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USA is about to be the shortest lived superpower.

USA, probably the third largest in population, and have a lots of resources and still about to be the shortest lived super power.

Tiny island called UK stayed superpower for 300 year. Many tiny superpower remained super power for far longer than US.

China remained superpower for 1000s of years and they are about to take their position back.

Why US going to be the shortest lived superpower???

zzzzzzzzzzzzeeeeeee I dont know, may be they are full of traitors.

First of all, Americans are dumb. In my book, red necks are one of the three dumbest race on earth.

US is accidental superpower. Before second war, US became superpower cause of their size and resources. During second war, all superpower were destroyed, while US remained untouched, almost. After second world war, when other, like Japan about to over take US, US destroyed japan. This is how, US became sole super power for long.

Now, China is no Japan.

Most of the invention, big projects conduced by foreign born or children of foreign born in US. US kidnapped Hitler's scientist, and threatened them to kill if they did not work for them. US has been stealing other's technology and human resources since the beginning.

Second, Americans are traitors. Red necks are unwanted criminals from europe. They think, they are nationalist, but they are not, they are just supporter of white power, which is not nationalism. Almost all in US are foreigners, who support their own group. That is why they are traitors.

And again, today, let talk about Afghanistan, ongoing event. US will soon give their citizen to those afghanis who betrayed their won country. Those who helped enemy destroy their own country. How can US be patriot when they gather traitors from all around the world.

And those idiots in US call those traitors friends of US. Funny.

Let's talk about Nepal. In Nepal, US is giving visas to those who sell their country for a bottle of alcohol or visa. Who will ultimately get US citizenship. With those type of citizens, how can US remain super power for long.

These are some of the main reason. US is about to be the shortest lived superpower. Accidental superpower is about to become shortest lived superpower.

When US was a sole superpower, US did not make friend. All they made was vassals. When China becomes no 1 super power, US ho will become China's ho. So, US wont just go down, US will go down fast, very fast.

And there will follow redemption.
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Do you believe in sign???? You should.

- Miss Nepal's crown fell during the event, later she lost the crown.

- Biden stumbled on the stairs of airforce one, now, Afghanistan.

- In my life too, when going gets tough, tough gets going.
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one more thing ..............

How come Taliban reached Kabul just in a few day???

- Remember, how CIA brag about general like in Syria defected, in the media. US tell them to take money and change side or else. In case of Afghanistan, Russia/China must have told those generals, if they surrender, Russia/China/Pakistan will protect them.
Registered: Oct 2013
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What I said: And being materialized slowly, first in Afghanistan. Next could be Iraq, then Syria, then yeman.

Thu Dec 31, 2020 11:17 pm

My conspiracy theories have been a matter of laughter, but not for long. They are on the way of being realized one after another, probably from year 2021.

One of my theories- Iran, Pakisthan and Iran will form an alliance backed by Russia and China .....................


It looks like, I am the only one, in Nepal, probably, only insiders and those who follow conspiracy theory knows the reality about what is happening in Afghanistan.

From my noise analysis skill (which I have been trying to learn for last few years, kind of a, doing my PHd on :mrgreen: ) - this is what I have made the following, just a few I can remember, those wanting to know real truth can benefit.

- US is kicked out of Afghanistan by Taliban, Pakistan, China, Russia, Iran.

- Without Pakistan, it would not have been possible, Pakistan declined to give transit rout to NATO to fight in Afghanistan. Russia, China must have been pressuring Pakistan for sometime, but why Pakistan agreed now.

Knowing that, crossing US would be suicidal.

Good reasons, Pakistan is already in deeply with China and with Russia by their side, Pakistan got more courage.

Main reason, India. India have been using terrorist in Afghanistan to bomb Pakistan, that forced Pakistan to make this decision this early. Other wise, they may have waited 5 more year till China becomes true superpower.

- Russia, China made a deal with Taliban- Taliban would be peaceful, Taliban would not interfere outside their boundary, Tilaban will get help in UN, China/Russia will invest in Afghanistan.

And, there, Pakistan's role is to make sure all follow the deal. Since, Pakistan is the most influential on Taliban.

Idiots in Nepal and other dumb free (they think they are free, but they are not) people, say, hell has begun in Afghanistan. Yes and No. The hell, whole world accepts is about to happen in Afghanistan too, meaning, same as in countries like Saudi, Kuwait, Indonesia, Malaysia :mrgreen:

With their resource and help from China, they are going to progress many times faster then Nepal. Only I can make Nepal progress faster. Then they will become hell like Indonesia, if not Dubai. :mrgreen:

How free Afghanistan turned into evil conservative?

- To fight USSR, CIA with the help of saudi, pakistan etc, turned them into evil conservative. Now US is humiliated by the evil, they themselves created.

- Rambo first blood, is one of my favorite movie. Just a couple of year ago only I found out that USSR did not evaded Afghanistan, they were invited by the govt of Afghanistan.

CIA propaganda is so good, just like there was no IndiaBlockadesNepal , USSR evaded Afghanistan.

Why US has been loosing and Russia/China have been wining after WWII?

- Cause Russia/China makes deal with the people/govt while US evades and put their Doggie. Doggie dont fight for their country.

- Russia/China know their limitation. US does not. US is accidental superpower, wise men say. Power without brain, became superpower causes of the right situation.

Some dalal must have got sacred after seeing airport video from Afghanistan. What if someday, dalal will meet same faith in Nepal. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

By the way, I dont like Taliban, or conservative, who want to impose their will on others. But there is nothing I can do in Afghanistan Plus, LESSER OF TWO EVILS.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7597
'Conspiracy theorist' is becoming less and less of an insult

'Alex Jones was right'? US govt-funded project 'harvests' ORGANS from aborted babies for medical research, documents show

Conspiracy theory about Afghanistan- It's Pakistan, China, Russia, Iran and Taliban ordered US out of Afghanistan. With backing from China And Russia- Pakistan declined to provide transit to Nato force into Afghanistan.

There are may taliban groups in Afghanistan- majority support the deal- peaceful approach by kicking out NATO, and some are still using violence.

China will be investing heavily in Afghanistan.

Cause of idiot, dalal politician, media, bureaucracy and idiot public- Nepal is losing big China investment.

Sati ko paap.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7597
Headline from CIA fake news: Belarusian sprinter 'safe' in Japan after home country allegedly tried to forcefully remove her from Olympics

What do you 99% understand from the headline??????


What is in the content, reality: that the Belarusian coaching staff ordered to pack and took her to the Tokyo airport against her will after she criticized team officials on social media

So its conflict with team management, not govt. And those players, who fight with team boss, are all sent packing home.

Does that mean, Japan will let, those khate Nepalese stay in Japan who go there in sports participation????? And wont press Nepal govt to prevent bhaudas(escapees)

How dangerous the world is? If you or your country have problem with British, jew .. they will try to destroy you using vassals like Japan.

Poland 🇵🇱 is ready to help Kryscina Tsimanouskaya a Belarusian athlete ordered by the Lukashenka regime to return form Olympic Games to Minsk. She was offered a humanitarian visa and is free to pursue her sporting career in Poland if she so chooses.

he Belarusian Sport Solidarity Foundation - an activist group - told AP that Tsimanouskaya reached out to them fearing for her life

The Belarus Olympic team initially released a statement that it removed Tsimanouskaya from the Games on doctor's advice concerning "her emotional, psychological state.

This is why I support Russia and China even though I support freedom- economic, political.

I support freedom. In my belief, had not been Russia- british controlled govt would have used 100s of nukes by now against the world and the whole would have become their slave a long time ago. We are only partially their slave. That is why we are poor. Full slave are mostly rich , like- Japan, korea, singapore, turkey, middle east, european...

Just by looking at some historical picture, one could easily tell, how british or european treat their slave. It's far worst than in any society.

I believe, I am free cause of Russia, China and somewhat Iran. I am thank full to them.

Few days ago, I saw headline in some low grade fake news in Nepal, copy pasting the fake news. Wonder what was in the content. Did they copy past as a stolen information or CIA told them to spread CIA propaganda.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7597
Haiti's president killed by 'foreign hit squad' of ex-Colombian military & Haitian-Americans, 11 arrested inside 'Taiwan embassy'

I would like to thank Russia, China and Iran for my freedom.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7597
The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has appointed Arnaud Cauchois as the new Country Director for Nepal.

Some countries like Japan, korea, india, Philippines, middle east, turket, Pakistan (till some month back) etc have been trying to turn asia into some ho house of their western white master.

This is why I support Russia and China even though I support freedom- economic, political.

I support freedom. In my belief, had not been Russia, british controlled govt would have used 100s of nukes by now and the whole would have been their slave.

Just by looking at some historical picture, one could easily tell, how british or european treat their slave. It's far worst than in any society.

I believe, I am free cause of Russia, China and somewhat Iran. I am thank full to them.

If tapare or our friends from south had full control of Nepal, I would not have been free at this time.
Registered: Oct 2013
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Facebook says it will stop banning claims Covid-19 is man-made, citing 'new facts and trends'

Looks like deep state made decision to go after China. Soon west will say, "there is a chance, it was created in Chinese lab". I think they wont say, China did, they will say there is chance. And many brain washed will believe it, especially, indians will be more vocal.

Math and international politics have proven, it did not start in China.

Only way for china to fight back is 'not defensive', need to go 'offensive'. Raise western crime.

China can keep on raising/pushing/floating/repeating this, ever time China meets G7/NATO/West/5eye or needs to respond, "Since we are talking about humanity, undo wrong, doing the right thing, rule of law, value- why G7/NATO/West/5eye not pay reparation to their victims of past and present .... since those victims need money desperately and everbody likes money, even Indian will demand money from west".
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7597
10000 trillion US$ idea I am floating to help China, hoping China would deposit 10 billion US$ like a lady, after reading this- by 7 days in my account.

China can keep on raising/pushing/floating/repeating this, ever time China meets G7/NATO/West/5eye or needs to respond, "Since we are talking about humanity, undo wrong, doing the right thing, rule of law, value- why G7/NATO/West/5eye not pay reparation to their victims of past and present .... since those victims need money desperately".

This would bring support to China from huge majority of the world (where almost 90% are victim of the west and Japan and loves money) plus puts China morally very high above G7/NATO/West/5eye, and world will enter into new agenda which victims of the world had been waiting for 100s of years.
Registered: Oct 2013
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Evergiven is owned by Japanese
Operated by EverGreen, a Twainian company
And crews are from India.

This is no conspiracy, just a fun.
Looks like, Japan, Taiwan and India begging to join Eurasian power. Russia/China demanded them to show loyalty which lead to Suez canal blockade to show EU is venerable economically and cant support their vassals in asia during war.

This blockade is suppose to crash Oli price, but experts are saying otherwise.

Helps russian oil and gas and Chinese fright train to Europe.

This should scare India a lot, since, they have put all their eggs in their white god's basket, and this has proven force from europe wont be coming to help them.
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If kp ba had listened to me, he would not be kukur ghar ko na ghat ko.

This case, neither in a good place nor bad place.

Cause of latest coup and criminal activity, the list of those who would be hanged if nationalist take over has grown. :lol:
Registered: Mar 2018
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Rising sun ji,
Are you amongst the political adviser of KP Baa ? :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

This one is interesting
"काग भन्दा कोइली बाठो
कोइली भन्दा ओली"
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I believe only I talked about judiciary coup in Brazil against then president Lula. Like always usual suspect CIA was behind. CIA, probably MI6 and military and media behind Coup in Brazil few years ago.

Same happened in Nepal? Or RAW?

Some dalals and idiots protesting against coup in Burma. Where were they when there was coup in Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia etc.

Those morons may not even know that court just couped in Nepal.

Amazing, cause Name was already taken, whole political party has been dissolved. Tapare Bad.

Good for the market.

NC, Maoist, prachanda, sher bahadur played dirty game against Nepal and KP ba in the past, now, its pay back. :mrgreen:

They have fallen into their own trap. Just a matter of few days, Sher bahadur's faith have not just changed, it could have ended.

He never stop harming NC and Nepal. Many said about these when be became party president. Chaos followed. With loot money he always win election of himself but his party and country always loses.

Remember KP ba, when it was your turn shae bahadur did not supported you and later took month to hand over govt ........ time for revenge. Encounter shar bahadur...... then may be I will vote for you again. :mrgreen:

Hope KP ba jail or encounter them.

Its amazing, some coup we keep on hearing in Nepali media like in Buram, Belarus but no body hears about coup in may other places which happened in last 5 year. Its cause all tapare in Media are dalal.
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Hedge fund Vs Little People .................. Wall Street vs Reddit (Gamestop corp.)

So what happened.

CIA media says, Social media force behind it. Conspiracy theorist say, Occupy wall street and teenagers whose parents lost job during 2008 crisis- who were angry at Obama for rescuing wall street but ignored little people- wanted revenge, Young people who lost job during 2008 crisis wanted revenge.......

My money- little individual people have little to do with the huge impact (just like in Nepal, little people go for little profit, they dont dream big- I dont think they hold their share for long). I think, Occupy wall street have bigger impact, other greedy corporation must have played role too, but I think, foreign power are the biggest player here. US been trying to destroy economy and share market of many countries, now they smell blood.

Those who can hold the share are behind the crisis. And that is no little people. They are just fuel into the fire.

Worst is yet to come. Just like in Nepal, little people follow trend, so little people are going after other petty stock, problematic corporations who currently have high no of short selling and this could lead to 100s of billions of losses to those hedge funds.

Billions of losses to hedge funds and upcoming economic collapse of US are dangerous combination for US economy.
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How convenient! as soon as new president arrives in US, bomb blasts in Spain. (is it gas leak or terror?)

CIA cough cough.


It is said, they are about to go after Pakistan to prevent belt and road, but they cant. US & India & Isreal Vs Pakistan & China & Russia & Iran & Turkey & Central Asia

Just recently, Modi's surgical strike in Pakistan exposed by exposure of conversation in whatsapp between some fake media clowns. And raw cia controlled media in the world and in Nepal ignored it. It is said, some intelligence in India leaked it cause Modi is destroying India and risking the life indian army.
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Till few days ago, media were saying one lakh, today, all media saying 10 lakh.

10 lakh is enough for emergency use if it is single doze vaccine. Govt needs to get another 10 lakh.

First priority- healthcare, bureaucrats, police ....... then retail workers, bankers, restaurant workers, transportation, medicine shopkeepers etc.

First priority area- terai area and kathmandu.
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1 million is 10 lakh brother! :D :D
Registered: Oct 2013
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i think its 1lakh
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भारत सरकारले दिएको १० लाख डोज खोप भोलि नेपाल आइपुग्ने
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How oli criminal gang (sub group) in communist party has been running by kp oli:

Oli- god father
bishnu paudel, shankar pokheral etc- runs political operation
current chief adviser rimal or rijal- runs mass mobilization like labor and bureaucracy
subash nembang- runs legal, judiciary setting
love child 70 crore- collects ransom
mahesh basnet- leader of gunda force
newly joined gang member, yuraj k- ghus setting from budgetary expenditure.

I think only girija ran a big criminal organization like KP Oli. others like sherbahadur, prachanda collects ghus by themselves.

(just recently, govt authorized use of indian vaccine for emergency- that vaccine is indian right, not western being produced in india? I believe it has not even completed second clinical trial).

Kp oli sold rivers to make indian master happy.

I think, govt approved indian virus, which has not even completed second clinical trial to make india happy for their support in their coup. ever thing kp oli been doing for last few years has been for his personal benefit- power lust.

He sold river in the past now selling out lives of nepalese for his personal gain.

Instead of resigning, he went against constitution cause his gang has not collected enough ghus for next election, especially up coming party election.
remember, party election in nepal is all about who has the most loot to buy pakhe cadres.

प्रधानन्यायाधीशले दाेहोर्‍याइरहे: बहुमतप्राप्त प्रधानमन्त्रीले सरकार चलाउँदिनँ भन्न किन नपाउने?

Paune baje, if pm does not want to run govt, he can either resign or commit suicide.
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आखिर अहिले पर्दामा देखिएका सबै राजनितिज्ञ लगभग उस्तैनै हुन्,

अलि बढी अभिमान ओलीजीमा देखिएको अबस्य हो,

पार्टीका मान्छेलाई नटेर्नु निजि मामला होला तर,

संबिधानभन्दा माथी आफु छु भन्ने सोच्नु सर्वथा गलत हो,

अन्तमा ओलीजीको 'हार' हुने र संविधानको जित हुने पक्का छ,

किनकी केवल 'भाग' पाएका २-४ जना बाहेक उहाँसंग अरु देखिएनन,

तिनले पनि बाताबरण यसो हेरेर, साथ् छाडी हाल्छन,

'देउबा'जीलाई गाह्रो पर्न सक्छ,

एककासी आईलागेको, यति धेरै अबसरहरु सोहोर्न :) :) l
Registered: May 2014
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Satan vs Devil. You find the difference. How about the king of demons on other side.

This country is to suffer more especially the poor people unless we stop voting for them.

The best contribution you can give to your country is stop voting these corrupted suckers, no matter which party they belong to.
Registered: Jun 2017
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KP oli may have good intension towards national but dissolution of parliament is pure whimsical act of him that may set a very dangerous precedent for future if not reinstated by supreme court. Though i see the chances are very slim.
Registered: Mar 2018
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Have known KP OLI from near
Also drachanda & Madhab Sumar Nepal from near

KP OLI has good intentions for the nation
than drachanda and madhab Sunar nepal

KP OLI should live long and work

IF PRACHANDA comes to power
than JHALNATH KHANAL is presicent
than Prachandra is PM and
and MAKUIHNEY will be appointer
Entire country will be their employee in various positions


I didnt voted in earlier election


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