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US, Japan and Philippines have signed military agreement. If China does nothing- Australia, UK, France, Canada, Newzealand will join.

What could China, Russia, Iran, N Korea do????

Do a lot with a little pain???

1st: Military base- China should build navy base in north of N Korea and a couple of navy base in far east of Russia. China should also build air defense base in Russia and N korea. And Missile base in N korea.

Russia and N korea could build Navy base and air defense base and air base in south China.

2nd: Start 'Arms' race- II'- China should immediately increase their defense budget to 1trillion$, Russia- 150billion$ and Iran-75billion$. That would be- 5% of China's GDP, 7.5% of Russian GDP and 5% of Iran's GDP. They can easily do it with just a little pain.

And to counter the arm's race started by free world- NATO would have to increase their offence budget to 5/6trillion$ (Or even 10 trillion. Remember- It cost US around 15 trillion to build an aircraft carrier while China/Russia would build it in 2/3 billion.. US-3trillion$ and EU- 2/3tillion$.

For US current 900billion$ offence budget is already too much ... and US debt is about to explode. If they try to even increase to 1.2Trillion, US economy would collapse. And EU economy is already collapsing.

Before Ukraine war, Germany used to be the most healthy and strong economy in NATO and still they could not spend 100billion for offence. There is no way, they could spend 500billion$ for army today. UK's army already collapsing. They will explode if they try to spend 250billion$.

So to break NATO like USSR and to scare their vassals like India/Philippines/Japan/S Korea .... Free world should start 'Arm's race-II'.
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"""I"""s prediction about Maoist:

2081 is going to be the final year of PM, Finance Minister, probably Hydro Minister, Probably Home Minister from Maoist.

They should thank their failed/totally, miserably failed Finance ministers- Baburam, Janardan Sharma, Mahara, Barsa Man Pun and also Prachanda.

Maoist and all their ministers have been curse to Nepal, especially all- PMs, Finance Ministers (also huge curse but lesser than PM and FM are -Water resource Ministers and Information ministers, Home Ministers).
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"""I"""" believe, west's last hope to stay as economic power is devaluation of their currency.

Their days of staying as only economic power is long gone.

West/US been sanctioning China to slowdown Chinese economic progress. Now, they are telling China to bring down the production capacity.

If they go for sanction, west will meet the fate of USSR.

Only hope is devalue currency, up to 50-75%. But their time is running out.

How long do they have the window of last hope???

- Until they have technological edge in some technology. Longer they take, erode will their technology and wont be able to revive.
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""""I"""" would like to change my past analysis about Ukraine war.

First, I thought, Ukraine war wont happen cause France, Germany wont let that happen, and Russia did not want war too. Cause, this war would destroy EU economy.

Now, I believe, Germany and France were involved in sucking Russia into Ukraine war. All those visit by Germany and France to Russia were "Germany/France and US/UK playing good cop/bad cop".

Cause, If they were really against war, even after war stated, after certain point, they would have stopped it. But they did not. And Germany would have left the war after Northern Stream bombing. But they did not.

I believe, Germany were involved/agreed in Northern Stream bombing. They could not do it themselves cause it would have huge political ramification for them.

During last 2 year of war, they tried to change narrative many times.

- First, US was the boss in the war.

- Then, it was EU's war and US is just supporting.

- Then, it was Ukraine's war and they are the final decision maker and others are just helping.

- Then, west was against war but Ukraine was not keen to stop it. Zelenskey making every country support him.

- Then, West dumping Clown Zelenskey.

- Then, again, West supporting Zelenskey.

- Now, France acting tough guy and US against it.

Everything narrative is false/fake, except for the first one: "US was the boss in the war" ,,,,,,,,,, ""I"'s final analysis.
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""I"" propose 'River to the sea 2032'.

Remember: When a pet dog kills a baby- 'The dog is killed and the owner is jailed'.

Moscow massacre. They are saying- the killers are from central asia, CIA fake news saying- they are ISIS. Now it is clear- CIA, MI6, Mossad, NATO, 5Eye, Ukraine are behind the massacre.

And remember, ISIS was created by CIA, Mossad, MI6, middle eastern dictators to overthrow Syrian government. Since then, they have used ISIS in many countries including Afghanistan. It's like, Every country zionist hate gets call from ISIS.

How to conduct investigation??? Follow the money, training, propaganda which go an for years. They say- around 20 are involved. So, this means, the gang have active member of few hundred members.

To recruit few hundred members, you have to lure 10s of thousands of potential candidate. You have to brain wash society. You have to create many NGOs. You need propaganda eco system. You have to take care of family members of those involved in suicide mission. Meaning- 100s are directly involved and billions of $ has to be invested.

And those money could come from fake individual investors to NGOs like NED, USaid, Soros, Amnesty International, British Red Cross, Equal Rights Trust, Oxfam, .....

It's not easy to hide the links.

How to respond????

When a pet dog kills a baby- 'The dog is killed and the owner is jailed'.

WWIII in Central africa to free Palestine 'from River to the sea'.

Russia, China, Iran and many other countries should build big army base, army, weapon manufacturing whose aim is to free Palestine in 2032. And drag NATO into WWIII.

Build army in Central Africa and through- Somalia and Sudan as access to the sea. Also in Yemen. Russia, China need to build in Africa and middle east.

'The dog is killed and the owner is jailed'. Any African countries who become proxy of NATO should be eradicated.

As soon as war starts- Russia should wipe out Baltic and Scandinavian.

And China should attack- Philippines and probably Japan. Remember, Japan most of the time in history been proxy of whites against China. It's time to silence the dog once and forever.

China should start training 250million population for war with proxies- Japan, Philippines and small army from NATO.

When a pet dog kills a baby- 'The dog is killed and the owner is jailed' ----- It's time to kill NATO's dogs like ISIS, Baltic, Ukraine, Philippines, Scandinavian etc.

The rest of the world should declare 'Zionist the biggest terrorist'.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7507
This week may be the week central banks stepped away from strict inflation targets: Mohamed El-Erian

""""I""" 'SECOND TO GOD' have been saying for last 2/3 year- "You dont use Monetary Policy to bring down inflation created by Supply side".

Now, after 2/3 year, some American expert is saying that.

Which means, ""I"" am not just 2/3 year early, in some case decade, than Nepal but the entire world.

SECOND TO GOD did not become SECOND TO GOD by comparing himself with buddies, SECOND TO GOD compared himself with the world's best and SECOND TO GOD found out, he has no competition.

Following SECOND TO GOD would save you not just 2/3/10 year, it saves humanity, life too.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7507
Another great accidental prediction by """I""'.


Wed Mar 06, 2024 2:43 pm (

Finance minister Pun has 2 weeks to give big result in:

- Businesses and Investors' confidence should be back.
- Loan discernment growth should be at least 25%
- NEPSE bounce back should be 25% within


FM Pun wasted 2 week and confidence of investors have begun to fall down. Maoist have lost all political point they won during first week- which they won cause this govt and FM Pun and PM wanted to improve collapsed economy and share market.

While NIP (swatantra party) have scored missive political points after their minister made one after another good decisions within two week.

Soon, UML will start to lose political point IF FM Pun cant produce result in a few days. They better pressure Pun and Prachanda.

May be this is why: Maoist are dying party while NIP is rising party. There is no match between the ability of politicians from those two party.

Even though, NIP dont have any competent politicians, but they want to achieve something, while, Pun already wasted 2 week, Prachanda has wasted 1 year. Their former FM sharma destroyed economy and share market.

"""I"""s prediction related to above:

Now, Maoist minister will try to copy NIP and make one after another decision and those decision will turn out to be bad ones like starting 'corona insurance at 100Rs'. And people will laugh at them, get angry at them.
Registered: Oct 2013
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They 'Gaza Genocide accomplices' talk about China invading Taiwan.

"""I""" see higher chance of China-Philippines war than Taiwan thingie.

Make Philippines Gaza!

Like India, Philippines have been slave of one or another power during almost entire history of human civilization. And they love it.

Like Prostitute dont free themselves, they only change master, I say, it's China's turn.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7507
""""I"""s prediction about FM Pun (50:50 chance):

My calculation/prediction about how Finance minister Pun could waste another 6-12 month without delivering anything (unless he change the tempo):

* He has already wasted 2 week. It has clearly demonstrated he has no idea, no vision, no solution .... and he is just asking others for solution and he is asking failed individuals. (remember- current crisis is created by NRB and NRB got green light from handful of share investors for the policy that destroyed share market).

* He is going to waste another 2 month. Current collapse of economy and share market is due to mainly monetary policy. To revive economy and share market, monetary policy should be changed asap but NRB will wait till monetary policy review period which will be in 2 month time. So FM Pun would waste another 2 month.

If somebody ask right question to NRB, why not change policy tomorrow. NRB will answer- cause we have to follow the system.
If you ask another right question, who wrote the system- answer would be- we did.
If you ask another right question, then why not change the system- they are too dumb to have any answer.

* He is going to waste another 6-12 month. To revive economy, base rate of Banks should fall by 2% and dev bank's base rate should be down by 3.5%.

It can be done tomorrow. But they wont do it cause they are too dumb to be creative and guts to make positive decision and they know nothing.

Naturally course, every month base rate will fall by .15% per month if they reduce interest. Then they will realize, it will take forever to reduce base rate by 2%, so they will hurry after 6 month then finally in 12 month base rate will fall to neutral zone.

This way, FM Pun is likely to waste 6-12 month. Which he does not have.

If he gets full term, he may have 12-15 month. Unless he is replaced soon.

He has already wasted 2 week by wasting time talking to incompetent bureaucrats.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7507
TikTok ban:

What China/Tiktok could do is sell- 'data, brand name, simple technology' to US.

Sites running in- US, EU, NATO, 5Eye, India, Israel could be sold to US.

Then, tell other chinese sites to sell their western business too.

Then go for the kill. ... Tell business like Apple to sell their company to China or close their business in China. Goal should be killing American business, not buying business.
Registered: Oct 2013
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BYD to slash EV prices even more with new platform as it looks to crush ICE car sales

BYD says Tesla is not the competition. It's gas-powered cars.

--- Looks like 2026 is coming in 2024.

- -- Sun Dec 31, 2023 11:30 pm

""I"" here present you '2024 prediction'

3: I also think, 2024 will decide where the economic power center moving and will remain that way for many decades.

7: Balance of power- economy, military-'s shift will accelerate toward rest (west vs rest), more than during 2023.

8: China's rise as technological power. Almost out of High end Chip problem. Chinese EV going global commercially but sanction by west especially by US- or higher tax.

11: EV rule begin- In 2023 it's share is 16%, in 2024 it will get close to 22%. Sanction on Chinese EV has already begun.

8: China's rise as technological power. Almost out of High end Chip problem. Chinese EV going global commercially but sanction by west especially by US- or higher tax.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7507
They are saying- With getting rid of Cookie witch, they are replacing Russia Chickenhawk with China Chickenhawk.

Does China have a plan to counter?

Trump said in an interview- 'They have to finish the job'.

Meaning- He supports Genocide. This low life need to be stopped in election????

Remember, I said few years back, US likely collapse officially during next government and I want some Gay-tough guy like Trump to be the president while US officially collapses.

May be let Democrat win and postpone collapse of US for another 4 year!!! :roll: :roll: :roll:
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7507
"""I"""" believe, US is about to give China huge opportunity to promote Chinese IT business as well as China's global influence.

"""I""" am talking about US about to ban TIKTOK or make bitedance divest TikTok.

If US does so, what could China do? ""I""s advice, this is a great opportunity, once in a life opportunity (just like Russia govt from NATO sanction after Ukraine war- where the sanction promoted Russian business/industry and now most of the Russian Oligarch are investing in Russia instead of in the west)

- Tell APPLE to close their business in China or relocate their head office to Hongkong or Asean and divest themselves from US's institutional investors.

- IF banned, TikTok will be banned from Google app and Apple app. So this give Chinese companies huge opportunity to promote their Mobile App eco system like Honor in the rest of the world.

- Use TikTok's algorithm to expose US. If there is total free speech related to US/Israel/5eye in tiktok, Tiktok wont just be popular in rest of the world, TikTok will become the main source of news in rest of the world.


(Looks like, maoist/NC govt banned tiktok in Nepal cause they were ordered by CIA as an experiment)
Registered: Oct 2013
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"""I"""s this prediction rate has been absolute.

SECOND TO GOD been saying for years- those finance minister 'who hate share market or ignore share market' go on to destroy not just share market but also economy.

सेयर बजारप्रति गभर्नर भन्दा निर्मम थिए अर्थमन्त्री महत, रिक्स वेटेज घट्न नदिनेमा समेत बनेका थिए बाधक

This prediction has come true for at least half a dozen time. I have been watchin Nepal's economy and share market for more than 19 year now. And I made this prediction around 5 year back.


"If person in power have following views, Economy/share market would crash under his leadership:
1: If ignores share market or is anti share market
2: Talks about productive sector and unproductive sector
3: If talks about economic independency of country or making self sufficient in manufacturing
4: If hates other's profit
5: If talks about socialism or communist economy
6: If talks about nationalizing
7: If gives important to distributing free stuffs
8: If talks about controlling
9: ............. "- SECOND TO GOD

Another predictions have come true too.

Another prediction also has come ture. """I""""s 2024 prediction.

""I"" here present you '2024 prediction'

14: Recovery of Nepal's economy- if govt try little harder. Prachanda (and finance minister) will regret for delaying economic recovery plan since he only has one year left. But cooperative may not come out of crisis in 2024.

This prediction has come true in the third month of the year.
Registered: Oct 2013
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Israel-Gaza war: More than 100 killed as crowd waits for aid

"""I""" could like to predict that "Israel wont exist in next century".
Registered: Oct 2013
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""""I"""" told you so:::

Years back I said- if People demand high interest on deposit, they may even lose their principle.

4-6 year back- I believe- I predicted, Cooperative will be the first one to go bankrupt.

It's amazing, even after cooperatives went bankrupt- Governor/NRB, Finance minister, PM did nothing to prevent economic collapse. It tells us- what kind of dumb are ruling this sh!thole country.

Cause they ignored cooperative collapse (caused by economic collapse forced by NRB) .... then came micro finance collapse. ..... what next ---- NRB, Government is still not doing anything significant to deal with economic collapse. I almost forgot about IMF. IMF also has hand in the collapse of Nepal's economy.

It's already too late, but still only SECOND TO GOD can fix this from total collapse. I can restrict collapse in BFIs under .25-.5% and collapse in Cooperative to 5-15%. (read again this paragraph)


Thu Dec 22, 2022 1:41 pm

* We had one crisis- Foreign currency crisis
(Which could have been easily dealt by banning import[short term] and increase export [long term])

* Then in the name of solving foriegn currency crisis- NRB destroyed share market (this could be motivated due to jealousy of bahunbad, due to bahunbad getting angry for not getting bribe from investors [its amazing, big investors who bribe bureaucrats and politician in other matter are also share investors but they won tell their doggo in bureaucracy to fix share market])

- NRB destroyed economy (Since you are dumb- destruction of economy includes- collapse of business, collapse of jobs, collapse of govt revenue, destruction of investment, etc etc, meaning of economy is huge)

- NRB tightened loan policies (Probably Nepal is the only country in the world where giving and taking loan is a crime, why- bahunbad)

- NRB forcefully created liquidity crisis instead of solving it (destroyed blood line of the economy. In US fed making sure, there wont be problem with liquidity)

- NRB forcefully increased interest rate to 18% (This destroyed existing economy. Dumb in Nepal may not know, Fed or other country increasing rate means increasing rate of money banks take from govt. and they increase to discourage banks from taking loan from govt, real rate is not that high. But in Nepal- real rate has reached 18% and first casualty is about to be cooperative- garbage created by socialist and communist politician to loot and feed their doggo)

{{{{{{{{{first casualty is about to be cooperative---------- Look, I did warn}}}}}}}}}}

And Except for me, No body ask or talk about- why NRB (and their supporter- bureaucracy, media, patrakar, fake expert, alchin commenting in media/social media who supported in NRB's destruction) destroyed everything in the economy just to fix foreign currency problem which could easily have been fixed without destroying the whole economy?????


Plz, somebody hang alchinas (most of them are bahuns btw. I know, do you know why its always bahun?) from talking in the media and social media.


Mon Jan 02, 2023 1:00 pm

Cooperative crisis:

When interest rate was going up by a lot, when NRB was forcing BFIs to increase interest by a lot, when govt wanted to increase interest .......... cooperative was- instead of telling govt that if interest rate goes up by a lot, economy will collapse, cooperative will collapse, there will be huge NPL in BFIs- what cooperative demanded/talked about? they were demanding NRB to let them increase interest rate too.

{{{{{Look I warned so many times-------- instead of telling govt that if interest rate goes up by a lot, economy will collapse, cooperative will collapse, there will be huge NPL in BFIs- what cooperative demanded/talked about? they were demanding NRB to let them increase interest rate too.}}}}}}

I had warned about this. I have been raising voice regarding this. Very few had similar view like mine. Many were supporting NRB.

People running cooperative should be qualified- who understands economy, banking, finance, money, business .....

Just like those in NRB, banks, so called economic experts, cooperative running individuals are not qualified too.

For years, I been warning depositors that, if you demand high interest on deposit, you will lose your principle too. Depositors in cooperative are learning it the hard way.

With this crisis teach them- management in bfis, promoters, nrb bureaucrats, govt bureaucrats, politicians, so called civil society, media etc the lesson? I doubt.

{{{{Nope, this crisis did not teach them anything- then microfinance collapsed and today, we are talking about banking crisis and still NRB/finance minister/prime minister/so called expert still have not woken up}}}}



And look at- all those study committee ....... instead of blaming the right reason they blame- cooperative collapsed cause they gave loan.

Lender giving loan caused default.
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After grand success of '2023 prediction', ""I"" here present you '2024 prediction'

8: China's rise as technological power. Almost out of High end Chip problem. Chinese EV going global commercially but sanction by west especially by US- or higher tax.

*** State TV airs China's first AI-developed cartoon series, as Sora sets off frenzy for text-to-video generation tech

Just a few weeks ago, some US company demonstrated their 'text to video generation tech' sample, and today, China has released 'text to video generation AI' based series.

Where did the China got the Chips from which US dont even have??? Is China already using photonic chips (I forgot what it is called) they been talking about for last few years.

US and Taiwan based Chips share price rocked due to the revelation of text to video generation tech. After Chinese discloser, they may fall again. China may control AI based chips soon.

"West talked about developing sodium based rechargeable batteries, then few weeks later, 'China introduces EV with sodium based rechargeable battery'."

"Lately, NVIDIA CEO talked about AI doing coding. A year or two ago- I heard, no one will be able to replicate TIKTOK cause it's algorithm was coded by AI. so it is too complex and time consuming".
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""I""" believe- just like WATER CYCLE, there is 'CARBON CYCLE'.

But this cycle takes long long time and need intervention.

solid C (organism)- liquid C (oil) - CO2- organisms

When I was very young- some ingo/ngo used to promote 'save tree, use aluminum door/window'.

I was very young and still I was like- Tree grows but what happens if aluminum runs out?

Great minds are born, not made.
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Only three power can stop Gaza genocide:

1: The world

2: US

3: Middle eastern dictators: They wont cause they only care for their own personal benefit. When they got close to Russia/China, I thought- they wanted to free themselves from west since balance of power is shifting which gave them the opportunity, turned out, they are just putting their legs in both boat- for their individual benefit.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7507
""""I""""s fact: 'I' ask Gods and Goddesses for things. But, 'I' thank Mata Saraswati for what She has given 'I'.

Happy Saraswati Puja!
Registered: Oct 2013
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How to solve China's housing crisis?

* Increase economic activity to increase purchasing power.

* To sell 35% unsold housing stocks- offer housing loan at 0% interest.

* After clearing 35% stocks, to sell another 35% stock- offer housing loan at 1.5/3% interest.

* Make sure, there wont be over supply in future.
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Imran Khan may get 55-65% votes, but the question would be- who will be declared winner????
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7507

SSE Composite Index +1.44%

Shenzhen Index +2.93%

Chinese Government should write down in their 'share market code of conduct'-

- When share market collapses- let's say 100 makes profit while 100 thousand go into huge loss. Which makes share market and economy weak.

So never let collapse of share market. If you let, cost for the government and society will be huge. Like, today, Chinese government may have to make 50trilliona yuan fund available to rescue the share market.
Registered: Oct 2013
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To save China's economy, Chinese govt may have to pump 80 trillion yuan (or at least, make that kind of fund available. All fund may not be needed though). If there will be Trump's trade war, then, that fund could reach 120 trillion yuan.

- What lead to this economic threat?

I did warned at that time. I did say, Company like Alibaba built China, not CCP.

Chinese government attacked companies. Remember, how arrogant they were, just like in Nepal- NRB, finance minister Sharma and his team.

Then came attack on housing. When Chinese government stopped funding for even the projects which were already sold- I was like, what kind of dumb were running Chinese economy?

Then finally, Chinese government realized their mistake a year or two ago- but it was already too little too late. Now they need 80trillion yuan now and when Trump wins, they need to increase the fund to 120 trillion yuan.


SSE Composite Index +3.23%

Shenzhen Index +6.22%

Sati ko sarap- Government of Nepal still does not know that Nepal's economy has collapsed and is in coma.
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Trump promised to raise import tax on Chinese goods more than 60%. (That's far less than Nepal's import tax)

Ever Communist economies have collapsed in the past, including USSR. China may have Capitalist economy, but it is ran by communist with commie mentality.

China needs to hire real good economists.

China's policy under these circumstance should be- achieving goals:

* Current goal- China needs to increase domestic consumption by 50% within 2/3 year. And increase share market to 150% of GDP.

* As soon as Trump start talking about raising import tax after he wins election- China's goal should be increasing domestic consumption by 100% within 3/4 year. And share market to 150% of GDP.

China not just focus in domestic consumption and GDP but also intervien to raise domestic consumption and GDP of friendly countries.

Today's economy is very complicated. If you don't take it seriously, it could collapse over night. And could fall into coma just like Nepal's economy.

Remember I have been saying- Pakeh le des chalauen haina. Bahun le des chalaune haina.

SECOND TO GOD- did warn everyone.

(BTW- SECOND TO GOD- can revive Nepal's most of the economy within 3month, can spread positive vibe in 24 hour)

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