पहिलो चौमासिकमा २६ प्रतिशत राजस्व संकलन, भन्सार बढे पनि भ्याट संकलन कमजोर, गैरकर पनि उठेन

यस्तै आयकर तर्फ पनि लक्ष्यअनुसार संकलन भएको छैन| ३८ अर्ब ६५ करोड रुपैयाँ संकलनको लक्ष्य राखिएकोमा ३५ अर्ब ८९ करोड रुपैयाँ अर्थात ९३ प्रतिशत राजस्व संकलन भएको छ|

गत वर्षको पहिलो चार महिनाको तुलनामा यो वर्ष राजस्व संकलन ३० प्रतिशतले बढेको छ|

In this First four month, there was dashain and tihar and Income tax clearance period and still they are able to collect only 26% tax for the year.

It is clear, their target wont be met.

There are two worst clues hidden:
1: They are able to collect only 30% more during first 4 month after tightening tax policy. Next months, it will be even harder since, they have already squeezed Nepalese.

2: Whatever high tax they have been collecting, its cause of previous govts/years hard work. Real down fall will be seen next year. Biddwan yuraj k's work will be seen next year. There could be negative if not, very low increase in tax collection next year.

Conclusion, lateral month, tax collection growth rate will fall significantly. Next year, there will be crisis.

Investors had been waiting for stable govt to invest. Finally they got, but with it, came biddwan yuraj k. Yurak K single handedly preventing economic growth, investment, economic activity.

Is not there any one in commie who understands economy or anyone in Nepal who can see what I am seeing and educate 8 class dr.Oli?

Kaile samma yuraj k nam ko las bokcha oli le????

I warned Oli about yuraj k when he made him FM. We already lost almost 1 year.

Make Prachanda's buhari finance minister and order her to make ME her malik. I will guide her and this govt how to run economy and state.

Yurak K is sati ko sarp. so is 8 class dr.oli.

Yuraj k actions and policies has been against all rule of economics. Could he be indian agent sent to prevent development of Nepal????

Till 2 year ago, my financial position was very good. Today, I am poor. Commie has turned everyone equally poor. Just like, history taught us about commei and socialist. That is why, they are extinct and about to be extinct in small area where they are left. In case of Nepal............ sati ko sarap.