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What started chain reaction, Monitory policy-2078 did. Dipendra bahadur chettery is gonna die in a year or two.

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Cash Is Trash

Remember what I have been saying: Recession is normal economic cycle while depression, stagflation then hyper inflation is man made.

Internally in Nepal, there are only two domestic factors which push for stagflation. And that is high interest rate and Monitory tightening pushed by NRB (and advisers and finance ministry). (There are some international factors which are pushing for stagflation is squeeze of supply chain caused by sanction)

What have high interest rate and unnecessary Monitory tightening pushed by NRB, done so far???

- Due to high interest rate and monitory tightening, govt has to spend more money to address loan. Cause of stagflation, govt revenue is down too.

In the past, let's say, govt used to spend 100 for 100 things. Like- 50 for operation, 10 for loan settlement, 40 for development.

Now cause of high interest rate and monitory tightening and lower revenue, govt will be spending 50 on operation, 20 for loan and 25 for development (total=95 things and spent 95money) (today we have stagflation)

** And when there is hyper inflation - govt will be spending 150 on operation (since salary and all expenditure will increase by a lot) and has to borrow 50 to settle loan and no development fund.

- Private sector: Cause of high interest rate and unnecessary monitory tightening. Sell has fallen, but to pay high interest rate, they have to increase price of goods and services. And since interest rate is high and demand falling due to stagflation- there wont be new production capacity build up.

** And this will lead to hyper inflation. Sell number will fall but they will charge high price. Their expenses will sky rocket too.

- We have already seen in Coke: Coke price used to be 225 few months ago, today its 265. Almost close to 20% increase. Their sell no is low, but revenue is up. Hyper inflation.

When interest rate is 15-17%, and demand is low, what would people do- increase price of everything to pay interest. Meaning hyper inflation. All caused by NRB policy of super high interest rate and unnecessary tightening of monitory policy.

Some are saying this will lead to super high share market. True, just like Zimbabwe, Venezuela, srilanka, pakistan.

Like I have been saying for 6-8 year- when banks give high interest on deposit, it wont increase your wealth, it will destroy your wealth.

Those who have deposited money in bank, holding cash in greed for high interest .... their cash will turn into trash.

And we all know, our pakhes running country- politicians, bureaucracy, nrb, and their advisers- they will advise opposite and act and advice to increase interest rate to tackle hyper inflation.

This is how 'Cash will turn into trash and share market- super high'. And dont forget to thank NRB.

NRB's super high interest rate and unnecessary tightening of monitory policy has already pushed Nepal into stagflation and soon start hyper inflation.

SECOND IN GOD said: 'Pakhe le des chalaune haina.
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Prabhu Bank is offering 15% interest on deposit.

Remember, I have been saying- if you dont jail and nationalize criminal's wealth, ultimately country/society will pay the price.

This probhu group/owner is one of the biggest criminal in Nepal. He is either protected from law by those in setting or he just pay a tiny fine.

Cause he is not in jail, Nepal/Nepal's economy is about to pay the price. This low life criminal turned arab pati/kharab pati are dumb as doggo. And Does not have ability to run big business but they are running big business in Nepal. And now Nepal will pay the price.

During previous economic crisis/share market crisis, I said- recession is normal economic cycle, but depression is man made.

One year ago, we only had foreign currency crisis. Then NRB turned it into total economic collapse, now low life criminal like prabhu group will hit the final coffin.

I think, as per law of Nepal- loan shark cant charge more than 10% interest. And bank is charging 16%. Somebody needs to sue those banks and get back interest paid. Also Nepal needs to nationalize major promoter's wealth.


VOTE RIGHT! Nepal is in last stage. Nepal needs new 'monitory policy guidelines' and new 'NRB policy'. I know both.



- Petrol/diesel consumption is almost halved, govt revenue cant even pay salary, interest rate is 16%, industrial production is half, inflation is 8% .............. do you know that this means.... we have hyper stagflation.

International inflation created high inflation in Nepal. NRB and BFIs (and all their advisers and govt) created depression.

I dont care what govt growth no says, reality is We have hyper stagflation. Our economy has crashed. Say thank you NRB.

Hope governor dies.
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Registered: Oct 2013
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In eurpoe, there is big 'non payment of electricity and energy bill' protest (burning of bill) going on and spreading fast to many countries.

In Nepal, all borrower should start 'non payment of interest and loan' if interest is raised above '11%'. If one person stop payment, their gunda 'police' will thrash him, but if all of us do it, no one will be able to stop us.

"Stop paying interest and loan of interest is above 11%'

Its time to bring down criminal system. VOTE RIGHT.
Registered: Oct 2013
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About interest rate:

I read headline and few more lines.

As per news, banks will be free to decide on interest rate. And NRB has 10% limit per month or quarter.

And those media which missed to buy shares wrote that banks will be increasing interest by 1-15%.

BFIs are back bone of a nation and a national security. But in Nepal, Banks promoters are criminals and agents of enemy of Nepal- Foreign and Domestic.

Banks' promoters should be punished and I know how to do it legally. After the revolution, we should punish bank promoters and draft guidelines for monitory policy and change rules for NRB- like, governor and d governors can be hired from those who has experience in banking sectors, ceos, a ceos.

Product from bureaucracy are nothing but alchina. If we are to develop Nepal, we need governors from outside bureaucracy. NRB has become like parallel govt. NRB's policy affect more on economy than govt policy.

Almost of all promoters are pan vendor turned bankers, who used black money to become banker. They made money by selling damaged and expired goods and evading tax. Some even made money by selling drugs.

They are never qualified to become bank promoters. But with black money and through setting, protection from law- instead of being in jail and all wealth confiscated, they are bankers now.

Promoters are dumb and criminals. Problem going on today in the economy and banking sector- those promoters also advised NRB which lead to current crisis.
Every time after crisis, we talk about- who high interest rate wont bring investment. Money suppose to be invested is put in FD for higher rate.

We always move in a circle. One of the reason is, bank promoters have criminal background and dumb. They dont even see what happens to their clients when interest rate skyrocket. One moron ceo were saying, banks wont face problem, cause borrowers somehow pay interest form different source.

We need to take care of criminal, dumb promoters and those promoters who hired dumb criminal ceos.

And I know how it is done legally. Banking sector is of national security importance. Bank being ran by criminals with connection with domestic and foreign enemy is national security threat. And we should jail and confiscate all the wealth of criminal promoters after REVOLUTION. And I know how it is done legally.
Registered: Oct 2013
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Turned out, NRB has secretly passed many ruled to destroy share market.

This governor is far more destructive than yuraj k.

I think, Kp Oli and yuraj k gave him order to destroy economy and share market and banking. Since we all know he is dog of kp oli and yuraj k and they appointed him.

Governor should die before share market and economy improves. Or Governor will reverse decisions when Kp oli becomes pm again.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7330
Who could be selling in this level? Why?
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7330
सहकारीहरू समस्यामा परेको असर शेयर बजारमा देखिन थाल्यो, बैंकले २५ लाख 'सेम डे लोन' दिँदा पनि शेयर बजारले पत्याएन

- When did govt(nrb) lift ban on cooperative from investing in share market?
Registered: Oct 2013
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I have been watching economy of Nepal very closely for last around 15 year. I have been watching for last 10 year very closely.

Economy wont change drastically, policy wont change drastically until Governor is fired.

Governor has almost every time came from pakhe clan. It like dog, all dogs have same characteristic. So from past experience, without changing Governor, dont expect things to improve drastically.

NRB has always been main problem in our economy. NRB is a curse. Unlike bureaucrat at road department whose job performance is judged by timely printing of license, NRB's job performance cant be judged by numerical values. That is why idiot can judge them like the way they want.

There are such dump people in Nepal that- ' when they give advice like increase interest rate and destroy credit availability would help economy'. And hardly any body would laugh at them. Nepal is sh!t hole cause of the society like this.

Sati ko sarap.
Registered: Oct 2013
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Indian market leveled all time high.

And Indian agents in Nepal are anti nepali market.

alchina ka santan.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7330
Publications from same site:

1: बिजशाला संवाददातालाई धम्की, कारबाहीको माग गर्दै धम्क्याउनेविरुद्ध सीआईबीमा उजुरी

2: डबल बटम बनाउन बजार पुन: १८०६ सम्म आउन सक्छ ?

3: नेप्सेमा गिरावट जारी, 'ब्याजदर र ४-१२को सेटलमेन्टको हल्ला चलाएर बजार घटाए'

Its funny, but in free and fair judiciary, anyone can burry this media using their own publication- 2 and 3. :D
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7330
कोभिडकै अवस्थामा अर्थतन्त्र, बजार खुला छ तर सबै आर्थिक तनावमा, व्यवसायीक क्षेत्र खुम्चिँदै

Dont tell me I did not warn about this. Even more importantly, I am the only one who warned about this.

I know, dumb are not just dumb, their memory is also bad, that is why I started this thread. :D

Blame dont just go to- NRB, governor, d governors, top nrb officials, finance secretary, tax secretary, finance minister, pm, their advisers, fake economist in media/social media, wanna be economist in social media/media but also on media.

I have always been saying, the biggest criminal in Nepal are:
1: Media
2: Judiciary
3: Police

Media did not just publish alchina negative views/advise from fake economist to wanna be economist, they also published 'srilanka crisis' 'chinese debt trap' propaganda (china only holds 10% share in srilankan loan- I did a simple check in social media about 'where loan in srilanka went to. I found that chinese loan went to port and port city but i could not find where loan form cia (89%+) loan went to)

All those negative views/advise from fake economist/wanna be economist and srilanka crisis affected decision making of nrb as well as govt.

You need positive action to build a country, and we find negative view/advise every where in Media. One advisor who gave negative advise to nrb, fm, pm is now ambassador to india- who is sher bahadur ko swasni le paleko kukur.

Media is not just no.1 criminal in Nepal, Media also has been destroying society and economy of Nepal.

We better take care of media asap.

How dangerous media could be?

Ukraine war.

I blame media, that cause of media ukraine was is possible.

There is war in ukriane cause people of europe supported it.

People of europe supported it cause they hate Russia.

They have Russia cause CIA/MI6 media told them to hate Russia.

For example- Years before this war, there were, mostly in MI6 media, and CIA media they organized fake assentation by Russia using nerve agent/poison.

The most powerful poison that did not kill three people. But it were in MI6/CIA media every where. I think MI6 was behind those fake poisonings drama. (MI6 involved in white helmet. russia gate, anti china etc)

This is how, by using fake media, they were able to start war in Ukraine.

VOTE RIGHT, media in Nepal is not just no1 criminal in Nepal, they are creating economic, social, foriegn policy problem. We need to take cared of them. We are in last stage, media is one of the culprits. We need to investigate media and their financial backers. Their activities, connection with foriegn and domestic enemies.
Registered: Oct 2013
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बैंकर मनोज ज्ञवालीको कथा: राष्ट्र बैंकको जागिर छोड्दा 'बिग्रिस्' भन्नेहरु अहिले प्रगति देखेर लोभिन्छन्

This guy became joke to me when he introduced exam system in jbbl in every few months when he was ceo then.

Then I hated this guy for supporting MCC.

Now the question is "why all products of NRB is rotten to the core".

And idiot chaudary thinks he is competent, or chaudary hired him to buy bureaucracy. his brother made some dig ceo of nervic.

For example: Bureaucrats cant even print license in time at road department. If that bureaucrat go to NRB, he will act like 'know it all', malik and if governor or d governors are transferred to road department, they will also be proven total failure even in small matter.

NRB has always been failure, nepal is sh!t hole, one of the reasons is NRB. But very few like me, see it. Instead blame it on others instead of NRB. Nepal's economy is in deep sh!t today, there is a threat of NPL- all cause of NRB and no body see it except for me.

धरानमा बराह सहकारीपीडित आन्दोलित, मेयर साम्पाङको कार्यकक्ष तोडफोड- Blame NRB for this, another are politcian.
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One person was saying in the comment section- 12 crore for single person and not for the family. More family member means *12.

Is this correct???

And in future, limit of 12 will be erased.
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Education system of Nepal is totally useless.

Kasta kasta haru CEO bancha Nepal ma.

You cant get 'cash dividend' or 'release shares' with loan settlement letter. What kind of system they have created?

२ दशकपछि भुवन दाहालले माफी माग्दै भने- आईएम सरी अनुपमाजी

I see this guy as baburam of Banking sector. Dumb, haram, popular made by media, presented as biddwan by media, but does not know where deposit comes from into Bank, alchina, .....

I think, he is one of the reasons last year's monitory policy was alchina. He gave a lot of alchina advice to NRB.
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Media propaganda, social media noise:

Around 4 year back, when we had liquidity crisis media/social media kept on saying 'it was cause banks gave away too much loan". That time I kept on saying- its cause of too much import. I kept on saying 'it's cause so called productive sector imported too much like cement, hotel etc".

Its like, everybody, including all those fake economist said the same thing.

It looks like, I was able to teach a thing or two about economy, deposit to society of Nepal.

This time, we have same liquidity problem. Reason is same "too much import/high negative balance of payment".

This time, media/social media is blaming on import, exit of foreign currency. And so called fake economic expert to saying same thing- liquidity crisis is due to import/negative balance of payment.

So the question is, last time, so called fake economist blame high bank loan for liquidity crisis while this time they are blaming negative balance of payment?

The answer is, noise being created by media/social media.

Majority follow louder voice.

This is what makes media so dangerous. It can manipulate everything. We need to silence bad media using freedom of speech.

Another garbage media is spreading is "Chinese debt trap". Cause of this, Nepal's relation with China would sour, and Nepalese will see China skeptically. Which would destroy our future.

About our economy, crowd including so called fake economic expert is blaming high import for liquidity crisis. Which is not true. Our liquidity crisis is caused by export crisis not import crisis.

People need to educate crowd. All I can do is 'make good analysis', good, intelligent people need to turn my analysis into loud voice. Crowd wont listen to correct analysis, they only listen to loud voice. Good, intelligent people need to turn that correct analysis into noise.
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कुनै पार्टी राजनीतिमा नरहेको गभर्नरको प्रष्टोक्ति, एम. अधिकारी नामको नेता एमालेमा अरु भेटिएनन्

गभर्नर महाप्रसाद अधिकारीले आफू कुनै पार्टी राजनीतिमा नरहेको बताएका छन्

VOTE RIGHT, Nepal in final stage
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On budget day, plane crashed. I said, this budget will lead to something bad. When such thing happen, I mostly focus on share market, economy or society.

But after the budget, I did not see any big problem.

Now, Finance minister has resigned. So this is what that accident was trying to tell me, which I did not see that time.

I thought, after the budget, 'may be this time, the plane crash is just an accident, coincident'. Turned out NO. It was a message.

All the accidents on special day has always lead to something bad.

Said on: Sun May 29, 2022 12:14 pm

Last year, on the day of Monitory policy, something bad happened, probably bus accident, and I did say, that monitory policy will harm and the governor is alchina.

And that monitory policy destroyed the economy, share market and banking. Some People think this is superstition, really even after proof, same happened when KP oli became PM, I think.

Today is budget day and a plane has been out of contact. Hope plane is safe, which is not possible or somebody stop the budget.

Our village idiot finance minister may increase tax, probably in import, and destroy out economy and exporting capacity and manufacturing capacity just to make some criminal industry happy cause they will get to increase their profit margin.

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बजार अस्थिर बन्नुमा लगानीकर्तालाई नै दोष दिन्छन् पूर्वगभर्नर क्षेत्री, 'ठूलालाई मस्ती, सानालाई सास्ती'

After successfully advising for a year, his MF still barking.

The level of idiots in Nepal- Finance minister is doing bad. Adviser of Finance minister- chettry is a good economist.

Remember, I am the only one in Nepal who raised the issue 'stopping credit destroys economy'. The is a basic economics.

After failed policy that went on for a year, they want to double it. This is what happens when you dont point out incompetent. This is what happens when you make a hero out of a complete failure.

sati ko sarap never dies in time. very sad.
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Congratulations governor and d governors,

you have succeeded in destroying everything.

hope your mother, wife, daughter, son die painfully so that we can celebrate too.
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सेयर बजारमा अराजकता- जोखिमको बजारमा नाफा ग्यारेन्टी गर्न सदनदेखि सडकसम्म दबाब - शरद ओझा clickmandu

la hai, gupta and sons le paleko patrakar bhukyo.

Like I said before, who hates share market: Dalal, jhole, criminal, loser, alchin, jealous

I think the above is all of the above so his is media.
Registered: Oct 2013
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सेयर बजारमा साक्षरताको कमी छ, बजारमा परिपक्वता आएको छैन: अर्थमन्त्री शर्मा

Like I said few days ago: Wiseman says, problem with the world is, "Brilliant people have full of doubts while Idiots have full of confidence".
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Remember, at the end, I said blame game will start ...

Wed Jun 15, 2022 8:06 am,
Yesterdays CEO level Interaction of NRB was very crucial
1 - NRB is strict with regard to lending
2 - NRB is strict with regard to credit over expansion
3 - NRB seems to uphold contractionary monetary policy to combat inflation
4 - NRB is harsh to all speculative investments
5 - NRB is harsh to all overgreening

Market To Slide Down More
1- It seems market will bleed more



Dalals, the most corrupt in the world, the most incompetitive bureaucrat in the world who came into power through setting is blaming others.

Party jhole, RAW/CIA assets are threatening Nepalese.

A MC neta ho, afno kukur lai samjha. Tell them, they are not malik of Nepal.

Every time sher bahadur becomes PM, we always see crisis.

I forgot, its, I believe, NRB is the ones who recommend medal for bankers. And they gave medals to likes of nica, global .... two worst banks ran by two worst criminals in Nepal.
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It looks like some big players have existed.

They are the ones who have been crashing the market, they always do that after existing.

I dont think it is cause of the selling pressure due to 4/12, since, all have to fix their 4/12 during renewal. If some got some left, it wont be more than a few billion which is not much.

Dont forget to thank NRB, village idiots- pm and fm for the crash. Every time alchina in power, we see crisis.

Why I am always ungrateful to myself. I am the first one who predicted this crisis year ago. But I went on believing crowd that- players wont let market crash. They will keep market sideways.


Wiseman says, problem with the world is, "Brilliant people have full of doubts while Idiots have full of confidence".

Why I keep on forgetting that I am 'SECOND TO GOD'.

At least I halved my loan.
Registered: Oct 2013
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some are talking about 6 trading day

Let's not do it

It is unnecessary and exhausting

May be reduce 30 min/day
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7330
Under Sherbahadur and maoist Nepse has crashed more than 1200. Last time, there was this combo, it crashed 400+.

Nidar mai alchina leke cha shere ko ra maoist ko.

Sherbahadru selling rivers of Nepal to India ........ coming in the evening.

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