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what happened during last 3 year in NEPSE, yuraj k wants to know.

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Registered: Oct 2013
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गभर्नर डा. चिरञ्जीबी नेपालको कार्यकाल समीक्षा: कठिन परिस्थितिमा पनि ऐतिहासिक काम

should I laugh or kill myself?

I, I the only one who Predicted, made correct analysis in the entire universe going to say this-

"Chirinjivi Nepal, is the biggest curse in the history of monitory policy".

Last for year was suppose to be the best, golden time in the history of Nepal. Before yuraj k, He is the main who destroyed Nepal through monitory policy, blackmailing and corruption.

Corruption- he came into power through corruption and he lest criminals like NICA, Global destroy capital market.

Last for year was suppose to be the best years in the history of Nepal, but Nepal suffered not just liquidity crisis but also interest rate crisis.

Before yuraj k came into power, chirinjivi been destroying Nepal for first two year.

He was too incompetent to solve liquidity crisis. But, interest crisis was all his doing. He forced Bfis to give 13/14% on FD. Only country suffering from economic crisis have such a high rate, but NRB forced BFIs into 13/14% fd rate.

Chirinjivi Nepal single handedly destroyed share market. He made monitory policy just to crash the market. And during his final year, he tried to save share market but could not.

Many criminals tried to crash share marked when it made record. But could not and they used chirinjivi nepal to crash share market through monitory policy and since then share market still could not gain confidence back.

He became governor with the black money of some banker, and later he kept on attacking banks. Kept on destroying banks with every monitory policy he read.

But never punished banks like NICA for their crime which destroyed not just capital market, but also share market.

Sati ko sarap.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 4795
सेयर बजारप्रति नेकपा अध्यक्ष प्रचण्डको चासो, भने- के के गर्नु पर्छ, मलाई लिखित सुझाब दिनुस्

Its easy. All you have to do is fire immediately those who are not implementing investors' demand/Yuraj K's order from the time of investors' strike. They are SEBON and bureaucrats from finance ministry.

Yuraj k is/has always been incompetent and too old for the job. He does not know how to make policy, strategy and implement it.

You dont let incompetent, lazy, criminals continue their job.
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will all the demand of investors be met within ashad end????? since, that is the time line.

Not a single major demand, from sebon's side, has been implemented yet. Only NRB has done their job.

No- broker loan, reduction of commission, brokerage to banks, foreigner investors, nrn investors, market maker, ..........

NRB, SEBON need to do one more thing in the long list- those companies in acquisition, merger should not be suspended more than a week.
Registered: Oct 2013
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Investigate black money of karki and company.

If there is 25% commission for who every provide info, there will be plenty of individuals who will come forward with info.

black money is with politicians, bureaucrats and dalal pujipati close to them.

99.99% public dont have black money.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 4795
आधा दर्जन नियमावली संशोधन गर्दै धितोपत्र बोर्ड, सरोकारवालासँग सुझाब माग

- karki is trying drag reform of share market as long as possible, may be till march. march is what brought up by horse's mouth- 1000 gang puppet baisal.

oli does not even know how to run a system, he does not even know what system is. Trump has already fired dozens. and oli has not even fired karki who is not just manipulating system, but also enemy of Oli and oli govt who advised Oli to tax on loss. CGT.
Registered: Oct 2013
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शेयर लगानीकर्ता दबाब समूहले शुरु गर्यो दोस्रो चरणको आन्दोलन, यस्ता छन् ३२ बुँदे माग
I fully support. Another demand should be added. Manipulators' should be investigated by CIB and if found guilty, their property should be nationalized.

Two 1000 gang's main members Names were published in offshore account leak. Where are another two. Trust me, Oli and yuraj k wont go after them. They just want to punish public and tax payers. Yuraj k and Oli are fake.

Some where I read, socialism and communism are nothing more than crony capitalism. If you look closely, all those who say bad things about capitalism are crony capitalist and they support socialism or communism in public. Like Oli and yuraj k and other commies and socialists.

Blackmandu says:
बैंकरले झुक्या: ऋणको ब्याज घटाउँदैनौं भन्दै राष्ट्र बैंकलाई पत्र

When Banks already started to decrease interest on loan. And Some banks started to decrease interest on saving account too.
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शेयर बजारमा मन्दी: 'बढ्यो भनेर किन्यो भोलिपल्टै घट्छ', होल्ड गर्ने सीमा नाघिसक्यो शेयर किन्ने खोइ


GDP growth around 5.5%, listed company's business growing. PE ratio all time low and saying recession?

when will intelligence agency go after dalal?
Registered: Oct 2013
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The Chinese govt on Monday doubled the investment quota for overseas capital via the Qualified Foreign Institutional Investors channel. As a result, another batch of $150 billion worth of incremental capital may flow into the Chinese mainland stock market.

Everybody is worried about their stock market falling. In Nepal, so called economic expert, those social media know all who need to do dalali just for a bottle of rakshi and chicken chilli, some politicians, bureaucrats think Stock market is unproductive.

Idiots, when civilized world give importance to their share market, in Nepal, idiots should too act as if they support share market even when they dont know what 'S' of Share market is.

The darkest hour for the Chinese stock market may be the best time for investors to ditch US equities and increase their holdings .................... advises their authority, expert.

And in Nepal sarba gyani say, deposit in FD not invest in stock.
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Registered: Oct 2013
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उनका अनुसार मंगलबारको सुधार तात्कालिन मात्रै हो|'यो बबल्स हो|

This is posted by blackmandu. are you surprised? I am not.

Raw agent, Dalal media lai ke garne?????
Registered: Oct 2013
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one media writes: ब्रोकर कार्यालयमा शेयर बजारका नयाँ लगानीकर्ता बढ्दै

blackmandu who is controlled by RAW agent and one of major 1000 gang writes: शेयर बजारमा लगानीकर्ताको चहलपहल घट्यो
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 4795
'सेयर धितोमा बैंकले ६५ प्रतिशत ऋण दिने ब्यवस्था छ तर अवस्था छैन'

Tell me something, As per law of the land, you can open 5 star hotel.

Does that mean, you will be opening one? Just cause its out of your aukat, should Nepal ban opening of 5 star hotel?

Try to understand what freedom is. What genuine demand is?
Registered: Oct 2013
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Today also: """"Wondering if 1000 gangs main broker are- 34, 58, 17 """"""

same three are top three sellers.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 4795
Finance secretary and yuraj k have been saying, if somebody manipulates NEPSE, govt will intervene.

1000 gang had been manipulating and after recent govt policy to upgrade share market policy, 1000 gang looks desperate and gone mad.

""""""""""""""''''''''''' Our friend representing 1000 gang in this forum taking about selling long term shares and advising others not to buy for a couple of month and baisal posting multiple message warning not to invest ........... coincidental????

some great mind once said nothing is coincidental. """"""""""""""""

What is yuraj k, finance secretary planning to do to those dalal pujipati who is trying last attempt to sabotage Share market?

CIT needs to invest more than 75% before NEPSE reach 3000 or CIT wont be able to play effective role as market maker. CIT better increase tempo- probably invest 25 crore per day. This is the best chance when 1000 gang is making last desperate attempt to control NEPSE.

If Somebody said/doing what 1000 gang, baisal been doing/saying in US, CIA would have taken care of them.

What intelligence agency of Nepal does in Nepal????? Since, we know criminals' face, all intelligence agency has to do is gather proof and take care of them.

Remember, those dalal pujipati are associated with Oli's enemy- including RAW. Destroy them once and for all. Gather proof and nationalize their property.

And NRB has done their job, what is SEBON doing, when is SEBON passing the recommendations? Is SEBON still taking order from dalal pujipati?

In the past NEPSE used to be controlled by individual and used to crash 75%.

This time after some modernization, NEPSE is no longer able to be controlled by individuals- they need big gangs, bureaucrats to control and this time they are able to crash 50%

If recommendations are implemented, Next time, only sanction/ powerful intelligence agency will be able to manipulate NEPSE and that time they will be able to crash only 25%.

Wondering if 1000 gangs main broker are- 34, 58, 17.
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Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 4795
They were saying, "this strike is to increase share price". Reply was: We have no such demand.

Then they said, "Your strike ended but it did not increase share price". Reply was: We never had such demand.

Now, they may be saying, "yo market timi haru ko strike le badaya ko ho?". Reply would be: Our demand was never about increasing share price.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Registered: Oct 2013
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baahrakhari enemy of Oli and current govt writes: सेयरको मूल्य वढाउन अनशन !

I read the article, there is no mentioning of the demands. But says to increase share market. Probably another khate who has zero knowledge about share and share market of Nepal.

He may have written it after finding out those two in hunger strike belong to NCP. Be does not know there are NC members too. And many public too.

communist are being attacked by communist with advice from dalal pujipati working for enemy of NPC.
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Registered: Oct 2013
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"hunger strike entered 3rd day".

Oli is PM his people and public and other parties people are in hunger strike.

And yuraj k is lathi charging Oli's people to protect interest of dalal pujipati who are with Oli's enemy- including RAW.

If you cant join hunger strike, at least support them. You can support them in social media too.

I am amazed by those khates whose has 2/4 lakh to invest and still oppose this strike.

You khates, you are not multi billionaire market manipulator. You dont need current bad policy to invest. Those criminals need.

If current demands are met, next time when market crashes, i guess, it will crash not more than 25%. Unlike in the past where market was crashed 75% by those criminals then there was some reform, then this time they are able to crash 50%.

Current hunger strike are not like in the past where protest were held by same big criminals later I found out most of the bureaucrats are in their pocket.

Current hunger strikes are organized by individuals- almost all small and medium. who are victimized by criminal manipulator and their agents in bureaucracy.

Its amazing, in social media, khates who cant even feed their wife what she wants to eat act as if they are expert in everything. Those who lick master's boot for a bottle of rakshi think they know everything. Those khates are saying, current hunger strike are done by big manipulator and wants to increase price so that they could sell.

Before commenting, feed your wife first. Then learn what "S" stands for in "Shares".

I think they are so khate, who cant even afford full mirror. Those who do see their own full face in the morning are the ones suffering from inferiority complex so they pretend to be expert in everything. And think they understand share.

Even buffet does not fully understand share. He added more in apple and some others recently. And his new investment suffered more than average market.

empty vassal making noise.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 4795
Its amazing how uml hos are angry with "fasting till death" thinking they are NC.

While NC hos are angry with "fasting till death" when get get support from NC party.

Mor0ns, those protesters are from all party members, neutrals and mostly small and mid level investors who are angry cause they lost due to manipulation of big criminals.

Those manipulators are able to manipulate cause they have put their agents in NEPSE, SEBON and NRB and Bureaucracy especially during NC govt.

Its amazing, hos who sold themselves for bone to corrupt politicians, parties hate share investor. Is it cause of jealousy that investors are better off and have self respect income?

If you dont know what share market? shut up. hos.

in this sati ko sarap where Nirmala's bau is criticized/attacked for demanding justice........ others getting attacked by hos is not surprising. mofos

UML's, maoist's members are loosing a lot of wealth from share market cause of manipulation. if this go on, those parties are the ones who will loose big.
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I know very well "what happened during last 3 year". I also Know which entity played what roll during last 3 year.

Just recently, I found out who are individuals behind those entity.

one of them: blackmandu

शेयर बजारमा आन्दोलन सुरु भएपनि बढ्यो नेप्से सूचक, कारोबार गर्नेबारे लगानीकर्ताबीच नै मत बाझियो

अर्थमन्त्रीको कार्यदलमा बसेर पनि केही लगानीकर्ता आन्दोलनमा, २ बजेबाट आमरण अनशन

Totally trying to destroy NEPSE modernization and going against small and medium investor.

Fakenews pahilopost: during the blockade, did not support Nepalese.

And those media owned by bishal group who are one of two main 1000 gang.

Whose bank is the main behind capital market collapse? And also wants to crash share market.

They are one of big player in share market, so their bank is suppose to be pro margin lending, which they used to be, but during last two year they are unfriendly to margin lending.

Any connection of their last few years of unfriendly margin lending policy and trying to crash NEpse to 1000.

Is there any relation between NEPSE 1000 with nicasia destroying capital market?

Remember, some companies do issue right or bonus or fpo to prop up share price.

Here comes two main player behind 1000 gang- and both runs banks and both's bank have scared public by saying- liquidity crisis wont be solved for 4/5 year. Any connection with NEPSE 1000 of that statement.

Yes, those banks managers are from nicasia and global (hathway gang).

Bishal group not controlled by RAW are they. And hathway, as per international politics, big criminals with connection has two option- jail or join CIA (RAW lately is under the influence of CIA). Since they are not behind jail, so joined RAW?????
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alchian ho, who are waiting for bus to crash... I know you are a trader not investor.

I know your aukat, and not more than any bharya. And many of you sell your self for a bottle of beer and sell anything.

Let me give you no 1 tip of trading: Price of company you choose needs to increase for you to make profit.

Tell me something, since market is way way down, what if you buy and again price fall further. Will you get any benefit. No. What does that mean? It means in order for you dark soles to make profit, market needs to increase and for market to increase there should not be space in stock market where big player could manipulate.

So even if you have not invested, support this struggle. Its for the future of share market of Nepal.

If there is no system, market increase for no reason and again crash after you purchase. so to protect yourself you need good system. And Current demand will guarantee better system than current... even though there is no such thing like perfect system.

I dont understand, tine tiny investor are not supporting this struggle. Tiny investors like you can invest any time.

Problem is only for big criminals who need to invest in 10 of billion. You tiny are worthless, you can even survive on cow dung.

I heard, those those big criminals have sold half to all secondary shares. They may need to invest more than 50 arab which is not possible in tiny market like ours. That is why they need to push for margin call. That is why they tried when market crashed below 1200 so rapidly.

They are scared so they are doing every thing to prevent policy up gradation. Tine Tiny should invest immediately and give them the middle finger. They are the reasons you lost many times. Now make them pay.

If you are not the part of the gang, support this struggle and oppose dalals.

why we need current demands to be fulfilled?
- In the past, individuals used to manipulate the market. After policy was improved, NPESE expanded- individuals were no longer be able to manipulate the market.

Today, big criminal gangs manipulate the markets with big capital. After current demands are met, big criminals will no longer be able to manipulate the market with even big capital.

Then to manipulate, there will need big intelligence agencies with much much capital and sanctions.

In the past, NEPSE crashed 75%. This time it crashed 50%. If current demands are met, next crash will be limited to 25%. Which is gradual improvement.

I am no MOFO, I cant even think of harming NEpal, NEPSE..... harming them is out of the question.
Registered: Oct 2013
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People either support support share market or stay away from it.

Those who criticizes 24/7 have evil interest.

There are some big criminals who wants to crash the market.

But there are others too who wants to see NEPES crash but they are not involved in crashing by dumping shares. They are usually few lakh investors who want NESPE to crash so they they could get share at very very cheap. They are like:

Those village people who look at buses that travel through their village, and wish it would crash so that they could steal jewelry of victims.

They are like those villagers who look at plane passing by, hoping it would crash so that they could steal dead passengers belonging.

sati ko sarap.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 4795
I was saying/guessing Basyal could be either sent by RAW or brought by some criminals who want to crash the market.

There is talk in the town that he indeed is brought by some criminals gang who want to crash NEPSE to 1000 or less.

They have offered him big bonus if he is successful.

Who are the exact criminals? intelligence agency, cib, financial intelligence agency under Oli could investigate. There is talk in the town that, his whole lugging, fooding, transportation, office expenses are being paid by that gang.


There is another conspiracy too. Some banks and insurance are involved in destroying capital market too. They are doing it to crash the share market. By increasing interest rate by offering high interest rate. Yes, its NICA and insurance they run.


there are a few huge gangs behind this NEPSE crash. hathway, bishal group.

I used to think bishal group are the ones behind NICA purchased. But they also control blackmand who is trying to crash NEPSE. So may be bishal group did not buy NICA.


Looking at all their work to crash market, I dont think they would bother to take such a huge risk and investment and time to invest 4/5 billion rs.

I suspect, at least all those criminal gangs behind 1000 must have parked more than 50 billion rs.


There is another take about their secret plan. And our dear friend in this forum has also signaled about that plan.

Their plan was to crash NEPSE, push for margin call then buy.

May be that is why, When NEPSE was falling some 30 crore daily transaction happened. But problem for them some body bought those shares.

And even worse, current relay hunger strike too began.

Crash of NEPSE to 1100 alerted Oli and yuraj k too.

If current hunger strike is successful in pressuring, then those criminals would at least have to buy back at 50% high price.

In current hunger strike, most of the involved are small and medium investor and they are associated with different parties including uml and maoist.

If relay hunger strike developed into fast until death, they will get support inside their party/at least their colleagues and leaders.


Conclusion, the latest sell off is from 1000 gang. and They are in real problem. And they played game for at least one year.

Will Oli protect public investor from criminal 1000 gang??
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 4795
Follow this post, huge secret+conspiracy I am disclosing today :shock:
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 4795
And during last 3 year, SEBON, NEPSE too attacked NEPSE many times.

I heard, to destroy commie govt, agents of enemy of this govt who are working in SEBON advised this govt to take capital gain tax on loss.

Even though, there is no one in bureaucracy who understand what share is, I believe, working in SEBON must have taught them a thing or two about share.

Even fools knows, govt should not charge tax on loss. But SEbon advised idiot yuraj k to take tax on loss.

Why, many wants to destroy commie govt.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 4795
अर्थमन्त्रीबाट सेयरबजारका नेताहरुलाई बाइपास, बिज्ञहरुबाट मात्रै सुझाब लिन अनुरोध

are munna, should we ask for advice from kera seller regarding operation and bypass surgeon.

ka ha kaha bata aucha mantri banna. biddwan re.

till about a year back, majority used to consider him as biddwan, today no body likes him. and still he has no laj and wont resign.

even Oli who made him tike mantir has began to bypass him.
Registered: Oct 2013
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अर्थमन्त्रीको आक्रोश: होल्ड गर्न नसक्ने भए किन सेयर किनेको ?

- are Pappu beta, honest investors are holding. Those who are selling are mostly those who want to crash NEPSE to 1000.

And those who are holding are the ones are suffering. Those criminals who are selling want to crash NEPSE to 1000 and they are happy with your work.

due to yuraj k and oli, share market has totally gone in the control of criminals.

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