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What started chain reaction, Monitory policy-2078 did. Dipendra bahadur chettery is gonna die in a year or two.

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World market rebounding.

Good news coming


hedge against hyper inflation

Registered: Oct 2013
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संस्थापक शेयरधनीले अन्य संस्थाको शेयर किन्न राष्ट्र बैंकलाई सोध्नुपर्ने

After they banned cooperative from investing in share market, dark day for banking share began.

Then, they added fuel into the fire by banning bfis to invest in BFIs' shares.

Now this. Until pakhe in Nepal die, there is no future of Nepal.

Pakhe le des chalaune haina: SECOND TO GOD
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From FIRE, now waiting to be ASHES.
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One of the consequences of destroying share market, I did not see, ............ capital flight to crypto.

They did say, if share market is destroyed, remittance flow will fall.

क्रिप्टो कारोबार बढ्न थालेपछि तात्यो सरकार, उच्चस्तरीय कार्यदलको पहिलो बैठकमा के भयो?

I dont think, crypto has hit liquidity, BOP that hard. NRB and finance ministry are just using it to shift blame for their incompetency.

There is zero chance, they will be able to control crypto trading.

'चुनावको मुखमा ब्याज बढाउन लगाएर सरकारलाई आलोचित बनाइयो'

are village idiot, because of the election, NRB is creating economic problems. They got order from KP oli.
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If you dont have connection with NRB, finance minister, listed company and big players ....... you have zero ability to predict the market.

Sati ko sarap
Registered: Oct 2013
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Pakhe le des chalaune haina.

Nepal's GDP is 40 kharab, while import (even after controlling) is 20 arab (10 arab in 6 month)..... where only 6 arab cash is in the market and bfis only have provided around 2.5 arab in loan.

How did that happen???

Black money. People with black money.

One of the ways to solve it is, all the banks' directors- past, present, future should be investigated. They wealth should be investigated.

How did they make their wealth?
Where their money came from, which they invested?
Money made from inventing black money is also black.
While investing, their expenses and loss should also be investigated.
Where they have kept their other black money?

Cause, criminals are free to loot in Nepal, today they have become bank owners.

Those who started business by smuggling cloths on bus seat, one small garment shop- today has become a kharab pati. And a banker.

This is why Nepal always have been facing negative balance of payment, lack of industry. Nepal is poor while all criminals are arab pati.

Criminals loot kharab from Nepal and send those to off shore account and Nepal face liquidity crisis.

Investigate wealth of all directors, chairmen, big owners of bfis .... if found guilty- jail them and confiscate their wealth .... then liquidity problem will be solved.
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तरलता सहज बनाउन शेयर कर्जालाई नियन्त्रण गर्नु पर्ने सिबिफिनको सुझाव

- 100% guaranteed action to solve liquidity crisis

Investigate wealth of सिबिफिन members.

If it does not solve the liquidity problem, I would commit suicide.
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सेयर बजारमा अब इन्साइडर ट्रेडिङ रोकिन्छ: नेप्से सीइओ कृष्ण कार्की

another pakeh.

anuhar herda, big insider trader jasto cha.

pakhe may not know, keep on changing rule is one of the biggest insider trading. And is one way of insider trading, nexus between bureaucracy and big players been doing in Nepal.

Is he from maoist quota????
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Till few months ago, governor, d governors and ex spokes person used to give interview, almost daily, threatening to destroy everybody.

Lately, d governors and spokes person have almost vanished. What happened to those RCs?

NRB should be dissolved if you want economic development.

नक्कली रक्सीमात्र होइन बिइङ ह्युमनसँग जोडिएर ड्रग्सको कारोबारमा पनि संलग्न थिए सन्तोष

I always wondered, shops at kings way are always almost empty, rent is high and still they dont go bankrupt.

I am always amazed, why people inside crores car looks so khate?

भुवन दहाल: जसलाई बैंकर बन्दा 'डेबिट-क्रेडिट' पनि थाहा थिएन
संयोगले बैंकर बनेका भुवन दहाल, विज्ञ बैंकरको 'ताज' लिएर अवकाश

just cause, crook media gives you title, wont make you an expert. This idiot does not even know, where bank's deposit comes from.... and still gets title, banking expert.

sati ko sarap

pakhe le des chalaune haina.
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I doubt there is bull in Bank.

Cause of liquidity crisis, interest rate crisis, NRB, Corona - Banks' business and profit has been hit. Second qtr profit may fall in comparison to first.

Third wave may make things complicated for Bank. But in dev bank/finance, there are players..... so let's see.

We may have to wait till 4th qtr report for bank.

Players are able to keep bull alive. Good for them. :mrgreen:
Registered: Oct 2013
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This week says- players are able to keep bull alive.

But, still no conformation- which sector will see bull probably all sector or dev bank or bank.

May be final days of next will give us conformation.
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मर्जर तोडेको संस्थाले तीन वर्षपछि मात्रै लाभांश दिन पाउने, मर्जर भाँडिए अर्को संस्था खोजेर मर्जर गर्नैपर्ने बाध्यकारी व्यवस्था

15-20 year back, when I heard, NB group's shrestha treated Governor and other officials like trash, My blood boiled.

Now, I want to see someone like him or appear again and put noker/servant in their right place. Khate pakhe le afulai malik smjhana thalyo.

Aba ta ati bho. One after another micro management from those who has no idea about economics, business, banking, liquidity .....

I have been very closely watching all sector of Nepal's economy since around last 8 year. I have been watching Nepal's economy for last 20 year.

Worst time our economy faced was, 1 is the worst:

1: The Blockade
2: Current crisis- created by NRB, supported by finance minister.
3: Previous liquidity crisis, 3 year back- created by NRB, supported by finance minister.
4: The great earthquake
5: Maoist terrorism
6: Housing crisis- ignored by baburam.

Which means, NRB is bigger problem for Nepal's economy than the earthquake and maoist terror.

Till now, whatever economy is there, all due to people, no hand of bureaucracy. But, our economy would have been far better, but not good enough, if bureaucracy would not have created problem time after time.

Time to cancel NRB. NRB should be one of the branches of finance ministry controlled by assistant secretary. So that all blame would go to elected finance minister not some unelected over powerful public servant.

Its amazing how they are publishing change in monitory policy in every second day. Like, monitory policy is some kind of their private ho.
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राष्ट्र बैंकले तोक्यो लघुवित्तको कर्जाको सीमा

MFs trying to control everything except for their own salary+corruption money. Khates who cant even get job of a driver in a private sector is making 30-40 lakh annually in NRB. Its amazing, those who cant even sell their experience in private sector keeps on getting high position bureaucratic job.

Why dont we just cancel money and go back to barter. We wont be facing recession or depression that day, except for famine which would be- not the problem of the economy.

Its amazing- world bank, IMF wont complain in these and policy to control share market, since, these policies match their policies to prevent development of countries which are not fully vassal of jew. Jew wont tell them, you are trying to control your economy, which is against free economy.

Cooperative is started to serve khate barga. Except for cooperative, dont try to unnecessarily control other BFIs and share market.
Registered: Oct 2013
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Bull still alive?

All sector or particular sector bull???

We may find out this week.
Registered: Oct 2013
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सहकारीको ब्याजदर २ प्रतिशतले बढाउने तयारी

BFIs is suppose to be for public and cooperative is suppose to be for khate barga.

Now, since cooperative is in control of political dalal ghusya pujipati, cooperative has become their loot organization.

Even haram yuraj k increased tax on almost everybody, he decreased tax for cooperative which is suppose to be non profit orgainzation.

If we dont take care of criminal politicians- which is all of them---- economy will collapse.

If somebody wants high interest on deposit, why dont they go to cooperative, why they want high interest from bfis. khate haru.

FD rate in India.

Tenure Bracket Regular FD rates (p.a.) Senior Citizens FD rates (p.a.)
7 to 14 days 2.90 3.40
15 to 29 days 2.90 3.40
30 to 45 days 2.90 3.40
46 to 90 days 3.05 3.55
91 to 120 days 3.95 4.45

1 year 5.00 5.50

2 years to less than 3 years 5.10 5.60
3 years to less than 5 years 5.15 5.65

Above 5 years 5.15 5.65

In Nepal FD rate is 10-11+% Double the indian rate. Where are those dumb so called expert who got ' economic expert title' from media, cia, raw, political party.......... who say, if Nepal's interest rate is low, money will flight into India??????

O MFs, why is money from Indian not flying into Nepal?????

No wonder, those in Nepal, who has money deposit their money in FD and those who dont take loan at high rate and invest. Just the opposite. TOTALLY FAILED ECONOMY POLICY DRATED BY PAKHES.

Which I have been trying to teach for years now.
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सेयर बजारबाट पैसा कमाउनेको बिपक्षमा प्रचण्ड, अभिव्यक्तिको पुन: रक्षा गरे

I want prachanda and his family to live long, I just dont want them to waste precious oxygen.

मलाई त रिटायर हुन मन छ, साथीहरुले भनेर मात्र बसिरहेको छु : प्रचण्ड

- so he listens to others.

Then, lets make this viral: #commitsuicideprachanda

I know only party, media and intelligence agency can make views viral. Let me try it anyway.

They make it small viral, then losers join in and make it big viral, cause losers want to be cool and part of the crowd.
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To hold (aka as TA uses the term 'sideways') NEPSE at current level for a year, under present condition, you are gonna need 100-150 billion.

If you increase NEPSE, under present condition, to 2800- almost all traders (except for those who are behind hike) will sell, 75% of mid term investors will sell and 10% long term investors will sell.

If you increase NEPSE, under present condition, above 3000- all traders (except for those who are behind the hike) will sell, almost all mid term investors will sell and 25% long term investors will sell.
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सेयर बजार सुधारका लागि विज्ञसँग छलफलमा छौं: अर्थमन्त्री, प्रचण्डको भनाइमाथि टिप्पणी गरेनन्

who is this MF विज्ञ? that 700 wala chettry?

I think this village idiot is trying to change policy in every sector which will only destroy even more to those sectors and the whole economy.
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Economic analysis and prediction.

1: I was planning, to tell the bitter truth when NRB reverses liquidity and 4/12 policy that "NRB made a right decision before too late, even though 10s of billions of losses our economy have already gone through". But it did not happen.... You know what I mean right....... Now wait for the ocean to burn if they dont reverse their decision.

2: During previous liquidity/interest rate crisis, which I predicted and gave them solution, which they did not accept.

Then I predicted, how liquidity crisis would end.... it ended exactly like predicted. I said, due to bad NRB policy, economy will suffer and liquidity would ease. And exactly it happened like that. .... and later corona came then there was plenty of liquidity. That time, liquidity crisis was created by over investment in so called productive sector like construction based industry like iron, cement..... and hotel, hydro etc. When investment in those sector decreased, liquidity problem ended. The liquidity problem was made worse by NRB that time.

Years back, we talked in this forum about change in variables would change the out come in the economy when major factor remain same.

This time, variable has changed. Actually, its not just small variable, its one of the major factor.

And by analyzing, NRB's interview, they want to fix things by crashing the economy. But this is not like before.

This time, liquidity crisis is created by NRB policy and govt not spending and import and lack of export. NOT over investment or high loan.

There is are few huge involvement of valuables this time. One is corona created economic risk and another is a secret. There could be others, I still have not figured it out.

This time, this liquidity crisis wont lead to just lowering of investment, it will create huge economic disaster which will lead to huge NPL and NPL will create even worst liquidity crisis than current one. I REPEAT, NRB POLICY WILL LEAD TO HUGE NPL.

To solve the problem, govt will have to inject 100s of billions into the system, which wont happen under pakhe rule.

3: Instead of fixing the problem, by reversing policy- liquidity, 4/12...... NRB will go for blame game and micro management. Which will create even bigger problem.

Loan- country should give loan to those who has capacity to take risk- provide collateral.
Borrower- those should borrow who can pay back and have guts.

But instead, govt, NRB, society going for micro management in lending. They say, who should take loan and who should not and who should get how much loan.

It does not work like that.

Only borrower knows, the most. Not some loser in govt or society.

There are already, losers, failures who destroyed Nepal (bureaucrats) supporting NRB policy in the media. So called dogo, ex bureaucrats, fake experts of dalal congress also support bad policy.

Things will only get worse.

Same faces who were behind previous liquidity crisis, economic crisis, who destroyed Nepal (civil servant) are supporting bad policy. Sati ko sarap.

Only I know economics in Nepal. And you are not "I".

4: Situation for share market is far far worse today than when NEPSE crashed to 1100 last time.

Last time, banks only did not have money to lend. Today, liquidity position of bank is minus 200 arab.

Second qtr report is highly likely to get worse of BFIs, hydro, business etc.


Because of NRB, village idiot FM, retard PM............ world has already began to burn.

Pake le des chalaune haina.

PS- I have already cleared half of my loan.

I would add more analysis and prediction when I remember more or notice.
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Snow on sagarmatha will burn.
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I have been trying to control myself, New man ji. Did not mean to hurt individual person :( . I would try to avoid jat. (then there is international jat.... its amazing, some jat in west sends money to third world in the mane of ending jat but they themselves are doing their best to maintain their jats' domination).

I am angry not cause of what I faced in personal life, it's directed towards, what is happening in Nepal.

maile pani tei sochdia thya, Nissan ji, Para suit bhaide ko bhaya?

BTW, what could be the rule, if duty time passes and the pilot has not reached the destination or is being hijacked.

What if police returning from duty, who has a gun, and finds crime being committed.... should he use his duty gun..... if he uses, media may make a big issue the next day.
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Dear rising sun ji.....although i dont belong to x jat.......but it is not fair to generalize the x jat......although many corrupts and dalals are from x jat.......but mauka pauda chaukka hanna kunai jat ko le chodaina..................i am saying this because i was badly affected by the person other than x jat ........
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नेपालगन्जमा ल्याण्ड गरि दिएर, यात्रुहरु माथी दया गरेछन भन्नु पर्यो,

कसो मेरो त time सकियो भनेर,

प्यारासुट जम्प गरेनन pilot ले l

:) :)
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उड्दाउड्दै पाइलटको ड्युटी सकियो, चौरजहारी जानुपर्ने विमान नेपालगन्जमा अवतरण

This is the policy drafted by pakhe, x jat.

Same pakhe, X jat make policy in NRB (monitory policy) too. That is why, 80/90% of economic problem in Nepal is created by NRB or execrated by NRB.

Reverse CD ratio and 4/12 policy immediately (months is wasted). Control import directly.
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तातो भुत्लो मुलुकमा केही भएको छैन्, अचानक ब्याजदर बढ्नु राम्रो संकेत होइन्: पूर्व अर्थसचिव बास्कोटा

!$#!$ x jat ko kukur ko jati buddi chaina, bol nu parne. tey pani ex finance secretary le. yesta le ta des chalayako tyo pani finance ministry.

Did not he hear about change in monitory policy. It could have wiped out 100s of billions of liquidity from the system over night, just by misusing a drop of ink.

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