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almighty $

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Registered: Oct 2013
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When $ is crushing all major currencies, Yuan is gaining strength after earlier crash.


China fighting back?

US devaluating against Yuan?

Or Some part of the world turning into Yuan?

Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 6760
Dont be surprised if dollar against NC crosses 120.

Majority of world may soon realize, $ is their national security threat. And doing business using $ is a bad decision.

American companies too could be taking $ back to US. There will be huge inflation knocking on the door of US along with higher price due to Tariff.

Russia has been dumping US treasure for sometime now. China must have given the clue that trade negotiation is not going well and time to destroy $.

I always believed, Russia and China game was smooth transition of power, never collapse of US or $. Now it may change.

When $ gets stronger then people with $ is suppose to invest in Indian share market. But last couple of days, their market is going down too. Weak IC and market may mean, US is attacking India too. We have to remember, India and China have joined hands in developing software and operating systems.

It time to trade in local currency and yuan. In the right time- when $ start to decline, NRB should sell $ and buy indian currency. That day is, if there is successful trade negotiation between China and US. Or when 25%-30% of world economy starts to dump $ in their trade.

If dollar starts to decline cause of world dumping it, the beginning of the end has begun for $.

If dollar starts to decline cause of successful trade negotiation, $ dollar gets few more years.

Govt. NRB better watch, when to dump dollar.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 6760
Why $ gaining strength?

- Cause of TRump and lower tax in US and Trade war and sanctions, US corporations must be selling local assets and currency to bring cash back to US.

Why Indian currency weakening more than others?
- Above and
- CIA could be punishing India for buying S-400 and getting closer to China.

How long before world dumps dollar?
- More and more country are experiencing first hand, if you use dollar, if you do not follow CIA order, they will punish you by destroying your currency and share market.
- Dont be surprised if half the world dumps $ very soon. Who ever holds it will suffer.

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