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Economic policy for Nepal

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On budget day, plane crashed. I said, this budget will lead to something bad. When such thing happen, I mostly focus on share market, economy or society.

But after the budget, I did not see any big problem.

Now, Finance minister has resigned. So this is what that accident was trying to tell me, which I did not see that time.

I thought, after the budget, 'may be this time, the plane crash is just an accident, coincident'. Turned out NO. It was a message.

All the accidents on special day has always lead to something bad. :( :(

Said on: Sun May 29, 2022 12:14 pm

Last year, on the day of Monitory policy, something bad happened, probably bus accident, and I did say, that monitory policy will harm and the governor is alchina.

And that monitory policy destroyed the economy, share market and banking. Some People think this is superstition, really even after proof, same happened when KP oli became PM, I think.

Today is budget day and a plane has been out of contact. Hope plane is safe, which is not possible or somebody stop the budget.

Our village idiot finance minister may increase tax, probably in import, and destroy out economy and exporting capacity and manufacturing capacity just to make some criminal industry happy cause they will get to increase their profit margin.

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copper: 15% down yoy
steel: 8.3% down yoy
Iron ore: 45% down yoy
wheat: up 28% yoy, 28% down monthly
sunflower oil: 41% up yoy, 19% down monthly
Urea: 53% up yoy,

Nepal has been building multi purpose irrigation, they say it will complete in 2080s. I saw in youtube, Nepal's pride projects, It seem like they are using only one machine per type.

It seems like they will take 8/10 yr to complete the project.
If total cost is 15kharab, and they invest 1kharab extra, they could increase machinery by 10time each and complete in half the time. This could save interest in 3/5kharab and we could get extra production of 5-10kharab. They are working slowly to loot Nepal.
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Posted this October last year.

1. Electricity Shortage
2. Possible Dollar Shortage
3. Inflation
4. Possible load shedding during winter

If you are leveraged, its time to lessen your exposure. Inflation worldwide will be running high unless we enter in a serious recession due to slowdown in China. Oil prices will probably end the year over $90 per barrel, next summer it may get to $120ish. LPG gas is up 126% YTD. Coal up 196% YTD. Crude oil up 70% YTD. Copper up 22% YTD. Most of the heavy industries in Nepal use these commodities. Nepal Oil Corporation will post historic losses this fiscal year if it doesn't raises fuel prices. The price difference in Nepal and India is Nrs 20, hence smuggling fuel to India will reach another level. This government will not dare to raise fuel prices due to coming elections. Serious fuel supply shock coming due to decreasing capex by oil majors in the West. OPEC is most likely bluffing about its spare capacity, and will most likely enjoy the higher fuel prices. Saudi needs 80 dollar oil to balance its budget. As fuel prices go up, the INR will lose its value against the dollar. Hence, imports to Nepal will be costlier as we are pegged to INR. USD will likely make a huge gain against EURO, YEN and INR.

Overall, it looks like we are fucked. Not sure what is NRB thinking? We haven't had tourism dollars for almost two years now. Remittance growth probably is not as sustainable for the next few years, as we haven't exported labor at the same pace last two years. AID dollars will lessen, as the West will be fucked by the rising inflation too.

Few steps the government can do for next 1-2 year term to escape this bout of inflation and conserve foreign currency.

1. Stop new hydro projects. Complete those that are in various stages, complete the transmission lines. India won't be buying our surplus electricity unless its from projects where Indians have invested.
2. Stop imports of luxury vehicles.
3. Stop imports of foreign wines/spirits/beer.
4. Put restrictions on imports of cereals/grains/palm oil/soybeans from Argentina. Most of them are being smuggled to India.
5. Put special units to stop gold smuggling from TIA.
6. Jail Hundiwalas. Have police special forces go after them.
7. Open the country to people who are vaccinated. Make VISA free if they spend more than 15 days in the country. 8. Improve process for folks willing to go to S. Korea, Japan and Israel. These countries are clamoring for Nepalese labor.
9. Start landing buddhists from around the world in Lumbini.
10. Start campaign to reduce consumption of imported goods.
It was not that hard of predictions to make even for a little interested observer. But, our policy makers are asleep at the wheels. Govt has made some adjustments but they are not enough. New focus for short term should be on,

1. Jail hundiwalas. Unleash the whole law enforcement on this. Go after under invoicers.
2. Stop Gold Smuggling from TIA.
3. Ration petrol for the next six months, not diesel. Even America did this in 1970s. Government should buy 10% less petrol from IOC than last year, period. I know rationing brings a lot more problem of black market. But, if done in a smart way, it will change consumers' behaviors and bring more awareness about the dire situation we may be in the near future. I suggest mandating fuel stations of allowing a certain amount of petrol per fill. Institute odd/even for private vehicles for a couple of months. Encourage ride sharing.
4. Again the logjam for sending workers to Japan, Korea and Israel should be removed. Government should start a task force for promoting and facilitating employment in these countries. These three countries are good for Nepalese workers, and most come back richer and gaining skills.
5. Tourists/Tourists/Tourists: Nepal Airlines should start routes from Bangkok to Lumbini ASAP.
6. Stop subsidizing LPG gas.
7. Government should start a special powerful task force to complete several irrigation projects in Western Nepal. Rani Kumaiya and Sikta and Mahakali irrigation projects should be completed within the next two years. This will help with food sufficiency.
8. Tighten imports of unnecessary items.
9. Awareness. For ****'s sake, banks are giving double digit interest rates on savings and people are still consuming? What will stop folks from consuming? Lets start a societal awareness program of less consumption, starting from politicians and public figures.
10. Beg Bangladesh/China for fertilizers. Crop yield will be fucked up this year if we don't get fertilizers soon.

The above are just short term fixes.

Long term,
1. We need more electrification of our transportation.
2. Completing Fast track, strategic tunnels and several main road projects would lead to lesser consumption of fuel.
3. We need to focus on irrigating our Terai belt, produce crops/staples three times a year. Rain water harvesting in hills and vegetables and fruit production.
4. Infrastructure around main Tourist hubs, Kathmandu, Pokhara, Lumbini, Everest, Annapurna routes should be maintained properly. We should try to do 2 million tourists by 2025. 3 million by 2030.
5. Need to mine our own Iron and Copper. Stupid newsmakers focus on Uranium, not knowing the fact that economical Uranium deposits are all over Australia and Canada and Central Asia.
6. Let them start more medical colleges and engineering schools. 55 lakhs to study medicine is cheap. Its a price of a CRETA. ****, these people are so stupid. We are sending all our brightest abroad to study and they never come back.
7. Lets make all our garments and shoes domestically.
8. Exports, honestly, don't know what we can manufacture cheaply. Curse of geography. IT products and services can be our exports. May be bottled water. May be Himalayan Cheese and Spirits. Its hard to arbitrage our cheap labor when there are a billion cheap laborers in our South. If promoted, we can export fresh fruits/vegetables to the Gulf. A little Netherlands is one of the biggest agro exporter. We can probably try to be like them rather than become a Singapore.
9. Build reservoir projects in partnership with India/Bangladesh on favorable terms.
10. Produce more nurses, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, doctors, engineers. India takes 3B remittance from Nepal each year, according to ILO.

We have lots of challenges. But, we have opportunity too. For now, remittance is the cash cow, which we need to move in favor of tourism dollars and income from selling electricity in mid and longer terms. We need to promote import substitution industries, while also training our youth to be more skilled workers, substituting Indian skilled laborers in Nepal.
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विज्ञहरुको चेतावनी- 'आयात नियन्त्रण गर्न नसके नेपाल पनि श्रीलंकाको पदचापमा जान सक्छ'

who विज्ञ? In Nepal Only I understand economics.

And I say,'If we cant increase export, we shall go Srilanka way".

Last time I checked import list, I dont see anything which we can decrease in import. If we dont export many many times more, we wont even be able to import even raw material.

In the picture of विज्ञ, all I see are dalal of communist and congress and raw and cia.

विज्ञ? MC khate, jhole, dalal,
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आयातमा प्रतिबन्ध लगाउने र एलसी खोल्दा नगद मार्जिन राख्नुपर्ने व्यवस्था हटाउन आईएमएफको दबाब
(Guess who is promoting this news, the channel financed by gupta and sons, who also hate share market and who imports expired, damaged products into Nepal)

When Chinese gives loan, they demand either guarantee or want that project to remain with china for certain period. Everybody does that.

But in case of west like IMF, Anglozoo send organization and other gangs to destroy the economy, then IMF, World banks etc come to the country and offer loan and demand collateral like basic infrastructure like railway, water supply.

Their goal is to destroy economy, than offer loan then make sure that country wont be able to pay back and in the name of privatization- their people take over basic infrastructure.

This way, they keep on making money from that country, keep $ demand, keep that country weak and rule for ever.

This is what debt trap is. But they spread the lies about Chinese debt trap.

And doggo of dalal indian nepali congress spread that garbage in Nepal.

VOTE RIGHT, vote dalals out
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When there was communist economy in China, millions died and forced to become capitalist.

But they never accepted capitalism from deep, they keep on calling themselves chinese style socialism (china is bigger capitalist and US in my view) .... so they never fully understood capitalism or economy.

Months back, when they had evergreen housing group (or something) crisis, their govt stopped credit to the whole housing sector which almost crashed the entire economy, so they backed down in a few month.

In Nepal, they dont care. Dont forget to thank- governor, d governors, fake economist, wanna be social media/media expert, politicians, bureaucracy, media, bankers.
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घरजग्गा बजारमा 'डिस्ट्रेस': बेच्नेको ‌ओइरो, किन्ने शून्य, एजेन्टकोमा प्रोपर्टी लिस्टिङको चाङ

& final shock will be transferred to banking system. What will be the magnitude of EQ created by this shock ?
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I did not want to give advice for monetary policy since they know everything, but due to crisis ....

- Go back to CCD ratio.
- Bring down interest rate.
- Tight import for 6 more month.
- Make 1 kharab available for export based industries at 3% interest for 5 year.
- Reverse all share related bad policies.
- Slowly lose tighter loan policy.
- Let everyone invest in share with capital and reserve including cooperative. NRB should invest too.
- Accept share investment as liquid assets.

Who gets export loan:
- Those who want to open factory who will be exporting at least 25% of production capacity.
- Those who been exporting and wants to expand production and at least 25% of extra production capacity should be exported.
- What if they are able to export only 20% (80% of target)? They should pay interest 3% on 80% loan and 8% on 20% loan.

To solve foreign currency crisis:
Short term- Export cement like they been talking about and motivate those who been exporting to export more.
Long term- Within 3 year, add more export oriented factories and new products. Go for those industry that uses electricity.

While, every idiot been talking about factories to create jobs, while I kept on maintaining that in Nepal, factories should be used to bring in foriegn currency and reduce exist of foreign currency... job creation through manufacturing in Nepal should only be secondary policy. I always knew about current foreign currency crisis, Nepal be facing. In Nepal, we need to import raw material, semi finished product, parts, almost finished product ..... for all those we need foreign currency. Out only way is we need to export. We need to balance export and import. Saying, we should only export, it does not work like that.

We need to reduce tax (including import tax) to bring down cost of doing business, to bring down cost of living so that we would be able to compete in international market. No body going buy our product if we tax high on their product. IF tax is high, cost of living in Nepal stay high which would increase cost of production too.

I had been saying I have a plan to increase Nepal's GDP to 200 kharab but I dont want congress and communist to success. But due to crisis, I have, above, disclosed part of my plan.
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How to solve foreign currency problem?

Shor term solution;
1: Cement industry been saying, they could export 1.5 kharab worth of cement immediately as soon as govt exempt them of tax.

Reduce tax and export for 5 year.

- Give them quota.
- Reduce quota by 10% every year, since cement raw material is not unlimited.
- But no quota for those, who import raw material and export cement using that raw material.
- If somebody misuse quota or tax, then fine them 100 times.

2: Increase export from those companies who been exporting. Increase their production capacity.

3: Build export oriented factories with in 3 three year for long term solution.
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"""When yuraj k is out, I will advice next FM how to increase growth and problem high growth creates and its counter measures."""" -Wed Apr 03, 2019 7:44 pm

- Development, economic growth have negative consequences too. Politicians talk as if development, growth is good and so called expert think they are bad (indirectly) and should not be the goal.

They term they use is 'over heating'.

But I have always been taking about consequences. And it should be handled well as well as we can handle those consequences.

But incompetent economist say, we should not go for development and growth to avoid negative continuances.

When right person comes in power, I will disclose the ways to deal with those.

पूर्वगर्भनर रावलले यो वर्षको मौद्रिक नीति विगतका वर्षहरुमा आएको जस्तो लचिलो र खुकुलो नआउने पनि बताए| आन्तरिक र बाह्य कारणले मुद्रास्फीतिको दर उच्च ८ प्रतिशत रहेको र सो दर अझै बढ्ने सम्भावना रहेको उनले दाबी गरे| 'त्यसैले लचिलो र खुकुलो मौद्रिक नीति आउँदैन होला', उनले भने| पूर्वगर्भनर रावलले यो वर्षको मौद्रिक नीति विगतका वर्षहरुमा आएको जस्तो लचिलो र खुकुलो नआउने पनि बताए| आन्तरिक र बाह्य कारणले मुद्रास्फीतिको दर उच्च ८ प्रतिशत रहेको र सो दर अझै बढ्ने सम्भावना रहेको उनले दाबी गरे| 'त्यसैले लचिलो र खुकुलो मौद्रिक नीति आउँदैन होला', उनले भने|

Third ex governor, who also became governor through setting talks same as another two incompetent governors who became governor through setting. So dumb expert think a like???

While they say so 'मुद्रास्फीतिको दर उच्च- त्यसैले लचिलो र खुकुलो मौद्रिक नीति आउँदैन होला'- our patrakar dont ask them or should I say, cant ask the right question------- "In last one year, our credit is almost stopped, what could be the tighter monitory policy than the last one? If stopped credit cant solve inflation and high import problem, what else monitory policy could do? Would not the whole economy be destroyed if credit is closed?""""

Our self claimed economic expert patrakar cant counter such question. Why- cause they are dumb.

And still why do they think they understand economics?

The answer shows light to another problem that so called expert economist in Nepal are dumb. Those patrakar who are khate, malik ko kaile gharla ra khaula bhanee patrakar thinks they are expert in economics cause they compare themselves with those incompetent expert economist and find not much differences with the ability of those fake expert economist.

Which makes both the patrakar and fake expert a like.

Like I had been saying, NRB destroyed the economy with their failed policy. Now they will focus on and try to make themselves right and blame all problems on others and double down on their bad policy.

Amazing right, completely halting credit could not solve inflation (multiplied by sanction, I did say, corona majors will create inflation in future but it is good, but then came war and sanction) and high import, what tighter monitory policy would solve that problem????

Remember, when every politician and fake expert kept on telling that 'we need to build factors and create job'.

While I kept on saying for years, out first focus on building factors is to bring down balance of payment problem not creating job. We need factories to bring foreign currency and slowdown foriegn currency exit. I always been visionary. :lol:

It is not right to say 'you know everything and other are dumb'. Only some dumb psyco do that. Then why do I too do that? Like I been saying, its psychological warfare. I have been trying to silence dumb dangerous people from talking in social media, media. Remember, all those dumb economist giving negative advices in media, I tried to stop them. Govt, politician listen to them. Bureaucracy, politician, media- like flies, they are attracted to sh!t, negativity, alchina... cause they are one too. But I did not get help. Now face the consequences.
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Dumb in Nepal think, current inflation is cause of Nepal. Nepal is worthless, it has no power to do either good or bad.

Stop trying to control inflation using monitory or fiscal policy. Same goes out to worthless countries like India.

The world has been facing high inflation cause of supply constraint created by sanction and war.

The world should pressure US to lift sanction and help to end the war.

West is about to go into deeper recession which would help to bring down the inflation. But Putin may not agree until the war and sanction are over.
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२ सय ४ दिन सरकारी कर्मचारीलाई वार्षिक बिदा, वर्षमा उनीहरूले काम गर्ने १ सय ६१ दिन
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During Ukraine War, I heard from US president as well as from think tank , probably RAND corporation backed, that they are going to destroy Russia long term using brain drain.

I used to think, US gives visa to bring in expert so that they can stay on top of technological field.

Then question used to come in mind, why dont they just give visa to top class experts not average?

The answer was, you cant tell who is no 1 until he invests something. No 1 in school is hardly no 1 in real life so they have to give visa to every one.

Now after US president and think tank said it, it has become clear that they give visa to every expert so destroy the country, society.

Then comes Nepal. In Nepal, they used to have stricter visa law. Lately they started to give visa to all expert. Is it possible that US wants to destroy Nepal too. That Nepal would fall into chaso due to brain drain lead poverty and do their 'turning Nepal into Ukraine thing to use Nepal against China/Tibet".

The main reason Nepalese go to US cause there is no job and for Car dream. Its amazing, chappal chap in Nepal rides expensive car while they draft economic policy/budget so that people working hard cant afford car. Many youth leave Nepal to peruse their car dream in US.

Not just a high import tax (for car too), government's budget, fiscal policy, monetary policy try to destroy official economy while main souse of black money is the budget.

Its like those behind those policy wants brain drain from Nepal. Its like they are following CIA order.

And same happens in India, China, Asia ..... West gives a lot of visas to people from asia as if they want to keep asia backward. Amazingly, Indian politician, govt demand more visa to Indians. :lol:

VOTE RIGHT, if you want country to create environment for self employment, good job, cheaper car.
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Self employed individuals, small/medium business are suffering cause of the economy, nrb policy.

But so called leaders of business, those whom we see in the media dont speak.


Cause they have black money. their worry is about hiding black money not loss.
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ब्याजदर बढ्दैमा निक्षेप बढ्दैन तर अनावश्यक खपत घटाउन ब्याजदर बढाउनु पर्छ: गभर्नर अधिकारी

Its been around one and a half year since interest rate has reached peak. Khoi import ghate ko MC.

You tried to decrease import by destroying the economy. You are able to destroy the economy but unable to decrease import.

I told you to directly intervene import. And finally you did after wasting almost a year and finally import decreasing.

Your logic did now work, but, Like always, mine working. Cause I am "SECOND TO GOD".

Second half of your latest career has been nothing but total disaster.

Have you thought about what would happen when interest rate is too high to the economy???? You are pakhe and pakeh is not suppose to run a country.

Few years back, we had foreign currency problem too. That time we did not have noise like today. Why, today media made noise cause of Srilanka.

NRB/governor totally failed neapli economy with their policy which did not help in foreign currency savings.

Then just around srilanka problem was spread by fake news in Nepal and governor was fired by the govt, this governor went on media making noise that if govt dont stop import, Nepal's economy will be destroyed. He kept on barking in Nepali media that Nepal's economy is about to collapse.

His barking, srilanka news and his firing are the reasons, people, fake expert supported this mf governor when he was fired. Crowd thought- governor was trying to save the economy, only governor understood the economy, governor was trying to save the economy. His barking in the right time and his firing helped him from getting public support. But dumb crowd did not know, governor is dumb and he is one of the individuals who is behind the crisis. He was too late to recognize the crisis and identifying the short term solution. Only I knew in Nepal. And if they had implemented my advice when I proposed it, foreign currency problem would have been solved months back.

Now let me talk about interest rate a little bit more.

Do you understand business. In business borrower pay interest from profit. At this time borrower are paying interest rate from their pocket or from saving or black money. Means, those whose who are paying interest rate is not the money that contributed to the economy but for those who are getting paid interest rate are getting paid a lot, they are making a lot of profit. Which means, they are the ones driving consumption. Country is suffering, business is suffering but depositors are enjoying which is the one of the reasons behind high import even when economy is suffering.

Which means, consumption is driven by interest paid on deposit and that interest is paid with loss. Loss is driving our economy, import. Good job governor.

NRB's policy is the reason, import is not decreasing even when economy is in sh!t. Other reasons are- black money, loot from budget, criminal making money. Bad Monitory, fiscal policy only harm official economy. This governor is able to destroy official economy while criminal economy is hardly hit. Look how much criminal were able to spend on the election, even when interest rate is high, when there is no credit available. NRB policy was only able to destroy economy and share market.

Alchina governor

oli ko kukur, yuraj k ko kukur ('kukur ko buddi hundaina, buddi hune kukur hundaina- SECOND TO GOD)

Sati ko sarap.
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During previous liquidity crisis, I taught a thing or two about liquidity, bank deposit to Nepali society. Before I taught them, they used to think, giving loan would reduce bank deposit. Finally they found out, in this liquidity crisis- over import, negative balance of payment cause liquidity crisis.

NPL also cause liquidity crisis.

There are millions of things, most of those, even I dont know. Then there comes idiots, who began to advise NRB, also NRB believes in this..... make A pay back loan and give it to B. I said, paying back loan not only reduces business, it also decrease liquidity.

We keep on hearing from media, banks loan has been decreased, so has liquidity.

I have been saying, the main source of liquidity is loan. They could not understand the broader meaning of it. Then comes, NRB and says, this year bank loan has decreased as well as bank deposit. .... zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

A few days ago, in the parliament, Baburam was giving advice for the budget and our village idiot finance minister was taking dictation.

Every time budget season starts, Baburam talks about "kanika chare jasto budget charnu hundaina", (budget should not be wasted in tiny projects).

Tell you a secret, the term (or similar) "kanika chare jasto budget charnu hundaina" ...... I invented it.

Even more interesting is: I invented it to criticize baburam bhatterai's budget when he became finance minister once.

Sati ko sarap, (irony) that phrase made him popular and other idiots copied him.

Today we talk about, govt's incompetency in spending development budget. Let me remind you, when baburam was finance minister, he was not just unable to spend budget, worse, he stopped spending it so that later maoist could steal the money to win election.

Its amazing, the person who dont spend budget and does not understand its impact in the economy is considered as knowledgeable in economics.

Sati ko sarap.

That no what I want to talk about now, this is what I want to talk about:

आयात घटाउन बजेटमा नीतिगत व्यवस्था गर्दै सरकार, कुन वस्तुमा कति भन्सार बढाउनसक्ने स्पेश छ ?

People learnt from me about liquidity, baburam became popular by repeating the phrase 'kanika' which I started.

This is the economic theory only I have been saying, and no send person supports it till today, may be someday, someone will steal it and try to teach sheep and become popular just like baburam:

**** Increasing tax, increasing import tax wont improve manufacturing, and worst destroy export.

I wanted to write how sanctioning 'russia would destroy European economy, manufacturing. and its similarity with nepali economic, tax policies" but cause of share market crash due to NRB I could not write it.

In Europe, they are sanctioning russia and destroying their won economy, which they have begun to understand. And in Nepal, govt and so called expert who advice govt to increase tax on import to promote manufacturing.

But it does not help manufacturing. It destroys export.

Today, again, EU is talking about not to impose sanction on Russia and wants to end war through dialogue.

EU industries told their govt that lack of Russian resources wont just destroy european industry, alternative source is too expensive, they wont be able to compete using alternative source, and lack of russian resource will increase inflation and destroy competetiveness.

Even, US who increased tax on China, have ended it to reduce inflation.

But in Nepal, idiot advisors and bureaucracy are about to increase import tax even more.

-- Most of the industry in Nepal are fake industry. They hardly add value to the product. They import semi finished parts/product or worst, they import almost finished product and glue them and sell as 'MADE IN NEPAL'.

-- When you impose import tax, increase import tax, cost of living of workers working in those factories will increase, cost of production will increase and Nepal wont be able to export.

-- Since, factories in Nepal has to import raw material, parts, almost finished products ...... you are going to have foreign currency.

If you cant export, you wont have foreign currency.

You cant export cause your cost of production is high.

And your cost of production is high cause your cost of living is high, your cost of doing business is high.

Your cost of living, doing business is high cause tax is high, import tax is high.

That has been the biggest problem for Nepal as well as india. India cant even compete with china's price even when Chinese wages is pretty higher. Even asian.

-- In Nepal, there is a trend about talking about 'increasing production'. And since there is talk going on, politicians hear it. And to do politics they want to do it.

Then fake industrialist advice politicians to increase import tax to promote nepali industry.

Tell you something, I already told in the past, if import tax is increased only groups who will benefit will be the industrialist. Nepali economy wont benefit from it. Nepali society wont benefit from it.

But when import tax is increased, industrialist will get opportunity to increase the price of their product to make higher profit cause their competitors' products' price will increase due to higher import tax.

So only individual that will benefit from high import tax is criminal business houses.

-- When product's price increases in Nepal, the cost of living will increase, the cost of doing business will increase, then Nepal will have negative effect in exporting goods. Goods we export will be more expensive to produce and went be able to export.

Then we wont have foreign currency to import raw material, parts, almost finished parts.

Then our industry will be destroyed.

This is the same threat EU is scared of from Russian sanction.

But in Nepal. our govt, bureaucracy, advisers have been doing to ourselves.

Some day, my this theory will be copied by some jhole economic expert and become hero. And he will be called brilliant expert by crowd/media and crowd will demand govt to give him opportunity. And govt will give him opportunity, but since he is no expert, he will fail and crowd will start to say, expert has no use. :(

sati ko sarap.
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आगामी बजेटमा आत्मनिर्भर अर्थतन्त्र र पूर्वाधार विकास विशेष प्राथमिकतामा

independent economy???? raising import tax???

I have been trying to educate dumb in power that how increasing import tax is one of the main reason Nepal cant compete in international market.

Only group who will benefit if govt raise import tax is crook business houses. If they increase import tax, industry will raise their profit margin and while will increase cost of living and make Nepal impossible to do business or compete with international market. Look at India, they have high import tax and being big and poorer than asean, India still cant compete with asean.

I wanted to write impact of Russian commodity in EU, due to sanctions and who it is similar to Nepal's case ........... but due to crash of share market I could not, thanks to NRB.

Cause of crash of share market due to NRB, I could not write autobiography.

Voters are punishing congress and communist for not able to keep their servants at NRB and finance ministry and advisers in their place. Their servants behave with public as if they are their kings. Those politicians will pay big.

Fire governor, d governors, finance and tax secretaries, advisers ......... you only have 8-10 month till next election.

It's great from where I stand, cause of governor/nrb- nepal is loosing 2khara worth of dollar due to capital flight cause by NRB's attack on share market.

Today, investors have become so powerful that we can coup in Nepali politics by destroying the whole economy and end politics of party/s.

Make governor, d governor from outside bureaucracy. Only harami born from bureaucracy.
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नेताहरूको सोच १८० डिग्रीमा परिवर्तन नभएसम्म विकास र लगानी बढ्दैन: खतिवडाको अन्तर्वार्ता

नेपाल पनि श्रीलंका हुन्छ कि भन्नेमा चिन्ता बढ्दो छ?
श्रीलंका आफ्नो क्रेडिट रेटिङ गराएर अन्तर्राष्ट्रिय बजारबाट ऋण लिएको छ
नेपालले महंगो ब्याजदरमा अहिलेसम्म ऋण लिएको छैन

(In Nepal, they are telling BFIs to bring $ deposit. zzzzzzzz that is how we become srilanka, we become srilanka while paying high $ interest .... printing money is better, domestic gold/share deposit is better, changing CD ratio is better ....... but there will be consiquences when pakhes are running the show)

नेपालको भन्दा तीनगुणा बढी पैसा एउटा पर्यटकले श्रीलंकामा गर्छ
नेपाली मिडियाले भारतका मिडियाको प्रभावबाट समाचार लेख्दा चीनको कारण खराब भयो भन्ने समाचार आएको हो
श्रीलंकाले लिएको ऋणमा चीनको हिस्सा १० प्रतिशतसमेत छैन
श्रीलंका संकटको कुरा भारतीय समाचारबाट आएकोले त्यो न्यारेटिभ आएको छ

(Enemy of Nepal, China, Srilanka, Pakistan, Russia are same paid by CIA, RAW. This is why" Wealth of owners/promoters of BFIs, insurance, media should be investigated, its source, where investment came from, their expenses, their domestic and international link, their activities- to protect national security as well as economy.)

नेपालको अहिले अर्थतन्त्रलाई केहीले निकै खत्तम भयो भन्छन् | केहीले खत्तम भन्ने पक्षमा छैनन् | अर्थशास्त्रीको हिसाबले हेर्दा नेपालको अर्थतन्त्रको अवस्था कस्तो छ? नेपालको अर्थतन्त्र खराब छैन भन्ने आधार के छ ?

आगामी वर्ष आर्थिक बृद्धिदर ५ प्रतिशत हुने अनुमान छ | यसले अर्थतन्त्र खत्तम भयो भन्न मिलेन

(Tell you one secret about economics- when credit is closed, when interest rate is high, when tax is increased ...... economy degrades. We may see result soon. Many are already suffering, but business ... cause many business pay interest rate with their hidden black money, so .... . Analyst wont get micro info, data but we can guess consequence of action, situation)

विदेशी लगानी भित्राउनको लागि सरकारले जुनरुपमा सहुलियत दिनुपर्ने हो त्यो दिएको छैन ?

(Investor, industrialist invest for profit. In Nepal, loot is good but earning legally is crime. Nepal is a hope less case.
Hos of party, doggos, alchina in media social media who feed on bone thrown by criminals ... they dont have problem with ill gotten wealth, but they wont tolerate wealth earned legally.)

नेपालको विकास गर्न जुन तरिकाले राजनीतिक दलले सोचिरहेका छन् | त्यो सोचाई १८० डिग्रीले परिवर्तन नभएमा विकास हुँदैन भन्ने हो ?

अर्थमन्त्रीले आफ्नो कार्यकाल पूरा गरेपछि राजस्वमात्र बढाएको आधारमा सफलतामापन गर्छ भने त्यसलाई सफल मान्न सकिँदैन | अर्थमन्त्रीको सफलता ५ लाख नयाँ रोजगारी सिर्जना भयो, १० हजार कम्पनी दर्ता भए भनेको भए अर्थमन्त्रीलाई सफल मान्न सकिन्छ | अर्थमन्त्रीले विदेशी लगानी आएको निर्यात बढेको कुरा गर्नुपर्ने हो | आयात बढेर राजस्व बढेको कुरा मात्र अर्थमन्त्रीलाई सफल मान्न मिल्दैन

( I have been telling that since, I joined this forum. Now since, INGO guy has said it, may be they will listen.

Its all caused of the media "media called baburam as FM, successful cause he collected huge tax". And every next FM focused on tax increment. I hardly know, any FM who had not increased tax.

This is why, I have been saying, " Wealth of owners/promoters of BFIs, insurance, media should be investigated, its source, where investment came from, their expenses, their domestic and international link, their activities- to protect national security as well as economy.

Media is one of the major root cause behind 'sati ko sarap'. Even during covid, govt did what they did when media made noise. And we/world will pay price in 5/10/20 year, health wise.

Another person who created this problem is dari FM from dalal congress, aka jasta baje. He keep on saying how he make Nepal independent. He is the another reason every FM increased tax, and since FM is changed in every 9 month, so tax gets increased in every 9 month/yr.

That is why, Nepal cant export, cause cost of living in Nepal is very high cause of high tax, custom duty.

It is hopeless. And again they are talking about increasing tax to decrease import. As if it every worked.

When import tax is increased on things we dont make, cost of living increases. When import tax is increased on products which me make, manufacturer in Nepal increase its price and make more profit.

Import tax is the reason, surya group makes around 50% profit on their revenue, which is found nowhere in the world.

Not just Nepal, cause of the high import tax, India cant compete even with ASIAN, whose per capita is higher than India

Nepal needs a mard FM who has guts to decrease tax dramatically, who knows how to increase tax collection while decreasing tax rate. Only I can do that)
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Its high time the government of Nepal thinks about the food security for the end of 2022 and the year 2023. Per Ministry of Agriculture data, the projection for rice production is 5.1 million metric tons this year. Last year, it was 5.6 million metric tons. This year we will hardly get 300k metric tons of fertilizers. Usually we need 700k metric tons of fertilizers. I think MOA's projection is too optimistic.
India is set to produce 5 million metric tons more wheat this year than 2021. Nepalese government should start signing contracts to acquire rice, wheat and lentils immediately and fill the warehouses. Also local government should use their revenue to promote planting this season and the next.
Hopefully, we have a great harvest. We really need one this year and the next.
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Economy is vast.

Balance of payment, foreign currency reserve is one of the major elements of the economy, and there are many many more.

6-9 months back, I suggested to directly intervene import. NRB was trying to control it indirectly, which I opposed.

NRB tried to decrease import by destroying kitchen of public, by destroying income of public, by destroying business of public.

How do you feel, if your kitchen is closed just cause dollar reserve is dwindling? which was not needed???

Just to decrease import, NRB tried to destroy all elements of the economy and still it did not work and finally they have stopped import with directly intervention. During this time, Nepal may have lost many many kharabs, many family must have suffered.

(In Nepal, only I understand economics, and instead of listening to me, they listened to every dumb out there, worst, they took advice from those who destroyed the economy in the past)

In Nepal, main source of income are- remittance, smuggling/tax evasion/fraud/black money, looting of budget and non of them are affected by tax and interest rate and liquidity. NRB policy only destroyed official economy. Not criminal economy.

Now to reverse damaged economy caused by NRB policy ............ (And decrease tax, including import tax too)

Govt/NRB need to loosen monitory policy, reverse all the policy brought to tighten the economy, except for import. Undo share related monitory policy too, or you will pay in election and if you want to increase remittance and if you dont want people to suffer, if you dont want economy to suffer.

To fix reserve problem, control import in short term and for long term, increase export, production.

Ban import of private vehicles for 6 month. Undo ban on electric bike after 2 month, undo ban on electric car and bike in 4 month.
Unnecessary food/furniture/garment and many goods, should be import banned for 3/4 month.

I had been saying 6/9 month ago, We only had dollar reserve problem, then NRB monitory policy destroyed the whole economy.

pakhe le des chalaune haina- SECOND TO GOD.
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बिलासी वस्तुको आयात नियन्त्रणले सुधार होला अर्थतन्त्र ?

Economy has been destroyed by NRB, finance ministry, their advisers like the one who became indian ambassador, dari/jasta pata mantri/chettry governor and many more.

Banning import would only help in balance of payment which is one of the most important parts in an economy which has many many important parts.
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All answers are here.
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राष्ट्रबैंकले अब ६ महिना भन्दा बढी आयात धान्न सक्दैन : पूर्व गभर्नर नेपाल

नेपालमा पाँच सय र हजारको नोट प्रतिबन्ध हुने व्यापक हल्ला,सत्यता कति ?

Are we at the verge of ECONOMIC COLLAPSE ???
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BRI loan is 2%

World bank/IMF loan is 0%, .01%.

Why are we taking BRI loan? Why not just take WB, IMF loan?

Nepal needs $5B every year for next 10 year. Let's take all needed loan from WB and IMF only.

What? WB and IMF only give 500million each year?????

Then, Let's ask China to give loan at 0% interest.

Why not? China prints $ just like US, China is rich not a developing country. China Should give you loan at 0% instead of investing inside their own country where 100s of millions are still poor.

China Bad.

India good, cause they know how to control population of their won doggo. India let maosit terrorist sheltering in delhi kill their won doggo Nepali Congress.

US good.... cause they been dropping human right, democracy, rule of law BOMBS since ever. And they have never eradicated any native and stole others land and island and they dont kill whom they dont like. And never try to keep countries poor.

Why are we upgrading projects whose current/past income is less than the cost of new investment?

May be because of human greed hoping, upgrading would increase my future earning and need to upgrade to meet future demand. I dont know, I am just a dumb who likes to question more and talk.
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If it happens, all the rat who left Nepal will return, plus there will be hyper inflation. so ana may cost arab. :mrgreen:

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