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How USAID is funding and training an online media empire in Sri Lanka. Thread

1. Roar Media is an online media organization in Sri Lanka with 1.2M visitors to their website and 10.9M social reach

2. According to Roar, some of their investors are IREX and Google news

3. According to IREX, they are funded by the following organizations including USAID, US State Department, Open Society and Ford Foundations, and Millennium Challenge Corporation (supposed counter to BRI in Europe, Asia & Pacific including Sri Lanka)

4. IREX also has a journalistic training program in Sri Lanka called MEND supported by USAID, which Roar, according to their own website received a grant from

5. Roar has published several articles criticizing China's influence in Sri Lanka in the past, including an article where they falsely claim the Hambantota Port lease was a debt/equity swap.

6. Roar's editor in chief Roel Raymond has played a crucial role in Sri Lanka's regime change protests, by using her Twitter presence to support them and to rally people against the leaders.

7. These are some of her many tweets about the protests.

8. Roel Raymond can be seen with the USAID funded IREX team in the image below

9. Almost 2 months after the first riots/protests in Sri Lanka broke out, Roel Raymond was invited to meet the US ambassador

MCC has appeared in the coup.
In Nepal too, may media personality and youth (wanna be civil society), those who get prize from CIA regularly meet with ambassador from west.

Almost all media in Nepal is controlled by CIA/RAW, I think they have introduced new social media too in Nepal like- Factcheckers, Routine of Nepal bandha, hamropatro, pathao etc.

This is why" Wealth of owners/promoters of BFIs, insurance, media should be investigated, its source, where investment came from, their expenses, their domestic and international link, their activities- to protect national security as well as economy.
Registered: Oct 2013
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Let's analyze how CIA been funding, controlling media in srilanka just like in Nepal.

How USAID, NED and NATO fund Sri Lanka's "Fact Checkers". Thread:

1. WatchDog is Sri Lanka's one of the most popular fact checkers.

2. WatchDog's CEO Yudhanjaya Wijeratne, has played an active role in Sri Lanka's regime change protests through his online presence

3. Watchdog lists the following organizations as their partners/funders. Some of them are NATO, OCCRP and IREX. Let's find out who's behind OCCRP and IREX

4. IREX lists USAID as their partner for their local media training program (MEND). IREX is also supported by Open Society Foundation, Ford Foundation and several other key organizations

5. OCCRP is funded by the following organizations including US State Department, NED, Open Society Foundations, Rockefeller Borthers Fund

6. Almost two months after the first unrest, Watchdog's CEO Yudhanjaya met US ambassador.

It looks like, Srilanka has a lot more CIA presence than in Nepal. Seems like, they had been planning coup and economic hit for a long time.

Almost all media in Nepal is controlled by CIA/RAW, I think they have introduced new social media too in Nepal like- Factcheckers, Routine of Nepal bandha, hamropatro, pathao etc.

The owner from hamropatro seems like a CIA agent
who been meeting politicians and bureaucrats to influence them.

Since older media are exposed and hated, CIA seems to have introduced new ones like I mentioned.

Be careful of those new social medias too.
Registered: Oct 2013
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Real Lesson for Nepal from Srilanka: (not those propaganda spread by dalal media)

How NED produces Pro-IMF and Anti-China propaganda content in Sri Lanka through local Youtubers. Thread:

1. On April 18th 2022, a prominent Youtuber in Sri Lanka who usually produces comedy skits, shared a video that addresses Sri Lanka's economic crisis.

2. The skit pulls at your heartstrings, and portrays China and India as predatorial loan sharks, despite collectively owning less than 12% of the country's national debt, while the majority is owned by the west.

3. The video ends hinting at the importance of an IMF program

4. One of the video's sponsors is Verite Research, a local think tank with a research team consisting of ex employees of western financial institutions, and is funded by none other than NED

5. As disclosed by the NED in Feb 2022, NED granted them $75000

6. The video gained over 1 million views, Sri Lanka's population is only 22 million.

7. On May 25, after several protests and riots, and a month after the video had been published, the Youtubers in question were invited to the US embassy to meet the ambassador

(Since they have money and power but dumb, they play same plot. In Nepal, they been circulating ''Chinese debt trap'' for a long time now. And other anti- chinese and russian propaganda)
Registered: Oct 2013
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Since you said paam- it has got to be gupta and son. Since its gupta and son's it has to be big and crook and with connection in the south, also who needs to hide a lot of money.

since chaudhary has already sent a lot of money over seas, so the one who hide money in other's name and has to sent it to south is nica or shankar (since they are new super rich in nepal).
Registered: Oct 2017
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Which Business House in Nepal is on the Step towards becoming the Anil Ambani of Nepal ?? 🤔🤔

Ko Hola ?? Any Guesses ??

Reply Paam.
Registered: Oct 2013
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Where debt came from? In Nepal, yuraj k (cia agent) pushed for it, during his time, I read in a paper, during last few year, debt in Nepal increased by a lot.

Organic farming- I have been hearing lately, it was pushed by americans. american push gmo, chemical fertilizers all over the world but in srilanka they pushed organic- meaning another economic hit.

""""""NEPAL is too on the Wrong Path, Mega Budget Size but not backed by Revenue."""""

- Dont say these things in Public, if you care for Nepal. If you put these in the mind of politicians and bureaucrats, they will try to increase revenue by increasing tax, instead of increasing economy.

In Nepal, high tax is one of the reasons, our product cant compete.

PashupatiNath is indeed very powerful.
Registered: Oct 2017
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Due to Covid Sri Lanka Tourism Sector was Bombed which was one of the Major Source of Foreign Currency Inflow.

Which resulted in Lower Forex Reserve and due to Low Forex Reserve they cannot make Scheduled Intrest Re-payment on Short Term Debts which were in Foreign Currency, which degraded their Credit Rating which resulted in No inflow of Foreign Investment in Country but infact outflow of Foreign Investment.

Sri Lanka aimed to become the Organic Food Bowl of the world and thus destroyed all Agricultural Land which were Non-Organic based into Organic based Land. Crops grown on Organic Land gave far lower Production of foods compared to Non-Organic based Land, which resulted in the Food Crisis.

To mitigate the food Crisis they started importing more foods from Other Countries for which payment need to be made in Foreign Currency, Which further resulted in a strong Decline in their Foreign Reserve.

The Devaluation of the Lankan Rupee against $$ due to crisis resulted in further Stronger out flow of the Foreign Currency by 80+% for the same Commodidity import due to devaluation of the Lankan Rupee.

At Last the Goverement Declared itself Bankrupt as they could make Re-payment.

Moral of the Storey : Sri Lanka had a Long Term Vision but was backed by Short term Financing only.

NEPAL is too on the Wrong Path, Mega Budget Size but not backed by Revenue.

Due to Blessing of Pashupati Nath we are Still running despite all Hanky Panky Act of Desh Chaluani Thekedars.

Enjoy the Monsoon Rain !!
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7508
Srilanka was an economic hit:

(Everything know about economic hit on srilanka till now- could be facts or conspiracy)

- Bombing on tourism industry: It could be by CIA. Srilanka depends on tourism for foreign currency. Srilanka is close to China. China and srilank attacked (increased attack) around 2019 at the same time. Today's crisis is foreign currency driven.

- Debt trap: More than 80% of debt of srilanka is controlled by CIA using western banks, world bank, adb, imf, japan etc. Only 10% comes from China.

In the social media, they are saying, IMF bailed out Srilanka 16 times. Could be lies? or true. Or just IMF gave srilanka loan 16 times.

CIA made yuraj k finance minister in Nepal. During his 2.5 years all he did was trying to push MCC and borrow money from CIA. DEBT trap- CIA way of hitting country economically. CIA guy pushing for CIA loan.

Same could have happened in srilanka.

- Organic farming: We been hearing about one of the problem srilanka facing is food crisis driven by organic farming. Turned out It was pushed by CIA.

(I support Organic farming, but I would study for 10 year till it is fully implemented, unlike srilanka which pushed in a year cause CIA told them)

Remember, All over the world, CIA push GMO, chemical fertilizers while they pushed Organic farming.

This is one of the clear proof that Srilanka is an economic hit of CIA going on for decades.

- Black money in the west: I thought current srilankan politicians are pro China. Turned out they are working with everybody. And their Children are in West.

Just like in the world, CIA helps criminals, corrupt to loot the country and hide money in the west... so that they could destroy that country economically and control politicians and bureaucracy and business communisty.

Same happened in Srilanka too.

(These are the only four information I got about srilankan, economic hit by CIA, till now. I will add when I find more.)
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7508
Dumb educated people are the dumbest. They are the easiest to fool and mind control. Control the media, you get to control them.
When Trump was calling 'CNN' fake news, those dumb must have tried to cross verify fake news they heard from CNN, by following other source too, then they must have heard same news in other channel. Which lead them to believe that Trump was lying.

It could not get into their mind that all news media and well as other media are fake and controlled by same force.

Till around 15 year back, I was one of them. I used to see west as leader of democracy and freedom and rule of law and human right. I used to hear conspiracy against west, and I too used to think those people were nuts.

After maoist came into power, there used to be ethnic based violent demonstration. They were sponsored by west. Those days, I used to ask - Nepal is democratic country, majority wants democracy, freedom and why do west sponsored such ethnic based violent demonstration?

Then I began to study about west and international as well as domestic politics. In a very short time I found out a lot of truth. I also found that west controls everything. They are involved in micro management.

I was already critical thinker that time. As soon as I found out, west controls everything and involved in micro management, I ask- how is it possible?

Soon I realized, British been ruling for 300 years, and US took over from them. So in span of 300 year, they are able to control everything.

(This is how I questioned my own finding and fount the truth too. Unlike other educated dumbs who are stubborn.)

In 2019 was the peak of US/west/cia/mi6 going after China. They must be going after China lot before. That time, they wanted to create problem using HongKong.

Same year, there was a bombing in Srilanka- tourist spot. We dont see Srilanka for radical muslim and bombing since they defeated tamil tiger.

Srilanka has close relation with China and tourism is the main source of foreign currency and economy.

CIA's thinkin/strategy is 'taking out a domino'.

There is high chance that CIA could be behind that bombing of tourism spot in Srilanka on 2019, to destroy Srilanka which is close to China- by destroy their economy and source of foreign currency.

Today, main economic problem of Srilanka is foriegn currency. Other economic problem began due to the lack of foreign currency.

Even the latest coup in Srilanka happened when they were talking to Russia for assistance.


Too many coincidences.
Registered: Oct 2013
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At least nine women were given a date-rape drug at an invite-only event attended by Chancellor Olaf Scholz and MPs, his Social Democratic Party (SDP) said Saturday

- Why this hit piece in AFP news? Why do they want to get read of Germany Chancellor? Is it cause he is not doing enough for Ukraine or he is not able to stop war which is destroying their economy??
Registered: Oct 2013
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I have been taking about(conspiracy):
-British(anglo) turned local war into world war.
-Anglozoo rule

Basis of my theories are just a few- germany superiority of their technology, british- jealousy, cunning, race, evil nature, personality etc.
Only fact involved was- british had nothing to do with the war, and still just did not fought, the expanded it.

this is a long video, but watch it in detail.

This proves that my conspiracy theory about WWI is very accurate.

- also proves, how dumb white americans are, small minority in US are anglo and rest are european and still they been loyal to anglo. Like I have been saying- control media, control 99%.

- deep state

- never ending war

- anglozoo behind all war

- anglozoo always play dirty and always put their people in right place

- do you know, all presidents in US are anti war during election.

- its amazing, those who are in payroll in Nepal are so anti race, but they are getting paid by pro race (anglozoo also indian).
Registered: Mar 2018
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Through the process of APOPTOSIS cells in our body dies on itself. It just requires some signal.
There are lot of things which can help to expedite such process, either through modern medicine or by using our traditional medicines.
Registered: Oct 2013
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"David Icke" one of the greatest Conspiracy theorist.

A lot of theories he said turning out to be true.

But there is one theory he said, which his hater use and laugh at is "Royal of Britain are lizard people". I think, he said they came from, probably, moon.

When I heard it at first, I thought, he said it as comparatively like we use term like bokshi. It's not really a bokshi but the person who destroy other people by sucking their life. You know what I mean.

I only hate people when that person cross the red line, just cause we dont agree in many does not mean, I stop respecting that person.

Then during covid I got to learn a lot about Virus.

When germs enter out body they lay egg. Then the hatchling eats our body and grow. But, virus does not work like that.

When Virus enter our body, it enters our cell or its tentacles enters out cell and orders out cell to become similar virus.

Its like, our cell become completely different organism that can function or survive on their own. Its like, there is total transformation of one organism or part of one organism into completely different organism.

Its like shapeshifter, we seen in movie.

So could "Royal of Britain really be lizard people".

Now let's come to the real thing I want to talk about.

Human science made a huge progress during last 100 or 200 years. What will the people of 1000 year in future be doing or what will they find new.

Could the understanding of Virus change science for good or something more evil.

Will human be able to create shapeshifter when human be able to understand Virus?

There was in news, that said, there is a tablet that can cure some form of cancer. But the problem is it cost 20k per table and 80k for cure.

So, will the understanding of virus in future, would we be able to order cancer cell to commit suicide.

Future science, Virus science for medial use as well as crating shapeshifter. Or end of the humanity.

And it is said, Virus is the reason behind complex organisms' existence on the earth. Virus is behind the evolution.
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How is Kp Oli going to top this?

may be just like banks do with 4/12, may be govt should let indians write an application that they are nepal and get nepali citizenship from delhi.

VOTE VOTE cities needs to vote them out, villagers are ho, they sell nepal for 2 thousand.
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बालुवाटारमा सत्तागठबन्धनमा आबद्ध पाँच राजनीतिक दलहरु नागरिकता विधेयकलाई लिएर छलफलमा जुटे । स्थानीय तहको निर्वाचनमा देखिएका कमि कमजोरीलाई आगामी चुनावमा सच्याउने प्रतिबद्धतासहित नागरिकता विधेयक प्रस्तुत गरेर मधेशका जनताको थप मन जित्न आवश्यक पहल गर्ने
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They are happy that Trump will be back in twitter after musk takes over.

Trump is the same guy who demanded, forced censorship on others.

I support freedom of everyone, but its funny when red necks are targeted using the law they pushed themselves, using their own values.

I have been hoping for red neck to be in power in US when US is officially finished. Looks like they are going to be in power after election. Probably Trump, even better. Cause they are the evil- since the beginning and they think they are the superior one, reality is the are one of the three dumb races and mercenary for deep state since ever till now or just yesterday (now, deep state wants to replace red neck mercenary with gay and others) (deep state been jumping from one county to another, now they dont want to jump any more, they want to change the demography of the country they are controlling, that is why red neck has become the target). (as an outsider, lets enjoy the show)

If trump wins, he will humiliate euro trash.
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One state of current India gave commercial right to East India Company in exchange for British Navy to protect that state from Portuguese Navy. After that, we know what East India Company did to india.

Today, Modi has invited anglo zoo back to India to fight China. ........

Some in social media say, history does not repeat, it rhymes.

How conflict between India and China accelerate?
- China is a super power, India is powerful. You dont send heavy weapons to the border.

We all know, modi like to act tough guy, in reality, he is a gay but act tough infront of weak and weak infront of tough. And he though with the backing of NATO, he is tough infront of China.

I think, before he acted tough before China, me met politicians from anglo zoo background. That could be when they offered help and motivated to act tough against China.

First thing Modi did was sent bramhos missile, their best missile (i dont think, important part of that missile was made my india) to the border, then China too upgraded their presence. then India changed law of kasmir- china and pakistan warned but india ignored them, then started conflict.
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tell you a secret ......

as far as I understand EU and NATO ...........

Ukraine is more likely to be accepted by NATO than EU (that does not mean, NATO would accept Ukraine).

I am just waiting for the day, months or a year or two after Ukraine war is over, I would like to see how those who are currently hyper actively supporting Ukraine, will be treating Ukraine.

Remember, SadhamHussen was NATO's guy, then NATO killed him.
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The US secretly told Zelensky that Ukraine wouldn't be accepted to NATO.

Despite this, Zelensky told Germany on 2/18 that Ukraine wouldn't commit to neutrality.

These 2 things can only be true if Zelensky wittingly sold out Ukraine to the deep state to be used as cannon fodder.

So the question is, is the clown taking order from CIA or Nazi or both?
Registered: Oct 2013
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Before the war, there were more than 100 thousand Russian troops circling the Ukraine. Just with that one clue, the intelligence suppose to say, or all intelligence would say, there is a high chance Russia would invade Ukraine..... and I believe he did say that.

And timing is that, he resigned next day his men got killed by Russian while trying to flee the area Russian was about to take over............ he had almost a month to resign, and which date he chooses ...

So, which would be the reason?????

This is the news, ho media in Nepal dont report to please their master and this news is about a south asian country .......

"""""""""""" Pakistani PM ImranKhan said that he has received threats from Washington due to his rejection of establishing US military bases in Pakistan.

He said he refuses to resign from his position, stressing that he will not kneel for any entity, nor will he allow his people to.""""""""""

Wonder when ho media will bark about press freedom.

We need to take care of 10000 if we are to save Nepal.

Its amazing, they have guts to publish anti china infrastructure grant. I suggest China should start doing what US and India been doing, start to hang..

and this from an idiot: घट्दो विप्रेषण तथा तरलताको समस्याबाट उन्मुक्ति पाउन गुणस्तरीय लगानी भित्र्याउनुपर्नेमा प्रधानमन्त्रीको जोड ..... how is it even related ...... its not like, them money entering and existing are same.

यसपाली भारत भ्रमणमा प्रधानमन्त्री देउवा भाजपा कार्यालयमा पनि जाने- remember, you have not thanked for the blockade.

!@$!#@$ joitingre
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Failure is d/t capable I institution like DRM being sidelined by France's powerful foreign intelligence service.
To hide owns failure, news such as " Vladimir Putin feels his military leaders misled him about Ukraine, declassified intelligence shows (from CNBC)" is floating nowadays
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Of course, the one been running the show.

In US, inflation is huge. More like hyper inflation- healthcare, college, military budget etc ...... cause of strong dollar, only import is cheap. After $ loose its rule, import will become expensive too and US may crash to Brazil level if there is no civil war, if there is civil war then ......

Hope Indian currency gets strong, hope it gets stronger, may be 25IC to 1 dollar. For the sake of Nepal.

They are building new financial system, parallel to western/us one. And west wont be able to blackmail the world easily.

Something you wont hear from fake news:

Further sources indicate the presence of two France intelligence DGSE operatives (both said to be dead) on board the crashed helicopter. This would explain Macron's desperate please to Putin as of late to organize a French-led evacuation from Mariupol

With respect to the 2nd chopper shot down, it fell several kilometres off the coast of Mariupol, in the Azov sea. The location is currently being investigated.

Sources indicate that, at Azovstal, a group totaling 20-of US (American) & UK (British) military advisors of Azov defenders, as well as several UK SBU (Ukraineian secrete police) advisors-is holed up, together with Azov fighters. They were too late to evacuate.

And today the resignation of the head of the General Directorate of Military Intelligence of France, General Eric Vido, was announced. What a strange coincidence.
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India-Russia explore a rupee-rouble payment scheme to bypass war.

Russian companies and banks are turning to China's currency as the doors to the U.S. dollar-based global financial system slam shut due to sanctions.

Who is going to suffer the most ?
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US is already exporting every drop of its gas and almost none to spare for europe. US can supply maximum 10% of the russian export to europe.

China knows how to make profit in every circumstances. चोर पे चकारी :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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Trump: Trade war is easy to win.
China: YES

China buying double the volume of gas from Russia at heavily discounted rate and reselling gas to EU which China been buying from US, which China was forced to buy during trade deal with Trump.

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