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Registered: Oct 2013
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They said, clinton chance of winning 99%, I supported Trump- either he would end never ending war or destroy evil empire sooner (unintentionally). My first choice were berni or paul.

Previous election, I supported obama but they said other guy would win. My first choice was ran paul.

Before that, from the beginning I supported Obama.

This election, till months back, they said Trump has no chance losing and now saying, Trump would lose 90%. I think Trump would loose. He betrayed neutral voter, disrespected them. He was suppose to focus on them.

* If I know, Iran, there is 50% chance Iran would take care of Trump after he leaves the office for killing their super hero. History says. US bombed their passenger plane, Iran bombed NATO passenger plane. US killed Iranians, Iran ran over US embassy.......

* Trump humiliated China, is there any talk going behind the curtain. I am amazed why Chine still has not sanctioned Trump and Trump Business. China dont have global reach but they can destroy Trump family.

All China has to do is sanction Trump and Trump business in the first stage, then within a year, sanction all those business and individuals who does business with Trump and Trump business and then in the their stage, Sanction all those who does business with those who does business with Trump and his business. ............ then Trump goes bankrupt.
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Doctors are suffering bcoz of covid!!!

Several private hospital have closed and cutoff the payroll, even few medical colleges have not given salary in time
... Corona bhatta ta naam ko kuro ho...

There is always sum mafia in every sector enjoying the odds.. most of the doctors are sufferers!
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President Donal Trump -"Our doctors get more money if someone dies from Covid. You know that, right? I mean our doctors are very smart people.
"We report them and you know -- doctors get more money, and hospitals get more money"

Is it happening in our Nepal too ? :roll: :roll: :roll:
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We think we are body

We aren't body BUT ARE SOULS

Attaining the true nature of self which fetches every lasting bliss & happiness IS THE BIGGEST RICHES & EVEN TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS IS NOTHING IN FRONT OF IT

Donation to genuine causes is the biggest saving

Entropy (Law of thermodynamics) and Kaliyuga will prosper in further days

Let it rise faster than any stock index in world with righteousness
INVEST righteousness, discipline, perseverance in spritual sadhanas,
Get Rewarded with Ascension and let index of life hit circuit each day

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Geopolitics is changing rapidly. And I am liking it.

Its amazing, I like US and India coming together, even though its fake, and amazingly, idiot indians like it too. :D

I believe, the latest deal between India and US is close to red line for Russian. Hope, India has already crossed the read line or will cross Russina red line when when they implement in action.

During, 70s, world came together to wipe out India when India was bullying small neighbors and USSR saved them by threatening world with nukes.

Now after India crosses red line, India will be friend less.


End game of British controlled society is destroying India (also China). Today, India is threat to small southasian countries, when India is powerful (which they will never be), they will be threat to the world, mostly British and Israel since they were/are master/owner of eastindia company.

And they know. Once US or UK think tank said, when India and China becomes super power, bigger threat will come from Indian not China. They know, what India does to smaller neighbor, and they know, India will be threat to them, if they become superpower. So they wont let India become superpower.

China has already become superpower, British controlled society trying their final act and soon they will give up, then they will turn to India. Since, this time, there will be no Russia to save India.


Today, game of British controlled society is to try to start war between India and China. In doing so, they will let India do what ever they want to small south asian countries.

Scared? dont be. India and US are not the only players out there.

When India blockaded Nepal, China protested a little, Russia/Japan/UNO published soft protest and Pakistan made bigger noise. That time, India did not have that many enemies, had fine interest with countries outside south asia.

Today, they relation with China has been destroyed and with Russia, about to cross the red line of already not crossed.

So, this time if India does something stupid to Nepal or other south asian countries, response from the world will be harder.

Since, Indian and Chinese relation have soured (and relation with Russia is about to be over), one bad move with Nepal, Nepal is in a position to make tough decision that would be bad for Nepal, if Nepal and Nepalese politicians have guts, But Nepal needs to take care of Indian agents.

Bad relation between India and China/Russia is good for Nepal, if Nepal plays the right game.

India Japan relation!

Japan wants relation with India to check China. Its not like Japan likes India. No body likes India. And Japan is no stupid, they dont want bad relation with China.

Just a few weeks back, Japanese PM resigned and stated health reason. I dont think so. He resigned to make foreign policy change.

World Is changing very fast. Balance of power is shifting. Last PM of Japaned turned Japan into big vassal of US, so to change foreign policy, he resigned since they have political honesty. New PM of Japans wants good relation with south east asian countries. Meaning, they are balancing power between US and asia. They want out from being US vassal.

Lately, there is talk about QUAD, which was signed by former PM of Japan. This PM already said, they want freedom of navigation in south china sea. QUAD was to bully China. Since, he talked about Peace in south china sea while QUAD is for bullying China, Japan could leave QUAD when things get heated in south china sea. They joined QUAD cause of US bullying.

Soon, British controlled society will realize, China is already out of their hand, they will make deal with China and Japan will go for Peace and economic deal with China. and that will left India alone.

This time India would have already lost their only friend Russia.

What every is happening between India, China, Russia and US, only winner would be US who would be only one who will gain something. And that would be isolating India from China and Russia and completely making India dependent on US.

And many knows, final game of US is to break India into pieces before they become superpower. US won last long so they have to do it soon or British and Isreal will pay big in future.

So, soon US may make a deal with China and then focus on breaking India, which would be great to South asian countries too.

I am happy to see Indian and US coming together and breaking up of relation between Russia/China and India.

Ps- RAW and CIA agents in Nepal (including media and so called experts) are spreading fear about geopolitical change. Dont fall into their trap. Identify then, gather evidence and hang those dalals. Geopolitical change is good for Nepal. Last blockade, Nepal did not get support, this time if India does something stupid, we will get far greater support.

Just a few days back, one Russian media (sputnic) wrote about Nepal India relation- I only read the headline, I think it is pro Nepal and a warning to India, what happens when India crosses Russian red line.
Registered: Oct 2013
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I tried to start a trend, a very very important trend but could not.

I believe only media or foreign agency or political party can start trend.

And mor0ns who think she/he is sarbagyani, good person popularize it.

There was this trend, #notaxnoNcell

I believe it was started by either RAW to replace Ncell with another indian mobile phone which was already bankrupt or about to.


It was started by chaudary to capture their market.

Or both, since chaudary is double agent raw and cia.

Damaged goods kanda of bishal and shankar groups are 1000 times more dangerous and national threat than NCell kanda and still there is no trend related to this kanda? why?

May be cause media or cia or raw or political party is not behind the trend? Why media or political party did not or still have not started the trend?

I believe bishal group is working for RAW. Their media takes order from RAW.

विशाल ग्रुपलाई उन्मुक्ति दिन खोजिँदैछ, यसरी मिलाउँदैछ विशाल ग्रुपले सेटिङ

Tapare pakhe will sell anything for money, anything.

We talk about RAW agents in Nepal. bureaucrat, media person, politician, business person are being RAW, CIA agents.

But I think RAW, CIA not just have agents, they also run some organization (I am not talking about NGO or INGO), I think they run some media. I think some media close to Gagan thapa (Gunda turned politician) are ran by RAW, CIA.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 6636
नेपालले चीनलाई कालापानी लिजमा दिन लागेको हो ?

I was thinking similar. I was thinking Nepal should lease all the rivers in greater Nepal (our area being occupied by Indian Virus) to China for 100 year.

Now serious one-

Media were saying China has increased personnel near lepulake. What if they defeat indianvirus and station at lepulake????? China will tell, we took it from India not from Nepal. What then.

Look, China is no dumb like Indian Virus, if they go for war, they will go for a huge gain. IndianVirus are talking (more like bluffing, ego driven) about war for pride but if there is war (Which China dont want but they have been planning and planning big gain) China will go for big like they may go for freeing kasmir, take back land they have been claiming and also could take lepulake.

What plan Nepal has govt about getting back GreaterNepal?

Tapare pahke are going to destroy Nepal. There is huge change coming to world geopolitics and Nepal is being ran by pakhe and tapare and both are same. In all sector from politics to bureaucracy to media and all are corrupt.

We are so dead if Nepalese dont accept I as their dear leader.
Registered: Oct 2013
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US, India, UK, Australia have been over aggressive against China lately.

UK told Huawei, they may reconsider Huawei ban after Trump loses the election.

Australia had been the second harsh against China after India, now they have told pompeo, China is very important partner, we can no more deteriorate relation with China.

These events must have scared the hell out of India, they may have peed a little. Modi thought with backing from 5eye and NATO, they will be able to bully China, it did not even last 1 year.

After unofficially proven that Covid 19 did not start from China, Australia and India and US and UK have gone quiet.

Now, US is forcing TicToc to sell their US assets to US corporation. TicToc is in talk with microsoft. If that happens, Trump will call it a victory but this will start a flood gate which would destroy image and wealth of US in future. US will lose big in long term. China will force US companies to sell their business to Chinese by force. Musk sounds already scared.

Ignorant Indian, CIA agents may not know what is happening in international politics, they better go underground. British controlled power kept majority of the world poor and unstable for centuries. With rise of China, it is about to end. Fate of many including Nepal is about to change, dont mess us this time.
Registered: Oct 2013
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Like all idiot incompetent politicians like in Nepal, he thinks if he gets extra few month, he would be able to solve his election problems which he could not in last 3.5 year. Its like yuraj k asking for few more months to do what he ignored for his first two year or did the opposite during his first two year like reducing tax.

I think, trump has no right to extend time. He may be trying to pursue his base and party to demand or go for extending time.

Trump desperately need corona vaccine well before November election, which is not possible from western company. Only russian and chinese would have vaccine in hand by November enough for emergency use. I am sure russia and china would offer US the vaccine, but accepting it would be like being in between the rock and the hard place.

Only way Trump can be reelected is improving economy, finding vaccine well before november, and tell bernie bros that they have been cheated again, vote for third party like before and make democrats establishment pay again.

Trump could have easily got a deal with Korea, iran, china, russa, asian .... he blew them all. I think his advisers working for deep state feed his with extreme lies. Like, Koreans cant be trusted, so play hard ball.

Its amazing, during last election, they said Trump had zero chance while I thought he had high chance. Now, till few month back, Trump definitely going to win, they said, which I thought he had no chance.

I supported him last time, my thought was, either he would end never ending wars or destroy the evil empire sooner. He did not start major war, but there was always threat of war. And he almost about to accomplish the second one.

In this election, I still have not decided whom to choose. Trump is an a hole, scu bag, but hillary was a pure evil. And biden, a born killer.

Russia wants Trumb, they may give him their vaccine easily.
Registered: Mar 2018
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What does the conspiracy theory indicate ?
-President Trump sends tweet suggesting US presidential election should be delayed as states plan to use mail-in ballots
Registered: Oct 2013
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As per a nepali media, China is providing Corona Vaccine to Nepal- hope they provide 10-25 lakh vaccine, which is enough for emergency personnel from healthcare to police to retailer/transportation sector etc. Nepal needs about one crore vaccine to end corona.

I believe China can provide the vaccine in around a month.

Origin of Covid-19. As per science and math, it did not originated in China.

Science- As per study by british scientist, there are mainly three types of Covid 19. A, B and C. A came directly from mammal to human. B- Human to human, C is far different than A and close to B.

In China and east asia, very few Type A was found, and mostly found to be type B.

C was found mostly in eurpoe.

Virus mostly found in US and Australia is type A.

Math- Wuhan, the place where first virus was identified, was closed to the rest of the world in the same time, it was closed to rest of China. Till date, the first know case was found in Spain in sewage from march 2019 sample.

If it had started in, wuhan or china and authority had let virus spread for at least 9 month, 100 million chinese would have got the virus by 9 month and most in south east asia and japan and korea would have got the virus too. But that is not the case. Not many in china, outside wuhan had the virus and in south east asia and japan and korea also not many got the virus.

While US and europe, may got the virus and in US it has gone out of contorl.

In Nepal too, our early virus came from EU and gulf and later from India. We dont know a case which came from China. Same with india, they did not get any or very few from china, most of their case came from middle east and some from eurpoe.

So math proves, covid 19 did not start from China.

There is only one way, it could have started in China. If the first person got the virus and before spreading any one in China, he left china.
Registered: Oct 2013
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Russian presidents's term has been increased and Chinese president's max two fixed terms has been ended to unlimited.

I believe, those two are inter related.
Meaning something big is happening. I believe, it is for stability.

Majority of the world like Nepal had been kept poor for 100s of years by british. With the rise of China, euroasia- our bad faith will likely end if we play right.

Dont mess this change. Bureaucracy needs to be handled well and politician should have simple vision and voters be smart.

Around a year ago, I said that China is investing 400 billion dollar in Iran, now it has been disclosed by them, iranian parliament needs to approve it now.

Iran gave China their one port, than India said, if you are giving one to China, we want One too and they got one. Then US ordered India to end business with Iran and India said yes master. China kept on doing business with Iran. Today, China still controls one port and India lost their's. Every body should know their aukat.
Registered: Oct 2013
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Covid 19, 99% proven not started in China by 3 scientific and mathematical proof...... Coming soon.

My forecast about Russia is also second by world bank and IMF....... Coming soon.
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So every moron wants to become a conspiracy theorist.

Some conspiracy theory from those morons from India and red necks:

1: Corona is biological attack from China to rule over the world.

- So China detonated biological bomb in China to end old order!!!!

2: More than 2 million mobile phone went offline in China, meaning, many died.

- Every thought, may be those 2 million tourists, visitors left China!!!!!!!!!!

3: China started this virus to sell anti viral products to the world.

- And destroy other export and business of China!!!!!!!!

Those (mostly from US and India and UK and Australia), from the beginning of the corona started from making fun of china to humiliating china to now attacking/blaming china.
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Corona Virus conspiracy (origin):

Search- Maatje Benassi

Dutch- partner of east india company.

Holland, one of the first countries to send weapon to Turkey to fight syria or should I say, invasion of syria.

I have prediction that China will be the undisputed no one super power by the end of this decade. I am sure, super computer of CIA must have made similar prediction.

2020. Coincident? A lot of things are happening around the beginning of 2020 decade.

Dutch, China, US, US army, probably CIA, why they whole system tried to elect hillary ..... connections.
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Some agents in Nepal has began to spread propaganda that Modi has taken leadership in fighting corona in south asia.

Not really, Modi is bigger fraud, phony than KP Oli, but successful. Las was exposed in a year, Modi still going strong.

What Modi is trying to do is, after evil empire gave him the middle finger, Modi is trying to present himself as leader of not just india but south asia.

Problem is South asia neither trust him nor will accept Indian leadership. Great thing about south aisa is, we are great society, so being wise, we accepted the invitation of Inida when India approached. Its india who ended southasian cooperation, now wants to pretend to work together.

India is the only country in the world, who is hated by each and every neighbor.
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कोरोनाभाइरसको अनौठो संयोग, प्रभावित देशहरु अधिकांश एउटै आक्षांशमा
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I am the first one, if not the only one, who said during last US election, "Trump was also the candidate of deep state but the rebel side one". "Who has been complaining that establishment faction of the deep state has not been not doing enough".

Today, I got more info. Information due to latest development from Saudi Arabia.

Two year or so ago, many saudi royals were jailed. Today too, three are arrested. Now, they are saying, those three made a contact with CIA, working for CIA to plot a coup.

They also saying, Current king and crown prince are agents of mossad and others jailed today and in the past are CIA agents.

I said, Trump is from the rebel faction of deep state. Today, I have refined my analysis. Turned out, That rebel faction is Mossad. I knew, Trump got elected with the help of mossad. Now turned out mossad is the rebel faction of the deep state, radical faction and was not happy with CIA. MOssad is unhappy cause CIA was not doing enough. After Trump got elected, US been doing what previous CIA implant presidents did not have guts to do. Mossad is desperate.

In US politics too, is clear, majority of politicians are CIA agents, and those radicals are Mossad agents.

US is getting weaker and Israel is still not secured. Does not look like, there will be Israel in 50 year. And they have plan B too, which is creating Israel in part of current Romania.

I said, CIA will take care of Crown prince of Saudi after he arrested CIA agent princes and killing CIA agent journalist. Current attempted coup is that attempted "taking care of".

Conspiracy theorist been saying for many many years that Israel, saudi all are same, but CIA kept on making world believe that they are enemies and wants to destroy one another. And they were successful in doing that. But today, Mossad has taken control of US and middle east, and they are desperate, so they no longer feel to hide the fact and now openly joining hands. Israel and middle eastern royals are openly working together to fight Iran.

I think, this will have a blow back. Propaganda is a double edge sword. You made people hate each other, now wants them to work together, it does not work like that.

Why CIA and Mossad fighting when they both are same? Mossad is desperate. And making grave mistakes. So CIA wants to get read of Mossad agents like Trump, current Israeli PM, royals in Saudi, probably president of Turkey too. Its amazing, how turkey and Israel simultaneously attacking Syria together.

CIA has longer plan, while Mossad wants short cut and MI6, mother/master of both is confused.
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CORONA is hazardous to american foe (Eg: China and Iran). But seems it turned out to be BOOMERANG.
Registered: Oct 2013
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Is Corona more of a threat to civilized society, aka, clean society than dirty society like Nepal, India? (Temperature also plays big role).

Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 6636
The coronavirus cannot survive exposure to temperature of 26-27 C and above. It cannot survive hot climate.

If you dink hot water and expose yourself to the sun, it will do the trick.

Avoid eating ice cream and any other cold food.

Gargle with warm and salt water. This will kill the germs present in your tonsils and prevent it from migrating to your lungs.

So, soup and vapor are no longer crazy conspiracy. 8)
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Why is corona's spreading far greater in Iran than in other countries??????

Hugging, kissing, sharing food from the same plate!!!!!!!!!!!!

China learnt the lesson after the death of many many millions due to famine and joined capitalist economy.

Every time there was economic crisis in China, China became more and more capitalist.

Now, hope after corona tragedy, they have found grave flaw in communist management system too.
Instead of choosing best and the brightest, they hired communist for the management job.

just like in Nepal, where 8 classe is Pm and his dogs every where. even private sector is controlled by pakhes. Since, every where, there is pakha, they dont see problem in yuraj k.

And whole goal of the danav in staying in power is just to try to live longer. Just to live extra life, he is not just wasting billions, he looted under gun point or using tax money, he looted a kidney of a young woman.
Registered: Oct 2013
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Even better, vapor!

Vapor and soup.

More than half of those inflected have been discharged. And they still dont know the exact cure.

In Nepal too, one had inflection and he was cured too.

Chinese are using plasma from cured individuals to cure inflected.
Registered: Mar 2018
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:roll: :roll: :roll:
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 6636
Cure for Corona Virus .................................................................. Chicken soup!


You should not.

Remember, common cold (viral). During common cold, if we drink warm liquid, it is cured sooner than if we dont. And if we drink cold, common cold could turn into far worse.

People made fun when some older chinese recommend X soup to cure corona virus. I did too.

Then I remember, drinking warm liquid during common cold (viral).

Just a few weeks ago, and expert on TV was saying, it is not true that coroan virus was transmitted from bat soup. Cause corona virus die at 70C. The person who may have prepared the bat soup may have been contaminated.

I put together all info and realized, soup could cure corona virus (may be during early stage).

- Our outer human body temperature is 35C.
- Soup temperature is 80C.
- Scientist say, Virus completely die at 70C. So Virus actually may dye at 60C or less.
- My personal experience about food, water cools the fastest, tea slower than water and soup remains hot for the longest period. And even after eating soup, our body remains warm for 10/15min.
- About corona virus, scientist were saying, during winter corona lives for 15minute and during summer for 2.5min outside host. That is why, there is less common cold in warm countries. And corona is kind of a dangerous common cold/pneumonia.

- So eating soup keeps our body temperature, temperature close to our stomach and lungs are closer- higher for 10/15 minutes.
- At summer, corona lives for 2.5min. So at close to 75C it may die soon. So regular soup feeding could kill most if not all corona and rest will be killed by immune system (bacteria).

So if we eat soup regularly during early stage, may be, who knows, what .........

If soup could kill/weaken multiplication of common cold virus, why not more serious virus corona.

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