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Part- (Suicide)

How accurate """I""" was regarding current economic and share market crisis?

What """"I"""" analyzed and predicted regarding economic and share market crisis, which was started by 2078 Monetary policy.

- Sat Dec 17, 2022 3:52 pm (

I did warn about collapse of Nepal's economy due to NRB's monitory policy (also finance ministry and govt).

1st:I am the first one to warn.

2nd: Other investors followed.

3rd: Business clubs joined.

4th: Finally khate barga began to feel the heat, soon people will start to commit suicide if economy not saved.
(They should have thought about his before the election, only around 15 lakh felt it).

In west, some are talking, FED is destroying the economy, soon they will print 5/10 trillion in a matter of few years to save the economy they tanked.

Just like this (in us), Now govt/NRB needs to pump in kharabs to save the economy. Hang Governor, d governors and other top officials in NRB. Hang top officials and finance minister in finance ministry. Hang all those who advised them.

Hang MF Dipendra Bahadur Chettery.

And dont forget to hang media and Patrakars.

Also include those who said "IamwithNRB". (RC)
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How alchina RC talk in Nepal:

- If the situation is, interest would increase if left free, then they say 'let free market do its job'.
- Same above MF, If the situation is, interest would decrease if left free, they would say 'what is nrb/govt doing'.

- If share market is increasing if left free, 'what is govt doing, stop manipulation'.
- Same above MF, If share market is crashing and investor demanding govt help, 'govt should let market play on its own'.

In short, alchina RC wants to destroy everything- most of the time, they are interventionist, and sometime they support free market. (Hope they die with their entire family. I am a born mind reader- trust me, you alchian's wife is looking for a secrets man).
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How accurate """I""" was regarding current economic and share market crisis?

What """"I"""" analyzed and predicted regarding economic and share market crisis, which was started by 2078 Monetary policy.

- Wed Feb 22, 2023 6:41 pm (

लघुवित्त वित्तीय संस्थाहरुको समस्या समाधान गर्न गम्भिर छौं: अर्थमन्त्री पौडेल

Your tenth grade is reflecting on you decision.

You are saying, you are going to solve micro finance crisis.

And what about- cooperative crisis.

What about- credit crisis.

What about- banking crisis.

What about- share market crisis.

What about- export crisis.

What about- economic crisis.

What about- govt revenue crisis.

What about- retail business crisis.

What about- industries' selling crisis.

What about- wholesale crisis.

What about- salary crisis.

What about- liquidity crisis.

What about- interest rate crisis.

What about- many unseen crisis.

Are you going to talk about one by one? Your tenth grade has been exposed.

All crisis is crated by one institution- NRB. NRB's monetary policy created all those crisis. Loose monetary policy, fix liquidity crisis, fix interest rate crisis, fix export crisis. All crisis will be fixed.

To fix all those- fix NRB- we need 'monetary policy guidance', governor, d governors should be made from outside with banking experience. There should be systematic change in NRB- Promotion in NRB (and other bureaucrats) should be scientific, competent should be promoted from the beginning. All top 5 should be fired. Only those with work experience- who has worked real work- should get to reach top 5 positions.


What economic crisis- liquidity crisis and high interest rate crisis (these two crisis are/were forcefully pushed by NRB and their advisers)- have created?

1: Collapse of Cooperative: But victims dont blame NRB, or liquidity crisis or high interest crisis. They go after cooperative. And those running cooperative neither blame NRB nor they advised NRB not to create liquidity crisis/high interest rate crisis.

2: Crisis in Micro finance: But victims dont blame NRB, or liquidity crisis or high interest crisis. They go after micro finance. Media been going after micro finance. And those running micro finance neither blame NRB nor they advised NRB not to create liquidity crisis/high interest rate crisis. And worst- even NRB is going after micro finance.

3: Collapse of economy/business: But victims dont blame NRB, or liquidity crisis or high interest crisis. They Commit suicide, they blame creditor. And those running business neither blame NRB nor they advised NRB not to create liquidity crisis/high interest rate crisis. Even creditors dont blame NRB.

4: Destruction of borrowers/customer of banks and also banks themselves: But victims dont blame NRB, or liquidity crisis or high interest crisis. Borrower blame banks, banks blame borrowers. And those running banks or borrowers neither blame NRB nor they advised NRB not to create liquidity crisis/high interest rate crisis. And worse, idiot running media also blame Banks instead of NRB who forcefully created this problem.

5: Collapse of govt revenue: But govt dont blame NRB, or liquidity crisis or high interest crisis. They go after govt staff working in custom department. And those bureaucrats neither blame NRB nor they advised NRB not to create liquidity crisis/high interest rate crisis.

Everyone is suffering due NRB's tightening of liquidity and forcing interest rate to 18%. Instead of fixing problem, they have come out barking again- spokes person of NRB.

I advised many time, what is the problem and how to fix it. Now they are on the way to create another problem- which we faced around 4 year back. Pumping more capital into so called productive sector. This wont fix problem but rather will reduce productivity of capital and increase inflation and create liquidity problem and again increase interest rate.

Hang NRB officials!
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Part-8 (Collapse of cooperative)

How accurate """I""" was regarding current economic and share market crisis?

What """"I"""" analyzed and predicted regarding economic and share market crisis, which was started by 2078 Monetary policy.

- Sun Jul 31, 2022 1:00 pm (

गाैतमश्री सहकारीका संचालक फरार, स‌याैंकाे संख्यामा वचतकर्ता रकम फिर्ताकाे माग गर्दै विभागमा उजुरी दिँदै

करिब ५ अर्ब रुपैयाँकाे माग दाबी पर्ने अनुमान गरिएकाे छ

सहकारीमा जेष्ठ नागरिक र असक्तहरुकाे पनि ठूलाे लगानी छ

- Remember I warned about this.

- BTW, I dont think, they scape with money. They may have engulfed commission from projects like housing, but I did not think they ran away with money, they may have ran away with some money that was left but not all money. They had to un away cause that company bankrupted. In Nepal, bankrupted means promoter stealing all money, which means, promotes have to run away or people will burn them alive.

- Remember, I had been saying this will happen, cause all the investment they make are bad ones and ultimately it will crash. Their interest is too high (today, banks' interest rate is similar. blame NRB if bank meets cooperative fate. NRB is forcing banks to become like cooperative).

- Cooperative is like this cause of politician, political party. Mainly UML. Others too. Dont forget Yuraj k. UML's politicians, cadres used to be in payroll of ngo/ingo. Since it is gone, they today rely for their living on loot from cooperative.

Remember, Yuraj k increased tax on almost everyone but reduced tax on cooperative. Cause cooperative belongs to politician. Cooperative is suppose to be non profit but he reduced tax for non profit. He is suppose to decrease tax on profit oriented organization to lure investment but he did opposite. Cause he is criminal working for politician.

- Cooperative take deposit wit high interest rate and invest in housing, hospitals, schools, shopping center and many which all will go bankrupt. None of those business can be successful with expensive capital. No business could be run wit expensive capital. No body can afford expensive loan. But NRB is forcing expensive loan to all. End game- all will go bankrupt cause of NRB.

But those business wont look like bankrupt cause of account book, they will officially go bankrupt when money runs out. Its like Ponzi scheme.

- They, including NRB are forcing bfis to become like cooperative. They are forcing NRB to give high interest on deposit. It will ultimately lead to collapse of every thing and prevent people from investing in business (we went through this process last time too, again this time. Both time, NRB forced them).

Morons, I hear in media, social media to increase interest on deposit and attract deposit? Brain dead piece of Sh!t.

- When bfis go bankrupt, dont forget to burn governors, d governors and advisers (from past and present).

- You want your deposit to be safe or you want high interest. High interest always means you will loose, for guarantee.

- Instead of investing, people are money are putting money in FD due to high interest rate. Nepal is hopeless all cause of NRB and their advisers.

VOTE RIGHT to bring in intelligent people, not like yuraj k who comes in power to serve politicians and criminals and CIA.

- Mon Jan 02, 2023 1:00 pm (

Cooperative crisis:

When interest rate was going up by a lot, when NRB was forcing BFIs to increase interest by a lot, when govt wanted to increase interest .......... cooperative was- instead of telling govt that if interest rate goes up by a lot, economy will collapse, cooperative will collapse, there will be huge NPL in BFIs- what cooperative demanded/talked about? they were demanding NRB to let them increase interest rate too.

I had warned about this. I have been raising voice regarding this. Very few had similar view like mine. Many were supporting NRB.

People running cooperative should be qualified- who understands economy, banking, finance, money, business .....

Just like those in NRB, banks, so called economic experts, cooperative running individuals are not qualified too.

For years, I been warning depositors that, if you demand high interest on deposit, you will lose your principle too. Depositors in cooperative are learning it the hard way.

With this crisis teach them- management in bfis, promoters, nrb bureaucrats, govt bureaucrats, politicians, so called civil society, media etc the lesson? I doubt.

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Part-7 (solution)

How accurate """I""" was regarding current economic and share market crisis?

What """"I"""" analyzed and predicted regarding economic and share market crisis, which was started by 2078 Monetary policy.

-Wed Jul 13, 2022 9:15 pm (

How to solve problem?

First thing first. To solved problem, first of all, you need to find/see the problem.
Then find the reason behind the problem.
Then comes right solution.

(In my case, I dont only see/find problem, I predict it. As for solution, not a big challenge for me.)

Current problem is liquidity crisis. Foreign currency crisis.

Reasons behind the crisis:
This liquidity crisis is also created by foreign currency crisis. Which is foreign currency left Nepal more than entered Nepal, which is balance of payment crisis. Also by monitory policy when changed from ccd ratio to cd ratio.

(Other reason liquidity crisis is created with monitory policy, fiscal policy, rise in non performing loan.)

Crowd is saying, liquidity crisis/dollar crisis is created by import crisis. Not really, it is created by export crisis.

CD ratio: Remember, before NRB changed CCD ratio to CD ratio, some banks CD ratio was close to 86% which was under control as per NRB's policy.
As soon as NRB changed CD ratio into CCD ratio of 90%, then the very next day, such banks CD ratio was well over 90%. So this liquidity crisis was created by NRB. And soon NRB blamed them on Banks and threatened them.

How to solve liquidity crisis?
Increase export- only major short and long term solution.. Change to CCD ratio. Change monitory policy like undoing/making share investment as liquid assets.

I have already advised about how to increase export few weeks ago. Shor term- cement export, doubling what is being exported. To long term- finding new products, choosing those products that consume high electricity would be the best and others.

Media needs to stop making noise that current liquidity crisis is created by import crisis. It is not, it is created by export crisis.
If we focus on wrong reason and forget right solution, problem will not be solved.

And sudden increase in import is caused by higher price of fuel. And it is not in the hand of Nepal. And it also increased inflation, which is also not due to Nepal, so stop trying to fight inflation through monitory policy. By increasing interest.

If you want to decrease inflation, you have to decrease price of import and to do it, reduce tax.

High interest rate means more inflation.

High international inflation is due to US sanction and printing money. Supply side inflation can be dealt with by increasing supply not by increasing interest.

Countries are increasing their interest to prevent their currency from falling due to US increasing interest. Not to decrease demand.

End war. Solve inflation problem.

US could give Russia weapon coordinates of Ukraine, stop supplying more weapon. War will end and solved inflation and soon they will be out of recession within a year. If not, depression.

Nepal has nothing to do with inflation, and should not try to fix with high interest. One thing Nepal can do is go after source of black money and stop govt from taking loan to loot.
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How accurate """I""" was regarding current economic and share market crisis?

What """"I"""" analyzed and predicted regarding economic and share market crisis, which was started by 2078 Monetary policy.

- Wed Nov 16, 2022 6:09 pm (

I kept on saying, if you dont fire incompetent, the person/s behind the problem- instead of fixing the problem/fixing the mistake- they will focus on trying to prove themselves right.

राष्ट्र बैंकको कठोर नीतिले अर्थतन्त्र सुधारोन्मुख: गभर्नर अधिकारी

Economy has collapsed, it has collapsed worst than during the blockade and still this ghug is saying, they saved the economy.

There is a saying, which is popular among pakehs, 'you don't cut hand just cause there is a pillow on your finger'.

And this governor and d governors and NRB did not just cut hand, they kill the person.

Nepal needs 'monetary policy guidance'.

Independent party should not forget to thank NRB for the popularity they received and also thank share investors. :mrgreen:

VOTE RIGHT! Almost all, who have been in power are total failure.

- Thu Dec 01, 2022 2:08 pm (

गभर्नरलाई संकेत गर्दै अर्थमन्त्री शर्माको प्रश्न: अर्थतन्त्रमा कहाँ संकट छ ? समस्या कहाँ छ ?

- Liquidity crisis
- Interest rate is 18%
- Factories running at less than 50% capacity
- Share market has crashed
- Consumption has crashed
- Govt revenue is down by a lot
- Balance of payment is suffering

And most of them are created by govt and nrb.

And where is media made experts? why are they not answering this question? Where is media's golden boy wagle- In last 6-7 year, he has hardly talked about economy of nepal, economic crisis and still media and social media presented him as expert and some idiots bought it. That's called sati ko sarap.

After successfully selling- prachanda, baburam, yuraj k, gagan thapa and many others in the past, now media is selling golden boy wagle as great.

Fool me once, shame on you.
Fool me twice, shame on me.
Fool me million times, I am a sarbagyani nepali trying for green card.
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Part-5 (My real detail analysis)

How accurate """I""" was regarding current economic and share market crisis?

What """"I"""" analyzed and predicted regarding economic and share market crisis, which was started by 2078 Monetary policy.

- Mon Sep 19, 2022 5:23 pm (

In the past, let's say, govt used to spend 100 for 100 things. Like- 50 for operation, 10 for loan settlement, 40 for development.

Now cause of high interest rate and monitory tightening and lower revenue, govt will be spending 50 on operation, 20 for loan and 25 for development (total=95 things and spent 95money) (today we have stagflation)

** And when there is hyper inflation - govt will be spending 150 on operation (since salary and all expenditure will increase by a lot) and has to borrow 50 to settle loan and no development fund.
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Part-4 (My real detail analysis)

How accurate """I""" was regarding current economic and share market crisis?

What """"I"""" analyzed and predicted regarding economic and share market crisis, which was started by 2078 Monetary policy.

- Sun Apr 10, 2022 7:02 pm (

Economy is vast.

Balance of payment, foreign currency reserve is one of the major elements of the economy, and there are many many more.

6-9 months back, I suggested to directly intervene import. NRB was trying to control it indirectly, which I opposed.

NRB tried to decrease import by destroying kitchen of public, by destroying income of public, by destroying business of public.

How do you feel, if your kitchen is closed just cause dollar reserve is dwindling? which was not needed???

Just to decrease import, NRB tried to destroy all elements of the economy and still it did not work and finally they have stopped import with directly intervention. During this time, Nepal may have lost many many kharabs, many family must have suffered.

(In Nepal, only I understand economics, and instead of listening to me, they listened to every dumb out there, worst, they took advice from those who destroyed the economy in the past)

In Nepal, main source of income are- remittance, smuggling/tax evasion/fraud/black money, looting of budget and non of them are affected by tax and interest rate and liquidity. NRB policy only destroyed official economy. Not criminal economy.

Now to reverse damaged economy caused by NRB policy ............ (And decrease tax, including import tax too)

Govt/NRB need to loosen monitory policy, reverse all the policy brought to tighten the economy, except for import. Undo share related monitory policy too, or you will pay in election and if you want to increase remittance and if you dont want people to suffer, if you dont want economy to suffer.

To fix reserve problem, control import in short term and for long term, increase export, production.

Ban import of private vehicles for 6 month. Undo ban on electric bike after 2 month, undo ban on electric car and bike in 4 month.
Unnecessary food/furniture/garment and many goods, should be import banned for 3/4 month.

I had been saying 6/9 month ago, We only had dollar reserve problem, then NRB monitory policy destroyed the whole economy.
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Part-3 (My real detail analysis)

How accurate """I""" was regarding current economic and share market crisis?

What """"I"""" analyzed and predicted regarding economic and share market crisis, which was started by 2078 Monetary policy.

- Fri Dec 03, 2021 9:38 pm (

Economic analysis and prediction:
1: ..... Now wait for the ocean to burn if they dont reverse their decision.

2: ..... This time, this liquidity crisis wont lead to just lowering of investment, it will create huge economic disaster which will lead to huge NPL and NPL will create even worst liquidity crisis than current one. I REPEAT, NRB POLICY WILL LEAD TO HUGE NPL.

To solve the problem, govt will have to inject 100s of billions into the system, which wont happen under pakhe rule.

3: Instead of fixing the problem, by reversing policy- liquidity, 4/12...... NRB will go for blame game and micro management. Which will create even bigger problem.

There are already, losers, failures who destroyed Nepal (bureaucrats) supporting NRB policy in the media. So called dogo, ex bureaucrats, fake experts of dalal congress also support bad policy.

Things will only get worse.

Same faces who were behind previous liquidity crisis, economic crisis, who destroyed Nepal (civil servant) are supporting bad policy. Sati ko sarap.

4: Situation for share market is far far worse today than when NEPSE crashed to 1100 last time.

-Fri Dec 10, 2021 11:47 am (

5: Share market crash will lead to chicken farmers' suicide.

- Wed Apr 06, 2022 8:41 pm (

बिलासी वस्तुको आयात नियन्त्रणले सुधार होला अर्थतन्त्र ?

Economy has been destroyed by NRB, finance ministry, their advisers like the one who became indian ambassador, dari/jasta pata mantri/chettry governor and many more.

Banning import would only help in balance of payment which is one of the most important parts in an economy which has many many important parts.
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How accurate """I""" was regarding current economic and share market crisis?

What """"I"""" analyzed and predicted regarding economic and share market crisis, which was started by 2078 Monetary policy.

- Mon Oct 18, 2021 2:21 pm (

Crisis began- or should I say, action.

- dependra bahadur chettry said NEPSE should be 700.
- NRB anti share market, anti economy/liquidity monitory policy of 2078.


1: First was share market collapse.
2: Liquidity crisis.
3: Interest rate crisis.

Anti share market always lead to economic crisis. Dipendra babadur was anti share market, he advised as per his hatret, jelousy.

I am sure, advisers gave negative advice about share market and banking to NRB and sher bahadur secretly. ...... Remember I keep on saying....... doggos, corrupts hate share market, economy......... those advisers around nrb and sher bahadur are doggo, corrupt ...... I also said, kukur ko buddi hundaina, buddi hune kukur hundaina. Those NRB officials are also corrupt and dalals.

- Tue Oct 19, 2021 12:45 pm (

बढेको ब्याजदरमा राष्ट्र बैक भन्छ 'आयात र उपभोग घट्छ, शोधानान्तर बढ्छ, मार्केट करेक्सन हुनु आवश्यक नै थियो'


In other word, economic crash. Business will feel it pretty soon, and public- in 6-12 month.

- Fri Dec 03, 2021 10:01 pm (

New prediction;

1: Share market will burn.

2: Economy will burn.

3: More micro management will start.

4: More blame game will start.

5: Things will get worse, before it gets better.

6: My prediction about those who bought and cornered garbage shares are on. Good shares could crash by 50% and garbage shares- 80-95%.
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How accurate """I""" was regarding current economic and share market crisis?

What """"I"""" analyzed and predicted regarding economic and share market crisis, which was started by 2078 Monetary policy.

- Sun Aug 15, 2021 11:35 am ( (Three day after monetary policy- my anger began)

monitory policy was alchina.

- Sun Aug 29, 2021 3:26 pm (

There is a think called PYRAMID.

When Moa destroyed, top, millions died?

With out big investor, Share market wont survive.

Little investors in share market are like cockroaches. Without elephant, they wont survive.

- Sun Sep 12, 2021 7:43 pm (

In Nepal, there were people who laughed, were happy when share market crashed to 1100. They cheered when many lost a lot of money.

Then two year later, those people had to sell their chicken below vegetable price.

Nepal's share capitalization is bigger than the economy. When Share market crashes more than 20%, just a matter of time, all sector, all individuals will feel the pain.

Share market dubda, sabai dub cha.

Dont laugh at others misery.

Especially, policy maker and bankers and media should be serious.

- Thu Sep 16, 2021 12:40 pm (

One drop of ink of NRB caused all these problems.

NRB has never solved anything big. But has always behind economic and share market crisis.

Its time to curve the power of NRB. Time for elected govt to ban NRB from changing/publishing monitory policy. Monitory policy should be changed when necessary, crisis waits for non. And Monitory policy should be stable so it should not be changed in every 3 month.

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It looks like Anglo-Zoo are in panic mode.

They have entered into panic mode from desperate mode.
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Body language and activities say- meeting between Xi and Putin was very productive.

World may see huge financial and geo political changes in coming months. But, it may not be announced.

But pakhe bahuns in Nepal has no idea. Bahuns- your new master rising. I hope to see bahunbad been treated like in srilanka- dragged into street and hack to death.

When they are being hacked to death, dont feel sorry. That day keep in your mind- how bahunbad destroyed share market and economy and country.
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Are Japan, Germany and Italy building new alliance? Since Anglo Zoo are going down.

When Japan/Germany/Italy meet with American or British, they dont look too comfortable, when they met each the other day- it looked like they are meeting brother from different mother.

Remember their history. And dont forget Anglo Zoo's policy- 'fear over respect'.

Japan, who got nuked by Anglo Zoo, said sorry to Anglo Zoo for the war, but they have not asked for forgiveness for their past with their victim.

Could this be possible, when there is new world order, Japan be saying- 'We did not attack our neighbors, we tried to free our neighborhood from European invaders/colonizers'.
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US is forcing Tik Tok to sell their US branch to US company.

China should make UN vote- If country forcing other country's company/branch to be sold to other company is OK or NOT.

And China should well document those countries who VOTE OK. And in future, can force that country's company to be sold to foreign country's company.
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"""I""" would like to predict regarding 'what happens when western economy falls':

1: Western currency will get devalued. Against most of the currencies. But Indian currency will get less stronger than other major non western currency.

2: Cause of 1- our remittance will increase. Currency from middle east, korea, malaysia will get stronger (where our main remittance come from) and Indian currency will get less stronger ..... so remittance flow will increase.

3: When Western economy falls and their currency weakens- resource will be more expensive for them while resources will get cheaper for developing world.

4: Western demand for resource will decrease and rest of the world's demand will increase but wont increase as much as the demand from west decreases so cost of resource will fall.

5: When developing countries income, in value, increases- their extra income will go to food, education, health. That is why demand for resource wont increase as much as income value increases.

6: Will food price increases. No much. When China reduced import from Australia and US of food, they increased import from Russia and S America. So there are plenty of excess production capacity.

7: Fall in demand from west will be mitigated by rest of the world's demand. But demand for basics may increase more than high end goods from the rest of the world.


May Lord Pashupaitnath bless Euroasia.
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Now anglo-zoo have two options left- try to save their own economy (and prevent possible hanging by mob like in european revolution) or fight mighty Russia.

""""I"""" was not able to predict sudden collapse of banks in US.

In Nepal, I predicted almost all of our crisis- cause I know politicians, bureaucrats, fake expert, media are too dumb to prevent it- and they are the ones who created it.

But in west, I do know they are dumb/arrogant- but I thought they have system so they would get information before crash so just before crash, they would change their policy. And since they have faced similar crisis before so they wont repeat it.

Sati ko sarap. In Nepal, bureaucracy, media, fake expert, politicians, crowd all follow fake news and try to copy past what world do.

Increasing interest rate, tightening liquidity was copy of US. India did a very little, Japan was status quo and China loosen it. And alchina in Nepal copied the most negative action. And here we are- collapse of economy, collapse of cooperative, suicide and still no body cares, while west has already intervened within a few hours, and soon they will find out, more needs to be done.

Sati ko sarap.

So war coming to an end soon. And China said, it may end by the end of this summer.
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It seems like 'China' has changed Nepal policy.

Yesterday, they used 'ignoring policy' against that govt which disrespected them.

Now, they are going for 'GET/FOCUS ON WHAT CAN BE ACHIEVED' policy, like they have in many countries like 'India, west, even in taiwan'.

China going for long term strategy.
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Iran, Saudi Arabia restore relations in deal brokered by China and backed by Russia and Qatar was present too.

- In short, it has become possible today, cause of- military power, economic power, technological power of China /and Russia.

It was prevented in the past cause of fear of anglo zoo's- military attack, sanction, blockade, regime change.

For last few years, gulf countries and Russia/China been in talk regarding security.
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Iran, Saudi Arabia restore relations in deal brokered by China and backed by Russia and Qatar was present too.

We are witnessing:


Which is end of Anglo zoo era.

Anglo zoo been ruling the world using divide and rule tactic. And 10/15% of world helped them and enjoyed prosperity. And that era is ending in front of our eyes.

They concorded india using same tactic- and Indians loved it and still proud of it.

Since, there is no country society left where anglo zoo did not rape, so, this time they cant destroy their host and jump into another host.

that is why, they are, today, trying to create as many sub division in their host society as possible.

Saudi and Iran joining hand, Africa united, EuroAsia, War in Ukraine and China and many more is ending

FEAR OVER RESPECT mentality of United States of America.

For last few hundred years, anglo zoo been using divide and conquer, fear over respect strategies, while China been pushing for prosperity and peace.

While anglo zoo used all their power to keep rest of the world- poor and unstable. China been helping the world.

While anglo zoo kept Africa poor, China brought hope to Africa even since when China itself was dirt poor. Thanks to China, Africa began economic prosperity. And today, Africa is some what United.

In Nepal, some Chinese complained- we gave you trolley bus at the time when we did not even have enough food to eat. And you people destroyed it.

China been helping us for decades and still some dalals kept on disrespecting China. Its normal for MF dalals going after China, but what about rest of the population. Only handfull of people like """"I""" came forward in support of China while rest watched it as tamasa/drama.

Trust """I"""", Nepalese are scum of the world, ungrateful low lives. This is sati ko sarap.

For """I""", only hope of saving Nepal is- if China/Russia/Rest of the world destroy anglo zoo and US/China/Rest of the world destroy sh!t hole called India.
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"Expect changes not seen in centuries."

Xi Jinping

China is making the move!!!!

Saudi buying 12 battle ships from China.

Big change is coming in the middle east. First US tried to start NATO in the middle east, Saudi could have joined- Saudi along with other did start to bully Imran khan's Pakistan, but Imran Khan did not surrender. So US failed and they were only able to form U2I2 group- and even this group could break any time, UAE is today, more close to China and Russia.

""""I"""" would like to predict:

Now, looks like, Russia and China are planning to build a group to secure sea trade line which consists of - middle eastern countries, Iran, Pakistan, some African, Russia, China, Thailand, Burma, Indonesia, Malaysia, Srilanka etc. And they will be securing water south of India. India may join later.
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How to reduce CO2?

- Plant trees> cut trees (dont burn)> again plant trees on that space.

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IMF is threat to life of Nepalese. Till there is IMF in Nepal, Nepal is not going to progress economically.

Same is the case of in other countries too.

It's time to clear loan of IMF and kick them out, just like some countries did and after which their economy improved like Russia.
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After successfully selling MCC, Looks like anglo zoo going for to control internet of Nepal.

Swab from 'world economic forum' been talking about this.

Soon MCC supporter will be busy supporting 'handing over of internet (so called security) to anglo zoo (CIA).

CIA is the no 1 threat to internet of Nepal.

RAW is the no 2.

In Mali, I thing, around 1 year ago, they kicked out French troops who been there to fight terrorist (as they claim)
for years and brought in Wanger from Russia.

Now, Mali saying, terrorist are defeated in the battle. Now, those terrorist may go for suicide bombing.

West send terrorist to country, and then offer help to fight those terrorist. Until, west leave, terrorist are never defeated.

Same happening in Syria. US claim they are there to fight terrorist, but in reality, only area where terrorist exist in Syria is controlled by US and Turkey.

Same is about happen in internet sector of Nepal.

Sati ko sarap.

What will MCC support say in support of 'giving internet security to CIA, of Nepal'?
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What would nc, maoist, madeshi gang run govt?

- Lakhs of citizenship will be given to indian
- Make more deal with US
- Relation with China will go back to close to zero
- Corruption, setting, looting, mismanagement, hopelessness
- All focus will be implementing order of US and India and Madeshi.
- Early election
- Gangan thapa will be exposed (dont forget, he played some fake role to bring down this govt. Remember I said- he used to look like a gunda, and lately he looks like a bihari)
- This should end NC, from Next election, NC wont be a big party. NC will be as big as NIP.

Who is going to be PM first? 1+1 or 3??

Avoid Plane or long rout bus.

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