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Third party, nationalist party ...... Gynandra can create.

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Lenders should not pay interest until- 40% interest is refunded and interest is reduced to 10%.

I think, as per govt law, loan shark cant charge more than 10% interest on loan. Somebody need to sue banks and NRB against current interest rate on loan.

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They say 'history does not repeat, it rimes'.

In last election, deuba was pm and same in this election.

Last election, deuba lost cause of bad economy, share market crash, lack of rule of law, anti nationalism etc.

This election problem is worse- economy is worse, even worse share market crash (I lost 3times more in this election than during previous crash), police has become personal gunda of politicians, anti nationalism, country in last stage etc.

Cause of above, during last election, Oli won. This time will the same but worse situation help Oli or new party, or independents or independent party or all of them?????

Amazing, maoist and sher bahadur every time failure.

VOTE RIGHT, if you dont want to commit suicide.
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Dalal congress, maoist, sher bahadur, NRB- have proven that they are incompetent (ashashyem) every time.

God sent them to punish Nepal. Sati ko sarap.
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Ghusya traffic has banned using of mobile holder in bikes. They tried to destroy ride sharing by making rider wear helmet months back.

- All riders and ridees should vote for new party or independent.

VOTE RIGHT, Nepal is in last stage, every sector is controlled by criminal agent of criminals and evil foreign agents.
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Some say, they dont like congress, communist so they are never going to vote.

Then the question is, if they dont vote, would congress and communist lose election???

There are two reasons you vote- to give victory to one or defeat another.

In Nepal, to get 3000Rs too.

VOTE RIGHT, if you dont like some, vote to defeat them.
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Sher bahadur ko swasni le pale ko bureaucrat, current ambassador to india, sold rivers to india.

There was in a news, he met with indian finance minister and talked about finance, banking, communication, technology ....... soon they- the doggo, sher bahadur, his swasni, maosit etc - will sell a lot more to india. They are handing over Nepal to India asap.

If some pakhe was made the ambassador, he would not know what are the things that are available in Nepal to sell, that is why they have given responsibility of dalali to ex bureaucrat who knows what Nepal has that can be sold to India.

Using sher bahadur, india is taking over one after another national security sector.

And kul man was saying, electricity deal with india was an achievement. Nepal got a little something by selling many rivers to india.

India may think, all those deals are done deal, but they are not. India will pay big.

VOTE RIGHT, they are selling everything to india.
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कोभिडकै अवस्थामा अर्थतन्त्र, बजार खुला छ तर सबै आर्थिक तनावमा, व्यवसायीक क्षेत्र खुम्चिँदै

Dont tell me I did not warn about this. Even more importantly, I am the only one who warned about this.

I know, dumb are not just dumb, their memory is also bad. :D :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Blame dont just go to- NRB, governor, d governors, top nrb officials, finance secretary, tax secretary, finance minister, pm, their advisers, fake economist in media/social media, wanna be economist in social media/media but also on media.

I have always been saying, the biggest criminal in Nepal are:
1: Media
2: Judiciary
3: Police

Media did not just publish alchina negative views/advise from fake economist to wanna be economist, they also published 'srilanka crisis' 'chinese debt trap' propaganda (china only holds 10% share in srilankan loan- I did a simple check in social media about 'where loan in srilanka went to. I found that chinese loan went to port and port city but i could not find where loan form cia (89%+) loan went to)

All those negative views/advise from fake economist/wanna be economist and srilanka crisis affected decision making of nrb as well as govt.

You need positive action to build a country, and we find negative view/advise every where in Media. One advisor who gave negative advise to nrb, fm, pm is now ambassador to india- who is sher bahadur ko swasni le paleko kukur.

Media is not just no.1 criminal in Nepal, Media also has been destroying society and economy of Nepal.

We better take care of media asap.

How dangerous media could be?

Ukraine war.

I blame media, that cause of media ukraine was is possible.

There is war in ukriane cause people of europe supported it.

People of europe supported it cause they hate Russia.

They have Russia cause CIA/MI6 media told them to hate Russia.

For example- Years before this war, there were, mostly in MI6 media, and CIA media they organized fake assentation by Russia using nerve agent/poison.

The most powerful poison that did not kill three people. But it were in MI6/CIA media every where. I think MI6 was behind those fake poisonings drama. (MI6 involved in white helmet. russia gate, anti china etc)

This is how, by using fake media, they were able to start war in Ukraine.

VOTE RIGHT, media in Nepal is not just no1 criminal in Nepal, they are creating economic, social, foriegn policy problem. We need to take cared of them. We are in last stage, media is one of the culprits. We need to investigate media and their financial backers. Their activities, connection with foriegn and domestic enemies.
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स्वतन्त्र पार्टीको कर्णाली प्रदेश भेला : हजारौँ युवा सहभागी

Looks like: independent party could gather 3-5 lakh members. Hope for Nepal.

I support this party for: primary election, new party, approaching people like former dig or something, and another lawyer guy (I had a little doubt from that media guy, so after joining force with this lawyer guy gave me some hop).

In direct election, this party should join as many party or individuals as possible and try to win at least 3-5 direct seat. Indirect vote, they will get a lot, I think. I think they will pull around 25% vote from dalal congress, last general election NC received just above 30% vote. In this general election NC may lose 25% vote due to deuba and swasni, which may go to this independent party. (independent party may get around 8% indirect vote from nc)
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dalal, terrorist Prachanda, for years talked about making 'communist center'

Now he is talking about making 'socialist center' with dalal nc.

Amazing! is not it? Prachanda killed a lot of dalal nc and now want to form socialist center with dalal nc.

family of those dead 17000 are chakka.

VOTE RIGHT, nepal is in final stage.
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'सुपारी king' परे............. टनका टन सुपारी बेचेरै ल्याए त होलानी ?

:) :)
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स्रोत नखुलेको ५० लाख भेटिएपछि सुरु भएको सौर्य एयरलाइन्सको अनुसन्धान, ३ अर्ब कहाँबाट आयो ?

one of the following
- politicians'
- govt contractor
- importer
- drug dealer

During last few years, I have been asking "anuhar khate jasto cha tara crodau ko car chadcha."

Neosuperrich came from political change. Even worse, those people influence in monetary policy, budget.

By the way, did CIA get our general mansion in Florida?

VOTE RIGHT, we are in last stage.
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Prachanda and sher bahadur's swasni in Indai:

Just cause someone offers you his swasnit, and you accept her for a n ..... that would still be a crime you be committing.

India been harming Nepal since it was created just 75 year ago.

India's existence is threat to south asian countries.

US' existence is threat to humanity.

VOTE RIGHT we need revolution ASAP and hang all those who been raping Nepal, if some of them are already dead, we shall hang their family.
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prachanda and sher bahadur's swasni are in india.

i think, prachanda and sher bahadur's swasni want to become PM after general election and they are there for three party negotiation regarding next govt and election cooperation and get blessing from master from south.

What could they have offered their masters- 10 lakh citizenship? river? land? kicking china out of nepal?

During last general election dalal congress got around 30% vote. I think they will lose 25% votes (including their cadres), so in next election they may get just above 20% vote.

Thanks to new party and independent candidates. Cause of sher bahadur's swasni, those 25% will vote for new and independent party. Congrats to independent party.

Nepal is in last stage, vote for new or rpp. Never vote for maoist or dalal nc.

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One of the reasons Srilanka had late crisis could be CIA media propaganda.

In Nepal fake news ran by criminals controlled by RAW, CIA ..... they dont say -Nepal will turn into Ukraine (only some youtube say),, but they keep on saying- Nepal may turn into srilanka. day and night.

Why? They been talking about Chinese debt trap and Srilanka is suffering cause of chinese debt trap. They are forcefully trying to convince people that it is true. And nepali media controlled by enemy of Nepal been repeating that. (China's debt in srilanka is 10% while CIA debt trap is more than 80% in Srilanka.)

I was amazed by srilankan govt, which resigned, not making deal with china and russia (russia bad propaganda also working well). It could be cause of propaganda agianst russia and china which made public of srilanka skeptic of them which prevented govt of srilanka from making deal with them.

There had been protest going on in srilanka for months and all of a sudden that protest grew and couped at the time, srilanka was making a deal with russia. (suspicious).

Same propaganda is going on in Nepal.

Srilanka events those are harming Nepal are- those propaganda, every time there is srilanka news in Nepal, some idiot in Nepal give their dumb advice in media and social media.. politician/bureaucracy making bad decision influenced by srilanka incident etc.

This is how srilanka story threatening Nepal. Not other way.
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Remember 70 crore:

When 70 crore's proof came out, instead of arresting kp oli's paap, police arrested the person who leaked 70 crore.
They said, its privacy matter.

In Nepal, powerful use police as goon and police also present themselves as goons of powerful. (I wont say rich, here or even in the world. those losers keep on using the term 'rich' cause they are jealous of rich. Those criminals are above the law cause they are powerful, not cause they are rich. They enriched themselves misusing their power. not all rich are powerful.)

KP oli and chari are partners in crime. When gang war started, KP oli encountered chari using police.

In Nepal, Police is just a tool of powerful.

Police use politician for protection and to get promotion. Politician, judges even police use police as person goon above the law.

When sher bahadur became PM, current home minister told sher bahadur that they should get homeminister so that they could use Police.

This is what police is in Nepal. They torture people for criminal politicians, judges, police and others.

Police take order from those criminals from power but police's has bigger boss- raw, cia. When raw/cia order police to take care of politician, they would do it.

Police could be sending all the details of crimes of politicians and judges and others to raw, cia.

Nepal is in last stage. Its totally empty inside. Nepal is a hell.

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देशमा राजतन्त्र नभए पनि,

'युबराज'हरुको भने कहिल्यै अभाब नहुने देखियो
:) :) l
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I have been talking about PAAP (karma) for many years now. Even if you dont go to jail for your paap, god will punish you.

Like, How God punished Birendra for his paap. How God been punishing Prachanda? And still he does not learn.

Even in US, current president, who has been evil- promoting wars, bullying and all crimes but doesnot go to jail. If you watch is past videos, the way he talks, things he talk- he is very evil person. But he is not in jail.

But, for God, God has got to do what God's got to do. God been punishing Biden in different ways- God has turned Biden into walking carcass, his one son died from cancer, his family in total mess, his another son is corrupt and crook and drug addict..... In US, to describe biden and hunter there is a phrase- 10% to the big guy.

Few year back, I asked a question- God punished evil like birendra, prachanda but why God still has not punished baburam, sher bahadur...

Turned out, God been punishing Sher bahadur too. Sher bahadur is like biden of Nepal. His family is also 4kd. His son is a drug addict (how/why media been keeping it a secret?), just like his whole family circle, his son too been taking bribe just like Hunter biden. 10% to the big guy.

दुई वर्षअघि जयवीर लण्डनमा स्वास्थ्यमा गम्भीर समस्या देखिएको कारण उनको हेरचाहका लागि आरजु लामै समय गएर बसेकी थिइन्

सम्भ्रान्त परिवारका सन्तानमा युवा उमेरमा देखिने लत जयवीरमा पनि बसेकाले उनलाई छुटाएर नेपालमै ल्याइएको जयवीरको मामाघरतिरका सदस्यहरू बताउँछन्

पछिल्लो समय जयवीरले आमालाई राजनीतिसँगै व्यवसायिक कारोबारमा पनि सघाउन थालेपछि उनी विस्तारै व्यापारिक घरानाहरूबीच घुलमिल हुन थालेका छन्

जापानबाट सेक्युरिटी प्रेस ल्याउने तयारीस्वरूप आरजुले आफ्नो पटकपटकको भ्रमणपछि दुर्गाबहादुर क्षेत्रीलाई टोकियोको लागि नेपाली राजदूत नियुक्त गर्न सफल भएकी छन्

जापानको राजदूत बन्न संसद सचिवालयका पूर्वमहासचिव मनोहर भट्टराईले सत्ता गठबन्धनकै एकजना शीर्ष नेतालाई २ करोड रूपैयाँको जोहो समेत गरेका थिए

तर, आरजुको व्यापारिक डिल दुर्गाबहादुर सुवेदीबाट हुने भएपछि भट्टराईलाई ती नेताले 'सरी' भन्नुपरेको चर्चासमेत परराष्ट्रका उच्च अधिकारीहरूबीचमै चलेको छ

यो प्रसंग किन ल्याइएको हो भने आरजुले छोरा जयवीरलाई व्यापारसँगै राजनीतिमा पनि सक्रिय बनाउँदैछिन्

कतिपय कारोबार त जयवीरले आमा र बुबालाई समेत क्रस गर्न थालेका छन्

यसको पछिल्लो सिलसिलामा विनोद चौधरी नै परेका छन् (Gupta and sons who live in Nepal. Somebody tell him to release a video about- decency, philanthropy, why we should not go after money, la da la da la da)

अहिलेको सत्ता गठबन्धनका मुख्य वित्तीय साझेदार मानिने विनोद चौधरीले सीजी टेलिकमको युनिफाइड लाइसेन्स हात पार्न सबै प्रक्रिया पूरा गरिसकेका थिए

यसअघि गोकुल बास्कोटाले राज्यलाई तिर्नुपर्ने १८ अर्ब दायित्व तिरेपछि मात्र लाइसेन्सको प्रक्रिया अघि बढ्ने भनेर रोकेका थिए ।

प्रचण्ड लगाउँदा समेत नसकेपछि चौधरीले गोकुललाई हटाउनेमात्र होइन नेकपा विभाजनको लागि प्रचण्ड-माधवसहित ५ सचिवालय सदस्यलाई डिनर खुवाएर तत्कालीन नेकपाभित्र पनि लगानी गरेका थिए (I had been asking, there are many corporation who been involved in criminal activities, importing and selling damaged goods from India, but media dont cover those but media is going only after Ncell, Why?, eve Ncell spends a lot in ad. My guess was either, chaudary is after Ncell or RAW, and both are same)

यसपटक उनका लागि सबैतिर अनुकूल थियो

सम्बन्धित निकायबाट प्रक्रिया पूरा गरिसकेपछि जयवीरले ठूलो 'रकम कलम' माग गरेपछि अभिभावकहरूको समेत केही जोर नचलेको चर्चा निकटस्थहरूबीच चलेको छ

नारायणथान एरियामा विनोद चौधरी,उमेश श्रेष्ठलगायतको संयुक्त लगानीको 'प्रोपर्टी' मा समेत जयवीरले तनाव दिएको श्रेष्ठको बैंकिङ कारोबारमा सम्बन्धित पात्रहरूले बताएका छन्

सो प्रोपर्टीमा नि:शुल्क प्राप्त १० प्रतिशत हिस्साबापतको पैसा परमादेशबाट देउवा प्रधानमन्त्री बन्नुअघि देउवा परिवारले नगद खाँचो परेको भन्दै लियो (10% to the big guy)

तर, अहिले आएर जयवीरले सो रकम पनि फिर्ता नगर्ने र त्यसबापतको प्रोपर्टीको हिस्सा पनि पास गरेर नदिएपछि उच्च खानदानी 'सियासत' मा तनाव सिर्जना भएको छ

स्यानिटरी प्याड प्रकरण त बजेटमै हेराफेरि गराएका कारण सतहमा देखिएको मात्र हो

जयवीरले बाबुआमा र चाचा चौधरीहरूलाई समेत तनाव दिन थालेका छन्

अहिलेको सत्ता गठबन्धनलाई चौधरीहरूले आफ्नो व्यापारिक स्वार्थ साधनाको वित्त गठबन्धन बनाएको बेला जयवीरले हरेकमा हिस्सा खोजेका छन्

केही महिनाअघि जयवीरसँग केही 'डेमोक्र्याटिक पत्रकार र सम्पादक' हरूको अन्तरक्रिया गराउने कार्यक्रम बालुवाटारको सचिवालयले राखे पनि अन्तिममा रद्द गरिएको थियो

त्यो भेटघाट प्रत्युत्पादक हुने आँकलनसहित रद्द गरिएको बताइन्छ

कतिपय निकट नेताहरूले जयवीरलाई तरुण दलको सचिव बनाएर उत्तराधिकारीका रूपमा स्थापित गर्न सुझाएका छन्

तर, जयवीरलाई अहिले नै उक्त जिम्मेवारी दिने कि नदिने भन्नेबारे बालुवाटारले टुंगो लगाएको छैन

केन्द्रीय सदस्यबाट इन्ट्री गराउनेबारे समेत छलफल भने चलेको छ

उनलाई पार्टीको डडेल्धुरा जिल्ला कार्य समितिबाट पनि क्रियाशील गराउन सकिने आइडिया निकालिएको छ

आगामी चुनावमा देउवाले जयवीरलाई सँगै लिएर अभियान सञ्चालन गर्ने निश्चित छ

जसले गर्दा अर्को चुनावका लागि जयवीरको लागि भोट हाल्न डडेल्धुराबासी तयार बन्नेछन्

त्यसपछि आरजु र जयवीरलाई कांग्रेस राजनीतिमा सोनिया गान्धी र राहुल गान्धीको भूमिकामा लैजान सकिन्छ भनेर देउवानिकट युवा नेताहरूले उकासेका छन्

देउवाका लागि डडेल्धुराको चुनाव सम्भवत: अब मंसिर नै अन्तिम हुनेछ

६ पटकसम्म लगातार जितेका देउवा उमेरका कारण पनि अब सातौं पटकपछि चुनाव लड्ने छैनन्

त्यसपछि जयवीरका लागि मैदान तयार पारिँदैछ

जयवीरको लागि चुनौती हुनसक्ने कर्ण मल्लहरू कांग्रेसबाट वहिर्गमन भइसकेका छन् भने लोकराज भट्टहरू पाँच वर्षअघि नै ठेगान लागिसकेका छन्

नैनसिंह महर जयवीरको लागि बाधक बन्न चाहँदैनन्

त्यसैले उनले कैलाली वा काठमाडौं ५ बाट चुनाव लड्न खोजेका छन्

बाँकी रहेका एकजना रघुवर भट्ट हुन् जो जयवीरको लागि चुनौती होइनन्

त्यसै पनि उनी पछिल्लोपटक युवती काण्डमा परेका छन्

कांग्रेसमा अहिलेको जस्तै ठीकठाक चल्दै गयो भने जयवीरको उदयको ढोका बन्नेछ सत्तरीको दशकको अन्तिम वर्ष

They think, once govt pass they crime, it will be secure for ever. It wont, when there is revolution, all of you will be taken care of. You will lose all your wealth. I know, India will help you to hide wealth, but If India does so, I know, how to deal with India.

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Of course, why not.

There is zero hope from politician and bureaucracy. We have to do it.
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When I listened to Prachanda's first interview with BBC after unveiling himself circa 2006, I instantly knew we were fucked. I even told my friends, if this is the guy we are giving the control, we are in a pickle. I found him to be a man with narrow world view, and frankly unenlightened. I was not impressed a bit. I still don't understand why many intellects in Nepal still hold him in high regards. He sounds intellectual now for those people hearing him for the first time because he repeats the same arguments he has repeated ten thousand times already. I urge you to find that interview somewhere and decide for yourselves.

Most of these comrades read few pages of Marxism under a kerosene lamp and got enamored with its concepts like a young man gets enamored when he sees the pages of a porn book for the first time. Its pathetic that we have so many politicians who blindly follows foreign ideology but no one has ever proposed of some original concepts of governance and rule for our people.

Maybe when I retire in few years, I will work on postulating Nepalbaad.

Any inputs from Rising will be appreciated.
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Prachanda said, 'if they had not accepted MCC, they would have lost govt".

Like I have been saying, they been selling Nepal for personal gains.

What next,'If they dont take bribe, they would die hungry", "If they dont sell Nepal, they wont have money to buy votes".

They say they hate share market, but want to loot from share marekt.

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Rabi lamichane's party

is starting primary election in his party. I have been trying to promote this, finally happening. But, people needs to vote not just party members.

He needs to continue his party and policy (even if there is failure in the beginning), just a matter of time, this process will become nation wide.

Right to reject: many talk about this. they just say, there should be a box to vote. What difference does it make.
Right to reject should mean, if right to reject wins, others candidate should not get to take participation in any election for 10 year.
And second elections should not include right to reject.

Right to recall: In this election, the one facing this election should get at least as much vote, in percentage, as he got in last election he/she won, or will be recalled and if recalled, he should not get to take part in elections for next 10 year.


Dont expect too much from new ones. But keep on voting. Vote for different candidate, if they perform better, vote for them again, if they dont, replace them with another new one.
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MCC in action.

I thought it will take little longer and start by financing dalals (like Christianity conversion) using MCC fund.

I also said US is desperate, may be cause of the desperation they are directly going for military deal.

I also said, since bahun has become army boss, something big will happen.

You are welcome.
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I think sher bahadur's swasni has gone India to get blessing to become next PM and Party president.

She may offer parts of Nepal to India to get support like more river, land, citizenship, anti china policy, information, deals etc.

Nepal is in final stage, VOTE RIGHT to over turn all bad deals and past mistakes.
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इन्डो प्यासिफिक कमान्डका उच्च अमेरिकी सैनिक अधिकारी बिहीबार नेपाल आउँदै
दिल्लीमा भारतीय प्रधानसेनापतिलाई भेटे

WHITE POWER. politician, bureaucrats, police, judges, media, civilsociety, crook business houses etc would do anything to Nepal to maintain WHITE POWER in the world. And Gupta's rule in south asia.

For personal benefit politicians loot Nepal- recently added ones::::::: tax deduction on pad, hydro to india and own relative, tax reduction to handful of gupta and sons.

To make foreign master happy, politician give part of Nepal to foreigners- rivers, soon blood o nepali, citizenship, mcc, increased tax on chinese electric car

So its always, Nepal in the losing side and both side gain part of Nepal. Nepal has been turned into ho by politician, bureaucrats, police, judges, media, civilsociety, crook business houses ....

Nepal is in a last stage. VOTE RIGHT
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लगानीकर्ताको प्रदर्शनमा प्रहरी हस्तक्षेप, तिलक कोइरालासहित ५ पक्राउ


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