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के किन्ने त?

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Not exactly what to buy but I talk here my experience about value investing!
Create two baskets- one- the Investment Basket with less risky, high yield blue chips like stocks and the other one-the Trading Basket with cheaper, a bit or more risky but tradable scrips. Forget the first basket at least for 5-7 years. Let the stock dividends add into it. Next, whatever the cash dividends you earn from the first basket and the profit that comes from the second basket, use them to buy and add into the first basket.
Check your portfolio after 5-7 years!
Wish you a smart trading, safe investment! 🤗🤗
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Bank wont increase
Market of 2069/70/71 should be seen (before capital increment)
Banks prices in nepse remained fairly stable without significant flux
It was capital increment that triggered their prices very high
And Now capital has been increased so much that banks have over supply of shares
Also Banks wont run at full capacity (80% CD Ratio) now as its lending will decline due to tight compliance setups directed by NRB
Hence subprime lendings will cease and this will bring commercial banks profits to normal levels from current abnormal levels
This will push interest rate down further in coming days
Further if Government Spending improves even by little, it will bring loads of cash into system easing liquidity significantly and pushing interest rate down
Hence cycle of balance will be maintained in coming days and Nepal needs lower interest rates for economy expansion

On the other hand
If we see market of 2069/70/71 we see MFI had high prices
Because during 2069/70/71, INTEREST RATE LEVEL WAS LOW and Cost of fund for MFI was low and their profit was high
Now as interest rate level falls, again their cost of fund will be low and profit will be high
Hence past trend and current falls in interest rate level will trigger MFI Prices Up

Also MFI shall increase their capital now
All national level will have 2 arab capital
Doesnt matter whether NRB makes it compulsory, as MFI themselves are increasing (See their balancesheet and see their authorized capital or AGM Agendas)

Second quarter report and half a dozen of MFI will hit circuits further
Second Quarter report will be crucial
Second quarter report gives true and fair picture of business
First quarter reports undergoes many adjustments and doesnt give true and fair picture

Hence, Undervalued Banks for Long Term
Hence, Undervalued MFI for Medium Term
Hence, Reasonably Valued Shares for Short Term

....Baki Ishwor Ko Leela....
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Mfil कुदिरहेको छ!
Finance sector मा कुद्ने cit र mfil नै देखिए!what is there in mfil?
Micro पनि आखाचिम्लेर कुद्दै छन , केही राम्रा माइक्रो बढन बाकी छ!!
बैक किन बढेको छैन होला?
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my last year comment in some other posts

Performance wise good national level development banks may outperform market this year.
GBBL,GDBL,KBBL,MLBL,LBBL etc market price around 200-210, last year EPS around Rs20-24 and PE ratio around 10.
Expected dividend for this year near 15%-20%.
So investment on these scripts will probably cover up share loan interest.
This is not advice, just an observation.

for this year (T 20), small financial institution with relatively low capital and high profitability will outperform other sectors. So choose good FINANCE COMPANIES with high yield and chance of being acquired by big institution with good swap ratio. I dont want to do addv for single company. We ve to do our own homework.
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which are undervalued?
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Undervalued Shares Should Be Bought In The First Place
Because They appreciate fast when index surges

Await for Second Quarter Reports for prudent decision making

....Baki Ishwor Ko Leela....
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BNT २०,००००-३०००० पुग्नेछ
STC ३००० -४०००
BBC २८००-३५००
LICN 1500
API 200
AKPL 220
LBL 300
NBB 280
MBL 300

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