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Economic policy for Nepal

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धनुषवाण चलाउन नजान्ने युधिष्ठिर बलिया भए जस्तै नयाँ अर्थमन्त्री पनि त्यस्तै बलिया आउनुपर्छ: पूर्व अर्थ सचिव बास्कोटाको विचार

"Bahun bad"

This is the buddi/knowledge/brain of bahun, and with the similar knowledge they been running Nepal, making decision, drafting policies and law/rules.

I dont know, if this ex finance secretary gave advice which lead to current collapse of Nepal's economy, but, he has very dangerous/dumb views regarding economy which lead to what Nepal is- sh!t hole. And he was an economic secretary.

Look at this dumb bahun- no laj/dignity, no knowledge- and still speaks non sense. Cause he has no laj so does not mind taking sh!t about things he does not know.

Who told him Udisthir did not know how to operate bow? Udisthir was good at it. Just cause Udisthir was not as good as Arjun, Bhisma, Karna does not mean he was not good.

With similar mentality- these bahuns been running Nepal. They always think what they think is right.

Same mentality was behind decision making behind NRB's decision making- which lead to current collapse of economy of Nepal. Bahun should be banned in politics, bureaucracy, media to build Nepal.

लाज नवयाको अहंकारी अग्यानी मुर्ख बहन
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Now every idiot in media has begun to talk about collapse of the economy. But not a single one knows or take about what caused it or who were behind the collapse.

NRB openly, loudly kept on saying that they are going to destroy the economy and still idiots dont see it.

Total crash of share market, economy is caused by action and policy created by 'bahun bad' influenced by their- character, personality, dalali, corruption, crime, jealousy, incompetency, over confidence, ignorance, psychopathy behavior .........

Like always- prachanda's 100 days about to be total failure like always. He talked a lot, promised many but zero action. Half of the economic and share market problem could have been solved with in a day wasting a drop of ink.... but Prachanda has not ability.

बीमा कम्पनीकाे पूँजी वृद्धिका लागि प्राधिकरणले समय नथप्ने, रिक्स बेस क्यापिटल लागू गर्ने

Economy and share market are destroyed by NRB.

Insurance sector and insurance share price are destroyed by Insurance board.

And remember; both were appointed by KP oli.
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बैंकरलाई राष्ट्र बैंकले भन्यो- खराब कर्जा ५ प्रतिशतमाथि पुग्छ, तयारी अवस्थामा बस्नू

Read below- """Rise of Bahunbad""" to understand why NRB did what they did- to understand their policy, attitude, characters etc etc.


"""Rise of Bahunbad"""

You may have heard about evolution- how human came into existence from ape.

I keep on hearing from some in social media questioning- if human came from ape then why there are still apes, why they have not turned into human???
- Ape does not turn into human just cause they reach 10s of millions of years. It's not evolution.

Evolution is change not old age, evolution is adoption.

How ape turned into human over millions of years? (My view, science may or may not have said this before. Since, I am too lazy to read books, especially long books, I dont know)

- Change is environment where you need to adopt to survive forced ape to evolve.
When surrounding changed and new surrounding demanded more of a brain (thinking, decision making etc) rather than speed or strength etc, ape kept on changing.

When ape needed more of thinking, solving problem with brain rather than power or speed, their body structure kept on changing and their brain kept on growing.... which created new species called human.

This change in environment could be due to migrating into new places. And those ape which did not face radical, new environment stayed as ape or close to old ape.

That is how some ape went on to became human while others remained as ape.

And even in human, human migrated from africa to different places. And human from different places are different who developed into different characters, features whom we now know as 'RACE'.

Which means, race is also evolution.

I think, most intelligent race is Chinese. Cause they faced more challenges. When they left africa, first they settled in middle east or europe. So their brain developed more, and from their they travelled to central asia so their brain developed further to face more challenge .....

So how "bahunbad evolved"?

When human's job was divided, their offspring took over that job. And later, through that job, they got new name 'race' or surname.

Who was bahun?
- Usually those associated with religious activity. And cause of their job, they became close to those in power.

What bahuns did?
- Read a book and repeat the same book over and over and over. And stay close to power.

Many educated people say, reading books is good. But what I have found is reading too much book makes you dumb and hypocrite. May be some of you have realized that those who read too much book are hypocrite and not so bright.

Rise of bahunbad:
1: What happens when you read too much book?

- Dumb: When you read too many book or repeat same or talk about same over and over, your brain wont develop to perform different task, your brain wont be able to solved different or new task. That is why, bahuns are dumb.

- Talkative: When you read one book and keep on telling others same thing over and over, you become talkative. That is why bahuns talk too much while what they say hardly make any sense or worthless talk/views.

- Loose ability to learn, especially on their own: Kind of a dumb. All they could do is memorize but since the universe is far far greater, trillion times greater- that book knowledge wont be enough for you. You wont be able to think on you own. All you could do is memorize but wont be able to understand the book. That is why, bahuns have certificates but no brain. Even bahuns with Phd is useless.

2: What happens when you are close to power but you are not power?
- Dalali/Agent
: Those in power demand dalali from you. So over time, you would develop dalali personality.

- Praising power: Kind of dalali.

- Back biting: Those in power want you to praise the power and talk bad about others. You start to talk about others behind their back.

- Bullying: You become dalal of power while using that influence, you bully others.

- Misuse of influence/position: This must be how, bahuns started the trend that "kings are children of god" while made themselves as "agent of god".
This is how, bahuns made their race and those in power's race higher race as other race inferior.

Ask yourself- how can the race be of higher race who does not have dignity, brain, weak, fraud, dalal/agent of higher race?

And look at those in power- they really believe that they are children of god when some call them lizard from the moon.

- Weak/chicken: When you make others do the fighting for you, you will become weak over time.

- Lier: When you have to lie while praising, back biting- over time you become lier.

- No dignity: When you have all bad quality, you wont have dignity. And you take bone thrown at you.

- Thief: When you do all bad things, stealing wont be a problem for you.

- Double crosser/sell out: When you do all above, you wont have problem double cross your master when balance of power changes. Jumping off the ship when there is fire.

- There could be many more.

And when your race repeat/continue 1&2 for 100s or years, 1000s of years- it is coded in your gene and you become what you are. And this is how "Bahunbad stared".

Bahun served powers for 100s or even 1000s of years. And finally, during last few decade, they themselves became powerful. But since, bahuns cant live without serving power, after getting power in their own hand they went on searching power outside Nepal, that is how politicians, bureaucrats, businesspeople, media of bahun origin (almost all) now have become agents of RAW, CIA. May be some day, they will serve China too.

And since, power comes from pack, so bahuns formed bahun gang who help one other. That is how, today, in Nepal, almost all every sector is controlled by bahun and all of them are incompetent criminals and dalals. And that is why, all sector controlled by bahun is in total mess.

"bahunbad is evolution and evolution is science"


Is KP Oli trying to bring down Prachanda govt from street. Economy has collapsed due to NRB and NRB ignoring it. People just looking for a lighter to lit the fire?
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वैशाखदेखि मात्र ऋण दिने रणनीतिमा बैंक, महँगो ब्याजको ऋण बिग्रिने डर

They think, running an economy is a joke. And decisions are made by sanak.

Why all this happening? Cause just like bureaucracy and politicians- these bankers are also dumb and criminal and foreign agents.

These dumb rascal copy and paste their foreign master. This is over night decision of their foreign master, who knows what happens when there is not liquidity or loan available:


Fed USD injections are back to stabilize global banking.

Goodbye tightening cycle, we hardly knew ye

Nepal needs to identify all incompetent and get read of them. Remember, some bankers' advise lead to current economic crisis- collapse of the economy.
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Fake economic expert in Nepal who got expert certificate from fake media:

- Banks collapse/cooperatives collapse

Fake economic expert in Nepal- Economic will soon collapse.

Idiots, economy has already collapsed a long time ago. BFIs collapsing is just a result.

And these idiots are decision makers and close advisers of decision makers.
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Media, society have given dozens of individuals 'economic expert title' in Nepal. Not a single one of them care for dying people, nor they can tell that- economic crisis (collapse of business) and high interest rate are killing those people.
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राष्ट्रपति कांग्रेसलाई, प्रधानमन्त्री तीन दललाई आलोपालो
अहिलेको सत्तागठबन्धन भत्किएकै हो त ?
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लघुवित्त वित्तीय संस्थाहरुको समस्या समाधान गर्न गम्भिर छौं: अर्थमन्त्री पौडेल

Your tenth grade is reflecting on you decision.

You are saying, you are going to solve micro finance crisis.

And what about- cooperative crisis.

What about- credit crisis.

What about- banking crisis.

What about- share market crisis.

What about- export crisis.

What about- economic crisis.

What about- govt revenue crisis.

What about- retail business crisis.

What about- industries' selling crisis.

What about- wholesale crisis.

What about- salary crisis.

What about- liquidity crisis.

What about- interest rate crisis.

What about- many unseen crisis.

Are you going to talk about one by one? Your tenth grade has been exposed.

All crisis is crated by one institution- NRB. NRB's monetary policy created all those crisis. Loose monetary policy, fix liquidity crisis, fix interest rate crisis, fix export crisis. All crisis will be fixed.

To fix all those- fix NRB- we need 'monetary policy guidance', governor, d governors should be made from outside with banking experience. There should be systematic change in NRB- Promotion in NRB (and other bureaucrats) should be scientific, competent should be promoted from the beginning. All top 5 should be fired. Only those with work experience- who has worked real work- should get to reach top 5 positions.


What economic crisis- liquidity crisis and high interest rate crisis (these two crisis are/were forcefully pushed by NRB and their advisers)- have created?

1: Collapse of Cooperative: But victims dont blame NRB, or liquidity crisis or high interest crisis. They go after cooperative. And those running cooperative neither blame NRB nor they advised NRB not to create liquidity crisis/high interest rate crisis.

2: Crisis in Micro finance: But victims dont blame NRB, or liquidity crisis or high interest crisis. They go after micro finance. Media been going after micro finance. And those running micro finance neither blame NRB nor they advised NRB not to create liquidity crisis/high interest rate crisis. And worst- even NRB is going after micro finance.

3: Collapse of economy/business: But victims dont blame NRB, or liquidity crisis or high interest crisis. They Commit suicide, they blame creditor. And those running business neither blame NRB nor they advised NRB not to create liquidity crisis/high interest rate crisis. Even creditors dont blame NRB.

4: Destruction of borrowers/customer of banks and also banks themselves: But victims dont blame NRB, or liquidity crisis or high interest crisis. Borrower blame banks, banks blame borrowers. And those running banks or borrowers neither blame NRB nor they advised NRB not to create liquidity crisis/high interest rate crisis. And worse, idiot running media also blame Banks instead of NRB who forcefully created this problem.

5: Collapse of govt revenue: But govt dont blame NRB, or liquidity crisis or high interest crisis. They go after govt staff working in custom department. And those bureaucrats neither blame NRB nor they advised NRB not to create liquidity crisis/high interest rate crisis.

Everyone is suffering due NRB's tightening of liquidity and forcing interest rate to 18%. Instead of fixing problem, they have come out barking again- spokes person of NRB.

I advised many time, what is the problem and how to fix it. Now they are on the way to create another problem- which we faced around 4 year back. Pumping more capital into so called productive sector. This wont fix problem but rather will reduce productivity of capital and increase inflation and create liquidity problem and again increase interest rate.

Hang NRB officials!
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Seems like this govt, bishnu paudel, nrb want to repeat same past mistake they committed during previous liquidity crisis, economic crisis around 5 year back? (about which I have posted 100s of pages of analysis)

After reading some news and interview from incompetent, harami officials of NRB, they are going for same not so old mistake.

- Around 5 year back, we had liquidity crisis caused by over investment in so called productive sector- cement industry, hotel, construction based industries like- iron etc, hydro etc.

NRB pushed loan towards those industries which caused liquidity crisis and during that crisis NRB blocked loan to other sector and pushed even more loan to those sector- created even bigger liquidity crisis and destroyed the economy.

Seems like, NRB is pushing for same policy, but in much larger scale. After destroying agriculture industry by pushing too much loan, now they are on their way to over invest in manufacturing.

Pushing loan, or over investment dont increase productivity. It rather destroys- already existing industries.

At that time- I saw, 1/2 highly aggressive dumb, incompetent haramis at NRB, today there are around 5 such haramis who are incopetent and dumb in NRB. So result will be magnified. It will lead to much bigger crisis.

And bishnu paudel is going to assist them with his 10th grade certificate.

Not a single economic expert is there with bishnu paudel.

Dont tell me later, SECOND TO GOD did not warned again.
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"If person in power have following views, Economy/share market would crash under his leadership:
1: If ignores share market or is anti share market
2: Talks about productive sector and unproductive sector
3: If talks about economic independency of country or making self sufficient in manufacturing
4: If hates other's profit
5: If talks about socialism or communist economy
6: If talks about nationalizing
7: If gives important to distributing free stuffs
8: If talks about controlling
9: ............. "- SECOND TO GOD

This guy bishnu paudel/as well as kp oli, talked positive about share market/economy before he became finance minister ..... now he does not care, or wants status quo. They talked about rescuing share market and economy before 'monetary policy' came. Now it is proven, they dont care, they just lied to get into power just like in the past.

Before this govt was formed, economy/share market was already crashed, some people committed suicide too. And many were on the verge of committing suicide too. They were hanging on a thread. They were hoping bishnu paudel would rescue them.
But, everything turned out to be lies just to get into power. And since, bishnu paudel is 10 class he does not understand. In the past, he used to be positive guy which made him successful, now, he thinks he has become economic expert.

Before 'last monetary policy review' - all crisis in the economy and share market that had been going on, the blame lied on last govt ..... from now on, after 'the last monetary policy review' this govt would get blame too.

Only reason, investors/business people were quiet/had patience was cause of bishnu paudel. Now he too has turned out to be a fraud.

Current crisis was/is caused by foriegn currency crisis and the action of NRB (policy pushed by NRB in the name of foreign currency crisis) which led to economic crash, share market crash, high interest rate, liquidity crisis. I have been writing about this for a long time.

Solution to handle liquidity crisis was/is easy- increase export and ban import for sometime.

But instead- NRB destroyed economy by creating liquidity crisis, high interest crisis, controlling loan etc. Which lead to collapse of everything.

Now to save life of people- save economy, save share market, bring down interest to below 12%, make liquidity available, end strict loan policy.....

But instead- NRB is still trying to bring down demand which lead to collapse of the economy.

Soon, more people will commit suicide. Many people died in Communist socialist economy. Same is happening in Nepal. Communist socialist mentality is the reason people are committing suicide and many more will start committing suicide very soon and it will be blamed on commies.

We need finance minister who can save the economy, who can increase export, who is liberal. Bishnu paudel is too pakhe and uneducated and has changed. He has become a liar and being manipulated easily by bureaucracy. Only I can save Nepal now.

PS- and they are talking about inflation. Today inflation in nepal is caused by international reason- sanction.
And domestic reasons- high interest rate, lack of demand so sell has increased price to maintain profit (which is NRB caused). Domestic inflation is caused by NRB.
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NRB rate (what ever sh!t it is called) is reduced to 7%.

From now on, loan to buy shares and debenture (who the f buys debenture with loan) is called margin loan. So does this mean, investment company can take more than 12c loan?

So bishnu paudel fooled US or nrb fooled bishnu paudel?

I think bishnu paudel fooled us like yuraj k did.

He had been spelling big worlds like- they are going to use monetary policy and fiscal policy to revive economy. Turned out, he is too dumb to understand those meaning.

nrb is nothing more that a ho house where only incompetent, alchina bureaucracies are raised. Not a single bureaucrats raised in nrb is competent and are all alchinas.

Nepal needs 'Monetary policy guidance', Governor and d governors should also be made from competent people from outside nrb, there should be different criteria/method used during promotion (also in other bureaucracy), salary and other benefits of officials in nrb should be similar to other bureaucrats- they have no special ability or has to perform special work compared to other bureaucrats and worst, they are more alchina and ghamandi and authoritarian (may be cause they are paid many times higher and are independent- which should be changed)
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(re posted after adding one line)

स्रोतका अनुसार राष्ट्र बैंक ब्याजदर थप नघटोस् भन्ने पक्षमा छ| 'ब्याजदर घट्यो भने बैंकमा कर्जाको ब्याजदर पनि घटाउँछ र ब्याजदर कम भयो भने ऋण बढी जान्छ भन्ने राष्ट्र बैंकको कुरा छ', स्रोतले भन्यो, 'एकातिर खराब कर्जा बढिरहेको छ, यो अवस्थामा बैंकहरुले ऋणमा बढी जोड नदिऊन् भन्ने पक्षमा राष्ट्र बैंक रहेको छ किनकि यसले अझै खराब कर्जा बढाउँछ भन्नेमा राष्ट्र बैंकको चिन्ता छ

If this is true .......... Finance minister/govt should immediately fire top 5 officials of NRB. They are dumb as sh!t and have zero, or even negative knowledge about economy.

High NPL is due to slow economic activity and high interest rate. (Added) (And I did warn about high NPL when NRB tightened monetary policy that lead to this crisis around 1.5 year back)

Current economic crisis is due to lack of economic activity, high interest rate, lack of loan (liquidity crisis).

Lack of economic activity is due to lack of loan, high interest rate.

And dumbs in NRB blaming what is needed to be done. NRB again trying to promote/preserve the reason what caused the current crisis.

Like I said before: Nepal needs 'monetary policy guidance' and not just governor, d governors also should be made from outside too (with experience in private banking- the one who is good at his/her job, not jhole).

Dont forget, I am 'SECOND TO GOD' who predicted (exactly) current crisis (also previous economic crisis- back to back), suicide of business people and also gave solution (which was not listened). Now I am pointing out to another dumbest theory of incompetent NRB bosses.
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स्रोतका अनुसार राष्ट्र बैंक ब्याजदर थप नघटोस् भन्ने पक्षमा छ| 'ब्याजदर घट्यो भने बैंकमा कर्जाको ब्याजदर पनि घटाउँछ र ब्याजदर कम भयो भने ऋण बढी जान्छ भन्ने राष्ट्र बैंकको कुरा छ', स्रोतले भन्यो, 'एकातिर खराब कर्जा बढिरहेको छ, यो अवस्थामा बैंकहरुले ऋणमा बढी जोड नदिऊन् भन्ने पक्षमा राष्ट्र बैंक रहेको छ किनकि यसले अझै खराब कर्जा बढाउँछ भन्नेमा राष्ट्र बैंकको चिन्ता छ

If this is true .......... Finance minister/govt should immediately fire top 5 officials of NRB. They are dumb as sh!t and have zero, or even negative knowledge about economy.

Current economic crisis is due to lack of economic activity, high interest rate, lack of loan (liquidity crisis).

Lack of economic activity is due to lack of loan, high interest rate.

And dumbs in NRB blaming what is needed to be done. NRB again trying to promote/preserve the reason what caused the current crisis.

Like I said before: Nepal needs 'monetary policy guidance' and not just governor, d governors also should be made from outside too (with experience in private banking- the one who is good at his/her job, not jhole).

Dont forget, I am 'SECOND TO GOD' who predicted (exactly) current crisis (also previous economic crisis- back to back), suicide of business people and also gave solution (which was not listened). Now I am pointing out to another dumbest theory of incompetent NRB bosses.
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Cooperative crisis:

When interest rate was going up by a lot, when NRB was forcing BFIs to increase interest by a lot, when govt wanted to increase interest .......... cooperative was- instead of telling govt that if interest rate goes up by a lot, economy will collapse, cooperative will collapse, there will be huge NPL in BFIs- what cooperative demanded/talked about? they were demanding NRB to let them increase interest rate too.

I had warned about this. I have been raising voice regarding this. Very few had similar view like mine. Many were supporting NRB.

People running cooperative should be qualified- who understands economy, banking, finance, money, business .....

Just like those in NRB, banks, so called economic experts, cooperative running individuals are not qualified too.

For years, I been warning depositors that, if you demand high interest on deposit, you will lose your principle too. Depositors in cooperative are learning it the hard way.

With this crisis teach them- management in bfis, promoters, nrb bureaucrats, govt bureaucrats, politicians, so called civil society, media etc the lesson? I doubt.

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* We hand one crisis- Foreign currency crisis
(Which could have been easily dealt by banning import[short term] and increase export [long term])

* Then in the name of solving foriegn currency crisis- NRB destroyed share market (this could be motivated due to jealousy of bahunbad, due to bahunbad getting angry for not getting bribe from investors [its amazing, big investors who bribe bureaucrats and politician in other matter are also share investors but they won tell their doggo in bureaucracy to fix share market])

- NRB destroyed Destroyed economy (Since you are dumb- destruction of economy includes- collapse of business, collapse of jobs, collapse of govt revenue, destruction of investment, etc etc, meaning of economy is huge)

- NRB tightened loan policies (Probably Nepal is the only country in the world where giving and taking loan is a crime, why- bahunbad)

- NRB forcefully created liquidity crisis instead of solving it (destroyed blood line of the economy. In US fed making sure, there wont be problem with liquidity)

- NRB forcefully increased interest rate to 18% (This destroyed existing economy. Dumb in Nepal may not know, Fed or other country increasing rate means increasing rate of money banks take from govt. and they increase to discourage banks from taking loan from govt, real rate is not that high. But in Nepal- real rate has reached 18% and first casualty is about to be cooperative- garbage created by socialist and communist politician to loot and feed their doggo)

And Except for me, No body ask or talk about- why NRB (and their supporter- bureaucracy, media, patrakar, fake expert, alchin commenting in media/social media who supported in NRB's destruction) destroyed everything in the economy just to fix foreign currency problem which could easily have been fixed without destroying the whole economy?????


Plz, somebody hang alchinas (most of them are bahuns btw. I know, do you know why its always bahun?) from talking in the media and social media.
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निर्देशित क्षेत्रको कर्जा लगानीमा बैंकलाई सहुलियत, २०८३ असार मशान्तसम्ममा कृषि क्षेत्रमा १५ प्रतिशत कर्जा लगानी गर्नुपर्ने

I had been saying, no agriculture sector in any country in the world need 10% of total loan of that country. Now, when did pakhe bahun in Nepal increased 10% to 15%.

I said, cause NRB is forcing Banks to give agriculture loan, I suspected that loan could be going to buy land.

Who are the RCs who have been giving advice to pakeh bahuns in power in Nepal???
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अर्थतन्त्रमा देखापरेका समस्या समाधानमा पहल गर्छु : प्रधानमन्त्री

""""पहल गर्छु"""" is he saying, he would request his swasni to fix the problem??? :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

To solved this problem, you need buddi. Since you dont have buddi, you cant identify right adviser and chose right advice.

Only revolution can solve this problem. God may have created this problem, sent you criminals in power to bring revolution.

'अर्थतन्त्र जोगाऔं' भन्दै महासंघ टोली 'घरदैलो' कार्यक्रममा,'भेटे जतिका सबैले बढेको ब्याजदरप्रति चिन्तित छौं मात्र भन्छन्'

Buddi chayo ne ta. bhariya neta hundai ma des chalauna sakcha ra.

Nepal needs 'monetary policy guidance' to fix these never ending problem. Only I can fix this problem. If new party win in next election and they ask for my advice, then only this problem will be fixed, if not, never.

I know how to make- bank, depositor as well as borrower happy. I can fix those contradictory. No one else can.

Cause I am 'SECOND TO GOD'!
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'अर्थतन्त्र जोगाऔं' भन्दै महासंघ टोली 'घरदैलो' कार्यक्रममा,'भेटे जतिका सबैले बढेको ब्याजदरप्रति चिन्तित छौं मात्र भन्छन्'

- This crisis is due to govt, bureaucracy, sanctions and you people.

Why you people????

(Let's say, for instance, you people are clean, professional business people who are not criminal, who dont finance politicians with black money, who dont bribe bureaucracy... then why you)

- First of all, not just people elect incompetent politicians, who hire incompetent bureaucracy and advisers, ,,, you people also select incompetent business leaders like you, who is not just incompetent .... who is so incompetent who cant even find a right advisers, who cant even decide whom to listen.

If you were competent, you would have raised voice when policy were made, you would have contacted right advisers and listen to right people.

(I- I am the only one in Nepal- have been accurately analyzing about economy, policy in Nepal for around last 6 year, and still no body listens to me- this does not make me incompetent, this proves you people in power incompetent)

- Second, you people run media. Why you let some dumb pakeh patrakar do economic analysis. And their talk is always negative and dangerous. Fire them. Disappear them.

- Third, why your media keep on inviting proven failed bureaucrats for interview in you media? When you give those failures space, bureaucrats/politicians would listen to them and we get where we are now.

- I am the only one who been accurately analyzing and giving advice regarding Nepal's economy, for last 6 year and I have been proven right almost all the time. Why you people dont listen to me from the beginning? Why your media dont promote me?

- One of the reasons, we are in this situation is, you people's advice to NRB. Banker's director's association boss and the organization's advice to NRB is one of the main reason, we are in this situation.

Tell the MF to resign and stop talking in public, stop giving advice.

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गभर्नरलाई संकेत गर्दै अर्थमन्त्री शर्माको प्रश्न: अर्थतन्त्रमा कहाँ संकट छ ? समस्या कहाँ छ ?

- Liquidity crisis
- Interest rate is 18%
- Factories running at less than 50% capacity
- Share market has crashed
- Consumption has crashed
- Govt revenue is down by a lot
- Balance of payment is suffering

And most of them are created by govt and nrb.

And where is media made experts? why are they not answering this question? Where is media's golden boy wagle- In last 6-7 year, he has hardly talked about economy of nepal, economic crisis and still media and social media presented him as expert and some idiots bought it. That's called sati ko sarap.

After successfully selling- prachanda, baburam, yuraj k, gagan thapa and many others in the past, now media is selling golden boy wagle as great.

Fool me once, shame on you.
Fool me twice, shame on me.
Fool me million times, I am a sarbagyani nepali trying for green card.
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टाटाको ईभी किन्न एभरेष्ट बैंकले सस्तो ब्याजदरमा ऋण दिने

Like I said, foreign banks in Nepal is here to promote foreign product, they are threat to Nepal.

Nabil offered 12.99% to car loan.

Now everest offering 12.8...

When other loan's rate is 18%.

Sati ko sarap.
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I have been saying, cause of high tax, criminal business houses been looting Nepalese that is why they hardly complain about high tax.

First: By evading tax, they been making tons of money.

Second: Cause of high tax, they are charging huge profit.
(I have wrote about this years back somewhere in this forum. Like, suppose normal profit margin is 25%, Price-100, Tax-100 then profit margin- 50Rs. (50% of factory price). If tax had been only 10%, there profit margin would have been 27.5Rs.

हुन्डाईका विद्युतीय गाडी किन्न नबिलले १२.९९% ब्याजमा कर्जा दिने
नबिल बैंकले १२.९९ प्रतिशत ब्याजमा कर्जा

We been going through liquidity crisis, interest rate crisis. We are about to come out of that crisis. But, what loan gets first priority in lending as well as reduction of interest? Car :x


Few weeks back I read in a paper- An electric car whose price is 90lakh, and the profit margin is 15lakh.

I believe, that car's factory price is 30lakh. So that makes profit margin 50%(probably the highest in the world, profit margin in US may not even be 15%).

That business house, I believe, only invest 30lakh to buy, then get paid by the buyer and then pay tax with that money and deliver the car.

If true, it means, that business house invest 30lakh for a few weeks and make 50% return.

(I also have written about- 'why banks prioritize car loan'? Banks make money by charging interest. Banks charge least interest on car loan which means they get least profit from car loan and still why they prioritize car loan, why they charge least interest car loan??? Is chairman or ceo been getting ghus from car dalals or the chairman or ceo are sasura of car dalal???)

May be that is why there is powerful syndicate of car dalals. They can influence govt. I wonder, if chairman or ceo of banks too get ghus?

Every one in Nepal been raping Nepal and Nepalese. We need revolution.
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Gagan thapa's election manifesto: Making Nepal self-sufficient in manufacturing.

I have never heard gaganthapa talking about economy or share market or banking in the past (except for one time, few months back he talked about share market- visited nrb. looks like, bureaucracy at nrb sent him back after brainwashing him)

- In my memory, I have only seen him raising voice in support of two things, passionately- in support of ghaite and mcc.

As far as I remember, Nepal's manufacturing policy has always been becoming sefl-sufficient in manufacturing goods since 30 years.

- In the name of that, they kept on raising tax.

But the tragedy is, that high tax is one of the main reason, our industries are unable to develop. That high tax is the reason (import tax) people dont want to invest in factories, cause why do you invest in factories when you can make more than 50% profit if you import and evade tax?

That tax is the reason, our cost of living is high, our doing business cost is high which is why our product cant compete.

I am sure, this manifesto is prepared by media's 'golden boy'. If gagan or golden boy becomes PM, Nepal would waste another 5 year.

May be you have heard Nepali saying: kukur batho bhayo bhane gu khacha. That manifesto is same. No one will buy your product if you tax their product high.

Nepal has to trade, cant be self sufficient. Nepal has to import raw material, machinery etc. You wont have money to buy those if you cant export. And you cant export if you tax their product.

There is another saying in Nepal: Nepal cant even make a needle. zzzzzzzzzzzzz to make needle cheaply, you have to sell crores of needles per year. Can you sell crores of needle in Nepal annually?

Stop talking about becoming self-sufficient in manufacturing.

I have build easy way to identify idiots in economics, which I have posted many times.
- If the person is anti share market, that person eventually would destroy economy.
- If somebody say 'productive sector, unproductive sector', that person eventually would destroy economy.
- If somebody talk about 'self-sufficiency', that person eventually would destroy economy.
- Kukur ko buddi hundaina, buddi hune kukur hundiana.
- Etc ETC

Our economic problem can be solved by one way only: By matching export and import.
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पहिलो त्रैमासमा ४ वाणिज्य बैंकको सीडी रेसियो ९०% माथि, राष्ट्र बैंक भन्छ-'कारबाही गर्छौं'

७ बैंकको ८८ प्रतिशत माथि छ

७ बैंकको ८६ प्रतिशतको लाइनमा छ

- Many banks have lots of money and some above cd ratio. This is cause of failed policy of NRB. Cause of failed policy of NRB, even though BFIs have a lot of money, due to high interest rate, people are not taking loan.

When people dont take loan, how would bfis with negative cd ratio get deposit?

NRB is trying beat person for not running whose legs are being tied by NRB.

Almost all monetary policy in Nepal is failed.

Govt needs to draft monetary policy guidance.

VOTE RIGHT! I know great monetary policy guidance.

I can make all four- depositor, lender, bank, govt happy.

Some may ask, how could depositor, lender and bank, all can be happy at the same time?

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मूल्यवृद्धि अचाक्ली बढ्यो, सबै क्षेत्रको भाउ उक्लियो, राष्ट्र बैंक भन्छ काठमाडौंमा त कमै हो(This is how NRB responds, blame or divert the problem)(We need revolution in NRB- those bureaucrats who dont have experience in private sectors should not be making policies)

- sanction started hyper inflation.
- to control inflation, nrb pushed interest to 18% and stopped credit, which took us to hyper inflation.

After stagflation, are we into hyperinflation????

Dont forget to thank NRB and the judge who reinstated governor.

VOTE RIGHT! We need revolution in bureaucracy, I have ideas.
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उद्योगमा ठूलो संकट: उत्पादन र बिक्री ७० प्रतिशतसम्म घट्यो, कतै श्रमिक कटौती शुरु

((((Repeat)))) from: Tue Sep 20, 2022 11:15 am

Cash Is Trash!

Remember what I have been saying: Recession is normal economic cycle while depression, stagflation then hyper inflation is man made.

Internally in Nepal, there are only two domestic factors which push for stagflation. And that is high interest rate and Monitory tightening pushed by NRB (and advisers and finance ministry). (There are some international factors which are pushing for stagflation is squeeze of supply chain caused by sanction)

What have high interest rate and unnecessary Monitory tightening pushed by NRB, done so far???

- Due to high interest rate and monitory tightening, govt has to spend more money to address loan. Cause of stagflation, govt revenue is down too.

In the past, let's say, govt used to spend 100 for 100 things. Like- 50 for operation, 10 for loan settlement, 40 for development.

Now cause of high interest rate and monitory tightening and lower revenue, govt will be spending 50 on operation, 20 for loan and 25 for development (total=95 things and spent 95money) (today we have stagflation)

** And when there is hyper inflation - govt will be spending 150 on operation (since salary and all expenditure will increase by a lot) and has to borrow 50 to settle loan and no development fund.

- Private sector: Cause of high interest rate and unnecessary monitory tightening. Sell has fallen, but to pay high interest rate, they have to increase price of goods and services. And since interest rate is high and demand falling due to stagflation- there wont be new production capacity build up.

** And this will lead to hyper inflation. Sell number will fall but they will charge high price. Their expenses will sky rocket too.

- We have already seen in Coke: Coke price used to be 225 few months ago, today its 265. Almost close to 20% increase. Their sell no is low, but revenue is up. Hyper inflation.

- I think last time, barbar's rate was 150 now it's 200. 1/3 increment. As per nepali expert, when demand is down, price is suppose to go down, but it is increasing. I believe people are cutting their hair after longer time.

When interest rate is 15-17%, and demand is low, what would people do- increase price of everything to pay interest. Meaning hyper inflation. All caused by NRB policy of super high interest rate and unnecessary tightening of monitory policy.

Some are saying this will lead to super high share market. True, just like Zimbabwe, Venezuela, srilanka, pakistan.

Like I have been saying for 6-8 year- when banks give high interest on deposit, it wont increase your wealth, it will destroy your wealth.

Those who have deposited money in bank, holding cash in greed for high interest .... their cash will turn into trash.

And we all know, our pakhes running country- politicians, bureaucracy, nrb, and their advisers- they will advise opposite and act and advice to increase interest rate to tackle hyper inflation.

This is how 'Cash will turn into trash and share market- super high'. And dont forget to thank NRB.

NRB's super high interest rate and unnecessary tightening of monitory policy has already pushed Nepal into stagflation and soon start hyper inflation.

SECOND IN GOD said: 'Pakhe le des chalaune haina.

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