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Dharti ko boj budda ho, who been taking bridya bhatta from my tax money, next election, vote communist to make Mahara PM.

Sabhamuch did not rape a woman.

A rapist was made a sabhamuch.

All of them are rapist.

Lately, I see that day, after maoist joined mainstream politics, how ycl kidnapped youth force, took him into jungle and killed him. That murder no longer boils my blood.
Registered: Oct 2013
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Communist govt attacked Gyanbahadur Sahi. Second time, they tried to kill him. It was ordered by Prachanda's paap.

Those who insulted prachanda's paap in the net was jailed by police, but those who attacked and the who ordered are not caught.

We should remember this during next election.

Somebody should go to UN or Hague with evidence of both attacks.

During last election, maoist would not have got more than 10 seats.

Next election, due to yuraj k and maoist and KP Oli communist wont get more than 50 seats. And those seats will come only in remote areas where they could buy vote and threat voters. And the election after that, it will be 10 seats.
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Rising taxes in Pakistan could lead to civil unrest - analyst

nepalese are hijada
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Indian budget: If you invest in certain shares, you will be exempt of income tax with condition.

Oli should immediately phone modi and educate him, investment in share is unproductive.

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

So a tea boy is more intelligent than a farm boy.
Registered: Oct 2013
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शोधानान्तर घाटा रोक्न सरकारको आयात नियन्त्रण फर्मूला, विलासिताका वस्तु आयात रोक्ने

Welcome to N korea of Nepal. Only politicians and bureaucrats and crony capitalist can have hifi life.

Oli ko 1 lakh ko jutta chai roknu hundaina hai.

Why do they give car to sachib? aukat of sachiab is nothing more than politicians dog.

Farmboy cant solve- liquidity crisis, balance of payment crisis, Nepse crisis.........

I can solve all of them easily.

malai tero bau swikar. I shall solve all problem every easily cause I am khandani, not some farmboy. I grew up watching system of the whole world. i know how to deal with problem.

By the way, my solution does not require restriction.
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Wonder how oli and yuraj k survive on 1500dollar/person in davos? :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Or law dont apply to them :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

law does not apply to socialist/communist.

Socialism/communism has hardest law which does not apply to those who draft the law or implement the law.

Socialism/communism is the marketing term for crony capitalism. And people in Venezuela, EU/France are learning about it first hand.

Just like NEPSE crisis, banking crisis ''''''''''I'''''''' claim that I also could easily solved balance of payment crisis.
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Registered: Oct 2013
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कांग्रेसको आर्थिक नीति:
संयोजक महतले बढ्दो व्यापार घाटा, अकासिंदो व्याजदर र उच्च करको मारबाट लगानी निरुत्साहित भएको उल्लेख गर्दै सरकारले भनेको समृद्ध नेपाल र सुखी नेपालीको लक्ष्य कागजमा सिमित रहने निश्चित रहेको जिकिर गरे |

- how to solve gigantic trade deficit? not blue print from indian congress ----- but I do have a plan.
- Interest rate crisis----- no solution presented ------- I can solve it over night.
- Tax -- I demand detailed Tax rate for individual group and sector. ...

# all income tax should be below 25% (that include dividend tax and bonus) and should be mentioned in the constitution.
# No VAT in food (including restaurant and packaging excluding all drinks, cigarette etc), education and healthcare- which should be mentioned in constitution (to fool proof taxation from idiots/evil like yuraj k),
# Capital Gain tax back to 5%.
# No income tax on hydro, since they have to be handed over to govt in 25/30 year.
# No income tax on manufacturing industries.
# Reduction of custom duty. Very low custom duty and road tax on bikes.
# All tax increased by yuraj k should be reversed.
# VAT rates- .01%, 20% and 50%.
# Declare those earning from 5 lakh to 50 lakh- middle class and income tax for them should not be more than 15%.
# Taxation policy should promote domestic tourism and restaurant business.
# If company spends 3% on domestic tourism to employee, give them 3.15% tax deduction. If they spend 10% on bonus, give them 10.5% tax deduction. If they donate 1% to political party, give them 1.05% Tax deduction (its time, taxpayer should finance politics not black money).
# etc

If they promote their economic policy and start discussion from now, could help them and Nepali economy.

I dont want to be fooled like 8 classe fool after election. They never talked about increasing tax in their manifesto, talked about a lot but after election they did nothing or are not even trying, but has increased tax a lot.
Registered: Jun 2017
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commie will be wiped out in nect election.Perosnally i can influence about 100 votes. All those votes go against commie. Lets do the needful from every investors part and teach commie a lesson.

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 6636
Stick Nirmala's poster in every villages where commie got vote.

Tell them how 8 classe creep been protecting rapist.

tell them, current govt minister could be involved in the rape.

tell those villagers, if you vote for rapist again for few thousand, you will rot in hell.

The whole world eliminated commie, its time Nepal should eliminate them too.

Just like mandalaya's time, our daughters are getting raped and govt whole police force is being used to protect the rapist and thrash victim's supporter.

Minister like yuraj k is behaving like mandala to public.
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Registered: Oct 2013
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कर आतंकविरुद्ध प्रदर्शन, रत्नपार्कमा प्रहरीसँग झडप

सरकारको कमजोर प्रदर्शन र बढ्दो कर आतंक

I dont know, if it is just a coincident, but not just nepal, whole world follows my strategy.

Some great mind said, nothing is coincidental.

Tic Toc 8 class Oli, you have less than 1 year and there will be election complete in India then RAW and CIA will come after you. This time, you wont get my support.

Remember, you promised to support Share market and promote private sector/economy to take my vote, I do!
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 6636
पूर्व सचिवको प्रस्ताव: मृत्यु संस्कारमा पनि कर लगाऔं, ३ अर्ब उठ्छ

काँग्रेसले जितेको स्थानीय तहमा कर बढाउन नदिने: कोइराला

After months, TAX has become issue, but only local. Head count does matter in politics but in Economy even single head matter.

Without significant reducing income tax, corporate tax there wont be private sector investment, FDI. With micro management policy there wont be investment, with biddwan in govt, there won be investment. In the presence of communist, there wont be investment.

I propose Corporate tax of Nepal= 0-10% +10% bonus +5 % dividend Tax= 15%-25% corporate tax.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 6636
आइपीओ बिक्री हुन छाड्यो, घलेम्दी हाइड्रोमा स्थानीयको न्यून आवेदन

Before this, I remember only one time when they could not subscribe IPO, that time there was total depression going on, business were barely surviving, maoist just came into power. Economy was going bad.

And today, Turned out biddwan yuraj k and 8 class Oli and communist are as bad as biggest tragedy in the history of Nepal.

If this is not rejection of biddwan yuraj k, if this is not the sign of failure of biddwan then what is??????

There wont be FDI, private sector investment cause of:
- biddwan yuraj k
- Tax
- monitory policy
- fiscal policy
- communist policy
- communist mentality
- backward mentality of society
- micro management of business, society

We are just losing valuable time.

Repeating same failure wont give us different result. Communist failed in all countries, and we are expecting different result from commie in Nepal.

Sati ko sarap
Registered: Jun 2017
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हृदयेश त्रिपाठीको प्रश्न : कुखुरा र परेवा जे देख्यो त्यसैमा कर किन?

Fart tax is not that far. Tax for polluting environment. Be ready guys.

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
Registered: Oct 2013
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राजश्व संकलन चुनौतिपूर्ण भएपनि करको दरमा परिवर्तन नगरिएको जानकारी दिए

- no social media expert, media, opposition party, no body criticized, attacked biddwan yuraj k in regarding his lies about not increasing tax rate till now.

What is going on? Is Nepal totally a savage society? Or media which published his lie was fake news?
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 6636
बाजी थाप्नेलाई एक वर्ष जेल, जुवा खेल्नेलाई ३ वर्ष !

It is clear, house is owned by crook neta. :roll:

all crooks are neta,
all netas are crook.

Wait and see, most of the crime netas could be involved will get less punishment.

अधिनायकवादको आरोप चियाको कपमा तुफानजस्तै : मन्त्री ज्ञवाली

are commie blind or idiot. I say both. Micro management,trying to control life of people is communist dictatorship. And mainly biddwan finance minister is imposing it through monitory and fiscal policy. And 8 class Oli too been saying verbally.
Registered: Jun 2017
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Dear Rising Sir,

Hit axe on Fm's head. Be gentle but hit hundred times

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
Registered: Mar 2018
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This year GOV is taking huge amount of internal loan to meet the budget deficit, which will reduce the capital fund pool use by the private sector. Hence industrial growth and capital market will be seriously affected.
GOV , please use common sense otherwise back bone of our economy 'll be crushed which can't be repair for long long time.
Registered: Oct 2013
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कर बढाएर आर्थिक वृद्धि हुँदैन: अर्थमन्त्री

Should I hit axe on my head or his head?

निश्चित समयपछि समृद्धिको प्रतिफल प्राप्त हुन्छ : प्रधानमन्त्री ओली

hundaina tapare hundaina. Economy is about to go down. Unemployment about to rise. People soon will become poorer.
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सत्तारुढ सांसदले प्रधानमन्त्रीसँग मागे अर्थमन्त्रीको राजीनामा

'अहिलेको बजेटबाट जनताको माग संबोधन हुन सक्दैन, सकिन्छ भने बजेट करेक्सन गरौं, होइन भने अर्थमन्त्री नै चेञ्ज गरेर जानुपर्छ' प्रदेश ५ का सांसद र प्रधानमन्त्रीसँगको छलफलमा उनले भने |

अर्थमन्त्रीकै कारण चुनावअघि नेपाल कम्युनिस्ट पार्टीप्रति रहेको जनताको आशा र भरोसा निराशामा परिणत हुन लागेको भन्दै सांसद चौधरीले हटाउन माग गरेका हुन् |

कर बढायो भनेर सरकारविरुद्ध अफवाह फैलाइयो : मन्त्री खनाल

Cambodia's corporate tax= 20%

Corporate tax in Nepal= 20,25,30 +10 bonus +5 dividend tax= 35,40,45%

Where would investors invest?

soch na soch, tero bau ko ke jancah.

If you want to save nepal, reverse 90% monitory and fiscal policy. And fire 4 including biddwan.
Registered: Oct 2013
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मलाई चिन्ता के छ भने अब करको जे कुरा हुन थालेको छ त्यो कतै सङ्घीय लोकतान्त्रिक गणतन्त्र उल्ट्याउने कारक बन्ने त होइन?
पु्ष्पकमल दाहाल,

अहिले नेपालमा व्यवसायीहरू करका कारणले एकदमै त्रसित भएको अवस्था छ
भवानी राणा,

All credit goes to biddwan yuraj k.

And 8 class Oli should have told biddwan when he asked to increase TAX- "are you trying to destroy communist in Nepal?", "are you trying to destroy economy?"

But what am I talking about, Oli is 8 class pass. :mrgreen:
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एनआरएनलार्इ नेपालमा लगानी गर्न अर्थमन्त्री डा. खतिवडाको आग्रह

- Think 1000 times before investing in Nepal.

*In Nepal, you have to get recommendation from communist to get loan.
*In Nepal, you need to permission from communist to eat yea big rice.
*In Nepal, you will be considered as a criminal when you try to take back dividend by social media low life society.
*In Nepal, Producing is productive but consuming is unproductive. And Communist will make sure, people dont buy your product.
*In Nepal, Communist are trying to destroy share market. In Nepal, you cant even sell your business at lower price than your book value. As per communist, share market is still over valued.
*In Nepal, you cant start business without giving share to communist for free. In the past, you needed to give share to Shahs.
*In Nepal, as per communist, crime is ok, but rich people are evil, criminals. Communist come after TAX payers.
*In Nepal, communist says, eat dhido and pay TAX.
*In Nepal, communist will tell you what to eat, which business to do.

** and on and on.

Wait till commie are dead in Nepal too just like rest of the world, before investing in Nepal.
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सरकारविरुद्ध आन्दोलनको तयारी गर्दै कांग्रेस

When will dalal NC start peaceful protest against TAX hike, commie attack on Nepalese property "ShareMarket"?
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Oli and prachanda and other commies' black money manager Durga Prasia is trending online.

Dont push him too hard which would lead to his silence.

His vomit is necessary to expose commie and end commie from Nepal just like commie are extinct from outside world.


Its amazing, biddwan dalal Yuraj K trying to increasing govt revenue by increasing tax instead of investigating income source of criminals like durga prasai.

Yuraj K's property source should be investigated. He was/is a bureaucrat. Hardly any bureaucrat in Nepal is clean. UML has never given a job to anyone without commission. So yuraj k could be a crook too.

Oli should remember, when oli and madhav nepal were together and still they were minority in UML. Later Oli became powerful with support from People like me.

I dont know- if this is true or just a coincident. Oli followed my agenda and became powerful. Now its time to destroy the whole commie in Nepal using oli (yuraj K).
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Why UML won the election? (Other than weakness of NC and their actions)

Before election.
- China rail
- People friendly
- pro economy, development, private sector, share market
- Promise to fight corruption etc.

Now, after election.

- NC was anti Nepal. So they lost the election. But Before election voters did not expect UML to become anti people. NC was/is anti Nepal but not anti People. Now UML has become anti people which People did not expected before election. This will make UML pay in next election. Cause of this UML may even break up in near future or before next election.

- Before election, when people used to criticize NC activity, their dogs used to come after people. And When people used to criticize UML, if they were wrong, UML used to change their position.

After election, UML has become like NC. Today, when people criticize, UML has begun to attack people and now their dog has began to attack Nepalese in social media. Count down has begun for UML.

- Before election, Oli used to talk about pro economy, development, private sector, share market.
After election, they are attacking private sector, disrespect private sector and now openly talk about destroying stock market. Has increased tax on all.

- After election, UML has started to protect corrupt, crony capitalist, criminals and start to beat people to protect interest of criminals. Black money of UML politician, cooperative are being used to take over business private sector is suppose to run.

People voted for Oli, but tike Yuraj K has destroyed the image of govt by disrespecting private sector, openly destroying share market, increased tax. Now cause of him, many will never vote for commie.

There were voters, even after knowing NC is dalal, they used to say, I would never vote for commie. No of those people are increasing, Including myself. All those who voted for commie no longer supports commie. and may never vote for commie again.


Remember my agenda to destroy commie- TAX and religion???
Now tax has already become agenda.

You are welcome. :mrgreen:
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Registered: Oct 2013
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What can dalal Nepali Congress do?

1: Party election

2: Appoint 8 so called youths/gundas, whose photos keep on appearing in the media, in top 12 posts. Actually I have two of them.

3: Stop protest program and instead go for mass gathering. If there are large participants in the gathering, it could start fight in commie party.

4: Tell people who this govt is only going for collecting tax instead of economic development. This govt wants to build 8 lane road where they want just two very very expensive cars plying which are also bough by tax money. One will be ride by oli and another prachanda.
(Those govt which focus on mainly tax will never make country prosperous)

5: Tell public, this govt is being ran like mandale govt where minister, bureaucrats disrespect people and they are punishing one criminal and protecting another.

6: Tell public, this govt wants to help to take over all private sector- by their criminal crony capitalist and their black money and they controlled cooperative.

Enemy Of Nepal
1: Commie
2: Dalal
3: Rapist
4: Corrupt

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