and all directors of banks would be either on the road or behind the bar.

All directors of banks should be investigated for their crime.
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I thought, bus/plane crash during certain event is the sign of future crisis. I am wrong. Crash always matters.

This communist govt is alchian, just like past govt. Prepare for suicides.

Suicide wont solve problem, suicide mission would. NRB officials should be targeted and their advisers.
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"If person in power have following views, Economy/share market would crash under his leadership:
1: If ignores share market or is anti share market
2: Talks about productive sector and unproductive sector
3: If talks about economic independency of country or making self sufficient in manufacturing
4: If hates other's profit
5: If talks about socialism or communist economy
6: If talks about nationalizing
7: If gives important to distributing free stuffs
8: If talks about controlling
9: ............. "- SECOND TO GOD

This guy bishnu paudel/as well as kp oli, talked positive about share market/economy before he became finance minister ..... now he does not care, or wants status quo. They talked about rescuing share market and economy before 'monetary policy' came. Now it is proven, they dont care, they just lied to get into power just like in the past.

Before this govt was formed, economy/share market was already crashed, some people committed suicide too. And many were on the verge of committing suicide too. They were hanging on a thread. They were hoping bishnu paudel would rescue them.
But, everything turned out to be lies just to get into power. And since, bishnu paudel is 10 class he does not understand. In the past, he used to be positive guy which made him successful, now, he thinks he has become economic expert.

Before 'last monetary policy review' - all crisis in the economy and share market that had been going on, the blame lied on last govt ..... from now on, after 'the last monetary policy review' this govt would get blame too.

Only reason, investors/business people were quiet/had patience was cause of bishnu paudel. Now he too has turned out to be a fraud.

Current crisis was/is caused by foriegn currency crisis and the action of NRB (policy pushed by NRB in the name of foreign currency crisis) which led to economic crash, share market crash, high interest rate, liquidity crisis. I have been writing about this for a long time.

Solution to handle liquidity crisis was/is easy- increase export and ban import for sometime.

But instead- NRB destroyed economy by creating liquidity crisis, high interest crisis, controlling loan etc. Which lead to collapse of everything.

Now to save life of people- save economy, save share market, bring down interest to below 12%, make liquidity available, end strict loan policy.....

But instead- NRB is still trying to bring down demand which lead to collapse of the economy.

Soon, more people will commit suicide. Many people died in Communist socialist economy. Same is happening in Nepal. Communist socialist mentality is the reason people are committing suicide and many more will start committing suicide very soon and it will be blamed on commies.

We need finance minister who can save the economy, who can increase export, who is liberal. Bishnu paudel is too pakhe and uneducated and has changed. He has become a liar and being manipulated easily by bureaucracy. Only I can save Nepal now.

PS- and they are talking about inflation. Today inflation in nepal is caused by international reason- sanction.
And domestic reasons- high interest rate, lack of demand so sell has increased price to maintain profit (which is NRB caused). Domestic inflation is caused by NRB.
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मैले भनेको थिए, नेपालमा हत्या गरेर मात्र क्रान्ति ल्याउन सकिन्छ, आत्महत्या गरेर होइन

Economic Martyr Prem Acharya's suicide has gone to waste. NRB does not care, nor does finance minister.
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So bishnu paudel fooled US or nrb fooled bishnu paudel?

I think bishnu paudel fooled us like yuraj k did.

He had been spelling big worlds like- they are going to use monetary policy and fiscal policy to revive economy. Turned out, he is too dumb to understand those meaning.

nrb is nothing more that a ho house where only incompetent, alchina bureaucracies are raised. Not a single bureaucrats raised in nrb is competent and are all alchinas.

Nepal needs 'Monetary policy guidance', Governor and d governors should also be made from competent people from outside nrb, there should be different criteria/method used during promotion (also in other bureaucracy), salary and other benefits of officials in nrb should be similar to other bureaucrats- they have no special ability or has to perform special work compared to other bureaucrats and worst, they are more alchina and ghamandi and authoritarian (may be cause they are paid many times higher and are independent- which should be changed)
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(re posted after adding one line)

स्रोतका अनुसार राष्ट्र बैंक ब्याजदर थप नघटोस् भन्ने पक्षमा छ| 'ब्याजदर घट्यो भने बैंकमा कर्जाको ब्याजदर पनि घटाउँछ र ब्याजदर कम भयो भने ऋण बढी जान्छ भन्ने राष्ट्र बैंकको कुरा छ', स्रोतले भन्यो, 'एकातिर खराब कर्जा बढिरहेको छ, यो अवस्थामा बैंकहरुले ऋणमा बढी जोड नदिऊन् भन्ने पक्षमा राष्ट्र बैंक रहेको छ किनकि यसले अझै खराब कर्जा बढाउँछ भन्नेमा राष्ट्र बैंकको चिन्ता छ

If this is true .......... Finance minister/govt should immediately fire top 5 officials of NRB. They are dumb as sh!t and have zero, or even negative knowledge about economy.

High NPL is due to slow economic activity and high interest rate. (Added) (And I did warn about high NPL when NRB tightened monetary policy that lead to this crisis around 1.5 year back)

Current economic crisis is due to lack of economic activity, high interest rate, lack of loan (liquidity crisis).

Lack of economic activity is due to lack of loan, high interest rate.

And dumbs in NRB blaming what is needed to be done. NRB again trying to promote/preserve the reason what caused the current crisis.

Like I said before: Nepal needs 'monetary policy guidance' and not just governor, d governors also should be made from outside too (with experience in private banking- the one who is good at his/her job, not jhole).

Dont forget, I am 'SECOND TO GOD' who predicted (exactly) current crisis (also previous economic crisis- back to back), suicide of business people and also gave solution (which was not listened). Now I am pointing out to another dumbest theory of incompetent NRB bosses.
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स्रोतका अनुसार राष्ट्र बैंक ब्याजदर थप नघटोस् भन्ने पक्षमा छ| 'ब्याजदर घट्यो भने बैंकमा कर्जाको ब्याजदर पनि घटाउँछ र ब्याजदर कम भयो भने ऋण बढी जान्छ भन्ने राष्ट्र बैंकको कुरा छ', स्रोतले भन्यो, 'एकातिर खराब कर्जा बढिरहेको छ, यो अवस्थामा बैंकहरुले ऋणमा बढी जोड नदिऊन् भन्ने पक्षमा राष्ट्र बैंक रहेको छ किनकि यसले अझै खराब कर्जा बढाउँछ भन्नेमा राष्ट्र बैंकको चिन्ता छ

If this is true .......... Finance minister/govt should immediately fire top 5 officials of NRB. They are dumb as sh!t and have zero, or even negative knowledge about economy.

Current economic crisis is due to lack of economic activity, high interest rate, lack of loan (liquidity crisis).

Lack of economic activity is due to lack of loan, high interest rate.

And dumbs in NRB blaming what is needed to be done. NRB again trying to promote/preserve the reason what caused the current crisis.

Like I said before: Nepal needs 'monetary policy guidance' and not just governor, d governors also should be made from outside too (with experience in private banking- the one who is good at his/her job, not jhole).

Dont forget, I am 'SECOND TO GOD' who predicted (exactly) current crisis, suicide of business people and also gave solution (which was not listened). Now I am pointing out to another dumbest theory of incompetent NRB bosses.
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If you check history: NEPSE has always crashed before economy crashes, and has always began to increase before economy starts to recover.

Meaning, NEPSE is the indicator of economy as well as society.

When this govt was formed for 2.5 years, NEPSE welcomed it. Prachanda also talked about changing himself.

Last few days of trading shows, People still have zero trust in Prachanda. That's not good for Prachanda and maoist's politics.

Read more about this subject @ Nepal needs National Independent Party to success for peaceful revolution.

Also read more regarding connection between NEPSE and economy @ Economic policy for Nepal
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नेपालमा कोहि असल अधिबक्ता छौ भने,

प्रेमजीको त्यो status लाई आधार मानेर,

ती आरोपीहरु माथी मुद्धा चलाउन सक्छौ,

त्यहाँ उल्लेख गरिएका धेरै पात्रहरु,

आत्मदाहका लागि दुरुत्साहन गरेको केशमा सजायको भागी बन्न सक्छन,

तर जिउदा बलियाहरुको चाकडी र चाप्लुसी छाडेर,

यी आफैलाई जलाएर जाने कमजोरको पक्षमा कुन चाही कानून बेत्ता उभिएला र नेपालमा,

ओली र दाहाल अनि देउबाको मुद्धा हुने हो भने बहशका लागि डेढ सय लाइनमा लाग्छन,

र अनेकौ अधिबक्ता रिट लिएर अदालत पुग्छन,

तर प्रमकै अगाडी योजनाबद्ध तरिकाले गरिएको आत्मदाह,

केवल आत्महत्या होइन, यो बिद्रोहनै हो,

यो बिषयलाई हल्का रुपमा लिएर, खेलाची गरेर सरकार अघि बढ्यो भने,

यो घटनाले आगोको झिल्कोको रुप लिएर अरु धेरैलाई डढाउन सक्छ l
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Have you ever noticed: Most of the people who commit suicide are real hardworking men who give up.

Have you seen magante and those who take bhatta (without any contribution) committing suicide?

Only those who have dignity commit suicide.

(In some case, loser and those who have depression problem also commit suicide)

So stop saying, all those who commit suicide have depression.

आर्थिक संकटमा व्यवसायी: ऋण तिर्न नसक्दा २ दिनमा तीनले रोजे मृत्यु, कालोसूचीमा पर्ने बढ्दै

यसअघि बुधबार बसेको मन्त्रिपरिषद् बैठकले आचार्यको आत्मदाहका विषयमा गृहमन्त्रालयले छानबिन गर्ने निर्णय गरेको थियो | आचार्यले उठाएका विषयमा छानबिन गर्ने र छानबिनको निष्कर्षपछि आवश्यक कदम चाल्ने निर्णय गरेको उपप्रधानमन्त्री तथा गृहमन्त्री रवि लामिछानेले जानकारी दिएका थिए

Your conclusion will be- collapse of the economy. Will you punish janardan sharma, sher bahadur, current governors and 4/5 other officials of NRB, former governors and few other officials like chettery, yuraj k, kp oli, former fm- pun, and another fm of sher bahadur, prachanda when he was pm last time??????

Media cheering that helped in promoting bad policy of government and nrb- will media and partakar be punished too.

I think, those who are protesting in the name of Prem Acharya, economic martyr are bebekshil shaja party. I believe their policy is (communist/socialist economy) squeezing blood of hardworking and give it to dharti ko boj.

Them protesting is irony.

आत्मदाह घटना: भाटभटेनीसहित दर्जन बढी उद्योगी/व्यवसायीविरुद्ध किटानी जाहेरी दर्ता

I read few pages of his note. Only people whom can be punished are corrupt police and bureaucracy and bankers/nrb who doubled the interest. And you are not suing them. That's cause of lack of knowledge.

We the people needs to investigate all those who are getting loan or giving loan at less than 12.5% (while we are paying 17/18%) should all be dragged into the street and give them goat treatment.

Nepalese are paying 17/18 while dalals and indians are paying 11/12%. I think.
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Economic Martyr Prem Acharya

Some trading Policies govt needs to draft:

1: Bill should be used as a contract for some basics: Bill should be signed by both parties. Bill should clear regarding who should be responsible for expired goods. When/How payment should be made. ETC (If I were a seller, I would offer to return goods if the goods are not sold with in 2 month (if expire date is of 9 month))(If goods are sold in credit, buyer should make a payment as soon as sold/those who dont pay even after selling goods, govt should make it major criminal offence).

(Many years back, I faced similar problem- retailor did not pay me even after goods were sold).

Contracts between two parties should be strictly followed:

IF someone kicks out tenant before due date, unless contract is breached by the tenant, punishment should be harsh. I used to hear about this in MOMO business.

Prem Acarya talked about many. If you talk to those people too, they also have their own tragic stores to tell you.

Meaning, when economy collapse everyone suffers.

Amazing, No body is blaming NRB.

When I was protesting govt/NRB policies, very few had similar views. Where was Prem Acharya? I did warn that people would die.

I used to have criminals. During last few years, I hate alchians more than criminals. Rapist make one victim, alchinas make whole country victim.

Those responsible behind economic crash(bad policies of govt) are- Politicians, bureaucracy, NRB, advisers, media, patrakar, those wanna be expert in media/social media, those who promoted #IamwithNRB etc etc.

Two of the people responsible for current collapse are leader of bankers chairman and ceo. and both are from same bank NRB. They should be dragged down to the street and give them rope treatment to save Nepal.

I was hoping like of Dipendra bahadur Chettery would commit suicide. Its sad, people had to kill themselves cause of thugs like Dipendra Bdr Chettery.

Nepal is destroyed by Netas. And Netas became netas cause of their jhole followers. And same jhole followers are blaming politicians and govt for the death of Prem Acharya. And no body is spitting on those jholes. Its due to lack of buddi in crowd. they dont know whom to blame.

Same people- when some girl call some man rapist, those people call that man rapist. And if that man commits suicide, those same people blame the girl. These kind of people should be silenced.

And I am the only person in Nepal, who is involved in silencing business.

What about NEPSE?

Some people have already committed suicide. How to prevent others? How to prevent suicide in NEPES?

NEPSE should have never fall below 2500. And still it crashed to 1800. And when it was at 1800, some tried to bring down to 1500/1200.

If NEPSE had crashed below 1800, many would have died.

If Bishnu paudel had not become FM, NEPSE may have crashed to 1500.

Who should have been hanged if investors had committed suicide? NRB, finance minister/bureaucrat, PM, those traders/media who were trying to crash NEPSE further down????

What kind of plan Govt has to prevent such crash? How can govt prevent those investors/media from crashing NEPSE?

I know how, does govt know how????

We need to hang bureaucracy at NRB/finance ministry to save people from committing suicide.

१% ब्याज बढ्दा चाहिनेभन्दा बढी हल्ला भयो: एनबीए
'बैशाखदेखि आधारदर घट्छ, अवस्था केही सहज हुन्छ'

What does this mean? What the 4k are they saying? Interest has increased from 8% to 18%. What 4k is 1% increment?

Do they mean- our friends from south are paying 11% while Nepalese are paying 18% interest?

Nepalese needs to take up khukuri. We should kill our enemies, we should not kill ourselves. Killing ourselves wont solved those problems.
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Like I said some years back: Saying NRB should be independent means- let NRB controlled by zoo.

गभर्नरलाई बलियो बनाउन संसदीय सुनुवाइको प्रस्ताव, मुद्रा कोषको सुझावमा ऐनको मस्यौदा बन्दै

आइएमएफको चर्को दबाबपछि राष्ट्र बैंकले आयातमा लगाइरहेको एलसी मार्जिन खारेज गर्‍यो

अन्तर्राष्ट्रिय मुद्रा कोषले दोस्रो किस्ता रोकेपछि एलसी मार्जिन खुकुलो पार्दै, यसै साता सर्कुलर

We all know what NRB say when we ask for something. And when their zoo master order.............

CIA destroy your currency and you will be paying huge for your import. And IMF makes sure you keep on importing (from above order we can tell)

There are countries that had payed back IMF loan before their economic faith change for good. Like Russia. Just recently, Mahathir of Malaysia said- due to covid countries will suffer but dont go to IMF for help.

It is said, If you dont take loan from IMF, CIA would destroy you.

They say, all the central bank of the world are controlled by ZOO- like above.

They told you lies about 'Chinese debt trap', this is the real 'debt trap'.

Russians have been fighting to end all this slavery, to free the world from anglo-zoo slavery. If you are professional mercenary, join Russian Wanger. If Russia or China loses, the world will lose, including the people of the west. They will remain controlled for another decades.
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सिभिल मलमा एक जनाले गरे आत्मदाह गर्ने प्रयास

Could be the result of nc, maoist, nrb's previous govt's destruction of economy? And dont forget their advisers, those who supported their bad economic policy, those who promoted #iamwithnrb, media, patrakar etc etc.
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Cooperative crisis:

Kukur ko jati pani buddi na bhaya ka haru are running cooperative, bfis, nrb.

Those doggo brain dont even know whom to follow, whom to accept as their dear leader.

I did warn about what happens when interest rate is increased by a lot. BFIs, cooperatives crash.

When NRB increased banks loan rate to 18%, instead of warning NRB, cooperative demanded NRB to let them raise rate too. NOW PAY THE PRICE.

I did warn depositors, if you demand high interest rate, you will lose your principle too. When borrowers suffer, every thing collapse.

Read this thread, I been warning and advising from the very early stage.

At least, learn to blame right individuals, institutions for this crisis.
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बालकोट बैठक: एमालेको समर्थनमा प्रचण्डलाई प्रधानमन्त्री बनाउने सहमति

Finance minister- Bishnu Paudel or Hari Dhakal?
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नेप्से र सिडिएससिको १०० % लाभांश घोषणा

If this had happened in India or Bangladesh, investors would have burnt them alive inside their building. Which would have been a right thing to do.

But in Nepal, sati ko sarap

जसको दिमाग कुकुर जत्तिकै छैन उनीहरूलाई सबै थाहा छ भन्ने लाग्छ|

Bahundad will burn Nepal into ground. And before, they will loot nepal and hide that money in US, India.

Those people in NEBSE, SEBON, CDSC are suppose to support investors but in media they give interview attacking investors. This is one of 100s of characteristics of bahunbad.

Have you noticed, when there is a debate in TV between public and opposition, most of the time, the person representing opposition are bureaucrats.

Is bureaucrats our enemy? If yes, we should deal them accordingly. Srilankan way.

बैंकर्स स‍ंघबाट बाहिरिए अनिल उपाध्याय, कार्यवाहक अध्यक्षमा सुनिल केसी

You should not just have resigned, you should have killed yourself. One of the person behind current collapse of economy, share market.
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सहकारीका समस्या भुसको आगो जस्तै सल्कदै, सरकार र अभियान आरोप प्रत्यारोपमा व्यस्त- They are too dumb, still dont know, they should blame NRB first. Like I been saying, IF you dont know who created the problem, what created the problem- You will never be able to solve the problem.

- So first official casualty of economic crisis, interest rate crisis, liquidity crisis, share market crisis created by NRB (supported by finance ministry, fake economic expert, media) is going to be cooperative.


Dont forget to hang- NRB, finance ministry, fake economic expert advisers, media and those who said #IamwithNRB

- What do you expect when interest rate of Bank is 18%
- When there is liquidity crisis
- When there is economic crisis
- When there is share market crisis
- When there is social crisis

All created by NRB (supported by finance ministry, fake economic expert, media)

If there had been only one crisis (foreign currency crisis), it would have been easily dealt with, but No, NRB had to create other crisis in the name of foreign currency crisis. I dont know what they were thinking?

LIke I said, pakhe le des chalaune haina.

Harami le economy dhosta parcha bhane thye ne- NRB, finance minister.

People are gonna die. And still very few blame NRB. Sati ko sarap.

जसको दिमाग कुकुर जत्तिकै छैन they act as sarba gyani in media, social media.

There is only one SECOND TO GOD. And you are not the one.

Hang NRB and save Nepal.

People still dont know why there is total collapse happening in cooperative? And still they think they understand economics. When Banks' interest is 18%, imagine interest of cooperative. How can any one pay that kind of interest rate. And NRB forced that interest on us.

Say not to paying interest and loan to bank.

We need 'monetary policy guidance' and only I know what that is.
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There is economic crisis in Nepal- magnified by NRB (and bureaucrats and minister). There is economic crisis in Bangladesh too.

In Bangladesh People are violently protesting. But in Nepal, same people are talking about leaving Nepal. Two different society, two different mentality.

(BTW, I heard in social media where some were complaining that US has made it 2 years before finally taking your interview. Is it cause of their economic crisis or immigrant crisis or It is caused by me. For last few years I observed that US been giving visas to every khates- to make every Nepal pro us and anti china. So they are reversing it or cause of what I said. I said- US turn Nepalese into anti Nepal and later give visa to those anti nepal nepalese. Asked, would those anti nepal, if get visa, be loyal to US? Person who cant respect the country they are born in, what would they do to US when they become US citizen? That is why US is crashing like no super power in this history of the world)

In bangladesh/india- if somebody talks about/advise something that would harm you, they would respond- not in a good way.

In Nepal, people dont care until they themselves feel the heat. So It takes a long time before people start to make a noise.

I have always been the first to make the noise. I always been making noise when they make the bad decision. I am sure, when I do that, a lot of people have a problem with me.

Today's problem is created by NRB. Do you remember, how many said #IamwithNRB. How many advised advised them to harm us. And very few protested that time. Today finally khates began to cry and talking about leaving Nepal in social media. Had been in bagladesh or India, somebody would have kill that person.

Sati ko sarap

Nepal is sati ko sarap. In Nepal, when somebody start protest demanding good policy for share market- there are some investors who criticize them instead of supporting them. If you cant join, they should have at least supported them, like some of us.

In Nepal, if you have already sold your shares, you wish every thing would collapse. This is why there is sati ko sarap.

I saw in social media- One social media guy was cursing (not using bad words btw) to a woman who been raping Nepal for decades. Some in social media, instead of cursing that woman, they were angry at the person who was cursing the person who been raping Nepal. They were saying, even though she raped Nepal, one should not curse her.

This is sati ko sarap. I with 25 lakh Nepales die asap. Nepalese needs to pay or they wont learn.

I think, business houses are not protesting NRB policy, 18% interest loan cause they are getting loan at 10/11% (average rate is 13%).
Chor are not just looting Nepal, they are getting loan at far cheaper loan which they use to loot Nepal.
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I did warn about collapse of Nepal's economy due to NRB's monitory policy (also finance ministry and govt).

1st:I am the first one to warn.

2nd: Other investors followed.

3rd: Business clubs joined.

4th: Finally khate barga began to feel the heat, soon people will start to commit suicide if economy not saved.
(They should have thought about his before the election, only around 15 lakh felt it).

In west, some are talking, FED is destroying the economy, soon they will print 5/10 trillion in a matter of few years to save the economy they tanked.

Just like this (in us), Now govt/NRB needs to pump in kharabs to save the economy. Hang Governor, d governors and other top officials in NRB. Hang top officials and finance minister in finance ministry. Hang all those who advised them.

Hang MF Dipendra Bahadur Chettery.

And dont forget to hang media and Patrakars.

Also include those who said "IamwithNRB". (RC)

I told you so. Cause I am SECOND TO GOD.
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Bahunbad has made giving and taking loan (in many form) illegal while it is ok for chaudary to do what chaudary been doing.

When NRB is audited, wonder how many top officials will get rope treatment?
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After all the history, Ukraine still voted for a zoo and they are paying a huge price with their lives and destruction of their country and society.

After congress and communsits destroyed share market and economy and still so many voted for them. Nepalese should pay for their sin too.

Only hope is, this destruction would lead to death of 25lakh and then if Nepalese come to me begging to save the economy, share market and Nepal, then only Nepal has a chance. If not, Zero chance.
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After congress communsits crashed share market, and still majority gave them vote.

sati ko sarap.

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