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Economic policy for Nepal

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'अहिलेको यो समस्या अर्थमन्त्री र गभर्नरजीको मात्र विषय होइन, सबैले सोच्ने बेला भइसक्यो'- शेखर कोइराला

- Amazing, how politicians are the last one to see the problem. And still they are politicians/leaders.

I wonder, why they are speaking now? What I mean is, how they found out now that economy has collapsed?? Why not earlier???

They found on their own Or They read it in media Or somebody approached them Or after other party members began to make a noise Or from somewhere else?????

सबैले सोच्ने बेला भइसक्यो- This is the proof, these politicians cant solve it. Only finance minister, PM, governor can solve it not others.

There is in the media- Govt is looking ways to fire Governor.

Question should be, what kind of incompetent we been sending into govt that they cant even fire, punish Governor who has destroyed economy which lead to death of 100s and suffering of 10 of laksh. What kind of law they been drafting for last 30 year? Which cant get read of incompetent bureaucrat. During last few years, many countries have fired their governor or had to resign.

And not a single politicians follows this site where I have predicted this crisis when NRB passed the policy. I am the only one who predicted all of this exactly. And I have been correctly been predicting economiy for last 8 year or so, and still hardly anyone have heard about me. Sati ko sarap.

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कर्जा प्रवाह नगरेर अर्थतन्त्र चलायमान हुन नसेको भन्ने कुरा गलत हो: गभर्नर अधिकारी

:D :D :D :D :D :D

Then why is China been loosening their monetary policy and trying to increase loan outflow. Are they dumb?

When loan flow increases, it will pump economy. When economy is pumped, loan demand again increases more.

From 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 ....

Some sectors will demand loan then it will trigger consumption, then that consumption will demand more investment in industry/business and so on ..... That's is how chain effect works.

NRB destroyed economy by restricting the loan flow and by increasing interest rate to 18%. Nepal's economy needs kick start.

Current governor is evil and has no idea about banking and economy and finance. He (and other top 5 in NRB) does not care if Nepalese live or die, if Nepal remains or gets destroy.
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There are two types of share loan. Margin loan and margin trading loan.

Banks provide margin loan and broker provides margin trading loan.

Why are they talking about giving broker responsibility to provide margin loan? Are they trying to create one more middle man and complicated thing? And make margin loan more expensive?

Till when, those people who have no idea what they are doing, what they are suppose to do, what they are talking about ............ those people who dont have knowledge keep on drafting policy in Nepal????

कांग्रेस बैठकमा अर्थमन्त्रीको आलोचना, केन्द्रीय सदस्यले सोधे- अर्थतन्त्र चलायमान बनाउने नीति खोइ?

नेपाली कांग्रेसको केन्द्रीय समिति बैठकमा आर्थिक मन्दीलाई पार लगाउन कुनै कदम नचालेको भनी सरकारको आलोचना भएको छ

सरकार गम्भीर नै देखिंदैन

महतले केही दिनअघि सेयर खरिदमा १२ करोडको सीमा हटाउन आवश्यक रहेको भनेका थिए

तर राष्ट्र बैंकको सञ्चालक समितिको शुक्रबार बिहान बसेको बैठकमा यसबारे छलफल नै भएन

त्यसो त संस्थापन पक्षकै नेताले पनि संकटपूर्ण स्थितिमा पनि सरकारले अर्थतन्त्रलाई लयमा फर्काउने कदम चाल्न नसकेको बताए

देशको स्थिति जटिल छ, खराब छ

आधाजस्तो उद्योग बन्द छन्

संस्थापन पक्षकै अर्का केन्द्रीय सदस्य जीपछिरिङ लामाले पार्टीको अर्थमन्त्री रहेका बेला देशको आर्थिक अवस्था कमजोर हुँदा गलत सन्देश गइरहेको बताए

देशको आर्थिक अवस्था जर्जर छ

नेतृ नानु बास्तोलाले बागबजार लगायत मुख्य बजारमा सटर खाली हुने स्थितिले अवस्था निकै विकराल बनेको संकेत गरेको भन्दै यस विषयमा गम्भीर बहस आवश्यक रहेको बताइन्

----- What took them 2 year???? What kind of people are in their circle???? Who give them advice? Politicians are second last to see the economic collapse and Govt is the last one to see the economic collapse.

I thought, or fake news told us, NRB would make a decision on last friday. Looks like they dont have urgency and have no idea how to fix things.
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सरकारले कित्ताकाट खुलाउँदा घरजग्गा बजार अझै प्यानिक, किन सुधारिन सकेन कारोबार ?

- People dont have money to buy land.

Those who have money, dont have white money, so they cant buy it.

That ex ceo of sanima bank fooled everyone. Like I said, I see him as baburam of banking sector. Alchin and incompetent and ignorant.

Economy will become vibrant only after share market breaks previous record. There are more than 40 lakh involved in share market.
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BFIs with more than 2.5% lendable money should be penalized on the excess fund.

>2.5%: 1% penal (quarterly basis)
>4%: 5% penal

System is penalizing them, but they are too dumb to feel it.
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१२ करोडको क्यापको जरुरी छैन्, गभर्नरलाई तपाईले लिएका नीतिले यस्तो अवस्था आयो, यो गर्नुस् भन्ने हैसियत अर्थमन्त्रीले राख्नु पर्छ:पूर्वअर्थमन्त्री सुरेन्द्र पाण्डेसँग अन्तरवार्ता

If finance minister does not have such power, if PM dont have power to fire Governor or D governors ....... election become worthless.

There should be separation of power between those govt. organizations which are needed to tame elected govt from capturing the country, to keep elected govt under rule of law- like Judiciary, Parliament, Election commission, Army etc. .

But Not Central Bank.

80-90% of economy is controlled, influenced by Monetary policy. If elected govt dont control Monetary policy- elected govt cant serve public economically, cant fulfill economic promises.

There may not be any country whose elected govt cant fire Governor except for Nepal. Judge reinstated governor who was fired by then govt. Indian governor had to resign after his disagreement with elected government, in US they are talkin about firing of FED Boss and FED members, During last 2 year- many countries fired their governor.

Only in Nepal, keeping job of Governor is more important than the state of economy of Nepal as per Judiciary and some so called civil society members (fake economist) who never worked in their entire life, who wasted their life sitting on revolving chair.
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अब हामी गर्न सक्छौं, गर्न सकिन्छ बहस भनेर चलाऔं : अर्थमन्त्री डा. महत

Yes we can. Economic policy (priority) should be changed/shuffling:

1: Export
2: Infrastructure development/up grade
3: Job creation
4: Income/wages increment

Govt can do a lot for Share market without involving NRB:

1: Let cooperative invest in share market
2: Make Pension fund and life insurance invest in share market; 30-60%
3: Make general insurance invest in share market; 15-30%
4: Market makers with total capital of 20% of total capitalization. Give them interest free loan up to 3 times their capital during share market collapse.
5: NRN, foreign investor, foreign govt/bank investing in Nepali share market

China cuts banks' reserve requirement ratio for second time this year, ahead of August data release
Move by People's Bank of China comes as world's second-largest economy has been struggling to bounce back this year
Reserve requirement ratio will be cut by 0.25 percentage points on Friday

- Every week China is loosening Monetary policy to kick start their economy. They are not waiting for site like monthly or quarterly Monetary policy review date.

- They have only one goal/their eye on is 'kick start their economy'.

Completely different mentality from Nepal.
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I think, I read in Chinese media; They are saying, US asked China to 'slowdown on economic growth'.

I am not sure if they said it directly or that is what Chinese assumed.

If you understand economics and know IMF policy- You can easily tell, their agenda is 'stagnating economy' (And pulling country into debt trap. Same, they are forcing in Nepal.)

And their agents in Nepal recommend same and they agent in government draft policy which would lead to stagnation.
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Hong Kong's financial task force to meet today to find ways to boost stock market turnover and fundraising activities, sources say

The meeting, chaired by former SFC chairman Carlson Tong Ka-shing, will allow members to brainstorm for ideas to bolster the market's activity, sources said

Members of the task force are drawn from a cross section of financial professionals in banking, stockbroking, asset management and investments

----- In Nepal, small group of idiots- who neither have knowledge or brain or experience but have negative attitude, corrupt mind set, dalal- sit down and make polity.

Look at current finance minister- as soon as he became finance minister- he met with probably 100 people, but in the end, I think, he took advice from bureaucrats.

If he had implemented advice from investors, business people- our current economic crisis may have already been solved.

'Chinese Property Stocks Jump Amid Hopes for More Stimulus'

- They are changing monetary policy in every other day. In Nepal, NRB has to wait for site- Unless it's about squeezing public.
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एक विदेशीका कारण मुलुकको अर्थतन्त्र पर्दैछ संकटमा, उनकै खटनपटनमा चल्छ राष्ट्र बैंक

I have been warning about this, now everybody is talking.

Just clear the loan 4king loan of theirs and kick out 4king IMF.

You idiots may not know, CIA terrorist been using ugly vagin@ to destroy the world.
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सेयर बजार उकास्न चीनद्वारा अभियान नै सुरु : अब आइपीओको गति सुस्त गर्ने, मार्जिन कर्जालाई प्रोत्साहन र साना लगानीकर्ताको सुरक्षा गर्ने नीति

China has been making liberal change in their monetary policies, in every alternate day, to kick start their economy.

China is trying to revive their economy, and one of the action they have taken is create positive sentiment in their share market. I suspect they been reading my posts.

Why it does not happen in Nepal? Like I have been saying- corrupt, dalal, alchian hates share market, jagga dalali, bank loan.. They hate if you make money legally. They hate if you make money without giving them commission, ghus. I have been saying- arab pati should collect 10 lakh each every year and buy politicians and bureaucrats and patrakar.
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पुँजी बजार उकास्न चीनले चाल्यो कदम : सेयर कारोबारमा लाग्दै आएको कर आधा कटौती गर्ने घोषणा

China is trying to revive their economy, and one of the action they have taken is create positive sentiment in their share market. I suspect they been reading my posts.

Why it does not happen in Nepal? Like I have been saying- corrupt, dalal, alchian hates share market, jagga dalali, bank loan.. They hate if you make money legally. They hate if you make money without giving them commission, ghus. I have been saying- arab pati should collect 10 lakh each every year and buy politicians and bureaucrats and patrakar.
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धेरै पूर्वगभर्नरहरुले राष्ट्र बैंकको सञ्चिति बढाउनुलाई गभर्नर महाप्रसाद अधिकारीको सफलता मान्ने गरेका छन्

Governors of Nepal think- destruction of economy, collapse of business, high NPL, collapse of- cooperative, micro- 100s of financial related suicide are achievements. (It's like saying- rape victim got fulfilled sex need.) (Those bureaucracy needs to be hung for forcing people commit suicide, depression, financial destruction of Nepalese)

No wonder Nepal is one of the poorest country in the world. Only Nepal is poor without facing war or sanction.

How dangerous ae bureaucrats! And people dont wake up. It's time to eliminate all those parties who gave job to those governors. I am sure sajha party/golden boy will give job to someone like them, the sajha should be destroyed.

Bureaucracy destroyed Nepal and they were promoted by politicians.
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China is decreasing interest rate and helping share market to increase their economic growth.

सेयर बजार उकास्ने चिनियाँ रणनीति : कारोबार अवधि बढाउनेदेखि दीर्घकालीन लगानी प्रोत्साहन गर्नेसम्मका कार्यक्रम घोषणा

चीनमा ब्याजदर हालसम्मकै न्यून स्तरमा, ३ महिना दोस्रोपटक कटौती, अर्थतन्त्र गतिशील बनाउने प्रयास

In Nepal, our economy has collapsed, bfis- cooperative and micro have collapsed and banks are in stress.

And still finance minister, PM, NRB ignoring it. They are ignoring Share market.

I think, Chinese govt read my posting. I have been saying- those who ignore share market or harm share market has always destroyed economy. I invented this theory after 10-15 year of deep analysis.

६ वर्षे कार्यकाल रहेको महालेखा प्रमुख हुन बहालवालादेखि पूर्वसचिवसम्मको ताँती, को बलियो?

- Choose competent individual. All those who sat in that seat have harmed economy of Nepal.

One idiot advised govt to impose VAT during money to money transaction. And current one advised govt to impose tax on capital. Pakhe should not be running govt.
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Finance minister, PM, NRB, Finance ministry, fake media, public, golden boy may not know, banking sector in Nepal has collapsed- cooperative has collapsed, micro finance's NPL is 5-8%.

Only way to solve that problem is reduce interest by a lot, economic activity needs to be increased and rescheduling loan.

In the time of crisis we have incompetent finance minister, criminal minded governor and empty headed PM and sher bahadur as boss of NC and Golden boy in alternative party.

Everybody knows except for those in govt and their adivsers.
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Looks like every one knows about economic collapse, how almost every nepali are suffering except for Finance minister, NRB, PM, Sher bahadru.

And Finance minister says- all should work together to solve economic problem. Only problem is your incompetency.

And there is 'SECOND TO GOD' who predicted it. Who invented economic hack theory- 'Those who hate share market destroys the whole economy'. This hack is the invention of 10-15 year of deep analysis. 8)

You are welcome!

It's amazing how the whole NC party, politician is ready to go down with Finance minister, cause of whom- economy, share market are unable to recover and those collapse will lead to loss in election which will be followed by jailing of many politicians after next election.
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During last 12-15 year, three finance ministers controlled the economy or should I say ran the economy- Yuraj k, Surendra Pandey, Bishnu Paudel, Baburam.

Rest of the finance ministers were controlled or manipulated or fooled by bureaucrats- Bharya type mantry.

Only during Surendra Panday and Bishnu Paudel (first term, second term of 1 month was bad)- economy did good.
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यी किसानको आँसुको छैन मूल्य, 'गहभरी आँसुसँगै भन्छन्- 'किसान बन्नु पनि अभिशाप रहेछ'

४ किलोमिटरको दूरीमा किसानले गोलभेंडा फाल्दा नदेख्ने सिंहदरबार, बन्दैन सांसदको मुद्दा

I kept on warning for years- dont over invest in agriculture sector. Pushing for 15% bfis loan into agriculture is too high.

In agriculture, we need 'management information system'- where data base should be built and circulated regarding 'how much production is being worked on' so that there wont be over production and if there is under production capacity- people can invest in that product.
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Tax increment and the parliament:

Nobody in the parliament opposed tax increment. Nobody said; You been increasing tax for more than 30 years every year, what is the limit????

No one opposing tax increment in parliament means: Dont expect bigger positive change in our economy till these parliamentarians are present in the parliament.

Golden boy said, tax should be reduced, but after budget he say nothing. I know, he talks about reducing tax for political purpose, he is not a kind of a person who wants to decrease tax.

Golden boy is too negative person to decrease tax. To decrease tax, one needs to understand economics and need to be a mard.

पूर्व बैंकर तथा वित्तीय क्षेत्रका हस्तीहरुले खोले गैरनाफामुलक संस्था फाइनान्सियल लिटरेसी

4king giant irony!

Sati ko sarap

Those who did not know where deposit in the banks come from want to teach people about financial literacy- भुवन दहालको अध्यक्षतामा संस्था स्थापना भएको छ, नेपाल राष्ट्र बैंकका पूर्व गभर्नर डा. चिरञ्जिवि नेपाल संस्थाका संरक्षक - this guy was behind destruction of Nepal's economy, precious time.

Scum who advised- incompetent, harami yuraj k- to tax Capital Gain Tax on loss is also a member- नेपाल धितोपत्र बोर्डका पूर्व कार्यकारी निर्देशक निरज गिरि कम्पनीका सचिव

And people ask- why Nepal is poor, Nepal is sh!t hole???
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sano manche, self proclaimed biddwna, alchina etc etc are talking about tax rate, now:

They are asking- when individual's tax is 39% why is business tax just 30%???? Or why Individual tax is not lower????

(My personal view: No tax should be more than 25%. That's human right violation and evil)..

Now let me tell you why business/investment tax is lower than personal tax????

- Business/investor take risk that is why they are lower.

- Business/investment tax is lower to bring in investment.

You do know, that different sector has different tax rate. And everyone is free to join the sector. If you think, your tax is higher than other sector, why dont you shut the 4k up and join the sector with lower tax???

Let me give you a super great example, why most dont join lower tax rate sector:

- Bank CEOs have to pay tax rate of 39% while commercial farming has to pay just 10%. Four times differet, that is hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Why dont CEOs dont resign from CEO and join commercial farming????

Banker CEOs- till not that long ago, CEO remained CEO even when they did not know where the deposit in the bank comes from. That is the basic.

If you join commercial farming, where tax rate is 4 times lower, and if you dont know the basic- when to plant rice- You are 4ked.

Meaning, you know why CEOs dont resign from the post where they have to pay 4 times more tax and join farming where tax rate is 4 times low.

Shut the 4k up idiots and stop talking non sense in media, social media. Know your aukat. There is only one SECOND TO GOD.

(Let me repeat again- no tax should be higher than 25%, in my view, and those who take risk always pay a lot lower tax. It's universal law- idiots running Nepal cant understand that.)
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Except for 'tax on out bound tourist', I oppose all new tax and tax increment.
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This govt- PM, FM are going to waste our 4.5 more year (unless govt is changed- then other will waste).

They think budget means raising tax. Until we have FM and PM (Or PM who wont interfere with FM) who understands economy and know Nepal needs to decrease tax to increase economy, there is no hope.

This budget thinks- we dont have economic crisis, banking crisis, share market crisis. Everything is fine.

Kasta kasta lai FM, PM banna parne. Sati ko sarap.
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Nepal needs govt to reduce tax, kick start economy by pumping money, promote export.

Will FM do the above, what Nepal needs- or he will do as per his aukat?

During current economic crisis in the world- US/EU tightened monetary policy, india tightened slightly, Japan went for status quo, and China loosen their policy.

While western tightened and still their inflation is high.

India, Japan and China did not tightened too much or loosen or did not change and their inflation is lower or going negative.

India's wholesale inflation in negative zone | English News

Their budget will directly affect in election.
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सेयर बजारमा स्थिर सरकारको प्रभाव : मोदी सरकारको ९ वर्षमा ४४ वटा स्टकले दिए १,००० प्रतिशत बढी प्रतिफल, ६ रुपैयाँको सेयर २ हजारसम्म पुग्यो

Modi may be a low life but he supports liberal economic policy and he is hard core pro share market. (Remember I have been saying- those who hate share market destroy the whole economy. Modi is opposite of that and has performed pretty well in both the economy and share market.

Stable govt???? :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: do you really think, stable govt is the reason share market performed well. Then why NEPSE crashed during Yuraj k????

Modi made World Bank's former boss (Golden boy's big boss who had similar view that of Golden boy's view) governor. World bank guy advised to tighten economic policy (monetary policy) to modi, World bank's boy had to resign (In Nepal, NRB governor does not resign even after being humiliated, or even when there is fight with elected govt, Bahunbad??? no ijjat???) And Modi/FM of india did not agree.

If Modi had agreed, Indian economy would have fallen into crisis and actions taken to solve the crisis would have made things worse. Today, World bank, IMF praise indian economy.

Golden boy has mentality similar to world bank's ex boss.

Modi is blessing to indian economy and share market while oli, prachanda, baburam, sher bahadur, madhav, nag raj all are curse to our economy and share market.

Even US proves my point- During Trump both economy and share market did well, and today, under biden- both economy and share market doing not so well.


"If person in power have following views, Economy/share market would crash under his leadership:
1: If ignores share market or is anti share market

2: Talks about productive sector and unproductive sector
3: If talks about economic independency of country or making self sufficient in manufacturing
4: If hates other's profit
5: If talks about socialism or communist economy
6: If talks about nationalizing
7: If gives important to distributing free stuffs
8: If talks about controlling
9: ............. "- SECOND TO GOD


बढ्दाे बेरोजगारीका कारण नेपाल दुःखी राष्ट्रहरूमध्ये ६३ औं स्थानमा

"Village idiot should not be running a country"- Second To GOD.

In a country where politicians- and so called expert- oli, deuba, dahal, bhatterai, nepal, khanal think job is created in agriculture, manufacturing industry .... could neve create job.

I believe, world average- agriculture and manufacturing industry only create around 15% job. So what should other 85% do?? commit suicide????

Nepal needs individuals who understand economics. And I am the only that person.
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Government's economic priority/budget should be:

1: Reducing cost of production, increasing productivity, reducing cost of living

2: Export (2 is the most important, but without achieving 1st, 2nd is not possible)

3: Infrastructure (this should be third priority which has been first since democracy came, 3 is slowly turning into a debt trap, so chose project wisely and project design)

4: Job creation (this looks like should be first priority but no, Cause without above 1, 2and 3, 4th is not possible)

5: Income increment (People wants this to be first, but not necessary cause when 1, 2, 3 and 4 are achieved, we get 5th automatically) (this is put in the priority to create vote bank otherwise this is not necessary to be included in the priority list)

Make amendment in job description of NRB:

1: GDP growth
2: Liquidity
3: Job creation
4: Share market preservation, promotion
5: Preserving of wealth
6: Foreign currency and gold reserve
7: Monetary policy should be stable. But change should be made immediately when there is emergency.

Punish NRB officials if they harm any of the above.

Government needs to create 'Treasury department'

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