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Conspiracy Theory

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Why is corona's spreading far greater in Iran than in other countries??????

Hugging, kissing, sharing food from the same plate!!!!!!!!!!!!

China learnt the lesson after the death of many many millions due to famine and joined capitalist economy.

Every time there was economic crisis in China, China became more and more capitalist.

Now, hope after corona tragedy, they have found grave flaw in communist management system too.
Instead of choosing best and the brightest, they hired communist for the management job.

just like in Nepal, where 8 classe is Pm and his dogs every where. even private sector is controlled by pakhes. Since, every where, there is pakha, they dont see problem in yuraj k.

And whole goal of the danav in staying in power is just to try to live longer. Just to live extra life, he is not just wasting billions, he looted under gun point or using tax money, he looted a kidney of a young woman.
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Even better, vapor!

Vapor and soup.

More than half of those inflected have been discharged. And they still dont know the exact cure.

In Nepal too, one had inflection and he was cured too.

Chinese are using plasma from cured individuals to cure inflected.
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:roll: :roll: :roll:
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Cure for Corona Virus .................................................................. Chicken soup!


You should not.

Remember, common cold (viral). During common cold, if we drink warm liquid, it is cured sooner than if we dont. And if we drink cold, common cold could turn into far worse.

People made fun when some older chinese recommend X soup to cure corona virus. I did too.

Then I remember, drinking warm liquid during common cold (viral).

Just a few weeks ago, and expert on TV was saying, it is not true that coroan virus was transmitted from bat soup. Cause corona virus die at 70C. The person who may have prepared the bat soup may have been contaminated.

I put together all info and realized, soup could cure corona virus (may be during early stage).

- Our outer human body temperature is 35C.
- Soup temperature is 80C.
- Scientist say, Virus completely die at 70C. So Virus actually may dye at 60C or less.
- My personal experience about food, water cools the fastest, tea slower than water and soup remains hot for the longest period. And even after eating soup, our body remains warm for 10/15min.
- About corona virus, scientist were saying, during winter corona lives for 15minute and during summer for 2.5min outside host. That is why, there is less common cold in warm countries. And corona is kind of a dangerous common cold/pneumonia.

- So eating soup keeps our body temperature, temperature close to our stomach and lungs are closer- higher for 10/15 minutes.
- At summer, corona lives for 2.5min. So at close to 75C it may die soon. So regular soup feeding could kill most if not all corona and rest will be killed by immune system (bacteria).

So if we eat soup regularly during early stage, may be, who knows, what .........

If soup could kill/weaken multiplication of common cold virus, why not more serious virus corona.
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I knew/thought semi meaning of MCC

M- Millennium
C- ?
C- Challenge

Turned out its Millennium Challenge Corporation.

Wonder """""' East India Company """""".

East India Company had its won law, army.

What happens after transmission line is complete? Will it be handed over to Nepal or ..... ???

Does Nepal has to take permission to build just the transmission with India or all project from MCC?????

US law is activated in the transmission line or MCC or MCC projects?

I heard, we need to take permission to build transmission with india. Since, it will be connected with Indian transmission line, it sound OK to me. Without Indian agreeing, it will be a waste. But after finding out MCC is a corporation (came to Nepal to make India happy), my curiosity has increased.

Does transmission line needs to follow US law or wish of the govt OR the Whole MCC. Can we kick out MCC when we wish????? After finding out MCC is a corporation, I want to know more........

........ since I read about East India Company. And I still believe East India Company is alive and I believe it controls majority of US multinational corporations from banking to weapon industry to food industry to healthcare and education and media.
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Plane crash in Afghanistan,

News was passenger jet went down, but the company denies.

Some say, it was US military plane carrying army and CIA and taliban calms it was them.

Looks like, Iran handed over anti aircraft which they captured in Syria belonging to US/Isreal/France/UK, which ISIS had been using against Russian, Syrian plane to Taliban.

We gonna find out in a month.
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अर्थशास्त्री बनर्जी भन्छन्, 'यदि भारतमा हुन्थे भने नोबेल पुरस्कार मिल्दैनथ्याे'

for #$$%% sake, shut the #$%% up

You got the Nobel prize as per Indo-pacific strategy.

Obama (who gave permission to INDIA to blockade NEPAL) started Asia pivot which later refined/expanded into Indo Pacific strategy...... since then Indian individuals are being shown in the lime light on bigger screen and Nepalese in tiny screen.
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Before accepting MCC, know the following.

- What has US been doing for last 2 decade in the world. And for last 50 year.

- Iraq ordered US troops to leave Iraq but instead, threatened to kill Iraq PM, MPs.

- US just threatened Iraq with repeating Ukraine in Iraq- Where CIA killed both the protesters(organized by CIA) and govt security force with snipers and blamed it on security force.
Imagine, what Could CIA do in Nepal where majority in bureaucracy, Police, civil society, politicians are corrupt and CIA agents.

- US killed Iranian general who was invited by Iraq in peace dialogue inside Iraq. Now Iraq is buying anti air from Russia and China.

- US had been sole economic super power for decades, and not just ignore more than 100 countries like Nepal, but made sure those countries remain poor and always in conflict. Now, by the end of this decade, US will no longer be no.1 economy, but has potential to fall into economic and social chaos. Do we want to get close with that country which is about to die and getting close to that country would spook soon to be undisputed economic and military super power.

- By the end of this decade, China will be the no.1 economic power and military power. Nepal can get, if we want 50 billion dollar from china in a decade. Should we give importance to 50 billion or 500 million.

- Srilanka too delaying accepting MCC.
Registered: Oct 2013
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If jet in Iran was not downed by missile .................... then ...... we gonna have to ask ........... Could Boeing have kill switch???????????????
Registered: Oct 2013
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'We had Clinton, we had everything': ABC's 'Epstein coverup' exposed by 'p***ed' news anchor in Project Veritas leak
Registered: Oct 2013
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'Hanging does not cause these broken bones': Epstein's injuries more consistent with homicide, noted pathologist says
Registered: Oct 2013
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एमसिसी कार्यान्वयन गर्न सहमति, भारतको मञ्जुरीपछि मात्रै अमेरिकी सहयोग

few days ago, gay boy of US embassy was saying, they wont accept foreign interference in Nepal. :mrgreen:

I want to make it clear to all fellow Nepalese.

British ruled the world for 200\300 hundred years. It is still continuing, through US. Deep state in US is english master and jews. During, I think second world war- british and jews made a deal to use Americans. And the result of that is what have been happening ever since.

Jews control money in many western countries, and British intelligence work together to control many sector from multinational corporation, banking, research, military industrial complex, university, intelligence and almost everything in the western world- especially US (5 Eye), and through mainly US, british still ruling the world from behind.

What I meant to say is, British been ruling the world for last 200/300 hundred years, and during this period, most of the countries like Nepal stayed poor and unstable. British made sure, countries like Nepal remain poor and unstable.

Now, China is growing rapidly. And China and Russia have joined hand to counter British rule.

Nepal should not miss this opportunity. If we are to become rich. Dont make mistake now. China should be no 1 alley what ever the political there may be in Nepal. China should be no.1.

Never forget.

we should wash away sati ko sarap.
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राष्ट्र बैंकले निकाल्यो गुरु नानकको सम्मानमा सिक्का

I have been saying, bureaucrats related to economy working for CIA, RAW that is why they are destroying by causing liquidity crisis, interest rate crisis, share market crisis......... and now yuraj k by increasing tax, tightening economic policy.

Pakhes dont know, CIA destroy country by destroying their economy by destroying share market, banking sector etc. NRB, bureaucracy, yuraj k all helping them.

In the world, its economy (mostly) leads to revolution. And prachanda now realized people are angry, but he is too dumb to see its cause mainly due to economy and 80% credit goes to yuraj k.... but prachanda instead says GDP is growing at 7%, history repeating- before great depression US president said same. Before millions died due to famine in USSR, mao's china, they must have said every thing is all right, just like prachanda and yuraj k are saying. And KP Oli does not even know people are angry. He is still in singapore vacation hangover.


I have been telling, India needs to join BRI of China or if there is war between US and China, whole ocean will be blocked.

Merely Houthi attacking Saudi with a handful of missiles caused supply problem to India, just wonder what will happen if there is war between China and US or even full scale war between India and Pakistan.


Trump threatening to delist Chinese companies from US share market. (look how important share market is, yuraj k and KP Oli).

But trump is too dumb. What if they delist them, its US investors who will loose, what will chinese listed company loose, nothing.

And China will be happy if he delist them. China is trying to make chinese company list their share in China. Cause of international law, and if China bans chinese company from listing outside china, world wont trust china, so china cant prevent chinese company go to public outside china, which china wants by the way to force them to list in china cause of importance of wealth and helping their people to invest in business.

And Trump just helped Chinese govt in their goal of making Chinese company list their shares inside China.

Threat is enough for others to work on counter majors. And our biddwan yuraj k and other commie have been threatening people even before this govt is formed. Now, there is economic problem and govt still has not noticed it.

And still he is called biddwan.

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Every proxy war is backed by GIANTS. US is behind saudi arabia and who is going to back iran ? Duration of the war depend on answer of this question.
Since hypersonic defense system has over-ride the previous conventional weaponry, those country who've mastered HYPERSONIC TECHNOLOGY is going to win upcoming war front. US is way behind to master this technology.
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Houthi attack on Saudi Oil.

Has changed the mentality of war against not just Houthi but also Iran.

Isreal, Saudi and US must be scared now.

I used to think, if there is was with Iran, millions will die in very short time. I used to think, with in a few hour, Iran will fire 10s of thousands of missiles into US bases and destroy them with in hours and Iran will be destroyed within hours too.

And US/Nato will be sending reinforcement and Iran will go for gurilla war with the help of China, RUssia which will go for years.

But, After Houthi attack, whole dynamics of war has changed.

Turned out, Iran does have technology to go for precision attack with cheap weapons. Even worst, cheap technology turned out to be difficult to detect by 100s of billions of invested weapon of US. US has technology in the ground, air, sea, space in the middle east and non were able to detect the attack.

In my view, this is how Houthi were able to inflict damage. They fired long range low quality, cheap drones and cruse missiles towards target. And there were helpers on the ground who were correcting the flight of those drones.

Cause it was cheap and low quality, they were either sending signals in short distance or just receiving signals. So US tech were not able to intercept the signals. And cause it was drones and cruse so they were flying low so radar were not able to detect them.

Those weapons must have their target saved inside, but only get help in correcting the path from locals.

Longer the war goes, Iran, Russia, China will be testing cheap weapons in yeman war and find out the weakness of the US technology. Saudi, US better start negotiation with Houthi and end the war.

Since, Iran has low quality, cheap long range precision weapon, Iran wont be needing to use all its missiles at once to destroy target, Iran can fight conventional war against US for a long time. So now, US gonna have to think more than before before attacking Iran.

Now, Israel should thing twice before they attack syria and lebnon and gaza.

US use same technique too. Laser guided weapons too do get help from local. Now Iran is using probably without laser weapon but guided one. But far cheaper but equally devastating but being low grade, its hard to intercept.

Cause its low quality, its may not run smoothly but fast which will be hard to intercept by anti defense system.

Nepal should get those technology too.

Hope, they talk and end middle east problem.
Registered: Mar 2018
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US has "reason to believe that we know" who is responsible for an attack on a Saudi Arabian oil field and the country is "locked and loaded depending on verification" following the crippling strike.
If such theory is in there mind, definitely massive scale PROXY WAR in middle east between two superpower (??) is next in the card.
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Trump is saying, China wants to talk about trade war. Looks like, China is about to make a move in HongKong.

Hongkong crisis, turned out, its mainly about Christianity. No wonder CIA trying to convert people like in Nepal into Christianity.
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Fake news in Nepal copy paste every worthless news in the west or in south.

But, regarding assisted suicide of Epstein, they hardly made a news. This case is the biggest story of 21 century. After western war crime, this case involves most number of rich and powerful and still this is not the case important for media in Nepal.

Media in Nepal publish worthless news of west, but ignoring this???? Why???
Are all of them in payroll of CIA or they know, what their western master wants and what their western masters dont tolerate????

Remember in Brazil......... former president was accused of taking a flat worth a couple of million US$ as bribe. Neither it was in his name or any proof of him taking it personally (I dont know if he took the bribe or not... but there is no concrete proof) but that was all over the news in Brazil and that accusation was enough to prevent him from taking part in the election and judiciary in Brazil was also under the control of CIA.

And then, western puppet wins the election. (Prachanda must be saying, I personally took 100s of millions of dollar as bribe and no law is touching him, but in Brazil, ex president is in all kind of trouble in the name of taking just 2 million dollar worth of apartment, which has no concrete proof).

What I meant to say is, are we and is Nepal are in danger from CIA controlled fake news in Nepal. This is serous, people. If you care even a little about Nepal, you better think really hard.

One more conspiracy theory about Epstein: If he is not killed, could CIA, Mossad told him to kill himself in exchange for the safety of his girl friend???

In other news, प्रचण्डले थाले परामर्श : सिटौला, माधव र वामदेवसँग छलफल

Has KP Oli's doctor already given him the date?????????? Could all clean self employed Nepalese start to become happy, positive again ??/
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BREAKING: Alleged "camera malfunction" last night at MCC where Jeffrey Epstein was locked up.
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BREAKING: Jeffrey #Epstein has committed #suicide in his cell


So this thread, "Conspiracy Theory" is no longer a thread started by a lunatic, or it still is??????? :mrgreen:

This is the biggest proof to those who have a little thing or bigger inside their skull.

Important: Almost everyone knew, there will be (assisted) suicide by Epstein, he had illegal business with head of states, prince, intelligence agents, business man, big political donors --- and many unknown powerful individuals............. which made him the biggest witness and one of the biggest criminal of the 21 century.

And still they did not provide him with security or look out .......... do I have to ask why???? its Crystal clear!

He was suppose to have a look out like in DMG border.

Two was suppose to he looking at him 24/7, then another two looking at those two looking at him 24/7 and another two looking at those who are looking at those who are looking at him 24/7.

How evil the evil empire. Remember, Obama, clintons were their candidates and all those who won election during last few decades.

End the evil empire, save the world.

Its amazing, fake news never covered this story. which was suppose to be covered 24/7. for days and continuously covered.

After this murder, will red neck still vote for those whom deep state told them to vote for???????

I did said a few weeks ago, whites in US are the dumbest of whites in the world.

Just like Nepal, its people who voted in criminals in US too.

Then, somebody may ask, how come US is so developed then.

There comes the saying, some body said, "US is accidental super power".
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US China Trade war:

The most accurate prediction with latest data added to previous prediction and some correction.

US export to China: 150billion
China export to US: 500billion

Money from a lot of Chinese export to US goes to part exporting third countries and US companies. Real revenue China may get from 500billion could be just 200-300 billion. And few 100 billions from US manufacturer in China through export to third countries.

Most of US export to China is the revenue of US. And US companies makes other 100s of billions from Chinese market and Chinese manufacturer too.

So let's say, if there is Zero business between US and China, both will loose 500 billion each.

In the Case, US stock market will collapse, capital market/credit market will collapse. Cost of doing business, inflation will increase too. There will be chain effect in US.

But, credit market in China will have lesser impact and all the money lost due to trade war, China will recover by selling 5G technology to the world.

When there is full scale trade war, it will impact world trade, So China may loose another few 100 billion. But, China has 3 trillion dollar worth of foreign treasury and cash. Enough to maintain 5+% growth for more than a decade. Till then, China's economy would double.

China could replace loss with 5G technology export+ use foreign holdings. But US would not be able to replace loss from China revenue.

This is how China will win the trade war.


US govt got no money (but have few trillion investment outside US). US corporation have around 2 trillion investment out side US.

Chinese govt has 3 trillion foreign reserve. China is the largest gold mining country who has banned export of Gold. I think Chinese govt owned banks must have been accumulating trillions of worth of gold. Chinese have invested few trillion outside China. Chinese company may have few trillions inside and outside too.

Here again, China has upper hand.
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The U.S. Might Sanction China's Largest Oil Company

I hope so.

Every time US sanctions China or Russia, I am happy. Cause I believe it would bring them even closer.

China and Russia getting closer would bring world peace. Their closer would help end never ending war and invading by evil empire. I no 1 foreign policy agenda is world peace and end of never ending war.

After China, Russia master over know how regarding major technology like aviation, (semi conductor is already achieved, healthcare is where US is undisputed lord) ....... other countries will join too. Today, other countries are scared of US sanction. After 2025, when Russia, China will become technological super power, New world order will rise.

I believe, US sanctioning Chinese Oil company will force Oil powers to sell Oli to china in Yuan, and bring end of $ very close.
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LOL! Hope you not going insane because of share maket.
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Unconfirmed report came:

Russia building two navy bases, including nuclear submarine base and one air force base in Iran. If true, US will be kicked out of Asia with in a decade or two.

Probably, US threat of using NUKE made the mind of Iran. Russia had been pushing for it.

Now, Iran will be protected by Nuke from NUKE and S400 in three bases. No one will be able to attack Iran now. Iran is not syria who is surrounded by enemies and two weak neighbors.

US does realized that soon Eurasia be fully protected by S400 in all side controlled by Russia.

NATO in the door step of Russia and attacking of Yugoslavia changed Russia army.

Attacking of Libya changed Russian foreign policy.

Iran is powerful country and this will be the biggest foreign base of Russia. And in war, russia will be helped by Iran, Pakistan and Indian Navy and Chinese airforce. This military base will give Russia moral and strategic boost.

This could increase the russian army's power by 20%. And make Iran top 10 military power with in 10 year and top 10 economic power within 15 year.

Now, China and russia and India will heavily invest in Iran.

India does not want chinese navy in indian ocean, may be that is one reason, russia navy is there to protect chinese interest.

New world order is coming in out life time with in a decade. If the news is true.

Next stop will be Russian and Chinese navy in africa.

S400- covers total air defense.

S500- includes space.

S600 (if i were the designer)- would cover lunching pad of all kind of air attack with multiple drones.
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Jeffrey Epstein found 'injured & semiconscious' with suspicious marks on neck in jail cell

he had any any help?? :mrgreen:

somebody sent him help :mrgreen:

mossad may be :mrgreen:

Mon Jul 08, 2019 8:59 pm

PS- He may face with untimely death.

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