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Registered: Oct 2013
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Ruble has become so powerful, they are now imposing measures to weaken it.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7196
China's financial market regulators held an emergency meeting with Chinese banks. The topic was ways to protect the country's foreign assets from US sanctions, the Financial Times reports, citing its sources.

Deposit 10% foreign assets in Russia.
10% in ASIAN
10% in GULF
5% in Iran
5% in Gold
10% in West
10% in Rest of the remaining world
20% Lend to non western world in dollar (with sanction proof claws)
20% Invest in non western world.

Its amazing how they always talk about gap between rich and poor (why are you jealous of rich, dont ask how much they have, ask how they got it. If they got it legally means society, country benefited it a lot). But they dont talk about gap between rich and poor country. Worst, in reality, its not rich and poor, its over valued economy and under valued economy.

Western economy except for Germany and Japan are overvalued, and most of the countries in the world are undervalued by 2/3/4 times.

It all happened cause countries with a lot of trade surplus like China, Russia, middleeast keep their wealth in west. And look they are paying for it. West is bullying them (and the world), killing them (and the world) cause West is rich and west is made rich by them.
Registered: Oct 2013
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Expert said, if Marcon wins, euro with strengthen. But, since his victory, it weakened more.

May be expert thought Marcon win will make EU and NATO strong which will lead to strong euro.

But they forgot, Marcon win also means, strong EU and NATO, which means, war will go on longer with would weaken EU economy so euro would weaken.

Marcon win also means, more sanction, they are talking about oil embargo, which means EU economy will further weaken which would mean weak EURO.

Marcon win also means, stealing of other peoples wealth, which means, people/govt would pull out their wealth kept in EU countries and west and other vassals, which means weaker EURO.

Who ever can search for deeper clues would make a better economist.

Since war, at this time, EURO and YEN have crashed while Ruble has reached normal level.
Registered: Oct 2013
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Russia did not defaulted on foreign debt.

West defaulted on returning of Russian assets.

$, euro, yen, pound, swiss frank, singapore dollar should be done, if the world is smart and brave. aka china.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7196
Ruble- now stronger than pre war level.
Euro - 5% weaker than pre war level.
Yen- 10% weaker than pre war level.

Being vassal of US has become riskier financially too. Till yesterday, it used to be lethal but payed back in big economically.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7196

Now, just 9 ruble left to reach pre crisis level.

I been saying, Russia should be 2nd if not 1st economy of Europe, who knows, after the crisis in Germany due to the sanctions, Russia may over take it soon. Looks like happening. I heard, even after all sanctions, Russia would be 200$ billion in profit in trade.

Best thing after the sanction, criminals in Russia wont be stealing money from Russia (just like in Nepal) and hide it in West. Which will help Russian economy by a big margin.
Registered: Oct 2013
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Has $$$$ began to crash?

China decreased interest rate, US talking about increasing interest rate and still yuan gaining and dollar crashing against most of the currency and most against Yuan.

$$ crashing, and Bit coin also crashing..... going toward same direction for probably for the first time since Bit coin became digital Gold for some.... Wanna buy digital russian bride with your bit coin?? :mrgreen:
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7196
George Soros backed NGO financed Panama/Pandora.

Now we have direct CIA connection.

Geroge Soros is a multi billionaire himself, but he is a fake progressive or leftist. I believe he is not the boss, just a face behind his non profit organization who receives donation from fake right to left govt to corporations to individuals.

Using his organization, CIA coup (gather crowd) against anti US govt like Ukraine, hongkong, south america.

Ask him, why he does not do in Isreal, what he does around the world, including US. Which is, divide society into as small group as possible.

Also proves, there are Soros agents in Nepal too.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7196
'Pandora dossier' clearly looks like CIA leak.................. but, till now, it looks like just a regular leak whose intent is:

- remember who the boss is.
- maintain loyalty to the boss.

Since, almost all names in those leaks are CIA assets and all offshore place is fully under CIA control.

Another point,
- To find all those files, there needs hundreds of leaks or hacking. Which is impossible. Unless you hacked CIA data base. You know what happens, if you hack CIA data base. And till now, we have not heard any one committing assisted suicide.

The biggest target seems to be King of Jordan. CIA is not happy with him.
- Lately, he is trying to bring Syria into gulf gang.
- There is talking going on to build oil and gas pipeline between africa and iraq/syria through Jordan.

Except for agents in Nepal, rest of the world clearly see, evil empires end days is rapidly coming.

As always there is picture of putin and there is no putin in the leak. As per comment section, I read, putin's father's friend's son name was there.
Another one is, alleged putin's ex mistress, alleged by CIA, spreader by 10 thousand medias controlled by CIA including media in Nepal. Had bought 4m$ worth property.

Every idiot wants to be a conspiracy theorist. They cant even ask, why would putin hides 4million, and why would putin hide money in CIA controlled country????

One dalal nepali media just published about Putin.

Only major current tension is betwen- isreal and iran, india and pakisthan.

About, China and Aukus- no country is asia willing to fight China so three english speaking white invaders who wiped out native have joined hands.
Registered: Mar 2018
Posts: 2231
@deepak ji,
Not a CIA report. I think its opinion from some fund manager CIO.

There is also ongoing rift between india and china.

Its not about who is going to be supreme, important is what will be the result.
If conflict grew further in all these front, world has to face severe consequences. Restrain from all the stake holder is require at the moment.
Registered: Oct 2017
Posts: 2036
@ Rising Sun

Is this CIA Report ??

Afghan and Tajik Tension !!

Iran and Israel Tension !!

China Vs Aukus @ South China Sea.

France and Australia Tension !!

Indo- Pak Tension.

North Korea - South Korea Tension.

Will USA loose its Supremecy in coming Years ??
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7196
The world's nations hold $7.1trln in official US dollar reserves, 22.7* the world's $312bln renminbi held in official reserves

So, In total $ reserve, Chinese govt hold around half, and there could be more with Chines companies.

When, China starts dumping, BYE BYE American pie.

Has China tried, instead of devaluating their currency against $, buy currency of their competitor- south east asian currencies, japanese, korean, indian, pakistani, iranian, iraqi, russian etc.

This would hit three target with one bullet:
1: Make chinese currency competitive against rivals.
2: Reduce US GDP share and increase GDP share of eurasian countries in world GDP, and when US collapses, impact will be less.
3: Save Chinese saving, when $ collapses.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7196
I want to talk about US stock especially apple rather than dollar but dollar is in the center.

I have predicted most correctly but failed in dollar. My prediction did come true but did not hold long.

New prediction, end of dollar begins by 2022. By 2021 China and Russia making the move. Dollar may crash 25-75% over time.

Now Apple, Its amazing, apple used to be no 1. then today it is distant third but its market valuation is increasing day by day.

Some, ignorant say, stock market is stupid and dont represent the economy. Not really, it not just reflect the economy, it predicts the future, and since there are many many players in the market so stock market reflects the prediction, mind of many experts with huge experience.

When why is apple hit 2 trillion while there is covid and economy of US and world in trouble and apple's global market share fell to distant third?

---- Its the almighty $, stupid!

Dollar is crashing, so is US market in terms of global economic share not number term, dollar term. Apple is global brand, even when US economy falls along with global economy, US economy will fall far more then Global economy.

Meaning, Apple will do good business outside US than US, so investing in apple is like investing in global share market, or economy.

Since, dollar is crashing, it would be wise not to hold too much dollar so what do you do, hold apple.

Apple is not the best option for american investors but they have already missed gold. Gold increased from 1100 to 2000, almost doubled. So what is the another option, Apple, a global company.

Same reason US market is increasing, especially which sells product all over the world not just US.

But, idiots in Nepal are too idiot. They dont know, Share market is not just an investment medium, its safer heaven.

Hold cash and you will be using it in soaking tears.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7196
US proposes penalties on countries it accuses of manipulating currencies

Rule could put risk of higher tariffs on goods from:

- Japan
- South Korea
- India
- Germany
- Switzerland

---- I was beginning to think, my prediction of collapse of $ beginning from this year will be postponed for a Year, looks like Trump does not want me to be wrong. :mrgreen:

#13 Fri Nov 23, 2018 9:26 pm

After successful prediction of $ reaching 120, I now predict $ to fall below 110-106 by the end of 2018.

Real collapse will happen in 2019 if there is no tread deal with China. If there is deal then $ will fall significantly., but wont collapse.

Collapse means more than 50% from high.

Significantly fall means more than 30% from high.

BTY, this is no technical analysis. Just brilliant guessing based on fundamentals.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7196
Dollar 109.70

I missed Nobel prized by 78 days. :roll: And they cry for 17000 dead. :'(

What I said before Fri Nov 23, 2018 9:26 pm: After successful prediction of $ reaching 120, I now predict $ to fall below 110-106 by the end of 2018.

Today's rate is 111.61. And One day + one trading day in US left of the year. So close and still so far.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7196
I projected $ to fall below 110 by the end of 2018. It did not. Due to CIA punishing India.

After 2.5month, $ is heading toward the mark.

If dollar falls below 110, 3 month late, shall I still get Nobel prize :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

I said, yuan, euro, yen, ruble will get stronger from then.

Euro looks not so strong.

Ruble is very strong.

And Yuan will get very vert strong after China opens yuan denominated bond to foreigners.

I guess, at most, my prediction is in track.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7196
What is wrong with Indian currency? I was so close about my prediction, now dollar is gaining strength against Indian currency while getting weaker against major currency.

Is CIA going for next round of punishment for bringing Iranian banks in India and for in talks with China about new trade deal???

Ruble is getting very strong against Dollar. May be cause of their increase in foreign currency reserve and they dumped dollar and bought yen, yuan, euro.

Within 5 year, Russia may become second largest economy in Europe.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7196
What I said before Fri Nov 23, 2018 9:26 pm: After successful prediction of $ reaching 120, I now predict $ to fall below 110-106 by the end of 2018.

Today's rate is 111.61. And One day + one trading day in US left of the year. So close and still so far. :x
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7196
Deutsche bank predicts $ will strengthen in 2019 Vs I predicted $ will crash in 2019.

Sell $, buy yuan and euro.

Let's see what happens.

More info surfaced to support my prediction:
1: Emerging economy will do better then US.

2: during last 6 months US corporation brought in more than 600 billion dollar into US, as I was saying. That is why $ strengthen. It is said, US corporation had 2.5 trillion outside US, now they have less than 2 trillion. And China alone have more than 5 trillion and other countries may have more than 4 trillion.
I am sure, most of those $ is in US so due to economic problem, those dollar will be dumped and returned to push their economy.

Others have more dollar than US does.

3: Looks like Oil wont peak or wont increase much. Which means middle east has to sell their dollar to balance budget. They have more than a trillion in US too.

4: In 2018 $ attacked and other currency defended. 2019 others will fight back.

5: Many major economies have signed contract to do business in local currency, Even EU is about to start their own SWIFT.

6: US will print more money, so more $ inflation.

I Vs Deutsche bank

Who will be come out victorious???

Dollar fell to 112.15 and less than 10 days left. Will it fall below 110 by the end of the year and meet my prediction????
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7196
dollar falling again.

i was beginning to worry, my guess would get wrong. i cant accept I being wrong outside NEPSE. I dont mind wrong guess in NEPSE cause it is manupulated by big criminal gangs including bureaucracy. Who can fight against such a formidable gang? I cant but Oli can but he is 8 classe.

I was surprised, few days ago India signed local currency trading pack with uae, iran, russia and still IC weakened. I suspected CIA but CIA is no god.

12 days left.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7196
Canada PM says government played no role in Huawei executive's arrest

Both Trump and Trudo said, their govt are not involved in arrest of the chinese.

I told you, deeps state is behind the arrest to sabotage xi, trump meeting.

This is not the first time deep state got involved to destroy relation.

Few years back, there was sour relation between china and japan. Both head of state talked and agreed to cooperate. same day at night, japanese defense department released threat to china.

Educated fool in west as well as in Nepal think there is democracy in west and their vassal states but there is not. People there only have right to elect people among chosen by the deep state, if they elect outsider, deep state will take care of them.

one ex cia boss who has spat with trump, warned trump that cia knows 5 ways to screw trump.

Poor peasants.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7196
After Canada arrested Chinese CFO, $ has increase a lot.

Americans, NATO countries must be dumping local assets and taking home $.

But this may not last long. I am strongly with my previous prediction about $.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7196
US, China agreed to cease fire for 90 days.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7196
GODABA( GORKHA DAKSHIN BAHU), even rapist gets that.

Getting that title will destroy my image.

$ buying rate below 112.
Registered: Jun 2018
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