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UN Security Council to hold a meeting at the request of Russia about an allegation the United States is using chemical weapons in Ukraine.

"exactly the kind of false flag effort we have warned Russia might initiate to justify a biological or chemical weapons attack" :mrgreen:
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Pak military reported a high altitude object entered Pakistan at supersonic speed and crashed into pakistan territory .
Is it a ब्रह्मास्त्र ?
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During corona related 'wuhan lab' senate hearing in US, they called Dr.Fuchi.

(Its amazing, wanna be redneck conspiracy theorist, said, covid came from wuhan lab just cause that lab was in wuhan)

Now, when there is hearing for 'Ukraine bio lab' in their senate, they are asking question to cookie zoo.

Look, wanna be conspiracy theorist, this is how elite conspiracy theorist think- "they asked dr.fuchi about wuhan lab cause it was a scientific research bio lab, and they are asking question about 'Ukraine bio lab' to cookie zoo, cause its military/cia bio lab". Truth always leaks, just a matter of time, all you have to do is look carefully.

Russian- "US, Ukrainian and Georgian laboratories near Russian borders are implementing a project where bats are considered as carriers of bioweapons - Russian Defense Ministry."
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Some are saying its fake news.

"There are biological research facilities in Ukraine, and we fear that Russia will take control over them." - U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland at a congressional hearing

There are many bio labs US control all over the world. Most are encircling Russia, China and Iran.

One of the basic rules of conspiracy theory- Is something bad happens and there is concrete proof who is behind it, first finger should be pointed at CIA.

Timing of covid-19 says, if it is man made, it is CIA.

Saudis, UAE Refuse To Take Biden's Calls To Discuss Ukraine Situation, Talk To Putin Instead

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :lol: :lol: :lol:


Only idiots in Nepal dont see it.

Refusing US' president's call .......... O boy

Week back, when foreign ministers of most of the Gulf counties visited China together, I said "them visiting together to China means something big is happening, change is coming. It means they will deal with future even together". (this is how you do conspiracy theory.... kids) :D

(I would like to float a conspiracy theory about when Russia decided to go for their plan, why did they choose this time- soon)
Registered: Mar 2018
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Maj-Gen Vitaly Gerasimov, 41st Army chief of staff, died along with other Russian officers -BBC
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How did I find out CIA, anglo zoo created ISIS?

- After Syria protest, war broke out. CIA was able to cure generals of Syria to fight Syrian dictator. CIA was loosing the war.

Then CIA, anglo zoo started to bring in foreigner mercenary.

Those early days, fake news like CNN, BBC was motivating Muslims to join the war against the dictator. CNN, BBC and other fake news were like recruiting Muslims to fight.

They were saying how muslims all around the were going to syria to fight the dictator. How those mercenaries are trained by CIA, MI6, Turkey and funded by saudi, Qatari, UAE and provided weapons.

Then few years later, those fake news started to call those foreign fighters ISIS.

Then CIA kept on rebranding ISIS. They were dividend in many groups, Some went with US, some with turkey .....

CIA, MI6 trying to do the same in Ukraine. They have even made a video of one Nepali joining the mercenary (hope putin kills the mercenary), another promotional video was of a mercenary from Thailand.

For the first time, NATO mercenary, other mercenaries, NAZI and ISIS are openly fighting together against Russia. Anglo Zoo must be really deperate.

There is peace talk tomorrow, if it fails, Russia may flatten Kiev tomorrow night.

Then there will be another peace talk.
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If 25lakh dont hit the road with khukuri, Nepal may not Survive.

Has deuba's puppet regime blocked Russian News channel? It time for violent protest or Nepal is finished.

Russia was one of the few countries which protested indian blockade, at least in voice.

Looks like Russia has begun Economic war. Commodity and fuel price have already increased a lot and still increasing.

Wester market also crashing. Russian market crash fast while western is going to crash slowly.

Russian will recover and become greater, while, western's all over for them. China will over take. West enjoyed their no 1 position. If China becomes np1, they wont enjoy no1 benefit which they been enjoying for centuries.

From Oil alone, Russia is making more than 500million$ per day extra. And from other commodity and grains, they may be making 2 billion extra per day, which is more than 700billion$ per year. But they are providing extra discount so, they are making more than 600 billion per year.

And after expenses of war Russia could still make extra 500 billion per year.

West has confiscated 100s of billions of dollars of Russia. Russia too had confiscated 100s of billions of western wealth too. Because of this western share companies, banks will loose a lot and share holders will loose in multiple times.
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Listen from 3' onward
Registered: Oct 2013
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I had to search 'Gerasimov Doctrine' .. permanent war.

It is perfect for Russia. Permanent war means, investment in EU will suffer, high inflation, economy will suffer while Russia will keep selling their commodity to asian clients.

EU sufferings economically means revolution.

Being a big gas station, helps Russia.
Registered: Mar 2018
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The Gerasimov Doctrine is not working for Mr P in these 8 days & infact used by there opponent against them.
Registered: Oct 2013
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Ukraine War

World Vs west

Everybody knows, except for dumb and Nepalese (which is same)

Why anglo zoo promoting young, if possible woman for leadership?????

- Young means, they grew up under anglo zoo propaganda machine.

- Woman means, even easier to control their mind.

Also, woman are only face, real boss are behind. Like president of Nepal. Evil use innocent, weak looking face (some looks like wtch) to implement their evil agenda. That is why, a lot of defense minister of west are woman.

- Best latest example is, foreign minister of Germany ... totally grew up under anglo Zoo propaganda machine.

When there is war between World vs west, I know who to support, If peace is not possible. We are financing Russia by paying double price for commodity, may triple soon.
Registered: Oct 2013
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US now saying, QUAD is not a military alliance against China, just an economic alliance.

Just like MCC.

Why do they do like this, why do that say like this?

If they call it military alliance against China, the vassals state as well as people would get scared. So called it peaceful alliance, but the enemy already knows that, then slowly start bulling the enemy and when enemy responses, the hate between two countries, the hate between people of two countries would start .......... divide and rule .... anglo sh!t zoo tactics going on for ages.

Has been working in Nepal too against China.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7612
I cant believe, I started this thread to cover Cold War II On Sat Apr 07, 2018 1:27 pm

Not many know or remember, but I had followed previous US election closely. I vividly remember how the whole system (including cia, fbi) not just media also foreigner govt pushed to elect Hillary Clinton.

I said that time, all they did that was to start COLD WAR II. Even though Trump was deep state ho, but he was not insider person, so they did not trust him.

Then in last election, Biden, who most of the time, does not even realize that he is alive, won the election. Just to start Cold war II.

But too late, in 4 year a lot have changed. With in a year of Biden in the seat, Cold war II begins.

Some older post:

- Is stage being set up for COLD WAR-II ???

- Wed Apr 11, 2018 7:29 pm
England have been ruling the world for 100s of years. Directly or through proxy. Their end of rule is coming to an end
Majority of victims of England are far bigger then England and they are scared they will come for revenge.
With in 5-10 year, balance of power will sift away from England.
hey need COLD WAR- II to try to stop Russia and China.
And for the declaration of COLD WAR-II they desperately needed Hillary Clinton as US president. And that may be the reason, the whole system supported the Clinton openly. But things did not go as planned.

- Thu Apr 12, 2018 5:55 pm
Russian president Putin may have asked help from India to fight NATO and ISIS.
I dont think Putin expect India to help Russia.
Russia and China may push pakistan and Iran to start alliance

- Fri Apr 13, 2018 2:42 pm
During vetnam war, US/west were opposed by some left/hippies, and were forced to retreat.

Right usually support war.

To prevent such opposition during COLD WAR-II I believe west created may propaganda and one of them is .......

Before US election, west had been attacking Russia, by calling them enemy of LGBTQ.

I guess, this propaganda was to make sure Left hate Russia during COLD WAR-II and dont demonstrate opposing COLD WAR-II.

At present, many rights are opposing anti russia hysteria, but they believe, when COLD WAR-II starts, they will support their troops.

It seems like paid leftest in west are supporting war, but they are paid !!$! , real left base may still oppose WAR.
Registered: Mar 2018
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For your kind information , it was a merchant ship (not a battle ship) & we dont know whether it was a provoked or unprovoked action.
Registered: Oct 2017
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Russian Navy destroyed 1 ROMANIAN battleship @ Black Sea.

Will it will considered as an Attack on NATO ?? As Romania is member of NATO.

Ukraine President Zelenskyy is likely to flee in next 72 Hours to Qatar as per Intelligence Report.

Let's see what happen Next 🤔🤔
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Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7612
Ukrainian President is a zoo.

All zoos are unofficial Israeli citizen.

All Israeli citizens are unofficial dual citizen of US.

Ukrainian President, who is a zoo, is neither militarily nor diplomatically trying to protect the boundary of Ukraine.

Radicals in Ukraine are nazi.

US, UK and zoo, all they want is sanction Russia. They are just looking for a reasons to sanction Russia.

All the activity of Ukrainian president who is a zoo, all he is doing is not protecting integrity of Ukraine but only helping, creating narrative which only helps US, UK, Zoo to sanction Russia.

History could repeat!

Remember, Hitler blamed zoo for selling out Germany for personal gains before WWII.
Registered: Oct 2013
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They, We have been focusing too much on economic impact on Europe and world due to Russia Ukraine conflict.

US just warned about terrorist attack in Russia.

I think, if there is major war in Ukraine, there is highly likely, EU too will face terrorist attack.

BYE Euro trash.
Registered: Oct 2013
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Is it me or you are seeing this too.

Patrakar and neta in Nepal openly bravely anti Nepal to make foreign master happy, whose masters are CIA and RAW.

But they dont want to go anti super power Russia just to make CIA happy. Why?

Are they scared of US and Russia both?

But they are brave to express anti China view, though?

Is it cause India is not anti Russia openly, so RAW agents too dont want to be anti Russia and become a target?

Or, RAW and CIA only pumping cash against Nepal and China only, not against Russia, In Nepal?
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The Washington Post reports that the US government has informed the UN that it has 'credible information' that Russia has compiled a list of Ukrainians to 'be killed or sent to camps' after a military invasion.

So Anglo zoo planning to kill their doggo just like they been doing, just like India been doing like they did to Lendrup after they took over sikkim, just like India been doing to dalal nepali congress where maoist terrorist sheltering in delhi killed dalal nepali congress, one doggo of india killing another doggo of india.

just like replacing their doggo NC in govt by their doggo uml then replacing that doggo with their doggo maoist and again replacing their doggo with their doggo chief justice. ..........

Where can I find doggo like these.

I was wondering, what a pet dog would do, if the owner kills its puppy?????

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen says Russia could be cut off from international markets if it invades Ukraine

That has always been the plan, that is what been going on in the world for last many decades. Remember, US, no 1 super power, never goes to war alone, even against tiny army. why do you think????

Biden and Putin agree to meeting organized by Macron, to be held if Russia does not invade Ukraine.

So, Macron is just a p!mp. I thought its about Russia and Ukraine. And Ukraine is no where to be found.

US Embassy in Moscow has issued a security warning regarding possible threats in public spaces in Moscow, St. Petersburg and near border with Ukraine

Ahh, so since, now, Russia can turn this into war on terror. The war acceptable to all society with values.

Ukraine has received plane load of machine guns, rifles and surveillance equipment from Canada

They never send plane load of cash, but weapon.

But no body cared when Nepal was blockaded. Blockade cleared us, who is our friend and who is not.
Registered: Oct 2013
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Early days of East India Company (I just found out yesterday), possible, where Millennium Challenge Corporation could be heading.

During early years, one ruler of one of the countries in current indian let EIC do business in his state if their navy protects his state from Portuguese Navy.

What is so funny about that? The thing is, at that time British and Portuguese had a mutual defense pack.

Wonder, what was their next step?

- EIC offered military assistance to fight another ruler if they are let to bring in their own army?????

Same will happen with MCC, if US is not finished soon enough.

- I dont believe, in MCC contract, there is claws that says, US army can land in Nepal to protect MCC project.

But, I am sure, MCC could hire their own security, probably contractors. Then MCC will force govt of Nepal to let them have their won rifle.

That day, doggo of US will give valid reasoning- how could security protect if they are not let have guns, so Nepal should let them have guns. Some will say, if we dont let them have guns, relation between two countries will be ruined.

Then, there will be false flag operation and MCC will demand bigger force. Why no, the doggos will say.

I have seen this movie all over the world played by Anglo, zoo.

From development corporation to military corporation. It is not impossible.

US plays using two tactics- Legal and Illegal.

If US has an upper hand legally, they go legally and make world sanction Nepal.

If law, does not favor, then use freedom, democracy, anti terror.

Which human does not support freedom, democracy, anti terror.
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Ghislaine Maxwell's Family 'Fears For Her Safety' After Epstein "Pimp" Jean-Luc Brunel Found Hanged

"Video cameras were not running at the time (Brunel) died in the cell he shared with another inmate"

(All happened in France, vassal. Future of Nepal if MCC is passed)

Just like the time Epstein hung himself.

No wonder, dalals in Nepal are so scared....... Whole of dalal congress, politicians, bureaucrats, media .....

Dalals, drank CIA's red label, now they will pay with their life.

Remember, Epstein was mossad and Maxwell is MI6.

Do you think, cockroaches in Nepal has any value???

Media in Nepal dont cover these news. They know and dont want to get Epsteined.

MCC is the CIA house.

If MCC enters Nepal, Nepal police, probably generals will be doing the hanging for CIA of Nepalese.
Registered: Oct 2013
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Another huge risk of mRNA being circulated.

Excess use of mRNA could destroy natural immunity. mRNA force our body to produce anti body, which could destroy natural immunity.

That could be one of the reason for cancer. Our cells are replaced regularly. That cell which is suppose to die does not die, becomes Cancer. Meaning, weak immunity.

Every time, dalal of CIA becomes PM, instead of Nepal getting benefit, its US that takes from Nepal.

अमेरिकाले फेरि भन्यो- एमसीसी अनुमोदन नभए सम्बन्ध पुनर्विचार हुन्छ, वैदेशिक सहायता पनि प्रभावित हुन्छ
- so no more support for criminals, corrupts bureaucracy, politician
- so no more financing so called human right agents whose job is to protect criminals, dons, terrorists
- so no more financing of terrorist cells
- so, you will be supporting Nepal when India blockades
US donates 150 million to Nepal and its CIA budget could be 1 billion dollar.

- Nepal should join China, Russia gang.
- In Nepal, they talk about how, we used to donated rice to south korea 50 year back.
- By the end of this decade, we shall be talking, how Nepal sent rice to Afghanistan 10 year back, now we get donation from Afghanistan. Thanks to the help from China to Afghanistan.

US been super rich for last 100-200 year. Even after Nepal been semi vassal of US, Nepal always remained sh!t hole. Its time to build alliance with China. Let's see, what will happen in 25 year.

We dont want to meet the fate of Ukraine...... Byeeee
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CIA, RAW created Human Right agents/agency in Nepal(and world).

When some opposed it, its supporters in Nepal called it authoritarian . Why govt is scared of human right agents/agency?

CIA also threatened Nepal of sanction if they are not let open the agency, threatened when Nepal tried to close it.

It was just a human right organization. What harm could it do? We used to think.

Later, now, those HR agents never say anything, when human right of public is in question. HR agents say nothing when dons extort public. But when police takes care of those dons, then those HR agents start to bark.

Now we have found out why? those HR agents are created to protect criminals/dons so that someday they would take over society and maintain chaos. Today, those dons have become elected govt officials, elected major party officials. Now guess, where they would take Nepal.

With the protection from those HR agents, Maoist came this far, so were terrorist in south.

Today we are talking about MCC. Its just a development corporation. Why should we have problem with it?

HR agents did what they were created for. MCC is far more dangerous. It is walking like East India corporation. It is talking like East India Corporation. It looks like East India Corporation.

As per CIA media:

U.S. Aims to Thwart China's Plan for Atlantic Base in Africa
An American delegation wants to convince Equatorial Guinea against giving Beijing a launchpad in waters the U.S. considers its backyard

Africa is backyard...... think million times before passing MCC.

If I were Equatorial Guinea, I would demand China, if they want Navy base, they have to build air base too.

An American delegation went to E Guinea. Some delegation came to Nepal for MCC too. But non came during the blockade.
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"Medicine is poison"

You only take medicine when disease is far worst than the medicine.

Death rate from 3,4 stages cancer is close to 100%. Year or two ago, in this forum, I said, they have invented treatment for cancer that uses gene therapy. I think, that treatment is mrna.

MRNA treatment must be very powerful and risky.

Now, they giving mRNA vaccine to fight corona. It is said, almost all must have got corona and probably at least twice. So let's say 7 billion into 2 is 14 billion have already govt corona. And total death is less than 6 million. Which is .00043%.

So they are using mRNA technology to treat corona whose death rate is .00043% using technology which will soon be used to treat the disease, whose death rate is close to 100%.

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