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Lockdown part 2 coming soon

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Lockdown has been going on for almost a year now. No cinema hall, semi oven border etc.

Politician, people think curfew is lockdown. They hear lockdown in europe, fake news show empty street picture and 8 classe think lockdown is curfew.

Govt just told not to gather in mass, and our 8 classe pm threatens from a gathering, to follow covid rule.

During last few months, less than 50% been wearing mass, and 99% who are not wearing mask are pakhes.

pakhes le des khayo.

patrakar just had election. looks lake 90% of patrakars are candidate. tapare bad everywhere.

god save NEpal from pakhe and tapare.

50% of harami class already got herd immunity during last wave. this wave wont be big and since most of the harami alrady got immunity and priority sector and elderly already got vaccine so only few will loose life this time.

kasto alchina area ma Nepal is located. 90% problem in Nepal always comes from India or has India connection ........ and to trap Indian ..... CIA keeps on publishing open border is threat to India.

I am the only one in Nepal who has disclosed something big is happening in west of India. Nepalese will soon hear about ongoing progress very soon.

Thanks to QUAD, US/UK/Isreal are able to isolate india, Russia is no longer close ally of India. And India is isolated. Wanted to Isolate China/Pakistan but instead got isolate themselves.
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