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What started chain reaction, Monitory policy-2078 did. Dipendra bahadur chettery is gonna die in a year or two.

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कस्तो अवस्थामा पदमुक्त गर्न सकिन्छ ?

नेपाल राष्ट्र बैंक ऐनमा विभिन्न ६ वटा अवस्थामा गभर्नर पदमुक्त हुन सक्ने उल्लेख छ

१. राष्ट्र बैंक ऐनको दफा २१ बमोजिम सञ्चालक हुन अयोग्य भएमा गभर्नर पदमुक्त हुन सक्छन्

निम्न अवस्थामा राष्ट्र बैंकको संचालक हुन अयोग्य भएको मानिने छ

-राजनैतिक दलको सदस्य वा पदाधिकारी भएमा,

-वाणिज्य बैंक वा वित्तीय संस्थास"गको कुनै कारोबारमा कालो सूचीमा परेको व्यक्ति, वा

-वाणिज्य बैंक तथा वित्तीय संस्थाको बहालवाला पदाधिकारी, वा

-वाणिज्य बैंक तथा वित्तीय संस्थामा पाच प्रतिशत वा सो भन्दा बढी शेयर वा मतदानको अधिकार भएको व्यक्ति वा

-ऋण तिर्न नसकी साहूको दामासाहीमा परेको व्यक्ति, वा

-बहुलाएको व्यक्ति, वा

-नैतिक पतन देखिने फौजदारी अभियोगमा अदालतबाट सजाय पाएको व्यक्ति

२. राष्ट्र बैंक ऐन बमोजिम बैंकको उद्देश्य हासिल गर्नको निमित्त बैंकले गर्नु पर्ने कार्यहरु कार्यान्वयन गर्न, गराउन कार्य क्षमताको अभाव भएमा

३. मुलुकको बंकिंग. तथा वित्तीय व्यवस्थामा हानि नोक्सानी पुग्ने कार्य गरेको देखिएमा

४. बैंकको काम कारबाहीमा बेइमानी वा बदनियत गरेको देखिएमा

५. खराब आचरणको कारणबाट कुनै पेशा वा व्यवसाय गर्नबाट अयोग्य ठहयाई प्रमाणपत्र खोसिएको वा व्यवसाय गर्न रोक लगाइएकोमा

६. मनासिब माफिकको कारण बिना लगातार तीनपटक भन्दा बढी समितिको बैठकमा अनुपस्थित भएमा

यी ६ वटा अवस्था बाहेक अन्य कारणबाट गभर्नर डेपुटी गभर्नर तथा सञ्चालकलाई हटाउन नसकिने ब्यबस्था राष्ट्र बैंक ऐनले गरेको छ

So there are 5 legal reasons, ex governor can be fired.
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Governor out!

Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 6339
I believe, 25-100 billion remittance could have been decreased cause of attack on share market. Nepalese outside may have gone for alternative share market as well as crypto. In Nepal, last two economic crisis started, after they attacked share market. I dont think, this is coincident. It is related.

We knew about crisis since long time ago, and govt and so called expert just found out.

I did say, when they find out about the crisis, it would be already late.

Dont tell me I did now warn.

- I had been talking about signing- criminal law with countries to get back criminals, loot wealth into Nepal. We could post intelligence official in those countries after signing such law and get assistance from security of that country.

And offer 20% commission from wealth confiscated from money launderer, to those who give information. (I have information about chaudary, send me 5 arab :mrgreen: )

- (an idea from some media), govt could only give re permit to those workers who had send money through legal channel. this is easy way.

I too advice to build reservoir based hydro above big projects like tamakoshi around 7 year back. Cause of current FM, when he was hydro minister, now we are facing unofficial loadshedding.

They are beginning to do, what you said last year, Simrik ji.


Now we have electric bikes, scooters with range of 100 km. In 1.5 year, the range may reach 200km, then govt can ban import of bikes, scooters whose capacity is less than 145cc.

Hydrogen vehicles for cargo.
This would be best for Nepal. Break water, utilize hydrogen in Nepal and export Oxygen. Wonder if we could replace LNG with hydrogen.
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I agree with Rising. The odd/even numbers in major cities for six months. This will ensure fast movement of vehicles, less fuel consumption and less pollution.
The fuel inflation is here to stay. Recently prices have come down after the news that Biden is releasing a million barrel a day from Strategic Petroleum Reserve and Chinese lockdowns. But these are temporary measures and oil will end up 120-150 by EOY. Why?

1. Come summertime, demands rise, construction peaks up, oil will keep going up.

2. Air traffic has yet to reach 2019 level. Folks will travel this summer.

3. US Shale producers haven't increase capex. Shale oil well depletes quickly. Increasing capex is required to maintain the production level stable. Biden government and his party are talking about levying windfall profit taxes on oil companies and casting them as price gouging villains. Just yesterday, there was a hearing in the US Congress to investigate high oil prices. This definitely doesn't encourage oil companies to explore and drill for more oil.

4. Canadian heavy oil producers haven't increased capex either. Also, what is discouraging oil producers besides regulatory uncertainty is significant backwardation on oil futures contract. For example 2025 oil futures contract was trading for 60 dollars per barrel until January 2022.

No one will invest significant money on new oil fields if oil is bring 60 dollars per barrel in 2025.

5. Russian oil may be completely shutdown by May as storage facilities are being filled quickly. If oil wells are shutdown, its going to be hard to bring them back online. Some oil wells may be permanently damaged.

6. OPEC doesn't have much spare capacity.

7. Houthis will try to damage Saudi oil infrastructure.

8. Lack of steel pipes, drill heads, drill bits, fracking sands and manpower in US/Canadian oil fields due to supply chain issues.

9. When we think of oil, we only think of oil that goes in our vehicles. Petroleum products are used to make things like vaseline to perfume to plastics to medicines. The demands for consumables are coming from developing countries. Remember an average US person consumes 10 times more fuel than an average Indian. What happens when the Indian middle class keeps getting richer?

Bigger vehicles, one car family becomes 2 cars family. A bike riding family becomes a car owning family. Demands for AC, Refrigerators keep going up. More steel has to be produced, which means more iron ores, coking coal and metallurgical coal needs to be mined. Heavy equipment running on diesel are used in mining.

10. EV? Where will all the nickel come from? An EV needs strong steel structure to carry all those heavy battery packs, 160 lbs of copper per vehicle. Again, more mining means more fuel consumption. In the short term. more EV means more fuel consumption.

11. No significant oil field discovery in the last 10 years. The fracking technology developed by US shale producers brought plenty of oil in 2010s, leading to oil prices going down since its peak in 2013-2014. The mantra was to drill, drill and drill. And they did drill a lot without thinking of economics. Many of these companies went bankrupt. Now, the boards of these companies are tight and shareholders will rebel if they increase capex by a lot.
Guyana offshore is a good discovery but it will take time for that field to replace depleting US shale which many oil engineers think will go dry in this decade.

We are in for a long decade of high inflation. We will need a huge recession to temper it down. The standard of living for many folks will go down. In many countries we will see civilian disruption as already being seen in Srilanka.
As a citizen, we can do our part by consuming less.
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Registered: Dec 2016
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EV is a long term solution. 10 years out.

I posted following in October last year.

Few steps the government can do for next 1-2 year term to escape this bout of inflation and conserve foreign currency.
1. Stop new hydro projects. Complete those that are in various stages, complete the transmission lines. India won't be buying our surplus electricity unless its from projects where Indians have invested.
2. Stop imports of luxury vehicles.
3. Stop imports of foreign wines/spirits/beer.
4. Put restrictions on imports of cereals/grains/palm oil/soybeans from Argentina. Most of them are being smuggled to India.
5. Put special units to stop gold smuggling from TIA.
6. Jail Hundiwalas. Have police special forces go after them.
7. Open the country to people who are vaccinated. Make VISA free if they spend more than 15 days in the country.
8. Improve process for folks willing to go to S. Korea, Japan and Israel. These countries are clamoring for Nepalese labor.
9. Start landing buddhists from around the world in Lumbini.
10. Start campaign to reduce consumption of imported goods.
I still haven't seen hundiwalas in jail. The cops know who they are. I would add few more. Government is reactive, but many of us knew this would come. Worldwide commodity inflation was very evident in 2H last year.

1. Establish high support prices for domestic grain production.
2. Stop imports of flowers/furnitures/shoes/cosmetics/nuts/luxury fixtures for homes/cigarettes for one year.
3. Require outsourcing and consultancies to get paid via Nepalese banks.
4. Cut subsidy on LPG into half. People won't conserve until pain is felt.

But our bread and butter is Remittance and Tourism. Stop gold/silver smuggling, money laundering, cut imports. The government also needs to be proactive to get funding lined up from IMF/ADB/World Banks. This is something we can together overcome.
As a citizen, all of us have a duty to curb our consumption.
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रेमिट्यान्स पठाउँदा रेमिट्यान्स कम्पनीले लिने शुल्क घटाउने । रेमिट्यान्स कम्पनीबाट रेमिट्यान्स पठाउँदा पठाउने कामदारलाइ Incentive काे व्यवस्था गर्ने । अनावश्यक अायात बन्द गर्ने वा कर बढाउन मिल्ने भए बढाउने र स्वदेशी सामान प्रयाेगलाइ बढावा दिने नीति लिने । जलविद्युत सकेसम्म बढी उत्पादन गरी निर्यात गर्ने र उपयाेग गर्ने ।
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Fuel lockdown is not the solution.

Policy level changes to promote E-V and efficient electric supply/turbo charging stations can only solve current fuel crisis.
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Today, I one media (dont remember which one) wrote that CD ratio crossed 91.**, but the latest, yesterday's was 90.58. Looks like somebody been selling.......

Wealth of owners/promoters of BFIs, insurance, media should be investigated, its source, where investment came from, their expenses, their domestic and international link, they activities to protect national security as well as economy.

बजेटमा सहकारीलाई प्राथमिकता दिइनेछ : अर्थमन्त्री

Take out this village idiot to prevent further crisis.

Partial fuel lockdown.
Private- even/odd (expect for electri) for a month.
for taxi- even/odd on friday and saturday. for a month.
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Last time also, during Maoist/dalal congress government- share market as well as economy collapsed.

This time, same crisis repeated.

To pass MCC, dalal congress threatened to bring down the govt..... but no body- pm, fm, governor, finance secretary... no body is getting fired for economic crisis, share market crisis, banking crisis.

I dont know about hijada nepalese, but I will make them pay in the election. I wont vote for dalals, incompetent- congress, communist ......... My vote for mandala.

My only worry is, what if, may voted like me and mandale becomes gets the majority and gyne returns. Another problem. But it will be the problem for the future. :mrgreen:
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No Vote
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 6339
पूर्वअर्थसचिव भन्छन्-'बैंकहरुमा लगानीयोग्य रकमको हाहाकार भयो भन्ने हल्लामात्र'

and some ask, why Nepal is a sh!thole.

and media invites past failure for the interview.

to save Nepal, promoters/owners of bfis, insurance, media should be investigated for their- wealth, source of wealth, their connections with domestic and foreign powers.

This is national security threat.
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ब्याजदर बढाउँदा पनि निक्षेप संकलन बढेन, निक्षेपकाे ब्याजदर बढ्दा बैंककाे खर्च बढ्याे र ऋणीहरुले बढी ब्याज मात्र तिर्नु पर्याे

- I tried many time to silence those dumb, dangerous idiots. But I did not get support from others.

- Every time there is liquidity crisis, these idiots appear. This time, their number have gone drastically down. May be thank to me.

- And there are other idiots, who advice to solve liquidity problem by making borrowers pay back the loan.
zzzzzzzzzzzzzz if borrowers pay back the loan, business of bfis will fall, deposit will fall, revenue of govt will fall, job created will fall, economy will fall .......

Des pakhe le chalaune haina- SECOND TO GOD.
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China's Intervention Sends Stocks Soaring

There is war going on across the border and they are worried about share market.

They should hire officials from NRB and bankers from Nepal too.

Banker promotors advised dalal congress 11/12 points, they did not include corruption, smuggling, tax evasion. MFs

To save Nepal, Bank and insurance promotors, media owners should be investigated.

Let's nationalize all their wealth and gang all those MFs.

Turned out, tomorrow is holi. when market is continuously down, you wont notice anything else.
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Pakhe haru le NTC dhosta parne bho
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Not gonna help.

Lots of hedge funders and private equities and investors made their careers investing in Russia in 1990 and 1997. May be this is an another chance. Time will tell.

Nepalese businessmen who made money in Russia and holding Russian assets must be suffering now.

Russia ETF is down quite a lot.

US/EU may halt Russian securities from trading. It is basically fucked up scenario there. But, when time comes back for picking, this will be another lifetime opportunity.

If I were to bet in countries, it would be Brazil/Chile/Vietnam/Mexico. First two because they export lots of commodities. Last two because, they are benefitting from Sino-US cold war and labor inflation in China. Manufacturing will move to Vietnam and Mexico(close to US shores).
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Russia's government will spend up to 1 trillion rubles to buy shares of companies that have been sanctioned

In Nepal, NRB said, they dont care about share.

MC pakhe le des chalaune haina: SECOND TO GOD
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World market rebounding.

Good news coming


hedge against hyper inflation

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संस्थापक शेयरधनीले अन्य संस्थाको शेयर किन्न राष्ट्र बैंकलाई सोध्नुपर्ने

After they banned cooperative from investing in share market, dark day for banking share began.

Then, they added fuel into the fire by banning bfis to invest in BFIs' shares.

Now this. Until pakhe in Nepal die, there is no future of Nepal.

Pakhe le des chalaune haina: SECOND TO GOD
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 6339
From FIRE, now waiting to be ASHES.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 6339
One of the consequences of destroying share market, I did not see, ............ capital flight to crypto.

They did say, if share market is destroyed, remittance flow will fall.

क्रिप्टो कारोबार बढ्न थालेपछि तात्यो सरकार, उच्चस्तरीय कार्यदलको पहिलो बैठकमा के भयो?

I dont think, crypto has hit liquidity, BOP that hard. NRB and finance ministry are just using it to shift blame for their incompetency.

There is zero chance, they will be able to control crypto trading.

'चुनावको मुखमा ब्याज बढाउन लगाएर सरकारलाई आलोचित बनाइयो'

are village idiot, because of the election, NRB is creating economic problems. They got order from KP oli.
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If you dont have connection with NRB, finance minister, listed company and big players ....... you have zero ability to predict the market.

Sati ko sarap
Registered: Oct 2013
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Pakhe le des chalaune haina.

Nepal's GDP is 40 kharab, while import (even after controlling) is 20 arab (10 arab in 6 month)..... where only 6 arab cash is in the market and bfis only have provided around 2.5 arab in loan.

How did that happen???

Black money. People with black money.

One of the ways to solve it is, all the banks' directors- past, present, future should be investigated. They wealth should be investigated.

How did they make their wealth?
Where their money came from, which they invested?
Money made from inventing black money is also black.
While investing, their expenses and loss should also be investigated.
Where they have kept their other black money?

Cause, criminals are free to loot in Nepal, today they have become bank owners.

Those who started business by smuggling cloths on bus seat, one small garment shop- today has become a kharab pati. And a banker.

This is why Nepal always have been facing negative balance of payment, lack of industry. Nepal is poor while all criminals are arab pati.

Criminals loot kharab from Nepal and send those to off shore account and Nepal face liquidity crisis.

Investigate wealth of all directors, chairmen, big owners of bfis .... if found guilty- jail them and confiscate their wealth .... then liquidity problem will be solved.
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तरलता सहज बनाउन शेयर कर्जालाई नियन्त्रण गर्नु पर्ने सिबिफिनको सुझाव

- 100% guaranteed action to solve liquidity crisis

Investigate wealth of सिबिफिन members.

If it does not solve the liquidity problem, I would commit suicide.
Registered: Oct 2013
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सेयर बजारमा अब इन्साइडर ट्रेडिङ रोकिन्छ: नेप्से सीइओ कृष्ण कार्की

another pakeh.

anuhar herda, big insider trader jasto cha.

pakhe may not know, keep on changing rule is one of the biggest insider trading. And is one way of insider trading, nexus between bureaucracy and big players been doing in Nepal.

Is he from maoist quota????
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Till few months ago, governor, d governors and ex spokes person used to give interview, almost daily, threatening to destroy everybody.

Lately, d governors and spokes person have almost vanished. What happened to those RCs?

NRB should be dissolved if you want economic development.

नक्कली रक्सीमात्र होइन बिइङ ह्युमनसँग जोडिएर ड्रग्सको कारोबारमा पनि संलग्न थिए सन्तोष

I always wondered, shops at kings way are always almost empty, rent is high and still they dont go bankrupt.

I am always amazed, why people inside crores car looks so khate?

भुवन दहाल: जसलाई बैंकर बन्दा 'डेबिट-क्रेडिट' पनि थाहा थिएन
संयोगले बैंकर बनेका भुवन दहाल, विज्ञ बैंकरको 'ताज' लिएर अवकाश

just cause, crook media gives you title, wont make you an expert. This idiot does not even know, where bank's deposit comes from.... and still gets title, banking expert.

sati ko sarap

pakhe le des chalaune haina.

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