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US has "reason to believe that we know" who is responsible for an attack on a Saudi Arabian oil field and the country is "locked and loaded depending on verification" following the crippling strike.
If such theory is in there mind, definitely massive scale PROXY WAR in middle east between two superpower (??) is next in the card.
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Trump is saying, China wants to talk about trade war. Looks like, China is about to make a move in HongKong.

Hongkong crisis, turned out, its mainly about Christianity. No wonder CIA trying to convert people like in Nepal into Christianity.
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Fake news in Nepal copy paste every worthless news in the west or in south.

But, regarding assisted suicide of Epstein, they hardly made a news. This case is the biggest story of 21 century. After western war crime, this case involves most number of rich and powerful and still this is not the case important for media in Nepal.

Media in Nepal publish worthless news of west, but ignoring this???? Why???
Are all of them in payroll of CIA or they know, what their western master wants and what their western masters dont tolerate????

Remember in Brazil......... former president was accused of taking a flat worth a couple of million US$ as bribe. Neither it was in his name or any proof of him taking it personally (I dont know if he took the bribe or not... but there is no concrete proof) but that was all over the news in Brazil and that accusation was enough to prevent him from taking part in the election and judiciary in Brazil was also under the control of CIA.

And then, western puppet wins the election. (Prachanda must be saying, I personally took 100s of millions of dollar as bribe and no law is touching him, but in Brazil, ex president is in all kind of trouble in the name of taking just 2 million dollar worth of apartment, which has no concrete proof).

What I meant to say is, are we and is Nepal are in danger from CIA controlled fake news in Nepal. This is serous, people. If you care even a little about Nepal, you better think really hard.

One more conspiracy theory about Epstein: If he is not killed, could CIA, Mossad told him to kill himself in exchange for the safety of his girl friend???

In other news, प्रचण्डले थाले परामर्श : सिटौला, माधव र वामदेवसँग छलफल

Has KP Oli's doctor already given him the date?????????? Could all clean self employed Nepalese start to become happy, positive again ??/
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BREAKING: Alleged "camera malfunction" last night at MCC where Jeffrey Epstein was locked up.
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BREAKING: Jeffrey #Epstein has committed #suicide in his cell


So this thread, "Conspiracy Theory" is no longer a thread started by a lunatic, or it still is??????? :mrgreen:

This is the biggest proof to those who have a little thing or bigger inside their skull.

Important: Almost everyone knew, there will be (assisted) suicide by Epstein, he had illegal business with head of states, prince, intelligence agents, business man, big political donors --- and many unknown powerful individuals............. which made him the biggest witness and one of the biggest criminal of the 21 century.

And still they did not provide him with security or look out .......... do I have to ask why???? its Crystal clear!

He was suppose to have a look out like in DMG border.

Two was suppose to he looking at him 24/7, then another two looking at those two looking at him 24/7 and another two looking at those who are looking at those who are looking at him 24/7.

How evil the evil empire. Remember, Obama, clintons were their candidates and all those who won election during last few decades.

End the evil empire, save the world.

Its amazing, fake news never covered this story. which was suppose to be covered 24/7. for days and continuously covered.

After this murder, will red neck still vote for those whom deep state told them to vote for???????

I did said a few weeks ago, whites in US are the dumbest of whites in the world.

Just like Nepal, its people who voted in criminals in US too.

Then, somebody may ask, how come US is so developed then.

There comes the saying, some body said, "US is accidental super power".
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US China Trade war:

The most accurate prediction with latest data added to previous prediction and some correction.

US export to China: 150billion
China export to US: 500billion

Money from a lot of Chinese export to US goes to part exporting third countries and US companies. Real revenue China may get from 500billion could be just 200-300 billion. And few 100 billions from US manufacturer in China through export to third countries.

Most of US export to China is the revenue of US. And US companies makes other 100s of billions from Chinese market and Chinese manufacturer too.

So let's say, if there is Zero business between US and China, both will loose 500 billion each.

In the Case, US stock market will collapse, capital market/credit market will collapse. Cost of doing business, inflation will increase too. There will be chain effect in US.

But, credit market in China will have lesser impact and all the money lost due to trade war, China will recover by selling 5G technology to the world.

When there is full scale trade war, it will impact world trade, So China may loose another few 100 billion. But, China has 3 trillion dollar worth of foreign treasury and cash. Enough to maintain 5+% growth for more than a decade. Till then, China's economy would double.

China could replace loss with 5G technology export+ use foreign holdings. But US would not be able to replace loss from China revenue.

This is how China will win the trade war.


US govt got no money (but have few trillion investment outside US). US corporation have around 2 trillion investment out side US.

Chinese govt has 3 trillion foreign reserve. China is the largest gold mining country who has banned export of Gold. I think Chinese govt owned banks must have been accumulating trillions of worth of gold. Chinese have invested few trillion outside China. Chinese company may have few trillions inside and outside too.

Here again, China has upper hand.
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The U.S. Might Sanction China's Largest Oil Company

I hope so.

Every time US sanctions China or Russia, I am happy. Cause I believe it would bring them even closer.

China and Russia getting closer would bring world peace. Their closer would help end never ending war and invading by evil empire. I no 1 foreign policy agenda is world peace and end of never ending war.

After China, Russia master over know how regarding major technology like aviation, (semi conductor is already achieved, healthcare is where US is undisputed lord) ....... other countries will join too. Today, other countries are scared of US sanction. After 2025, when Russia, China will become technological super power, New world order will rise.

I believe, US sanctioning Chinese Oil company will force Oil powers to sell Oli to china in Yuan, and bring end of $ very close.
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LOL! Hope you not going insane because of share maket.
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Unconfirmed report came:

Russia building two navy bases, including nuclear submarine base and one air force base in Iran. If true, US will be kicked out of Asia with in a decade or two.

Probably, US threat of using NUKE made the mind of Iran. Russia had been pushing for it.

Now, Iran will be protected by Nuke from NUKE and S400 in three bases. No one will be able to attack Iran now. Iran is not syria who is surrounded by enemies and two weak neighbors.

US does realized that soon Eurasia be fully protected by S400 in all side controlled by Russia.

NATO in the door step of Russia and attacking of Yugoslavia changed Russia army.

Attacking of Libya changed Russian foreign policy.

Iran is powerful country and this will be the biggest foreign base of Russia. And in war, russia will be helped by Iran, Pakistan and Indian Navy and Chinese airforce. This military base will give Russia moral and strategic boost.

This could increase the russian army's power by 20%. And make Iran top 10 military power with in 10 year and top 10 economic power within 15 year.

Now, China and russia and India will heavily invest in Iran.

India does not want chinese navy in indian ocean, may be that is one reason, russia navy is there to protect chinese interest.

New world order is coming in out life time with in a decade. If the news is true.

Next stop will be Russian and Chinese navy in africa.

S400- covers total air defense.

S500- includes space.

S600 (if i were the designer)- would cover lunching pad of all kind of air attack with multiple drones.
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Jeffrey Epstein found 'injured & semiconscious' with suspicious marks on neck in jail cell

he had any any help?? :mrgreen:

somebody sent him help :mrgreen:

mossad may be :mrgreen:

Mon Jul 08, 2019 8:59 pm

PS- He may face with untimely death.
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Russia China have begun joint military patrolling.

This is huge.

US must have peed a little in their pants.

I believe, Russia had been Pressing China for military alliance for long. But China had been pushing it away, probably till 2025, the date for China to master all important technology.

But today, China is ready, may be cause they are close to achieving mastery over those technology and they must be really angry with US for selling weapon to Taiwan.

Now, they can make US/NATO pack their bags from Asia and the middle east as they wish, or else........

If other countries like Pakistan, Iran, Turkey etc join their joint patrolling........

Never ending war of evil empire should end .............. one way or another.
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Evil empire is crumbling from inside and outside.

U.S. financier Epstein lured underage girls to his mansions for sex act: prosecutors

This guy has close relationship with majority of rich and powerful in US Like Trump and Clintons who attended his acts.

Conspiracy Theory: Politicians like Trump, Clintons are blackmailed and used as pawn by luring them into unsocial act and document/film evidence.

Isreal is blackmailing Trump not Russia. (Russia may have hacked into evidence too, including China).

Trump has crossed many international values for Isreal. If you closely study his face during meeting with Isreali president during those time, Trump does not even look a little bit pleased when he was with Isreali president. Why, he did all that cause of backmailing.

Then, why is he behave like he is friendly to Putin even when his actions are anti Russia, while his fake news has been spreading his fake collusion with Russia? Its diversion to real collusion.

Conspiracy Theory: Epstein is Mossad agent. And there are many like him.

PS- He may face with untimely death.
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Another example, every thing in west is conspiracy and propaganda, even so called data, world rankings etc.


Divorce rates per 100 marriages.

Portugal: 69
Denmark: 56
Spain: 56
Finland: 55.4
France: 55
Belgium: 52.7
Netherlands: 51.2
Italy: 48.7
Norway: 42
UK: 41.7
Germany: 40.8
Hungary: 37.7
Austria: 35.5
Poland: 32.8
Greece: 22.2

(I believe above figure is real and cant be manipulated)

Then there is another figures which may not have been manipulated- which is "ranking of those countries whose citizens take depression pills". In that ranking too most of the western country tops the list, who also top divorce rate.

Then there is another ranking: Most happy people's list. Which is I think is propaganda, manipulation by CIA.

Most of those countries which are in the highest ranking of most happy people list are also ranked top in divorce rate as well as highest depression pills taker.

How come those who take a lot of depression pills and who divorce a lot are the most happy people?????

Dont tell me, it's depression pill's work????

Wonder they were happy while divorcing and they divorced cause they were over happily married? And the children of those divorced parents are happy too (who are citizen of that country)????

I think, so called happy list, freedom list are all fake. To make US look good, cause, majority of those topping good list always support US and UK in international arena.

US is good cause US are supported by civilized countries. Is the propaganda. Every bomb US drop is good.
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US Per capita income is above 60K$
China's 10K$

Both countries official employment rare is very low. But US says its unemployed rate is above 3% while only 120million is employed in 300 million. In those 300 million let's say, 1000 million are old and children so it makes 80 million unemployed. which is like 80/200= 40% unemployed.

And poverty rate is far more in US than in China.

China is still in mid level developing country, I think their economy will keep on growing till their economy doubles or triples.

Debt: Both countries has huge debt. But US has more and US is matured economy while China is mid level developing country.

So, when Chinese work to fulfill their dream, their economy will grow easily. While US is matured economy with huge debt so one trigger, they could go into recession and if there is trade war for long, it could go into depression.

This time, their depression will end the evil empire unlike in the past. Cause, in the past depression, there was no completion or rival. This time, there is China.

Something, fake expert/biddwan and also yuraj k should learn from history of US depression. (I think, since they are kuwa ko bhaguto and only see as far as India and India did not have this history to learn from)........

Some where I read, probably in 1931s, there was a great depression in US. It would had been just recession, but, due to hardship of recession, their govt increased tax and potential just recession fell into great depression.

In Nepal too, when govt needed more revenue, needed to create job, needed to develop, our biddwan increased tax instead of decreasing it to push economy and create job. Today, TAX growth is what it used to happen 20%, but till the end of this fiscal year, it will fall below 20%. 20% tax growth used to be automatic growth, when govt used to be sleeping. Today, yuraj k increased tax and tough implementation of it and this time it will fall below automatic growth level.

And fake experts praised him in the early months, but not today........

Relation between tax and growth.... learn from the world, India is not the world.
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यी मुलुकको प्रती व्यक्ति आए पनि बढिनै होलानि देशमा बेरोजगारि पनि कमै होला ,अझ व्यापार घाटा हाम्रो जस्तो नहोला ।
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After US bans Huawei, Huawei says, it has already got Chip production line. And they have been preparing for this ban for years.

Since, korea and china will be ruling mobile phone business, many US companies will go bankrupt.

Before this, US had control over four sectors in the world- chip, aviation, healthcare and hollywood.

Now Chip is gone.

Russia and China are jointly working on aviation sector and intend to produce before 2025, so it will be gone too. Russia already says, it is about to use domestic engine in mid sized planes.

Before four sectors, US used to rule over computers, cars, electronics and many others.

Since, China is the leader in 5G, they army must already be using 6G. Looks like US will be humiliated when they face china in south china sea or taiwan.

Chinese military may be using 6G in communication, technology, missile guidance, AI.

US army with 4G in missile guidance, AI, communication who will they compete with 6G?

China regularly display majestic synchronized drone, what if they can do he same with missile and AI with 6G.

New world Order is coming.

If there is no Chinese Rail, we are doomed.

Huawei knew and already been preparing their domestic supply line. May be that is the reason, they never tried to enter US market or US vassals to remain low key.

Now curtain has fallen. Tables have turned.

Now if you dont used Chinese technology, you are the one who will lag behind.

Not joining BRI will destroy India. Cause that will be the only transportation remain when there is war between US and China. All sea lane will be blocked. Only BRI will connect asia, europe and africa. More than 85% of world population.
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After war on Free Press regarding Assange, some people aging began to talk about UK being puppet of US.

Which is wrong in my View.

My conspiracy, US is controlled by master of England, and through US they control UK institutions.

They Use on another's institutions to control each other. That includes 5 eye Plus Isreal.

Now question is, Why the master able to control white americans but not english public?

That's cause of the inferior gene pool of white americans. White americans are dumbest of the whites since their ancestors were criminals, unwanted Europeans kicked out by europe. That is why, most of the offspring of early illegal alien white americans are today nothing more than a coal mine worker and military.

In RussiaGate conspiracy: even after more than two year long 24/7 propaganda, lies no body in fake news, fake comedy show and politics and bureaucracy got fired. Even though there is a huge embarrassment, humiliation. Why?

Cause, it was ordered by puppet master :roll:
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appears to imply that the president's son-in-law may be extorting the nation of Qatar.

It all started back in April of 2017, after Jared Kushner's father, Charles Kushner, met with the Qatari finance minister at the St. Regis Hotel in New York City.

"Charles Kushner asked for $1 billion according to someone in that meeting, to whom I have spoken. The Qataris turned Charles Kushner down because the deal was a bad deal,"

The deal she is talking about was in regards to a building owned by Kushner Properties located at 666 5th Ave. At the time, the company was headed towards a foreclosure of the property as a balloon payment came due in January of 2019. According to some sources, the revenue from the building only covered approximately 50% of the mortgage payment.

"What I have learned is that in the ensuing month [May 2017] before the US visit to Riyadh, Jared Kushner got on a plane and flew to Doha, the Qatari capital, and he reamed the Qatari ruling family, the al-Thanis, for not doing the deal with his father... They began to feel that he was indirectly threatening their sovereignty. The next thing they know, when they show up to the summit in Riyadh, the Emir, the ruler of Qatar, arrives with an entourage, but his entourage is suddenly cut off from him, and not allowed into the summit at the same time by the Saudis, which he felt was a move to deliberately make him look weak, You have to remember during this summit, Jared and Ivanka go off for a cozy secret unmonitored dinner with [Saudi Crown Prince] MBS. Nobody knows what they talked about,"

Just ten days later, against the advice of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Secretary of Defense James Mattis, the United States supported the Saudi and UAE-led blockade of Qatar. On June 6, 2017 President Trump shockingly supported the blockade of a key US ally in the region, forcing many within his own Administration and the GOP to question the move publicly.

"What the Qataris found was not just a blockade. There were Saudi [and] Emerati troops on their border,

"What they interpreted this as, was Jared Kushner basically saying, 'if you don't pay my father and pay off this building, look what's going to happen. We're going to, I'm going to, the Americans are going to sanction an invasion of your country.' Sources in the State Department say, yes, it's true; troops were on the border,"

Nine months later, a Canadian company, Brookfield Partners, who the Qatari Investment Authority owns a $1.8 billion or 9% stake in, bailed out Kushner Properties, with a 99-year lease agreement for 666 5th Ave.

They do a 99-year lease and they pay the entire 99-year lease up front. You don't need to be good at math, you don't need to be in the New York real estate community to understand how crazy that is,"

Around this same time, President Trump publicly shifts course, no longer supporting the blockade,


Nothing new, Countries other than England and Isreal pay US politicians, bureaucrats, Intelligence agents, generals, media persons though companies outside US.

But, Like I said before, England and Isreal bribe US politicians, bureaucrats, Intelligence agents, generals, media persons etc through companies inside US- like- banks, multinational companies, military industrial complex, pharmacy, media house even universities.

And called those company EASTINDIA COMPANY.

Its true EASTINDIA COMPANY is alive and kicking and their head quarters are in US and western europe and Scandinavian countries.

EastIndia company totally controls US politician, intelligence agency, top bureaucrats (actually they implant top bureaucrats), celebrity, journalist etc.

Those who oppose will be censored, jailed, image destroyed using media.

They even have controlled hardcore conservative Christians working for them to control radical Christina crowd. That is why even when conservative crowd talk about opposing deep state but those red neck always support deep state agenda.

Remember I said, Trump is the candidate of radical faction of deep state.

To find the proof about what I am saying, go find out who has been paying Obama and his family with millions. Who give them millions in the name of book deal.

US is totally controlled by their enemy from master of England and Isreal that is why life of americans is expendable. Just like life of sunni muslims too is expendable cause their leader also work for master of England and Isreal.

The main reason, US army is so lethal cause their army's life is expendable. Countries like Russia, China cant send their military like US has been sending their army for war.

Vietnam war was suppose to be of France.
Japan, Iran was suppose to be of England.

WWI, WWII was suppose to be of England.
But some how, US took over them and they lost far more life than England and France in Vietnam and Japan cause US has been controlled by their enemy and they are expendable.

And still, white trash think they are superior. Its amazing, its their master who made them think they are superior.

But more and more radical white is realizing it. And their master is scared. Their master knows this cause they controll social media which help them in knowing what radical whites are thinking. That is why they are promoting gays, muslims in the west to create army to fight radical white using AI.
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URGENT: US preparing for complete military withdrawal from Syria

This is why I supported Trump. knowing he is a scum b. Either he would end never ending wars or destroy evil empire sooner.

Koreans talk also progressing well.

World Peace
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Educated fool are saying RIP bush.

Do they even know who bush is?

He is one of the evil, some say, he implanted future war seed in middle easy- probably increased army bases in the middle east for future planned war.

He grouped women. But you wont hear from paid feminist why, cause his master finance those ngo, ingo.

He lied about first gulf war. He aired fake propaganda video about Iraqi army killing kuwaiti babies to gather public support for war.

among US presidents, after jimmy carter, trump must be the least violent among president till date.

current arrest of chinese cfo by canada- deep state must be behind it. Trump may not knew earlier
. and to derail deal between trump and china.

If I were chinese, I would arrest all managers from canada in china working for big corporation who supply to army fighting all over the world-------- and try them for war crime. Including fake news reporters.
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राष्ट्र बैंक अर्थमन्त्रालयको पछाडि दौडिएको मुद्रा कोषको आरोप, बैकको खराव कर्जामा शंका

- Does IMF know, Bfis demand 2/3 times collateral from borrower. Highest/worst in the world, that is why NPL is low. Those who donot/cant pay back are sasura/joi.

विदेशी बैंकबाट ऋण ल्याएर लगानी गर्ने नीतिगत ब्यवस्थाप्रति पनि टोलीले खुसी ब्यक्त गरेको थियो|

- First of all Nepal needs capital whether it is from domestic or foreign.

- Some of jobs of IMF, world bank, adb are to promote dollar, maintain dollar monopoly, push dollar etc.
- One of demand of US with China in ongoing trade war is- US wants China to open up their financial sector so that US could lend Chinese with $ loan so that every time US wants to punish China, US could crash Yuan just like they are doing in Turkey, India, Argentina, brazil etc.

- A lot of cash is outside the system like govt revenue, CCD ratio. It pathetic, govt/NRB dont have brain to utilize them.

#Trump hopes to bring end to arms race with #Russia & #China

- I did support Trump over hillary. My thinking was, either Trump would end never ending wars or destroy evil empire sooner than others.

I am getting what I wanted from him. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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Explosive New Report Says CIA Has Taped Recording Of Saudi Crown Prince Ordering Jamal Khashoggi's Killing

What I said before:
Saudi evil clown price will loose his post and if does not leave for US or eu, he will get killed in future too.


Take my warning/words seriously. Fire yuraj k before Nepal's economy is in serious trouble. Thanks to him, well off person like me is already poor.
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Now I am 50% clear about what happened in US election- Trump, Russiagate.

Russiagate garbage is just to hide real treason of Trump.

Trump's master was behind everything who are also master of both party and Hillary clinton. And They are inside Hillary Clinton's election team. Who convinced her to change their tactic during election.

Trump's election was outside chance which Puppet master took. And succeed.

In US, puppet master had been using censorship, total media blockade of candidates who are outsider, from getting elected. But in the case of Trump, their agent convinced Hillary and co. to give full coverage of Trump, 24/7, but totally Negative.

And he won.

The real gate is Isrealgate .

Iran sanction, soft approach to saudi all behind is Isreal. Trump bid higher than Hillary or should I say, sold US at lower price than Hillar.
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so called educated class/well informed class in Nepal think they know every thing in this world. They think they follow real NATO news.

They believe hilly clinton is very poplar person and idol of civilized world.


US midterm.

Wonder why clinton did not go to or was not invited to election champion. :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:
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PE ratio of PRVU is 8.

Katai, logne ko prvu ko share hatar hatar beche ra swasni poilo jana lage ta haina.

I demand, NEPSE to block payment of seller of PRVU till investigation is complete :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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