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""""I""" would like to predict about near term (5mth-1.5yr) World economy.

- Current high inflation is due to supply side- created by sanctions.

- And idiot NATO has been trying to fix it by increasing interest rate. They are trying to bring down inflation by killing millions.

"""I""" would like to predict ... hyper stagflation, created by dumb hos working for deep state.

Like I said, current inflation is created by sanction, supply side restriction. If we look at data, there is already big recession and still inflation is high. Now cause of increased interest rate- they will destroy production capacity, investment in future production capacity.... which will increase future inflation by destroying future production. And society is economically already week due to inflation and high interest rate driven recession.

Which would lead to hyper stagflation.

And there is another trade war with China. World will suffer, west will be finished.

All cause of deep state. Instead of hiring experts, deep state hired hos. Now dumb hos are destroying the world economy. In every sector in the west is ran by hos just like in Nepal. Only difference is, in Nepal- hos are hos of individual politicians and cia/raw, where as hos in the west is hos of strategy/plan/values etc.
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Difference in how combustion and electric vehicle run:

- If we say, Combustion engine run by kicking on the back (micro explosion)

- Then electric vehicle run by pushing.

Which increases life of electric vehicle by a lot. Kicking would damage parts and vehicles while, pushing has less damaging effect.

"I" would like to predict that electric vehicle's life will be a lot longer than combustion engine vehicle or ""I"" could say, electric vehicle would remain younger for longer period, of course, if they used quality parts.

One tesla car is still running after traveling 500000 km and its battery efficiency is still 80%.

Wonder how that mini electric car in Nepal doing which we used to see 10-15 year ago?
Registered: Oct 2013
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""""I""" would like to make a prediction about Electric Vehicle:

'2023' is the year, electric vehicle will make a big leap. May be from this year, electric vehicle will be able to challenge combustion engine in terms of price. Quality wise, I think electric is better.

Battery company will go into mass production of electric battery:
- Whose life is longer
- Range is longer(high energy density)
- Less weight
- Safer

And with mass productions of vehicles, price will come down further.

(Threat: Big threat comes from higher price of material if there is no enough supply.)

In Nepal, some say electric bike's warrantee is 4 year, some say 1.2lakh km. If warrantee is just 4 year and life is short, buying electric bike is a big loss.
But if life is 1.2 lakh then, over time, biker will save 2-4lakh Rs.

There is one tesla car that crossed 5lakh km mileage. Combustion engine car wont last that long. And he said, it's battery capacity is still 80%. In Nepal, he would have already saved 20-40 lakh.

We care more about electric bike, in Nepal. Currently, Its average range is 120km and price 3.2lakh. If range cross 200km and price come under 3.8 lakh and life above 1.2 lakh km, Over time, he may make a profit of few lakh.

2023 The year.
Registered: Oct 2013
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Probably, micro event in NWO (I already made a big predictions and many are on the way to hit the target), political change in Nepali politics (new parties, players).

Electric vehicles. I had said, how electric cares are similar to RC cars, only difference is its size of parts, quality and some additional parts. Must just said, they build tesla like toy car (same process/way).

Talking about Musk- have you heard about his adventures those came out during last month (i said 'came'- you know what I mean right)
Registered: Oct 2017
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What is the Next Series in I ???
Registered: Oct 2013
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Cant believe myself: On the one hand, """I""" believe in evolution, science and on the other hand """I""" also believe in luck, bad luck and take GOD seriously.

And """I""" am the greatest analyst ever walked on the Earth. :mrgreen:

I have been watching about luck and bad luck since childhood.

The biggest thing happened during the earthquake. Before the great earthquake, there used to be many bus accidents then came the earthquake and the blockade.

Bad luck happened when Oli became PM, then share market, economy suffered.

Last two are, during last monetary policy, we had some accident (probably bus accident)... then that monetary policy destroyed the economy and share market. I did warned.

During last budget, plane accident happened. I said sharma will bring very bad budget. But after budget was announced, I did not see that bad. I thought that accident was just a coincident. Turned out no. Now today, Finance minister had to resign. We did not know, through that budget he wanted to give economy in the hand of 'gupta and sons', which their crime world already controlled. Now we know.

Many people are skeptic about this bad luck thing, about this message. To get public support, when there is bus accident, KP oli used to call 'alchina sarkar'. I think, he stole this thing from me.

Then comes America. Remember, Biden, US president been falling from bike, falling on stairs ....... and many say, evil empire is coming to an end. Co incident or GOD is trying to tell something!

BTY, I too do get signal about good luck and bad luck in advance through dream and other physical signal which is a secret.
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Registered: Oct 2013
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I have been saying, when western economy crashes, commodity and energy price will fall. Great for the economy.

Now, I would like to do it in my prediction.

'""""I'""""" would like to predict;

Energy and commodity price falling soon.

Let's say, when western economy tank, export to west will fall a little, but crash in energy and commodity price will give some break from high import cost.

Iron ore, grain, copper price already falling.

West is about to into recession.

Protest has started in west.

With all these, west will think 100 times before starting another war.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7493
""""I"""""s prediction coming true, but time wise, a lot sooner than I expected.

Europe have begun economic protest.

Economic crisis in the west will end this war. (another """"I"""""s prediction)

Crisis in Ukraine wont end this war cause those backing Ukraine, they dont give a f about life of Ukrainian. Slav killing slave, best reality show for anglo.


Fri Mar 04, 2022 9:11 pm

Looks like Russia has begun Economic war. Commodity and fuel price have already increased a lot and still increasing.

Wester market also crashing. Russian market crash fast while western is going to crash slowly.

Russian will recover and become greater, while, western's all over for them. China will over take. West enjoyed their no 1 position. If China becomes np1, they wont enjoy no1 benefit which they been enjoying for centuries.

From Oil alone, Russia is making more than 500million$ per day extra. And from other commodity and grains, they may be making 2 billion extra per day, which is more than 700billion$ per year. But they are providing extra discount so, they are making more than 600 billion per year.

And after expenses of war Russia could still make extra 500 billion per year.

West has confiscated 100s of billions of dollars of Russia. Russia too had confiscated 100s of billions of western wealth too. Because of this western share companies, banks will loose a lot and share holders will loose in multiple times.

Thu Mar 03, 2022 1:49 pm

I had to search 'Gerasimov Doctrine' .. permanent war.

It is perfect for Russia. Permanent war means, investment in EU will suffer, high inflation, economy will suffer while Russia will keep selling their commodity to asian clients.

EU sufferings economically means revolution.

Being a big gas station, helps Russia.

Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7493
I would like to visit my old prediction from Wed Jan 01, 2020 6:37 pm

I mainly want to talk about: - Chinese economy will pass US economy in 2023-2025.
(I think, when I made this prediction, other's like WB, IMF prediction was in 2032, but today, their prediction is for 2027, wait and watch, they will change the date again.)

Deep recession in US about to start. I think, China may pass US in 2024.
Current GDP:
US- around 25T
China- around 20T

- Around 1 year deep recession/stagflation for US.
- GDP of US down by around 5% during recession.
- Chinese economy Up by 15-20% till 2024.
- Chinese currency strengthening by 10-20% till 2024 (today its 6.7)

Check below other highlighted too.

Plz accept me as SECOND TO GOD to save humanity.

In case for Nepal, dont blame me, its due to manipulation and one after another village idiot coming into power.

2020 decade prediction

- Nepal's economic bull will start from 2020 after yuraj k is gone and if surendra panday (or someone positive) becomes finance minister who listens to me. Which will take per capita income to around 750000 NC. For above that, Nepalese are too savages. Only I can take Nepal above that.

- Nepal's share market will cross well above 10000 in 2020 and around 20000 at the end of the decade.

- Asian economy will be around half of Global economy by the end of this decade.

- Chinese economy will pass US economy in 2023-2025.

- Just like US lost their car industry to Japan, Germany.... In the early decade, US will loose communication industry to China (and a little to S korea).

- Russia will be the second largest economy of Europe by the end of this decade. If not first.

- US monopoly over passenger jet will face third competition from Russia/China.

- Iran will be the regional super power- militarily and economically by the end of this decade. Pakistan/Iran/Turkey/Iraq/Syria/Lebnon group will rise and end Saudi ran group in this decade.

- Clear NEW word order will rise in the early decade and take over by the end of the decade. Meaning, US controlled world will end by the end of this decade.

- End of dollar by the end of the decade.

- This decade will see the blame game between socialism and capitalism. Expose socialism even idiots will see. Which will help end socialism in next decade. (I want to write about his, but due to share market depression, I dont have mood.)

- From this decade, South asia will see low tax and low interest rate.

- World will see low tax rate in this decade.

- This decade will see socialist party in US, which will end US economy for good.

Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7493
Time for another prediction by """"""I"""""""

Rate hike for controlling or bringing down inflation. Which also means lower growth or bigger recession (-1.4% last qtr)

China be starting to sell western assets, which means, west be printing money to buy those which means higher inflation.

Then this:

US Senate has passed the NOPEC bill with a view to potentially applying US lawsuits to OPEC producers, claiming price collusion.

.... which means US is telling gulf regimes to sell their wealth in US too.

"""I""" predict- high inflation, recession, weaker dollar ....... collapse coming to the west. ....

{China should organize finance ministers' meeting, to address how to save world economy when western economy tanks, from (which I advice them 1/3 year back)- China, Russia, Asian, Middle east, Iran, south america. (they can ignore japan, korea, india now from my past list)}

Which means, My prediction coming true ........

Why all happening in west, cause west is ran by war hawks. They have bigger voice than economic, foreign policy etc experts. Even foreign policy is ran by war hawks in the west..... and majority of them are zooooo ..

(War hawk- lover of war, usually for personal benefit or revenge, less likely to understand war
military expert- who understands war)
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7493
"""I""" would like to disclose a secret:

Tell you a secret- one of the main reason Nepalese want Green card is 'CAR DREAM'. Since, it is crime in Nepal to own car with white money, youth have American dream. One of the main cause of brain drain- which is harming economy of Nepal.

Decrease tax of car, let people make money legally, destroy NRB and save Nepal. Take care of the governor asap.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7493
Germany is the master of car.

They built the best cars. Then after WW2, US stole their technology and scientist and became car superpower. Who were beaten by Germany and Japan later. Now Germany has taken back their top position.

In combustion car, China was no player. Had no any success.

Today, early electric commercial car technology has been introduced/commercialized. Within 10 year, """"I""" believe electric vehicle will technology will be revolutionized.

""""I"""""" would like to predict?

China is going to be one of the players. China may control 15-25% of electric car market of the world by 2025.

(Around 15 yr back, I used to say, some day, electric vehicle will be the fastest....... which has been proven today.
I used to tell, since electric car has very few parts, it will be cheaper than combustion engine car..... musk said it just recently.
I used to tell my brother, electric car is just like RC toy, jus uses bigger parts, quality parts and some extra parts .... today, cause of the very same reason, there many electric vehicle start ups. Start ups cant build engine, so there were not many combustion engine car start ups, but electric ones are so many, and many will be merged, acquired with in a decade).


In 2021, China's total foreign trade crossed 6 trillion dollar. Bigger than Japan's GDP. China's export is bigger than India's GDP.

Imagine what happens when China becomes international player in Car market?

Today, ASIAN has become biggest trading partner by over taking EU of China, which has crossed 1.5 trillion $.

Nepal is missing a piece of the cake of China cause of personal interest of politician, bureaucracy, business class of Nepal.

Nepal needs to end politics of dalal congress and all communists. Vote any one but them in coming election. Keep on voting for new one until they reach power. If they turn out to be useless, vote for another new one. Dont run around the circule.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7493
""""I"""" used to ask, how would US pay back all its debt. (also """I"""s prediction)

My theory were- Using inflation (bring down the debt to GDP ratio) and loot $ & treasury of foreign govt kept in US.

Now I have beginning to get larger picture. After US, west seizing Russian govt and public's property.

In west/NATO, they try foreigners for war crime but same law can not be used to try war criminals of NATO.

Around 15 year back, some british PM was saying/suggesting, 'just like war crime tribunal, UK should try corrupt of other countries too'. Guess what? After 9/11, they passed international law against money laundering.

Since, British PM's suggestion, and international law against money laundering, most of the loot wealth only went to west. Even, the loot wealth Prachanda kept in former USSR country, through his land lord, had to be returned back to Nepal.

I believe, that anti money laundering law was to bring all black money into west so that they could seize it.

In Nepal, you have to try criminal in the court. Its a different story regarding corruption or criminals in the court. But in west, if they call you terrorist, you are the terrorist. If they call you corrupt, you are the corrupt.

I think, some day, in a decade or two, they will seize those wealth. They are so desperate, they could steal it sooner. Instead of returning that loot wealth back to Nepal, they will keep it.

All the corrupts criminals in Nepal, you are dead one way or another. TicToc promoters, owners of Banks, insurance, media. You all are dead.
Registered: Oct 2013
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""""I'""''' would like to advice Africa:

'SECOND TO GOD' advice to Africa to build your army, join force..... Europe is coming for your resources just like in the past, dont get colonized this time.

Since they will be cut off from Russian resources. This time, they need far more resources than the last time.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7493
""""I"""" would like to predict:

Very soon, a lot of business from New York, London, Switzerland, Singapore will go to Hongkong and Shanghai, and in Mid or long term, some to Moscow.
Registered: Oct 2013
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While world, ugly, dumb keep on saying- you should look into ones heart not face ......

""""""I""""' kept on saying "face is the reflection of one's soul".

Now, there is one phrase becoming popular, related to, in social media "people get the face they deserve after 50".

I dont think, you have to wait till 50.
Registered: Oct 2013
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"""""I"""""" been telling people, not to talk negative about share market in media or social media.

Look what has happened cause of alchinas.

- I never said it,,,, but some kept on advising govt to increase CGT on short term trading and decrease CGT on long term investment.

Look, what govt. did. They increased tax on short term but did not reduce tax on short term.

"""I""", Second to GOD.... kept on saying, in Nepal, decision makers are dumb, alchian pakeh, who are negative sub human. They are impressed by negative advise only and try to avoid positive ideas.

- """"I"""" , Second to GOD...... Kept on saying, BFIs main income should come from non banking business. Last year, they did make money from share market too.

Then came alchians, who advised NRB- Bank should concentrate on banking business, they only should make money from banking business, their focus should not deviate from core banking business. Sounds great is not it. But its not great.

If bank, makes most of their income from non banking, interest on loan would fall, all- investors, borrowers, depositors, govt will be happy.

But, not, alchinas has to open their mouth.

For, years I tried to silence those alchinas from making noise in the media, social media.... But I did not get help from others. Now pay the price.

Now, finance minister telling NRB, to let BFIs invest in share market.

Murkahs' noise is dangerous.
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The most dangerous and stupid thing, idiots are talking this time is ..............


"""""I"""" Vs world (I cant prove, but I think, I am able to educated many about economics. A to E may have learned from I, F to Z may have learnt from A to E.

- Excess loan is the reason behind liquidity crisis- That is what, wanna be expert 90% kept on saying during previous liquidity crisis. I kept on saying, loan does not create liquidity crisis (certain loan does), I explained them may times.

Finally, in current liquidity crisis, only 10% are saying so....

Where were those idiot 10%, when I was distributing free education. Thank GOD, all time, I have been spending in this forum, has not gone to waste.

- Share loan (unproductive loan) is causing liquidity crisis- That is what, 95%, idiots said during previous crisis. I kept on saying, all business is important to the economy, almost all loan is important. I did explained to them last time.

This time.... only .1% say, share loan creates liquidity crisis. Grand success of my teaching.

Where were those idiot .1%, when I was distributing free education. Thank GOD, all time, I have been spending in this forum, has not gone to waste.

- Liquidity crisis happens, when money leaves the system or kept outside the system. Last crisis, liquidity crisis was due to import, govt not spending, CCD ratio- NRB changed CCD ratio when there was high liquidity and did not reverse it when liquidity became tight. Liquidity crisis became worse when NRB pushed so called productive sector like cement industry which already had over investment which drove more import.

Those are what I kept on telling, explaining during last crisis.

From I, People learnt a lot this time. But still they are not saying the first reason this time.. Which is CD ratio.

At least, this time, people are blaming import and govt not spending. .... NO.1 is CD ratio.

Thank GOD, all time, I have been spending in this forum, has not gone to total waste, sheep is learning something.

- Out of control Balance of payment is due to high import tax. But idiots say, high import is due to not enough import tax.

When you have high import tax, other countries wont buy your product, but you still have to import, what you need to import.

Almost all countries, except China, imports most of the goods while export only hand full. Import cant be stopped. All you can do is export goods you can export in larger quantity.

This one, I am un able to teach anyone.

- Everything is criminalized in Nepal cause of tough law- But, Idiot say, there is lawless ness in Nepal, cause law is not tough enough.

When Law is tough, when tax is high, good people wont be able to do business. And only those enter the business are criminals who wont follow law or pay tax. That is why, every where is controlled by criminals.

I am totally failed in convincing idiots about this.

- There are man more.

Let's talk about .........

The most dangerous and stupid thing, idiots are talking this time is .............. If NRB (monitory policy) makes BFIs keep more cash, which is tighten CD ratio, it will make economy strong in future.

No it does not. There is a thing called "maximum utilization of resources" in economics. Which means, increase productivity.

Resources i.e. money is limited. If you, instead of utilize it in max, if you hoard it, you are gonna lose opportunity.

Your economy become strong when you utilize your resources at max today, which leads to bigger economy, which creates big wealth, and when in future, there is crisis, you would be able to face it. If you dont, your economy will collapse cause you wont be able to face future challenge.

If you invest 1000 billion today and make it 10000 billion in future. and when there is crisis of 2000 billion in future, you will easily be able to face it, If you dont, you are done.

There is a reason, I am "SEDOND TO GOD". Learn from me, not from some idiot-wanna be expert, before its too late,
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7493
My prediction from Sat Jan 02, 2021 9:01 pm


I believe """I""" am the only one in the entire universe who predicted share market will boom while almost all said share market will crash/depression/bear market.

""""I"""" would like to make another world share market prediction

Prediction of World Share market for 2021.

If Corona is controlled, most of the share market of the world my increase 25-50%. Reason, Inflation. Probably highest or one of the highest growth ever.

Inflation will increase price of share market, Gold and well as profit of business also wages.


MOEX Russia Index 3289-3787 - UP 15%

Nikkei 225 27444-28791- UP 5%

HANG SENG INDEX 27231 -23397- down 14%

SSE Composite Index 3473-3639- UP5%

Shenzhen Component 14470-14856- UP2.6%

S&P BSE SENSEX 47751-58253- UP22%

Jakarta Composite Index 5979-6581- UP10%

FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI 1671-1567- down7%

IPC MEXICO 44066-53255- UP21%

S&P 500 3756-4778 -uP27%

Dow Jones Industrial Average 30606-36424- UP19%

NASDAQ Composite 12888-15694- UP22%

Russell 2000 1974-2248- UP14%

NEPSE 2087-2524- UP21%
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7493
""""I""""s prediction about bikes.

From before the end of 2025, more than half of new bikes sold in Nepal will be electric.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7493
Because of manipulation by NRB, """"I""""s prediction about share market, banking business wont be happening.

New prediction;

1: Share market will burn.

2: Economy will burn.

3: More micro management will start.

4: More blame game will start.

5: Things will get worse, before it gets better.

6: My prediction about those who bought and cornered garbage shares are on. Good shares could crash by 50% and garbage shares- 80-95%.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7493
Remember, """"""I"""" kept on saying, dont make change in 'Monitory policy'. I am the only person in the universe who gave that advice.

There are some changes needed in Monitory policy, which, only I am capable of doing. If you are not I, dont make changes.

That was the simple advice to simple minded people, I made it sure, my advice in not complicated.

""""I"""""" also been advising/saying- "pakhe, x jat, socialist/communist" should not run a country.
I tried to make this advice as simple as possible, as clear as possible. Explained advice, no one would have been able to understand.

"I" am almost every time correct. Cause "I" am "SECOND TO GOD".

There are m0rons who dont have a clue whom to blame for crisis, mistaken themselves for being an expert. Shut the f up.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7493
This is what I found in social media comment section:

"At 20 you have the face God gave you, at 40 you have the face that life has molded, and at 60 you have the face you deserve."

"""""""I"""""" have been saying, 'face is the reflection of one's heart'.

Question is who discovered it first????????

'It's the heart that matters, not the face', is what ugly and dump people would say.
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7493
One of the most important aspects for """"I""" is 'I dont want to be wrong'.

Since I, is no GOD, I do make mistake once in a while.

After I make mistake, the first thing I want to do is 'correct it as soon as possible'.

Why, cause, longer it goes on, there will be created more bad. And even more important, Longer I take to correct my mistake, more idiots will notice it and may see I as an idiot or insult me..... which they have been looking for half their life.

Now, let me come to NRB's mistake about monitory policy. I believe, NRB realized their mistake about CCD ratio and 12 crore after a couple of weeks. If they had corrected it immediately, less people would have noticed it, less people would have criticized it, less people would have suffered from it.

But no, they want to wait till quarterly evaluation date. Cause they are taking it too long, today even idiots have noticed it, many are suffering, their mistake will hurt the economy, individuals for 2/3 years......... and worst some are saying- NRB's decision is politically motivated. That not good for NRB.

Would not have happened, if they had corrected within 2/3 week.

Same with this govt.... If shre bahadur had ordered NRB to correct it immediately, people would not have began to question- is oli better than sher bahadur, could uml be better than nc, oli was better than sher bahadur.

With every passing day, NC's chance of getting majority is slimming down due to mostly NRB and maoist finance minister. CAUSE IT'S THE ECONOMY, STUPID!
Registered: Oct 2013
Posts: 7493
Only agenda of 17hajare is to increase tax. Every time aggressive dumb person becomes finance minister, first thing he does is tax and nothing else or tighten the screw of those who build the economy. Whether that is bharu ram or yuraj k or current 17 hajare.

In develop economy, when they increase tax, their economy gets direct hit.

In sh!thole like Nepal, when tax is increased, new investment is slowed down. There is no area where tax can be increased. In all area, tax need to be decrease. In some area, tax should be decreased up to 100%.

""""I""""" would like to predict.....

Every time maoist became finance minister, share market and economy suffered. People suffered. This time, share market?????? economy, dont expect economy to be vibrant, positive.

When Bishnu Paudel became finance minister, share market was vibrant and there was positivity in the economic sentiment... they were waiting for corona to end.

Bishnu Paudel was not harami and he knew he is not expert of economy. All he used to do was be positive and prevent bureaucracy including NRB from attacking private sector and share market. Just a simple thing, anybody could be.

Now we have maoist as finance ministry and history is repeating. And he seems harami.

Now he has increased tax on bike too. Tesko bau prachanda who is the biggest corrupt in the history of Nepal can ride crores worth car with my tax money, but I cant buy good bike. I may pay 100 times more tax than that dalal prachanda.

After coming election, its all over for maoist. And maoist may never become finance minister again. Maoist may win max 5 seat and another up to 7 indirect seats. They wont won more than 12 seat which will make them, may be, 5th largest party. Then their doggie (which they lake to call party members) will change party then after from following election, they will win 0 seat total.

Coming election will be final election for maoist. If maoist and madhav nepal join party, it will be seen as maoist, so wont help in election.

Tax payer lai pelne, dharti ko boj lai paisa badne. This would help the economy, said no one ever.

Where are so called economic expert? They are nothing but waiting for "Neta le kaile hug cha ra khaula".

Every time maoist become finance minister- economy, share market, people suffers.
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