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Advice to Finanace Ministry/NRB/SEBON/NEPSE

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I believe its hard to distinguish which one is bought when. And dont give yuraj k idea like 10%. He and those bureaucrats will take 10% and ignore 2.5%.

I think, there is nothing to worry about toady. NRB has done their most of the job. Now SEBON, NEPSE and finance ministry have to do theirs.

I think, short term traders have sold their shares last week, now they have to buy. So market should increase hope it will close close to 1300 this week.

Today, due to NTC closer, institutional investor did not invest much. NTC along could have dragged down market by 6 pt. there was small trading today. So there was smaller selling.

Traders may not have much stock now and NTC's book close complete. Hope there is light at the end of the tunnel tomorrow.


About recent decision made by NRB, it will impact market positively. Investors are suppose to guess future and start to invest. If they dont invest then there will be slow growth for a few week and new policy brings in cash from outside slowly which change ownership slowly from traders to new investor.

then market increases.

------- --------------

How much new money will enter in 2 month??

Minimum cash flow into NEPSE in 2 month be:
- Even if CIT go slow in two month they may invest: 5 billion (in this rate it will take 16 mth to invest 40 billion)

- 10 billion from margin loan from broker.

- 5 billion from new mutual fund which are in pending.

- 2/3 billion from existing mutual fund.

(That's minimum, insurance should invest heavily too).

So total= 17 billion. So in 40 days they need to invest 42 crore per day. Which is not possible.

How about invest from public, institutional investor, 1000 gang?

To clean short term trader, 5 billion is enough. And 5 crore per day from desperate share holder means 2 billion more in 2 month. So 7 billion is enough to clear shares.

Now there remains, 10 billion. Then comes mid term investor. I dont think they will sell below 1500. They may be holding shares worth 25 billion.

So how long till NEPSE reach 1500?
2 week, 5 week, 10 week?????

Tic Toc

If investors are smart, NEPSE will reach 1500 in 2 week. If not then we have to wait 5-10 week. My guess.
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Profit booking on 5% rise shows the level of investor/gambler confidence in market. Since our FM have expressed concern regarding gambling in market, why don't he take appropriate steps to curtail such activities.
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अल्पकालीन लगानीकर्ताले छोटो समयमै नाफा बुक गर्दा शेयर बजार घटेको इन्भेष्टर फोरमका उपाध्यक्ष तुलसीराम ढकालले बताए
So for the long term stability and development government must change the capital gain tax system.
My suggestion.

CGT for transaction within 3 months : 10%
CGT for transaction between 3 months to 12 months: 5%
CGT for transaction after 1 year : 2.5%

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