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US is forcing Tik Tok to sell their US branch to US company.

China should make UN vote- If country forcing other country's company/branch to be sold to other company is OK or NOT.

And China should well document those countries who VOTE OK. And in future, can force that country's company to be sold to foreign country's company.
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"""I""" would like to predict regarding 'what happens when western economy falls':

1: Western currency will get devalued. Against most of the currencies. But Indian currency will get less stronger than other major non western currency.

2: Cause of 1- our remittance will increase. Currency from middle east, korea, malaysia will get stronger (where our main remittance come from) and Indian currency will get less stronger ..... so remittance flow will increase.

3: When Western economy falls and their currency weakens- resource will be more expensive for them while resources will get cheaper for developing world.

4: Western demand for resource will decrease and rest of the world's demand will increase but wont increase as much as the demand from west decreases so cost of resource will fall.

5: When developing countries income, in value, increases- their extra income will go to food, education, health. That is why demand for resource wont increase as much as income value increases.

6: Will food price increases. No much. When China reduced import from Australia and US of food, they increased import from Russia and S America. So there are plenty of excess production capacity.

7: Fall in demand from west will be mitigated by rest of the world's demand. But demand for basics may increase more than high end goods from the rest of the world.


May Lord Pashupaitnath bless Euroasia.
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Now anglo-zoo have two options left- try to save their own economy (and prevent possible hanging by mob like in european revolution) or fight mighty Russia.

""""I"""" was not able to predict sudden collapse of banks in US.

In Nepal, I predicted almost all of our crisis- cause I know politicians, bureaucrats, fake expert, media are too dumb to prevent it- and they are the ones who created it.

But in west, I do know they are dumb/arrogant- but I thought they have system so they would get information before crash so just before crash, they would change their policy. And since they have faced similar crisis before so they wont repeat it.

Sati ko sarap. In Nepal, bureaucracy, media, fake expert, politicians, crowd all follow fake news and try to copy past what world do.

Increasing interest rate, tightening liquidity was copy of US. India did a very little, Japan was status quo and China loosen it. And alchina in Nepal copied the most negative action. And here we are- collapse of economy, collapse of cooperative, suicide and still no body cares, while west has already intervened within a few hours, and soon they will find out, more needs to be done.

Sati ko sarap.

So war coming to an end soon. And China said, it may end by the end of this summer.
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It seems like 'China' has changed Nepal policy.

Yesterday, they used 'ignoring policy' against that govt which disrespected them.

Now, they are going for 'GET/FOCUS ON WHAT CAN BE ACHIEVED' policy, like they have in many countries like 'India, west, even in taiwan'.

China going for long term strategy.
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Iran, Saudi Arabia restore relations in deal brokered by China and backed by Russia and Qatar was present too.

- In short, it has become possible today, cause of- military power, economic power, technological power of China /and Russia.

It was prevented in the past cause of fear of anglo zoo's- military attack, sanction, blockade, regime change.

For last few years, gulf countries and Russia/China been in talk regarding security.
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Iran, Saudi Arabia restore relations in deal brokered by China and backed by Russia and Qatar was present too.

We are witnessing:


Which is end of Anglo zoo era.

Anglo zoo been ruling the world using divide and rule tactic. And 10/15% of world helped them and enjoyed prosperity. And that era is ending in front of our eyes.

They concorded india using same tactic- and Indians loved it and still proud of it.

Since, there is no country society left where anglo zoo did not rape, so, this time they cant destroy their host and jump into another host.

that is why, they are, today, trying to create as many sub division in their host society as possible.

Saudi and Iran joining hand, Africa united, EuroAsia, War in Ukraine and China and many more is ending

FEAR OVER RESPECT mentality of United States of America.

For last few hundred years, anglo zoo been using divide and conquer, fear over respect strategies, while China been pushing for prosperity and peace.

While anglo zoo used all their power to keep rest of the world- poor and unstable. China been helping the world.

While anglo zoo kept Africa poor, China brought hope to Africa even since when China itself was dirt poor. Thanks to China, Africa began economic prosperity. And today, Africa is some what United.

In Nepal, some Chinese complained- we gave you trolley bus at the time when we did not even have enough food to eat. And you people destroyed it.

China been helping us for decades and still some dalals kept on disrespecting China. Its normal for MF dalals going after China, but what about rest of the population. Only handfull of people like """"I""" came forward in support of China while rest watched it as tamasa/drama.

Trust """I"""", Nepalese are scum of the world, ungrateful low lives. This is sati ko sarap.

For """I""", only hope of saving Nepal is- if China/Russia/Rest of the world destroy anglo zoo and US/China/Rest of the world destroy sh!t hole called India.
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"Expect changes not seen in centuries."

Xi Jinping

China is making the move!!!!

Saudi buying 12 battle ships from China.

Big change is coming in the middle east. First US tried to start NATO in the middle east, Saudi could have joined- Saudi along with other did start to bully Imran khan's Pakistan, but Imran Khan did not surrender. So US failed and they were only able to form U2I2 group- and even this group could break any time, UAE is today, more close to China and Russia.

""""I"""" would like to predict:

Now, looks like, Russia and China are planning to build a group to secure sea trade line which consists of - middle eastern countries, Iran, Pakistan, some African, Russia, China, Thailand, Burma, Indonesia, Malaysia, Srilanka etc. And they will be securing water south of India. India may join later.
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How to reduce CO2?

- Plant trees> cut trees (dont burn)> again plant trees on that space.

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IMF is threat to life of Nepalese. Till there is IMF in Nepal, Nepal is not going to progress economically.

Same is the case of in other countries too.

It's time to clear loan of IMF and kick them out, just like some countries did and after which their economy improved like Russia.
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After successfully selling MCC, Looks like anglo zoo going for to control internet of Nepal.

Swab from 'world economic forum' been talking about this.

Soon MCC supporter will be busy supporting 'handing over of internet (so called security) to anglo zoo (CIA).

CIA is the no 1 threat to internet of Nepal.

RAW is the no 2.

In Mali, I thing, around 1 year ago, they kicked out French troops who been there to fight terrorist (as they claim)
for years and brought in Wanger from Russia.

Now, Mali saying, terrorist are defeated in the battle. Now, those terrorist may go for suicide bombing.

West send terrorist to country, and then offer help to fight those terrorist. Until, west leave, terrorist are never defeated.

Same happening in Syria. US claim they are there to fight terrorist, but in reality, only area where terrorist exist in Syria is controlled by US and Turkey.

Same is about happen in internet sector of Nepal.

Sati ko sarap.

What will MCC support say in support of 'giving internet security to CIA, of Nepal'?
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What would nc, maoist, madeshi gang run govt?

- Lakhs of citizenship will be given to indian
- Make more deal with US
- Relation with China will go back to close to zero
- Corruption, setting, looting, mismanagement, hopelessness
- All focus will be implementing order of US and India and Madeshi.
- Early election
- Gangan thapa will be exposed (dont forget, he played some fake role to bring down this govt. Remember I said- he used to look like a gunda, and lately he looks like a bihari)
- This should end NC, from Next election, NC wont be a big party. NC will be as big as NIP.

Who is going to be PM first? 1+1 or 3??

Avoid Plane or long rout bus.
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First time ""I"" noticed 'too many accidents or big accidents is the sign of future crisis' during the great earthquake.

Then I began to talk about those accidents in social media. Then KP Oli started the talk too- 'alchina sarkar'.

When KP Oli started to talk- people began to hear about it and started to make fun.

When Prachanda is PM, those accidents happen far more time than during other's time. Prachanda is black cat.

Current collapse of economy is cause by the monetary policy announced more than 1.5 year back. During that day, plane crashed. I did tried to convince people about the alchina governor. Look at today, people are dying.

When Prachanda became PM this time, he talked about changing himself. But still, plane crashed. I used to think, big crash during special day matters, turned out I am wrong.

You may have seen the video of the plane crashing. How it crashed all of a sudden and nose dived. That is exactly what is happening in current politics. Prachana is black cat- proven many times.

Sati sent prachanda to punish alchin Nepali society.

But prachanda does not know, this is going to be his final blackmailing.
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Top most management has spoken.

Remember, Current crisis in Ukraine, Soros said, he entered Ukraine 40 year back during the time of USSR. He promoted corruption, hate, radicalism, promoted nazi ...... those who financed azov and zelenskey could be his people.

It is said, in tinaman square too had Soros' hand.

Nepal media covered Modi going after BBC. Fake media in Nepal usually dont go after India.

Seems like CIA is giving last warning to India.

I taked about takind down a country using their stock market and currency. I talked about how they tried to bring down Russia in 2014 using their stock market and currency.

Tragedy, In Nepal, govt themselves destroy stock market.

"""""I""""" predict, CIA has given last warning to India.

Remember, Modi was selected and then elected by CIA by organizing mass anti corruption protest which ended after Modi was elected as if corruption was ended with election of Modi.

Now, if Modi does not give in to CIA, Adani is just a warning. Share market, Currency, HIvisa will be next target. Then will follow sanctions.

Remember, before Modi went ballistic against China and Pakistan- Modi met with politicians from- US, UK, Australia, Canada, Isreal.
That is how, India's relation with China soured.
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You love your parents, you may not like them. You like your friends, you less likely love them.

You need to both love and like your lover or wife for happy life.

Love is a feeling while Like is like interest, selfishness. Love brings loyalty while like brings happiness/excitement.

Most people love their parents but most dont like their parents- that is why when something happens to them, it hurts you. And since, most dont like their parents, they dont stay close/in the same room for longer. They dont stay together in same place for longer.

And worst, most of the children who go to USofA hates their parents. They dont like to see their face daily. One of the reasons Nepalese go to US is cause they dont like their parents, but feeling of love still remains for years even after separation.

You want to be with your friend cause you like them. Since you dont love them, if you separate or your friend dies, you wont get hurt for longer and you make a new one.

To be in a good relation with your lover or wife, both love and like are the must.

I dont know about the world, in Nepal, after years, like disappears in the relationship. And the relationship becomes boring. That is why, couple is together as a couple but not close with one another.

And people call it love less marriage but it is suppose to be called like less marriage.

And when love too disappears, toxic relationship begins and couple start to fight.
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"""Rise of Bahunbad"""

You may have heard about evolution- how human came into existence from ape.

I keep on hearing from some in social media questioning- if human came from ape then why there are still apes, why they have not turned into human???
- Ape does not turn into human just cause they reach 10s of millions of years. It's not evolution.

Evolution is change not old age, evolution is adoption.

How ape turned into human over millions of years? (My view, science may or may not have said this before. Since, I am too lazy to read books, especially long books, I dont know)

- Change is environment where you need to adopt to survive forced ape to evolve.
When surrounding changed and new surrounding demanded more of a brain (thinking, decision making etc) rather than speed or strength etc, ape kept on changing.

When ape needed more of thinking, solving problem with brain rather than power or speed, their body structure kept on changing and their brain kept on growing.... which created new species called human.

This change in environment could be due to migrating into new places. And those ape which did not face radical, new environment stayed as ape or close to old ape.

That is how some ape went on to became human while others remained as ape.

And even in human, human migrated from africa to different places. And human from different places are different who developed into different characters, features whom we now know as 'RACE'.

Which means, race is also evolution.

I think, most intelligent race is Chinese. Cause they faced more challenges. When they left africa, first they settled in middle east or europe. So their brain developed more, and from their they travelled to central asia so their brain developed further to face more challenge .....

So how "bahunbad evolved"?

When human's job was divided, their offspring took over that job. And later, through that job, they got new name 'race' or surname.

Who was bahun?
- Usually those associated with religious activity. And cause of their job, they became close to those in power.

What bahuns did?
- Read a book and repeat the same book over and over and over. And stay close to power.

Many educated people say, reading books is good. But what I have found is reading too much book makes you dumb and hypocrite. May be some of you have realized that those who read too much book are hypocrite and not so bright.

Rise of bahunbad:
1: What happens when you read too much book?
- Dumb: When you read too many book or repeat same or talk about same over and over, your brain wont develop to perform different task, your brain wont be able to solved different or new task. That is why, bahuns are dumb.

- Talkative: When you read one book and keep on telling others same thing over and over, you become talkative. That is why bahuns talk too much while what they say hardly make any sense or worthless talk/views.

- Loose ability to learn, especially on their own: Kind of a dumb. All they could do is memorize but since the universe is far far greater, trillion times greater- that book knowledge wont be enough for you. You wont be able to think on you own. All you could do is memorize but wont be able to understand the book. That is why, bahuns have certificates but no brain. Even bahuns with Phd is useless.

2: What happens when you are close to power but you are not power?
- Dalali/Agent: Those in power demand dalali from you. So over time, you would develop dalali personality.

- Praising power: Kind of dalali.

- Back biting: Those in power want you to praise the power and talk bad about others. You start to talk about others behind their back.

- Bullying: You become dalal of power while using that influence, you bully others.

- Misuse of influence/position: This must be how, bahuns started the trend that "kings are children of god" while made themselves as "agent of god".
This is how, bahuns made their race and those in power's race higher race as other race inferior.

Ask yourself- how can the race be of higher race who does not have dignity, brain, weak, fraud, dalal/agent of higher race?

And look at those in power- they really believe that they are children of god when some call them lizard from the moon.

- Weak/chicken: When you make others do the fighting for you, you will become weak over time.

- Lier: When you have to lie while praising, back biting- over time you become lier.

- No dignity: When you have all bad quality, you wont have dignity. And you take bone thrown at you.

- Thief: When you do all bad things, stealing wont be a problem for you.

- Double crosser/sell out: When you do all above, you wont have problem double cross your master when balance of power changes. Jumping off the ship when there is fire.

- There could be many more.

And when your race repeat/continue 1&2 for 100s or years, 1000s of years- it is coded in your gene and you become what you are. And this is how "Bahunbad stared".

Bahun served powers for 100s or even 1000s of years. And finally, during last few decade, they themselves became powerful. But since, bahuns cant live without serving power, after getting power in their own hand they went on searching power outside Nepal, that is how politicians, bureaucrats, businesspeople, media of bahun origin (almost all) now have become agents of RAW, CIA. May be some day, they will serve China too.

And since, power comes from pack, so bahuns formed bahun gang who help one other. That is how, today, in Nepal, almost all every sector is controlled by bahun and all of them are incompetent criminals and dalals. And that is why, all sector controlled by bahun is in total mess.

"bahunbad is evolution and evolution is science"
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""""I"""" am a Nepali and dont want to leave Nepal. But It has become impossible to work in Nepal, make money legally ..... so let me invest outside Nepal freely.

ye bahunbad, malai nepal baira invest garna de.

I am writing about 'rise of bahunbad' in this thread today.
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For years """"I"""" kept on saying- "Recession is normal economic cycle while depression/collapse is man made".

I kept on warning about people dying cause of economic collapse.

What people in power said during the time of total collapse of the economy that lead to deaths of some or even many (just handful of thing those were said):

- Some banker said- "I dont know how, borrowers somehow pay back interest and loan to banks"

- NRB and some fake economist- "Nepal's economy should be down sized"

- Some ex bureaucrats- "If you cant pay loan, why did you take loan" (situation- interest increased from 9 to 18%)

- NRB top official- "We dont care about share market"

- Ex Governor- "NEPSE should be 700"

- Many- "NEPSE is not a real economy" (while NEPSE has always crashed before crash of economy began and start to increase before economic rebound"

- Almost all commie and socialist- "Share market is dalal pujipat"

- Some bankers/NRB- "You cant say, you wont pay back loan after taking loan" (after they destroying economy and increasing interest to 18%)

- Cooperative and microfinance- "Let's us increase interest rate" (instead of advising nrb/govt that if increased is increased by a lot, cooperative will collapse)

- Some alchinas- "#IamwithNRB" (while NRB passed policies that destroyed everything)

- Some alchinas- "This policy will help small investors" (when NRB was squeezing big investors)

- NRB- "This will prevent misuse of loan" (When NRB passed policy that would tie up hand of investors/business)

- Every idiot economist/NRB- "Increasing interest will bring in more deposit"

- Every idiot- "Loan should only go to productive sector"

- Every idiot- "Let free market do its work" (when economy collapsed)

- Every idiot- "Why govt/NRB not tightening" (Just before collapse of economy)

- Every idiot- "NRB should increase interest rate" (When interest rate was normal and wanted to see rate at 18% cause they hate hard working people)

- Every idiot- "NRB should let market decide interest rate" (When interest rate reached 18%, their intention was to keep rate at 18%)

- NRB officials- "NRB has their own rules and regulations" (When people were asking for help by making liberal rules when economic/share market were facing crisis/before total collapse)

- NRB officials- "We should tighten rules" (When economy was already going through crisis/before total collapse)

- NRB officials- "We need to destroy economy to decrease import"

- Congress Maoist govt- "Economy is fine. Enemies are trying to spread fake news" (When economy already collapsing)

- Congress Maoist govt- "We are trying to improve economy" (When economy already collapsed, but they never helped, they kept on saying those for months)

- Congress fake experts- "NRB should tighten monetary policy" (When economy is about to collapse from crisis)

- Ex bureaucrats, alchinas in media/social media- "NRB/Govt should not give in to the demand of business houses/investors" (When economy is about to collapse from crisis)

- Alchinas in media/social media- "Why did you invest in shares" (When NEPSE collapsed when investors were asking for help from govt/nrb, when economy about to enter into collapse from crisis)

- Alchinas- "NRB is sovereign organization" (When investors/business were asking for support)

- Pure evil investors- "NEPSE will crash to 1500/1200" (When NEPSE was at 1800)

- Alchians- "You cant say, you wont follow rules" (After NRB tightened rule and others were asking to undo it)

- Alchinas- "Why dont you protest demanding to increase share market" (When investors were asking for help after total collapse of NEPSE)

- Alchinas- "Business/investors are criminals"

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China's car exports in 2022 were up 50% yoy and more importantly has now surpassed Germany as the world's second largest exporter of cars.

Remember, """"I"""" said it first.


Sun Apr 17, 2022 7:45 pm (or even before)

""""I"""""" would like to predict?

China is going to be one of the players. China may control 15-25% of electric car market of the world by 2025.

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2023 prediction:

1: Eurasia will get closer.
2: World economy will shift more towards eurasia.
3: If there is no peace in Ukraine, Russia will hit Ukraine harder and world may witness frozen conflict.
4: EV will see start of the commercialization.
5: EU, US, G7 economy will crash.
6: Eurasian financial block will begin.
7: China will over come chips difficulties.
8: 2023 may give us clear picture of what's coming up in 2024/25
9: Balance of power will shift towards eurasia- economic, military, political, technological etc.
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Decision making process of- human, animal, plant, organisms. (I believe someday, Human will learn about what """"I"""" am about to say)

Brain and/or code in DNA, Gene. There is another one for mostly human- values, tradition, culture which takes part in their decision making process. Some animals like dolphin, whale, apes are said to have passed their tradition too.

Except for intelligent human, rest- 99% human, animal, plant, organisms make decision influenced by code in their DNA, Gene. Some animals and Birds are getting smarter too.

Those highly intelligent people make decision with their brain. That is why they are different from other 99%.

That is why, highly intelligent people are different from one another while 99% seem similar, they act similar. They follow their tradition, values, culture which they are taught- religion, marriage, family.

But intelligent people dont follow all those, they used their head.

Who wrote the code? Probably- Nature.

We all may have watched a video where a chicken protects her chicks from a snake. Those chicken which are of no use to her or which are of no importance in future and still why that chicken fights the snake to protect those chicks.

Cause that is what code makes her to do. Those chicks may not be of useful to her, but those chicks are the must for existence of nature. Without those chicks, nature wont last.

That is why, nature has put code in her DNA which makes her protect those chicks.

Sometime I feel like, nature is something like we see in hollywood sci-fi movie, where center of power is shown to be some big thing with tentacles or a big heart or some light or something like those. Which characters in the movie, find out during last hour.

And that power makes that chicken fight the monster snake to protect those chicks to maintain existence of nature.

One more example- Dumb human who is over smart, selfish.

Normally in out culture, values, tradition- human takes care of their children and parents. But over smart, selfish and dumb human do take care of their children but ignores their parents. Why cause the code tell them to take care of their children cause nature needs those children.

But nature does not need those parents, so code does not care of the parents. Human take care of parents only cause of their intelligence, social- values, tradition etc.

Intelligence, values, culture, tradition tell us to do certain things but selfish people ignores those things but still does those things which is coded in their DNA, Gene- even when those things are not in their interest. Children are not in their interest but they still take care of those children cause of the CODE, but parents are also not in their interest so they ignore parents cause CODE dont tell them to take care of parents. Ignoring children and parents are in their interest, one is protected by CODE and another is not that is why we find different approach against two different liabilities.
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Two of """"I""""s greatest views/theories which people see as controversial/disrespectful/threatening/anger etc etc:

1: Ever views/propaganda I hear in fake news, I perceive just the opposite of that they are trying to say/do.

2: Face human gets during birth is the is the gift from God, later people get (change/become) the face they work and after 50, they get the face they deserve. (Not my exact belief, similar to my belief, which I found in some social media comment section).

Like many Nepalese I too am looking for a hero- so even when my theory is against this wish, I cant look at a person as a villain who is portraited by media as a great person.

Years back, there was a doctor who was presented as a great doctor (a bahun btw). Media covered him as highly qualified for weeks/months, even govt gave him medals and treated him as VVIP .... And few months later, there was in a news about him opening a highly expensive hospital.

That is when I realized, media was just promoting his new business.

Even till few days ago, I had no clue of that hero doctor being a bad guy.

Then came this video .........

From early days, I saw Gangan Thapa as a gunda, goon. His face and attitude gave me that vibe.

During last few years, Gangan Thapa's face changed radically, I begun to see him like some bihari neta (you know what I mean?).

In above video, says, Gangan is running a big criminal gang (bihari neta).

Just before our last election, That above doctor released a video supporting Gangan Thapa. He was talking about how Gagand was a great health minister.

Its been many many years, I was 100% sure Gangan is a bad person and very incompetent person. When I saw that doctor recommending Gangan, I wished to see that Doctor to be proven as a bad guy too.

(It's been many years- I began to see Gangan as a criminal and a double agent. I became sure about this just after Indian Blockade. And for general people, who are not that bright, can can tell Gangan as a double agent by studying people/media close to Gangan Thapa. They are the most, openly anti nepal, anti china, pro india, pro west. Like they dont have any fear or dignity, dharma, paap)

In the above video, says, Gangan took bribe to give license to open Hospital. This proves that the good doctor is a criminal.

And all above proves that my 1 and 2 theories/views are correct.

You are welcome!

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China says it's moving to buy oil and gas in the yuan - a move that could threaten the dollar's global dominance in the long run


Said on: Fri Nov 25, 2022 6:47 pm
""""'I""""" would like to make another big prediction:

Saudi Arabia is set to host the first ever China-Arab summit in early December.

Remember- just before ukraine war, arab ministers went to China together and I said 'something big is happening' - and look at how those arabs are supporting Russia right now like through OPEC.

For weeks I kept on hearing about China visiting Saudi. Now, Instead of china and saudi, its going to be china and arabs in saudi.

What does that mean? Two things.
1: There is huge pressure from anglo zoo against them.
And still china and arab meeting means (2)they are scared and still they will be making another big decisions.

I believe some of the main decisions will be- selling oil for yuan and buying chinese weapons.

When, instead of one on one meeting, if they form a group and meet means they are scared and still they are going to make big decisions.

"""I""" would like to predict that in that meeting, Arabs will be selling 'China Oil in Yuan' and decides to 'buy a lot of Chinese weapons'.

While the world is getting closer to China (also Russia), dalals in Nepal (mostly dalal congress including gangan thapa and bishwoprakash) are going away from China.

Remember I predicted- 'I am not scared of MCC cause there are many players, but what I am scared of is Nepal losing a decade under dalal's congress running govt. Just like I predicted, Nepal already lost lost 1.5 year which was ran by dalal congress and during this time, there was zero relation between China and Nepal.
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I missed a big one:

Kp oli did bought a lot of vote bank of nc and maoist. I forgot about madhav nepal's party.

Neutral vote of uml went to new and rpp and uml bought vote of nc and maoist.
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Let me analyze my election prediction:

My prediction: (Total vote)

1: UML- Around 31lakh vote (party) (Got 28.45 lakh- Kp oli was able to buy less vote bank of nc and maoist than I guessed, Oli should thank NIP for some extra seats they won in direct election. They lost 16% votes)

2: NC- Around 27lakh vote (Got 27.15lakh vote. I am shocked, both uml and nc lost almost equal no of votes to new party and RPP. NC lost 21% vote.)

3: Maoist- Around 12lakh vote (Received 11.75votes. Months back, I used to think maoist would lose a lot of votes in this election, then in the end days, I realized all the votes they receive are bought vote so they wont be losing too many- but still lost around20% votes. How many votes they will lose in next election will depend upon how many kp oli or nc will be able buy their votes. They lost 18%)

4: Ghanti- 14-19lakh vote, 5-10 seats (Received 11.30lakh. That's a lot. It missed my target cause I trusted their judgement. My initial guess was around 10, but those in NIP kept on saying they would become 2 party. So I increased prediction. I almost put my high target of 25lakh, but before my prediction, I checked kathmandu's voter number, and turned out there are very few voters in ktm valley, and voters in cities also are not that many, so I reduced my target. They won 7 direct seats. In this also, after listening to those amateures, I almost put the target of 25 seats, but later changed it. But still a huge achievement and could have done better if they had coordinated with other parties.)

5: Halo- 3-5lakh vote, 0-5 seats (Received 5.88 lakh and 7 direct seats. Far more than expected. They could have stolen around 2 lakh votes of NIP, cause NIP being new party, some voters could not trust them. Halo challenged top parties in some districts. This prove how angry people are.)

Outside chance: Due to vote division UML could win big in direct, If not NC will win highest direct seat.

Hope uml, nc and ghanti get equal votes.

Hope this is the beginning of our peaceful revolution.
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Nepal is ruined cause it is ran by bureaucrats.

US/West is war criminal cause it is ran by bureaucracy.


They may talk about this in future, ''''''I'''''''' would like to record the following for future:

Almost every record in US is saying, there is economic crash in US except for one(GDP/salary) (or handful). Is this the sign of hyperinflation????
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