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Why UML won the election? (Other than weakness of NC and their actions)

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काठमाडौंका सडकको खाल्डा पूर्ने बजेट छैन !
काठमाडौं उपत्यकको सडक मर्मत हुन नसक्नुको पछाडि राजनीतिक इच्छाशक्ति, कर्मचारी प्रशासनको असहयोग त छ नै ? त्यो भन्दा बढी बजेटको अभाव रहेको पाइएको छ ।सडक विभागले बजेट नभएका कारण नै सडक मर्मत गर्न नसकिएको बताएको छ ।
What the f... are u doing with the tax money? Corruption? :P :P :P
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वाइडबडी खरिदमा मेरो गल्ती भेटिए राजनीतिबाटै सन्यास लिन्छु: पर्यटन मन्त्री

gobar sorne aukat le des chalaya pachi yestai ho.

There is rumor that billions is looted during purchase of wide body. Minister/PM is suppose to investigate and clear matters. If found guilty, punish the corrupts, if not, make things clear to public.

Taparas dont even know what their job is and says, if I had made a mistake, I shall resign.

I showed your mistake, now walk the talk and resign.
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kaile samma biddwan yuraj k ko las bokera hidcha 8 class dr.oli :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

Now even khaires have called him useless.
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अर्थमन्त्री डा. युवराज खतिवडाले .... ठुला देशले व्यापार युद्धका नाममा व्यापारिक संरक्षणवाद लागू गर्न खोज्दा त्यसको नकारात्म प्रभावबाट नेपाल जस्ता मुलुक गुज्रिएको बताएका हुन्|

Should I hit my own head or crack his skull?

Irony in tragic mode!

Its like Nirmala ko rapist saying "Rapist should be punished, Rape is heinous crime".
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After democracy, only three PM/govt had/ve got chance to work/build Nepal.

In the case of others, opposition and shah did not let work.

Two of those govt were prachanda and baburam. They did not work cause they wanted to coup and they had no brain and they had no good advisers.

And the third person who has opportunity is 8 class doctor Oli. Looks like he is going to die before he realize he is doing it wrong. He is unable to work cause he is dumb, his advisers are dumb and dangerous and narrow minded aka commie/socialist. Oli is unable to digest Power, his ghamanda, self centeredness is also destroying his govt.

If Oli wants to do something good before dying, he has to fire his advisers- bishnu rimal or rija and ministers.

Biddwan yuraj K single handedly destroying 75% of this govt.

If all conditions- corruption, wrong bureaucracy, society were same and PM and/or finance minister were different other than biddwan yuraj k or someone with his kind of attitude/mentality- private sector/ foreign investor would have invested huge by know. He is singlehandedly preventing economy development in Nepal. SATI KO SARAP.

Who else have mentality similar to biddwan yuraj k- baburam, bista etc.
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I read more than a week ago "sugar price sky rocked but salt trading or some corporation was holding tons of sugar and finance/commerce ministry was not giving them permission to sell that sugar."

Could biddwan yuraj k and matrika yadav did not give permission to sell sugar to undermine/taha lagauna 8 class doctor Oli for ending import of sugar unilaterally?

Biddwan is the biggest threat to Nepal's economy and to 8 class doctor's govt.
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Till a month or two, Prachanda used to be no more than pet of 8 class Dr.Oli which lasted for more than 6 month.

Person like Prachanda used to be nothing infront of Oli for months. Now Prachanda had began to raise his head.

Just like in the past, all ill motive is being approached to prachanda and latest Bamdev.

What have you learnt from this 8 class dr?

Who am I asking. Idiot Oli, people like prachanda and many others ready to follow you till yesterday cause you got support from Nepalese like Me. Real honest individual, neutral individual like me who are no idiot. Since, more and more no longer support you, Prachanda has begun to raise head just like before.

You are losing support cause mainly because of yourself and your advisers. And mainly .............. biddwan yuraj k who has for the first time in the history of Nepal after Panchyat "kicking the stomach of Nepalese".

Only till panchyat, People did not have right to high class self employment and spend money on luxury. Now, mandala yuraj K is trying to curb people's right with 'monitory and fiscal policy'.

Fire the low life from your govt and never let him near you. He only makes people around him negative.

He himself said" one minister wanted to help keep NEPSE above 600/700 after it crashed from 1100 to 300. But that mandala biddwan yuraj K advised not to'. I guess that finance minsiter is regretting for not saving NEPSE then. Could that finance minister be terror- baburam bhatterai??? :roll:

Biddwan is threat to Nepal and very dangerous to Nepal's economy and economic development.

He does not understand economy and what are the sectors important to economy and why govt needs to protect parts of economy.

Fire biddwan yuraj k and save Nepal and Nepal's economy.

Private sector had been waiting for years to invest in Nepal for stable govt. And finally they got it. But they want to invest in Nepal. Cause of biddwan yuraj k and his attitude and mentality and his monitory and fiscal policy.


sati ko sarap.
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Before election, commie's economic agenda:
1: increasing income by 5 times in 5 year
2: doubling economy in 5 year
3: doubling agriculture production
4: creating many many jobs
5: Pro private sector
6: Pro share market
7: no mentioning of increasing tax

Now, biddwan yuraj k's only agenda, goal is increasing tax.

Commie cant win election without lying.

I would rather vote for a rapist than a commie again.
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अर्थमन्त्रीको आग्रह: ऋण लिएर गाडी नकिन्नोस् !

We have a communist criminal dictatorship.


Only criminals can ride better cars and bike and food.

Just like in N korea and Cuba (and both of them is working on changing their economy, while Nepal is going backward thanks to commie and biddwan yuraj k), commie in Nepal are trying to build 8 lane road with blood of Nepalese and on that road only criminal get to ride better car bought with blood of Nepalese.

I regret voting for commie. I would rather vote for a rapist then commie again.

I needed a good bike now biddwan yuraj k has increased its tax.

I was planning to buy a car in a few years, and its tax has been increased too.

Just like in commie society, in Nepal too, only criminals can own good cars.

Commie are dead almost in all over the world. For the bright future in Nepal too, commie and socialist should die too.
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"ओली सरकार गठनको सात महिना बित्न लाग्दा पनि मुलुकको समृद्धि र विकासमा खासै सकारात्मक परिवर्तन आउन नसकिरहेको बेला प्रचण्डबाट भारतको भ्रमण हुनुले राजनीतिको भूमिगत तहमा केही न केही चलखेल भइरहेको अनुमान लगाउन सकिन्छ |"

Economic common sense:

If you want to build economy, you have to make policy liberal. There is world ranking in easy doing business country not hard.

And biddwan has done opposite.

Nepalese as well as foreign investor had been waiting for stable govt for years to invest in Nepal. And finally they got it but no body wants to invests.

Its all cause of Biddwan yuraj k and commie govt.

Is biddwan more important than economy of Nepal. If private sector does not want to invest cause of biddwan than how could biddwan build economy. Biddwan is the only finance minister in the world who wants to destroy own's share market. what kind of satyanasi is he and he has brainwashed idiot 8 class oli.

Share market of Nepal fully supports RAW/CIA in bringing down this 8 class oli govt. Private sector, public supports too.

Only ones who support this govt are those old people who are about to dies and is dreaming of briddha bhatta and who were rapist when were young. commies and old are dharti ko boj.

शेयर कारोबारमा घाटा लागेपछि आत्महत्या ?
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दिल्लीमा प्रचण्डको पहिलो 'डिनर मिटिङ' भारतका राष्ट्रिय सुरक्षा सल्लाहकार डोभालसँग

Prachanda ko aukat/intention/character

8 class Oli: Read this before you are kicked out by RAW.

- People did not mined Indian blockade against Panchyat, cause majority did not like Panchyat.

- People did not take well Indian blockade during Oli govt, cause it was against Nepal.

Oli govt is most hated govt in the history of Nepal in very short period. Its mainly cause of biddwan yuraj k, and little bit cause of other ministers too.

- Biddwan yuraj k wants to build 8 lane road with blood of Nepalese and on that road only two car will ply, one of oli and another of prachanda just like in N korea and Cuba. No body wants to live in those countries.

- Majority of Nepalese are self made. and biddwan has barred them from taking loan. If one is paying back lone, why does biddwan has problem with them???? Does he even understand what economics is?

- Biddwan is trying to micro manage economics and business.

- Biddwan disrespects private sector and public.

- Biddwan is destroying economy.

- Biddwan has increased tax. He only focusing on TAX. And wants to be hero just like Baburam. Like always, patrakar has been destroying Nepal by teaching idiots wrong idea. Even idiots on the road says- baburan was successful finance minister cause he increase TAX collection. Since when collection higher tax means economic development. Why dont you appoint ARMY MAJOR, he will collect more tax than biddwan and baburam.

इनर्जी ड्रिङ्क्स र सवारी साधनमा जानेरै धेरै कर लगाइएको हो, पोटेन्सिएल रेभेन्यू त सरकारले खोज्छ खोज्छ, राजश्व सचिव शिशिरकुमार ढुङ्गानाको बिचार

Just like in N korea, used blood of people to build 8 lane road and run two expensive car bought with blood money of people on that road which belongs to dictator. Bar people from owning car.

No body would want to fight for Nationalism and become slave of commie.

Nationalism ko nam ma communist ko das banin na.

Not many would care if RAW or CIA attack this govt. And it is not possible to fight RAW or CIA without support from Public. And no dalal of 8 class Oli has brain enough to think of ideas to fight RAW or CIA.

If 8 Class Oli wants my support, fire:

1: biddwan
2: home
3: mahashit
4: bista
5: communication
6: change 90% advisers.
7: bureaucrats too especially all in finance minister.

Reduce TAX. Dont micro mange people/business, make bfi laws liberal etc.

Last but not the least:
I want policy where People should have right to recall people's representative through referendum. Individual representative as well as govt/PM- local as well as central.

Nationalism ko nam ma Commie ko das banin na.

Communist has been eradicated all over the world.
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इनर्जी ड्रिङ्क्स र सवारी साधनमा जानेरै धेरै कर लगाइएको हो, पोटेन्सिएल रेभेन्यू त सरकारले खोज्छ खोज्छ, राजश्व सचिव शिशिरकुमार ढुङ्गानाको बिचार

If you had been from gatilo khandan, you would have know, why people work.

Till people like him is in govt. there wont be economic development.

Desh/system gobar sorne aukat ka le chalaune haina

how many countries are there, where 80% retail price of any product is from tax.

sati ko sarap

tapare ko kam path garnu ho desh chalaunu haina.

wonder how much TAX can be collected if one tax on just to look at their wife. :shock:
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.... cont

change 90% advisers.

and bureaucrats too.
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प्रचण्डको संकेत: जोसुकै परुन्, मन्त्रीमाथि स्टेप चाल्नुपर्ने हुन्छ

plz plz

1: biddwan
2: home
3: mahashit
4: bista
5: communication
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बजेटलाई अनुशासनमा ल्याउँदा आफ्नो आलोचना भएको अर्थमन्त्रीको भनाई, 'केही समय पर्खिनुस्!'

Till when he is planning to fool 8 class Oli????

Biddwan yuraj k's whole agenda, even he became finance minister:
- destroying share market
- destroying private sector
- attacking beurocracy
- threatening investors

And many expected him to build economy. how is it possible when attitude is flawed and dangerous from the very beginning beginning.

'केही समय पर्खिनुस्!'- what does that mean??? he will show other by increasing revenue/tax??? another biddwan baburam already did that and economy suffered.

Private sector dont have any confidence and not investing much. And share market has already reflected the future (even if there is biddwan as fm, NEPSE is suppose to be stable at 2500 and should increase 1000 after he is dead).

No country in the world, where market value is below book value unless that company is about to go insolvent. But it is possible in Biddwan controlled system where PM is 8 class.

अर्थमन्त्री भन्छन्अ-र्थतन्त्र खतराको सूचीमा छै, बिग्रिएको हल्ला गर्दा विदेशी लगानीकर्ताको मनोबल गिर्छ

It's your fiscal and monitory policy, not the economy. stupid.
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If we have two option:

- Clean politician/PM/minister/govt (I am sure 8 class Oli is surrounded by criminals, but still let's suppose he is clean) who wants to or is kicking on your stomach.


- Criminal/corrupt politician/PM/Minister/govt who does not kick on your stomach.

Which on do you think people would support? Soch na soch Oli, tero bau ko ke jancha.

Almost every one can tell the answer? Remember, this is a society where people support well known criminal. Even I, who always hated criminals/corrupt support the second one.

व्यवसायीले नाफा नखाएसम्म देश समृद्ध बन्दैन: प्रचण्ड
'ऐन संशोधन गर्न तयार छौं, कर नछल्नुस्'

-RAW, CIA, NC, madeshi, opposition in Oli's party all have already given green light to prachanda to bring down this govt.

- I am sure, independent individual too want to bring down this govt.

- Prachanda is being welcomed by many business organization. So they may want prachanda to bring down this govt too.

- If this govt is out, Majority in share market will celebrate.

Since, not just international, now even national force, public support Prachanda to bring down this govt.


Cause 8 class Oli, has betrayed every one- private sector, share market, public all. Oli had different personality before he formed this govt. I think, biddwan yuraj K brainwashed him. Oli's govt/Oli has become most hated govt in the shortest period in this history of Nepal all cause of attitude of biddwan yuraj k, his monitory and fiscal policy.

Cant believe, one person, who was brought in to build economy is destroying economy and not just, bringing the end of this govt.

All enemy of Nepal, wants to destroy share market of Nepal, economy of Nepal and biddwan yuraj k too wants to destroy both of them.

Sati ko sarap

All of a sudden, prachanda is getting support not just from out side but also from inside Nepal. He always had out side support and support from NC. Today, his support among public is gaining day by day. Why him, not Madhav Nepal? Cause Madhav Nepal cant bring down this govt.

Private sector was waiting for stable govt so that they could start to invest. And today they got it. But they also govt biddwan yuraj K. Any body other than yuraj k as finance minister, Nepal economy would have kick started by now. But biddwan, has single handedly prevented it.

Oli is about to miss once in his life time to build Nepal. Cause of Biddwan, he is becoming a failure. Soon he will be kicked out with out public support. And after he is kicked out, he will regret and tell the world what he should have done when he was in power. like all former ones.

If Oli wants my support- I have few demands:
- Support Stock Market
- Support Private sector- including solving liquidity problem, interest rate problem, reduce all TAX.
- Kick out your advisers, biddwan, bista
- I want system were we can recall elected politicians.
- End commie mentality
- Stop micro management of economy as well as our life

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गत वर्ष निर्वाचन पूर्व प्रधानमन्त्री ओलीले घर घरमा ग्यास पुराउने बाचा गरेका थिए| करिब ३५ वर्ष पुरानो श्री कृष्ण गौ सेवा सदनले आफ्नै पहलमा उत्पादन गर्न लागेको ग्यासमा आफ्नो नाम जोड्न प्रधानमन्त्री आउन लागेको भन्दै विराटनगरमा यसको आलोचना भइरहेको छ| 🤣🤣🤣

8 class Oli, better change all your advisers as well as biddwan, gokarna before its too late.

Election in India will be over in less than a year. Tic Toc.

If you want my brain's backing- I have few demands:
- Support Stock Market
- Support Private sector- including solving liquidity problem, interest rate problem, reduce all TAX.
- Kick out your advisers, biddwan, bista
- I want system were we can recall elected politicians.
- End commie mentality
- Stop micro management of economy as well as our life
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प्रधानमन्त्री निवास बालुवाटारमा मासिक १२ लाखको पानीले धोइन्छ गाडी

Next election UML ko patta saf huncha.

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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Tic Toc 8 class Oli govt

Now you have less than one year to impress Nepalese and that is not enough. But I can.

This govt is the most hated in the history of Nepal.

more than 60% share investor voted for UML, today, if this govt is gone, I am sure 90% will celebrate with vodka and sekuwa.

During 8 class Oli's last govt, Oli was popular so bringing down that govt cost India and NC big. But this time, if this govt is gone, majority will be happy.

After election is Over in India, they may start to bring down this govt.

Without Public support, 8 class Oli wont be able to fight RAW, CIA. And Public hates this govt. I supported 8 class Oli before this govt was formed. Today, I want this govt gone.

RAW, CIA want NEPSE to remain low so that it would help to bring down this govt, to increase no of people who hate 8 class Oli govt. And biddwan Yuraj K too wants to destroy NEPSE and he has convened Oli and other comred too. This could be the only govt in the modern history who wants to destroy own share market. In other part of the world- CIA wants to destroy share market of China, Russia and now Turkey and may be Nepal too. RAW wants too.

If we have 8 class Oli govt, biddwan yuraj K, who needs enemy. RAW, CIA must be laughing watching biddwan yuraj k trying to destroy NEPSE.


Why UML won the election? (Other than weakness of NC and their actions)

Before election.
- China rail
- People friendly
- pro economy, development, private sector, share market
- Promise to fight corruption etc.

Today, this govt/Biddwan yuraj k is anti private sector, anti share market.

In the world, where govt agenda is economic development- they try to reduce govt expenses and reduce tax. But Biddwan Yuraj k is doing opposite.

Disrespects private sector. Only focused on TAX.

Biddwan yuraj K's aukat is tax officer in birgunj custom. Not Finance minister.

If 8 class Oli wants pubic/private sector support:

- biddwan yuraj k out
- Tax reduction- I propose Corporate tax of Nepal= 0-10% +10% bonus +5 % dividend Tax= 15%-25% corporate tax.
- monitory policy- 90% reversal and liberal
- fiscal policy- 90% reversal and liberal
- communist policy- end/end of micro management
- communist mentality- end/respect other
- backward mentality of society- end/ tell idiots to shut up in social media
- micro management of business, society- should end.
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deepak ji, writes: Neither i am a Leader in Power or a Leader in Opposition nor a RAW Chief to design Next Model Design for Nepal.

Now, there is another possibility, Could RAW too be involved in Crashing in NEPSE.

Commie are too dumb and dont understand share market and economy. Crashing NEPSE would make few lakh hate commie. So RAW/CIA/MI6 too could be behind the crash.

Biddwan yuraj K too wants to destroy NEPSE.

There is fake news floated by dalal NC that Biddwan was appointed by India?

There are few Indicators which could make it possible:
1: Biddwan increased TAX for cars and bikes whose parts or fully made in other countries except for those made in India.
2: Biddwan has made sure Nepalese could not get loan from BFIs through his monitory policy. Which means, there will be bigger control of Nepal's market by Indian.
3: Crashing of NEPSE.

:roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

Deepak ji follows Nepal's protocol! You should be thankful that this is not US of A. :mrgreen:
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Don't know what to say on these points raised by friends !!

I would have commented too but Actually i am a Political Neutral Guy and this Politics things are generally always out of my head its just like a bouncer to me !!

We being a Nepal Citizen should always Respect a high designation of the country assigned by the General Public !!

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Gynandra was gone cause he is dumb, cause of his Ghamanda and his khate advisers.

Prachanda was gone cause he is dumb, cause of his Ghamanda and his khate advisers.

Baburam was gone cause he is dumb, cause of his Ghamanda and his khate advisers.

Sher bahadur was gone cause he is dumb, cause of his Ghamanda and his khate advisers.

History is repeating:
8 class Oli will be gone cause he is dumb, cause of his Ghamanda and his khate advisers.

those who wag tail, those who expect bone, criminals, bharya, khate who cant feed their family (legally) never have quality of adviser.

Those who cant make 10 crore by 50 year (legally) have nothing to advise. Family wealth or wealth by luck does not count.

Advisers dont have time to travel in TEMPO, and those who travel in Tempo cant be advisers.

Santan of Gothalo are never grown up to be advisers. To be advisers, you need to grow up in certain kind of environment.

People born in super Rich family also usually dont posses advisory quality.

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Before they were dead or about to die, all of them thought, their pet/dalal are Nepalese and Nepalese are their pet.
Except for Sher bahadur, all other got benefit of doubt from Public, they had/have public support.

And before they did, they showed anger towards Public, 8 class Oli already showing anger to Public.

Why cant any mard in commie party tell 8 class Oli- "You are physically and mentally Unfit to run the party and the country".

Gynandra and 8 class Oli handed over to bureaucrat to run the country. And Bureaucrats in both govt were/are threatening public, Including biddwan yuraj k and his finance secretary and IRD head.

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biddwan gothalo ka santan Yuraj K's strategy:

- Increase tax
- Divert most of the capital- which used to go to other sector including consumption- into infrastructure


Why did not economist, govt in other countries did not get this idea??????????????????? Is this such a brilliant idea which ordinary economist could not think of????????? Or other countries/economist dont follow this idea cause this idea does not work??????????????


Now, I remember, who already implemented the idea? Mao.

Mao diverted capital, human resources into steel factory. Then millions of Chinese died of hunger (I dont know before or after). China remained poor.

Still today, China is suffering from over supply of Steel.

Mao had to die before China started to grow economically.

Our biddwan yuraj k is trying to repeat the history, and 8 class Oli is too uneducated to understand concept of economics so is his other advisers like bharya "bishnu rijal".

In any part of the world, if their finance minister had tried to charge TAX on loss (CGT), he would have been fired, but in Nepal, 8 class Oli has kept biddwan in Green zone. :mrgreen:

Does anybody know the loan position of BFIs? Has lending started to grow?
Does anybody know about capital flight (increment or decreased) after monitory and/or fiscal policy?
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8 class ko buddi

लालबाबु पण्डित पनि किन परे 'रेड जोन'मा ?
मन्त्रीको मार्कसिट बनाउँदै प्रधानमन्त्री

Looks like 8 class buddi is giving marks based on fake news.

May be after finding out 8 class Oli is making mark sheet, biddwan Yuraj K has been promoting himself in fake news media using his pet- two articles on bizmandu.

Idiot 8 class Oli- the worst performer in this govt are biddwan Yuraj K who not just is about to destroy our economy, but manipulated mind of 8 class and other comred. 8 class wala- ask biddwan, why world promotes their share market while this govt is anti share market? ask- why to promote economy, world decrease while biddwan has increased TAX? ask- why is he always unfriendly towards private sector/public? ask him- does he think he is maharaj outside baluwatar just like bureaucrats used to be maharaj outside narayanhiti during panchyat?

And badal- jailing everyone without any evidence (what happened to his talk about jailing contractors?)- jailing who dont have powerful contact and not touching who has powerful contact just like mandala era, prohibiting tripper during day time etc.

Idiot 8 class Oli, biddwan yuraj K is the only finance minister/biddwan/so called economist who proposed TAX on loss- CGT? That makes him the dumbest economist in the history of mankind. And he is in Greed zone? why? Cause of Media??? or he is able to fool 8 class buddi??? :roll:
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