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2500 within 6 months after yuraj k's death or firing.

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Only death of some can save share market and economy.

Like I have been saying, its not just maoist, Oli but the whole commie and socialist who are the problem. Even gunda gagan thapa and other socialist in NC are not that fun of Share market. That gunda takes money from RAW, CIA but hates hard working cause he thinks he is a socialist.

Not just moist or Oli, commie and socialist are problem for development, share market. Look at jhakri, who has no idea what is economy, what is share market but she being commie the has view about economy and share market.
And being a commie, that view is negative.

She has not idea, what share is, then why she has to make comment or put in her know in share market? Why cant she just enjoy loot money and enjoy thug life?

Now about Share market: Investors (both business as well as share) are calculating:

Yuraj k has 8 month.
KP Oli has 5 month.

And they see, waiting for Oli's death sounds intelligent than waiting for yuraj k's term to end.

This is how much investors hate this govt.

And Oli govt is hated cause of yuraj k, bista etc. Rather than Oli. But end of Oli would be sooner than other change, so be Oli's death.
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Communist will pay for their deeds in coming election.
Registered: Oct 2013
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""""2500 by 2019-8-15"""" dies tomorrow at 3PM

Just like in politics, share market as well as economy, in order to improve, yuraj k has to die.

our queen became queen cause her husband died.

bhatterai became TM cause adhakari was killed.

Many women became MPs cause of their dead husband.

Now, we need yuraj k to die so that dark days of our economy and share market would end.

Yuaraj k is the second biggest mistake of KP Oli. Oli may not like to realize it, but his party will blame the misery of his party in the politics in a few months or years.

During election, KP Oli talked about GDP growth, job creation, supporting crashing share market .... never talked about increasing tax, unnecessary tightening tax (big change in short time)...... but Oli govt after getting elected ignored GDP growth, job creating, supporting crashing share market.

KP Oli fool us before election just like maoist. And so did UML. Hope KP Oli dies long painful death.

Oli did talked about helping share market (as if Nepal is his bau ko birta), when It crashed to 1000. Then Yuraj k accepted demands of investors and ordered SEBON, NEPSE, NRB, finance ministry....... but....... nothing is happening.

I dont think, they have guts to go against yuraj k. So I believe, current never ending chaos in share market and not implementing demand, yuraj k is behind all of them

Is KP Oli fooling Nepalese or yuraj k fooling KP Oli??????????? Oli is indeed 8 classe. We never know.

But this will end commie for once and ever.

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